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  1. SpondonBassed

    'Ow bist

    Welcome Stephen.
  2. SpondonBassed


    For me, it's great to see a local business here too. I'm still very much an analogue man and Basschat is virtually the extent of my online presence.
  3. SpondonBassed


    Welcome AP.
  4. SpondonBassed

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    I thought Bag Ladies were no longer fertile. You live and learn.
  5. SpondonBassed


    I'm hoping for a nice retirement ohm to rest my weary bones.
  6. SpondonBassed

    Reducing the neck pocket size.

    Maybe route an oversize pocket that follows the outline of the intended neck closely so that the insert is of uniform width around the neck root. Yust.
  7. SpondonBassed

    Hello...in search of a particular bass

    Welcome LALady. Good luck with your search.
  8. SpondonBassed


    Welcome Shacklin.
  9. SpondonBassed

    Hello - New Bass player in Chesterfield

    Welcome Dean.
  10. SpondonBassed

    I am very tensed.....

    Welcome Al. Start off with all of your tone controls flat and experiment with small changes one at a time.
  11. SpondonBassed


    Welcome Sherlock. I had to put up some resistance against the urge to make fun of your screen name.
  12. SpondonBassed

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    I want to know how it hangs on the strap. You've got a strap button at about the ninth. It looks really well the way the grain seems to flow in a way that adds strength to the upper horn.
  13. SpondonBassed

    Hobbyist from Belfast

    Welcome Damian.
  14. SpondonBassed

    Hello all

    Welcome Richard.
  15. SpondonBassed

    Does anyone ever monitor Join My Band? 

    I could get no response from the site over a log-in issue that required a password reset. Until I changed my email address I couldn't set up a new account. It's not the slickest of sites but then, does it really need to be?