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  1. Turns out CW is also an annoyingly good bassist
  2. I had a parcel delivered by Hermes pre-Christmas. When I say "delivered" what I mean is they said they attempted delivery, we weren't in (we were - it was a Saturday night in lockdown), they would attempt redelivery on the next working day (ie Monday). On Sunday evening nice man came round with our parcel, he'd seen it in a neighbours garden and his wife had pointed out that was odd as the house was currently unoccupied. (They live a good 10-15 mintues walk from me). The nice man had spotted our address and brought it round himself to complete the job for Hermes. The retailer kept pestering me for feedback and I posted the above story on their website. Their moderators removed it as it wasn't anything to do with the thing I'd bought.
  3. Winner of today's "Who's Stupid" competition: I had tickets for CW at the Electric Ballroom last Feb. Couldn't be arsed, sold the tickets on.
  4. Thank god it's ok to wear white jeans again.
  5. At some point in the early/mid 90s a cat snuck in through a barely open window and p*ssed in a Casio keyboard that was on the third shelf up (an expert flatmate later helped identify the odor). Turns out there's more p*ss in a cat than can comfortably fit in a Casio keyboard (who knew!) so it overflowed on to shelf two, which held my admittedly in those days much smaller record collection. Words were said, some of which I'm not proud of. Much of sections H-R had to be discarded/burnt. The specific cat was never identified (turns out you can't dust for cat p*ss) but this may explain my ongoing for dislike for cats to this day and an unexpected spike in second hand record shop activity in the Hampshire/Surrey/Sussex areas in the mid-90s.
  6. Same here, an excellent lockdown pastime (for a few weeks anyway) There were some pleasant surprises to be had!
  7. Ikea Flintan. £55 without arms (but tone how do you type? lol) and a year on the return policy. Arms are optional extra at another £15 or something. Treat yourself to some shelves and that while you're at it
  8. I hope no one covers this, it's the Bad and the Terrible all in one
  9. It could get awfully chilly in Tyneside TV studios, even when wearing a fluffy jumper.
  10. On the other hand, Soft Machine's London Jazz Fest date at Ronnie's was postponed from Sunday Nov 22nd a mere fortnight to Sunday Dec 6th, and so far no sign of shifting that.
  11. Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall. Originally May 26/27 2020. Then rescheduled for May 1/2 2021. And again to May 30/31 2022. JB will be around 78 years young by then. Hang in there Jeff!
  12. Special delivery arrived yesterday.
  13. Andy Serkis, aka Gollum, Snoke, Caesar and a whole bunch of others Great film though - saw it back in the day at an actual cinema.
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