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  1. And note that a R/L filter is also a thing, & it definitely takes the edge off the low frequencies. Put that together with the R/C filter, and you can see why I think passive mixing of pickups could affect the tone a tad.
  2. Yep - one example would be the Fender Jazz with its VVT wiring. With both volume knobs on full, the two pickups are shorted together with no resistance between them.
  3. I'd say it depends e.g. in my HB, before I rewired it, the pickups came together at a balance pot before feeding the active circuit, so it was still passive mixing, though the pot arrangement meant that there was always some resistance between them. Better preamp circuits such as the John East models buffer the signals before mixing them. EMG will sell you their Active Balance Control which does a similar thing for passive pickups. (I have some active EMG pickups on the way for my HB, as it happens.)
  4. I don't know the answer to the specific question about a mid scoop, but an active pickup signal is "buffered" and doesn't interact with other signals when mixed. Two passive pickup signals will interact when mixed together, on the other hand. From the point of view of one pickup, bringing in the other pickup is introducing another coil in to the circuit. That changes the overall impedance of the circuit, which can change the frequency response. Is it heresy to link to a post on Talkbass? If not, this is a decent explanation.
  5. If it helps, here are measurements from my HB MP-4 Enhanced, which I suspect they cribbed from a Sandberg VM. 34” scale, from the 12th fret to the centre of the pole piece: EA coil: 314 mm DG coil: 286 mm
  6. My HB MP-4 Enhanced has a reverse P: I like the look, not expecting it to be a major factor in sonic terms. Since the bass side is closer to the bridge, I expect it to be slightly less bassy, and the converse for the treble side. So perhaps a little less tonal range. I've posted about the stock Roswell PM-4 before, how it's a steamroller that flattens everything else, so such subtleties are likely lost on it. I have some EMGs on the way in a couple of weeks, though, so maybe I'll hear something once they're on.
  7. bnt

    Carvin Basses

    Kiesel was split off from Carvin in 2009 and still makes some of their classic designs, such as the Brian Bromberg signature model. They make a few instruments that I would really like to try if I could afford them, such as the ZBM5 multiscale headless.
  8. Can we appreciate Sandbergs even if we don't own one? The Configurator on the website lets you spec one out and see what it would look like. You can copy or paste the code to or from the box, so if you put the following code in, you can get an idea of what I'm imagining today: CANV2-VM:S-N-4S-34-MF-GB-ASH-NOT-MPF-F-NOI-NOM-BKH-CLT-2EQ-MP-MCP-RH
  9. I was going to mention the Behringer BDI, but can see you've been there and done that. I just took a look at Thomann, out of interest, and can see that they have the Eden Module TerraNova at a very interesting price. I don't know much about it, though, except to note that Eden is now owned by Marshall. PS: found this thread with some not-so-good reviews
  10. With multiscales, one factor I always check is the position of the “vertical” fret, which determines how steep the angle is low down. On the Dingwalls it’s around the 7th fret, and it’s the same on Strandberg and the new Ibanez range. On the Dimension it’s around the 12th fret, so it does mean more of an angle for the hand at the lower frets. The ESP Ltd and the Schecter Stiletto Studio-5FF are the same. I like the look of these basses, but I think I’d be happier with the Dingwall-type layout.
  11. Video demo of the Dimension 5:
  12. Insert "record scratch" sound effect here: the order was dispatched, they say, but returned by the courier and I was refunded. Thanks to the timing - after Christmas - it ran head-first in to Brexit-related covfefe and the courier company said "we can't even". Which is probably a good thing, since I've seen some new product releases and am having a rethink. I saw the thread about the Hotone Stomp, and if that can handle a dual output "Rick-O-Sound" bass, then I may be up for that. To Be Continued ...
  13. The dual inputs are definitely interesting, since I'm getting more in to running dual pickup outputs and processing them differently a la Rick-O-Sound. The Line6 Helix and Boss GT-1000 can do that, but at a hefty price, so I'll keep one eye on this one and hope it has that capability.
  14. SubZero appears to be Gear4Music's in-house budget brand - don't know much about them, though I have a couple of their pedals and a headphone amp on the way to me this week.
  15. I can see a few Behringer MDX2200s and dbx266XLs on Reverb with seller in the UK, and also a Yamaha GC2020b. Thomann has the Behringer MDX4600 in stock, 4 channels in 1U for €111, though that could be a bit too much ..? PS: checked Gear4Music out of curiosity, they have the usual suspects, but they also have this, a full channel strip (preamp, compressor, EQ) in 1U for £100.
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