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  1. Nice start to the day today. Came downstairs to find a very tired looking white-tailed bumblebee stumbling about on the hall floor. I recalled reading something about bees responding well to a bit of energy and hydration, so i mixed a tiny bit of sugar in a splash of water on the end of a teaspoon, and held it down in front of the bee. It found it and immediately started to drink, I could see its tongue lapping it up. After slurping for a couple of minutes it stopped and visibly began to revive, so I took it outside. It headed straight for some flowers and started doing what bees do, looking a lot healthier. My feelgood moment for the day. :) 

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Well done you. Restores my faith in humanity reading things like that. Unlike the little shyte I saw in the park. He was astride his bike with another kid watching and was bouncing his front wheel up and down on the path. As I rounded the corner, his mate remonstrated with him to which he shouted ‘I don’t care, I hate them’ and on seeing me they both scarpered. When I stopped where they had been there were pieces of earthworms squidged all over the path. His parents would be sooo proud if they knew 🤬. Not little kids either. Probably 10yrs if not more. Makes my blood boil. Well, boil more than it is already today 🥵.

    2. Rich


      On reading further, apparently feeding sugary water to exhausted bees is ok providing you only do it once and in a very small quantity. It certainly seemed to perk this fella up though.

  2. Rich


    10. Whoosh. Jesus, I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. I was crossing one of the roads at work, my phone rang and when I heard Stu's first words I stopped in my tracks. I had to sit down on the kerb. The only thing I could think of to say was, "no... no, mate, are we talking about the same Simon?"
  3. 10 years today. Times flies but memories remain. Still much missed, you big daft softy. 💙

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    2. Merton


      Blimey, 10 years already? Was thinking about him only the other day on a thread on here.

    3. Rich


      It's scary how quickly tempus just fugits away, innit?

    4. gary mac

      gary mac

      That doesn't seem possible, ten years.

  4. That is bloody gorgeous. Those edge markers are a great idea. Great. More GAS, just what I wanted. Thanks a bunch.
  5. If you can pick up a set of lightweight tuners, these will help with the overall weight and the neck-heaviness... I fitted licensed Hipshot HB6's to my V7 fiver and they shaved half a pound off the total weight.
  6. The first time I saw them was on the Ladder tour, with Billy Sherwood on 2nd guitar and Igor on keys. It was the same tour that the House Of Yes DVD was recorded. It was one of those never-to-be-forgotten gigs... 'Awaken' was simply perfect, and I still have some of the confetti. I'd prefer to keep the memory of that rather than see them now.
  7. I only saw Yes (with Squire) twice, and to be honest both times I felt that Steve Howe was the weak link. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but his timing was fairly dreadful and he played a sackful of extremely bum notes. Mind you, I had trouble hearing him at the second of the gigs... 3 rows from the front at Chris Squire's side of the stage, all I could hear -- and feel -- was his backline. First time he hit the bass pedals, I swear I could feel my teeth loosening Lee Pomeroy, god he plays with everyone. He has the best job in the world. Well, him and @Dave Swift
  8. Suggest the Rancid tune to them. It's great fun to play and our crowd go absolutely mental for it.
  9. We did consider it at one point, but one of the band has an irrational hatred of Costello songs and played their veto.
  10. Ska and reggae basslines are an absoute joy to play. My current favourites from our set are the Specials' "Nite Klub" and "Gangsters", The Selecter's "On My Radio", Susan Cadogan's "Hurts So Good", Rancid's "Time Bomb", The Toasters' "I'm Running Right Through The World" and absolutely anything by Bob Marley.
  11. Martyn and Amy hadn't booked a honeymoon yet, their plan all along had been to wait till the last minute and grab a Travelzoo bargain hol to wherever took their fancy. Given the wedding postponement, I think this plan has paid off..! I do feel sorry for people who have had plans really spoiled.
  12. My son and his lady have postponed their wedding 6 months, to April next year (very sensibly, I think). So bang goes the last man standing on this year's gig diary. I'm not remotely surprised and secretly pleased because a] it allows us more rehearsal time to lick into shape the special set-opener we've got planned for them (big horns-driven version of Black Parade by My Chemical Romance... Martyn and Amy were huge MCR fans back in the day), and more importantly b] it gives me 6 months more to polish my speech (I'm best man as well as father of the groom and part of the evening entertainment... no pressure there then ).
  13. I'm in a 12 piece band. I basically play for free anyway
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