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  1. spongebob

    2nd hand market slowing??

    Does seem to be sticking at the mo. Guessing the incoming Festive season isn't helping, either?
  2. spongebob

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    My current doesn't have a drummer on purpose. We're electric bass, acoustic guitar, 2 vocalists. I put it together originally because I was fed up playing with poor drummers. I used to play myself, and whilst not being a big-head, could do better than most of our ex-sticksmen, even not having playing for about 25 years! The gigs have been good, and it gives me more of a percussive role as well as providing the low end. Obviously, it depends on the style of music you're playing......
  3. FENDER GEDDY LEE JAZZ BASS - USA - £1495 - UK COURIER INCLUDED. Listed a few weeks back, I got cold feet - but sadly, I do now have to part with it. Reluctant sale, but it has to go to a new owner. The 'net is full of how good these are - RRP is around £2000 on these brand new. These are a million leagues above the MIJ/MIM Geddy basses. Totally different instruments. Serial number is a 16, but I purchased the bass brand new in the Summer, and am the only owner. As such, the condition is immaculate. Being black, it would show everything - but as the photos testify, there's nothing to show! Neck pocket has a tiny lacquer crack, but it's so small, the camera won't even pick it up. Comes with the big original Fender hard case. Couple of marks from transportation, but that's it. It's the bass that counts. It's only sat under the bed since purchase. Essentially, it's a £500 saving on a bass that could pass for new. It is a dream bass for me, but sadly, other circumstances mean I have to move it on, and acquire something a little less high end! Best sounding Jazz bass I've ever heard. Neck is the same Custom Shop as used by Ged himself - super comfortable. There's a review online where a guy compares the GL to an American Pro, and his conclusion is that the Ged is in a league of it's own. Only asking £1495 for this. UK postage is included, Europe please add £50. These rarely come up on the used market, so my loss can be your gain. Payment by Back Transfer please, no PayPal on this. I'm based on the Romney Marsh in Kent, so collection is an option. Dispatch within a couple of days of sale, if not sooner. No trades, sorry. Please check my Feedback for conformation of decency! PM with any interest, and thanks for looking! SB 😀
  4. spongebob

    TM Stevens!

    Any news on TM? Last I read on TB he was suffering, health wise. Hope he's doing okay. Great player.
  5. spongebob

    Later with Joolz last night

    Do you think he'll be there for a change.....!😁
  6. spongebob

    Later with Joolz last night

    Flicked through the last two episodes of the series last night. Very disappointed. This series of 'Later' was really the weakest in years, and there's some stiff competition in there! It's really what's been posted before - that there seems to be a weekly 'formula' to the guests, and it's getting seriously dull. We need live music on TV, but this? I really think it's time to put JH and his show out to pasture, and start again. It's been running since 1992 - with so much having changed since then, is there a place for the programme? Soon be time for the Hootenanny - time again for Ruby Turner, Roland Rivron, etc, and the same approach as the last 24!
  7. spongebob

    Feedback for Jacko

    Graeme clearly has a great taste in music, proving it by purchasing the autobiography of one of the Grateful Dead's drummers from me! Great to deal with, big thumbs up from here! 😀
  8. Ah! Now I'm getting it......🤯
  9. You just send money to I think it's family and friends or something like that. Neither side incurres and extra charges, so it's perfect for BC deals! 😁
  10. SOLD! Thanks Graeme. 😀
  11. spongebob

    Classic & Cool

    Bought and sold a couple of times with Mark. Really nice guy, deal with complete confidence! 😀
  12. Always enjoyed this one -
  13. BILL KREUTZMANN - DEAL - DRUMMING, DREAMS AND DRUGS WITH THE GRATEFUL DEAD Excellent condition copy of Bill's excellent autobiography. Read once, and then on the shelf - no rips, creases or tears! Super read - I'm a bit of a Dead-head, but even for non-fans, it's a great rock 'n' roll story. Only looking for £8 for this, UK postage included. Amazon currently asking £12.99. Payment by PayPal 'git' please. PM with interest, and thanks for looking! SB 😀
  14. NEIL PEART - GHOST RIDER Mint condition copy of Neil's acclaimed book that deals with his life and motorcycle journey in the aftermath of the tragedy of events in the late 90's. Purchased by myself, but I never got around to reading it! Only looking for £10 for this, free postage in the UK. Amazon price is currently £24.99! Payment by PayPal 'gift' please. PM with interest, and thanks for looking! SB 😀