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  1. It's looking good. Your efforts have paid off.
  2. Welcome Hardpuncher. Lots of tweaky-tweaky to be found here. Repairs and Technical Build Diaries
  3. Yeah. Flipperty Gibbert! I mean; what's wrong with stringing it from the house to the back fence FFS?
  4. Young man, you're too burley whirly.
  5. I like that a lot better. Simple = reliable and easy to fix if things go wrong.
  6. Then what finish will be on the surface that the shuttle slides upon? I'm just thinking that a single screw thread might allow the shuttle to bind with some finishes if it is even slightly out of alignment with its guide channel. Twin screw threads would help but they would also ruin a simple and effective idea because they'd have to be connected so as to turn in unison.
  7. What sort of linear bearings will the shuttle run on? I'm assuming plain from your diagram.
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