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  1. Oh yes, that takes me back. This band were awesome -- I saw them in 1986 at the Majestic in Reading, pre-Neil Murray when Kenji was on the bass. I thought Kenji was the better fit for the band, his image was fabulous. They were quite incredible, even if the vocals were completely unintelligible
  2. This, this, this, this, and this. I'm very lucky.
  3. Two gigs yesterday; 45 minute set at a festival in the afternoon, and a proper 2-setter at a party in the evening. The supplied backline at the festival served to remind me why I really don't get on with Ashdown amps... couldn't get a sound I liked no matter how I tried. When I fired up my Shuttle 6 in the evening, I could have kissed it.

  4. Yes. It's a real "ewwww, that's my fingers" moment. :lol
  5. Would something like this work? Switch could be either a normal DPDT or a push-pull pot.
  6. I remember breaking into the Sea Scouts camp with my mates -- it was directly opposite the festival site, on the Caversham bank of the Thames -- and sitting on the riverbank listening to Lizzy.
  7. Second on the bill last night at the Phoenix Festival in Cirencester. Fantastic event, superbly organised, massive stage, huuuge PA and a great engineer... He's the partner of one of our singers, always gets us a great sound and he loves the sound of my Sire bass... I was so loud in the mix they could probably hear me in Swindon And to cap it all, a big crowd up and dancing like mad eejits from the first note. And the beer tent was amazing. God I love outdoor gigs in the summer 😎
  8. A common dab writes: "Frankly I'm getting a bit peed off at the constant misuse of my name. Whether it's contemporary dance or those infernal sherbet things, although ironically I'm quite partial to liquorice actually, I think it's because the aniseed helps to cut through the overwhelmingly seaweedy flavour of pretty much everything in my diet, which I suppose isn't all that surprising when you think about it. Well for god's sake, you try eating anything else with your mouth on bloody sideways, see how you get on. And yes, I think you look bloody silly too. Where was I?"
  9. Firstly let me say: yes, I do realize that there are some here who find the idea of your own band t-shirts as naffness in the extreme. That's fine, we're all entitled to an opinion. That said, I'm not looking for views on the whole concept of having your band name plastered across shirts here, so if you think they're cringe-making then please just walk on by. Ta My query is this. My ska band have our own t-shirts, and jolly nice they are too -- plain black with no graphics, just the name of the band in our emblem font. I always wear mine when I turn up at a venue and for setting up and stuff, BUT I always change into something different before the first set starts. I find the idea of wearing the band's t-shirt whilst playing the band's gig to be a bit odd, and I never do it. However, some of my bandmates do wear theirs for the entire evening. So, for those of you whose bands have their own shirts... when do you wear yours? Do you ever play gigs in them?
  10. How about 'Not actually a fish'..? Unless of course you do actually self-identify as a fish, in which case I apologise humbly for causing such grevious offence and please don't sue me.
  11. I have a couple of spares. I'll happily sell him one for £300
  12. Yup, same here. I'm strictly engine-room. I'll leave the soloing to the folks who properly know how to do it. Also, I wish I found it easier to run about a bit on stage. Not necessarily throwing massive shapes or doing a Wilco, but more than I currently do, which isn't much.
  13. Roughly speaking, there are three ages of Wal headstock. Generally the earlier PB basses and most of the JG basses would have looked like the one on the left (mine is PB1533 and it's like this). Later PB basses and the early Customs were like the middle one, with the outer laminates dispensed with. Finally, the later Custom basses (Mks.1 and 2) have the headstock on the right. Please note that this is massively simplified and that there are some variations. But I do not believe there is any way that JG1152 would have left the factory with the slimmer headstock. Hence my conviction that this is not the original neck. More info here. https://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/
  14. Yup, 's what I've done. Seems to work ok.
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