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  1. I've got a 12" Eminence speaker if anyone can make use of it. The part number is missing but a guy at Eminence identified it for me. Before you get too excited it isn't designed for bass but for our twiddly, high pitched, look-at-me guitar hero cousins.......😉 Joking apart, it looks like a decent speaker and I've got the basic specification details for it. It s a 4ohm speak and has a pmax of 150w according to Eminence who advised these were fitted to Marshall MG series guitar combos. I was thinking of having a go at making a cab but I have too many other projects on the go and need to clear some space. I don't really want to post it at this time as I don't have anything to pack it in or the time to sort it for posting. It can be collected from Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire Cheers
  2. I've got a Korg D4 Multitrack Recorder for sale that I bought new some years ago with the idea of trying to record a few things but just never found the time! It is in excellent condition and comes with the original memory card and another 256MB card. It's in the original box with power supply and manual. £75 plus postage Cheers
  3. I knew I’d come to the right place for sympathy!!
  4. Struggling now - need to take this to pieces to finish it off but having too much fun playing it!!
  5. I've completed the wiring - this is passive with volume and tone, a series-single-parallel switch and a off-dim-bright switch for the side dots on the fretboard. It's not quite finished yet - I still have to dress the frets and spray a final coat of lacquer on the neck but I wanted to assemble everything to make sure the string height etc would be okay and no more sanding was required. Couldn't resist putting a set pf strings on and giving it a go - I'm really liking the Bart pickup from my first impressions. So here's the headed mini basses:
  6. Same here. It’s a great event and the work put in to host it is really appreciated.
  7. I heard the rule of thumb forgot drying was 1 year per inch thickness. @Si600have a look at the film 'Felled' that is on Amazon - you'll probably enjoy it!!
  8. If Frank doesn't want his pudding, can I have it please?.. Seriously though, quite understand your position and it's a shame you won't be able to make it. Stay safe and see you sometime in the near future. Cheers
  9. Oh, and the build is looking lovely by the way!! Interesting instrument - this will definitely need some sound files when it is done. Cheers!
  10. Er, sorry Andy..........I've been buying all my Gotoh tuners, fret slot files and a few other bits from them for a while and I've found them to be absolutely first class. Bad me for not mentioning it.
  11. I'm also quite looking forward to trying this bass as I have never played a bass with Bartolini pickups - most things I've done have used different types of active EMGs. I'm really curious as to how this bass will sound being passive and having a coil split switch. Just need to get it finished!!!
  12. Frets are in and ready to fill the slot ends and dress the frets. I'm also going to get the electric bits sorted - they shouldn't be too bad as there is no preamp on this build. I've tried the LEDs and will connect them to a switch for off/dim/bright positions - I'm pleased with how white LEDs look on this. So this is where I'm at currently. Both of these basses came from the same relatively small slab of beech - there wasn't much waste from this slab at all which is quite pleasing. If I had made a bass with a normal shape/size I would have only got one bass from it. I'm on the look out for another slab of spalted beech for future projects.....
  13. Really nice looking choice of woods for this and unique design. Looks like this build is going along very nicely too. Be an interesting bass to see at one of the bass bashes in the future. Cheers
  14. I got a couple of sets of custom strings in the post yesterday as promised so all would seem well. I’ve really liked my previous ones so I bought some more!!
  15. Cheers - I might just give that a go. It might actually be easier and cleaner than what I'm currently doing. Always good to try new things and learn different methods to achieve the same intended result.
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