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  1. The everything pedal ! Price includes UK sshipping and fresh batteries
  2. Er Not usually I thought a said that
  3. Ok got it ta so in need a 3 ohm Austin Madget !
  4. IWhy is everything nice in Scotland
  5. Hot air ! I was until and after I bought the aggie using a Barefaced Super Twin> Now I know I'm in treacherous waters not oozing superlatives on the ST Twin but...….. I bought a very well gigged old Marshall 4x10 combo for £100. the amp promptly blew up so I fired it up with the Darkglass to see what I sounded like and to my ears (and I know it all subjective) the old boy had a much fuller bottom end than the BF. Yes the twin blew it away on outright volume and the Marshal needed a crane to move it but sonically its what I'm after. I know only getting 350 ish wats into 8 ohm the plan is a total 4 ohm load be that one 4ohm or two 8ohm cabs. I thing it time to try a VK se if my boxes are ticked
  6. Thanks all the bergs are interesting but i think im.in need of hornage. Good 2x12 maybe just sold my super twin why did they take tbe horn out.. Would a single VK 210 real ly cut it with a loud drummer and no.PA support
  7. Right the Aguilar has gone back so im back to sqjare one. Darkglass 500 / Rick 4003/ Aerodyne Jazz. Playing classic rock Sabbath Lizzy AC/DC etc and some blues in band 2 plus a 77 punk thing.. Need to cut through but have a big solid bottom oohh err. Do i go for one cab does all with casters or a pair of something lightish. have a back issue worn out disk but that what trolleys are for lol Budget £700-900 less is even better. anyone tried the RM 410 ?
  8. Thought that mightbe the consensus oh well time to returrn the aggje then as i doubt ill find another one so cheap it was £285
  9. Hi Phil Its OK its an 8 Ohm cab se pic its faint but visable. S
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