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  1. As a comparison I had all new pots and a new PSU on my Ashdown amp recently which cost just under £80 including return post.
  2. Warwick reds, cheap as anything but sound great.
  3. This^^^^^^ in fact I would go as far as saying their systems are set up purposely to be unhelpful. When it works it’s ok, but as soon as there is a problem it’s a bloody PITA to get sorted. My last one through them was a pedal dropped over the gate in pouring rain. Thankfully a few hours in the airing cupboard saved it.
  4. Looks very nice, I would increase the radius of the upper curve on the lower horn to be more in keeping with the overall feel but that’s just my eye on it. Headstock will always please some and alienate others no matter what shape you do. Agree with above regards banding.
  5. This is my 79 Strat, one owner from new before me and pretty much mint. Sounds fantastic and plays beautifully.
  6. Orange 1000w Terror, sounds fantastic but massive overkill for pretty much anywhere I am likely to play.
  7. I am genuinely the least OCD person you could ever meet but the random arrangement of different curve radii really bugs me. They always look like a bitsa where someone has stuck a few random parts on a toilet seat. As for GAS, I am a sucker for overdrive/ distortion/ fuzz pedals despite having a well sorted board making all the sounds I will ever want. If they are made by KMA then the GAS is worse still.
  8. Does my £60 fake Tele count? Looking to get a nice one in the not too distant future, think I will go a Chapman or Sire though, I have a nice 79 Strat so can’t justify a really posh one.
  9. My mate was bullied terribly at school. It doesn’t affect him at all now. He hung himself at 19 so I guess that’s ok………….
  10. I love mine, they aren’t cheap for sure but worth it (in my opinion anyway). It isn’t any one thing, they are just a collection of the right parts, with the right quality making a superb Jazz. The pre-amp adds an extra dimension as well. If you already have a player and the only issue is the output then why not look at a pickup change? I have a Squier Jazz that I use when we play certain pubs that are, shall we say, ‘less reputable’. I changed the pickups on it and it sounds very nice.
  11. I suppose being 50% off means you can order two and hope at least one makes it to you 😂
  12. If you want really dirty tones then the Vox Ad range as mentioned by myself and others above would be perfect, some of the amp sims on there are really heavy even before you crank the gain up.
  13. A jazz looks superb in Ocean Turquoise, a metallic one, or a burst effect would look amazing.
  14. Vox AD range, obviously not as good as the full valve ACs (but they are hundreds) but a great range of sounds from the onboard amp models and even has a few effects thrown in. I bought an absolutely mint AD100VT a couple of weeks back for just £120.
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