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  1. Good condition no marks or chips works perfectly. Can't find the box Price includes shipping to UK mainland
  2. It did but people still wanted to make offers be serious dudes
  3. Trades decent 5 string up to £1500 FAQs Will I ship Yes at your cost Am I open to offers Don’t be silly this is stupid cheap Does it have a case Yes pucker Fender ABS one and all the candy Any damage wear Just the sanded area in the pcs it had a big rough ding right were you rest your arm so had to smooth it Features Custom Shop pickups, Posiflex Graphite Neck Rod’s, Hipshot D tuner It it Light Yes very Does it sound and play ok Yep good as new Should I buy it yep be quick see my feedback im in Rugby or Swindon and later today Teickenham
  4. Stealth

    Mike Lull PT4 *SOLD*

    Where ru?
  5. Udo No i dinged the bass and it was right were my forearm rested and was uncomfortable so i sanded it smooth with a view to get it touched up at some point but never got round to it. There is virtually no fret wear. the bass has done 1 festival gig and 20 or so rehearsals.
  6. Hi Udo Yesi could ship
  7. Stealth

    SOLD: Little Mark Tube 800 plus amp bag £410

    Ooh to poweful for me i only cook chipolat chipolatas
  8. Stealth

    SOLD: Little Mark Tube 800 plus amp bag £410

    How many watts is the BBQ ?
  9. great basses i would be on my way to Stroud if my Jazz would sell
  10. Stealth

    SOLD: Little Mark Tube 800 plus amp bag £410

    Mesa Prodigy your welcome to try mine
  11. Stealth

    SOLD: 2014 Music Man SR5 Stingray 5 String- £1,100

  12. would you ssplit im after the cab could collect
  13. im in Rugby but i drive down to Swindon via Oxford twice a week