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  1. That's a lovely bass Karl, If it was maple I would be in trouble.. Shouldn't hang about this one. GLWTS.
  2. tom1946

    Musicman Stingray 3EQ Black and Maple

    when was the compensated nut introduced?
  3. tom1946

    2 Precisions, 2 Fretboards and 2 String Types

    I've recently bought another Jazz bass with a rosewood board, ( I always play on maple boards exclusively) I wanted to see if if this one would produce a brighter sound than the last 2 or 3 did. All I seem to get is a sound like dead strings. When I tried the new one it just thumps and stops a bit like flats do so I've realised that finally rosewood boards don't ring out like maple do. I even put new rounds on it with no change in the sound. There really is a big difference between maple and rosewood, but I've played maple for many years so I do notice the change.
  4. tom1946

    (what, again?) Precision v Jazz

    Precision or Jazz?? Stingray nowadays... although I still use my Sandblasted Precision occaisionally.
  5. tom1946

    Old Fenders - Why the $$$?

    Well.... I have a mint original 1962 Ford Anglia that drives like new with only 34,000 genuine miles. Sorry Iain
  6. tom1946

    Grosmann 6 string bass

    The pic is of Lloyd Grossman, tv personality and saus maker. Our Martin is a bit surreal sometimes
  7. tom1946

    Feedback for Linus27

    Another day and another fine deal with Michael, I sold him my Teal Stingray 2eq in 2010 and I have just bought it back! absolute gentleman, scholar and acrobat, and my bass is still in the mint condition it was when he bought it. Great to deal with and I would highly recommend him to trade with. Rock on Michael! Tom.
  8. tom1946

    2018 MUSICMAN SUB 4, MINT.****SOLD**SOLD****

    The truth is, I cannot see where the splinter was and I'm willing to bet no one else can either. The fact that it hangs on the wall by its neck is a testament to the strength of the repair.
  9. Hi all, this is my SUB 4 which was the subject of a broken headstock documented here Aidan from this site repaired it for me and the job he did on it is absolutely spot on. I cannot see any joins at all as the pics should show The neck has not moved at all and the action is as low as when it was done. It hangs on the wall without a problem and I'm only selling it because I'm getting my real Stingray back tomorrow from the gentleman I sold it to in 2011!! Happy days. Plays perfectly, looks great. Price is posted.
  10. Hi, I'm near Middlesbrough, Guisborough. Shipping is included in the price.
  11. Hi all, this is my Roland Cube 100watt combo. 1st class condition with no faults. bass amplifier with 12" coaxial 2-way speaker Eight COSM amp models and five digital effects 4-band EQ, compressor, and Shape switch Balanced output (with pre/post switch) and Line out Recording/Phones output for private practice, the price is posted.
  12. I can't see the horn repair? Can you show a close up of it please? Thanks.