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  1. I emailed Ashdown yesterday, reply from them first thing this morning. Super stuff! The RM combo apparently puts out around just over half of it's capable 500w. Also echoed what has helpfully been suggested here - stick it with any Ashdown 15" cab if required. Anyone know if the cabs to combos are speakon to speakon? Only ask, my old Rumble was jack to speakon from memory. I think this is definitely the route I'll be going down. Combo should be enough for rehearsals (maybe even some gigs if DI'd out?), and the option of the cab at a later date if required. Band is recruiting the couple of required new members now, so as soon as I get a practice date, I'll have one here within 24 hours. Got some great advice on this thread, thanks to all for excellent input!
  2. That's immensely kind of you, NF! You never know - much appreciated. Used to use a rehearsal room in Sittingbourne about 10 or so years back (I still lived in Tenterden then, so a bit closer), think it was on an industrial estate. Also played in The Entertainer, and The Red Lion around your way! 😁
  3. I'm down on the Romney Marsh in Kent......and with work and stuff, trying to get to shops a couple of hours+ away isn't really an option at the mo. I am tempted by it! Looks great, and would (hopefully) work as an all-in-one for the time being. Like any originals project, gigs may be infrequent and some way off yet, most probably next year. So there is no rush to go mad buying a huge wall of sound. Would the combo pair with all of the Ashdown 1x15 cabs? I do love me a 15!
  4. Thanks chaps, sound advice indeed. Love the look of the Rootmaster combo, great weight, just concerned that alone, it could be lacking in a band scenario, even for rehearsal. Time I add another 115 cab, probably close to £800. Do most of the Ashdown 1x15 cabs with the combo? Kind of hoping that it would do for now on its own, don't want to go mad given how bands go! The OrigiAL amp, with the 115 cab.....cheaper, but may need another cab at a later date? Cost overall about the same.
  5. As a follow-up to my last rig thread search, I've pretty much decided to go down the Ashdown route.Apologies for the long post in advance..... Hope we have a few experts on here that can fill in a few gaps! Really wanted to start down the combo route, and add to if needed (hoping it wouldn't be). Originals project (2 x guitars, drums, me), so moderate volume needed - not playing to o2 yet, so don't want to go mad! Great price (Andertons) for a few bits. Option 1 - The Rootmaster CM 115T is at £449. Looks great - lists 500w RMS, but can't seem to find out what it is without a cab? I'd love this to be enough on it's own, as that behind me is plenty to go deaf with! If it did need a cab, any suggestions? As I previously mentioned, my old Trace 1x15 was rated at 150w - and I used that in a loud 5-piece - although it was twice the weight of the Ashdown. Option 2 - The OriginAL 500 amp is only £249. PMT have the RM 115T-Evo cab 300w, for £270. £528 all in. For a while, I ran a Rumble 500 into a 1x15, (300w), and found it better and had more presence than the 350w 2x20 combo! I'm a bit far to test these out, so it's an online job. Trying to maximise power, whilst keeping the cost as low as poss, and the weight down. I'm probably missing out on something obvious.....if there's a better way, please educate me!
  6. Anything from the late, great, Neon Park. Personal fave? Got to be 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh' from Zappa/Mothers - Rzzzzz! (Makes sense if you know the cover...!)
  7. My old band about 10 years back, the singer always did the level checks. Most nights he would signal 'bass too loud'...I eventually turned my volume to zero. Got the thumbs up, it was spot on.......! We had two loud guitarists. Clearly, he could not work out bass from their frequencies. Needless to say, I had the last laugh (Alan Partridge quote alert). Thumbs up reciprocated, up went the bass. He still thought it was great!
  8. Fully agree, thanks Phil. My last band I was with, I had to really moan about volume before they listened. The drummer was deaf in one ear, and insisted on playing with everything st ridiculous volume....at rehearsal! The 1x15 looks the job. Even at gug levels, I wouldn't want more than 300w behind me. Any more, I'd be wanting to DI out. No-one wants to damage their hearing doing this. Out of interest, if I did grab the Ashdown....if a cab was needed down the line (which I hope it wouldn't be), what would be a good match? When I ran a Rumble 500 combo a while back, I paired it with a 1x15 cab. Never had the whole thing above 1/4 on volume. I should have just used the combo and cranked it up a bit more!
  9. I did....the weight put me off, sadly. Sure it's a corker, but it would be like my old Trace monster!
  10. Good call....I'm right down on the South Coast, quite a trek from them, sadly. I do monitor their website, though! I like the idea of an Ashdown combo, and do like the look and weight of the 1x15......but I'm just concerned from what I've read, that it would need an extension cab from the off. Just rehearsing with an originals band, I'd like to just keep things to a minumim. Plan is to recruit another guitarist - giving us 2, plus drums, and me. I also can't seem to find the output of the 1x15 Ashdown without a cab. 500w with, great, but without? Other issue is the specs-war. I've read on here many times that the watts don't always tell the full story.....and that's something I've never understood. Always gone more if needed! The Rumble 2x10 combo is good on it's own, but I do prefer a 1x15......
  11. I'll try and get one....MB is a nightmare shade to capture. I can't seem to get one that actually looks like it does in the flesh.....I will persevere!
  12. Thanks Phil, super stuff. Guess I'm a bit tied between another Rumble 500, know they're fab, and the Ashdown 115. Just a bit worried that it may be a bit underpowered, and would need a cab from the off, something I'd like to ideally avoid. Andertons are selling some Ashdown stuff at good prices. There's the OriginAL 300 kickback combo, but that would definitely need a cab!
  13. Massive thanks again on here for the link to Brian's eBay shop. Got the PG, and it's a superb piece of kit. Absolutely the equal of the real deal. Truss rod hole, shielded - and super quick.....even if Hermes decided to just dump it on the step in the boiling sun. Lucky my Postie work colleague was passing, and put it out of harms way. Near miss!
  14. Black! Went on this morning - for me, it works much better with the Miami Blue. Although I'm confident the Mint Green is equally excellent with numerous other shades!
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