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  1. I had the TN501 - nice at low volume and playing alone but not good in the loud band setting. It ran out of puff very early on in terms of volume knob settings and the louder it went, the "thinner" the sound became. The Ashdown RM EVO 11 500W which replaced it was in a different league - more "heft" if that really is a thing. I now have a Magellan 800, but I haven't had the chance to play this in the band context due to Covid - very different and much more flexible in terms of getting the sound you want.
  2. But.... did the new Fender Pups make a difference ? It's a "get a new bass, get new Pups, ..... get a new bass, get new Pups, ......get a new bass, get new Pups, moment - and with so much time on my hands ......... Anyway, be interested to know once they're installed. Sorry for thread hi-jack
  3. Is that a very thin neck on the Thunderbird - looks really slim, or is the Headstock much larger than I imagined? Bigthumb - do you happen to know if the Hipshots on your bass are HB7's?
  4. Hi Martin, If I get this sorted I'll send you one of my redundant ones if you like. Cheers
  5. That's very interesting Jean-Luc .......... BIgthumb what do you reckon? Any chance of pointing me in the direction of a photo of the tuners on your bass? Thanks everyone ...
  6. If these would fit I'd go for them too - they look great! I've failed to find the dimensions though so if anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great. I suspect they are too big for the Squier headstock, although I'm pretty sure I've seen something like these on a old Japanese-made Squier. As long as I can find something that fits I'm happy to make new screw holes as my Squier isn't really worth much in terms of cash so I shan't be making at any more worthless than it already is. Plays really well though!
  7. I guess I'm now officially bored and have been fiddling around with my bass. I've cleaned it, fitted a new KiOgon wiring loom (excellent!) and nearly worn it out playing it - much to Mrs P's irritation. It's a Squier Precision Standard Special made in Indonesia around 15 years ago. It's a black PJ with nice matching headstock to which I've added SD Pickups, a better bridge and had it properly set up/fret dressed etc. It sounds and plays remarkably well. Whilst functional, the original tuners are a bit weak so I was wondering about upgrading them with vintage style replacements. Looking for something like those found on the 62 re-issue fenders eg something like Schaller BMFL's and the Gotoh FB30 (pricey!). However these seem rather large for the available space on the headstock. Anyone tried these or other replacements? Thanks
  8. I've just installed a new loom from John into my modded Squier PJ bass. It's had a few mods since it was bought as my "scrap" bass a couple of years back - new bridge, new pickups (SD's), fret dress etc, strings and new scratchplate. And it now sounds better than ever. Very good to deal with John, straightforward and helpful and quick communication, all done and dusted within a couple of days. The loom was very tidy and the "no solder" element is very neat. Fitted it yesterday and have been playing bass for around 6 hours since then. Now I know that a different loom can't make a difference to the sound ....... of course it can't, so the difference in sound must be the cleaning of the fretboard whilst the strings were off, or the "rested" strings, or the tightening of the scratchplate screws or ??????? But I can't convince myself that it doesn't sound better with the new loom. So "thanks John". Top Banana indeed!
  9. Well ........ it is very true that I thought the BB2 sounded very nice using the Darkglass and the lovely Yamaha. However, I am shocked that, to paraphrase, "I need my head looking at!" 😉 My ABM 600 through the BB2 using my PBass doesn't sound as good , that's for sure. I suspect that the BB2 is still a light weight, grab and go, kind of cabinet which would certainly displace an SC though. Anyway, it now looks like I need to listen to some new Heads, a pair of light weight 12 inch speakers, and a new bass. Bergantino 112's of some desciption were mentioned. But do these fit the bill as some of the best 12 inch cabinets available today? And that'll teach me to travel south!
  10. Of the small (ish) and affordable D Class Amps I've tried, then the Ashdown RM EVO 2 500 was the best! I ended up with an Ashdown ABM 600, but I would have been just as happy with the RM 500!
  11. Nooo! ...... what's the neck width at the nut, and is there a photo of the machine heads? I'm at at all interested, not even a tiny bit, no, no interest whatsoever ..............
  12. Good points, OK I play 70's Rock, and some 80's/90's and even later stuff too. I first played the 70's stuff in ...... the 70's, and the 80's stuff ...... in the 80's ...... And I don't sound like Ronnie Wood, or John Paul Jones, Leo Lyons, or Lemmy or ..... However, I prefer the sound they make/made (except Lemmy) over some of the more modern bands where the sound has a more pronounced "brittle" upper frequency to it. - is that "HiFi"? So I used "70's Rock" as a shortcut to try to describe the sort of sound I'm after. It's not Dub, it's not Mark King it's in the middle. I don't like "clangy" sounds, I don't like harsh upper frequencies, I don't like fret Buzz, I don't really like "driven" sounds (i.e. distortion). And at the moment, the rig would do Dub, it would do Mark King ~(although I couldn't) It would do lots of stuff, but I'm not really getting that deep, punchy, "defined", warm high frequency thing. Had a modern Eden Terra Nova, nice when quiet but ran out of puff, have an Ashdown ABM IV which can be loud and more punchy, but I probably haven't mastered the tone controls yet (as I'm a simple bass player, and can't work out 9 tone controls AND "shape" and and and...) But many of the suggestions are very interesting ...... particularly Stewblack's comments about Markbass v Barefaced, which is probably where I'm at. I must also have another go with the Fender Rumble which I had a brief go on previously but for some reason dismissed it. So thanks for all the comments - food for thought.
  13. Thanks everyone, As a main rig, I'm a bit reluctant to go full valve, - a bit of valveyness in the pre would be fine. Something like the Little Bastard sounds like fun for jams and home use though. In terms of cabs, I have a pair of Vanderkley 112EXT's, which I very much like for practice, but they seem a bit "modern" when used in anger. I see there's a thread discussing Barefaced 10's and I have just bought a BB2 - so far, I'm not sure about it - plenty of low bass, but a little missing in the middle so there's punch, but maybe not the distinct note information (is that "Mids"?) that I'd like. Used it on Saturday, but paired it up with one of the EXT112's - much better!! (no "tweeters" turned on) And out front it sounded good, but on stage ..... not so sure. However, it's new and it certainly improved over the evening and back home. It was used by three bass players over the evening so was on the go for around 6 hours. So I guess one of the questions is whether it's likely I'll end up liking the BB2 on its own or will need to augment it with something or move it along in due course. Does anyone have experience of using a Barefaced BB2 with a second BB2 or Super Compact/Midget?? Hey Ho!
  14. Thanks. I think "lightweight" means cabs less than 25kg (or 2 smaller ones) and for the amp, I'd rather not limit myself to D class so up to 15kg ish ........... if that makes sense? In terms of power I'd rather have a bit (lot?) of headroom so amp cabs - which rate at the 500/600W region at 4 Ohm. But really it's a genuine enquiry as to what works for this kind of music based on fellow basschatter's experience. I'd prefer separates to a combo I think .......
  15. Hi, Anyone moved to a lightweight Bass Rig which excels at that 70's Rock /Rhythm and Blues sound (Ten Years After/Alvin Lee, Early Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, and all that 70's guitar led stuff). I'm looking for a solution which has the "thump" I want, allows the notes to be heard (Leo Lyons), but doesn't do that smile thing where there's no mids and a clanckey top end. Using a P Bass. It might be that I just need to work at it a bit more with my current (new) rig, add something or change something and will experiment more. However, I thought I'd see what those more experienced than me might suggest. So rather than say what I currently have I'd be interested to find out what others use for this type of sound. Cheers all
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