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  1. Who uses a Compresor ?

    Lots of threads on here about compressors so worth a search, I use a Spectracomp, I play finger style in a hard rock/ indie/ punk covers band.
  2. Lightweight Cab

    And me, love mine and a very easy one hand lift. I dont know anyone who has seen them who isn’t impressed by the sound and amazed by the lack of weight.
  3. Would you go to see your band ?

    I would, we aren’t original in any way but are a group of mates who always have a laugh. Our gigs are energetic and we have a great time every time. But I am happy to go to lots of ‘pub band’ gigs as I live the combination of love music and a pint.
  4. Special gift needed for DB player

    Not mine, use it all the time.
  5. bass stand for small stages

    I have a few Hercules products but not the one mentioned above, all are superb quality and customer service was excellent when I had a minor issue (replacement was with me in a day FOC).
  6. Knowing the bass sound you want?

    Gibson Thunderbird, bridge pickup full on, neck at 3-5 depending on venue, then Spectracomp on standard patch at 9 o’clock, into 1000w terrorbass amp, bass 9 o’clock, mids all way on, treble 12 o’clock (gets twiddled for different venues if needed), low on gain. Then soul food for added grit if needed and a TC chorus. The AX7s are being swapped for AT7s to tone down the TB a little. It gives the low punchy sound I want with being ‘twangy’. Usually works well but was muddy at the gig on Friday but that was in a quadrangle under a marquee roof with serious issues of sound bouncing back off the wall opposite (we played across the narrow sides of a rectangle if that makes sense). The worst bit was that the onstage sound was the best I have ever had, just not as great out front, Sod’s law. The bass player in the other band didn’t suffer as badly but they were a much gentler band than us, we are fairly heavy and full on.
  7. Knowing the bass sound you want?

    I want trousers flapping lows but well defined, I am not after plinky brightness but it must cut through. As to finding it, well I thought I had but as every room is different it’s an ever changing game. I think I am close with a change of valves to lower gain ones being (hopefully) the last piece in the puzzle.
  8. Bass player exclusion

    Our lead guitarists other band play as a duo and full five piece band, he must have done about thirty gigs so far this year, one has been the full band. He does a lot of early doors ones and gets paid the same as the full band personally so the venue is paying less than half the full band fee. I guess it works for them but it wouldn’t get me out as as soon a so hear duo/ acoustic it doesn’t sound like my sort of thing.
  9. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    Crime is crime, if you ignore it, it only gets worse.
  10. paris gig

    I may be biased as I have lived and worked on the continent but it’s a doddle. Even the famous Arc de Triumph is nowhere near as bad as people would have you believe. The only proviso I would put on Paris is not to take anything fragile vehicle wise that you are precious about. Bump parking is the norm and most cars and vans that you see have a myriad of small dents.
  11. Xmas songs

    We do a punk version of rudolf the red nose reindeer which goes down well, first verse and chorus sung completely straight and twee then all hell breaks loose.
  12. Band Feuds

    I was in the Green Man in Derby many years ago when the band stopped due to a fight (not that uncommon in there at the time). The bouncers waded in and threw out the two offenders, when the melee had settled we realised that the two chucked out were the lead guitarist and the vocalist. Still no idea what happened but it was proper full on fists everywhere fight. They were playing and in the middle of a song when it all kicked off so I presume one made a comment that set the other off or something like that.
  13. Gig Pics

    That is gorgeous! Much dribbling and GAS for that one.
  14. Not just music venues, Mallory Park had all sorts of hassle due to this. A pub is hardish to miss but a full scale racing circuit conveniently named after the village it’s in?