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  1. Thanks guys, I'll go with the Penn Elcom.
  2. Because I'm getting old, sorry got old and feeble my cab is getting a bit heavy to carry. So I'm wondering if there is a frame with wheels on that I could screw on to the cab with a retractable handle so I can wheel it instead of carrying it. It's an Eden 12" so not massive. Thanks.
  3. I have 3 or 4 of these much modified, they only weigh 6lbs, bargain if this is the same. GLWYS
  4. Pic of the front of the bass in the case is very unclear although the case has 2. Perhaps some clearer pics of the front would be helpful?
  5. Lovely bass, why does the bridge hang over the edge of the body? Not seen that before. JE's fits ok.
  6. That's right, sterling by Musicman sub 4 I believe.
  7. Then they should be burned with the wretched things. To use a uke you have to have 'perfect pitch' , this is so when you chuck it into a skip it doesn't touch the sides.... Sadly we have two friends that are in a ukelele band, even worse for us we've been to a concert, only once mind.
  8. 61mm neck, gear4music sell a neck to fit that quite well. I made 3 P basses that way.
  9. Hello guys n gals, this is my Pete Wentz tribute P bass, in immaculate condition. I forgot I had this so it's just sat in a gigbag doing nothing. Might as well go as it's not being used. They only have a volume control so very simple to operate. Body and neck are superb. Weighs around 8.5lbs. Price includes delivery.
  10. Hey all, here is a nice Vintage (brand) LP copy, it's in good nick and plays well with a low action. Took it as a trade but just got a new Tele so it's not used any more. Black and gold looks really cool and I like shiny things Price is collected but can post for 15quid. cheers!
  11. Hi all, I have for sale my beautiful musicman 2eq SUB bass. It is in perfect condition and plays really well. Low action, well setup, loud and proud. Has the jazz width neck and almost plays itself I bought it new about 6 months ago and then bought a second real Musicman so this has to go. Price is firm and includes delivery to UK mainland.
  12. I have one about the same age, this is a bargain! GLWTS
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