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  1. Nice compact on knob compressor with “TonePrint” mint condition bar Velcro on base. price includes uk shipping
  2. That’s what I thought come on people I will even disinfect it before shipping and might even throw in a toilet roll
  3. Hi Ricky Nope you can run one pup into each channel and have a different amp model and effect on each one. But the output is mono. It does have two indecent channel effects loops. i have used it with my Rick running the bridge with a fair amount of grit with the Marshall model and the neck clean and compressed using the little Mark. The result was HUGE. It also has a channel blend so you can vary the clean dirty ratio. Simon
  4. Price now £365 shipped for quick sale. Amazing bit of kit The models are really decent and it’s a doddle to use. It’s also damn loud even with a single 8ohm cab. This one Is in excellent condition and comes with the foot controller all the leads and it’s original box price includes UK Shipping. Happy to ship anywhere. Trades Mark Bass LM Tube / GK MB or Fusion / Genz Shuttle or Streamliner or any gig bag size head Heres the Detail and a crap pic more to follow. added a couple of stock pics http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/markbass-evo1/
  5. Great little tone print compatible pedal in mint condition. Velcro on bass can’t find the box. price includes UK shipping
  6. Very reasonable shipping I might move to Paris to take advantage of that deal ! Oh no hang on ..............,.,.
  7. Hi im trying to find something gig bag pocket size to replace my Terror Bass 500 head. I like the sound and power of the TB. A little more top end zing would be cool but not essential. Needs som ooomph as I generally use a TC RS212 which is 8 Ohm. I like the TC it’s portable reasonably light and tough. i suppose you would say a full cleanish sound with some top end grit is what I’m after. what have you used you would recommend S
  8. Leicester https://www.muziker.co.uk/hartke-kb12-kickback?gclid=Cj0KCQiA4sjyBRC5ARIsAEHsELGdtKkL9LIj3IGzjhLRjMBfZoSvaT7UBERTsMv0SqnqfLtwGkZNuK4aAl0xEALw_wcB
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