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  1. Bass related oxymorons

    When I grow up I'm going to be a bass player.
  2. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    How about a logo with a play on words of some sort? Maybe based on your name or something? Looks blimmin marvelous by the way.
  3. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    Lovely P7 👍😎 same colour/wood combo as my V7.
  4. How was your gig last night?

    Good grief, that's a real horror story makes me glad they're not getting many bookings. We had grief from some of the punters too. They found it highly amusing when the hag told us to eff off, and a couple of them joined in in that special "hyuck hyuck, yeah gwarn, f'koff" way that only a cerebrally challenged sister-lover can manage.
  5. How was your gig last night?

    Oh god, that mental beach. Our drummer had an argument with her over set lengths and payment, in the end she cancelled all our future bookings and told him to sex-and-travel. I roasted them alive on Farcebook next day and had lots of #metoo replies. From what i understand, they're having trouble getting bands and it's going down the toilet fast. Good. I hope it burns to the ground.
  6. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    I have a friend who sustained a very embarrassing injury from the 'saddle' of his Del Var Bass Bike. It took surgeons 2 hours to remove it and now he has to wear special pants. Small print notwithstanding, I demand compensation. On his behalf, of course.
  7. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    Yes! I fitted orange mains plugs to all my leads for the same reason 😄
  8. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    A few of my favourite hacks: Mains IEC chassis socket mounted permanently in the side of my 4U rack case, just under the handle so it's protected from accidental bashes. This in turn feeds the mains 4-way inside the case. Makes setting up even easier. I carry a 1ft square piece of 1" foam inside the rack, which allows me to store the bag of mains/speaker/misc cables inside the rack without them rattling around damaging things. At gigs, the foam goes between the cab and the amp and stops vibrations. The cable bag itself is an old school PE kit drawstring bag. Ideal size. Kiddie's night light plugged into the rack's 4-way. Provides enough illumination inside the case to allow me to plug stuff in without fumbling around.
  9. How was your gig last night?

    Yes, I've played quite a few in Melksham too. Last night was the Forester's Arms, it was rowdy but ok. At least they danced i've also played at the Pg & Whistle, which is snug but nice, and The Pilot which is a ghastly s***hole upon which I would not pee if it was on fire. Where was your fraught experience?
  10. How was your gig last night?

    Gig with the ska band tonight, just got home after a horrid drive through the falling snow. Towards the end of the second set, a rather sozzled punter asked if we played any 'old skool ska'. We pointed out that we'd just played well over an hour of it. She then asked if we do any Stereophonics songs. *rolls eyes* Melksham. 'nuff said.
  11. Great gig, poor turnout

    I remember well one particular night at a crap pub in Highbridge, at the end of the gig I counted what I thought was an 'audience' of seven... and then realised I'd included the singer's girlfriend and the bar staff. Stuff happens. Just call it a paid rehearsal.
  12. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Grown ups? Where?
  13. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    Effective, true, but I find that electricity applied to the testicles first really gets the message across. I like a little bit of old-skool finesse first before galloping headlong towards the 9mm finale.
  14. Landlord can "get bands for free", oh no.

    "I've has found a website where I can get bands for free!" Yes, of course he has. The bloke is a total chancer. Definitely sounds like yet another decent venue disappearing down the bonzo dog. Have you got enough other decent regular haunts to make up for it? Small consolation I know, but.
  15. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    Ow. Make them stop.