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  1. Excellent condition Ampeg Micro VR head with matching SVT210AV cabinet, Ampeg padded covers and speaker/mains cables. Don't be fooled by the small size of this class AB power section head as it can output 259 watts into a 4 ohm load or 160 watts into the matching 8 ohm SVT210AV cabinet. All working as it should. Price is £500 ono by cash/bank transfer collected or meet up close-ish to Hertford. Thanks for looking. VR.pdf
  2. It's a pity no one came onboard and learnt the skills to continue the marque. Maybe the demand just isn't there any longer?
  3. Excellent condition Blackstar Fly 3 Bass mini combo. Not for gigging but for practicing. Comes with original box and instructions. It's black and grey as shown in the final photo; somehow my phone camera thinks it's blue-grey. £35 inclusive of UK shipping or £30 collected from Hertford. Thanks for looking.
  4. I've only ever considered ABM's as tools for gigs where fan noise is irrelevant. I've got fanless amps for low volume requirements.
  5. It sounds exactly like my old ABM600 Evo IV. I'm pretty sure the preamp is identical. We don't really know how Ashdown recorded the sound on that video but I'm confident if they made one for the Evo IV it'd sound equally impressive. It is an advertisement after all.
  6. It's that Trace Elliott valve, I'm tellin' ya....
  7. Did I spot a Trace Elliot branded 12ax7 in the video? The spirit of TE lives on, hoorah!
  8. Although we all know Ashdown and its products, it isn't a large organisation. When I visited Ashdown HQ a couple of years back I was heartened to find a family business working without pretentious frills in modest surroundings. I imagine in the current environment of component shortages and increased logistical costs that launching new products is even more challenging, especially as asian manufacturing needs decent volumes to be viable. When I visited it appeared that Ashdown maintains a small electronics diagnostic/ servicing/ prototyping facility where I assume its premium products are built. I don't think the ABM750 is overpriced considering its UK handbuilt heritage.
  9. Another vote here for the Ampeg SCR DI pedal. Put it in front of either your Ashdown or Quilter and it'd be the cheapest route to authentic Ampeg tones.
  10. Brilliant combos these. I was amazed at how loud and punchy they are. All from a 12" cube. GLWYS
  11. SOLD - Excellent condition Hofner Ignition Beatles Bass with Hofner hardcase. To improve the aesthetics (in my opinion of course) I've removed the scratchplate and replaced the control knobs with teacup style (cost £12) and replaced the truss rod cover with a genuine Hofner blank cover (cost £5). Hofner hardcase cost £79. The true semi acoustic Ignition Series is a great way to try a Hofner violin without spending a fortune on the semi acoustic German models. Scratchplate with fixings, original control knobs and truss rod cover included in the sale. No dings or scratches and strung with new Hofner Contemporary roundwound strings. The bright sunlight combined with my phone camera has made the bass look yellow rather than the lovely violin colour that it actually is. Price is £280 ono by cash/bank transfer collected from Hertford or local(ish) delivery/meet up. Happy to provide further photos upon request. Thanks for looking.
  12. Today I removed the neck of my Reggie Hamilton jazz to adjust the truss rod. I had to remove a relatively new set of SS Dunlop Super Bright as well. Upon restringing the A string is emitting a strange fizz/buzz which sounded like a loose bridge spring, but it wasn't. The A string was also dead. I've had this problem before with new strings but this one was good and zingy minutes before. I loosened the string to allow the ball end to find its untwisted position in the bridge and retuned; still dead. So the outer winding is rattling on the core wire is my conclusion. Next I loosen the string and twist it in the direction of the wind allowing the ball end to spin in the bridge. Once I can feel the string is tight, 3 to 6 twists, I tightened the string without letting the ball spin back. Hey presto, the zing is back. This method seems to remove the slack between the core and the winding that can occur during stringing. It's worth a try if you hear the same on a new set
  13. Your AVRI 62 jazz is as good as Fender J's get. This Spector is as good as non Fender super J's get. You should probably own both.
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