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  1. tom1946


    Does it have a cringe spindle?or a waffle sprocket?
  2. tom1946

    Feedback for 4pwclm

    Great guy to deal with, swift payment, Basschat at its best. Thanks, Tom.
  3. tom1946

    Fender Road Worn Jazz in Fiesta Red

    Hahahahahahahaha, weeks you mean Hope you're well Rich.
  4. tom1946

    how to mike up a Cajon

    Hi, yes I got the superlux and stood it inside the cajon on a teatowel and the results were better than anything else including the SM57. I've come into this with very little knowledge hence the post. It seems to me that I need an amp with Phantom power such as an acoustic amp which my wife plays her taylor 12 string through. That gave a decent sound. I also have a 350w speaker, a bishopsound one that plays the keyboard, 12 string and bass just fine but I can barely hear the cajon through it. I did fit a cheap one of the above stick on pickup on and that did nowt through anything. So.... is there a definitive amp that'll give good volume without maxing out?
  5. tom1946

    High quality PJ bitsa

    That looks fabulous Graham. If my Markbass amp sells I'll have this.
  6. tom1946

    Ernie Ball cobalt flats vs fender 9050

    I hate flats, they just sound dull. If I want to quieten the string noise I just turn the treble down and that works for me Aidan. I have some barely used 9050's That came on a bass I bought recently and took them off, I'm looking for a Hofner ignition to try them on...
  7. It went in minutes, thanks anyway. tom.
  8. Here for sale is my immaculate Rumble 100 V3 link for spec: https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-rumble-100-v3/92777 totally like new, all works as it should. Bought for small venue work but I'm spoiled by having Markbass gear so this is up for sale. Price includes delivery to UK
  9. Hi, here for sale is a complete EMG pickup and active circuit For musicman sterling, SUB etc' this one MMTW http://www.emgpickups.com/bass/mm-models/active/mmtw.html all complete and ready to fit and sounds great, very well defined and much tamer than my current sub 4. Price includes postage. ****I don't know how to rotate the pics on here??****
  10. I have a GP7 250w that lives in our church due to weight and it's old and very powerful. I can imagine what this sounds like. GLWYS
  11. tom1946

    Feedback for Theosd

    I sold Theo my Eros 12 string, immediate payment and friendly comms, a real asset to Basschat and a thoroughly nice guy! all the best my friend. Tom.
  12. tom1946

    Feedback for Stewblack

    I always seem to deal with the best people on here and Stew is no exception to that, fast and friendly comms, instant payment for my Squier Dimension. A gentleman, scholar, and acrobat, thank you my friend. (Runs to hide from his wife....)
  13. tom1946

    Ampeg CL Micro stack

    Great minds Aidan...
  14. tom1946

    Ampeg CL Micro stack

    That's right, but I mainly do church gigs so a noisy fan wouldn't go down well which is why I only need 100w or so, our church is upstairs with the hall underneath. It's a big echo ey space that the rumble sounds awful in. However the Mighty Trace upstairs rattles the old windows... It was taken up there in 2009 and hasn't moved since 😀 I would love another Markbass, an 802 micro but I can't justify over £500.
  15. tom1946

    Ampeg CL Micro stack

    Some good ideas here, forgot to mention that I have a Rumble 100 and don't like it very much so I'm going to sell it. To me it sounds boomy and not very clear or defined. There are a lot of buttons and knobs that just make it louder or quieter. Not like my markbass CMD 151P, which it won't sound anything like that. dunno....