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  1. Although two of the frequency bands are at odds with each other between the list that Douglas found and the graphic that Woodinblack posted, they agree for the most part. Good enough for me. It's just a list of descriptive words that I like, that's all. I spend far too much time behind the keyboard and far too little behind the fretboard.
  2. Many thanks young man. I should take offence at you calling me "old chum" but since young chum looks no better, I'll let it go. Now... where's me ear trumpet? PS: I think that might be the actual post.
  3. Maybe it was only a Basschat thing but it was posted here a couple of years ago. If I could recall more than the one term I could peg it down but with just the one term I get too many search results back to go through. I won't be the only one to have read the post though so it's only a matter of time, if enough members read this, before someone remembers and at least I'd have that. Honk IS used widely. You'll hear folk like Guy Pratt using it. The other terms were suitable descriptive of the frequencies they represented too. I've flogged this horse for long enough. It's either a dead 'un or it's got no legs. I'm past caring now.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. While I take your points about terminology, there was a list that, if not widely accepted, was at least recognisable by a lot of musos. I'll find it eventually. You know what search engines are like... helpful one day, next-to-useless the next.
  5. My understanding is that Honk refers to the tone when you boost it in the 500Hz region. There was also a term for each of the other regions in the audible range. I think there were eight or nine altogether. So far no-one has listed them. Woodinblack has come close but his image is not bass specific. Thanks though. It is a comprehensive diagram that contains a lot of information about the range of lots of instruments. It will be useful at some point I imagine. I'm still hoping someone else can remember what I'm trying to... the list.
  6. I once read a post here that described tone using terms such as Honk. There was a name for each of about half a dozen frequency ranges. Apparently this is more widely recognised than I thought, possibly among sound engineers in particular. Yet I can't find a list of terms by searching. Has anyone got a link to that post. Failing that, can someone list those terms and the frequencies that they cover please?
  7. That inlay is okay for a first time.
  8. ! What's it made of? Ivory?
  9. Violated... as if with a root vegetable?
  10. Does anyone else think that YT is getting a bit more intrusive just lately? I rarely stream anything from them now. Much better to download and play clips offline. No banners suddenly covering the fretboard just as you try to copy the notes. Great playing though. Well worth looking at.
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