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  1. I was like WTF is this ceefax music when I first heard Weather Report. But over the years I find a few of Jacos stuff just the essence of 70s weirdness which is what I love about him. River people sounds so cool and the stuff he did with Little Beaver is awesome. No one who doesnt play bass has heard of him though!
  2. I love synths. I remember how elated I was when I built my first basic VCF. You can make some amazing noises.lol.
  3. Sorry just looked and the keys on this synth will be bedded on copper strip, again just go careful when you unscrew and clean the copper with isopropyl alcohol.
  4. If it's just sticky keys it's dead easy just be careful. Most synths of this age used two silver coated rails to determine notes using control voltage which is then sent to the oscillators. You can clean them easily with isopropyl alcohol or switch cleaner and gently rub with cotton buds. Put switch cleaner into knobs and faders as well and twiddle them back and fourth to stop dead spots and crackles. I build analog modules from schematics and these synths are tougher than you think.
  5. I just watched AIR recorded live at Sydney opera house and Nick Godin is definitely a bit of a dark one.Very very groovy bass playing not to mention the other stuff he does. I saw them live in Cambridge mid 2000s and never noticed.
  6. Very sad. So gifted. Heroin and Jazz musicians seem to be synonymous with each other.
  7. Very sad. Never really heard him,will deffo check him out as he sounds like joe pass on bass!
  8. Jim Morrison, Ian curtis, and a myriad of others must be doing electro boogie in their graves. Oasis were one of the most rag tag cobbled together overated plagerist rubbish that came out the 90s. How the hell they havent been sued for nicking nearly every song I dont know.
  9. Cest Chic I wore this old vinyl copy out I bought in 1994. I bought it from an old crumbling record shop in Blaydon it still had the plastic and original price tag on it. Bernard and the band were just the pinnacle of tight funky playing. I always thought to myself why does no one realise how great these guys were. 20 years later everybody finally realised. Guess daft punk must have been thinking the same.
  10. YouMa


    Hahaha. Nice one the acts really coming along.
  11. YouMa


    Old people have a right to whinge because they are sick of young people whinging.
  12. YouMa


    Yes hungover,but let's be honest here the basis of most British rap music is whinging about social injustices.
  13. YouMa


    Sick of hearing rappers whinge constantly. Just like I'm sick of hearing "young people" whinge. If you don't like it here sod off to somewhere else and whinge there otherwise deal with it.
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