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  1. Welcome Carol. I'm confident you will find someone here to advise you on how to use the site's marketing facilities.
  2. Have you used candle wax to lubricate the screw threads? It helps a lot.
  3. NOBODY has enough clamps. You can NEVER have enough clamps. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of.
  4. Although I like the way it looks now, I think it is a bit like seeing the wood grain in soft focus as they used to do with Holywood actresses. My preference would be to have a gloss finish that reveals the deep richness of the ebony. That's just me though.
  5. Nice work Si. What size is it. It's hard to tell without something for reference.
  6. Welcome back Blue! Good to hear you aren't letting the grass grow.
  7. You say that as if cupping is a bad thing...
  8. I have a few. Most are remasters on Blu-ray audio rather than live and with A/V. In no particular order: Pink Floyd - The Endless River The Beatles - Eight Days a Week The Rolling Stones - Grrr! Genesis - Selling England by the Pound Supertramp - Crime of the Century The Beatles - 1 Bob Marley - Legend David Gilmore - Rattle that Lock Rogers Waters - The Wall
  9. Welcome David. If you post this in Recycling you should have no problem moving it on.
  10. It is underlined because it contains a link. Open your post for editing and double click on the underlined bit. You should then get an edit box that shows the link and its associated text. Just delete the link and leave the text. Looking forward to this build. You've been away from the Build Diaries too long.
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