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  1. Adam sold me his Source Audio Ultrawave pedal - top marks for staying in touch, quick responses to messages, quick delivery and also after-sales support!
  2. Getting your expenses from Green King is quite simple, now pay attention everyone
  3. We all look forward to your lute album in a few years time. May I ask (as a fellow ex-tributer) what informed the decision? (no problem if it's "mind your own business, tone")
  4. London dates rescheduled for March 24th, 25th, 26th 2022. Gives them a while to get some different songs in the setlist 😁
  5. Thanks! Very kind of you to say so. The band has moved on now, so look out for posts in the Bassists Available ads before too long!
  6. Just found this from the history books - https://velcropelmet.com/music - contains a clip of our Chromazone (plus other hit singles from the genre)
  7. Have heard both Tony and Mike are affected, from another corner of the internet.
  8. Yep, from what I heard last night he's now a member of the band with Jim Leverton having stepped aside to concentrate on other bands. (from what I can tell from facebook, The Blue Devils, who do the Kent circuit - maybe he wants to stay local these days?) Remaining tour dates here: https://officialcaravan.co.uk/gigs/
  9. Yep, love Hatfield. Maybe start a new Richard Sinclair thread? 😁 I saw him with Hatfield around the mid-2000s at the Borderline and LA2 (RIP x2). Had a chat after the Borderline show, and we swapped a few emails subsequently. A very nice chap indeed.
  10. Caravan update from last night: turns out the Union Chapel sent out duff info re timing, so thanks to @Mickeyboro for the heads up for actual set times. Excellent show, well surpassing the last time I saw them at the QEH a few years ago. Of course the Pomeroy chap played a blinder, turns out the lad can sing as well! His spot in 9FU was a delight. But it highlights how much I miss Richard Sinclair from the band, so today I'm spinning those awesome pre-Plump albums.
  11. There's a word missing there ie "gutted he's NOT on the current Hackett tour". Current bassist for Hackett is the extremely capable Jonas Reingold.
  12. On my way! So there's actually no support?
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