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  1. Gonna have to walk away on this one I’m afraid. Say Hi to Mark for me !
  2. Will you stop with your tempting …..,,,. I will consult SHMBO and the company coffers post a recent ravage by the tax man. Don’t trade without dropping me a PM Simon
  3. Hi would you sell the head separately ? simon
  4. Damn just a bit far from Rubgy if you decide to post I’m in
  5. Quiet for ages then you pull this peach out that's just not fair on my GAS
  6. Ok so this is mint as in out of the box used once to cover a dead CTM 100. And cover it did very well it’s loud enough for any small to medium pub club gig. Bought from Anderton’s 6 weeks ago for £249 in a sale. The Ashdown bag was £55 Collection from Rugby or London Tube ? Or post to Mainland UK for £10 Stock pic follow link https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Ashdown-RM-300-EVO-II-Lightweight-Bass-Head/3BFZ?origin=product-ads&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItY-Uj6W88QIVi-vtCh2Gww3fEAQYCCABEgJT9vD_BwE as I’m away from home but it’s totally as new
  7. Err am I missing something here lol
  8. Not close enough Warwick Starbass Medium Scale lol
  9. Warwick Star Bass (rock bass) After a bit of a reshuffle this baby is liking for a new home. It’s surprisingly versatile not all plummy 60s It’s unmarked as far as I can see. These are £945 in Anderton’s today. NOW COMES IN A BRAND NEW WARWICK ROCKBAG for just £399 Trade wish decent 5 string (Cash plus from me something like: Sandberg SL / Jazz type / Warwick or try me I’m in Rugby but can also deliver anywhere on the London tube
  10. New pics new price be quick
  11. Huge Price Drop was £600 NOW £599 😀 Due to the need for a 5 string this loverly bass is back up for sale at a knock down price. No offers please this is £1000 plus with of bass never been gigged with just one tiny chip on the headstock. I bought is new from the bass gallery. I plays really nicely and the Jazz pickup gives you a whole new tone palette. I work in London during the week so can deliver anywhere on the tube Trades or part trades for a decent 5 string welcomes I also have a Warwick Star Bass up for grabs if that’s more your thing. my feedback is all good If you need a case I have a mint as new Protection Racket semi hard gig bag cot me £90 yours for £60
  12. Its Mediun Scale 32 inch not sure where it was made
  13. Have a bump on me i think this may have been mine at one stage or its twin amazing bass. Now if it had another string ........
  14. Oh No i seen destined to live in Rucby as i cant edit my typo lol
  15. Bought for a lockdown project which sunk without trace. Nice bass in really good condition in a brand new "get you by "gig bag. Its surprisingly more versatile than you would think great for growly rock to plummy mowtown. Also very easy on the back being a nice lightweight and it has go faster stripes I can box it up and ship within the UK as a last resort or collection from Rugby Area or London. Trades welcome im after a decent 5 string cash your way. Also selling a really nice Lakland PJ bass on here cheap Better pics at the weekend if its still here ?
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