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  1. Cheers!! Nope, not one of mine. Got to love spalted wood though!
  2. @The CrusherHi Matt - apologies - I completely missed this reply. I got a 27"/29" slotting template from G&W (I think - I'll check and repost if it anything different). These slotting templates work with my Stew Mac slotting jig just fine. You might even get close using a standard bass template and skipping the first 7" worth of frets if that makes sense. Cheers Jez
  3. @Andyjr1515 @BassToolI bought some decals from these guys and you guys were right - very pleased with them. This bass was finished a few weeks ago -here's the final photos. Time to finish the next project!!
  4. A very big thank you to Mike and everyone that helped put this event on - your effort is genuinely appreciated. It was so nice to get together with everyone again and catch up. It's not just about basses as over lunch we: We cured old age pains that make you go arrrggghh when you sit down or get up (just requires rhubarb crumble) We shared a recipe for the perfect salad dressing# Ate some very nice food. Went back for more. And went back for more again..... For anyone that hasn't been to this before, put it in your diary for next year. It is such a friendly event in a beautiful setting. I'm looking forward to the next one already!!
  5. Hi Rich, Cheers for this - will have fun trying it out! If you have any documents for it that would be great. Thanks again
  6. Personally, if Mrs Turgh's PCR is negative and your lateral flow is negative I'd be comfortable. Appreciate everyone has a different level of risk that they are comfortable with. I generally do a couple of lateral flows a week and will do one before this event. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  7. Sorry you can’t make it. Look forward to catching up another time. Cheers Jez
  8. @jebroadExcellent and thanks again for arranging the bash!
  9. Make sure you buy the wood in 8’ lengths. That way when you’ve finished making the table you’ll stand back and say ‘Well would you look at that? I have two pieces of wood left , each the size of a blank for a bass body….’
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