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  1. Not a Spector design but this is by far my favourite super Jazz with Aguilar pups and pre:-
  2. The first thread was called just "Ashdown".
  3. This is the second thread you've created for the sale of this amp without adding a photo(s). You will get a much better response when you've added some when you get back to the UK.
  4. Great price. Should sell quickly if you add a couple of decent photos to your post.
  5. Whereabouts are you based please? East London, Herts, Essex is a large area.
  6. Excellent condition Seymour Duncan SRB 1 Neck (dated 2nd Feb 2019) and SRB 1 Bridge (dated 11th July 2018) pickups with mounting plate, connection instructions and screws. Also included is a custom made stainless steel bridge pickup mounting plate if you prefer to the black. £100 shipping to UK mainland included. These are £280 new! (Andertons) Thanks for looking.
  7. Hey Richard. You're close, but no cigar (or fiver!). Mark from Trojan Horses uses the 100 watt Micro CL stack which I agree sounds lovely with his Burns bass. This would of course sound even lovelier. 😊
  8. I suppose it could be if you are prepared to arrange it. I would pack very securely and take to a courier depot (I wouldn't want to hang around my home waiting for a courier to collect).
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