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  1. T-Bay

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Direct through his website? Or via his YouTube channel perhaps?
  2. T-Bay

    New tiny amp options

    I have been disappointed with the TC BH250 heads I have tried. The sound seems a little ‘thin’ to me. No idea why as I am big fan of Tc stuff and have a few of their pedals. The 250 just didn’t do it for me.
  3. T-Bay

    Anyone play the harmonica?

    Thanks! I bought a special 20 to start with but am now awaiting a Thunderbird rocket in low C (bass player influence showing through). I have been learning a few songs for our new set so haven’t had much time for it in the last week or so but getting the handpg of single notes and bending. Learning the solo for long train running at the mo.
  4. T-Bay

    Build your own hovercraft

    I have a full set of plans and instructions to build an Eagle 1 hovercraft from ply and fibreglass. Engine options include a lot of single cylinder ones and even a 2 cv. I made one myself about 15 years back and they comfortably take 2 but are more fun with one. Easy build for anyone with decent DIY skills. Free to collect or cover post and they are yours.
  5. T-Bay

    Strap Pin Probs

    Cheese and pineapples have fallen in popularity?
  6. Beyond 6 feet it doesn’t make much difference............
  7. T-Bay

    ... And we all fall down again

    Looking at it from the other side slightly, it’s always easy to see your own view as the one that makes sense and feel that your thoughts were the ones that everyone shares. It could be that the others in the band are happy with not gigging and thought this was the status quo. And as the band has not gigged in twenty years it’s probably reasonable to assume that all parties have gone along with this to at least some degree. The chances of getting a few people together who all have the same ideals and work ethic are pretty slim so any group of friends is likely to have different desires. It may be that the guitarist has terrible nerves and just can’t cope with gigging. Our band is four workmates, two of us would be happy gigging every week, the other two probably every couple of months. So we compromise and play roughly once a month. It works for all of us. There have been times when I have been frustrated but it has to work for everyone or it doesn’t work at all.
  8. T-Bay

    your favorite fretless bass albums!

    Pearl Jam Ten as well, nothing else comes close for me,
  9. Depends when you go, I thought that before we did our first, we will be on our third this year and another booked for next year. In the summer holidays the average age is 30s-40s with kids on the ones we have been on. There are some older people but a lot of them are part of larger family groups. I would imagine ones in May and October are more like what you suggest though.
  10. T-Bay

    GK MB 800 DI not working

    Get it back to GK, you have consumer rights under EU law that extend beyond the 12 months most suppliers would lead you to believe. I would imagine with a little arm twisting they will sort it.
  11. T-Bay

    Barefaced Compact Gen 2

    I sit a midget sideways on top of my compact, looks cool.
  12. T-Bay

    Another scam website

    This one keeps popping up on Facebook http://www.tvsck.com/ Usual stupidly cheap prices.
  13. T-Bay

    Heat and setups

    I have a Precision set up BEAD and it’s the worst of the lot. Luckily I only use it for a couple of songs so easily left out.
  14. T-Bay

    Never seen these before

    Not sure myself, but nice to see something different anyway.