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North West Bass Bash

This Sunday!

Details here!

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  1. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    I will try to remember to take photos when I do it!! What I don't want is a bit of card or similar just sitting in the neck pocket as a shim - that doesn't feel properly finished to me. I'll use a piece or two of veneer to work out how much of an angle I need to introduce. Then I'll glue a couple of pieces of veneer together to get the same thickness. The veneer pieces are bigger than the neck pocket and are sanded into a wedge, cut it to the size of the neck pocket then glued it in place. I'll use the a veneer made from the body wood so the shim matches (even though it won't be seen!). I need to start looking at introducing a slight angle in the neck pocket when I route it - I'll try that on the next build!
  2. Wenge is very nice if you find it flat sawn. This is another one of my basses (which has been an on going project for a long time as I cant decide what finish to use!!) with a wenge top on rippled sycamore. This piece of wenge was once a floor board......
  3. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    Cheers Andy. Just got to get it finished and set-up!!
  4. Rippled ash is lovely! This is one of my basses with a two piece rippled ash body. Lucky with this piece as it was two colours which gives the light central part.
  5. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    Cheers for all the comments. Progress on this has been slow recently - between work and the garage being so cold getting some of the remaining jobs done is taking a while!! I have managed to get a few things done though. I've put the bass together to make sure everything fits, the neck angle is correct etc. Needs a little shim but otherwise went together nicely. Couldn't resist trying it and very pleased with how it plays and sounds. Shame I have to take it to pieces again to finish the frets and build a shim but nearly there!!! Not the best photos, but here's how its looks: Still deciding on a string retainer: And with its sister fretless bass (which also need finishing off - preamp needs fitting) Right, I'm off to take it to bits and finish those frets!! Must get this finished for the SW Bass Bash!! Cheers Jez
  6. Jaydee Celeste

    Great photo for this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaydee-Celeste-5-String-Bass-Guitar/292480763320?hash=item44193645b8:g:ZBUAAOSwHG9aprWk
  7. Trouser flapper - apply within

    You could buy them all and build a 4 x 21 cab rated at 6000w....
  8. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-bass-amplifiers/phil-jones-bass-double-four-bass-amplifier-/1289234830 And they've got some other nice things
  9. Bulldog face spalted timber

    Angry Birds?
  10. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    Damn snow!! Kids off school so chances of getting everything I wanted to get done on this today is looking slim. Damn snow!!
  11. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    Cheers Andy. I'm quite pleased with it - does the job and is quite tidy ( even though it won't be seen!). Yep, just self adhesive sheet. You can get this stuff off eBay and it comes in normal and thick sheets; I prefer the thicker stuff as I find it nicer to work with. Cheers
  12. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    Cheers for all the comments. Progress on this has been slow recently - between work and the garage being so cold getting some of the remaining jobs done is taking a while!! The fretboard had been radiused and the frets have been installed. I filled the gaps at the end of the fret slots with the sanding dust from the fretboard and some epoxy and I've started dressing the fret ends but this isn't finished yet. I've also shielded the control cavity and soldered the pots and jack; the pickup is yet to be installed. I made battery holder for the cavity and fitted this with a couple of screws - I'm quite pleased how this has turned out. I've also fitted the string anchors which was one of the last fiddly jobs. Hopefully I'll get to do some more work on it next Friday - I'd like to get it assembled and check the neck angles etc. before I complete the finish. Cheers Jez
  13. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    I'll be being a TC RS112 if there is a 1 x 12 shootout.
  14. Pit Bull Precision

    Hi Andy. Yep, quite bold finishes on those two pictures. Just posted them as examples that don't have mirror finishes but still look great. The ash body I have had is just treated with three costs of oil - nice an easy! I was just lucky how the two halves lined up! Cheers
  15. Cab protection strips