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  1. Rich

    NBD Roscoe Beck 4

    The best Fender bass ever IMO.
  2. ...on Sky Arts right now. There's just been concert footage of Bonzo's Moby Dïck solos, now Dave Weckl is discussing/demonstrating Buddy Rich's style and approach. Fabulous, I am hooked.
  3. Rich

    Bug*er that went quick

    Well I like mine, so poo to you with knobs on
  4. Rich

    Bug*er that went quick

    And all the Wals too My Pro 2E has a scrawl in the neck pocket that may or may not be a signature together with the words 'Strawberry Red' (the body colour). Whether it's an appreciating asset or not is academic for me TBH, it's got such massive sentimental value for me that I'll probably never sell it anyway.
  5. Rich

    Bug*er that went quick

    Good point. Right, has anyone got a polishing cloth for my crystal ball?
  6. Rich

    Bug*er that went quick

    I see no reason why they won't keep appreciating. (See vintage Fenders, Gibbos, MMs, etc etc etc) 😄
  7. Rich

    Bug*er that went quick

    Apart from anything else, the Wal is an appreciating investment. Mine is my pension plan
  8. Re: screwholes... cocktail sticks, PVA glue and a shap blade for trimming.
  9. Harley basses generally seem to punch well above their weight. There are plenty of happy JB and PB owners here, but I've seen little if any mention of the BZ range. They certainly have some good user reviews on Thomann. Anyone?
  10. Rich

    Fretless Porn

    My current fretless squeeze... OLP Ray body, Jaydee neck with mostly-unlined ebony board, EMG-HZ pickup, as yet passive electrics. Future plans are to squeeze some sort of 3-band eq in there. For the moment, I'm loving it just as it is. It plays beautifully and sounds better.
  11. Rich

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    I fully understand. I just wish that big events like this weren't always so London-centric.
  12. Rich

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    It doesn't make any real difference to me which side of London it's on... it's still on the other side of the bleeding country to me
  13. Rich

    How do you play reggae?

    I play in a ska band. I thought I was a bass player. I never realised I was a thief, coloniser and oppressor too. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Rich

    Show us your rig!

    Or in other words, 'mission accomplished'
  15. Rich

    What a difference a good rig makes

    I've done the whole 1kW head + 2x4x10 cabs route and yes it sounds great. There's nothing like having a hefty 1.3 horsepower roaring away behind you. But my back's not getting any younger, so I'm quite happy to compromise my sound for the sake of a much easier life. FOH it all sounds the same anyway, once the engineer has finished mangling it. Ooh what a cynic.