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  1. Indeedy. I don't make them myself, you understand, but I always thought it was a great way of upgrading a pranged superbike. Fortunately none of my spills were too bad.
  2. As well as the one Si has illustrated there is a leg vice, used by blacksmiths in forges, that has its leg anchored in the floor. It can be fixed to a static bench or used with a purpose made stand. The stand version is not as solid in use as the type where the leg is secured in the concrete of the floor Neither of these are good for wood but... They're GREAT for metal.
  3. ...and they complained about motorbikes in the DoI! Si... I have no idea what you're talking about with four fifths of a leg and such. Surely that means you don't have an entire leg to stand on? Still... I'm reading with interest because of that.
  4. Welcome Tony. You might find that you don't actually need a head and cab or a combo amp if you are only practising with headphones. There are many devices available for headphone practise. I use a Zoom B3 effects pedal which has a range of well known simulated effects and amp/speaker combos, a drum module with instant selection of a good variety of decent sounding rhythms a looper and a tuner with Mute function. While it is intended for use inline with an amp for performance it has features that are very useful whether you are at home or gigging. My amp is in an unheated room at the back of the house so during Winter I like to practise in the sitting room with the B3 and 'phones. It has been superseded by the B3n so the B3 is quite affordable on the second hand market (see Effects for Sale). That's just one option but all effects pedals of this sort are easier to ship than even a modest combo. Good hunting
  5. Welcome Tony. B15N style cab build FINISHED! Two 1x15s?
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