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  1. Great rig, great power , great price. As much as I want to find fault with my current rig I just can't, hence canny buy this. GLWS
  2. TKS Engineering 1126 - Tweed

    Great cab, I have two of them. One on its own easily does decent size gigs with a decent amp of course.
  3. Shuker 5 Sold

    Weighs exactly 4kg according to my scales
  4. Shuker 5 Sold

    I think between you me Alan and Rob we have owned most lefties in existence !
  5. Shuker 5 Sold

    Headless Shuker 5 Maple/Wenge Neck-thru. Ziricote fretboard. Similar density to maple. White Ash body. Flamed Myrtlewood facing. 34" scale, 24 fret. Blue side leds with external brightness control. SD Bassline pickups (MM/jazz) with coil switch for MM. Shuker 3 band circuit plus active/passive switch.
  6. Lefty Photo Gallery

    Just a few past and present friends!
  7. Schwable SOLD

    Hey Andy, thats a few years ago now isn't it ! . It is a special bass. Cheers
  8. TC Electronics RH750 (SOLD)

    Sure is I am in Exeter Devon Cheers Lewis
  9. After having literally dozens of amps ( thanks to basschat ) the RH750 is my amp of choice. I bought this as a back up amp but seeing as my main amp is also a RH750 I am going to pass this one on. Theres not much to say about these apart from they are awesome, in my opinion of course! This one has been used so is not mint and has marks on it. (SOLD) , I have a little carry bag you can have also ( not a TC one ) get a little crimbo bargain.
  10. Schroeder 4x10 1200 watts SOLD

    Buy it then it won’t be ?
  11. Schroeder 4x10 1200 watts SOLD

    Just need straight sales thanks, have too much gear !
  12. Schroeder 4x10 1200 watts SOLD

    bump, I guess it is the older model. Give me shout if you see a new one at this price
  13. Schroeder 4x10 1200 watts SOLD

    Yep its 4ohms 410L model 20 something Kg's low 20's
  14. Schroeder 4x10 1200 watts SOLD

    Yes bud already have two tks 1126 I had the schroeder in my rehearsal space but we are losing the use of it! So needs to go, its a great cab