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  1. Lol.Nice one Dave the acts really coming along.
  2. I would personally not deal with any people who refer to themselves as "a crew"
  3. It still annoys me that software is released before all glitches are ironed out.
  4. Not Neural but I am using the Line 6 Helix VST for guitar at the moment and it's amazing. Quality of VST stuff is just getting better and better is just a case of picking out the good ones from the stinkers
  5. Dont bother with Arturia vst stuff it's not quite in the same league now sound wise. However I use their hardware with C.V out with my modular I'm building. Best soft synths I have used are stuff like Rob papen blue 2 and the Spire synth is also amazing. The korg legacy collection has always been good although getting old now. Beware with synths like Spire and Serum as some of them are getting pretty CPU intensive if you are using them alongside other software DAW etc.
  6. Still think Noddy should have taken over from Bon Scott.
  7. I have a V7 and don't get on with the neck as my girls hands have been used to playing Ibanez. Does anyone know the thickness (not width,depth) of the M7 necks are they as thin as Ibanez. As the M7 is lovely sounding.
  8. I liked the lesser known theme from 80s Three up two down TV show its ronnie again. Well smooth.
  9. Download Asio4all it's free. Try this first.
  10. Hiya mate you could save yourself a lot if you dont mind using VST software. The Vahalla shimmer is just as good if not better for a lot less money.
  11. The Jack Russell is such a cool dog that's why.
  12. I like them but liked Sardinista more. The more arty punk groups like the Clash and Stranglers had more of an edge than shouty and let's face it crap that was out at the time.
  13. Great band but lead singer looked like a ww2 eastern European refugee. They had some good synth stuff. Ping Pong was a great track.
  14. I was like WTF is this ceefax music when I first heard Weather Report. But over the years I find a few of Jacos stuff just the essence of 70s weirdness which is what I love about him. River people sounds so cool and the stuff he did with Little Beaver is awesome. No one who doesnt play bass has heard of him though!
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