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  1. Are the scratchplate and bridge included in the sale? If so, which of the two bridges is included; the vintage threaded saddle type or the single groove saddle type? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your research. The book link is very interesting.
  3. Thanks, there's some history on the internet saying they were a decent band that nearly succeeded but now I'd only expect friends and family would remember them. It was the Mike Scott and David Dickie connections that caught my interest further. In my book that puts them a level above the other hundreds possibly thousands of bands from that era that have no history recorded anywhere.
  4. So I've just acquired a mid seventees left handed black tolex Fender Precision case that apparently at one point had been rescued from a skip in North Wales. Whilst giving it a clean the band name The Last Chant has been uncovered on both top and bottom faces. Googled the band and found a few details including their bassist was called Brian Ashcroft. There's also one track on YouTube called Run Of The Dove which is pretty good. I was just wondering whether anyone remembers them or knows if Brian is still playing (and whether he was left handed)?
  5. Michael sold me his Kala Sub bass at the weekend. The deal couldn't have been smoother with everything as described and excellent communications throughout. Spent an hour or so discussing common ground; MM Stingrays, Fender J's, Hartke and Ampeg amps, etc, etc. Lovely guy; trade with confidence.
  6. Not only did Clive sell me three basses for less than the price of one, he was good enough to meet me at half distance as well. First rate communications from another absolutely normal BC'er. Cheers Clive and good luck with everything. Mark
  7. You should probably add £595 to the thread title to avoid people reading all the way down the description before they learn the actual price.
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