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  1. Rich

    Great band opportunity in Leeds...

    Rrright. So when he says "yorkshire band...", he really means "bloke...".
  2. Rich


    Just started listening to this again on the iPlayer and noticed this. What's going on here then? I presume it's a butchered Faker?
  3. Rich

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Enough scripture-talk please, gents.
  4. Rich

    Basschat merchandise

    I still have my old long-sleeved (black with grey sleeves) BC t-shirt with the 'old' logo. Really excellent quality garment, hasn't thinned or worn with age at all. I think it will outlast me. I'd be interested in a polo as I could wear it to work -- my Wal polo is sadly too small for me now (or rather, I am too lardy for it). Something other than black though.
  5. Rich

    Basschat merchandise

    Thanks. That's a whole bunch of nightmarish mental images that I simply cannot now unsee. In ten years' time, I shall be lying on a psychiatrist's couch telling him about this moment.
  6. And that's exactly how I approach my XT Live too. Patch 1A is a total bypass with no FX or EQ or models and the output volume set to the same level as a plain lead. Everything else is based on this.
  7. The way I see it, by the time my tone has made its way through the PA or fought for its place in the backline alongside the guitars/keys/drums/etc, the only fecker who's going to notice my overly deep filter sweep or bright distortion is me. Live sound is always a compromise really.
  8. My Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live does everything I could want for live work. If I was to replace it with anything, it'd be a Helix or similar. I can't see me ever going back to individual stomps. So for me, yes they've pretty much had their day.
  9. Rich

    Sire knob upgrade?

    I used a combination of these two. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-Concentric-Control-Knob-for-Bass-Guitar-Gold-Chrome-Plated-High-Quality/251164962587?var=550186356404&hash=item3a7a992f1b:g:PcoAAOSwZFdacMw https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Metal-electric-guitar-control-knobs-in-chrome-black-or-gold-tone-or-volume-/390769842515
  10. I'm in three bands. The same keys player is in all three. Thankfully he's a great player and a thoroughly nice bloke.
  11. Rich

    Later with Joolz last night

    Blues song played backwards: my best friend's wife left him for me. Then I went to bed. Country song played backwards: My dog came back to life. The cows milked themselves. Everything is brilliant and I'm loaded.
  12. Rich

    Fretless bass

    The consensus is crap. Have a listen to John Giblin, Mick Karn, Percy Jones, Alain Caron, Pino's work with Paul Young, and tell me they're playing it like a fretted bass. Nah.
  13. Rich

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    Two things. Sire V7 five string. I was expecting good things, but oh my heavens what an instrument. It looks great and sounds better. Talk about bang-for-buck, this thing has it in spades. The only Jazz-style bass** I've ever played that I preferred was 3 grand's worth of Celinder. I've tried a pukka Fender Marcus Miller sig 5-string (4 times the cost of my V7) and it wasn't even close. Behringer BX600 combo. OK so I wasn't expecting it to be great as such, but it does punch well above its weight. I bought it more as a home practice tool than anything, but it's become my regular chuck-it-in-the-car rehearsal amp. It easily keeps up with my 12-piece soul band, horns and all, and only starts to complain if I get really daft with the B string. Other than that, it's completely brilliant, especially when I consider that I paid 30 quid for it. ** note that I am not including my Shuker J in this, as it's not a traditional J-J configuration.
  14. Our tenor sax player's horn is very old and an absolute mess visually. It is SO cool though