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  1. Fired rig up earlier. Rack compressor dead. Not a thing. Damn. 

    Grumpy face on. Start playing. Sound is feckin gorgeous :) happy face on.

    So, that's going to be an empty 1U space then :lol:

  2. Because life is too short for nitpicky minutiae, and I’ve got a gig to prepare for.
  3. TBH I thought it was pretty obvious that I didn't really mean exactly a tenner and that it was a figure of speech to denote 'an amount of cash', rather than an actual maths failure. I will rephrase my original statement. "Going out as a 4 is fine if you can't make it, but to leave you out simply to get an indeterminate sum of money more each? All it says is that you personally are less important to them than an extra indeterminate sum of money, and that is outrageous." I hope that clarifies things.
  4. I've had a busy working week, I've got a busy day tomorrow and a gig in the evening. All I want today is a bit of chilling time sat on me jacksy. Is that too much to ask?

    Apparently yes, it is... >:(

    1. TheGreek


      No rest for the wicked...😈😈

  5. I've never heard a shim speak...
  6. Going out as a 4 is fine if you can't make it, but to leave you out simply to get a few quid more each? All it says is that you personally are less important to them than an extra tenner, and that is outrageous. You're a band member, if you're available you should be included for the gig. As Paul said, either split it five ways or don't do it. Sounds like these 'kids' have a lot to learn.
  7. In my ska band, if I can't make a gig Mark the rhythm guitarist takes over bass duties and the normally guitarless frontman does rhythm duties. Interestingly Mark and I never discuss our bass parts and how we approach them - there's no "I play that run differently" or anything. If neither of us can make a gig, it doesn't happen - Mark is the only bass dep they'll use.
  8. My reaction to that would be "fine, in that case I'll sex & travel and you can play them all as a quartet then".
  9. "Top Ten"s are meaningless. Music is a way of life, not a competition.
  10. I've been trying for ages to get Dancing Queen into the Destroyers party set. There's a brilliant horn section part hiding in there somewhere just waiting for our MD to devise it and write it out and it'd be a 100% cast iron guaranteed floor-filler. And as a bonus, that gorgeous bassline.
  11. Oh my word *whimper* anyone want to buy a kidney?
  12. Ditto, reported. He knows perfectly well that it's not a Leo.
  13. I was in one band for a while where the keyboard player's ladyfriend came along to every rehearsal. Never said a thing, just sat there nursing a drink. After a few weeks I mentioned to him the fact that she didn't say much. "Oh yeah," he said, "she's Dutch, her English is non existent." Turned out he had, errm, obtained her services one night in Amsterdam and got on quite well, so she came home with him. Yes, he was a bit weird.
  14. I can't speak for Pete, and no I wasn't there either. Maybe you're a bit easier-going than me, or a bit more patient. I dunno. I'm lucky, I haven't been in rehearsal rooms where that or worse happened, but I'd only be in there once. Like I said, life's too short.
  15. I would venture that a bandmate who loses his temper, to the extent that he has to be taken outside to calm down, is NOT a minor issue. I'm happy to 'deal with' many things, but that? Nah.
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