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  1. 1987 MIJ Squier Precision - £100 BIN

    This is pretty close to me but I know nothing much about Squiers! Ive looked at a few pictures on the web - is the truss rod adjustment on the heel on Japanese Squiers? Is this bass worth a punt??
  2. Headless 4 String

    Yep, this is a Moses neck I bought from Kiwi a while back.
  3. Where to buy wood?

    There is a proper timber supplier near Tamworth that has loads of hardwoods and sells it in small quantities that would be suitable. Think it was Sykes timbers.
  4. Where to buy wood?

    Now you tell me...
  5. Where to buy wood?

    I've used some Sapele for the bodies on the last couple of basses that I've made. Bought it from a local DIY store and it's absolutely fine. You have to be a bit careful to know it's suitably dry - I'm just lucky with the place near me. They also thickness the stuff for me which is a bonus. Was less than £30 for a body. Whereabouts are you located? Is this for you planned headless build? The usual suppliers are David Dyke, Tonetech and Exotic Hardwoods. You will get more character woods from these if you want but they will also have stuff that can be painted. And there's always eBay. Or the local tip for old furniture....
  6. Headless 4 String

    I've started knocking a few idea around for a 4 string headless. I've got a an old Hohner B2A that I bought many moons ago when I was just a lad. It fell out the back of the guitarists Mini about 25 years ago and the body split, so I cut the sides off and glued on some 'wings'. It's a bloody mess but I've always quite liked headless basses!! So when some headless necks were for sale on here a while ago, I bought one and put it to one side for a project and now I'm looking at what to do with it. The neck is really nice - just something about it feels 'right'. The tricky bit will be cutting the neck pocket for this as all three side of the heel taper from top to bottom (presume this was to aid removal from the mould) so this will need some thought. I will try to make some form of jig so I can use a router but it may end up having to be done very carefully with a chisel...but that's a long way off at the moment. I've roughed out a shape and am thinking of using a pair of EMG pickups (a P and an MM) and a two band preamp. I've made a bass with an EMG MM and 2 band preamp before and really liked the sound of it. I've got one of the 'TW' versions for this so I can split the coil and so should be able to get P, P+J, P+MM and MM options from this setup. This is my starting point but certainly not set in stone: I have made a couple of basses recently with spalted beech tops so I will probably find something else just for a change!!
  7. Lamp anyone?

  8. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!!

    I'll definitely be there. Last year was really good - a great bunch of people and a really enjoyable day. All the best
  9. Semi Hollow Bass

    Cheers for the positive comments on this one. I have tried it even though the setup needs sorting and I'm really pleased how it sounds so far. I've also weighed it and it comes in at 6lb / 2.75kg so it is quite light - I weighed a solid body bass I built and that came in at 10lb for comparison. It needs the battery and preamp but that won't add much to the weight. Cheers Jez
  10. Semi Hollow Bass

    Hi Honza, I've used Ozmo again on this one both on the body and neck. It's had 3 or 4 coats so far - one more should finish it nicely. Cheers
  11. Semi Hollow Bass

    Getting close to finishing but lots of little jobs to do:[list] [*]Fit pre-amp [*]Make a couple of decent knobs [*]Set-up (adjust nut, bridge, intonation etc.) [*]Fit string tree / bar [*]Fit strap buttons [*]Dismantle and complete the finish [*]Wait...... [*]Put back together [/list] Once this is done I'll get some decent photos put up on here.
  12. Semi Hollow Bass

    So then it has been on with the finish, wait, sand a little and repeat several times! The final holes have been drilled for the neck and string retainers (just enlarging / changing depths) so I can put the bass together to ensure everything is right before getting on with the final finish.
  13. Semi Hollow Bass

    As the rest of the bass is a bit more rounded I decided to round the headstock - not tried this before but pleased with how it turned out. It's very tactile - I'll do this again on the next build. I also needed to measure the approximate position for the bridge so I could drill a hole in the body for the cable. This would still give me a few mm play to get the intonation right before fixing the bridge permanently. I put a single string on just to see what it was like - got a nice acoustic edge to the sound as hoped.
  14. Semi Hollow Bass

    I've been doing some more work on this so here's an update. The neck has now been shaped. This was done using a rasp and a small sanding drum. I've tried to blend the neck joint to make it look like it flows a bit more than usual bolt on joints. And this is the joint complete with a coat of oil. The ripple has come out in the neck quite nicely too
  15. Nope. Wrong. A nice grey-ish one would be much nicer. Great basses though - I have a red one with a tort guard instead of the checker plays and that looks nice!