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  1. Southpaw Spotted

    Initially looks good, lacquer and finish on body seems correct - not 100% sure about knobs. Serial no. suggests ‘73 - would be nice to have further pics including pots and removed ashtrays to correctly date ! Anyone ?!!!
  2. Southpaw Spotted

    Nice Zon @ Bass Direct http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Zon_Sonus_4_LH.html
  3. I too got impatient and went with an AS - ungigged but impressed with its capabilities and tones so far.
  4. Still available bump - and surplus to my requirements !!!
  5. Help me find a Leftie 50s type P Bass

    If it’s your thing, there’s a guy on eBay who ‘knocks out’ 50’s style heavy relics - he seems quite open about his parts and processes. I’ve noticed a few lefties he’s had for sale on and off - there’s a Dusty Hill model currently for sale.
  6. Although I’ve got my eye on a Way Huge Pork & Pickle, I’m interested on trying out a Source Audio Aftershock Pedal ! Anyone ?!???
  7. DB EmBee 600w 8ohm 1x12

    I’m not really in too much of a rush to part with this cab, and, I didn’t really want PX’s but I may be interested in any MB Heads 500w plus...maybe.
  8. Open to offers on this !
  9. DB EmBee 600w 8ohm 1x12

    Still available bump. Open to offers...
  10. Nooooooooo !!!! Stunning Bass - good luck with sale !
  11. Added EBS Billy Sheehan drive £110 boxed !
  12. It's exactly what I paid for it on here. Just not the pedal for me, doh !
  13. DB EmBee 600w 8ohm 1x12

    If I had suitable packaging then yes but unfortunately... Whereabouts are you ? I’m open to meeting up etc etc