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  1. Thanks Chilli, I'm finally getting to where you are as I was a usa P bass man but my current stingray as you say does it all. It only weighs 8.3 lbs and it's perfect. I'll check the special out. Cheers. Tom.
  2. 260 quid for a set of nut files?
  3. @triplebass I think they paint it pink and then somehow lacquer the paisley transfer on? I may be wrong, I was wrong once in 1947.... Fender don't do them anymore, this is from 1993-4. Very rare beast nowadays and quite collectable..
  4. Why stop at 50% ?
  5. The only trade I'm interested in is a Stingray 2eq, maple board, 9lbs max. Must be excellent condition. Will add cash for the right one.
  6. Thanks guys, they really are special. It just lights up my music room.
  7. ** Apparently the guitar dater project is inaccurate, my bass was made in 2002-2004. Apologies I went by the info on said site** Makes no difference, it's still a mint bass. Hi all, This is my immaculate Pink Paisley bass, it dates to 2002 - 2004. There are no marks, dings etc' just a lovely example of this bass, hence the price. It has reverse tuners and for the size of the single pickup it sounds immense. It will come with a padded gigbag and delivery is included in the price. If it doesn't sell I'll just keep it, thanks for looking. Tom. PS, I didn't take the pics looking like this.....
  8. Thanks guys, I wondered why it's corroded so much, seems expensive for what it is though.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ernie-Ball-TRANSITIONAL-Musicman-Stingray-4-3-EQ-Bass-Honeyburst-1980s/123932025681?hash=item1cdaeca351:g:X4IAAOSwJcNdm4xK Apart from the tarnishing does anyone see any untoward with this? cheers.
  10. Thanks guys, appreciate your comments. I'm looking for a 2eq with a maple board and 4 strings and a sensible weight, really hard to find. This info now gives me a lot more scope. Tom.
  11. I know all things are possible but would it be straightforward to convert a Stingray 3 eq to a 2eq? Anyone done it? How hard can it be? thanks for any input.
  12. tom1946

    G&L L-2000.

    Oh dear, they should stop making videos and concentrate on customer service methinks.
  13. tom1946

    G&L L-2000.

    I think once I've got over it I'll probably forgive them. I had pneumonia at the time...
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