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  1. It's genuinely nice to know it's gone to a good home and being fully appreciated. 👍
  2. I should hope so too! The single H is a rarish bird with the pup in the MM sweet spot.
  3. I think the Bongo could well attain iconic status (if it hasn't already) behind the Stingray as Musicman's second most important bass design. Almost all other Musicman basses are closely based on the Stingray and those that aren't don't seem to be particularly successful in the marketplace.
  4. This is a good observation and one that I never noticed myself for some reason? Perhaps because I never sit down at a gig but this photo does clearly show the point on the Bongo's lower profile compared to soft curves of the Ray and Sterling.
  5. I found mine really comfortable to play due to the contouring and light weight. I just couldn't justify keeping a third single pup MM.
  6. I had a polished stainless steel front rack mounted ABM600 and it was monstrously powerful. So much so that it was wasted on the gigs I was playing in the good old days (2019 and before). They're definitely amps that you should dial in using your ears (not literally) as some rather odd looking settings gave me the best sounds. They are also the most flexible heads out there with just about every feature (apart from a tuner and a HPF) you'll need.
  7. Could do with a photo or two of the back. Cheers.
  8. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/can-i-damage-my-cab-by-playing-too-loud-too-low.1491079/ The answer is still yes here as well.
  9. I think you are ignoring the first part of Bill's post that clearly states the thermal rating of cabs is no guarantee that you won't damage a speaker with a lower rated amplifier. Even if the RH750 is only capable of 300 watts RMS output it is still more than capable of killing a 400 watt thermal rating cab even without distortion. Max the volume and the low end eq then try some heavy slaps and pulls and see how that ends. The answer to the thread question is still yes; it even says "too loud too low".
  10. I'm confident that I could destroy any 400W (thermal rating) bass cab with a 300W RMS output bass amplifier with irresponsible EQ settings.
  11. An HPF doesn't make a system idiot proof. Over excursion might still happen at frequencies above the cut off at very high volumes. Just sayin', no offence intended. 😇
  12. I had a Wal exactly like this in the 90s. I paid £275 for it and sold it to a dealer 2 or 3 years later for £550 IIRC. Doh!
  13. I'm saying that replacing rather than cleaning pots on a pre CBS vintage P bass will reduce its value, possibly by several hundreds of pounds. £22 suddenly isn't so expensive.
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