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  1. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - John Lee Hooker
  2. UPDATE: I've updated the control plate. It's now B/W/B pickguard material rather than metal, and I've ditched the pan pot & replaced it with a volume control and 3-way mini toggle switch for pickup selection. I'd have preferred a black switch, but couldn't find a 3-way on-on-on anywhere. I also followed hooky's suggestion and went for some white Jazz knobs, which I think are perfect.
  3. When I took my bass back to Jon a few years ago to have some Delanos retro-fitted, I made a long weekend of it and stayed over at a B&B farm down the road -- I forget the name but it wasn't far from the Blue John caves. It was fabulous. Your plan sounds like a great idea, and just thinking about it makes me pretty jealous. Oh, and take plain Hobnobs rather than chocolate ones.
  4. From Russia With Love - Matt Monro
  5. You could say that... wasn't this the bass that made a shelf fall off my garage wall? Oh yes, I remember this one. Played it at a Destroyers gig and fell head over heels in love with it. Beautiful thing. EDIT: here 'tis.
  6. Those two are rubbish. Give them to me, I'll dispose of them for you.
  7. Weird. I'm always more than grateful load-out help, even with my cissy lightweight gear. The only thing I don't take help for is actually putting it in the car, as I have a 'method' (I bet I'm not the only one!).
  8. Red = still have it. 4 strings unless otherwise stated. 1964 Höfner Artist - bought for £20 from my school metalwork teacher in 1982. One dead pickup, the other not great. Currently feeling inspired to do a restomod. Columbus Jazz - after I got the Wal, I lent this to a supposed friend who promptly left town with it. I hope it exploded in his hands, thieving bastid. 1980 Wal Pro 2E - my first love, my pension plan, my most prized possession. Jaydee Roadie 1 fretless - my first fretless bass. Very lovely instrument, I fitted an EMG pickup after the original died, and a Hollis preamp. Last seen in @doctor_of_the_bass's hands, I believe he moved it on too. Squier HM-5 5-string - my first 5-string. A good introduction but not exactly inspiring. Gave it away after I got the... Maison 5-string (Bass Maniac/Bass Collection clone) - ...which I bought in Jakarta while I was on a business trip out there. Back when it was dead easy to take instruments onto planes. An excellent instrument, punched well above its budget weight. Tobias Pro 6-string - beautiful instrument, completely hamstrung by its weedy, pathetic pickups and feeble EQ. I fitted a new preamp but it desperately needed pickups... a set of EMG-45Ps would have brought it alive but I just couldn't afford them. Sold it to @brycebites, he hasn't been here for quite some time alas. Yamaha RBX765A 5-string - bought on the spur of the moment... it was red, and I fancied another red bass to go with the Wal and the Tobias, plus I needed a 5-string. Jon Shuker defretted the neck for me and it made a really great fretless. @Witters has it now. Sei Flamboyant 5-string - oh god it was beautiful... I just couldn't get it set up though, and rather than give it it to a tech who knew what he was doing I just sold it in a fit of pique. I frequently kick myself for letting this go. Overwater short-scale (in bits, long-term restomod project) - back in the 80s, Overwater made a bunch of guitars and basses for school music programs, and this was one of them. 32" scale, mahogany with set neck, single pickup. Once I finally get some gig money coming in, I'm hoping to get @Andyjr1515 to work his magic on it. Status Series 1 'thru neck' 5-string - saw this at a really good price and couldn't resist. What a fantastic instrument. I replaced the rusty black bridge with gold single bridge pieces, and also fitted gold tuners & knobs while I was about it. They looked brilliant with the quilted maple top. Squier Jazz - great neck (see Bitsa P below), nasty plywood body. Did the job for a while. Shuker custom 5-string - I'll let the picture speak for itself... Ibanez BTB406QM 6-string - having sold the Toby some years previously, I fancied a 6-string just to noodle about with at home and when this came up stupidly cheap I snapped it up. It's really scruffy cosmetically, but plays and sounds fine. Sire V7 ash 5-string - loved the look of these the moment I saw them, and grabbed one immediately. That was 2015 and it's been my go-to gig bass ever since. Tanglewood TRB-CE 'Rosewood Reserve' acoustic - a surprise birthday gift, and what a surprise. One of the few times I have been utterly lost for words. Harley Benton JB-20 (in bits) - one of the infamous 'deko' basses, cost me 20 quid. Unfortunately, unlike many people I really DID get an unplayable one the neck had a sizeable hump in it. Still on the lookout for a replacement neck. OLP Stingray - really fancied a 'Ray, was looking out for an OLP or a Vintage on fleaBay and this came up at a good price. Turned out that the neck was a real Louisville Slugger, not to my liking. However... see 'JayRay' below... Bitsa P bass - the neck for my old Squier Jazz mated with a no-name body bought off fleaBay for 20 quid. Scratched my P bass itch very nicely! I have since fitted the original pickup from the OLP 'Ray. 'JayRay' fretless - on a whim, bought this lovely Jaydee fretless neck from @greenolive and mated it with the body of my OLP 'Ray. The results are better than I could possibly have hoped for. EMG-HZ pickup, one of these days I might get round to fitting actives... a 3-band with sweepable mid would be ideal, for my money it's the best type of EQ for a fretless. Really lets you home in on the mwah. Westone Thunder 1-A - very gratefully took this off @Moos3h's hands a couple of years back. I've had a soft spot for these ever since Rockschool! 👍 and it's great to have one finally. As a P bass, it totally and comprehensively blows my bitsa P out of the water. And it's red! I've fitted gold tuners, because it looked daft with chrome tuners and a brass bridge & knobs. I wanted the collar to match the cuffs, as it were. An absolute keeper. 'SkaJazz' bitsa J bass - had an old J copy hanging around for yonks, finally got round to doing something with it. one of you folks - I forget who - gave me the idea for a 2-tone theme which, given that I'm in a ska band, was absolutely perfect. The results aren't luthier-quality, but I don't care. It's all my own work and looks the business 😎 The only things I really really really want to add to this list are: Wal Mk3 fretted 5-string 1965 Fender Jazz, CAR, matching h/stock
  9. Ditto. 👍 Do you have a napkin as a guide?
  10. How Sweet To Be An Idiot - Neil Innes
  11. That looks amaaaaazing a quick measure of the iffy decal on my bass returns a dimension of 48mm. Given that the badge is inevitably slightly chunkier than a mere decal, I would imagine 50mm is probably bang on the money. Plain unpainted virginal unmolested material is absolutely fine for me.
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