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  1. Hi all, Here is my Scarlett 2i2 for sale, great little interface in mint condition with box and USB lead. Selling as I upgraded to one with 4 inputs. Price includes postage.
  2. Thanks mate, it's me age guv, I'm seriously attracted to the blue one... Hey Paul, long see no time, you ok fella?
  3. I'm confused, why 2 basses? Which one is for sale?
  4. If you have a spare maple board I'd have it. good fortune farts in my face again.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Hi, does anyone own a soundcraft Notepad 12 channel mixer? I'm new to this and just bought one to use for guitar and vocals on zoom using a Mac. I've plugged a Mic and 12 string guitar into it and can't get any sound from it at all. Do I need an amp? I have been using a Scarlett 2i2 and it was fine through the mac system. Using this because we want effects. What am I doing wrong>? Thanks for any help. Tom.
  7. I keep wondering if I should buy another one, regret selling it now. GLWTS Lozz.
  8. I have just had the pleasure of a deal with Dunc, I bought his very excellent Mac Pro Laptop, it arrived safely and is in faultless condition as described. Friendly emails and a great guy to deal with. Gentleman, scholar and acrobat . credit to basschat. Deal with confidence. Thanks. Tom.
  9. That is a bargain, I recently sold my pink Paisley for a lot more than that. Someone should snap this up! GLWTS
  10. I bought Warman pickups for my strat for 30 shimblats and they are very good.
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