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  1. I've read a couple of threads recently where GP12 SMX owners report noise coming through independent of volume settings. I wonder whether the SMX series is more susceptible to mains hum or other interference than the earlier less featured series?
  2. That's a good deal indeed. I used to have the 12" equivalent rig which could handle almost any indoor gig. I imagine the 500 watts into two fifteens will be even more capable.
  3. Agedhorse is probably the best qualified BCer I'm aware of that may (if he's inclined) be able to advise. He has designed a lot of bass amps including the latest Mesa range and has forgotten more than most ever learn. You could message him but I hope for your sake that your electronics theory is adequate as Agedhorse (Andy) doesn't take prisoners!
  4. I bought a LM2 from Tim and it couldn't have been easier. Speedy shipment and packed superbly to ensure everything arrived undamaged. Excellent and prompt communications throughout. A trustworthy Basschatter indeed, thank you Tim.
  5. I'd prefer any potential buyers to try the bass and be happy before paying. So yes, local only.
  6. How do you manage to post ads without location?
  7. Ah, perfect thank you. Strange that even Tech 21 doesn't show that on its own website. So my version does have speaker sim permanently on.
  8. I've read the user manual several times and it seems to imply that speaker sim is permanently on. Do you have a button specifically marked Speaker Sim?
  9. Is there a newer version of the VT Deluxe? I've only seen the speaker sim button on the VT Bass v2 and the DI versions?
  10. Thanks Tom. Around £1700 new. With its light weight, three band 18 volt preamp and the neodymium humbucker this is the 21st century take on the single pickup Stingray. Andertons have done a great video demonstration of a 4H. https://www.andertons.co.uk/music-man-bongo-h-black-black-pickguard-140012201?lgw_code=16284-140012201&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2oqHj6Tm4wIVSbTtCh2vWQF3EAQYAiABEgJoZ_D_BwE
  11. Jon was kind enough to "lend' me his beautiful Les Paul Bass for past 5 years. He finally agreed to pay the ransom last night and was reunited with her hopefully til death (or GAS attack) do they part. Cheers Jon.
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