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  1. Jabba_the_gut

    Gretsch Mod

    I quite the look of the Hipshot Supertone bridge, though it isn't a drop in replacement. https://reverb.com/item/835227-hipshot-supertone-4-string-bass-bridge-gibson-2-point-black-5g410b I also think that something like this would look good, but again not a drop in replacement. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quality-open-wired-archtop-jazz-bass-guitar-tailpiece-bridge-in-Chrome-SM402/370912850646?hash=item565c20f2d6:g:sPgAAOSw7PBTn-Nn:rk:42:pf:0 So, not a helpful reply in summary!!!
  2. Jabba_the_gut

    Prison worthy "upgrades"

    Who does that? Why? Why? Why?
  3. Jabba_the_gut

    5 Minutes Spare so looking at a new build....

    Cheers for the comments - lots of ideas! I'm going to look at the scratchplate a bit further. I've got another couple of tops and some swamp ash due this week which I'm looking forward to receiving.
  4. Jabba_the_gut

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    Yep, same here. Even had them warp when I've been laminating thin pieces with a veneer. Trial and error I've found!! I think black plastic can look good but needs to be good quality plastic if that doesn't sound strange...
  5. For info, here's a picture of the smaller bridge with a normal tune-o-matic type bass bridge to give an idea of the size:
  6. As @Andyjr1515 said - do you have a photo you could share. You can get a tune-o-matic style 4 string bridge with a 15mm spacing - this is one I bought a while back (though I can't remember where from unfortunately): The saddle would need filing to suit the strings but the spacing should be near enough.
  7. Jabba_the_gut

    Gretsch Mod

    What is it you don't like about the bridge? What are you thinking of replacing it with?
  8. Jabba_the_gut

    5 Minutes Spare so looking at a new build....

    I know what you mean about the 'f' hole! I suppose part of my question was also around using something other that a plain wood/colour top with a scratch plate - it almost seems a shame to cover the wood but I quite liked the contrast. As you say, might try a mock up when this is progressed further!! Cheers
  9. Jabba_the_gut

    32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    Cheers @sblueplanet. I did a build diary for that one that has a load of pictures in.
  10. I've still got some work to do to finish off a couple of build from last year but need to clear the garage of all the junk from having my kitchen done. In the meantime, I started mocking up a few bits for a new build. Got a few ideas but nothing concrete yet; 4 or 5 string, hollow or solid, 1 pickup or 2. Got some more wood on order but in the meantime... I also put a scratchplate on top of a body I'm currently building and quite liked the look of it. It obviously doesn't fit but I like the contrast between the white plate and the spalted beech. Anyone else got any thoughts to the look of this?
  11. Jabba_the_gut

    32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    Here's a few of my basses - all 31.5" scale but near enough I think!!
  12. Jabba_the_gut


    Nice timbers and looks very well made but is bloody ugly to my eye!! Each to their own though.
  13. Jabba_the_gut

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    And best wishes to all the Scrumpies - looking forward to the food/bash!!!
  14. Jabba_the_gut

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    Here's a bit of routing on one of my basses for a pair of jazz pickups and a Warwick 2 piece bridge done using an oversized template and a guide bush. And a piccie of a couple of my basses with MM pickups using the same method for routing.
  15. Jabba_the_gut

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    Always different ways to do things - I always make templates for routing pickups. I'll either make the temp!ate the right size if using a template cutter type router bit or make it oversize if using a normal cutter with a guide bush. I usually cut the rectangular part first then the cut outs for the lugs. So, completely the opposite way to Marco!!