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  1. Feel free to use this'un if you want. One of my favourite photos of me ever, mainly because you can't see my ugly mug
  2. Rich

    Number One Bass - Stick or Twist

    My 1980 Wal Pro 2E has been my most treasured possession since 1986. The only thing I would even momentarily consider swapping/selling it for would be another Wal, a five-string fretted one.
  3. My motto is 'Procrastinate Tomorrow'.
  4. Remember it? Still have it It's a Höfner Artist 2, a ‘65 I believe, which I bought off my school’s metalwork teacher in 1982 for £20. It's as tatty as feck and the pickups are fairly shot so it's worthless and unusable, but it's full of fun memories and is consequently a permanent fixture here at Casa dell Rich.
  5. Rich


    Aww yes, I still have the group photo here on my desk. The best of times. Remember when he was in the office playing Doodle and the rest of us were out in the workshop? There was this cry of anguish from the office and we went in to see what was up, he looked at us & wailed "IT'S GOT SO MANY STRINGS!"
  6. Rich

    Love and Loss (of gear)

    I never leave a bass in the car overnight, but I have left the rest of my gear on occasion -- in such cases, I always back my car up till it's 6" from the garage wall, so there's no way the tailgate can be opened. The gear is all out of sight in the boot under the tonneau cover, so it's not visible from the outside of the car.
  7. Rich


    It'll be 8 years tomorrow. Eight. And there's still a Simon-shaped hole here that will never be filled. Luv ya mate.
  8. Yes, the live version on the Dance Craze soundtrack album had that lyric. I've tried to get our frontgit Tim to use it, but it takes him long enough to learn stuff as it is...
  9. Rich

    Gibson Money Bass, what are they like?

    That's a real looker. I'm thinking neck dive though?
  10. I must admit that I often cringe when we get to that line in Nite Klub: "I won't dance in a club like this, all the girls are slags and the beer tastes just like p*ss". Not because I have a problem with the lyric -- I don't, and it's a brilliant tune -- but because the vast majority of our venues are very nice places with decent beer and pleasant patrons
  11. Rich

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Currently ten: Wal Pro IIE Shuker custom 5-string Sire V7 5-string Yamaha RBX765A defretted 5-string Homemade 'bitsa' P bass OLP Stingray with Jaydee fretless neck Ibanez BTB 6-string Tanglewood Rosewood Reserve acoustic bass 1965 Hofner Artist 2 (my first ever bass) Overwater short scale 'school bass', long term rebuild/resto-mod
  12. Rich

    New Schaller strap locks!

    Loctite 242 is your friend. I take them off every few years, clean them a bit and add a fresh dab of threadlocker when I put them back on. Never had a loose nut in 32 years. <--- that's my smug face
  13. Rich

    New Schaller strap locks!

    I must be weird or something -- I've been using 2 or 3 sets of Schaller straplocks since 1986 and have never, ever had a single problem with them. Even that first set from '86 are still going strong, they just look a bit scruffy that's all. Hardly surprising after 32 years of gigs
  14. Rich

    First Band what amp set up (purchase made)

    Leave 20 quid or so in your budget for a decent sack-type trolley. Your back will thank you.
  15. Rich

    We Don't Play There Anymore

    We bought the profanity filter from Cyberdyne Systems Inc, apparently it's very smart and learns as it goes along. We are told that there's only a very small chance of it becoming self-aware and stsrting a nuclear war against mankind. So that's ok.