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  1. Hmm, I probably wouldn't be happy doing that certainly not until I'd tried to understand what's going on - after all it could just be my "perception" of the sound.
  2. Not quite sure, but they have been checked over by the guitar workshop. They are not the originals (which I have) so I guess they are upgrades to the originals done over the last few years. I'll disembowel the instrument and have a look as soon as I get time - probably later this week. Or I could see if someone could supply some replacement pots etc. If only I could find someone who did that ...........😇.
  3. Hi, Thanks all, The strings have been all sorts ... but now LaBella Deep Talkin flats 45 - 105. The issue isn't one of volume really, its more the lack of attack and too much sustain. Currently 4mm between top of Pup pole and bottom of string. I've tried more but didn't seem to help - I'll have another go tomorrow, but I'm not sure I could get the clearance between the E and the pickup 4mm lower than the A - it'd be a huge gradient and I imagine I'd need to raise the string heights hugely to achieve this. Surely the right edge of the pickup would stick up like an Iceberg! I'll fiddle tomorrow ..............
  4. Hi Ped - Thanks for that. Yep should have been clearer - for each set of strings I've adjusted the truss rod to get the action as low as I can without buzzing - so it's pretty low. The sound is the same whether listened too via Beyerdynamic 770 Pro Headphones from Mixer plus high quality Headphone Amp or through either of my amps and/or cabs. Acoustically it's hard to say other than there is very good sustain across all the strings on the bass. Tonally there may be a little difference for the E-String. The bass has been set up/fret levelled etc. recently, but I have to admit that the alternative stings were all tried following the set-up. Can't say there's a definitive difference with detuning the E String.
  5. Hi, My P Bass eString lacks definition. By this I mean that compared to the other strings it is rather boomy and sustained with little attack. This is the case whether fretted or open, but probably the effect is more noticeable when the string is played unfretted. I've swapped out the pick up for a high quality one and adjusted the string heights (up and down). I've also tried a variety of strings on the bass from Thomastic infelds/ LaBella flats, Fender Flats and Sadowsky roundwounds. All in all these changes, whilst they each change the tone somewhat, do not resolve the issue of the E String sounding less defined than its counterparts. The only things I can think of changing now are the Nut - either get a new one or get it checked out to see if the slots are OK for the strings, or replacing the bridge. I guess the alternative is that, for me, the bass is a bit too Old School/Motown. It plays really well, the neck is great both in terms of profile and width/depth. So, does the panel think that this is just a characteristic of the Bass - kind of a "baked in sound", or, are there other thing to try to get it a bit more even across the strings?
  6. Enough already ... guitards have feelings too you know (well some at least). Yep - the 8 song set has taken years to perfect, and can't be extended as the audience would have to go home for a nap if we did more. My other band manages a set with twice as many numbers in (probably) a shorter time - guitard has Fractal pedal thingy, so I'm not damning ALL Guitards. But I think Mr Harry Helix will soon join us on Guitar ........ Thanks for all the moral support everyone.
  7. Well B!*g"er me! I've got a Zoom g2.1 sitting here in front of me - it's my son's! He hasn't used it for years I was think of selling it ............. I always wondered what it was for! Of course, it wouldn't be any good for my Guitard, as it doesn't have inverse recapitulation modelling and inverse Luna TicTok-ediness. And it's FAR TOO CHEAP, and it would have come from an idiot Bass Guitard who know's nowt!
  8. I think I may need either; a) A New Band b) A New Guitarist Or maybe I should go for broke and combine a) + b) And yes - going from Dr Feelgood to Bridge of Sighs would be one example where folks actually might notice the difference, and from Walking by Myself to All Right Now where I'm pretty certain no-one would care! (But I am only the bass player .....) Bloody guitarist eh, can't live with them can't live without them ...... or is that "partners" ?
  9. Thanks everyone - I was starting to think it was just me .... being unreasonable! But I can see I'm being too forgiving ........ So there's a cheap fix out there in the form of a " zoom multi fix and program the patches in advance even a cheapie zoom g2.1 would do" or equivalent? I've told him to go and ask the bods in his local PMT already but I'll check this out just for fun. It's like being a teacher at the kindergarten .........
  10. Yep, that's what I said. To be fair he did point out that we were a bunch of clueless amateurs, but even so it's no excuse. I guess there are two issues, one is the time it takes to bugger about mid set and then the fact that he's so stressed out by the process he screws up the next song!
  11. Thanks BigRedX. It's more to do with him wanting to sound like different guitarists on each song (and not realising that "The Excellent is The Enemy of The Good"). Mostly this is about the Effects pedals with a little tweaking of the amp (a Classic Marshall). Being an old fart I don't really have experience of programmable multi effects pedals - but I guess a Helix of some description would fit the bill?
  12. Anyone got any solutions (except get a different guitar player!!) which should reduce the time taken to for our guitar player to change from being Gary Moore to Robin Trower in an instant? Would something like a Line6 Helix LT offer him the solution of moving to one saved "profile" to another at the click of a button??? Currently the set is 8 long gaps punctuated by 8 short songs which I suspect tends to rather ruin it all for the audience.
  13. I'd be interested to hear what it is that you like about the sound of the AT cabs compared to the Barefaced? I did have the BB2 for a while so I'd be interested to know what the differences are.
  14. In the event that no-one has owned both of the basses in question, would anyone share their experience with the with the Lakland 44 64 PJ? Really difficult to find one within a three hour drive so thought I'd seek opinions here before another sortie into metropolitan Britain.
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