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  1. Bad news Ok so I went mad and bought one. Only to find you can’t get the foot switch any more. Good news but it supports MIDI Bad news But I’m an idiot when it comes to midi so have no idea what I need to get I just need to switch presets. Good news I have clever BC friends who will help me ? s
  2. Look for something heavy line6 300 combo is a winner if you can find one Marshall 200w combo might find a decent trace
  3. Ant discarded new post positive grid
  4. Anyone used an ant in anger with a 4ohm cab ? I’m toying with an Ant and barefaced 110 plus 210 rig come on bass amp manufacturers give us a 500 @4 [email protected] power brick with 9 v to power pedals and well pay £399 !
  5. Good little amps the mini. The minimega not so imho. I would have gone there or and LM3
  6. Errr what kind of music what bass any fave tones
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Nice compact on knob compressor with “TonePrint” mint condition bar Velcro on base. price includes uk shipping
  9. That’s what I thought come on people I will even disinfect it before shipping and might even throw in a toilet roll
  10. Hi Ricky Nope you can run one pup into each channel and have a different amp model and effect on each one. But the output is mono. It does have two indecent channel effects loops. i have used it with my Rick running the bridge with a fair amount of grit with the Marshall model and the neck clean and compressed using the little Mark. The result was HUGE. It also has a channel blend so you can vary the clean dirty ratio. Simon
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