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  1. SpondonBassed


    We won't hold it against you.
  2. I'm seeing them all now thanks. Worth waiting for too.
  3. Heeheehee. Just as it should be. The middle image is part of a piano hammer, I'm guessing.
  4. Good to see you having a go Hiram. What you describe as a comedy of errors is not unusual. Like the claims that are made for Plug and Play compatibility in I.T. the reality is seldom that straightforward. Even doing a kit build with all parts from the same source, some fitting is usually required. Maybe Meccano should start offering bass kits?
  5. SpondonBassed


    I'm sure the man can speak for himself.
  6. From here it looks like you've carpeted the inside to match your living room suite. How very co-ordinated of you. Heeheehee
  7. SpondonBassed


    Eclectic. Have you discovered the delicacy known as Mushy Peas served with fish and Chips yet?
  8. SpondonBassed


    Welcome Pamberi. SA?
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