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  1. It's now 14,251,012.
  2. I don't know if prog is fashionable, don't give a sht if it is or not, don't care if people think me a quote weirdo unquote for listening to it. I love a bit of prog, me. In fact I like an awful lot of prog, thank you very much.
  3. Have you ever... ...?
  4. His name is Barry Savoy. His parents used to take him on holiday to Barry island, and...
  5. Looks like I've been beaten to it with the stage name and the album title. Damn.
  6. I've just realised that I am not bass-nerdy enough to be able to recognise all these pedals without zooming in to the names (the ones that are discernible, anyway), and even then I'm not sure what they do. Oh thank god
  7. That wiring loom is beautiful.
  8. BTW, I have decided that I am going to form a prog band, just so I can call our first album 'Cornucopia Of Flatulence'.
  9. Whitby Waitrose checking in here Oh it'll be amazing, if he ever actually writes the feckin thing. I imagine the, ahem, somewhat less than infrequent trips to rehab keep damming up his creative juices, alas.
  10. Apologies -- my mistake. All part and parcel of the cornucopia of forgetfulness, confusion and flatulence that is 'getting old', I fear. Yes, now that would be a fascinating read. And yes, that episode was bittersweet but very amusing... "Get that clown out of here, he doesn't even speak Portuguese!". Classic.
  11. He really is a knob with a capital Nuh.
  12. Au contraire, it is absolutely not a name I have invented. If you search BC you will find him cropping up all over the place. We've been talking about him for years. I tagged Skank because I believe he met the Gogglemeister once.
  13. Good lord, is that Tony Goggle? He's been borderline reclusive for years. @skankdelvar, what do you reckon?
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