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  1. Pathetic fine and a one year ban so not a lot really. Also the UK is much smaller so many people walk or use public transport. Plus a car can hold five people so plenty of space for drunk punters.
  2. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    I don’t like the finish generally but would more than happily give that house room. It’s subtle and has been done really well. Some sunburst finishes just look naff but that looks a very quality finish.
  3. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    I don’t like tobacco sunburst generally and wouldn’t ever choose it, but there are a couple of basses I could forgive it on. Just generally looks dirty. But quilted maple? Especially dyed, it’s gorgeous.
  4. rattly truss rod (I think)

    Have you tried adjusting the truss rod? Is the nut loose? May just need to be nipped up and adjusted properly.
  5. Hello

    Welcome, here is a good place to start, loads of people on here with massive expertise who are happy to help.
  6. Bass related oxymorons

    Good jazz song
  7. Not convinced on the uniform personally, possibly for some bands but most of the bands I love never had any sort of uniformity and I would have found it a bit strange if they did. As long as one isn’t in a suit and another in shorts and bare chested I think most things go. If you are a specific tribute band then I guess you need ‘the look’ but that is a different issue.
  8. Show us yer fretlesses!

    That is beautiful. I presume you do that professionally?
  9. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    I put small yellow cable ties around lead ends and mike stands etc that could be ‘confused’ by other band members who think the rock wire cables could be their’s and the Aldi special ones could be mine at the end of a gig.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Saw these at Brum O2 on Wednesday as support for Feeder, great live performance
  11. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    Don’t buy kids Jigsaws for Christmas, they may plug them in and cut their fingers off. cut a big hole in the fridge so you can check the light goes off and prevent wasting electricity.
  12. Thunderbird is go

    The miller in a drill was only used for the shaping on the back (pic 2) but was surprisingly effective. The router I use is a beast but with no variable speed which didn’t help. I might try a burr bit as well next time and see how that compares.
  13. Thunderbird is go

    The reference to the router was with the end guide removed and just completely free floating -not a good idea it seems! All the main holes were done with a template for the reasons you mentioned. It was just opening up the jack socket for the neutrik (now not to be used after spring a spec with KiOgon, Sod’s law). It’s interesting to hear about using the climb cut to get a better finish, I will have to try that out. If you do that on metal you end up with a sort of rough engine turning type effect which isn’t very smooth to say the least!
  14. Thunderbird is go

    The mill in the cordless drill is really gentle, because the speed is low it’s very controllable, very different to the router....... i am the H&S Guy at work as well
  15. Can strings suddenly die?

    I think the room aspect is more likely, it has highlighted the deadness to you. I use Roto66s and they sound great, but not for long and you can hear them go off over a long rehearsal.