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  1. This is something that I really enjoy - cutting cavities with a router. It doesn't take very long to cut the cavity but it can take quite a while to make an accurate template. I remove the bulk of the cavity with a Forstner bit then finish the edges with a router using a template cutter. As the cutter uses a bearing to guide it, any errors or inaccuracies n the template will just get replicated in the final piece. I wouldn't be surprised if I spent an hour making a template for a square cavity that then took less than 5 minutes to route out!! There are a couple of templates for this build; one for the main outline and this one for all the cavities. I drilled a number of holes to just short of the final depth to clear the bulk before star And a few minutes later this is what results The control cavity needs to be deep enough for the switch that will be used to select between coils on the mudbucker. When I make a body, I plan out where the cables are going to go and drill holes for them in advance. Then when you route the cavities (if you measuring was accurate: measure twice, cut once...) the holes will be in the right place making the wiring easy and not risking putting a long drill through the front of a body when trying to do if afterwards (he says from learning the hard way!!) Next task are to radius the fretboard and sort some frets and to sort the binding out on the body.
  2. As it was actually a bit warmer this weekend, I've spent a bit of time in the garage and got on with this build. I have actually done a bit of work since my last post - made a template for the pickup routing, the controls, neck pocket etc., cut the neck pocket, fitted side dots on the neck and a few other things but just hadn't posted it on here! One thing I had spent some time on was fitting some binding. That took quite a long time to do and I just wasn't happy with it so out came the router again and removed it - something you will see in the photos. That will be a task for another day - at least it is something I can do inside when the garage gets too cold!! I had done a bit of shaping of the neck near the headstock but needed to complete the rest of the neck. I also got a set of Wilkinson tuners for the build so I dropped them in place which presented me with the problem that the backplates were a mm too big! I had tried a set of black Schallers prior to ordering the chrome Wilkinson ones and turns out the backplates are different sizes. I'm not going to redrill the holes are different centres so a different set of tuners will be required. I have mounted a set of basic ones for the time being that I might replace later with some better quality ones. I clamped the neck to the edge of my bench and shaped each side using my Shinto rasp and a mini rasp. I like necks to blend into bodies but I'm also trying to be a bit traditional with this build, so I shaped the heel of the neck to make the transition flow a little. This is where the mini rasp comes into its own. The holes for the neck plate and screws were drilled and the neck attached so I could check everything lined up. Next task is the pickup and control cavities.
  3. I’ll always make a template and use a router for neck pockets but that’s just me!! Router template cutters are great but the quality of fit of necks into pockets or pickup cavities etc will only be as accurate as the template. Forster bits are great and leave a tidy edge if you are doing a side mounted socket. For sand paper, I always buy the stuff from Halfords. I’ve just found it works for me a as I’d Halfords is close to home!!! Cheers
  4. This might be worth a look for filter type preamp. facebook.com/Lusithand
  5. Out of interest, what are the plans for controls on this. From earlier posts it was the 3 way SIMS switch and an on/off for each pickup (so six switches total). What about about volume/tone controls - will everything else remain passive? I'm guessing the pickups combinations will provide enough different tones!!
  6. The front pickup is quite close to the fretboard so it's not for slappers. How about the 'Virtuous' bass then?.... I'll get my coat.....
  7. Yeah! Don't you just love predictive text!! Not as bad as the time a while back when I was writing a technical document and describing a 'shut down' sequence. U and I are next to each other on the keyboard and the spell checker didn't pick that typo up.....
  8. I did try a couple of experiments originally with pieces of perspective and fibre optic cable but didn't get the effect I wanted. I couldn't get the focus and brightness I was looking for. I'm going to continue looking at ideas along these lines but for the moment individual LEDs works for me (but they are fiddly!).
  9. Yay! I'm off to slowly build myself a trophy...
  10. Some important little pieces arrived today so I can get on with a bit more this weekend. These are the LEDs for the fretboard that are stopping me rounding the edges of the body. I need the LEDs, soldered and installed before I can fit the fretboard to the neck which I can then trim to fit in the neck pocket so I can then take the thickness off the back of the neck (by using the body as a template) so I can then round the body edges..... If I round the body edges now, I can't use it as a template! I'm not sure how these LEDs will look. I've gone for orange LEDs for a padauk fretboard - not sure how that will look so will try it first but I am thinking of making two necks at the same time in case I don't like one of them!! If they both go well then I'll have a spare neck for another build. Not the biggest things these LEDs 1.25 x 2.00mm....
  11. I'm afraid not. I started this build in 2013 and still haven't finished it. The title is mine!! Scratch Built Bass #4 - now with LED markers..... - Build Diaries - Basschat
  12. Blimey, that's really nice and will look superb next to the satin black body. Have you decided on a pickup yet? I've only ever built one P bass and that had an active Schaller pickup in (which is lovely). I bought a Delano P bass pickup off here for use on a passive bass at some point as I've used a couple of other Delano pickups before and really liked them. I also used a passive Bartolini soapbar for the first time recently and that was superb too!! So many good pickups out there........almost too many choices!!!
  13. That satin black is really classy. Really like that.
  14. Not everything goes smoothly..... I hadn't drilled the hole for the battery to control deep enough to fully reach the cavity but I was lucky in that it was only 3mm short which I could drill from the cavity end!! Anything more than that and I would have been drilling more holes to route the battery wires through the pickup cavity. It also makes life easier having a bolt on neck as that allows for some adjustment if needed but if it went completely pear shaped, you can just build a new neck. I'm trying a set neck on the 4 string I'm building at the moment as that wouldn't be too big a loss if it all went wrong.
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