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  1. Sorry in advance. I hope this doesn't spoil it for you forever: Has anyone seen this film?
  2. I'd post the scene where a lummox belches the American Declaration of Independence but they didn't set it to music.
  3. No apology necessary. Just be careful you don't end up in the famous quotes thread for one of those. Heeheehee.
  4. Have you ever done any of the graded exams? I wondered if I'd be about G1 or 2 from self teaching but truthfully speaking even that might be optimistic. I picked up the books for those grades and had an awful flashback to the Bert Weedon Play in a Day book that put me off guitar many years ago. They're still on a shelf somewhere. Good luck. I would like to think I'd have the will to apply myself but music is more of an occupational therapy for me. Once schooling becomes part of it the joy goes.
  5. "slippery slop" "rabbit holes" "jazz" Douglas? What's Francais for double entendre?
  6. Welcome Dawn. Harley Benton has a decent rep around here. A lot of members have upgraded the hardware on theirs and got pleasing results. From what you say, GAS has already got a hold on you. Buckle-up for the ride. You've just taken a turning onto the Gear Addiction Syndrome highway.
  7. Thanks for posting these daily Noirbass. I'd like to thank Mr Sklar but I don't have an account with YT. It's like being in the room with him. Great clips, simple and to the point. Cheers!
  8. Beautiful. Great range of colour.
  9. That's a vibrant green. I like it a lot.
  10. It's a jolly good job that his beard is long enough to cover his parts, I can tell you from experience.
  11. If you are using sand paper you will need a block and even then you can easily end up with rounded edges. Maybe careful use of a plane would get you there but then there is the grain direction to consider even if you are using a Surform type plane.
  12. Without a router it could be difficult. I'd imagine it's possible with careful use of hand tools but I wouldn't like to try it.
  13. Welcome Andy. We call that a bout of GAS (Gear Addiction Syndrome) in these parts. The gear rabbit hole is a whole other euphemism. I'm so glad you didn't say you had been up the gear rabbit hole else we'd have had to shop you to the RSPCA.
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