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  1. I first had a go at building a bass about 9 years ago. Was only planning on building one bass and it came about from a block of wood I was given. 9 years later I'm still building them for fun! I reckon a good start is to get some cheap wood and practice (I've used old doors and shelves in the past for practice). To start with I had the smallest, cheapest bandsaw (eBay £20) and a basic Black and Decker router (hadn't used one before). I had a cordless drill but that was about it. I came up with some designs on paper and start to think about 'how'. Do I need templates, which tools are needed for the jobs, which order do I do them in etc. I spent a fair bit of time on here too looking at what others had done!! I'd recommend this book too as a really good reference: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Guitar-Bass-Design-complete/dp/3000296425/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=leonardo+guitar&qid=1590701426&sr=8-1 All the best
  2. You can get truss rods in loads of different lengths - probably in 20mm increments from probably about 300mm upwards. What is the length of the truss rod you have and what is the length of the channel from where the retainer was on the old one to the start of the access slot in the headstock?
  3. If I were doing it, I would get another shorter truss rod. Anything done with that one will be a compromise - I don't see how one end could protrude into the pickup cavity and the other end would be too far down the adjustment slot.
  4. Cheers Mick. I'm not thinking of doing anything in terms of adding colour to the body - I've not tried a sunburst yet but I'll save that for another time. Looking like sticking with the plan of a plain maple and ebony neck.
  5. I've got some flamed maple veneer which my dad gave me years ago that might look quite nice: The other option I'm thinking is to use some ash veneer: ] Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. I drilled a couple of holes for wiring options then glued the body together and applied by usual five clamps: I'm thinking something like this which will be 30" scale. I am toying with the idea of using some veneer on the top and on the headstock but undecided at the moment.
  7. I am planning on using plain maple for the neck and an ebony fretboard but the last photo has the necks I'm making next to the spalted beech body so I thought it might be good to look at what goes together as I keep eyeing up the padauk one,, I suppose this is the process we all go through to decide what looks good together. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but somethings go better together than others!! Here's a bunch of pictures of some different woods I had to hand just to give an idea. Stuff that looks nice (to me): Spalted beech / maple / ebony (my plan) Spalted beech / padauk / ebony Spalted beech / birds eye maple / ebony Spalted beech / maple / marble wood Spalted beech / maple / wenge Spalted beech / maple / ovangkol Other combinations of woods: Spalted beech / maple / flamed maple (fretboard just looks wrong to me) Swamp ash / purple heart poplar burr / Sapele? unknown hardwood (from Frank Blank) / flamed maple / birdseye maple / ebony / maple Frank's wood / ovangkol / pafdauk / purpleheart / maple As an example, to me the burr, flamed maple and swamp ash in this picture just shouldn't be next to each other (too much going on): I like the flamed maple next to the Sapele but not next to the spalted beech
  8. I started detailing the new build in the other thread - this is what I'd written previously: Nice to have a day off today. Been working on another 27" bass in spalted beech again. Had a piece left from the previous bass so marked it up for cutting - odd shape but sufficient for his build. First, I placed the templates on to work out which was would avoid any of the knots or faults in the wood and look the best when done (always a bit of a guess with spalted beech when you are going to carve some of it as it changes pattern throughout it's thickness) Then marked the line to cut: and ended up with this which lines up quite nicely across the join: I've also been practicing making scarf joints and have a nice selection of blanks for a neck: I've got another body glued up made from ash which may also get turned into one of these.
  9. Probably because she knows I'm all 'Bah-humbug'.... And this was my previous attempt at a Christmas tree...
  10. This will be a little less detailed build diary as it is very similar to my previous build. I'm really enjoying playing the other bass so I'm making another 27" headed fretted mini bass with a spalted beech body, maple neck and ebony fretboard. This one will differ as I will use a different type of pickup and will fit LED side dots. I was trying to decide which colour LEDs (red, white or blue) but was told quite clear by Mrs_the_gut that they must be white. So that bit of the specification is fixed!! there will be a couple of other little differences but I'll detail them when it gets to the appropriate stage in the build.
  11. This is going to be a slow build - I'll only be doing work on it in between DIy and other builds. So a few years back at the SW Bass Bash @Rich gave me a piece of hardwood from an old window that looked like it might be useful to make a neck from. Last year at another bass bash @Frank Blank gave me a couple of pieces of hardwood that 'might be useful' to me. The pieces weren't quite big enough to make a standard body from so I put them to one side. I saw a picture of a Telecaster bass using what looked like a Telecaster guitar. which I thought looked interesting. I checked the dimensions and still the larger piece of hardwood Frank gave me was still just a little narrow. After a quick scrat through the offcuts I had, I found a piece long enough to make up the difference and end up with a body bank of a suitable size. My initial plan for this is for the bass to be passive using a Retrovibe Mudbucker pickup with coil tapping, hardware I already have (generic elephant ear tuners, Wilkinson bridge, Telecaster scratchplate, Telecaster control plate) and for it to be 30" scale (as that seems to suit the shorter body size). There's a good chance something will change along the way but this is something a bit different for me! So first up, I cut the man piece in half and tried the offcut to make up the centre section. I thicknessed all three pieces to 45mm then flipped the two halves to get the grain running in opposite directions. The centre section was tried with the grain running quarter sawn in between the two wings. This ended up with a block big enough for a Telecaster body. The offcut for the centre section has turned out being very similar to the wings which is a bonus. I've dried clamped this to make sure it all lines up. I've also thicknessed the neck wood. This has highlighted a couple of small faults in the wood but nothing that can't be worked around. Next task for this will be to glue the blank up and to make templates for the body and neck but this may have to wait for a little while as I have another mini bass build in progress.
  12. Just for reference, the basses I've built so far have been between about 37 and 42mm. As you say, main reason is to ensure there is enough to bolt the neck on. I am building something at the moment that is 45mm thick but that is the thickest body I have ever done - generally 40mm is my aim as it seems to suit my builds. It's also worth considering the thickness from a playing and aesthetic point of view depending how thick the neck is or how high you want the fretboard over the body. Weight of a bass hasn't really bothered me but I don't gig two hour sets!! I seem to remember @Andyjr1515 making one bass that was really thin bodied - around 25mm if I remember right!! The body you are making is looking really nice - I'm looking forward to seeing this one completed. That is lovely grain on that timber you have chosen for this and I think it will look superb when finished. What's your plan - to make it thinner then check the weight and if it is still above your target then to do the chambering or will you chamber it anyway? Cheers
  13. You could put mealworms in it too.....
  14. Also in Staffordshire is https://www.woodwiseuk.co.uk/home/
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