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  1. Thanks for all the comments all. I have been playing this a lot this weekend and we have re-sparked our seemingly lost relationship. It won't be going anywhere any time soon. I am withdrawing it from sale 😀 P
  2. Hi all just a feeler at the moment. Mike lull M5V pearlescent white with matching headstock Plays beautifully , neck in perfect condition. Few chips on body poss trade interesting fretless Bass located near exeter devon
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Hi all Barefaced 2 x 10 , awesome little cab . Excellent condition with cover. About a year old, I got it secondhand along with a super twin. . Posting at your cost and risk not a problem
  5. Hi all Here I have two Aguilar 112 with padded covers 1 X with tweeter 1X with out tweeter great condition and sound superb , as a pair they are incredible sounding Equipped with 1 x 12" full range loudspeaker, 1x adjustable tweeter Power rating: 300 Watt @ 8 Ohm Frequency range: 42 Hz - 16 kHz SPL: 95 dB (1 W/m) 13-Ply baltic birch 2 Jack socket and 1 speaker twist Weight: ca. 20.4 kg Colour: black https://www.thomann.de/gb/aguilar_db112_bk.htm Can post at your risk and expense
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. 3 Tone Sunburst Seymour Duncan "Vintage Single coils" 60's position Tuners HipShot Ultra Light HipShot Bass bridge Style A 19mm 34 inch scale 21 frets Alder body Indian rosewood fingerboard Mother of pearl blocks
  8. its on Facebook market place also, might be worth trying him through that bud
  9. Come on guys this is so undervalued its crazy! This is a custom made bass of high quality, I can't believe people are buying MIM fenders at the prices they are going for these days and not this! the world has gone crazy!
  10. Aguilar DB410 , these don’t really need any introduction ! 4ohms 700watts Flightcased
  11. Hi all Recently got this little beauty from a fellow member in a trade. I have since got hold of another pair of 12's I have hankered after for a long time! This cab was brand new dec 2018 with cover, in mint condition , burgundy colour. Ampeg PF 800 Also for sale £375 Small and light, but with impressive lows and a clear mid range, the 1126 offers a tone few other cabinets do, and many bass players using the 1126 have finally found "their" tone. The great dispersion from the 6" speaker doesn't require tilting the cabinet to get clear mids up at ear level, and also spreads mid range clarity evenly across a stage, making more of the bass tone reach the audience and fellow musicians. Even though the 1126 has more mid range than most tweeterless cabinets, it can easily be altered through EQ to give a more "vintage" tone Impedance: 8 Ω Power handling (high average power test signal): 450 W RMS Recommended amplifier power: 250-600W RMS @ 8 Ω Sensitivity[average]: 94 dB SPL @ 1 W/1 m Sensitivity[100Hz]: 94 dB SPL @ 1 W/1 m Sensitivity[max]: 97 dB SPL @ 1,5 kHz, 1 W/1 m Frequency response (-10db): 33 Hz - 9,2 kHz Displacement: 496 cm³ Measurements (WxHxD): 52x45x44 cm Weight: 15 kg
  12. Hi all This amp was new last year and it has only been used for two gigs. It’s mint condition. Great sounding.
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