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  1. I find that when playing my Precisions with the tone turned down for a few minutes before gradually increasing it to the sound I prefer I never get it to wide open. I guess the electronics in yours is allowing a lot of top end through. This could be good depending on the rest of your signal chain; brightening up a dull sounding amp for instance. Why not just turn the tone control down until you get rid of the harshness?
  2. These are THE best hardcase for bomb proof protection of your bass. I'd happliy stand on one with my bass inside; there's no other case I'd do that with.
  3. Please add "SOLD" to the thread title so the moderators know it needs closing.
  4. Apart from the lack of a zero fret and the gap below the fretboard over the top, the Ignition violin is a pretty good facsimile of the 1980s violin even as far as using the correct pickup form with one being reversed. 1980s :- Modern Chinese Ignition :-
  5. Me too. I wanted a 4003S and a matte black came up relatively close on eBay so I bought it untried. I was really pleased at how smooth (Teflon-like) it feels without the stickiness some high gloss finishes have with warm hands.
  6. So a thread intended to reduce GAS for a Ricky results in another purchase and eager anticipation of its New Bass Day review. I'd be interested to hear how HJ likes the matte black finish on the neck?
  7. What a great video. Changing the strings and controls at the same time made it impossible to hear which made the biggest difference; I suspect it's the strings. It'd be interesting to do a similar comparison of the Contemporary and Ignition.
  8. I wonder how that affects the sound? Seems like an odd thing to do if the pickups are identical. They are only being used as volume controls aren't they?
  9. Agreed. If there were any German made parts you can be sure they'd be highlighted a lot more than on just a throw away finger print barrier sticker.
  10. Not at all. The Hofner staple pickup whether Chinese or German will be of almost identical design, construction and materials. It's an extremely low tech pickup. I was just giving examples of how some pickups (not the Hofner staple) might be more expensive than others. The material content of almost any pickup is pretty low; the big driver of cost is production quantity and whether it's hand wound in an expensive labour location.
  11. Because there are designs that use different magnet types, wire insulation materials, hand scatter winding, wire gauges and number of windings to give very different characters. I doubt very much that Hofner would bother to vary the basic design of the staple pickup between its Chinese models. It makes more economic sense to benefit from the higher production quantities of combining both the Ignition and HCT staple pickups. Chinese production is all about volume; German is all about master craftmanship; whether German pickups are handwound I don't know but I bet the basic materials and design are the same. These are not technically advanced pickups.
  12. I know Hofner need to differentiate between the Ignition and HCT range, and the woods and finish of the HCT are distinctly superior to the Ignition; that's where the additional cost is. But how different a bit of machine wound copper wire and a magnet can be is doubtful. The Ignition pickups are a German design too. It's not as if they are hi fi pickups; most use flats with them which makes way more difference than a tiny variation in construction elsewhere.
  13. This is the 1980s Hofner that the Ignition violin is based on. Black knobs and switches.
  14. If I were ever in a shop without a price on something I was interested in I would use my phone for a few minutes to investigate the best internet price which would be my starting point of any bartering process. Not fair maybe but no advertised price is the shop's choice.
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