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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Can someone point me to "the other thread" I can't seem to find it and I'm interested in adding a P with jazz neck to my arsenal. Ta
  3. Pirellithecat


    There are 3 kinds of Accountants. Those that can count, and those that can't.
  4. Sorry, I was looking at your posted photo and thought your settings had the shape button in the "Out" position i.e. On. I'm pretty sure I have decided (at low volumes anyway) that the shaped tone is more organic/rich/pleasant than the unshaped setting - but wasn't completely sure that I hadn't confused "On" with "Off". Anyway, since I've started to use my ears rather than my prejudice against scooped mids, I'm much happier with the Amp. Let's see how we get on with it vs a loud guitar!
  5. Looks like everyone has the "Shape" button in the "Out" position i.e. not pushed in. I guess that means its "off" but is that the case? I've tended to have the Shape button in (On) but have found it a little thin. Conversely with the button "Out" the sound is a little too "Rich" for me when playing live. I'll try some of the settings from this thread, but I have to say I'm impressed by the Output Volume achieved by some - and I thought my guitar player was loud! I suspect I've been doing it all wrong! Oops
  6. The neck has now "gone" i.e. truss rod snapped I think. The adjustment nut still works in so far as it rotates, gets looser or tighter but the bass won't stay in tune. I've disassembled it and the neck pocket is 64.5mm wide and 16mm deep which seems a bit wider than the standard replacement necks I have found on teh interweb. I think buying a second hand replacement is probably the way to go, unless anyone has replaced the neck on one of these successfully? I guess I could play around with the spare body, strip it down and see how it looks. So, any tips welcomed!
  7. Not a great day! Noodling away and there was a sharp "crack" from the neck region and the e-string went sharp. Now the profile is all over the place and it won't stay in tune. Reckon the Truss Rod has gone so I'll probably dismember it tomorrow to be sure. It's had a few upgrades so I'm tempted to replace the neck . Any suggestions? It's a Jazz neck which was the original on the old Squier Precision Special Standards, so 38mm at the nut, 20 fret and 63.5mm (I think) at the heel. Pocket is, I think 14mm. Might look for a donor "Standard" but is there a better choice? Suggestions appreciated! Please Ignore this thread! - I've basically duplicated it - DOH! I'll update the original!
  8. Well that does look nice - is it a new one - made in Indonesia or one of the "Made in China" ones? I have an old Squire P Bass Special Standard PJ (with a few tweaks) and it's surprisingly good too. (Rather "seen off" by the Sandberg but more enjoyable to play than my previous Fender P ..............)
  9. Hi Cuzzie, Sorry if I've missed this but which strings do you find work well on your Sandbergs? As an experiment I've tried the original Sandberg strings on my Squier and they are really good (a bit of an eye opener!) BUT they are very high tension compared to the TI's I took off. On the Sandberg they don't feel that "high tension" which explains why the TI's seem really loose. I guess this means I should be looking for mid to high tension strings for the Sandberg (VM4).
  10. Yes - good video and I can tell which cabs I like. No 1 x 12 though so still a bit stuck. I suspect the extra "top" on the 2 x 10 would work well in the band setting but the 1x12 might be "nicer" when playing at home (all with the 1x15). Thanks for the input
  11. Given the way I play, TI's are probably not the best strings for my Sandberg VM4! 95% fingerstyle, 5% pick, good old 70's rock/blues. The TI's were "the answer" on my Squire and Fender P, but not on the Sandberg as I suspect that the string tension is a little low as I'm getting a fair bit of extraneous string noise (Buzzing/clacking etc) - they just seem too "floppy" (is that a technical expression?). Tuning up half a tone reduces the unwanted noises which I guess supports the tension thought. So, has anyone any suggestions for an alternative which sounds (and feels like the TI's do on a Fender P) but has more tension, if that's not an oxymoron? Really not looking for fencing wire or anything too bright, but something that is bendable yet not too floppy! Ta
  12. Thanks Agedhorse. Given the difficulty in listening to equipment during the current "lockdown" it's frustrating not to be able to hear how the characteristic sound is changed with the different combinations. Any clues would be welcome as would more patience on my part! Terrible thing this need for instant gratification!
  13. Thanks all. I was under the impression that the Mesa Subway range was designed so that the different cabs could be used together - but I guess without hearing any given combination it would be difficult to know what the pairing might sound like. As I mentioned I have tried the 12 plus a 15, but only in a shop. Sounded very good though and didn't give any hint of a clash between the cabs. Mixing the VDK with the Subway though is immediately "wrong" - well to my ears anyway. Certainly wouldn't be the end of the world to have 2 x 15 inch cabs - however. I was wondering how additional different Subway Cabs might affect the tone ..... so if anyone has tried this I'd be interested to hear.
  14. Well, after almost a month I am sure that I very much like the Mesa Subway 15. Moves the tone more towards a "blues/rock" than the VDK's but really I won't know for sure until it get cranked up at a rehearsal. So, whilst I've not really had the opportunity to try it LOUD, I have doubled it up with one of VDK's "just for fun". Fuller sound as you might expect, but not a pairing that brings out the best in both speaker I suspect. So, whats the best pairing for the Subway 15; I've played the 1*12 paired with it (in a shop) which was very nice, but is that preferable to another 1*15 or should I be thinking about a 2*10 or ..?? It's not the absolute volume that I'm interested in, it's more about the tone as the volume increases and the hieght of the rig (and yes I know a stand/box would get the 15 closer to my ears!). So, I'd be grateful for any experience of such combination if anyone here can help. And then I'll start saving and hoping that there will be a chance for live music in 2021!
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