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  1. tom1946


    Some great ideas here, I love that guitar Graham. I like the idea of having one built with my birthdate as the serial number I started playing bass when my arthur ritis started in 2010..... that's an easy one.
  2. I'm a Fender man and I've made a few too. I had the same problem ie' the E sounding lame and I have tried all the tricks and tips but I found a partial cure, I changed the P pickup to a Dimarzio DP 127 on KiOgon's recommendation, much more powerful and the bottom E is much more 'tuneful' and accurate.
  3. tom1946


    Interesting ideas there, I'd have to find a tree.....I think I like Bridgehouse's idea best so far. Thanks for that.
  4. tom1946


    Ok so my YOB is 1946, what bass could I possibly get? Excluding Double basses.
  5. Hi, yes they are Duncan designed P90's, excellent and powerful too.
  6. tom1946

    Feedback for Whizzy

    Just sold Colin my Telecaster, Very fast payment, great comms and a friendly guy to boot. Deal with confidence folks, Colin is a trustworthy asset to the Basschat, thanks again my friend. Tom.
  7. Nothing arrived John?
  8. Hi all, this is my lovely Chris Aiken Squier Precision bass. Mint condition and now has a brand new KiOgon loom with tone control and kill switch for those quiet gigs. Weighs 9 lbs. Plays really well and has a low action. Comes with a gigbag too. Price includes delivery to UK.
  9. Another really nice tele with a great action. This is the Affinity model and it does play really well, use it as it is or it would be a great guitar for modding. Price is posted to UK.
  10. Hiya, this is my Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster. It's in excellent condition with no damage and works just as it should. Action is low and it really sings. Will come with a gigbag and the price is posted to the UK.
  11. This is my lovely Eros 12 string guitar, it's in great condition throughout with one small exception. The area next to the strap button has a small amount of delamination in that it's lifted slightly. This could probably be fixed easily with glue. It's never bothered me or got any worse. Good solid guitar that I have setup with a low action and new strings. Price is posted (Yes it really will stand up on its own.) Pics:
  12. tom1946


    Thanks Ped and everyone else, I think the way to go for me is my Denon amp connected to my Mac and thus on to the speakers. As a footnote to this, I unpacked these speakers . https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/QTX-QT6-65-Passive-PA-Speakers-Pair/2C3R And found they didn't work so I contacted GFM and told them so I'm getting refunded and they said not worth collecting them so keep them and see if you can fix them! So I took the grilles off and took the driver out and lo and behold, the wires were all there, just not connected to the driver unit. So I connected them and voila! Thanks very much for your help. It's people like you who are prepared to dive in and help that make Basschat the great place that it is.
  13. tom1946

    BITSA P bass, **on hold pending usuals**

    I've done 3 of these and they are great! Very light + any hardware you fancy. This is a no brainer, buy it.
  14. tom1946


    Thanks guys, which sockets do the phono's go to on the amp? I know how the speakers connect. cheers. (It's just for better sound for toons really.