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  1. T-Bay

    Current Earworm...

    I have a cure for annoying ear worm -peaches by the Stranglers, it clears anything and happens to be the first song I ever learned to play on a bass.
  2. T-Bay

    Current Earworm...

    Is it ear worm if you like it? At the moment I am continually humming Gone away by The Offspring but I love it so alls good.
  3. T-Bay

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    I use Warwick Reds and D’Addario acoustic strings. Looking for something with a deeper tone and more longevity.
  4. T-Bay

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    We play it as well for our functions set, it’s soooooo dreary but as said above goes down a storm and is a great floor filler. Why? I have no idea..........
  5. T-Bay

    Jack Bruce

    He was my inspiration to learn Bass. Although not a massive cream fan compared to some, sunshine of your love is just epic. I remember as a kid in the late seventies seeing some old footage of him playing it (may have been for the beeb but not sure), with Ginger really going for it and it was amazing. The first bassline I learned was that one, sadly a couple of decades later than I wish it had been.
  6. T-Bay

    Ear Plug Recommendations

    I tried a few types, then gave up and went custom. They cost about the same as a decent pedal so,it’s not a massive investment really and no off the shelf ones will feel close. Once you get some you won’t wamt to go back.
  7. T-Bay

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    Nope, not for me. Tried to listen to all sorts and some is ok but it’s not a genre I would ever choose to listen to but I make an exception for Louis Armstrong purely because of his amazing voice.
  8. I used to work for Pony Express in the summers when I was a student, that was essentially what they did. You paid to have one person pick up your item and take it straight to someone else. I was on a motorbike so did smaller items (although you would be amazed what people would claim would fit on a bike to try and keep the cost down). I carried some very expensive things and on one occasion about two grand in cash and a passport to Heathrow for a guy who had left them at home.
  9. T-Bay

    Real or epiphone?

    Strong money for one with issues, genuine or not.
  10. T-Bay

    Starting a new band

    Was here two years ago, less than two months from start to first gig (I had been playing less than 3 months at that point). It helped to have seriously experienced guys to be playing with.
  11. It’s partly down to the zero hour/ minimum wage culture. If people feel valued and feel that the company they work for is looking after them they will work in away to promote that company and avoid any chance of them losing their jobs. Whilst there are rogue individuals that go against this, it generally works well. Sadly the ‘dont care’ attitude is far too common in both employers and employees in the modern world.
  12. T-Bay


    My go to bass is a Thunderbird. Having tried a few I think mine is the perfect one - Gibson studio. It has the advantages of the decent pickups bit also benefits from a decent bridge. The three point one isn’t ideal to say the least. It’s the only one of my basses I can never imagine parting with.
  13. T-Bay

    £65 for a set up.?

    What this shows more than anything is the vagueness of the term ‘set up’, unless the OP knows exactly what was and wast done then it’s impossible to know if £65 was well on the high side or a complete bargain.
  14. T-Bay

    Bass tabs

    Anything on big basstabs