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  1. YouMa


    Hahaha. Nice one the acts really coming along.
  2. YouMa


    Old people have a right to whinge because they are sick of young people whinging.
  3. YouMa


    Yes hungover,but let's be honest here the basis of most British rap music is whinging about social injustices.
  4. YouMa


    Sick of hearing rappers whinge constantly. Just like I'm sick of hearing "young people" whinge. If you don't like it here sod off to somewhere else and whinge there otherwise deal with it.
  5. Jackson pollock just dribbled and flicked paint. Check out his work Autumn. That's pretty similar. Just look up his technique.
  6. You can get coloured oil mate
  7. Cheers mate is there a finish apart from poly I can use that will not darken the wood.
  8. Does anyone no if clear Danish oil is actually clear on wood. I used Tru oil and this has given a slight Amber hue to my bass finish. Any suggestions please?
  9. My advice. Don't go for basses your heroes play. Try a load. I'm not a big fan of metal but my Warwick streamer was amazing as are most Ibanez necks in the Soundgear range. You may feel you are playing a tree trunk with some of the classic basses.
  10. You can create your own Glastonbury festival at home. Pitch a tent in your garden,put on radio 6 Then get whizzed and stoned out of your mind. Don't forget to steal your own shoes and urinate up the side of your tent.
  11. I'm talking about the black oxide coating mate like when you have Black metal bridge etc. It wears really quick.
  12. Has any one tried to reblack tarnished hardware screws etc. I have looked at gun bluing but this seems a lot of hassle.
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