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  1. Sparky Mark

    1964 Gibson EB-0 Player w Case 800£

    Fantastic modification; I've never seen another like this. I don't agree entirely with the single knob approach and think the project here would be to use one hole for concentric volume/tone and the other for a five way pick up selector.
  2. Sparky Mark

    Trace Elliot GAS contracted

    An interesting (to me) thing is that the three heads I have mentioned above ( rated at 150, 200 and 250 watts ) all use the same quantity (and type I believe) of output transistors and heatsink. It may be that Trace Elliot were being (too?) honest about the 150 watts into the 8 ohm load of the four ten combo as apparently it delivered 200 (maybe even 250) watts with an 8 ohm extension? Nowadays most manufacturers seem to quote the maximum output of combos with an extension cab so as not to lose the spec comparison filters. I haven't used the Mk5 at volume yet but if it gets anywhere near as loud as the AH200 into a Bergantino HD210 cab then that'll be plenty. I reckon the 200 can output more too. If I can get away without a fan filling the amp with dust and fluff and being audible at practice levels then that's better for me.
  3. Sparky Mark

    Trace Elliot GAS contracted

    So another collection is looming 🙄. This time it's natural convection (no cooling fan) Trace Elliot heads. So far it comprises of a 150 watt Mk5 head extracted from a 1110 combo and a Series 6 AH200. I'm keeping them peeled for an AH250SMX now.
  4. Bergantino has always produced both neo and ceramic magnet speaker loaded cabs. The HDN range seems to be the latest neo evolution (following on from the AE and later CN models) whilst the Reference is the next generation of ceramic (following on from HT and later HD models). Although I am a fan of lighter Markbass cabs ( and do gig/rehearse with two NY121P on occasion) a single HD210 is a much better cab for depth and clarity of tone. I too was happy with my pair of AE112s but they were no match for my HT112ER and EX112ER cabs. If you want Bergantino's best combined with modularity, compactness, vertical stacking and flexibility two Reference 210 would be my choice. The only negative is the heavier weight but a small folding sack barrow deals with that for me if I need to go any distance. If I went to the significant expense of a new pair of Bergs without being able to test properly (no UK dealer?) I would always have a niggling doubt if I didn't go Reference. However if weight really is the deciding factor over everything else then HDN is the way to go.
  5. I prefer Bergantino HD210s over any Bergantino neo cabs that I have tried. They are quite heavy but still dimensionally small enough to be a straightforward load in/out. The Reference 210 replaced the HD210 and is probably the best sounding 210 in Bergantino' range.
  6. Sparky Mark

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    I think you are confusing this amplifier with another. The ABM only has a single valve in the pre-amp with a fully solid state power amp. No power valves.
  7. Sparky Mark

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    In my experience rehearsals can be much louder than we'd get away with at a gig. Depending on which fuse has blown it might have been protecting your speakers or stopping a mains current surge getting into your amp. If the fuse blows again at low/mid volume levels then get it checked out.
  8. Sparky Mark

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    If the ABM works for you don't waste hundreds of pounds cycling through other people's personal favourites. Ashdown will almost certainly be able to fix yours. You will find anything other than an ABM very very different and most likely lacking if the ABM is "your thing". As Lozz says based on your stated preference the only head I know you would like as much, probably more, is the ABM600 EVO IV.
  9. Sparky Mark

    Kramer Forum IV Bass MiJ 80’s £225 ovno

    That's exactly what I meant type bump.
  10. Sparky Mark

    Kramer Forum IV Bass MiJ 80’s £225 ovno

    Great looking bass but I'd definitely wrap the strings the other way around the machine head posts to lessen the strain on the nut. I assume that's why there are extra screws in the nut? The G slot looks like it could break off if given a good pull. GLWYS.
  11. Sparky Mark

    What’s the problem here?

    I used to gig with a LM3 and two Bergantino AE112s and whilst I was happy with the overall sound when I dragged my HT112ER and EX112ER from under the stairs just to check which I wanted to keep the ceramics won out easily. They had a much greater depth to their tone than the AEs. Some might call it he........ There, I stopped myself.
  12. Sparky Mark

    Amp EQ setting advice sought from pick players

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I will give all of the above a go and dust off my MB Compressore as inconsistent attack could be the main culprit in volume fluctuations. It's been very interesting (to me) to read the sometimes polar opposite advice.
  13. Having played fingerstyle for over 40 years I am joining a rock covers band where 90%+ of the set would be better played with a pick. On previous occasions when I have dabbled with picks I have found the volume of the amp seems to leap considerably but simply turning down kind of loses something. My EQ settings for fingers have been pretty much nominally flat on all amps (at least according to the knobs) and I wondered if predominantly pick players could advise how they set theirs please? I'm using Fender Jazz and Precision basses using Dunlop 0.73mm picks (I'm finding 0.88mm and 1mm too inflexible at the moment; perhaps as my technique improves I'll move up). Many thanks for any and all advice.
  14. Sparky Mark

    Hercules stand gone sticky!

    I've got three of the single stands around 4 years ago. On two of them the height adjustment mechanism and the tripod locking knob are made of hard plastic with no stickiness at all. On the other stand these parts have a rubberized finish which does feel higher quality (like the soft touch plastics in some car interiors versus the hard plastics of cheaper ones) and hasn't gone sticky yet. I assume that only a small proportion of the soft touch version were affected by the chemical decomposition and the hard plastic was the solution. I also remember seeing posts about the foam supports on some stands (not sure if Hercules) reacting and damaging the body finish on basses. I believe some plastics and rubber type products leach out their plasticisers so any long term contact with instruments needs to be monitored.