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  1. Think mine is around 1.5mm, using Roto Flats. Pretty much as low as it will go, I like the E as close to the board as it will go without much buzz, obviously easier with the flats.
  2. 70s Punk? Think you'd have a job to beat a P bass, both in looks and tone. Probably covers most of the bass parts played in that era!
  3. I'm a Fall devotee of many years, they could do no wrong in my book. Their last, and longest standing line-up, were incredible. I would be the first to admit that live, you could get a mixed bag. It was always said that MES would rather perform some bad gigs, followed by a jaw-dropper, than a consistent run of simply 'ok' shows. He is not appreciated......still!
  4. I love the Pigpen era, odd bits after that. For me, Pig was their anchor, and when they lost him, the band certainly moved in a different direction. Alarmingly, the studio albums certainly dipped in quality as well post-72 IMHO. Everyone hears things differently, and I think that's the best thing. Some may hate the earlier stuff, and gravitate to the mid/latter period. They were uber-cool, and such a great unit....as seen on the Festival Express film. I do like Blues For Allah in places.....but I think they really suffered as Garcia's heavy drug use got worse. From the books I've read, around '74 or so, when he was making the GD film....coincides when they leave my realm of interest. I'd recommend Europe '72 as a good starter. Nice mix of the jamming, blues, and pretty much what they did up until that point in time.
  5. 'The Low End Theory' is the standout of that day for me - the other 3 leave me a bit cold, TBH. I'm still digging out new-to-me jazz albums now where I'll catch a snippet, and realise that I first heard it on TLET. Introduced me to a whole world of stuff I'd never have otherwise been exposed to.
  6. Lou is definitely an interesting player. Seen them a couple times, in '09, and I think, '12. Can't quite remember! Excellent in both instances. They came back, and haven't tarnished their legacy one bit, and continue from where they left off. A rare feat! Haven't listened to the new album yet. My only gripe with their post-reunion output has been J's productions. The bass is simply buried and pretty much inaudible in most of the records. Live, it was totally different, bass really powerful and 'out there' (if you excuse the Dino-pun!)
  7. A shame, I think we'd all like to buy from somewhere over here. The recent Musik Productiv offers with the Ashdown stuff, of which I purchased, was crazy. I'd have paid a bit more from the UK if it could have got near.....but to be cheaper from a British brand overseas? No wonder places are in trouble!
  8. I do like some of their stuff, although I've never really dug past their first few releases. Keep meaning to listen to the Steven Stills 'Manassas' record - heard so many good things about it over the years.
  9. I stopped playing in November '19, only started again in June. Bit rusty at first, nothing major - been playing a bit most days since. First new band meeting this month, so should be interesting! I think if you've played for enough years beforehand (about 27 in my case), you do fall into it quite quickly, just the stamina and the fingers need a little TLC.
  10. I started on a P-bass Sunn Mustang, now a US P after spending ridiculous amounts on many Rickys, and other similar things. I was chasing a tone in my head, took me years to come to the conclusion that a) I am me, not player x/y/x, and b) Loads of the bass tones you hear on records aren't always what you think they are. I want bass x because of that record, only to find out it was something else entirely! Upon returning to the instrument, my reasoning is to do what works - tools for the job and all that. Can't regret the journey, all part of the process. Just wish it hadn't cost quite so much!
  11. Few years ago, they put out a Ramones 'Road To Ruin remix, stripping it back. Heard it, hated it. It just wasn't 'real'. For me, the original - albeit flawed in places - is, quite literally, what it is. You can't rewrite history.
  12. Think I'll definitely be sticking to my tried and tested pick style. Restrung the P with some Rotosound 77 flats, and with a pick, it sounds like a beast through the combo alone. Shape in, slight mid boost, and a dash of compression. Compared to my old Markbass stuff, the presence is simply unreal!
  13. From all you RM500 users..... Any settings suggestions? I'm using Rotosound 77 Flats. Would like to know ideas of with and without a pick....whaddya got? Like the shape idea, but worried it would buried in a band situation?
  14. Very sad. The Stone that kept it all together. RIP Mr. Watts.
  15. Thanks Lozz! I assumed that's what they may be, but the manual doesn't make any mention of it! Nice to finally know for sure. I've not had the chance to put it through band volumes (next month), so have been experimenting at home so far. I think I've achieved a nice tone.....
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