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    Sold Raggy my Barefaced Compact to chap reccomended
  2. Bought the recently on here and it is indeed an awesome beast but just not fror me . I guess I like it more hi fi than I thought. Works perfectly well with only some minor scuffs to cab and grill. The small felt covers on the side are covering where the holes used to be for the rubber feet. Still has the rubber feet on the bottom. Comes with a "road worn" but functional Roqsolid cover. Here's the blurb https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/compact.htm Collection preferred could deliver locally to Rugby or Swindon. Shipping possible
  3. Sold a Gator bag to NIK top chap reccomended
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Cant seem to PM you says you dont accept messages PM me and I will reply
  6. Switch whatever you want I used it for solo channel on a Mesa head uses standard guitar lead. Price includes UK Shipping
  7. This screams ROCK Will last forever fully adjustable from round neck to knee lol. Being an old fart forces sale it's far to cool for me ! Small cut for radio pack. Prices includes insured delivery
  8. Excellent condition 3 x Jack Dual DC power connectors Tidy up you act ! Price includes UK Postage All the bits are available from bass direct How does it work? The PedalSnake is a high quality snake cable containing 4 or 7 channels. Each channel terminates in a standard 5 pin DIN plug. Each snake offers 1 MIDI5 channel together with MIDI3 channels. Each channel will handle MIDI, guitar signals or low voltage AC or DC power. The PedalSnake's patented wiring scheme allows unbalanced signals, MIDI, and power to be run side by side in one cable, without noise or crosstalk. You determine what runs down each channel by the choice of "pigtail" adaptor you connect to the amp and pedal board ends of each channel. Pigtails are available to allow single or dual (think send/return loop) guitar signals or single or dual low voltage power feeds (perhaps 9v DC and 12v DC down the same channel).
  9. Mirror man Check Your messages or cal 07483 889469
  10. Dave i have messaged all the details to you Simon
  11. Mirror man I'll split the difference with you £165 and its yours? Simon
  12. Mirror man Make me an offer and you shall have the power of the beast !
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