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  1. I always thought of it as the recorded murmurings of a chimp.
  2. I agree. The grain seems to emphasize the depth of the colour coat. It looks like it's coated in a thick sauce.
  3. Nice job. Can we get Scott Whitley to demo it by playing Mr Pink?
  4. You can usually drill through both P/U cavities from the neck pocket with an appropriately long drill bit. the entry hole is then concealed within the neck joint.
  5. Cool. Do you think that there will be any benefit from the wood previously being exposed to tonal vibrations?
  6. Welcome Lea. Sorry I can't help with identifying your bass.
  7. Welcome Lloyd. "s/h" means second hand.
  8. I'm not sure I can get my beard as short as yours... Okay, thanks.
  9. My avatar disappeared too. Is it temporarily missing or do I have to upload a new one?
  10. Your consistency is to be admired. (It'll be great.)
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