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  1. In excellent condition and perfect working order. I just dont use them as home studio dissapeared with house move. Very flat response makes a big difference to your mixes. They seem to retail for about £100 each so if priced to sell. £20 discount forvcollection from Rugby or Swindon Specs here https://www.presonus.com/products/Eris-E
  2. Just did a head swap with Mike lol not literally my Darkglass for his Mesa. Smooth as the proverbial babies derrière and a jolly nice chap by all accounts. And he gets the Stealth award for best packing ever !
  3. Mint and boxed M500 head giggled twice monster sound just not for me. Complete with the intelligent footswitch and a gator gig bag. Trades for lightweight head (no more the 350mm wide please) straight swap or cash my way. Happy to ship or deliver to UK/ EU at £610 I paid £775 new 3 months ago from Bass direct.
  4. Indeed I think I will keep my eye out for a small 15inch to bolt on for such occasions
  5. Might be time to buy a trolley and go old school. The TC is good but the rear porting kinda weird on my ears
  6. Hi Merton Thank a lot for the kind offer top cheap award for you. I just went with it and to my surprise it was OK pretty much on the limit of what one 2x12 TC will do but got away with it.
  7. Sunbury if anyone what's to lend me an SVT lol
  8. Tomorrow is my nightmare God outdoors no PA support raised scaffold stage. I use a microtubes 500 with a TC RS212. Rear ported. Punk covers and original. Cant. Help thinking I might need more umph any ideas
  9. The everything pedal ! Price includes UK sshipping and fresh batteries
  10. Er Not usually I thought a said that
  11. Ok got it ta so in need a 3 ohm Austin Madget !
  12. Wiggy North Worcestershire ???
  13. IWhy is everything nice in Scotland
  14. Hot air ! I was until and after I bought the aggie using a Barefaced Super Twin> Now I know I'm in treacherous waters not oozing superlatives on the ST Twin but...….. I bought a very well gigged old Marshall 4x10 combo for £100. the amp promptly blew up so I fired it up with the Darkglass to see what I sounded like and to my ears (and I know it all subjective) the old boy had a much fuller bottom end than the BF. Yes the twin blew it away on outright volume and the Marshal needed a crane to move it but sonically its what I'm after. I know only getting 350 ish wats into 8 ohm the plan is a total 4 ohm load be that one 4ohm or two 8ohm cabs. I thing it time to try a VK se if my boxes are ticked
  15. Thanks all the bergs are interesting but i think im.in need of hornage. Good 2x12 maybe just sold my super twin why did they take tbe horn out.. Would a single VK 210 real ly cut it with a loud drummer and no.PA support
  16. Right the Aguilar has gone back so im back to sqjare one. Darkglass 500 / Rick 4003/ Aerodyne Jazz. Playing classic rock Sabbath Lizzy AC/DC etc and some blues in band 2 plus a 77 punk thing.. Need to cut through but have a big solid bottom oohh err. Do i go for one cab does all with casters or a pair of something lightish. have a back issue worn out disk but that what trolleys are for lol Budget £700-900 less is even better. anyone tried the RM 410 ?
  17. Thought that mightbe the consensus oh well time to returrn the aggje then as i doubt ill find another one so cheap it was £285
  18. Hi Phil Its OK its an 8 Ohm cab se pic its faint but visable. S
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