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  1. T-Bay

    New venture

    the best we came up with was Sax in the carpark, as one of our guitarists is learning the saxophone and happened to mention it was in the back of his car. More of an album title though I think.
  2. T-Bay

    New venture

    My existing band is mid slow down due to lead guitarist/ vocalist just having had a baby (well his wife did). So drummer and myself have started a new venture, rhythm guitarist has played with us in the past, lead guitarist is well known to,us (I work with his wife) and his other band have supported us in the past, vocalist is mate of the rhythm guitarist and did acoustic set with us at a charity gig last year. First meeting was amazing, five people, no egos, all agree on amount of gigs we want and agreed half a set to get up and running with in no time at all. First rehearsal will be early next month and it’s exciting to be at the start of a new band again. Only thing we couldn’t work out was a band name, why does that always seem to be the hardest bit to nail?
  3. T-Bay

    Anyone use a Clean boost pedal?

    I use a TC spark mini, very handy to have the option of a known boost ready to go when needed.
  4. Never had any issues with mine apart from a known compatibility issue with a pedal (see thread) and with that I returned it to Chris for a modification and it was back in my hands in less than 48 hours.
  5. T-Bay

    Small chest freezer

    That was quick, spoken for pending collection.
  6. T-Bay

    Small chest freezer

    Anyone want a chest freezer? It’s the same size as a washing machine roughly and top opening. It’s about 3 years old but has lived in the garage and the top has been used as a work surface so is a bit grubby and has a bit of paint overspray on it but works perfectly. Free for collection from Tamworth.
  7. Hopefully the hire fee will have covered their basic costs but not good for the venues all the same.
  8. T-Bay

    How was your gig last night?

    Wow, I have to say they have had the best sound of any bands I have seen, with them possible exception of Royal blood, on multiple times I have seen them in recent years. The bass has always been distinct and clear. Perhaps a venue issue then by the sound of it.
  9. T-Bay

    How was your gig last night?

    He has them in different tunings and also has a range of different pickups. I have seen them a few times and they have never sounded the same to me. Perhaps you were unlucky with the sound man that night
  10. T-Bay

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    I use 3” ones from hypnotic straps but the padding is as important as the width.
  11. T-Bay

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    I actually managed to sell one without buying a replacement! That’s almost a first for me 🙂
  12. T-Bay

    Bass soul food

    It’s not a stupidly harsh fuzz and isn’t sold as one. I love the subtlety it gives, I can get a pretty much clean sound but then a perfect growl if I dig in a bit harder.
  13. T-Bay

    Bass soul food

    Yup, I am a big fan. I had one and let it go, tried all sorts of others and ended up going back to it. Nothing I have tried comes close for me.
  14. I have tried loads but the slim Thunderbird neck is just perfection for me. I had a precision and it felt like trying to play a cricket bay in comparison.
  15. Does anyone have any personal experience of these? I am about to start on a new venture and need a cheap PA system for use as a vocal only PA with a four piece rock band in small-medium sized pubs. I know Behringer stuff is not always highly regarded but some of their stuff is really good. This would be only take the vocals as we all have decent kit. I am looking to buy it personally as it avoids nay issues down the line and just seems the simplest way to do it. Or does anyone know any decent alternatives for similar money and not too enormous.