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  1. ...and me. I listen to different recordings of the same material by the same bands and I have favourites. Sometimes I dislike a particular version. Other times a version stands head and shoulders above the others for no reason other than the convergence of all of the right elements in the same space and time. Like many others, I can not define what it is that grabs me about the performances I like most. Sometimes it's the ambience of a live recording combined with the raw adrenaline coming through from the musicians involved. Other times it is the clever overdubbing and layering of pre-recorded pieces to make something extraordinary. The loss of stems probably matters more with recordings that are heavily worked in the studio. In those cases, the magic does not come from spontaneity as much as from the crafting of a piece off-line, as it were. In those cases, I agree with you.
  2. That's probably because the news didn't hit the media with such a splash. Now that you've told me, I am a little tearful. I was a little young to "get" XTC the first time around but I always liked them. As an adult I am exploring their back catalogue a bit and it brings me great joy. They're a little intellectual for pop but I'll allow that. It makes me think how later generations will miss out on some of their less popular but better-for-it material As they listen to music formats that have yet to be invented but that have not included XTC in their catalogues. I can appreciate you taking the hard line though. In a way, it's a bit like natural selection in nature. The evolution of music has many influences. The loss of master recordings being one.
  3. I'm sure someone mentioned that on 6music recently. It makes you wonder how often this sort of thing occurs. I mean; lots of art was "lost" during WWII. Not all of it was destroyed. Yet no-one person is in a position to give a sound guess as to just how much was actually destroyed as opposed to declared destroyed or appropriated, archived and forgotten about. This isn't a case of a lost archive however. It is why original art is valued highly. It's a surprisingly volatile commodity.
  4. There were two bodies to start with. One was slightly different to the other with respect to the cavity dimensions.
  5. Gosh. Mentioning Axl certainly polarises opinion. Me? I think he sounds fine on the WC with his feet against the door to help shove one out. It's a singing style that makes me want to reach for the laxative to ease things along for him. Eat more fruit Axl.
  6. You could do worse than to ask @Andyjr1515 or @Jabba_the_gut. They've both been making them for their own projects.
  7. Welcome Mark. For a hat trick, how about getting a Gillett or a Chowny bass and staying with a British brand? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how things have improved.
  8. Looking at your topic title (a little too closely perhaps) it occurred to me that we need to know what you were missing before knowing whether an apology is appropriate. Sorry I've been missing Basschat. - This is understandable and totally forgivable. You need not apologise. Sorry I've been missing since the Police enquiry started. - Dodgy. Maybe an apology is just the start if you intend to make amends. A financial contribution to BC's funds might earn you back some cred. Sorry I've been missing my cues. - Totally unforgivable. Go and stand in the corner that is normally occupied by the guitarist for not turning down during rehearsals.
  9. I'm all for a good experiment. If you've cut a snug fitting pocket for the neck, I'd say you should have no problems with three or even two bolts (with threaded inserts). Cool.
  10. I like that minimalist approach. It's not like you can't use pedals or tone shaping on your amp is it?
  11. Four years in development? You've got a nicely contoured body there. I like your choice of colours too. Are you going to do a run of these or build to order?
  12. Stop keeping stuff in your shorts then.
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