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  1. Rich

    a pointy project

    I like it too. I don't necessarily have a thing about weird basses, but I like the shape. The fragility of that top horn would be a concern. And yes it'd be ideal headless, and that's deffo what I'd have done if I'd been the buyer.
  2. Eww. No thanks, I'll take Ronny Jordan's version any day.
  3. They'd say "Pork Pie Hat? Goodbye!"
  4. Oh believe me, I did listen to it. Several times. Tried to not to hate it. Failed.
  5. This is the approach I adopted many years ago when the singer in a band I was in announced that we were going to do Dance The Night Away by the Mavericks. He was adamant, but so was I. It became quite a frank exchange of views in the end, especially when I told him that if he insisted on doing it at a gig, I would put down my bass and head to the bar for the duration of the song.
  6. Rich

    Best bass in the world?

    The best bass I've ever played was this Shuker singlecut 5-string. If I'd had the money, I'd have walked out of his workshop with it. I know SCs are a bit marmite and they're not my first choice shape-wise, but the way it played and ohhhh lordy the sound... A stunning instrument.
  7. Rich

    You Can Go your Own Way

    Goatist. Although yeah, you've got a point. https://youtu.be/nlYlNF30bVg
  8. Rich

    Victor Jamming on a Sire

    Much the same for Mark King. Obvs he's best known for his slap, but what seems to get overlooked is that his fingerstyle playing is quite breathtaking.
  9. Rich

    You Can Go your Own Way

    All You Need Is Cash, indeed
  10. Rich

    You Can Go your Own Way

    "Nicks was angry that Buckingham smirked while she delivered a speech...". Children. They are like bloody children. Although TBH I wouldn't mind if they never played another smegging note. I've always detested their music. My idea of hell is being stuck on a desert island where the only available music is Fleetwood Mac and the Stones.
  11. Rich

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    This ^. I would also recommend ‘100° And Rising’ from the same band.
  12. Rich

    a Marmite bass :)

    I want an ounce of whatever Wish is smoking.
  13. And so, after 10 years as a covers-only unit, we're reinventing ourselves as an originals band. God help us. :lol:

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      I play in several bands, from tributes, to covers, to originals. There is always room for both, but perhaps less room for the original stuff, sadly.....
      Though in fairness, I've played quite a few venues where they either like, want or tolerate original material - and those venues and crowds ARE out there. Trick is, finding them, together with appealing to the masses who want covers..... and winning them over.
      A few covers, to get people singing & humming along, and tapping their feet or dancing, is no bad thing and handy to have in your repertoire.
      Perhaps what you're really tired of, is the same covers or the same genres of covers? Seek out interesting / different covers and try a few :)

    3. Rich


      We've considered replacing the set, but TBH we've done the covers thing for 10 years (our first gig was the 7th Feb 2008, I still have the set list) and want to do something completely different. And Tammy's songs are too good to keep hidden. We will pop 2 or 3 covers in there too, I expect. :) 

    4. Mykesbass


      Happened with my band - not 10 years, but a couple of years doing the Blues pub circuit, couple of new young members, written a whole load of songs and now going out in November on a 9 date national tour.  Good luck!