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  1. Yeah you do look the part 😀. Amazing, basses. My Teal one is in my pic on the left. Someone will have to prise it out of my cold dead hands before it goes anywhere. Looking for another 2 eq for a backup....
  2. No, can't be. I got mine about 3 years ago.
  3. I might have yours, it has the faded signature on the scratchplate wrapped in clingfilm. Spare guard fitted. Fab basses, someone will be very pleased.
  4. Looks like mine but mine is maple. Stunning bass. GLWTS
  5. Please can I have your red Stingray?
  6. Oh dear, I can't unsee this now... beautiful!
  7. No good to me if it won't play itself..... Fretboard's the wrong colour too. Very nice bass though.
  8. As title, I took this in a trade with my good friend who wanted to go short scale because of his age and mobility. He saw my short scale Stingray and had to have it. At 76 he's not going to play in anger any more but just wants to noodle and remember his days as a 60's rock god as we both played in bands then..... I might be exaggerating the rock god bit..... Anyway this is his absolutely as new Jazz he bought new for £1600 in 2016 from steven james then in middlesbrough (I think he saw him coming there) He's hardly picked it up since he got it. It only weighs 8.8 lbs on my digital scales This has the custom shop pickups and comes with the case and all the candy, all in superb condition. No use to me as I play a Stingray only now. Would trade for an immaculate 2eq stingray with a maple board Price includes Postage to UK only
  9. Hi folks, this is my year old echo plus, hardly ever used as I now have a JBL monster bass speaker thingy that's ace at playing Classic oldies from the 50's and 60's... boxed and in... yes you guessed mint condition. Price is posted.
  10. Shame about collection only. Not everyone lives dahn sarf...
  11. This is a complete bargain, it plays like a dream. I understand that the base coat is actually yellow on this so quite unusual.
  12. Here is my pretty much mint Fender P/J '75 reissue, made in Japan with the usual high quality finish. Aged (like me) Candy Apple red finish, has a Badass II upgraded bridge and comes with a Fender Tweed deluxe case. Fender Jazz Bass 75, Alder body, maple neck with rosewood fret board. pearl inlays with white binding on the neck Bullet truss rod, vintage p bass and vintage jazz pickups Leo Quan Badass II Bridge vintage tuners parchment scratch plate Fender vintage tweed deluxe fitted case. Aged candy apple red finish. Limited Edition 1 of 78 made in the Dyna Gakki factory Japan. The bass is setup so it plays wonderfully well, and is around 7 years old. Weight is around 9.5 lbs. My digital scales are not working. Price is delivered to UK.
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