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  1. I'm currently available to join any band with Carol Vorderman in the line-up
  2. Octopus is a winner. Love the album art as well. No tongue, only tentacles. Reminds me of an ex girlfriend.
  3. has anyone mentioned "groovehacker" yet?
  4. see you and raise you "buttah"
  5. As does "get in the sea" (sorry)
  6. What happens if I link to a bank account that's got zero balance and I subsequently close the account?
  7. Possibly still in stock here: https://www.peckhamsoul.co.uk/shop/vinyl/morningrise/ https://blackcirclerecords.co.uk/product/opeth-morningrise/ https://www.badlands.co.uk/opeth-morningrise-grey-blue-2-vinyl-lp-record-store-day-2021/
  8. And the icing on the cake: Anyone know the song that Gene can't get?
  9. I got to my local shop about 11am. Got the Opeth release? Sorry, sold it. It? yeah we only got one. That'll teach me to have a lie in! (Got it later online from Rough Trade at the 6pm online release) I'll be one the ball for next time: Jon Anderson, Magma, St Vincent
  10. That was the original intention, maybe I should have been more obvious! Here's another to get us back on track. You may think you're cool but you're no Carol Kaye (no further specification needed) Keep them coming (bass players preferred).
  11. I've just accepted offer "Grab 80% off variable eBay selling fees (excludes 30p order-level fees)". Erm, thanks?
  12. Except pipe and curly lead, as previously established.
  13. ...but you're no Tony Levin with a Baby Bass through a Portaflex with a curly lead, sporting sideys, Burt Reynolds tash, a short sleeve turtle neck and medallion. (happy birthday TLev recently. Image borrowed from https://tonylevin.com/road-diaries/looking-back/pictures-from-way-back) Keep them coming.
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