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  1. Some people spend a fortune on tobacco over the years. Some collect basses. I know which I would rather. I've been nicotine free for over fifteen years now. I need to be doing something less harmful with my fingers these days.
  2. Doesn't need a pick-guard... perhaps a sporran.
  3. SpondonBassed


    None needed but appreciated none the less. It's all a bit of fun in the end. Enjoy the forum.
  4. Reading Guy Pratt's book recently gave me this anecdote: He wrote that Bernard Edwards had told him: It doesn't matter where the fu(k you go... as long as you're back on the one. Great book by the way.
  5. I that was the brief, I'd divide it up so that we only had to do 33 each. I'm lazy that way.
  6. So... it's like the old saying... we ALL have our vices.
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