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  1. Rich

    End of an Era

    Hope your recuperation goes well 👍 short term pain but long term gain, and all that.
  2. Rich

    Yamaha SBV 500 Feeler / Trade

    Paging Mr @BigRedX...
  3. This is very disappointing. No deserted warehouses or shootings in the face, no retirements from public life? Tsk.
  4. Rich

    What floats your boat?

    My music collection goes from Abba to ZZ Top (nothing by Aardvark or Zzzz, unfortunately), with Motörhead next to Mozart... but more often than not these days, I'll choose either prog rock/metal or fusion. Or an audiobook, in the car.
  5. Rich

    My bass life winding down?

    See? You can check out but you can never leave. Welcome home.
  6. Our trombone dude passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday. Whole band is stunned and bereft... can't believe we'll never see him again. Such a lovely guy.
    RIP Stewy the 'Bone. </3

    DSC09288 - Copy.JPG

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    2. mangotango


      Not enough 'bone players around to be able to cope with losing one. V. sad indeed.

    3. Rich


      True. Not enough Stewys around either.

      Still coming to terms with it. His wife has asked if our remaining horn section could play a couple of Satchmo tunes at his humanist memorial. Wish I played sousaphone so I could join them.

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      Sorry to hear such sad news :(

  7. https://reverb.com/item/17839883-collection-elements-water https://reverb.com/item/17839892-collection-elements-fire Now, you might think that these look like a pile of old cack, but hold on. These things have been made using a special "*EZO Energy/Space Method of wood, metal, and ctr. treatment." Yeah. Try asking Fender for that. "Modifications: mass crystallisation (wood), resonating in human emotional range." See? They're not just screwed together, they have a metaphysical birth. Well worth 120 grand, I reckon.
  8. Rich

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Now if I had said that, people would be saying "what do you mean, 'back then'..?" Now, they're thinking it.
  9. Rich

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    I might bring my JayRay (OLP Ray with Jaydee fretless neck). I'll be spectating only as it's not long after my wrist op.
  10. Rich

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Another tale of two sets... Many years ago when I lived in Swindon, my blues-rock trio (Hendrix, Gary Moore, ZZ Top etc) had a booking at the Plessey Social Club... when we walked through the door, we lowered the average age in the room by about 40 years. As we set up, I could feel the glares from the light-&-bitter brigade burning holes in the back of my head. We had backline and a vocal PA only, nothing DI'd or miked up -- Steve the drummer was first to get set up, he sat down and picked up a stick and hit his snare drum ONCE... and I heard a croaky old voice from out in the shadows say, "ooh, it's a bit loud..." Predictably the first set was horrendous, every song met with almost total silence apart from a few “turn it down”s from some of the coffin-dodgers and one or two claps. One of them even walked right up to me mid-song, stuck his fingers in his ears and bellowed “It's TOO LOUD”. End of the first set couldn’t have come soon enough for me. When it did, the club MC asked if he could borrow one of our mics to do the bingo. Ye gods. Eventually we couldn’t put the second set off any longer and trudged to the stage. I was just putting my bass on when a woman approached me. I thought, if she tells me to turn it down I’m just going to pack up and sod off home. But she said cheerfully, “OK lads, all the old farts have buggered off, they only come for the bingo... you can turn it back up now”. So we did needless to say, the second set was a lot better and we never set foot in there again 
  11. Rich

    Andertons, Guildford

    Very much depends on the size of the egg. I give large eggs 4.5 mins and they generally come out fine. Straight into simmering water. Make sure the eggs are room temp first or they'll crack for sure. Cold water brought to the boil will give you a hard boiled egg. They are horrid in every way.
  12. Rich

    Andertons, Guildford

    Well of course. Runny is the ONLY way.
  13. Rich

    24 string bass + $1,000,000 Strat

    Oh god, don't they just. Every time an ERB appears on FB, they start off. It's why I made the ERB Bingo thing. Thing that always amuses me about them is that they all think they're the first one ever to say "it's a harp" or "can you play Mustang Sally on it".
  14. Oh man. If i was a fretless-ERB kinda guy, I'd be all over that like a rash. The back is exquisite.