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  1. Southpaw Spotted

    Early lefty Stingray currently on eBay...https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Left-Handed-Musicman-Stingray-Bass-Guitar-/391925296130?
  2. May be of interest to the southpaw community... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Left-Handed-Musicman-Stingray-Bass-Guitar-/391925296130? It’s definitely an early one - s/n suggests late ‘79.
  3. Hello, 1x used BBE BMax Solid State rack preamp for sale. Full details and pics to follow, I’m prepared to sell this to fund a pedal format preamp - so would consider PX’s down this route... £120 posted UK or collected Chester area.
  4. I’m after a preamp to fit on a pedalboard...thanks !
  5. Status ( sold )

    Please stop it. Great bass and a bargain !
  6. Feedback for TheGreek

    Mick bought a pedal off me, super smooth and hassle free transaction ! Top man.
  7. Oldman Feedback

    Bought an amp off Brian. Whole deal was an absolute pleasure and he’s most generous when in Starbucks, ta !
  8. Mark One 3-Looper - SOLD

    [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1507012783' post='3382647'] How does the line selection operate on this? Can it switch from Ch 1 to Ch 2 in a single tap for example or is it just 3 independent on/off selectors? [/quote] Oh dear, it’s been so long since I’ve used this, I think it’s 3 independent channels - but - let me get back to you !
  9. Mark One 3-Looper - SOLD

    Bump, with updated info and pic on the 3-Looper (all other pedals sold).
  10. ...still available bump.
  11. Status S2 Sold Sold

    Tidy !!!
  12. Bass now back with me ! New price £2000 - I may be interested in PX’s...
  13. Feedback for Mike.Kennedy

    Mike bought a couple of pedals off me recently... ...top bloke !
  14. Chester/NE Wales area. Otherwise, happy to meet up locally or maybe a bit further depending...
  15. [quote name='MB1' timestamp='1506200574' post='3377071'] MB1. Hope your well! ...Still Left? [/quote] Hiya !!! Yes ta - you !??? Yes, still sadly sitting in it’s case down south. I’m sort of considering getting it back and going piccolo on it...but am open to offers and PX’s etc !!!