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  1. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    It's an amazing effect.
  2. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Wow. I bet that cross cut is fragile stuff to handle before its bonded in place.
  3. Neon Sisters - Monoplane (Double Electric Bassists)

    I listened to Monoplane and soMewhen yesterday evening. I enjoyed them. The sound is unmistakably Australian.
  4. Hello from West London

    Welcome Milford59.
  5. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    That headstock is stunning. Is that a veneer? It looks like it's a cross cut. Did I say it looks stunning?
  6. New practice room/home studio

    I like the ceiling edge lighting. I've just put concealed LED colour-changer ribbon right around the sitting room ceiling. It looks like yours if I set it on White. No light direct into your eyes makes a subtle but appreciable difference to how a room makes you feel. Good work. I bet you're feeling some satisfaction from it despite the list of items yet to do.
  7. Advice needed about entry to 5 string

    ...or you just want to play them. No-one is saying you can't switch back and forth to suit your circumstances. I am whimsical and I like to change it up, as they say, just for a bit of variety now and again. I am very happy that I didn't sell my B2A. That's going to be an heirloom one day. It also happens to sound good.
  8. Advice needed about entry to 5 string

    You've answered your own question. Just be aware that you need to keep your plucking hand in the same position relative to the pickup upon which you will rest your thumb going up onto the E and A strings. I'd argue that it is a necessary technique to have in your 'tool kit' . It damps the low B quite a lot of the time. In practice it is useful to switch between a number of damping techniques. Depending on your style it's good to try many differing techniques and whittle them down to the most efficient set that you can feel competent with. It should not be a problem going back to four strings. Just stay extra-alert for the first few bars and work out your string options on the fly. It's not easy at first but it isn't hard to get used to it. By the way. I am only a hobby bassist so better advice can be had.
  9. Advice needed about entry to 5 string

    Can we have that in TAB too please?
  10. Advice needed about entry to 5 string

    Don't overthink it. That's my advice. Try one.
  11. Neon Sisters - Monoplane (Double Electric Bassists)

    There's a theremin in the mix. Sold! I wish you success.
  12. 10" cab build

    I love hacks like this one. I been doing this sort of thing since I was little. I get immense pleasure from the results too. It's nice occasionally to let go of the disciplines that I've learned from engineering and just improvise with what's at hand. I hope it sounds passable when you finally get it hooked up.
  13. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    With a weight saving like that, @scrumpymike will feel more comfortable wearing one of these for those seventies tribute deps: ...or will he...?
  14. Hi everyone

    Welcome Jo.
  15. Alusonic Hybrid Custom

    Highly modular. That's got to make it a versatile tool. I'm impressed because I haven't seen this before. GLWTS