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  1. SpondonBassed

    Hubba Hubba!

    Nate is pleasingly plump when you really look at him. He's got a cute laugh as well.
  2. SpondonBassed

    17/03/1964 a day of birth Precision bass build

    Would you not expect there to be a difference in the top and bottom of the fretboard that is equal to the thickness of the board? In other words, the arc of the top of the fretboard should share the same centre as the bottom arc. The way you are describing it with 7.25" top and bottom, it wouldn't look obvious across that short segment of the two circles but it would if you extended the arc of the two circles. l They'd intersect eventually. Shouldn't it be 7.25" for the top radius and 7.25" minus the thickness of the board for the bottom radius?
  3. SpondonBassed

    Musical inventions

    I thought it was from the verb to pet.
  4. SpondonBassed


    Welcome Giulio.
  5. SpondonBassed

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    The slogan - "A finger of fudge is just enough..." makes a LOT more sense to me now.
  6. SpondonBassed

    Hi! Newbie here

    Welcome Psymoon.
  7. SpondonBassed

    Hello from France

    You have kept up your rhythm appreciation then. That's more than I did.
  8. SpondonBassed

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    I've seen a bassist playing from this position. I can't remember where. I looked a couple of times since for the video clip and I can't find it. He was a big lad and he made the instrument look like a fiddle. No bow, fingerstyle if I recall correctly. Can anyone verify this with a link please? I'll have to put it down to a senior moment otherwise.
  9. SpondonBassed


    "With your Elvis Presley and wasp-waist and swivel-hippy, show you had, and I must say it showed it first self in pictures with the rhythmic contrapole of the wobbling of the hipper, sideways with the head and tilty, gave him that expression both also with a little doggy-lublike in the eyebold which he conveyed to the smaller femailode of the specie, coupled with his music because he did trittly-how fine on the strims, helped him along the roamer [....] I heard it first of all on a record in the early mordy: I was doing the shavit-huff with my razor blade, which of course is a safety one, and suddenly, suddenly he did a little syncopole or a drop-it and how, or something he did and caused a jerkit over a pimplode and I've been suffering ever since!" Stanley Unwin, Comedian 1911 - 2002 A stark warning about the dangers of shaving while listening to that new fangled Rock and Roll. Gird your pimplodes folks. You will know you have broken one if you hear a squarnch.
  10. SpondonBassed

    Musical inventions

    Does it do TAB?
  11. SpondonBassed

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    That's such a simple idea and yet it stands to reason. We already chip our pets and livestock.
  12. SpondonBassed

    Hello from France

    Welcome Snape. How long were you away from your bass? Lots of members have had breaks in the middle of their bass life. I've had one that lasted thirty years. Your written English is better than many native speakers. You have nothing to apologise for.
  13. SpondonBassed

    Pit Bull RD build

    With white primer your "very yellow" will pop, as they say. It may be reminiscent of the electrical banana that Donovan mentioned many years ago. Marvellous.
  14. SpondonBassed

    95% Tru oil finished guitar - A How to Guide

    Very sorry to hear. Your apologies are not necessary. I wish your wife a speedy recovery. You haven't made a binding commitment here so you needn't worry. There are no deadlines other than those you make for yourself. You can relax as far as BC is concerned. We will still be here when you want to pick it up again. Your child is in the formative years of life. You are spending your time wisely. All the best.
  15. SpondonBassed

    Geddy bass book: SPECIAL EDITION

    I don't.