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  1. Wals and Jaydees? Apples and oranges.
  2. Is That What You Want? - The Knickerbockers
  3. A 1960s Jazz that was in Guitar Village in Farnham. I was itching to try it, but it was rougher than a badger's árse. It hasn't put me off wanting a YOB ('65) though.
  4. Fishier than a dead haddock in the sun. The seller is utterly stupid at best.
  5. Church of the Poisoned Mind - Vulture Club
  6. Yes, I remember that interview. IIRC it was a single driver in a not-quite-sealed flightcase, cranked to the edge of destruction & miked up. I think he called it 'The Trunk'. It had its own channel on the desk. You can hear it clearly on some of the tracks on Empire.
  7. This is one of my all time favourite rock bass tones.
  8. Oh god, that's my nemesis in the ska set too. I bet I made a bigger mess of it than you did...
  9. I didn't know it had a bass breakdown either. Perhaps I should force myself to actually listen to it. Nah.
  10. Properly old skool, that: I like everything about it, except for that number. My days of lugging around 100lb cabs are long gone.
  11. OK, so I'm thinking of using this thing with the ska band on occasion. The question is: The pickguard. To checkerboard, or not to checkerboard?
  12. That's a cool idea and the balance looks good in that pic. Love the chrome & maple. I wear my bass a little higher than you -- not too high, mind -- and I've found that it's very comfortable if I wear it like Entwistle's doing in this pic and rest my right forearm on the top edge of the body. It gets rid of all the dive but it still looks ok. If only I could play like him. Tweaks are done for now... black tuners, string tree & neck plate, the jack socket's been moved to body edge (I prefer them there) and everything's rewired with an added pickup toggle to go with the original V/V/T. It's still a cheap POC and still owes me next to nothing, but I rather like it.
  13. OK, I've definitely got to watch now.
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