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  1. Saw them twice on the reunion tour: Wembley Arena, seated - bit boring; Vienna, standing near the front, brilliant. Also, top prize winner for "fewest notes played on a Moog Taurus I". Also also, the Certifiable DVD/Blu-ray is amazing for picture and sound quality.
  2. Paul sold me his Tech 21 SansAmp Geddy Lee YYZ pedal. The pedal arrived super quick, is in excellent condition, and Paul was patient with my questions and supplied extra photos of the pedal and parcel tracking details. Good stuff all round.
  3. Good call. See also Wolfgang Reichmann, without whom early Simple Minds and Ultravox would've been clean out of make-up and synth sound ideas
  4. Here's something a bit more up to date, Mood Taeg (spotify link has the full version) https://open.spotify.com/album/5J30Ff3m2TXYL39gOJoB9i?si=oTlYOSEmTiqi2oESrbhScg
  5. I saw Faust (possibly FaUSt, I'm not sure of the difference) at Cafe Oto when live music was a thing. It featured on the one hand an angle grinder on scrap metal in one song, and on the other throughout a lady was knitting onstage continuously through the set. A music of contrasts
  6. Although he's admitted it's not terribly accurate, and the truth has been embellished in parts. A good place to start are the Soul Jazz "Deutsche Elektronische Musik" compilations, here's v1, another two volumes (at least) are available. https://open.spotify.com/album/3lwUtVJbbPyVvgyXKjRt2Q?si=0jMpU4k3Sm2CPkIy4JoJWg Another couple I have bookmarked: Cologne Curiosities : The Unknown Krautrock Underground 1972-1976 https://open.spotify.com/album/0bLqscEyXOX84uhcnthb6r?si=ZQFykuGpTQGShWl5LYbaPw Mathias Modica presents Kraut Jazz Futurism https://open.spotify.com/album/2d2rP5ogmiaIIDPS9qDl2p?si=JKlhnAPTSQeV3wdk-jvWMA Check out Volumes 1-4 of Kosmischer Laufer (see above), plus live EP - https://kosmischerlaufer.bandcamp.com/. There's an intricate back-story relating to electronic music being composed in secret to inspire and motivate the East German olympic teams in the 70s, which almost suspends disbelief long enough to forget it's actually a guy from Edinburgh doing it all over the last few years. (That's him on Live In Graz. "last chance for some jogging on the spot", ho ho)
  7. Speaking of Kosmischer
  8. Great, another reason to drop the Sky subscription
  9. I've got to the end of the first section (page 20-ish onwards), and it kind of feels like I'm playing endless almost-chromatic lines, missing out the odd note for a whole note step here and there. Anyone else?
  10. If it helps you as a seller I'd buy the Bruce Thomas if I had to buy one (hypothetically of course)
  11. Turns out the answer is on page 21. We're in the key of C now and the ii-V pattern is Dm7-G7. Same thing is happening though, we're descending through the ii and there's no space for a passing tone between beat 3 of the ii chord and beat 1 of the V chord. (This time it's C and B, previously it was Bb and A). GW says "you can see the direction has to be interrupted since a passing note is not possible between C and B", and he plays D Db C Bb, then B A G Gb as the first four beats of the V chord. So back to my original question, there's no space for a passing tone between the Bb of the Cm7 (the ii chord) descending to the A of the F7 (the V chord), so the descending pattern has to be interrupted. So the answer is Ab - I'd play Eb C Bb Ab, then A F A Bb.
  12. Thanks, what I meant was specifically about Cm7 to F7, starting on the m3 of the Cm7 and descending with three chord tones then a passing tone. Eb, C, Bb, then what? (carrying on the descending motion to a chord tone of F7)
  13. Question for the nascent GW students (or indeed those more experienced). I'm doing the lesson on page 13, Passing Tones, playing three chord tones then a passing tone to the next chord tone of the following chord (looping around Cm7 - F7). Say I'm starting on the third of the minor 7 chord, then descending. So that's Eb, C, Bb. What's my next move? Either 1. another Bb then A on the downbeat (although the Bb is "wasted" to borrow from the terminology on page 14), or 2. G (which is another chord tone of Cm7, so no passing note here) then down to F for the downbeat? I imagine the answer is "whatever sounds good" or "it depends". Curious as to your feelings about it though.
  14. Luminol is great (instrumentally anyway - I find the lyrics a bit cringe). It's as if SW was doing a Bond theme.
  15. Did someone mention Chuck Sher's Bass Soloing Concepts here? My copy of that arrived today. Now that'll be 2023 before it gets much of a look-in.
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