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  1. YouMa

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    Saw him and met him in Newcastle riverside. He was amazing.
  2. YouMa

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    I'm on Del Palmers Facebook. He's an interesting man. Underated I think.
  3. YouMa

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    I remember finding all these tracks so magical as a very young child. If I had been old enough to be Kate's bass player I would be married to her now. Amazing woman.
  4. Wish fender made necks like ibanez. My sire v7 feels like a tree trunk compared to my SR
  5. YouMa

    Home at Last.

    I'll raise you I got the blues. Aja is a sublime album. The Dan rule. It's just the best music in the world to think too and the lyrics are just mental. Green earings?
  6. YouMa

    Abba bass lines

    Most of the bass lines are doubled with synth. I had a good book on them about recording at polar studios. Benny was a synth wizard.
  7. YouMa

    F a n n y (the band)

    Great band. The drummer was a bit scary. The Slits did some mental stuff. Typical girls is brilliant. I like that female band in The killing of sister George film,the one at the Gateways Lesbian club.
  8. YouMa

    James Jamerson. The Jackson's.

    Wish someone would find his bass. I find it very strange how it was stolen just before he died. Did he owe money? I know he had drink problems towards the end. Despite trawls on the internet there is very little info on the man even from family.
  9. YouMa

    James Jamerson. The Jackson's.

    I think muting foam and a high action had a lot to do with his sound. There is no denying that he was very gifted though. It's just such a shame he did not live longer. I always got the impression they berry Gordy didn't really give much of a toss about those blokes playing for him.. From the stuff I have read and heard about Jamerson he could test the patience of a saint and was very stubborn. Although I wasn't there so this is all hearsay.
  10. YouMa

    James Jamerson. The Jackson's.

    2468 is a Jackson 5 track mate. I think Jamerson was first to really make the bass dance. It's Jamerson and Edwards that really float my boat. There is true beauty in their phrasing.
  11. YouMa

    James Jamerson. The Jackson's.

    I like 2468 he was brill wasn't he.
  12. YouMa

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Not a big fan of her playing but this was rather good.
  13. YouMa

    Beastie Boys Book

    Great band.
  14. YouMa


    Slade were an excellent band.
  15. YouMa

    Tracey Thorn on bass in The Times.

    Cheers Rodders!