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  1. Who's Who has now started a PM conversation with me and all appears okay now. Perhaps it was something to do with the site improvements.
  2. Who's Who has posted in the Items Wanted forum but the system says he cannot receive messages. Why?
  3. It looks like your sliders have been snapped off rather than just the rubber tips removed as per the original poster's issue.
  4. That's brilliant, thank you Dan. Now I'll be amused when I read the title rather than mildly irritated by what I thought was a typo.
  5. You should really edit the title to read 'valve'. Value it may be but valves are way more interesting.
  6. Unfortunately the proof of lack of interest is that nobody has even bothered to ask that old chestnut, "How much does it weigh?" If it still had frets it would appeal to more players too. GLWYS.
  7. As soon as I read WD40 I thought you must've meant Servisol or similar switch cleaner! As previously stated WD40 doesn't belong near any musical equipment other than possibly on cab castors bearings. It's a Water Dispersant and wont cure any sensitive electronics issues I've heard of. You might be really lucky and it hasn't penetrated anywhere it can cause further harm. If possible I would try and remove as much as possible before it does. If your guitarists are really loud you probably need more speaker anyhow, so use both cabs.
  8. The strap buttons look like Schaller replacements. Are the original strap buttons included please? Cheers.
  9. Which type? There have been a few over the decades. A photo would help.
  10. They should confirm what work they have carried out as I would hope they will give you some kind of warranty for the repair. £200 is a lot of money for what will be a simple repair for a decent tech. This is why I have bought secondhand Markbass heads as backups for not much more so I don't get involved with their dubious customer support. Contrast this with Ashdown Engineering who regularly go above and beyond to repair out of warranty products sometimes free of charge. Although I'm a fan of Markbass heads in particular their customers service is poor in this regard.
  11. That's really fantastic customer service. I just hope they're making enough money to stay in business during these challenging times.
  12. You definitely don't need two AH250SMX heads! 😉
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