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  1. I believe he was dragged on stage with seconds to go, hence his very embarrassed looks. They also played footy on stage as well I seem to recall.
  2. I agree 100%, last year we were in Russia and had the chance to see a virtuoso violin player of international reputation. I thought what the hell, you only live once and all that. It was two hours of my life I will never get back. The lady was a superb musician without doubt but it still sounded like the death throws of some poor tortured creature. Never again.
  3. Another vote for Warwick Reds, dirt cheap, sound great, last well, nuff said
  4. Oddly enough I find that works for each and every gig I have ever been to 😘
  5. One of favourite bands, The Last Internationale, are presently stuck in Portugal due to the Covid outbreak. I was supposed to see them in Birmingham last week and was disappointed to miss them. I spotted that they were doing a live acoustic set on a website called stageit which I have never come across before. I missed the first one but caught them last night. You pay $5 for a ticket (I guess prices are variable, but not looked around much) and when the time comes you get live access to the feed and also a .wav file of it a couple of days later (not sure if all bands do that). Its a bit strange in that you are sort of expecting to hear applause when the songs finish but other than that I loved it. I know you can watch stuff on YouTube but it’s not the same and this seems a great way to support our favourite bands in these difficult times. It could also be a great way for small bands to promote themselves.
  6. I think it’s very possible to see something as uncool but still like it. I certainly don’t think Phil Collins solo work is ‘cool’ but I find it hummable enough.
  7. How easy is it to pick up for a complete novice? A mate is selling one and I often fancied a go.
  8. Lost two today following the announcement, one would be during the time I am supposed to self isolate so at least we don’t have to disappoint them.
  9. We are due to play for a 80th birthday in 6 weeks time. Chances of that one going ahead? I won’t be booking the rehearsal room for the week before just yet.
  10. I think of lot of people off of here would pay to see Blue though! I know I would.
  11. I used to work in medical research. I worked in the UK and the Netherlands on lung cancer treatments and semi synthetic antibiotics. Specifically I used to help bioengineer novel proteins. Then took a missive career change and am now workIng with kids with a wide range of disabilities and still do a bit of lab work whilst planning and overseeing trips to various places around the world for a wide range of special needs kids. In addition I help run music groups and clubs for the same group of kids. It’s a nice mix as I still have the science side but also other things to keep my mind busy.
  12. I have a cheap clip on one, a cheap one on my board and have used a TU3, they all worked ok. The clip on type can be a little more temperamental, but I found that if you just shifted up an octave they were better. The cheap pedal was a tenner off AliExpress and matches the Boss performance wise.
  13. I have never seen one of those before, it looks aftermarket. But ,any basses of that age will have small changes/ additions.
  14. This^^^^^^ I have tried all sorts in the pursuit of perfection, my go to bass is now a Squier with a few sensible upgrades. It owes me a couple of hundred quid max, and would be less than £700 if everything on it was bought brand new. It also means I don’t worry if it gets a ding or two and I am not paranoid about using it at gigs.
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