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  1. Got an email today saying May 14th - June 18th. I did cancel and re-order at the reduced price.....so if I'd have stuck, may have had it by now! Even so, it's not a no, so in theory, I'm still on the list for one.....
  2. After reading his autobiography, I feel the same way. It ends with him still beginning his drinking at 10am - fine, he says, because he's an early riser! RIP PR.
  3. Totally reasonable IMHO - all perfectly justified. I live by a rule given to me by a bass player some years back (I was drumming in the band). His rule? You're not auditioning me, I'm auditioning you! Even though not said, it's a good way to approach bands. If they're not up to standard, then let 'em go! Had a similar experience myself recently. Left long-standing band, looking for something new. Ended up with a trio - fine - by at the first rehearsal, the singer/guitarist was beyond loud. He was shaking the building.....I raised my concerns, but it fell on (literally) deaf ears! Project has since crumbled, anyway! Another Fleetwood Mac link to Mickey's original post - after the drummer quit (1 practice), main guy tells me he's got loads of contacts for replacements....then nothing. Next minute, he's wanting to dump all the homework done, and start a FM-type band! Essentially, he's cancelled about 4 meetings, whilst maintaining all the 'loads of contacts, it's happening....' BS. At the weekend, after 3 months of this, I quit. Upshot? Opinions are very much what should be out there. There's too many idiots in music - you have to upfront and not tolerate what you're not happy with.
  4. When it comes to GFR, the first 5 studio/1 live albums are the biggest treat. Terry Knight's productions pushed the bass centre stage, and all of those records are so essential (well, except 'Survival'), and so bass-driven. Here's a bit for you - although it needs be through a system, not a laptop or PC for the full bass experience -
  5. Upfront in the sound! On the original stuff, I've always co-written, helped arrange, and even wrote some of the drum parts (I did used to play, so I was genuine!)
  6. Me too, but I use mine for everything regardless. It's my tone and I'm sticking to it! 😄
  7. Rory was a genius, and I think GM was a good match for him. Seeing as he was there for most of his career, guess we'll never really know otherwise. I've read Gerry's book (albeit about 7 or 8 years ago) - it's an interesting read, although I'm not sure if I would have joined his fan club by the end. Donal has been very vocal about it, suggesting that some of it is the work of fiction, and how he feels they abandoned Rory in his darker days when he, for a change, needed them. Guess we can all read the story and interpret it differently. Hard to know without living it.....but I felt for Rory during the latter part of the book, for sure. I think some musicians forget they are sidemen, and without the real talent, they'd be nowhere. It was a massive surprise - especially after the book - when Gerry started the Band Of Friends. I've never seen them, and TBH, don't fancy it. Their first guy was a lookalike.....isn't that tribute band territory? One thing always sadly sticks in my mind - that he had an 'encounter' with Anita Dobson, before she was Mrs. May! Wish I really could forget that fact every time I see her on the TV!
  8. I'm not a Beatles fan - I'm one of those (!) - but I think PM deserves so much credit for bass playing. He's come up ('scuse the pun) with numerous cracking lines, sings, writes, and plays with a pick. More importantly, he played a Ricky which he retired from live duties due to it's weight. However, John Hall (sorry...) confirmed a few years back that it still gets studio use. Either way, hard to knock him. He's had highs and lows, but in all fairness he's nearly 77, with a career spanning decades. Unlike his contemporaries, he's never stopped playing and creating. ....and I say all this as a not-really-a-fan!!
  9. Thanks! Where can I hear more of his stuff?
  10. Not my kind of bass, but he sure does have a point about players' versatility against that of the instrument. I don't know who the drummer is - but that video should be shown to every other drummer around. Awesome. Really should check out some Vulfpeck as I've never really heard them. 😀
  11. Only flats I've ever really loved are the Fender 9050's. I've used the light ones loads of times. Great thump, and enough brightness to cut through. Highly recommended.
  12. Wowzers! Never knew that.
  13. I bought a bezel from them a couple of months back, came really quickly. Have used them before for other bezels and truss tools, always great experiences. 😀
  14. I like their 70's albums, wasn't there there at the time, first heard them late 80's IIRC. My favourite from them has always been 'Force It'. Sounds really stripped down and raw, and the songs are fab. Also, it's got Genesis and Cosy F. Tuti, of soon-to-be Throbbing Gristle on the cover! Hypnosis, obviously..... I recently read (and sold on here) Pete's book. It's an interesting, if slightly sad, read. He had it all, clearly had a fantastic time - but now? Pulls himself together (mostly) at the end, but it's a bit too late. Bit I remember was him saying he always starts drinking at 10am, which is fine (he says), as he's an early riser! Rock and Roll, eh?
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