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  1. +1 to the OP. I'm at that very point now!
  2. The whole sketch....... and a fave of mine -
  3. Probably cheaper (and quicker) from Rickysounds - http://www.rickysounds.co.uk/Control-Knobs.html Shame this didn't come up in the Summer - I sold a set to replace mine with the vintage style!
  4. Start of my week off yesterday, I decided to have a late breakfast and immerse myself in the latest mind-numbing debate, and tune into Jeremy Vine on Channel Five. Usual array of columnists and Z-listers, alongside Bruce Foxton and the singer out of 'From The Jam'! They performed a slightly strained (IMHO) version of 'Smithers-Jones' at the end alongside a Keyboard player..... It's available on the C5 catch-up if anyone wants to watch. TBH, they BF didn't have a lot to say, the other chap a bit more, although I was not in agreement with any of it! ๐Ÿ˜†
  5. Good call! I blame the 'phone.....๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  6. On the plus side, it'll soon be time for the Hootenanny! Ruby Tuner and KT Tunstall....again......probably..... Get to see that very annoying bloke walking around with his clock face. Nearly a typo.....!๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. It's a bit, well, boring! Typical modern production....deep, dark sludgy drum sounds (my real 21st century gripe). Whole thing just lacks definition and power. Roger's voice? It's certainly changed a bit......I keep wanting to clear my throat listening to him now! For me, the Who were a classic 'band'. Each quarter added something special....other outfits can change members, often successfully, but lose any of the Who, and it just misses that vital ingredient and spark. Guess it's not helped by the fact that, they've lost one of the rhythm sections of all time. Where do you go from there? The current bass/drums is just adequate. Sounds....sorry, but very dull. Neither exciting playing nor a crushing tone....both things which I love about the Who of old. Love their records with Keith (although Who Are You has got a few turkeys, probably their weakest to that point). Fair play for them for doing new material (and I think Roger always comes across as a really nice guy)....but what are you going to pick? Keith-era anything, or this?
  8. Just read he's made a new EP with Robyn Hitchcock.
  9. I did read about the incident - a Google search will bring up the some of the content. Due to it's political nature (Middle East,etc.), I won't post a link! From what I remember, the Fuzzy Warbles series were a bone of contention between AP and CM, as the latter was against the 'warts and all' releases. I've never listened to them myself - I know when 'Apple Venus' and it's successor came out, they put out loads of demos and instrumental versions of those, as well - I did hear some of those, and it was a bit 'what's the point'?
  10. I always enjoyed Andy Partridge on Twitter, after it being suggested on here to follow him. I know he's got a history of being banned from various newspaper's discussion forums - and, following a bust-up Twitter, he's now removed himself and content from there as well! The Dave Gregory interview I posted last year (above) is a really good watch. Gives good insight into the minds of the band - and their relationship with AP. He seems to have fallen out with everybody! I was never a big fan of the bands' later material, but it's still a shame that post-XTC, it all went a bit quiet for them. I'd have enjoyed an AP solo album, for example. Appreciate he did odd bits, but it's no wonder he's kind of disappeared under the musical radar.
  11. For me, The Jimi Hendrix Experience ripping through 'Day Tripper' on one of their BBC sessions. Can't post a full clip, as there's not one available on YT! I promise, it's a killer! ๐Ÿ˜€
  12. I was advised by a well-known bass retailer when I bought my LM3, that the only benefits of the MM were, if you actually wanted to get a MM tone! Looks like there may be a little more to it.....!๐Ÿ˜„
  13. 1993, Sunn Mustang P-bass copy. Used a small Marshall for a while, but my first 'big' amp was a Trace 715 SMC. Time I got the amp, I'd 'upgraded' to a Squier Jazz bass copy! Both came from Flying Pig. Think they've long gone - always had good deals and prices at the time, IIRC.
  14. My Ricky is primarily a tool - but given how it sounds, and it's a little modded, it's my tool - and it's the coolest tool in any box! It's been my only bass for a while, I'm not into having others, been there, done that. Not precious about it getting the odd knock, that's life. When I stop playing, I'll probably just case it under the bed anyway! ๐Ÿ˜€
  15. Don't use them at the mo.....though may do soon again.....but I love Fender flats. Played them a lot before - really like the tone and feel, best flatwound for me. In fact, when I returned to rounds last year, it was a struggle...hence, I've been really considering going back to them again!
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