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  1. I was taught standard notation at school, if I am honest it bore no relation to music to me beyond plonking on a glockenspiel making a scale. I understand how it works and can translate from it but I certainly couldn’t play from the dots as I convert them to finger positions. I see tab as the middle ground - it’s what I do to notation to make it instantly playable. Maybe it’s just how my brain works.
  2. Jean jacques-Burnel, the one, the only
  3. Spectracomp - cheap, unobtrusive but gives that nice fatness
  4. You can have a rough as a bears backside finish even with gloss, that is purely down to the effort put into the wood first. It is completely irrelevant to the finish. If a surface is rough it won’t suddenly be smooth if you varnish it. That is 100% not unfinished wood.
  5. That doesn’t look unfinished, it’s just had a satin finish which retains more of a natural look.
  6. Brilliant! Just wish I understood it all!
  7. I presume the OP is referring to this site rather than a complete ban, similar to the one that exists on here for Ricks, genuine or otherwise.
  8. I use a Dunlop headphone amp, it's the size of a pedal. It’s a bit crap if I am honest but works ok for what it is.
  9. How long do you get out of them out of interest? Just a rough idea would be useful. I have wondered about trying them, I presently use Warwick reads and get about 2 months and they come in at less than a tenner. That’s playing approx an hour a day on average.
  10. I always take one, I have a cheap hohner travel bass for if I fly, booked on a Baltic cruise this summer and will take the jazz with me. Partly for practice but mostly because it’s something I enjoy. Some people read a book, I play bass. I have a Dunlop pedal amp that works ok. I do get some funny looks though and was asked which of the bands I was in on the last cruise.
  11. No mention of Lou Reed yet? I think the grunts on relax may have been the tipping point for the beeb. Seems incredibly tame now!
  12. You know, the sort of things that make you smile or laugh. I love The IDLES and well done is one of my favourite songs. You have to love this- Why don’t you have a job? Even Tarquin has a job, Mary Berry has a job why don't you have a job? followed shortly by- Why don’t you like Reggae? Even Tarquin likes Reggae Mary Berry likes Reggae Why don’t you like Reggae? Also love these NiN classic lines- And the Devil wants to F**K me in the back of his car, nothing quite like the feel of something new.
  13. Forget about what it sounds like when you are on your own. I can get the fattest most gorgeous sounds from my Thunderbird but the same settings give a boomy mush when I play with the rest of the band. By comparison my Jazz that sounds quite trebley on its own cuts through well. I use a bottom heavy Orange Terror 1000w amp and have to turn the bottom end of the eq down completely to get a decent sound from the Thunderbird.
  14. At least it’s happy.
  15. Crazy money, but they quite often come on at a stupid price ‘coz rare mate’, then gradually reduce over to time to around £50 or thereabouts.
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