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  1. SpondonBassed

    Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    Yes, sorry.
  2. SpondonBassed

    Navarone.45-43"multiscale headless

    I'm guessing that is a zero fret but I can't see how it's tuned.
  3. SpondonBassed

    Hi from Bucks

    Welcome BovvieBoy.
  4. SpondonBassed

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    It does. At least it did with me. I was living in Ireland and attending secondary school at the time the song was released. I could never successfully associate the name of Oliver Cromwell with any of the other lyrics however. Being a shallow teenager, I wasn't inclined to chase down the background to ANY lyric as long as it went with a beat. There weren't any other Olivers mentioned in history lessons though and as you might imagine Cromwell would've overshadowed them in the teaching of history at Irish National Schools anyway. I switched off of history altogether during secondary because of my mixed heritage and an inability to see what was taught in England and Ireland as being two sides to the same coin. It's still a great song. If I had to perform it, I am not sure how I'd treat it though. This seems like a plausible explanation for the title to Oliver's Army. Can you provide some background to your statement please? I ask because I understood that the minister for labour from 1940 to '45 was Ernest Bevin. The only Oliver I found on a brief search of war ministers for the period was Oliver Lyttelton who was in office for the first year of the war as President of the Board of Trade. I found no mention of who was in charge of reserve occupations or who was in charge of same. I am curious as my father was in a reserved occupation (Land Army). This has nothing to do with the topic at hand however so PM me if you like.
  5. SpondonBassed

    Basschat could share your photos on Instagram

    As assumed, good to have it confirmed. Many thanks.
  6. SpondonBassed


    Welcome Pete. "My disc has broken in half" suggests that it was involved in some sort of unusual activity for a disc or that there was a failure due to poor maufacture. Is it a warranty issue or did you jump up and down on it in a momentary fit of frustration? I got frustrated with John Pattituci's spider once. For a little while I was out to squish any spiders I came across*. Quite out of character for me as I actually like arachnids. Either way, good luck. *Fortunately no spiders were harmed during that little episode and I quickly turned my frustration into determination.
  7. SpondonBassed

    Lean Business Audio - bass speakers discounted

    I like the plans for a two and a half kilo-Watt sub using a pair of drivers for less than £400. Great link, thanks.
  8. SpondonBassed

    Basschat could share your photos on Instagram

    I don't know about him but I did. This was the bit that prompted me to write. I would not like this to accidentally (or otherwise) slip and include members only posts or portions of posts.
  9. SpondonBassed

    Basschat could share your photos on Instagram

    I'd prefer not to have stuff I post in the members only part of the forum shared. Do I need to opt out of sharing or have you already got this in mind for all users?
  10. SpondonBassed

    4 to 5 string conversion Precision Bass

    Woody ( @Woodinblack) might be better at answering that one with his course knowledge but yes, I think so. My understanding is that the truss rod should not have any tension on it with the neck as supplied. Although with my own kit all I did to verify this was to visually check that the neck was straight, I went on that basis anyway. First thing I did was to use a magic marker on each of the fret crowns and then I ran a 2'6" steel rule across from one side of the neck to the other to identify the highest frets. I had relatively few frets sitting up and then only slightly so I went straight in with a crowing file and repeated the marker/check/file/marker/check routine until the rule was removing marker uniformly from the crown tops. I finished with light abrasive and metal polish. It was a crude fret dressing but it is playable if you don't look for low action. One thing to note is that metal polish and masking tape aren't a good mix. Solvent in the polish makes the adhesive under the tape very sticky and it is difficult to remove the residue after the tape is taken off. I will need to revisit it sometime because my neck/bridge relationship is not quite right. I am going to sink the bridge into a carefully calculated rout rather than alter the snug fit of the neck with a shim job. It's a job that is on the longer of my short lists. My whole life became a backlog of necessary but minor jobs during my first mid-life crisis. I say my first - it hasn't ended yet if I'm honest. One day I'll catch up. (Crosses fingers behind back.) Over to you Woody...
  11. That's a refined looking instrument. Respectfully modified. I agree with your placement of the brand plate. Its shape reminds us of that beautiful bridge at the other end. I wish you lots of joy with it.
  12. SpondonBassed

    The Rush Tribute Project

    Done to pay tribute (and earn a living). I like this. Done to extract the urine (and earn a living) I dislike this.
  13. SpondonBassed

    Cover versions of songs with discomforting lyrics

    Does anyone do Roy Chubby Brown's I'm a Merchant Banker?
  14. SpondonBassed

    Does The Colour Of Your Bass Affect Your Playing?

    That's what I get for my smart mouth! Hahahahahahaha!
  15. SpondonBassed

    Planning a Jaguar build...

    I haven't seen many like that. When it came up before, I thought it was a good idea especially if you are into your pedals and fx. If the pickup placement is done with a bit of extra care and it has a solid passive output, I reckon it'd work for me. Try Custom Colour as a starting place and go for hard anodising. As for the making of it, I'm a bit handy with metalwork. PM me if you like.