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  1. Jabba_the_gut

    A build for our own Len_derby

    You’re right. Just had a look - they’re not cheap!!!
  2. Hi, Completely forgot about that ad!! I’m actually using it on one of those short scale things so I’m hanging onto it - sorry. These bridges are okay but not as good as the Hohner ones (but they are a quarter of the price). I’ve actually filed and re-tapped holes on this to improve it. What are you looking at building as a headless? Cheers
  3. Jabba_the_gut

    Semi Hollow Bass

    It does look like that, doesn't it?!!
  4. Jabba_the_gut

    Semi Hollow Bass

    Had a chance to do a bit more routing!! After my previous router failing, today routing decided to have a go at me by disintegrating a bearing on the template cutter I was using. Luckily I was cutting the hollowed out section of this bass so no real damage done but it did take a thin strip off the template before I noticed. First job was to repair the template - relatively easy, just needed some veneer supergluing on and trimming back to the original line. The remains of a template bearing - all the ball bearings disappeared along with the other retainer!! I found a new bearing the same diameter so carried on. I've also cut the scroll hole on the top. Time to start gluing this together and routing the chambers on the other body.
  5. Jabba_the_gut

    Semi Hollow Bass

    Hi Tomas. Cheers for the comments. Unfortunately, I don't have any sound samples despite having the opportunity to get some. I took this bass to the SW Bass Bash where it suited someone who tried it and wanted to by it. I did hold onto it for long enough though to take it to the Midlands Bass Bash where Lee-Man played it and I wish I had recorded it as he made it sound so nice!! When I complete these I won't make the same mistake again and will get sound samples made!!
  6. Jabba_the_gut

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    I've trimmed this down now and fitted the threaded inserts. The repair isn't a perfect alignment but it is near enough as it is in a place where it won't be seen.
  7. Jabba_the_gut

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    Marvellous!! Bargain buy.
  8. Jabba_the_gut

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    I'm still chuckling at your 'contribution' to the Basschat podcast.....
  9. Jabba_the_gut

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    This is the damage to the other neck where the router snatched at it: It won't be seen but I'll have a go at fixing it anyway. I cleaned the sides with a chisel and cut a small piece of the neck offcut and shaped it to suit. It looks okay but not perfect. I'll tidy that up then fit the threaded inserts.
  10. Jabba_the_gut

    Paulownia Papered P Bass

    I'll be interested in how you do this - I was considering it for the finish on one of the headless short things I'm building using the decoupage paper you get from Hobbycraft (though a single sheet wasn't big enough for a normal guitar body): Look forward to see how you do this. Cheers
  11. Jabba_the_gut

    LED fretboard markers

    I've made some LEDs looms for my own build basses - I quite like them but they are a pain to make and fit. I've used individual surface mount LEDs which are 0.8mm x 1.6mm and are therefore a pain to solder normally. Here's how green LEDs look on a finished bass: And this is a neck with white LEDs I've built for a project (and am still building....) I've built 4 necks (and have another fretboard with them installed for yet another project) so far with LEDs but haven't tried flashing, multicoloured ones....that is a step too far for me!!
  12. Jabba_the_gut

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    The Hohner page is up again. Have a look at this - they have the saddle part you're looking for. http://www.hohner-cshop.de/en/Guitar/Headless-Bass-Series/Basses-Bass-Headless-BB/Hohner-B2AV-Headless/
  13. Jabba_the_gut

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    That's wrong, just wrong.....!!
  14. Jabba_the_gut

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    Hi Mike, Glad you're liking the fretless! I'd quite like to do a 30" version of this headless thing in the future . Preferably I'd like to use double ball and strings as they are a lot less faff than a clamp. Will have to look to see if anyone makes such strings first. All the best Jez
  15. Jabba_the_gut

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    I did, however, forget to fit the fret dots before I radiused the fretboard which will make it a bit trickier to get them nicely aligned. Doh!! Just being a bit over-eager in getting the neck shaping done.....