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  1. Wow, that is exceptionally clean for a 41 year old bass! GLWTS.
  2. I bought a GB Spitfire 5 string from Carl. Communication was prompt and very friendly, and he went the extra mile to send the bass to me packed securely enough to survive an earthquake! Buy/sell/trade with Carl with confidence.
  3. I sold Tony my Sei. A very smooth, painless transaction - buy/sell/trade with confidence. Thanks Tony, and enjoy the bass!
  4. No neck dive at all, it sits on a strap beautifully. The slim headstock probably helps...
  5. There was one for sale on here a couple of months ago, and last year - worth trying to track down the buyers via the sellers? You may have been down this road already, of course...
  6. NOW SOLD For sale is a beautiful example of Martin Petersen's work. It was made for Randy Hope-Taylor about 20 years ago, and the chap I bought it from recently had owned it for many years. It's certainly unusual, sporting a Tele headstock and stacked knobs, and as with all Martin's work, beautifully made. Having played extra long scale 5-string basses for many years, sadly it just doesn't work for me and my gorilla mitts! Specs: 34” scale Surf green body with matching tele shaped headstock Flamed maple neck / Rosewood fingerboard 38mm nut / 19mm string spacing Gotoh GBR640 tuners Alder body / parchment pickguard Passive / stack knob Mørch single coil jazz pickups ( 60s spacing ) Vintage spiral saddle bridge Weight 4.8kg It also comes with a chrome neck pickup cover and an additional tort scratchplate. The neck & fingerboard was originally painted white, but the previous owner had this stripped some years ago by Martin Sims, and he did a great job revealing the beauty of the flame maple. The only trade I would be interested in is for a 35" scale 5-string with 19mm spacing.
  7. Ben bought my Mesa head, and was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Thanks, and enjoy the amp!
  8. Sorry Alberto, thanks for the offer, but a 6 isn't for me - I have enough trouble with 5 strings! 😁
  9. Yeah, well that's no basis for a system of salvation, is it??
  10. Yup, that's always seemed a bit harsh to me too! 🙂
  11. Despite the lockdown, I've been proselytized. I was given a card by a Jehovah's Witness yesterday while working at his house (at the required social distance, of course). All it had on it was 'JW.ORG' and a QR code. How very modern. The gentleman told me if I scanned the code there was information about the reasons these things are happening in the world at the moment. I'll give the JWs their due - they're very thorough. I've been doorstepped by them at pretty much every address I've lived at over the years, and there's been quite a few. I think I'll pass on the scanning thing though. They might steal my soul digitally. Assuming I still have one, of course.
  12. If he actually wrote it, that must have padded his bank balance well enough for him to live out of the public eye for the next couple of decades. He attempted a return to the stage for some of the 'Let's Rock' UK festivals a few years back. The reports were not good...
  13. 11, 12, 15, 18 & 20 still left.....
  14. Interesting! And did De La Soul nick the "hey how you doing, sorry you couldn't get through" line from Curiosity Killed The Cat's 'Name and Number'? It was a couple of years earlier.
  15. Marcus Miller is correct. I'm afraid 20 isn't Ian Dury though...
  16. Eight left. I predict 11 and 18 will outlast the others. I'd be very happy to be proved wrong, of course...
  17. Ooooh... well done! I thought that was going to be the hardest one! 👍
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