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  1. You can add scrumpy & western to the genre list... Adge Cutler & the Wurzels' debut album was recorded live at a pub half a mile from this sofa.
  2. Used the Swiff tuner last night, it's marvellous. Very fast and stable, appears to be accurate, and has a nice big clear display. Absolutely perfect for my needs.
  3. Very definitely! I'd be very interested to see either/both.
  4. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition - Kay Kyser
  5. I had an Ocatvia estate before my current hatch. Turns out the only difference in boot space between the two is that the estate's rear screen/door is vertical whereas the hatch's is sloped. So there is actually very little difference in day-to-day useable boot space between the two. And the boot lip is the same. I like estates though, and would definitely consider another one (especially if Alfa Romeo come to their senses and produce a Giulia Sportwagon).
  6. My Skoda Octavia's boot will take my EBS 2x12, 4U rack case, rucksack containing pedalboard & leads, music stand, guitar stand, bag with spare shirt etc, and my bass in its gigbag, and all without having to put the back seats down.
  7. Am I right in thinking this is the one that is partially made from my stairs? very much looking forward to seeing it.
  8. I'll be there! Having a rummage for raffle goodies. Probably some parts from the spares box, a surplus tuner, and other bits. Rich - Westone Thunder 1A (tarted about a bit), Sire V7 fiver, Tanglewood acoustic 4 - all basses strung with nickels, D'Adds on the Thunder and Elixirs on the Sire and ABG. Zoom 509 h'phone amp and cans. FOR SALE: Boss CE-5 chorus stomp wrinkleygit - Jabba’s Semi Hollow Fretless, 112 cab with a lightweight head, possible new addition to the family. Bass strung with Labella flats scrumpymike - FOR SALE: Eden WT550 Traveler; Fender Rumble 800. 'Keepers': my no. 1 gig bass 'Rascal Mervyn-Lyte; 'Rascal Lyte Mkll; Sandberg Cali lV s-s; Mesa Subway TT-800; HandBox R-400; a pair of BF SC3 cabs; a Gillett Contour or two (or maybe even 3) - one of which will prolly be FS. Pea Turgh - My Frankenstein Jazzguarman(!) strung with D’Addario XL Chrome flats. My black bitsa (same strings). Probably my Peterson combo which I’ll flit between selling and not selling (still). Stevie - Ibanex SR1200-VNF, Ashdown RM500, BCbass 112, plus some other bass cab developments (probably) yorks5stringer - Warwick Star Bass Proline (4 string), Status GP Artist (again 4 string), Marcus Miller Micro 101, 1972 Telecaster Bass (poss.), Shuker Course 5 String (poss.) stewblack - Trace Elliot Rig of Death. Ric inspired 'tributes' various amps and basses for sale unless they shift here first. A hernia (probably). basstone - For Sale refurbished Marshall DBS200 combo fitted with beyma 12" speaker. BC v3 cab with G&K MB500 amp. '78 Fender fretless jazz bass with rotosound nylon coated strings. Probably plus one other bass TBD Woodinblack - Ibanez EHB1505, Shuker Uberhorn, Chapman Stick, PositiveGrid Spark amp. olipaulo - Fender Elite Jazz, Status Empathy 5 and PRS SE Kestrel. Markbass CMD 151P, SWR LA15, GK MB112-ii and GK MB212-ii (the last three are for sale so they may be missing from the bash). Helix LT & IEMs Richard Jinman - tbc Stub Mandrel - Fender Performer, Deathburger (sublime to the ridiculous) maybe another bass, GR AT212 slim and Bass Terror. Norm - I'll bring my '98 Stingray 4 (could be for sale/trade), Squier VM Jazz 5, Squier VM Precision 5, Trace Elliot v4 head & Barefaced Vintage 2x15, Roland Microbass & headphones, earplugs & my wallet, looking at what peeps are bringing with FS tags on!!!! Jimrs2k2 - all the normal stuff, some of which maybe for sale. PhilStarr - BC 112 Mk1, BC110T, BC Easybuild 12, maybe some other self build designs. Peavey MiniMax, Burny Thunderbird (Japanese Matsumoku copy JabbaTheGut - 27" short scale basses, short scale telebass, probably something else, TC amp and cab(s) Pinball - Amplification: GB 2x12 and streamliner, Burnes Marquee bass, G&L Fallout, Supro Huntington 1, Fender Jazz Bass Special/boxer, Peerless Jack Casady. (Revelation Dub King maybe)
  9. Oh how I love the Performer basses. Given the cash I'd have a replica luthier-built, but with sensible string spacing (IIRC the originals are 16.5/17 at the bridge?).
  10. Rush - Exit Stage Left Judie Tzuke - Road Noise Frost* - Rockfield Files (studio 'live' recordings) Marillion - The Thieving Magpie Snarky Puppy - Live at the O2 Academy Bristol 05-10-2015
  11. Who's he gone with, out of interest? Yes. I know.
  12. I'll let you know on Thursday I haven't tried it yet, tomorrow night's rehearsal is its baptism of fire. It's certainly a lovely wee thing, very solidly made. Almost feels like it's machined from a block of alloy. It appeals to the engineering-nerd in me
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