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  1. spongebob

    Rickenbackers - Overrated?

    I opted for the Chrome one on mine. Previously had black, but the chrome looks pretty cool!
  2. spongebob

    Rickenbackers - Overrated?

    Few years back I imported a set of Classic Amplification pickups from the US, and had them fitted to a (IIRC) 2011/12 4003. That helped a little as well, gave it a bit more cut. With both the pups on full, I just find the newer basses have a bit of a kind of mid-scoop.....needs a bit of amp fiddling to push it through the mix.
  3. spongebob

    Rickenbackers - Overrated?

    I'm currently playing around with a modern 4003S. Feels great - light, contoured....but I'm a bit torn on the tone. I've owned new and old Rics before - but the modern tone is quite dark compared to the older sounds. We'll see down the line if it's a keeper or not!
  4. spongebob

    Old Fenders - Why the $$$?

    But what are you going to drive every day? That Wolseley or the newer variant? Just because they sell for more money doesn't make them any more user-friendly in a 21st century environment.
  5. spongebob

    Old Fenders - Why the $$$?

    I've played new and old gear. Conclusion? New for me every time. Modern US Fenders get the hi-mass bridge, graphite rods....I'd plump for that, personally. Everyday reliability and easy to tweak at home or at gigs. Both of the vintage basses I owned needed work (not Fenders BTW) - at least with new, you can make your own dents and dings, and the hardware and electrics are new and (hopefully) reliable! I had a chat with Mark at Bass Direct a few years back about this very subject. He said 'well, you don't drive a 50 year old car, do you?'. I agreed! 😃
  6. spongebob

    Fender MIM player P Bass

    The MIM Player Series basses colour schemes are better than the Pro series IMHO. I could do with a back up (sole bass right now, and that's off to the tech tomorrow), and keep looking at the Tidepool J's and P's. Makes justifying a MIA harder!
  7. spongebob

    Musicman Stingray Now SOLD

  8. Talking of credit (or lack of it!), been reading this week about Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake, and the whole Ozzy and Sharon thing. Apparently Lee lost everything in the court case. Neither Ozzy or Sharon come out of it very well.....
  9. spongebob

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    For me, this -
  10. spongebob

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    I'm in agreement with many of the above - the Stuart Copeland episode was much better, more informative. Tina's programme I found a little bit, well, trivial. Seemed to be a lot more about her than SC's, and as has been said, his career could fill hours by itself. The hour skirted around the edges, when there was far more to say. The should have used Stuart's hour as the template and followed that! We saw Stuart drumming a fair bit in his show - don't think we say Tina play once, bar the odd vintage clip......🙄
  11. spongebob

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Back up to £21.50 now. Couple of weeks back, it went down further to just over £16. I cancelled my £18 order, and re-pre-ordered at the even lower price! Agreed, I'm a right old tight wad to save a couple of quid! 🤑
  12. spongebob

    RIP Ted McKenna

    Very sad. Amazingly powerful drummer, what a career. It seems to be a bad time for drummers right now - just read that Lee Kerslake, many years the power behind Uriah Heep, has been given only months to live - https://www.loudersound.com/news/terminally-ill-drummer-lee-kerslake-receives-platinum-discs-from-ozzy
  13. spongebob

    Feedback for nicob4

    Nico bought my US Geddy Lee - we got there in the end! Super to deal with, fully appreciate the trust as it's a lot to spend without playing it first. Thanks again Nico, enjoy the bass! 😀
  14. spongebob

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Stranglehold has got a bass solo in it! Surely a great advertisement for bass? I've read some discussion online with Rob Grange, the bass player on the track. May be an unpopular opinion, but Ted's first batch of albums (until '82) are brilliant rock records. Even the dullest of lines may be easy to play, but if it fits the track perfectly, surely that's a great line?
  15. spongebob

    Bob Dylan's Best Album?

    Can't say I've heard many of his albums, but even as a non-Dylan individual, Nashville Skyline always gets things interesting!