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  1. It's just that the agencies don't want the companies they supply subbies to to poach "their" people.
  2. Just wait 'till The Tall Faeces meet the fans... it'll be a BIG hit.
  3. You've made a good job of the polishing. May I ask what you used?
  4. I know... he really shouldn't wear shorts at his age. (winks in @skankdelvar's direction)
  5. A bit fussy for my liking, sorry.
  6. Strangely Brown? From the web log Blackadder Scripts.
  7. I may reproduce that colour scheme for my next build. (PS: I missed the large model of the moon when it was on display at Derby cathedral recently. Bummer.)
  8. Ouch. If you, with your experience and contacts, can still feel like that what point is there in amateurs like me practising? Another way of looking at it is; if you, with your experience and contacts, can feel like that, I'm not the only one... My sympathy. I have periods when I feel the same way. One of them lasted for thirty years.
  9. The Soup Dragon had every reason to be sweary... When the rest of the froglet race discovered string pudding they ate so much of it that Michael Bentine had to invent Potty Time otherwise the Moon would become a swamp consisting mainly of partly digested soup and stringy froglet droppings. Without potty time for the froglets the whole Moon would be a fetching shade of brown by now. How's that for a re-railment?
  10. Congratulations on your NBD (New Bass Day). It is similar in shape to the Fender Jaguar. Stray dogs sometimes follow you home but they don't usually leave a hole in your wallet until you've taken them for their first visit to the veterinarian. That's GAS for you.
  11. Just for you and all the other Moon Froglets reading, here is some String Pudding:
  12. I'd say that little gem belongs on a list of top tips for prospective builders. It makes perfectly good sense... after it's been pointed out. It isn't something you see very often. I wonder if it's because it's easier to work around flaws in the timber by making wings than to look for the "perfect" slab. As always, the results of your work are a joy to behold.
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