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  1. I've been advised that it could be simple.....an out of phase issue. Going from 2 single coil pups to a single coil and a split coil. Hopefully installing the dual coil humbucker bridge pup might even things out? They do advertise them as a pair, although available individually.
  2. Many thanks for that! I'll print that off and give it to him.....it must be close enough! As I mentioned, it's probably something simple, as he's the second chap I've used that's done the same thing! 🙈
  3. Just to add....seen a few diagrams online, but can't seem to find a definitive one to fit both pups, on models which feature the vintage tone selector. Be handy to find some kind of reference point to put him on the right track....sure it's a simple fix.....
  4. True! I think it was just the fact that it seems to have affected the vintage tone thing.... From memory, I had a standard Ricky neck pup rewound some years back, and the repairer had the same problem when he reinstalled it then as well (different luthier!)
  5. Looking for some wiring inspiration here! I recently bought a new Bartolini 6RT for the neck pickup of my Rickenbacker 4003S. It's a 2018 model, so has the vintage tone selector. Picked up the bass from the Luthier yestoday. First impressions - loving the Bart. Maybe not to all tastes, but as a long-term Ricky player, I love it. It's like it's been turbo-charged - so much so, I'm going to have to order a 6RC for the bridge. However, there is a problem. The vintage tone selector is for the bridge pup only, it's not for the neck. So a neck pup replacement shouldn't affect it, right? Wrong! When the neck pup is solo'd, it as usual. Vintage tone knob up or down, no change. All good here. Solo the bridge pup - vintage tone knob down, it's off - raise it, old-skool cap engaged. Once again, all good. Put the toggle switch in the centre - both pups on together - here's where the problem lies. Having the vintage tone selector knob down (so it's off), it's suddenly on! Raise it, and it's off. Exactly the opposite to how it should be, but only with both pups on. Can't work out why it works as usual for the bridge pup, but engage both together, and it goes opposite - especially when it was the 'unaffected' neck pup that was replaced. Before I get the 6RC fitted, I'd rather go armed with more knowledge of what to tell the Luthier to assist him. Any ideas here? I spoke to him on the 'phone, he was fairly foxed - so hence, I thought I'd turn to the BC experts for a solution!
  6. I'm not sure of any other medium that you pay for something upfront that you've not heard/experienced. It's like the artist saying you like me, so my name is enough for your cash!
  7. This isn't going to sound good, but I really hate the crowdfunding idea. Especially when it's the ones that have been around the block - had a good life, lost/ripped off/blown it, then want their fanbase to keep them going. Let's face it, whose best years are many years behind them. There, I've said it! Band makes album - album gets panned - you don't have to buy it. Crowdfunding? Too late, you've already laid out for that sucker!
  8. Couldn't disagree more. That's as far as I'm going on this! 😀
  9. Don't think the OP will have the vintage tone circuit on a 2005 - that was introduced a year or two later IIRC.
  10. The clip is from the 'Something Else' programme. Joy Division on the same show. Had to laugh when I read Peter Hook's Joy Division book. He doesn't appear to be a fan of Weller - and after reading a certain chapter of Lemmy's biography yesterday, neither was he!
  11. Jeez! I saw them as a trio with a live drummer, and again on their last UK tour before they split up - think they were a 6-piece or something by then!😀
  12. Things come and go, it's cyclical IMHO. Is R'n'R in a good place? Maybe not.....but there's no doubt in my mind that it will return in some form or another. It was only around 2001 that NME were championing the 'new rock revolution'....The Strokes, White Stripes, etc. I bought a fantastic compilation at the time, 'The Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit' - one of fave compilations ever. I'd never have seen that coming a few years before. So anything is possible....just when it's down and out, doesn't mean it's dead for good. Bobby G, to me, has always been a man of style of any real substance. How he's kept his act alive for so long is beyond me! Maybe his hanging out on yachts with Kate Moss has finally done him in.....or just a good way of promoting your latest record.....? From Wikipedia - "Gillespie was involved in a campaign to prevent a local pub gaining extended hours saying, "I found the repetitiveness [of the noise] disturbing and I was unable to sleep because of it."[9] No wonder rock is dying! 🙈
  13. I like a chunky neck, but about 8 or 9 years ago bought a used Road Worn Jazz - simple reason, I liked the look of it! Played it for a few weeks constantly - but kept waking up in the night with quite bad fretting hand forefinger pain. Actually went to the doctors, it was that bad. Discussed and described the situation (he was a guitarist BTW), and his advice? Dump the bass! I sold it on, and went back to chunkier necks, and since then, not a jolt. So it's kind of like Lozz's problem in reverse! I actually find a P bass neck too thin - and my hands are far from massive. Sure there's a solution - most things are possible. Either way, good luck and hope you get it sorted soon! 😀
  14. It's good to see Ric on a bit of a high the last few years. New models, colours....and I personally think the QC has improved. I've owned a good few from various years and styles, but my 4003S is faultless, and really light. Personally, I've always found the lighter the bass, the more 'Ricky' it sounds. Probably a totally abstract notion, but the heavier basses never sounded quite as good. Likewise, my best 2 have both been blue as well! Weird!
  15. Shame I'm not closer.....I'd go, as I'm an unashamed fanboi, and Rickresource member! Sorry!!
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