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  1. Good luck with the sale and thanks for getting back to me, sadly import fees would now be £2-300 so rules it out. Looks a great bass and sure it will sell.
  2. I am interested but thanks to ******g Brexit the import fees are making it unviable. I don’t suppose you ever come over to the U.K. do you?
  3. Not a gig as such but helped out a mate at his open mic last night. Ended up playing about an hour or so, I have missed this so much!
  4. Harmonica and saxophones for me. I have dabbled with acoustic and electric guitars and have a drum kit at work but 90% of kit is bass stuff.
  5. Sharpie pens are a nightmare. Methylated spirits shift it, as does acetone as mentioned above. Meths is gentler but takes longer to work, I would try that first. Good luck!
  6. And it’s easy to forget that few bands manage the personal aspects well over time. If AC was a massive overpowering personality they may have split years ago. I love their early stuff and I don’t see any issue with his playing at all, it works where it is. I think he probably realised quite early that he was on to something a bit special and has kept his head down and enjoyed the ride.
  7. Any Valves or even better valve Nixie tubes would be cool, in fact I think you can get LED fake Nixies now that probably run off low voltage.
  8. I think you are confusing skiing with basejumping, skiing involves wearing appallingly awful clothing that even a kids TV presenter would refuse, whilst sliding into snow cannons at high speed on two fence slats, or even worse, the one planked brigade…….. (But joking aside, skiing is an awesome sport)
  9. Another positive here, excellent service and incredibly helpful in every way.
  10. You can’t beat a decent gig where the sound guys know what they are doing and the crowd and band are up for it. I have seen the odd dodgy gig but most have been great nights. I still get excited by a decent chance to see someone I haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen in years. Always have a few lined up but Offspring and The Hives in October should take some beating. The only thing I don’t like is where touts buy up the tickets and sell them on in a semi legal way. Thankfully most of the bands I go to aren’t big enough to attract that attention.
  11. Thanks everyone. Time isn’t a worry (although the sax I bought a couple of weeks back came in 8 days, 4 of which saw it sat in customs in Coventry). Sadly the seller has gone very quiet so I am hoping it hasn’t been sold.
  12. I have found a nice little gem I am interested in importing from the states. The seller has priced up shipping with USPS and it’s £125. Not a deal breaker if it has to be but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with other carriers who may be less expensive. The neck will come off and it will be well boxed. I guess approx 1m x 60cm x 30cm max and probably between 10-15kg but could creep over depending on packing.
  13. Bob Mould - Black sheets of rain, an entire album of perfect misery.
  14. I guess best will come down to which is easiest to play in tune and which one you like the sound of. The search for the perfect reed is like the search for the perfect bass!
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