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  1. First gig for a while, it’s a repeat booking for a local prom. Strange one on paper but we always get a cracking reception. We adapt the set a bit and Chuck in a few more modern ones. Ended up playing three hours and loving it but boy am I knackered this morning!
  2. That reminds me of Jasper Carrot saying he had heard that 99% of drunk drivers crash within a mile of their homes, so when he was gypsy's kissed he drove to his mates house twenty miles away.
  3. I have one of these and it is by far the best bass I have ever had. It sounds amazing and the quality is spot on. The colour is gorgeous but never photographs well, it is brighter and more metallic in real life. They are subtly different to the American pro in several ways and they all add up to make it feel like a different beast altogether. This an utter bargain at that price.
  4. American thinks everything wrong in the world is down to Russia, who would have thought we would live to hear such a thing………
  5. They aren’t really comparable, playing in a band is a mix of many more things than driving. For example, it would be rare for a driver to be vomit inducingly nervous before driving, but isn’t that rare with band members and isn’t linked to skill levels. One of the main reasons alcohol is so bad for driving is the increase in reaction times, unless you play some really rough pubs then a super quick reaction time isn’t a prerequisite for good performance. Alcohol is relaxant/ sedative which is seriously bad when driving, but can reduce the effects of stress and anxiety such as might be found in someone playing in a band.
  6. I have got a Boss GX100 multi effects pedal, there are a few Facebook groups for them and I have noticed a couple of people using them for synth stuff, might be worth looking on YouTube to see if there are any videos of them. They are incredibly flexible and can be tweaked in a ridiculously wide range of ways to get the sound you want.
  7. A pint before and one during seems to work well for me (as long as not driving obviously). Played a pub a few years ago where the landlord was a proper real ale guy and we were set up next to one side of the bar. We chatted with him before and are all beer lovers so got on great, during the gig he would send four pints over every quarter of an hour or so. We recorded the gig and I still amazed how good we sounded at the end. It was only 100yds from the guitarists house and we finished the night with a few more pints. The crowd were properly up for it as well and it’s probably the best pub gig I have ever played. I could barely find my way out the door when we left. Sadly it has now been closed and is being bulldozed for housing.
  8. Pure energy, The sex pistols, RATM, The Idles, early Nirvana, Sugar, stuff like that
  9. Could be worse, we played a venue where they decided to use a smoke machine behind the curtain. We started playing, curtain opens, smoke rolls out in a very naff 80s way. 30 seconds later the fire alarms go off. Everything stops and we have to evacuate the building. It was a proper theatrical smoke machine so no idea what happened but didn’t help the gig!
  10. But all that wear will have acted to lighten it a hell of a lot, probably only weighs as much as a bull elephant now.
  11. Brilliant then, as you were……..
  12. It will still sound amazing though
  13. T- Rex, 2nd chorus of 20th century boy sounds more like Robin Hood than rock and roll RHCP - ooh aah, guess you never meant it. That took me ages to get and I still sing ooh aah, kiss your little Muntjac
  14. As long as you don’t impoverish yourself or your family where’s the harm? Look how much some people spend on gym membership a month, or go out drinking every weekend, or smoking, or £400 a month just to have a new plate car or a million other things. Anything that enriches your life is a plus, if that thing can be sold for the same money or thereabouts if you get bored of it is a bonus.
  15. To be fair, If I was in a trench and heard a bagpipe it would terrify me, you would think. if they can inflict that on their own WTF will they do to me if they catch me? But joking aside, the bravery to go over the top with bagpipes, knowing the positive difference it will make, and knowing you will be target number 1 is beyond belief. I could never have enough respect for those brave lads who did that.
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