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  1. Here's one by Le Fay using an angle grinder - you get the idea of how much dust!! https://binged.it/2LCnfPER
  2. Lucky that!! Just order stuff and get it delivered to a mate..... I do like the look of the Status necked P.
  3. Lovely build. Really like the binding. Be interested to see what you make of the pickup - I got given a L R Baggs Anthem SL that is sitting in my parts drawer waiting...
  4. I presume this will be finished for us to try at the Midlands Bass Bash next year......
  5. Out of interest, I just tried some nail varnish remover which seemed to remove the sticky stuff. I also removed the broken mechanism and replaced it with an allen head bolt (there was already a tapped hole) - works a treat! So ended up with a working, non adjustable stand, better than binning it.
  6. No offence taken, but for info these look rough due to the plastic turning sticky and anything they have been in contact sticking to them! Apart from half a dozen car journeys, they have been stored away from anything else. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect them to last forever - I was purely raising this as I have never checked the mechanism as such and I guess that there are other people that would be the same. I still have a Hercules stand, a rack type, which is great.
  7. I probably should add that these stands are about 5 years old so the design/materials may have changed on this mechanism on newer ones (the current stands on their website do look slightly different). I only posted this in case anyone else's stands start going the same way and they haven't noticed. Cheers
  8. I've got a couple of Hercules stands and really liked them until various plastic parts turned sticky (there is another thread on here about that). However, this morning I got the two stands out of the garage and one fell to bits when I picked it up!! The height adjustment mechanism just fell to bits - the plastic on the stand just failed. I checked the other stands and that is starting to fail too. Both stands have only seen little use. I have e-mailed Hercules regarding this. Glad mine didn't have a bass in it at the time but might be worth checking your stands to ensure they are still okay. Cheers
  9. Workshopheaven.com? Haven’t heard of that until now. I feel many hours of browsing and dreaming coming on.....
  10. I think it is - I bought both tops from the same supplier at the same time.
  11. Aaaaaaaggghhhh!! I'm in the process of decluttering to move house and this appears....must resist.....
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