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  1. mxm

    Feedback for thodrik

    Bought a Sansamp BDI off Eoin, cannot fault the experience - very thorough, well packed and images throughout. Another credit to the Basschat community - a pleasure.
  2. Be interesting to see what they’ll end up going for second hand... ...anyone recall the Marshall 810 surplus literally going for buttons a while back ?
  3. mxm

    feedback for lee650

    Lee bought a MarkBass stand off me, total pleasure from start to finish. Even sent me a pic of it being used - which was a sweet touch ! Sterling basschatter.
  4. I'm lucky enough to own one of the Heritage models (there's a pic of it on my profile page) - it was a major purchase but it's a keeper on many levels. Gigged it the once, used it in a video, but it's mainly my very pretty expensive house combo.
  5. Price drop bump - £400 collected/meet.
  6. Literally as new as a relic can be !!! This is the apparently discontinued road worn version. One owner from new left handed Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain, this has never left the house and has been strummed a couple of times, comes with case, all case candy and the still sealed book. £1500 or offers/PX for small amp head or left handed bass...more pics and info - just ask.
  7. As 3below said, I’d initially try posting the bass on ‘left handed basses for sale’ section of this forum - do a quick search of previous sale posts to get a better idea of what the Ibanez has been selling for (there have been a few right handed posts previously). Good luck with the sale !
  8. Bernard Edwards tribute, natural ‘Nard ?!!
  9. Think they possibly missed a golden opportunity with a Flea sig many many years ago...
  10. 'Awful timing' - oh yes ! Always fancied one of these (or a 'proper' Les Paul bass), good news though. One day...
  11. mxm

    Southpaw Spotted

    Strangely enough, like buses... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wem-Watkins-Sapphire-Bass-Guitar-Left-handed-1968/264330054351?hash=item3d8b4c8acf:g:1T0AAOSwJ4Va6Y2w But that floating bridge on the 1st listing, hmmm.
  12. I’m searching for a case or a gig bag that can safely accommodate a lefty Gibson Thunderbird, ideally a decent padded gig bag... Any of you guys suggest something applicable, experiences or adaptions !?? Most of the gig bags I’ve seen are either Internally shaped or lined specifically for right handed instruments, others I’m unable to tell due to the supplied photography. Hardcase-wise I’ve already got the manufacturers original HSC so would prefer something different - preferably a rigid foam/fabric construction as opposed to ABS or wood/metal. Ta !
  13. mxm

    What is this guitar

    Any more pictures ? BTW stating the obvious - it’s not left handed - unless it’s a reverse image !?!!
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