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  1. Here is my immaculate Volvo V40 R design Nav, winter Pack, with heated seats and front windscreen. For sale only because I had a stroke on New years eve and I have difficulty with a clutch and getting in it as my back is so bad now. That is the only reason I'm selling because I bought it new planning to keep it for 10 years. The list of equipment is massive. The car is 2.0 litre petrol with 122 bhp and is very fast off the mark and will return 40 mpg on a run and 35 around town. It really is 'like new'. Any questions please get in touch.
  2. It's not Teal Mike, mine's Teal and it doesn't look like that. More green. Gorgeous bass, GLWTS, won't be around long methinks.
  3. Darn, just bought one yesterday! great bass, highly recommended. Same colour too.
  4. Lovely bass, used to sell them before I retired. I can't think what you would replace it with. GLWYS
  5. I like my head, it's the only one I've got.
  6. Haha, I had my eye on this but 5.1 kg is way too much,....
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