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  1. I tried some Phil Jones stuff and really liked it, but I don’t remember it as being particularly light, in fact I remember it as fairly hefty. Not TE heavy but a good weight all the same.
  2. I think the new one is switchable like the old so you would get a full 500w, but I would check just to be sure. I got the 1000w second hand off here as it came up at sensible money, it rarely goes above about 4/10 in any place we have played. I cranked it up to about 8/10 just messing about when we did a small festival once and the drummer who was late could hear me the best part of a mile away! I changed the valves to give a little more clean head room and that is supposed to lower the overall output a little but I can’t say I have noticed. But wind it right down I can use it to practice in a semi detached without upsetting the neighbours. They aren’t versatile in the way some of the TC heads are as the tone is the tone is the tone so to speak, but you can get a fair bit of variance from the basic controls so as long as you are happy with that then they are great. I would highly recommend them.
  3. Another vote for the supercompact, coupled with a midget it makes a very versatile setup, I use an orange terror 1000w amp which is probably overkill for anywhere I am likely to play but the whole rig can be carried by one person in one go.
  4. I have desired a TE V8 for a VERY long time, I even went to the extent of getting the circuit diagrams and seeing if an electronics engineer mate could build one with me. Sadly there are some bits that are almost impossible to get hold of and a guy in America with a few wasn’t keen on letting his tiny stock go for a ‘replica’. This will make its new owner incredibly happy, of that I am sure.
  5. I believe in a thing called love - I despise the Darkness, it’s utter rubbish so imagine my ‘joy’ at it being asked for a mates wedding we are doing. Turns out it’s actually ok to play, has quite a nice feel to it (but two weeks yesterday will still be the one and only time I play it in front of anyone other than the band)
  6. Could still be a duff string. Google dead strings and you find threads on here where people have had problems with new strings, I have only had it once thankfully but sounded just like you describe. It could be all sorts of things including the pick up, bridge etc etc but best to rule out the easy to fix/ cheap options first.
  7. Have you tried a new string? Could just be a duff one. Otherwise worth checking how it sits over the saddle.
  8. Ibanez Talman every time for me, and a shed load of cash to spare.
  9. Just had our first rehearsal since June last night with one of my bands, oddly we seem much better now than when we rehearsed every week. Not sure how that works completely but partly it’s down to certain people being more prepared.
  10. How did I forget Mustang Sally?, I change my three to be that x3, what a stinking pile of dogs eggs that song is
  11. I don’t think anything on the list here counts as ‘modern pop music’, trust me FD if you think the stuff on here is bad, for the love of god never tune to radio 1
  12. I can understand people not liking RHCP but bland? Cannot see that, they have such a range of styles in their music that you never know what coming next (which can be a good or bad thing). Nirvana- one of the best bands ever, but that’s just my opinion 🙂 if you had said jazz then I would have agreed........ horses for courses and all that I suppose.
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