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  1. I have thought about this, you know, and read some pickup specs ... in the case of 6-string multiscale basses, there aren't any standard sized pickups that would fit, and fully cover all the strings, at the required angle. The EHB1506MS uses Nordstrand Custom Big Splits, not a standard size, off-the-shelf model. Now, I know that Nordstrand don't charge a lot for custom orders - the website says $20 or $40 - which may be a factor in why Ibanez use them. (I haven't ruled out the EHB1506MS for myself. ) So If you're going to replace angled pickups in a 6-string multiscale, about the only off-the-shelf option I can find with the required coverage would be an EMG 45P or PX (split-P) with the reverse option, which would have the bass and treble coils placed about correctly. With their other single or dual coil models, at least one string would be outside coverage of at least one coil. Bartolini offers the similar H66P and others, but they say all H6 series pickups are special order with long lead times. So I don't fault Ibanez for doing their own thing when it comes to pickups for EHB1006MS, since it was either that, use the same Nordstrand Custom Big Splits ($$), or investigate other custom - low volume options such as the Bartolinis I mentioned ($$). I expect there are other options, but good options? PS: Dingwall uses pickups custom made to their specs, not a standard size either.
  2. What Ibanez is doing with the T1 pickups is something I've thought about before: to me it makes total sense for multiscales to have two humbucker coils in separate housings for flexibility in mounting. Standard housings look awkward to me and custom pickup housings add to the cost. So the EHB1006MS could become my first six string bass.
  3. Since bass monitoring wasn’t the primary use case here, but rather a bonus, I didn’t feel the need to research this heavily or spend more on a “professional” setup. Philips’ dongle method means that they handle both ends of the link transparently, so I didn’t have to worry about how they achieved low latency. It could be aptX LL or something proprietary. But I agree that the current situation is a mess e.g. Apple’s approach to low latency is very hit-and-miss.
  4. I was looking for some new Bluetooth headphones for use with my PC and iPad, and got a set of Philips TAH6206BK headphones. These are actually work in two modes: as standard Bluetooth headphones, with all the latency you expect, or in a “TV mode” for low latency with the supplied dongle. When the dongle is plugged in to a computer or smart TV, the combination works as a standard USB audio device with low latency = good for games, movies etc. The dongle can also work standalone when plugged in to any USB power source (such as a charger), and it has an aux input, and so this is where it gets more interesting. For example, I just had my tc SpectraDrive preamp’s headphone out going in to the dongle, and a long cable in to a bass, and while I expect there was some latency, it was not audible. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as well as it did and sounded as good. I wouldn’t call the Philips headphones “road-ready”, being light plastic as they are, but for home practice, I’d call them pretty good.
  5. Having neck-through multiscales is interesting to me, certainly. Only certain custom builders and IIRC Cort & Schecter before this,and neither of those with 37” scale on the B.
  6. If you want to get deep in to synthesis, there’s a series of articles here that starts from the basics of sound. The way I see it, just making a sound is easy, but making that sound musical is why synths can get quite complex.
  7. I watched bits of a video podcast that included a comparative spec sheet: Looks like balanced TRS outputs. The USB Audio is 8 in / 8 out = I'd want to see examples of just how you would make use of that. ("Re-amping" multiple audio channels?) It will be a shame if this goes head-to-head the Line6 HX Stomp for nearly the same price but two years later. Hopefully, Thomann gets stock at a competitive price.
  8. Thanks - wasn't aware of that one. It's got the basic shape, but of course I'm thinking of something a lot more upscale. 💰💸
  9. This might be weird, but here goes anyway ... I've always liked the look of the Yamaha SG-2000 guitar, and have sometimes wondered why they never made an equivalent bass, a SB-2000. So I would spec out a 5-string (SB-2500?) with a body of similar size or slightly larger, and a small headstock with lightweight tuners (since neck dive would be a risk). For electronics, I would want their nicest TRBX pickups, simple passive volume & tone for each , then to split outputs as on the Attitude. For woods and finish, I would look for something lighter than the SG-2000, maybe a quilted maple top or a light green tint. PS I might want to spec EMG soapbar pickups, such as the 40DCX at the neck and 40TWX at the bridge.
  10. I’ve never owned a signature bass and probably never will. I have ideas of my own about signal chains and processing that I would rather spend my money on. The one in which I was most interested was (of course) the Rickenbacker 4001CS, which others have mentioned, but it’s way beyond my budget and there’s a risk I wouldn’t like it. I would consider a Stu Hamm Fender Urge because it’s a true signature bass, built to his specs from the wood up. 32” medium scale is big today, but Stu may have been the first to see the value in that. There is perhaps one I would jump on if I could afford it: a Status Chris Wolstenholme signature. That’s Chris’ “bread & butter” bass these days, only bringing other basses out for particular songs. The way he plays, he’s hard on the instrument, so carbon composite neck through construction makes sense. That thing looks like it would survive a nuclear war.
  11. I’ve talked about mine here before: out of the box, being a passive P is probably what it’s best at, since that pickup is a beast. The other pickup and active EQ, not so good. It’s quite heavy, too, about 10 lbs. I see the Bass Centre does a few P basses, including a Bruce Thomas P and a John Entwistle “Frankenstein”, both for about £500 each.
  12. Do you have any more details about that? I'm curious about what's going on structurally that would eliminate neck bends. (I have some ideas of my own about that problem.)
  13. I saw that video but didn't twig that there was a short scale version: I just thought TimC was really tall, the way Chris Squire made his Rick look tiny. 😊
  14. I’ve been following this bloke’s YouTube Channels for a long time, and one of them is about a museum he’s set up in Ramsgate to showcase all manner of weird and wonderful electronic stuff. It’s just opened, Sunday’s only for the moment, and you can book on EventBrite. Here’s a quick tour: On my list of reasons to go to Ramsgate.
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