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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Again, those few nuggets of information have made a lot of sense to me where folk have spoken volumes before and got nowhere with me. Thank you.
  3. None taken... heeheehee. You'll do fine my friend Bonne chance.
  4. Welcome Sam. You'll find the Build Diaries interesting.
  5. ... having first shªt in his slippers. (Possibly OTT?)
  6. Very kind. Thank you. I'm glad you kept it a matt finish. It looks bang up to date and smart.
  7. ...and the string tree/retainer? (I wasn't going to mention it in my previous post to save you embarrassment but @MoonBassAlpha has no such scruples so yeah... that.) Heeheehee
  8. Good Luck With The Sale... I like your version better though and I'm stealing it.
  9. Andy? Have you any plans to make the cut ends of the strings safe other than cutting them as close to the clamps as you dare? I know from experience that, with headless, you can overshoot so easily if there's no volute and I'd worry about snagging myself on those as they appear in your recent photos. I'm keen to see how you finish the neck end. I'm gathering ideas for my own build down the line somewhere.
  10. It needn't be said but GLWTS anyway. It's smashing looking. Are you putting up any clips for us to hear it?
  11. I believe the rule of thumb used to be 90m for cat5 cable before you needed to address signal loss.
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