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  1. Hi, is it possible to retrofit the later compensated nut to a stingray? ie' is it a straight fit please? cheers, Tom.
  2. tom1946


    Does the rod screw work ok?
  3. I'm sooooo glad that this is a rosewood board or I'd have to buy it to go with its twin here. GLWTS
  4. I have one of these with a maple board and it's great! cheap but feels really good to play. BUY IT or I'll have to, no I can't, too far away. Phew...
  5. I've been looking for one like this, sadly a little expensive for me, beautiful guitar! GLWTS
  6. Haven't seen that one, sounds great doesn't it? Superb value for money and mine is brand new.
  7. Here we have my immaculate, totally new and unused Talman TMB 100MFull Description: I bought it new from gear4music a few months ago and never used or played it because I got my Stingray back. It plays perfectly and has a low action. 34" scale. I will put the original strap pins back on. Cost me £199 from gear4music and you can't buy this model now, it's discontinued. Price includes delivery to UK mainland. I GHAVE NO IDEA WHY THE IMAGES ARE ALL ROTATED?? Pair of Dynamix Pickups The TMB100 is loaded with a pair of powerful Dynamix bass pickups with a 'J' at the neck and a 'P' at the bridge. The combination of the punchy "P"-style split coil pickup and mellow "J"-style single coil pickup, allows the instrument to achieve everything from smooth, vintage sounds to thundering rock tones. Poplar Body The Ibanez TMB100's body is crafted from lightweight poplar, which provides a high frequency response, as well as an overall light tone with sparkling highs. Poplar is a soft tonewood and therefore offers a mellowed tone with some warmer lows. Maple Neck & Fingerboard The Ibanez TMB100's neck is made from solid maple and features a pair of graphite reinforcement rods which make it sturdy and durable. The maple neck offers bright, clear sounds with plenty of twang, while the bolt-on construction provides added snap. The maple neck is paired with a matching maple fingerboard, which delivers precise and defined tones, with a tight low end and sparkling highs. About Ibanez Basses Over the past 30 years, Ibanez have always been at the forefront of developing the right tools for players pushing the boundaries of music. For decades, Ibanez designers and luthiers have been the embodiment of this ideology, pushing their skills to the edge of imagination, consistently creating some of the most versatile and unique instruments ever. Ibanez basses have been used on some of modern rock's most poignant albums of recent years. The preferred instruments of many awe inspiring bass players, amongst them Fieldy from Korn, Paul Gray from Slipknot and Peter Iwers of In Flames, Ibanez Basses continue to be the first stop for learners and professionals alike, no matter what musical genre they exist in. Specifications Body Series: Talman Body: Poplar Body Colour: Mustard Yellow Flat Neck Neck Material: Maple Scale Length: 34" Fingerboard Radius: 240mm Fingerboard: Maple Fret Size: Medium Nut Width: 41mm Hardware & Electronics Bridge Pickup: Dynamix J Neck Pickup: Dynamix P Controls: Volume, Balancer, Bass Boost/Cut, Treble Boost Cut Bridge: B10 Hardware Colour: Chrome
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2059011284407493&set=pcb.2427835460602372&type=3&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBVKoAcMn02PsOheXCxFxzFiIETesQM6GApjcL-7AIdyZAeF-1oQW7M1ZcMEqZECXsGmOaAMbGMZhpq Yes well..... err sorry.
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