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  1. Okay, so it was a product design issue of which the actual amplifier design was only one aspect. Unfortunately, early adoption of these LEDs for aesthetics purposes only, resulted in this all too obvious fault in an otherwise perfectly satisfactory product. It's also unfortunate that not everyone lives in North America and able to benefit from the free repair service.
  2. Yes, the old marketing blurb isn't in doubt; the point is whether it reflects reality? Regardless, it's a great amplifier that doesn't need potentially exaggerated marketing claims to back it up and the next owner should be delighted. Good luck with your sale.
  3. True, but I'd trust a Service Manual put together by the design team long before anything created by a marketing department.
  4. I'm working on the basis that this particular V6 has KT88 output valves which would sensibly be biased for 35 to 42 watts each. I'm not sure advertising as a 400 watt head is the best policy. Anyhow it's up to any potential buyer to perform due diligence.
  5. I thought the V6 was a 220 watt head? https://usermanual.wiki/Collections/magnet/files/9365 Audio Schematics and Service Manuals/Trace-Elliot V6 Bass Amp Service Manual.pdf.html
  6. You may get more interest if you provide a shipping price.
  7. Agreed, but there are so many good amps around at any one time that a reason to discount one is welcome on occasion.
  8. Other than another 1990s Trace, no there isn't. End of.
  9. Yeah, but if they couldn't make simple LEDs work reliably that doesn't bode well for other aspects in my book. A perfectly good design compromised by a tacky marketing gimmick (IMO of course; YMMV).
  10. The Genz Benz Streamliner blue LEDs intended to light up the front panel window were an example of an aesthetic gimmick that backfired. For some reason many Streamliners developed a fault where the LEDs didn't light up which didn't affect the sound but certainly persuaded me not to buy one.
  11. Agreed. The OP asked for gimmicks that don't really affect the sound that DO work. Compressors, mute switches, tuner outs, etc are quite useful features, not gimmicks. The Trace Elliot UV light is a brilliant gimmick that did work and I dont know of any other manufacturer that has ever copied it. From a 100 yards away on a dark stage, if the amp was glowing green, you knew it was a Trace Elliot.
  12. Jake's voice is so distinctive that I guess it's inevitable he'll be one man's meat and another's poison. I actually like his songs a lot and his voice suits them perfectly for me.
  13. I reckon you could get this tone (or very very close) with a pick, P bass with TI Flats through a Tech 21 VT bass pedal.
  14. Hotcovers made an excellent padded vinyl cover for quite a large Bugera BVV3000I head from my drawing for under £50 delivered. Highly recommended.
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