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  1. Barefaced Super twelve , pretty much mint condition. Has a adjustable tweeter. I don’t know what generation this is. Sounds as you’d expect from these monsters. Come with cover pick up or close meet ( because of covid ) I would need to find packaging to send so would rather hold out for local collection ( so No postage abroad either) Cheers - ps if you are fortunate enough to be condemned to a life of trying to find decent lefthanded basses as I am - check out a couple of basses I have for sale in the leftie section , new cab new bass deal to be done! Exeter Devon
  2. 😀 Its so understated in its quality its just amazing, as new.
  3. Jon Shuker precision deluxe bass 4 string 2009. CONSTRUCTION:- bolt-on NECK:- Maple SCALE :-34" FINGERBOARD:- MAPLE MARKERS:- black block inlays BODY: - ASH PICKUPS: - Bartolini P + J PREAMP:- AGUILAR / OBP-3 CONTROL: - VOLUME (active/passive), BALANCE, MIDDLE, TEMBLE/BASS BRIDGE:- ABM TUNERS:- Hipshot Great light bass that plays amazing, in perfect condition, £890 email [email protected] for more pictures
  4. Mayones Jabba Custom 5 string BUILT IN 2009) ,CONSTRUCTION:- bolt-on NECK:- Maple SCALE : 34.25" (870mm) FINGERBOARD:- MAPLE MARKERS:- Custom inlay 3-7 + black block inlays 9-12-15-17-19-21-24 BODY: EMA / EBONY MACASSAR (top) - ASH PICKUPS: - Nordstrand / NP5 Precision style NP5-BLK (Neck) - Nordstrand / MM5.2 Music Man style MM5.2 (Bridge) PREAMP:- AGUILAR / OBP-3 CONTROL: - VOLUME (active/passive), BALANCE, MIDDLE, TEMBLE/BASS TUNERS:- SCHALLER / Schaller BM 4+1-CR , STRING SPACING -19mm. Beautiful powerful custom order bass, plays amazing in great condition. Absolute beast of a bass. £1100 email [email protected] for more pictures
  5. Hi Chris, hope you are well. That would be truly amazing. Yeah I have miraculously found a unicorn of a bass, a 1968 necked left-handed fender jazz, body has been messed with and is not stamped so not sure where that is from. look forward to hearing from you. cheers Patch
  6. Hi all I have a bitza vintage Jazz that has a badass 2 bridge on it. One of the saddles has knackered threads so need to re thread or find a replacement part. I know these aren’t the best and it would be easier to replace but it has been on the bass for some 40 years so really want it to stay. does anyone have a old one knocking around ? I need the separate saddle and two grub screw or has any one any advice on re threading . I can only find a 3.5 mm tool, I think these are 2.5 - 3 mm any help greatly appreciated cheers Patch
  7. Hi , thanks for the replies. As the electrics are a bit crusty and don’t currently work I am going to get the pick ups rewound and marry it up with a John east J tone. it has a 68 neck and a unknown body that was butchered ( going to scar new timber in to fill ) to fit the 80’s pre amp and side jack , with a vintage badass bridge. It’s going to be a interesting bitza on steroids.
  8. Hi all, I have an old poorly fender jazz made up of all sorts of aged bits. I need some advice on electrics. I think this was put in mid 80’s. pickups - 1976 neck / 1981 bridge a monster of a active circuit board Questions - Does anyone know about these active pre’s? Why is there only a single wire coming from the pickups ? Do you recommend buying a prewired passive system to go back in or have this one refurbed ? cheers patch .
  9. Hi there , can I please reopen my mike lull left-handed bass add please, i want it back up for sale  🤗

    1. Silvia Bluejay

      Silvia Bluejay

      Done! And good luck with the sale - it's lovely. :)

    2. patch006


      thank you. Have a great day 

  10. Thanks for all the comments all. I have been playing this a lot this weekend and we have re-sparked our seemingly lost relationship. UPDATE - my shallowness and in decision has reached new levels - new bass has a arrived which means this needs to go (15th Aug) P
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