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  1. +1 on The Gallery. Sold a few through them, they've got such a wide customer base.
  2. Saw Motorhead 3 times, one in particular, Folkestone 1989, left me with tinnitus for days. I was still at school then, which made life a bit of a challenge! Awesome gig, though.....one of my top 3 without a doubt. I was inches from them. Also Dinosaur Jr. twice, both in Brighton. Sensibly, I took earplugs both times. IIRC, their website suggested you did so! Might still do (this was 2009 and 2013). Either J. Mascis' stacks are empty, or he must seriously have good ear defenders. It was huge!
  3. I had a similar experience in recent days with another well-known bass shop. Near 50 year old bass, over 2k....some sparse detail on their side, and a few pics. I emailed asking a few direct questions, after all, who would spend anything like that before knowing more? Instead, got a very brief email back, virtually same text as the web description, no detailed answers or extra pics as requested. Very disappointing.
  4. Those Player series colours are fab. They should give some of US ones some shades like that.
  5. At 11, I was just getting into saving up for my own records. Had a few, not many. Had The Who, The Monkees, Adam &;The Ants...quite a selection. They were quite pricey...£4.99 for an album on vinyl in my local Woolies. I remember going in there, early Summer, to buy an LP. Choices were 'Born In The USA', 'No Jacket Required', and 'Cupid & Psyche 85'. All in the top 10 that week. I liked, from memory, a song off of each. Looking back, this turning point was far more dangerous than I believed at the time.....! Luckily, I went Boss. Next few years saw me becoming quite a fan, although I've not listened to him in years. I am forever grateful that I didn't pick either of the other two....one in particular.....an 11 year old going Phil? How that could have ended scares me now!
  6. I love the Dead up to and including '72, when Pigpen was still in the band. Less keen on the stuff afterwards, TBH....I always think he kind of kept them grounded (well, a bit, anyway....) A lot of the live stuff with him is super. The 'Festival Express' film has got some great footage of them....their version of 'Hard To Handle' is a masterclass in covers.
  7. It's a right pain! I'd much rather buy used....don't want new at all.....it's just really hard finding anything I want at a sensible price. Looking daily at the usual suspects....here, Bass Direct, Cool and Classic (don't really know of any others?) I'm not keen on the new prices, either....I just can't justify it, even to myself!
  8. Thanks chaps. Still thinking about it.... Also deliberating about using Bax. Had a B stock item a few years back, and was as new. Some good savings in there. Returns policy was fine before....although not sure now with Brexit?
  9. So Peach Guitars for the win so far!
  10. I was having an online chat with Guitar Guitar this morning about a potential few purchases, one being a bass. I asked the chap if any of the instruments are checked before they get sent (previous experiences elsewhere of items arriving clearly flawed). I was told that everything they sell is checked and set-up. Anybody got any recent experience of using them? Is this the case? Couldn't find any mention of this anywhere. I can't them telling fibs about it, but having not used them in years, I really wouldn't know! Incidentally, same bass is at Peach Guitars, and they also maintain that every instrument is checked and set.
  11. Another +1 for The Gallery. I've sold a few through there. My last two basses ended up in New Zealand and the US courtesy of their extensive customer base. I love the fact of leaving it there, and forgetting about it until the sale. Totally hassle free, and well worth the commission for me.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. What's the current UK shipped price (given the price drop).......seriously interested in this.
  14. Thanks chaps, really appreciated! Glad to here I'm not alone in this - it's funny how taking the plunge back in, is in fact harder than quitting in the first place. I've been kind of forced into a short period off work at the mo, and that's what got me thinking. I did try vinyl collecting in my bass-break, but that didn't go that well, so it's been sold. I'm kind of back at where I left off - and that's the hard bit. Wish I had a time machine to see how things will end up, as I'm not mad on throwing a pile of cash at something which may prove fruitless. It's me, I know!
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