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  1. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4281019?ev=rb From https://centraldoprog.blogspot.com/2017/12/visitor-2035-visitor-2035-1978-lp.html "VISITOR 2035 were a short-lived band based in the UK, with the Irishman John Mason and Craig Pruess , an American residing in UK since 1973. Mason is renowned as a member of the Irish top-notch outfit Fruup; Pruess performed with Mike Oldfield and did arrangements for music of Sarah Brightman, Def Leppard and Massive attack, among many others. The band self-released 'Cain! A Modern Mystery Play' in 1976, and released the self-titled album in 1978 for the German label Hansa. The music of Visitor 2035 is heavily rooted in fusion, on the Weather Report/ Return to Forever side, with omnipresent symphonic elements and eerie spacey keyboard textures in Skywhale/ Flight vein. It's recommended to fans of music which is stepping out of the fusion realm, as well as to all fans of good music."
  2. It makes a lot more sense than letting the house jukebox fill the intervals. I like the idea.
  3. It turned me on at age sixteen. I'm sorry I don't have the LP any more. It was purely because of the cover art that I made the purchase. It took me a while to realise that it was not an image of a spacecraft! I wore out my cassette copy too so the link above was a fortunate find. Even at that quality, it is better than my worn out copy. Toefunk is my favourite track out of the album but the whole thing is a trip. Have fun unscrambling the reverse speech bit.
  4. I probably saw it before you. I do like a good volute you know.
  5. I wasn't sure until I saw the fretboard in place but they really do look special.
  6. Yeah, the books aren't always right. I have a publication from a respected house saying that the bassline for Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now was overdubbed when clearly it's just a nice little run of double stops during two breaks. I suppose it's aimed at novices.
  7. Good point. I think a five gives you a little more scope for transposition. After all, keys are usually chosen to suit the vocalist(s) and sometimes the horn section.
  8. Welcome Mark. "animal clubs"? That's a new one on me. Sounds, er, fun.
  9. Doesn't any red blooded bloke? It's usually that or to be an anatomically correct centaur.
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