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  1. How was your gig last night?

    I would think you could have some redress againtsnthe organisers if you are injured or your kit damaged. Not an area have any experience but I bet a few on here will have. I don’t go out on the big dos at work because of one guy who almost tries to start fights with random strangers when he has a few. Some people are just idiots.
  2. Set List Help Needed

    Hard to handle, Black Crowes/ Otis Redding always goes down very well for us, as does Alive, Pearl Jam. We run those two with she sells sanctuary at the end of a set and it’s a great way to finish.
  3. Acoustic bass guitar chat

    I have a cheap one that I use mostly for home practice but used it once at a gig. I have a small Roland cube (battery powered) and just stuck that under my stool. It worked well and the batteries did the 90mins no problem. Without that it would been useless.
  4. Tell me about it, I spent several hours trawling everything I could find using every search term I could think would work (Silverfish isn’t a great name for that!) but in luck. I am now pretty sure it was May the 23rd but still can’t be 100%. Gallon drink certainly seem likely, as they were at other dates with them last year, but it just doesn’t ring a bell at all. Knowing there are a few Therapy? Fans on here I thought it was worth an ask.
  5. It is a very useful thing, I would happily buy a hard copy if one existed. I keep meaning to print a copy out and spiral bind it but never get around to it.
  6. It’s come up as a pic for some reason, but double click on it and you will get the full manual.
  7. This is a stunning resource for anyone into the electrics side of things: only in German but most of it is self explanatory and there is a German-English bit for the technical terms at the end.
  8. I am not sure on Gallon Drunk, I sort of assumed it would be a light bulb moment when I heard the name and I would go ‘that’s the one!’, It would be nice if I could find confirmation either way.
  9. Sadly neither of them, but thanks for the suggestions.
  10. They were with them Some other dates on the tour but it doesn’t ring a bell at all and I don’t recognise any of their songs. I thought they were a northern band as well but could be wrong on that.
  11. Nope, but thanks anyway, they were an all male group, pretty sure they were a four piece but could have been five. Definitely weren’t a trio as I distinctly remember the lead singer and he wasn’t playing as well. I have just drawn a blank trying to research it, it may have been May 93 but again I am far from sure.
  12. I know this is a long shot but here goes, I saw Therapy and Silverfish play at Rock city in the early 90s, I think 93 but could be wrong. There was a third band on the bill but I cannot for the life of me remember who it was, they were one of the darlings of NME at the time but beyond that I am lost. I have searched every source I can think,of with no luck. So I thought it was worth an ask on here in case anyone either had any knowledge of where I could find the info, or even better, was there.
  13. Early Gibson V bass - £990

    I saw that and just sat there shaking my head.
  14. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    It’s good value even at full price if you use any of the extras, I don’t think my level of playing and frequency of gigs (7 last year) really justify now but it may change in the future.
  15. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    That’s a big saving! I looked at that a while back but I seem to recall that it was quite expensive if you just wanted the insurance side of it. Obviously a different matter if you use their other services.