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  1. spongebob

    Feedback for Raslee

    Lee purchased a cable from me. Totally smooth transaction - instant payment and great comms throughout. Thanks again Lee!
  2. spongebob

    Fender Rumble 500 Head - NOW SOLD!

    Now sold - thanks Ian! 😁
  3. spongebob

    Fender Rumble 500 Head - NOW SOLD!

    Sorry Dunc - straight sale only! 😁
  4. FENDER RUMBLE 500 HEAD Here is my amazing Rumble head up for grabs. I'm sure most, if not all on here, will be aware of how amazing the current (V3) Rumbles are. I used to run a combo and cab, and switched to cab and head later on. Due to space restrictions, I've moved back to Markbass a while back, so the head is now for sale. It's only 2.27kg, and pushes out a full 500w at 4 ohm. Really powerful tone, vintage and modern. 350w at 8 ohm. Condition-wise, it's immaculate. Only one minor point to mention, and that's a small indentation on one of the rear corners. It's minor, it's pictured, I did it, and that's it. Glorious piece of equipment. The photos show how it has been looked after. Comes in the original Fender case. What I'll also include, is a speakon to jack lead (needed for the Rumble head, as it's a jack input), made by our own OBBM (Rock Wire, Bass-ic Bits). Dave's leads are of the highest quality available. I no longer need it, so will throw it in so that you can get playing straight away. Only asking Β£265 for this, UK courier included. Β£265 gets you the head, case, cable, and delivery to your door. Payment by PayPal 'gift' or bank transfer please. Thanks for looking! SB πŸ˜€
  5. spongebob

    250w Head & 400w Cab?

    Thanks guys! I've decided to stick with a 500w. I did consider a 250w, given the price difference and power currently used. However, given headroom, and not wanting to ever be caught short....I've pulled the trigger on a Little Mark 3. Due tomorrow!
  6. Good point Muzz! It's the standard 1 metre. πŸ˜€
  7. Here is a speakon to jack cable as made by BC's very own OBBM. Dave's cables are second to none, and I never use anything else, and haven't since I joined BC about 10 years ago! I've got a new one on order now. I'm changing my amp head back to a speakon to speakon set-up, so am selling this cable. I've used it on a Fender Rumble rig occasionally (if at all), as it was my 'spare' lead. The other one I'll give away with the Rumble 500 head which will be listed any day now (when my new one arrives). Condition is excellent, immaculate. Hard to picture a cable, but I've tried! Only asking Β£9.00 for this, free postage within the UK. Payment by PayPal 'gift' please - thanks for looking! SB πŸ˜€
  8. spongebob

    Digital remasters, yes or no?

    I listened to the 40th anniversary remaster of The Ramones' 'Leave Home' yesterday. Sounds very nice indeed - I've always liked the sound of the original (IMHO, their best album without doubt), and the new mixes given it even more....more! I think there's always good and bad....look at Rush's 'Vapor Trails' - the original mix has been removed from most (if not all) of the streaming sites.....bit of revisionism going on there...and I liked the original! 😁
  9. spongebob

    Colin Moulding and XTC generally...

    Thread revival! I finally got Sky last week, and immediately recorded the 'This Is Pop' documentary. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by it. It seemed to skip over so much, with very little real insight. The 'strike' on Virgin records was not even mentioned, and DG's departure merited only a brief reference. Sad, given the massive contribution he made to the band. There's a really good DG interview on YT, where he goes into far greater detail about these kind of events, and his XTC story in general. I learned far more from him than I did from the documentary.
  10. spongebob

    Is this Fender Pbass Real?

    No strings either. They always come with those. Definitely not real! 🀣
  11. spongebob

    250w Head & 400w Cab?

    It's a choice between a Marcus Miller 250...crisp, but not cheap, and (related to research and another thread) a Tech 21 VT 500, to add a little Geddy crunch. Power-wise, the latter is the same as I have now. But the MM is the 250 choice. My Fender 500 is a great amp....but seems to suit my Markbass/Geddy Lee bass set up less so than an all Rumble amp/cab/P. Did also consider the Ampeg PF 350/500...but this is all happening through my 2x10. Guess I'm just trying to maximize my Geddy's 'Geddyness'!!
  12. spongebob

    My bass head isn’t quite doing it for me...

    Sounds great. Hate to thread-jack, but I'm really liking the look of these. Slight crunch, power, great price!
  13. spongebob

    250w Head & 400w Cab?

    I'm currently running a 500w head through a 400w cab. Fender head, Markbass cab (a 2x10). Most gigs, neither is being pushed...volume at just over 1/4 most of the time, as it's a trio in pubs most of the time. I'm looking for a slight change with the head, and given what's on offer, and contemplating a 250w head. Anyone out there gigging with one? Guess I'm currently carrying loads more power than necessary...in fact, too much for the cab. The new Marcus Miller heads are very tempting..... I appreciated it's very debatable....headroom and all that....but I'd be interested to hear any insights!
  14. spongebob

    My bass head isn’t quite doing it for me...

    I've read some good stuff about the Tech 21 heads. Got me quite curious, as to if you can really get that extra crunch without running a pre-amp. Usable crunch, rather than flat-out distortion.