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  1. This is often shown to me in Amazon ads for reasons I can't quite work out
  2. Got to admit it was a nervous couple of days between the box arriving and vol 6 later that week 😬
  3. Same here. Nearly posted this on the DB thread where everyone's moaning, decided it probably wasn't in the spirit of things (especially as I haven't listened to vol 6 yet)
  4. Don't try to do all four at the same time. Scott Divine covers when not to do it here
  5. Sounds great if I boost the Loudness and switch on Dobly.
  6. A friend worked at Wunjo, and he thought it fitting that there was exactly one Joe who worked there. Also, and by coincidence you'll find scarcely credible, at No. Tom there is no Tom working there.
  7. That grey one between Hanks and Macaris is (was) the 12 Bar Club
  8. Excellent, there's only 95 of them - which possibly means you got a higher proportion correct
  9. I think another fun game (you already covered Andy Partridge in this respect) is "find the photo that he copied for the print".
  10. I know what you mean - I've just seen the artist's website though, search for Matthew Lineham. Full answers there.
  11. Between Trev and Martin Fry? I had to look him up, the pic is making his chin a lot more beefy than reality. Clue: plays a Vox Teardrop, his band has a different name abroad.
  12. Row 2 #3 = bloke from Thomson Twins, #6 = Trevor Horn The others you mention I would never have got, having looked up the answers - there's a handful of others similar.
  13. Row 8, #1 = Tracey Ullman or Sheena Easton?
  14. Row 9 #7 = Andy Partridge of XTC Row 4 #6 = Danny Elfman (in Oingo Boingo mode)
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