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  1. This was how I received the case; just in need of a good clean I thought. However, it soon became clear that large areas of both front and back had been painted over with black spray paint. Removing the black paint whilst being careful not to damage the tolex allowed the white/silver band name to come through prompting this thread to find out more about or maybe even hear from Brian. It now looks like this:-
  2. Hi Neal, Thank you so much for this and I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm afraid that I have restored the case to as good a condition as I could which involved removing Brian's artwork from both sides. I also made some enquiries about this type of case here : -
  3. Anywhere near the Herts Essex border?
  4. What a bargain!! This head also has a blendable 12ax7 tube/ solid state preamp. Good luck with your sale.
  5. Probably the only sure way is to take the grill of the front of the combo, remove the speaker and see if the impedance is marked on the rear of it.
  6. The SMX 300 watter is forced (fan) cooled.
  7. Noisiest fan I've ever had was in my mid 90s Hartke AH3500. Never bothered me because that's all I was used to (and it's still going strong). Back then gear was big, heavy, noisy (mostly ugly too) and real men played bass; nowadays I'm not so sure. 😁
  8. Fans can add audible noise if they run when you are playing at low practice levels; some are noisier than others and can be intrusive. Dust is also sucked into the amp by fans; I have 35 year old natural convection cooled Trace Elliot heads that are completely clean inside. Unless I was running a natural convection cooled head near to its max output in a warm environment for long periods I wouldn't be concerned.
  9. Sparky Mark

    Amp gain.

    This is how Markbass used to do it. I doubt it's changed.
  10. I have a couple of neo single twelve cabs that are great when "almost as good" is good enough but for those special occasions I'm happy to make the extra effort. This particular TE combo and cab are the smaller 33cm deep versions and even I (nearly 58, 5'9", 11st 7lbs) can move them relatively easily. On the other hand, perhaps we should all quit public performances once we are too frail to move anything other than balsa wood instruments and ultra light gear? 😅
  11. Sparky Mark

    Amp gain.

    I agree but I'm wondering whether one mode of operation could reduce the longevity of the amplifier more than the other?
  12. Sparky Mark

    Amp gain.

    Thanks Andy. Do you think there would any difference in the longevity of a solid state amplifier used with the output control at max and volume set via the gain control verses one where the gain was set just below input clipping and volume set via the output contol?
  13. You can edit the title to show the correct price which I assume is £1000?
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