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  1. Hi from Paris

    Welcome Brambasstik.
  2. Hi from the Northwest, UK

    Welcome Quaddy.
  3. Binding cutter

    Welcome Christine.
  4. New in the Midlands

    Welcome Dave.
  5. Semi Hollow Bass

    Thanks. Even though I've seen it and been blown away by the feel and look of it, I am even more in awe of it under good natural light. Artificial lighting doesn't do it full justice.
  6. Hello from the Midlands!

    Welcome Dan. Where are you based? Here is a post with names of members who are willing to help:
  7. Bulldog face spalted timber

    Why not pop a couple of blood red LEDs in the pug's pupils and scare punters on Halloween? Scary and sweet. Simples. It's looking well J E
  8. Greetings from Milton Keynes, City of Dreams!

    When Emberton Park opened, our family business at Ravenstone Mill caravan park suffered and we had to sell up. It was in the recession of the early seventies, strikes, rolling power cuts etc.
  9. Fireman - this could be the start of something.. umm..

    That was before instant gratification became a marketable commodity. You are right none the less.
  10. Average White Band - two basses

    Okay. That's cleared it up a little for me. My question still stands. If a recording of sufficient quality exists, would you hear much difference?
  11. Average White Band - two basses

    Interesting to note; going by the scratch guards and control plates one has a jazz and the other has a precision. Both seem to have a p pup. I'd like to hear the recording that goes with that photo. Would you be able to tell the difference, assuming the recording was of sufficient quality?
  12. Jam nights - cliquey

    That's a much better place to kick off from in my humble opinion. It does not impose any style on those participating. Whatever comes out, even if it is in the style of The Blues, is dictated by the participants.
  13. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    I need a little lie down after a long funk. Thank you.
  14. Jam nights - cliquey

    I've not been in a position to do owt other than check the website. It'd be a shame if it has wound up for good. If it's just a case of Andy moving on, the spot might be up for grabs. It's still a music pub after all.
  15. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Congrats! That's one puppy that I could easily forgive even if it ate my slippers or pooed on the sun-lounger.