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  1. Check their other listings - most of them have a decimal point issue!!!
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265476193777?hash=item3dcf9d3df1:g:UmsAAOSw6R5g~pYw https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265476194101?hash=item3dcf9d3f35:g:BeAAAOSwx49hUEeW
  3. Very interesting! I've been looking at a Lusithand double NFP and Rautia pickup combination for a project too. I really liked the video of the Spector bass which is what started me thinking..... Got a couple of other things to finish first then we'll see. In the meantime, I'll be following this with great interest. Cheers
  4. I’ve had exactly the same thoughts with short scale basses in order to have a greater string choice!! I was thinking of this with the very short scale basses I’ve made (27”) in order to use standard short scale strings. I didn’t find an off the shelf bridge that suited what I wanted so the idea went on hold as I don’t have time to make a custom bridge at present. Be interested to see where this goes! Cheers!
  5. The rule of thumb I read once was a year per inch thickness. That, said most stuff I have bought has been seasoned for more like five years. Spalted beech can be used for a solid body but that depends on each piece- some of it can be a bit soft so you just need to give it a good check! Press it with your thumb nail and see if it dents easily. Cheers
  6. I can't even remember where these came from but they have been sitting in a drawer for quite a few years. Anyone got any idea what they are or what they are from? Cheers
  7. I haven’t used oil that many times. I tried Tru oil once and I didn’t particularly like it. I should really try it again based on other folks results!! I have used Osmo oils before a few times and as Andy says, very easy to use and nice finish. Only thing I found was one type of Osmo I tried out was not waterproof so a sweaty arm was enough to affect the finish! The other type was great. Be interested to see how you get on! Cheers
  8. +1 for Newtone. I’ve had custom strings made for my 27” basses and I’m really pleased with them.
  9. Absolutely beautiful choice of timbers and stunning work.
  10. I had one of these back in the mid to late 80's - bought it after selling a Kay P bass that weighed a ton. I have good memories of it - the only issue if I remember right was with the bridge. The ball end of the string is retained through a keyhole slot in the bottom of the bridge plate. The problem with mine was that the ball ends didn't fit through the saddles so changing strings was a real pain. I suspect that is the reason this one might have been converted to through body stringing!!
  11. Cheers!! Nope, not one of mine. Got to love spalted wood though!
  12. @The CrusherHi Matt - apologies - I completely missed this reply. I got a 27"/29" slotting template from G&W (I think - I'll check and repost if it anything different). These slotting templates work with my Stew Mac slotting jig just fine. You might even get close using a standard bass template and skipping the first 7" worth of frets if that makes sense. Cheers Jez
  13. @Andyjr1515 @BassToolI bought some decals from these guys and you guys were right - very pleased with them. This bass was finished a few weeks ago -here's the final photos. Time to finish the next project!!
  14. A very big thank you to Mike and everyone that helped put this event on - your effort is genuinely appreciated. It was so nice to get together with everyone again and catch up. It's not just about basses as over lunch we: We cured old age pains that make you go arrrggghh when you sit down or get up (just requires rhubarb crumble) We shared a recipe for the perfect salad dressing# Ate some very nice food. Went back for more. And went back for more again..... For anyone that hasn't been to this before, put it in your diary for next year. It is such a friendly event in a beautiful setting. I'm looking forward to the next one already!!
  15. Hi Rich, Cheers for this - will have fun trying it out! If you have any documents for it that would be great. Thanks again
  16. Personally, if Mrs Turgh's PCR is negative and your lateral flow is negative I'd be comfortable. Appreciate everyone has a different level of risk that they are comfortable with. I generally do a couple of lateral flows a week and will do one before this event. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  17. Sorry you can’t make it. Look forward to catching up another time. Cheers Jez
  18. @jebroadExcellent and thanks again for arranging the bash!
  19. Make sure you buy the wood in 8’ lengths. That way when you’ve finished making the table you’ll stand back and say ‘Well would you look at that? I have two pieces of wood left , each the size of a blank for a bass body….’
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