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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. This what the class D power section looks like. Only needs a single heatsink due to the higher efficiency compared to the class AB.
  3. I'm not concerned about an extra few ounces; the contours make a much bigger difference in forearm playing comfort.
  4. The photo of the front with pickguard removed shows some red but the rest has been bleached by UV exposure. It's not unusual for the main body under the pickguard not to have red.
  5. If you look at the first post in this thread you will see pics of my two violins and why I bought both pickup configurations. I'm sure Club are brilliant basses but they're not an iconic design like the violin in my opinion. They probably sound the same or very similar to violins.
  6. I think you've got your years mixed up. The 61 is the cavern style with neck and middle, 62 has neck and bridge. I've already attempted to describe the tonal differences between the two versions a few posts earlier in this thread. Yes the 62 can produce a thinner more upper mid present sound but doesn't have the middle pickup capable of a really nice tone on its own. It's similar to the difference between jazz and precision tones.
  7. You'd be better to try a T-Cut type polish as sanding could make it more difficult to get back to a gloss finish. The genuine Hofner covers were only £3 each from Thomann.
  8. Both nuts seem okay at the moment; I assumed they were moulded so no opportunity to mis-cut them. I added the tea cup knobs, German truss rod covers, blackened the pup surround fixing screws and removed the cheapo scratchplates which improves their appearance greatly IMO.
  9. They're pretty much as you'd expect. The neck pickup on both is the roundest and the same, the 62 bridge pickup is the thinnest and the 61 centre pickup nice and round but with more definition than the neck. With the 61 I tend to prefer the centre pickup solo, whilst on the 62 I like both pickups full up then the neck pickup backed off a little until the mids come through.
  10. In my old age I'm getting to know some of the iconic basses that have passed me by over the last 45 years. First off was the Rickenbacker 4003 which I have tried a couple of times but never rated until I persevered with the 4003S. Now it's the Hofner 500/1 violin. I love the craftsmanship involved in their manufacture but reluctant to throw £1,500 at one before knowing if we'd ever gel. Following some homework I decided the hollow bodied Ignition was the way to go for me to try the ergonomics and tone. The next question was whether I'd prefer the 61 or 62 pickup positions. The truth is I like both 61 and 62 versions so much for their differences I can see me keeping both.
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