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  1. I bought a T Rex Bass juice from Eldon great price perfect condition and shipped really fast with loads of communication. 11/10 flawless
  2. Wanna trade your good condition Rickenbacker 4003 in Jet Glo for my virtually mint NG3 in thr Dingwall gig bag they come with its Black (with a slight metallic sparkle) maple neck Pics if there is any interest ?
  3. Like this Bold I suspect I’m missing something very obvious
  4. Sold my Mojo Mojo to Alex ray to deal with instant payment Recommended
  5. Indeed no takers tho might be tempted to keep it
  6. Whims are wonderful for the mind ! stinky poo for the bank balance but hey good is overrated
  7. Bone proof Boss does what it says on the tin overdrives and distorts. A very understated like yellow box Cheap as Chips too UK mainland postage free.
  8. Anyone fancy some nice Red RM cabs ? Just dropped the price
  9. Happy to ship them I have all the original packing
  10. Hi i think they are made in China I will check tonight there in our rehearsal room ?
  11. Mark will try to weigh tomorrow it’s pretty light
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