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  1. Hi Cuzzie, Sorry if I've missed this but which strings do you find work well on your Sandbergs? As an experiment I've tried the original Sandberg strings on my Squier and they are really good (a bit of an eye opener!) BUT they are very high tension compared to the TI's I took off. On the Sandberg they don't feel that "high tension" which explains why the TI's seem really loose. I guess this means I should be looking for mid to high tension strings for the Sandberg (VM4).
  2. Yes - good video and I can tell which cabs I like. No 1 x 12 though so still a bit stuck. I suspect the extra "top" on the 2 x 10 would work well in the band setting but the 1x12 might be "nicer" when playing at home (all with the 1x15). Thanks for the input
  3. Given the way I play, TI's are probably not the best strings for my Sandberg VM4! 95% fingerstyle, 5% pick, good old 70's rock/blues. The TI's were "the answer" on my Squire and Fender P, but not on the Sandberg as I suspect that the string tension is a little low as I'm getting a fair bit of extraneous string noise (Buzzing/clacking etc) - they just seem too "floppy" (is that a technical expression?). Tuning up half a tone reduces the unwanted noises which I guess supports the tension thought. So, has anyone any suggestions for an alternative which sounds (and feels like the TI's do on a Fender P) but has more tension, if that's not an oxymoron? Really not looking for fencing wire or anything too bright, but something that is bendable yet not too floppy! Ta
  4. Thanks Agedhorse. Given the difficulty in listening to equipment during the current "lockdown" it's frustrating not to be able to hear how the characteristic sound is changed with the different combinations. Any clues would be welcome as would more patience on my part! Terrible thing this need for instant gratification!
  5. Thanks all. I was under the impression that the Mesa Subway range was designed so that the different cabs could be used together - but I guess without hearing any given combination it would be difficult to know what the pairing might sound like. As I mentioned I have tried the 12 plus a 15, but only in a shop. Sounded very good though and didn't give any hint of a clash between the cabs. Mixing the VDK with the Subway though is immediately "wrong" - well to my ears anyway. Certainly wouldn't be the end of the world to have 2 x 15 inch cabs - however. I was wondering how additional different Subway Cabs might affect the tone ..... so if anyone has tried this I'd be interested to hear.
  6. Well, after almost a month I am sure that I very much like the Mesa Subway 15. Moves the tone more towards a "blues/rock" than the VDK's but really I won't know for sure until it get cranked up at a rehearsal. So, whilst I've not really had the opportunity to try it LOUD, I have doubled it up with one of VDK's "just for fun". Fuller sound as you might expect, but not a pairing that brings out the best in both speaker I suspect. So, whats the best pairing for the Subway 15; I've played the 1*12 paired with it (in a shop) which was very nice, but is that preferable to another 1*15 or should I be thinking about a 2*10 or ..?? It's not the absolute volume that I'm interested in, it's more about the tone as the volume increases and the hieght of the rig (and yes I know a stand/box would get the 15 closer to my ears!). So, I'd be grateful for any experience of such combination if anyone here can help. And then I'll start saving and hoping that there will be a chance for live music in 2021!
  7. Well - TI's "installed" and it's a step in the right direction. Probably need to spend a little time tweaking the set-up to get the last 10% but I can't put the bloody thing down long enough to fiddle with it! A shout out for the strings it came with though - they seem really good (for roundwounds) - I might put them onto my other bass just to see how they feel on another instrument . So, after a month, it is definitely the nicest bass I've played, the neck is pretty much perfect for me - not too chunky but not too thin, nice and smooth with no resistance from the fret ends. The slightly smaller body is also very comfortable, feels lighter than the Fender, balances really well and I like having the extra frets. The tuners are great and it stays in tune for ever. It just has that certain "je ne sais quoi"! Need a live session to see whether I can work out how to get the best tone, as playing in a little room in the house it's a bit brighter than I'd like - actually it's probably more "middy" than bright, but I suspect that'll be really good in a band setting. I'd really like to try a passive P style Sandberg - and I did configure one on their web site - just like this one with just a split coil ....... nice ....... . I do hope no-one puts one up for sale on here as it might create a little domestic tension ..... when's Christmas again?
  8. The Fender Professional P is (was) a lovely bass. However, I just didn't gel with the neck - coming from Ibanez and Squire Jazz necks. I played the P at rehearsals but never reached for it at home. Since Thursday I suspect that I have played the Sandberg more than I played the P (at home), in total, for the year I had it. It's a dream to play. Can't wait for my TI Flats to arrive and then to get together with the band for a bash - but I know I'll have to be patient for that!
  9. Nooooooooo! Get thee behind me satan ............ But , it is Christmas (but not as we know it)..... And I don't need anything else, I really don't, no really .............
  10. Finally managed to collect my new toy which replaces a Fender Professional P Bass. Summary ........ This has the nicest / most playable neck I've ever tried, it's light, and the body feels smaller than a P and feels great. A strange analogy, but it just "fits like a glove" . And it does look rather cool and could end up as a classic! So thanks to Mark at Cool and Classic guitars for his patience (took a few months to collect this due to it being a 700 mile round trip to collect and Lockdown etc) and for making the process of buying so easy! Starting to get to grips with the tone - which is a LOT more complicated to deal with than a passive P Bass and can't wait to play it with the band. Is it good? Well, I haven't put it down for three days, so I reckon it must be. Hmmmm .... Nice!
  11. Well, been and gone and done it. Mesa Subway 15 now sitting next to the Vanderkleys. Both excellent speakers. Mesa more suited to the 70's rocl/blues stuff than the VDK's and, if my memeory serves, the BB2. Clearly need to wait to play with live noisey band, but early signs are good! So, in my hands the Mesa goes in the intended direction and has oodles of mid/low bass. Just need to decide whether to keep the VDK's and whether a nice Mesa Subway 12 might be in order - or indeed another 15"er .......... But must wait, must, must wait ..........
  12. Thanks All, Anyone else have experience of the Mesa Subways? If I move on from the VDK's then it'll be in the less modern/hifi direction and that won't be in the BB2 (excellent speaker that it is!) direction or any of the Barefaced 12 inch offerings, as they appear to me to be similarly voiced. The fullness of sound from the Mesa's was the thing that tweaked my interest, so really I'm interested in finding out whether that really is a characteristic of their sound in the real world (as opposed to an hour noodling around in PMT with them.) And the idea of 2*15 Subways wasn't something I'd thought of but ............. now you mention it Mr Browning ......... So, anyone else used the Mesa Subway cabs?
  13. Impossible question I know, but, I wondered whether anyone could describe the characteristics of these three speakers? I find the Barefaced BB2 and the Vanderkley pair to be excellent and somewhat similar in terms of the tonal palette - and this with a number of different amps. I interested in checking out something a little more "old school"/ perhaps a little less "HiFi". Since getting the Vanderkleys I've moved from electric folk/rock/jazz to more Blues and classic rock and away from Warwicks and Ibanez towards Fender P and PJ basses. All with flatwounds. I don't really fully utilise the tweeters on the cabs as, whilst nice to have for quieter more melodic stuff, they're a bit wasted on the louder heavier stuff. (And my high frequency hearing aren't all they should be!) I have played the Mesa Subway 15 inch and 12 inch (together) and liked the sound - but it was in a store so not loud, and I was really there trying out a bass so maybe didn't pay sufficient attention. The other option, but one I haven't heard, would be Barefaced 2 *10's which I know have a following here - however I have never heard these and as they would have to see off a 100W guitar stack - might I need a couple? I have also found that I like the modular approach, so two VDK's are far better than one, and a BB2 with a VDK better than one (of either) on it's own. (I felt that 2 BB2's would be a bit over the top and I wouldn't really need another tweeter!) And that's where I am, a bit old school, a bit (too) loud and looking for a nice "organic" bass sound that doesn't fall apart when cranked up to reasonable levels. Oh and something I can lift! Any insights gratefully received.
  14. Here's a Picture of my non-musical shed - the reason for wanting another "knock about" bass! I'll start another thread to see if anyone can help me make it into a musical shed! It'd pretty much finished structurally but will need major tweaking if it's ever going to be used a music room. But where should I post?
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