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  1. Is that about 44mm in funny money? If so my little hands won't fit
  2. Hi all, here's a chance to get 2x Tempur pillows for the price of one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tempur-pillow-Soft-Touch-With-Cool-Touch-Brand-New-Soft-One-Pillow/153726729744?hash=item23cad3be10:g:RsAAAOSwKWhdz7FzThey came with our new mattress but we already have some so these are surplus to requirements. Brand new in their packaging. Price includes postage. PS ignore the other 2 as we are using them.
  3. That my son is exactly right, It would be here by now if it had. Wanted one for ages.
  4. Just sold my Caprice to Steve and it was a very good experience. Paid very promptly and was very communicative with friendly emails. Highly recommended Basschatter. Welcome. Tom.
  5. Here for sale is my Stingray 3eq from 2010, it's in immaculate condition throughout. In Tobacco Sunburst it looks wonderful and plays superbly with a low action. Bass weighs 8.85 lbs or 4kg on my digital scales which is very good for a Stingray. Also the straplocks will be back on too. Comes with the EB hard case too. No trades thanks. ***forgot to mention you can have either the scratchplate that's on or the original black one* Price is posted to the UK.
  6. I was a Yamaha guitar dealer and these were the best bass in that price range, your asking price is what they sold for 10 years ago and easily worth it today, thunderous P pickup and those knobs are so tactile. GLWYS
  7. Hi Folks. I'm getting a bit old for having 15 basses now so I'm selling all but 3... Here's my fabulous Caprice which is in immaculate, hardly played condition. PRICE includes UK postage. Blurb Size 12-11/16" wide, 1-5/8" thick, 45-9/16" long (32.2 cm wide, 4.1 cm thick, 115.7 cm long) Body Wood Alder (Classic Natural is Ash) Body Finish High gloss polyester Bridge Vintage Music Man® top loaded chrome plated, steel bridge plate with vintage nickel plated hollow steel saddles Pick guard Parchment (Diamond Blue) Scale Length 34" (86.4 cm) Neck Radius 7.5" (19.1 cm) Head stock Size 9" (22.9 cm) long Frets 21 - High profile, narrow width Neck Wood Select maple neck Fingerboard maple Fret Markers 5/16" Black or White dots Neck Finish Ultra-light satin polyurethane finish Neck Colours Natural aged yellow finish Tuning Machines Schaller BM, with tapered string posts Truss Rod Adjustable - no component or string removal Neck Attachment 5 bolts - perfect alignment with no shifting; Sculpted neck joint allows smooth access to higher frets Electronic Shielding Graphite acrylic resin coated body cavity and aluminium lined pick guard Controls 250kohm neck pickup volume, 250kohm bridge pickup volume, and tone - .1µF tone capacitor Pickups Music Man® inline humbucking; Music Man® offset humbucking Strings 45w-65w-80w-100w (Super Slinky Bass #2834) Weight is a comfy 8.8 lbs. Only trade/part trade I would be interested in is a Stingray in similar condition with maple board and 2eq. Nothing else thanks. (Ann it's a backup, honest)
  8. gear4music bodies are only 61 mm so fender necks won't fit, however their own necks fit fine. I know, I've built a few. HTH
  9. Aren't all amps like that? I always connect everything up before turning on anyway. the warning sounded as though if you touched the 1/4 jack while it was switched on it was live and you'd get a shock. I don't know much about this stuff.
  10. What does the caution mean about touching the speaker jack? Never heard of that before, isn't it dangerous? (Sorry if it's a silly question.....)
  11. That looks stunning Andy! Just needs a maple board for me..
  12. Mick, I can't unsee this beautiful bass! Fantastic! Get thee behind me.... etc'
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