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  1. tom1946

    Rare Basses

    How aboot this? It's an 80's Fender Performer, not many made.
  2. tom1946


    I'd have this now if you could find a box and post it. Too far away I'm afraid.
  3. tom1946

    Eden WTX264 micro head + EX112 cab

    I have the cab, just bought it and because it's so good I've put my markbass combo up for sale.
  4. .I also have a mint one, they are fabulous basses. GLWTS Ash
  5. This is a great combo that's only had a small amount of home use. Cost new is almost £800 and this one is totally as new.
  6. Keeper to stand your bass next to yer amp and safely strapped in. £10 posted.
  7. Hiya all, here is my immaculate Markbass CMD 151 combo. Spec here: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/mini-cmd-151p/ 300 watts or 500 w with a cab. It's in as new condition having hardly been used, it's about 15 months old. happy to post.
  8. Look at that action, I could crawl under the E string. Notice too that the saddles are right on the bottom. Yeah, bitsa.
  9. tom1946

    TC BH250 £135

    Bugger, just bought a new one. He says it has 2 inputs? I only see one?
  10. tom1946

    Watch this...

    I have a new shiny PB50 in red, awesome without all that shoite.
  11. tom1946


    Familiar looking bass there Stew looks great that!
  12. tom1946

    TC 250

    Used it saturday evening and sunday morning in our church and it performed faultlessly, fitted in really well with keys and a 12 string guitar. very little volume needed so happy with that.
  13. tom1946

    TC 250

    Hiya, Just been out to GFM to return a bass and while I was there I saw a TC Electronics TC BH250 amp for £181 and an Eden 112 cab for £199 so I had a play about with it and I was very impressed with the combination, so was a guy looking at basses. I was amazed at how much power the cab could handle, it is tight and very articulate. The amp is really good too even though it's a pretty standard 250w head. so they gave me a 1/4 jack to speakon lead and I got the lot for £377, well chuffed with that.
  14. tom1946

    Best bass in the world?

    @Linus 27, you still have my best bass ever! After all this time I have never found a better one. A Teal and Maple Stingray. I still need it back