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  1. Is this the rack mounted version?
  2. Thanks Smythe, I already have a modified Squire PJ , bought as a "scrap" bass which I've upgraded (pickups/pots/wiring, high mass bridge, TI Flats etc). It now plays well ( a real "find" in terms of playability), has a 38mm neck with rosewood fingerboard but I'm not convinced by the PJ compromise in this particular bass. Do you think the R&T offering would be significantly better? I guess I should go and try it to see as this would give me a useful comparison to what I have now. However, not having finished the en-suite yet I'm grounded for (yet) another week! I'll go next week and feedback here. Cheers
  3. Lakland ....... now there's a thought ........ Thanks everyone - need to go and try some (bass) guitars!
  4. Thanks all, SWMBO has insisted on finishing the house upgrade before being allowed out ..... I know ..... I'm a wimp, but it still looks to me like the next step is a trip to Bass Direct to try many of the guitars suggested above. So still a week or two to go before the great escape. Although, the black Squire MIJ P bass listed on here looks great....... but no .... I've got to stick to the "Ready, Aim, Fire" rules rather than my usual, "Fire, Ready, Aim!" modus operandi . That green Yamaha does look good though ..... Oh dear.
  5. Thanks Smythe, Yes, I know R&T well, bought a few basses from them over the last few years. I do keep my eye out for what they have in stock, but as yet, haven't seen one of the above recommendations. I should pop over and see what is physically there I guess ....... but Vaughan's back and he is sure to sell me something!! Good reminder though Cheers
  6. Thanks all, The Tokai looks interesting but I'm not, for some reason, that keen on the Jaguar - no idea why - I did try one last year and it was OK, but didn't really stand out. The Sandbergs also look interesting - I really need to get out and try the ones that are available ....... roll on end of March (floor done, bog should be in tomorrow so en-suite progressing albeit slowly........) The bass I have is a black PJ squire precision standard, special and the body looks OK, but I don't think it would merit any more cash spending on it. i.e. Status Neck. All in all, in it's upgraded form its pretty good - so I'm looking for something a little bit special that will hopefully keep its value over the years. And, yes, I have been down to Promenade Music and had several chats to Gary, who as you say is very helpful. I keep looking, but at the moment they don't have anything I'm looking to try out, but I'll keep an eye on their website. Any excuse for a bracing walk along the prom in Morecambe - at its best at this time of year, good for blowing the winter cobwebs away!
  7. Thanks for all that everyone .......... I must be really getting past it. Not only have I posted in the wrong section of Basschat, but I'd forgotten that I once had a Warwick Rockbass which I really liked EXCEPT that it was hard work accessing the first few frets as they seemed implausibly far away - thanks for the reminder PlasmaZombies. I'm going to have to re-assess the Warwick idea although I don't use the first few frets much and don't really like using open strings - I should probably be looking for a 5 string!! I'm in the middle of installing an en-suite at home, but if I can get it finished with days to spare in March I'm going out! I don't care how long it takes, but I'm going to try out all the suggestions that have been made so far! All over the bleedin' country. And look at some amps and cabs (fancy the Trickfish and the Bergantino Forte for some reason!!). Ha, finally in the right section of the forum!! 🛠️
  8. Thanks PlasmaZombies, I've never really fancied a Corvette, but I've no idea why not - I should try one. As a matter of interest, did the Streamer also "cut through" the mix (like wot a P Bass does, but of course sounding like a Warwick)? And, out of interest what did you move on to replace the Warwicks?
  9. Thanks all, I'm going to have to stop dithering .... soon! The Yamaha BB's keep popping into the frame and I do like all the technical bells and whistles - so I'll have to go and find one to try. I have to admit that whilst my cheap second hand/improved Squire PJ was a real positive surprise, the new Fenders I have tried so far haven't "blown my socks off", whilst the feel of the Warwick was fantastic. I still want that P type cut through, so I will try out the Warwick against a Yamaha BB ?? 1024 and some PJ Bass non-fender basses, (and I have been looking out for a Lyte as this does sound promising) but I'd like to try whatever it is I might buy, which limits second hand stuff. Now, what excuse could I have for driving down to the midlands ....... And yes, I now realise I'm posting in the wrong section of the site - Doh!
  10. Thanks all, I'll check these suggestions out. Any feelings on the Aerodyne??
  11. Oh, and I've tried a variety of strings ending up with Thomastic Infeld flats - which are my favourites, (but not so cheap!). Tried Rotosound flats but these weren't for me and a number of different roundwounds from DR Black Beauties to Elixir's - however these seem to take me and the bass into brighter more modern (is the term Zingy?) territory. Hey Ho.
  12. Thanks Chris-b, We're up in the wilds of West Cumbria, no mobile phones, no BT internet (well 400kbs is possible when it's dry) so this is brought to you by satellite broadband! Heaven! The current bass is a modded (old) PJ, so we have 2 pick-ups (upgraded), the bass has an upgraded bridge, new pots/wiring, has been well set up. I like the neck profile but think that it might be worth investing in a newer/better version in terms of build quality, woods used, tuners, etc. as I don't think investing more in the current bass makes sense. Increasingly it seems that a new PJ with the appropriate neck "feel" might be the way to go. And that takes us to Fender style guitars or more unique designs eg Warwick etc. Tried a few Jazzes, but these seem more similar to my current Ibanez, in terms of feel and sound. And yes, I know, I'm dithering!!! Oh, and I do like natural wood finishes ..................
  13. Arghhhh! I know you're right chris_b!!! Hence the "going round in circles" comment at the top. I thought it best to try to nail the front end first and then catch up on the amp front. Don't really use pedals and tend to keep the EQ as flat as possible so looking for equipment that sounds intrinsically "right" at the outset. I guess it's easier to get the feel and the general tone of a bass in a shop, but I'm worried that at "live" sound levels competing with noisy guitar players and drummers things sound a little different - hence seeking the collective experience. But yes, a trip to Worcestershire seems like a good idea - but it is a 420 mile round trip!
  14. The Fender PJ 1998 P bass looks great - I'll keep an eye out! Concerning the Warwick, I recently tried a new Streamer and the neck really seems to suit my technique (or lack of it). I have an Ibanez Premium range bass in my collection and it's a joy to play and looks great. It has a rich and varied tones, but in a 70's rock setting it's wasted and tends to get lost in the mix. Hence the desire for a bass that has a slim neck which is "better" than a Squire PJ and has the ability to cut through the mix better than the Ibanez. If a Warwick Streamer did this it would be worth saving up for. So, I guess the question is ...... does the Warwick fit the bill? Anyway thanks for all the suggestions keep 'em coming!🤔
  15. Thanks everyone - food for thought. So, seems like I need to get out of the valley and try a Nate Mendel, A Lakland, and certainly a Yamaha and a few others! And that looks like a 3 hour drive to Bass Direct, who might have the Sandberg, a Yamaha, and I might need to see who has the rest "en-route". Sadly I can't do a bitsa at the moment as I have to finish rebuilding the house and haven't time to undertake a project - but I'd like to do so in the future - lovely bass Cuzzie! Any feedback on the Warwick, in terms of working in a 70's band? Cheers
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