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  1. T-Bay

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Genuinely not mine, but a mate had a load of hassle with a bandmate who was married with two young kids but who would insist on copping off with any woman he could after a gig but expecting the other bandmates to cover for him. It all came to head when he decided to do it mid gig last year and they were late starting the second set as he was at it in the back of his van in the car park and they had to go and bang on the outside to get him. The shame is that he is a fantastic musician but a pretty terrible human being.
  2. T-Bay

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    It’s also easy to forget that far from accepting a tax regime and working within its boundaries, companies such as Amazon and the Pharmaceutical companies (such as the one I Sadly one worked for ) actively lobby to ensure that the tax regime remains beneficial to them and work very hard to ensure anyone who would change it to their detriment does not get into power. I can’t see many market traders on a Saturday pulling that off......
  3. T-Bay

    USA AVRI 75 Jazz Neck

    Also VERY interested but would need a couple of dimensions to confirm. PM me if above members don’t take it. Thanks.
  4. Another vote for Bananas, it has become a bit of an in joke in the band but I never get cramp unlike rehearsals if I am banana free.
  5. T-Bay

    (what, again?) Precision v Jazz

    Jazz every time for me, the Precision neck is like a Cricket bat.
  6. T-Bay

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    The same amazon customer service refused to refund on a piece of equipment bought for a charity for disabled kids I support. It was returned to the vendor with proof or delivery and they just ignored repeated requests to intervene and refund. The local trading standards told us they were too big to take on. We ended up £150 down, money that had been raised by the kids making stuff, doing bag packs and collecting pennies. They are, and always will be scumbags imho, and that’s before the issues regarding tax/ workers rights etc etc etc.
  7. T-Bay

    Which pedal for dropping the tuning?

    I have a Digitech drop and it is very very good but not perfect. I mainly use it for practice where the original is in a different tuning to how we play it but occasionally use it at rehearsals and have used it live for the drop D on another brick in the wall. The only time I find it struggles is when you play a run across the strings from low to high, it goes a bit warbly on the higher strings in a way it doesn’t if just stay in that area. Nothing major but I notice it. I have never used it for more than a tone down but it will go a full octave.
  8. T-Bay

    "Professional grade" basses?

    One of our local recording studios has a battered old Precision in there. Plays sooooooo nice but the Fender sticker looked wrong so I asked the owner. He confirmed that it was a Squier but said it was the best sounding bass he had and he only put the sticker on after people complained that they didn’t want him using a cheap bass. He got it second hand for pennies and it may have been set up/ messed with by a genius, or it may just sound nice like that out the box.
  9. I have never done this, well until tonight that is after reading this thread and it feels good!
  10. It’s a great offer and can make a big difference, a previous donation of Beedster’s is doing sterling service helping kids with disabilities learn bass and build their self esteem. Hopefully this one can make an equally good impact somewhere. Not on the same scale as the offers above but I would be happy to supply a new set of strings for the good cause.
  11. T-Bay

    How Much?!!!!

    I assume you are referring to the amp ad I put up, amazingly despite asking ‘what’s good for metal?’ he only got sensible replies. I was quite disappointed.
  12. We left the guitarist once, both myself and the drummer thought he was going with the other one. I had his kit as we were doing another gig the next day but the drummer lives closer to him. We did go back and get him though.
  13. T-Bay

    Barefaced Questions

    I have seen a rather chunky local bass player stand on his for pretty much an entire song at a recent event. The cab took it no problem but no way would I risk that with mine. But with that in mind I wouldn’t imagine the amp would pose any risk at all.
  14. T-Bay

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Just shows computers know jack stinky poo about music.......