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  1. I'd always assumed it was Gibbo. Ah well, you learn summat every day.
  2. Just measured my Thunder 1A and the measurements are the same -- so your Spector 8 has what is basically a 4-string neck. Wow. I'd always assumed they'd be a bit wider than that.
  3. By comparison, my Sire 5-string is 44 and 64.
  4. Does anyone here have an actual factory-made 8-string? It'd be interesting to know the neck widths at the nut & 12th fret.
  5. Good man. Yup, I've just moved it to Build Diaries, left a link in the original subforum.
  6. @BreadBin, can you keep this thread running as a build diary plz? I'd love to see how this turns out, cos I've always fancied an 8-string toy and fleabay is chock full of cheap 5-strings...
  7. Lady In Red. Schmaltzy bleuchh with a gorgeous John Giblin bassline.
  8. In ar ironic twist, I've done this on my Sire MM V7 solid covers would be better, but I'm reluctant to buggger about with the pups just in case I make a horlicks of it.
  9. I've had my V7 fiver for 5 years and it's a definite keeper.
  10. Those are the 1/2" licenced Ultralites.
  11. My first bass was/is an absolute POS and is now unplayable, but I could no sooner get rid of it than fly to the moon. GLWTS, but seriously man, don't sell it.
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