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  1. We're off - 1x15 DIY

    I once went to the best little warehouse but that was in Texas and I wouldn't dare describe it here.
  2. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Sacrilege. I thank you for it. It is no harm to dispel these precious notions from time to time as there are advances in materials, technology and the knowledge of how to use them.
  3. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Ah thank you. Send the papers through to me ASAP.
  4. Singing bass players

    I had forgotten. Thank you for the reminder.
  5. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Having inspired you with my facetious remark I fully expect a cut of the manufacturing royalties when you make your first 10k. Heeheehee. Why knot?
  6. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    At least it isn't Balsa.
  7. We're off - 1x15 DIY

    I get that. Having the luxury of space in which to spread out I can say with certainty that it is too easy to let things go slack and end up with several jobs running concurrently. Often it would be best to finish a job before starting a new one. It's okay to have a couple of things going when curing times are involved as the wait can be used to progress the other jobs. If you get it right, you have the basis of a profitable occupation. In the seventies Toyota shared its JIT (Just in Time) production method, also known as TPS (Toyota Production System) with its competitors and the world in general. This proved that lots of warehouse space is not necessary in large scale manufacturing if you get your chain of supply to deliver to tight deadlines. This removes the delays between production of sub-assembly parts and the final assembly of those parts into the end product. Less storage costs, shorter lead times, repeat orders as a result of delivering on time every time - everyone wins. Many large companies around the world adopted JIT and it is a well established principle in manufacturing today. People often produce their best results under difficult circumstances, in this case, the need to live in the space where you want to do the work. Admirable.
  8. Hello from Poland

    Welcome Faylith.
  9. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    I shouldn't worry. If no-one kicked their kennels from time to time they'd pine away and the vet would have to be called in. It keeps them on their toes.
  10. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    I know it's the matt effect of the paint but that body looks as if it might be covered in red suede leather. It'd be an impressive look new but imagine the patina that you'd get after a full year of gigging with one like that! My limited knowledge of Fender lineage can recognise the mash-up of eras there. I avoid playing Fenders for preference. Frankenbass Fenders are interesting though. Could it be that I am becoming a FF* fan? *FF = Frankenbass Fender in this context. Other contexts are available.
  11. Singing bass players

    Nick Lowe is not only a singing bassist... he's been seen with an eight string Hamer on music videos too. Oo. (Heeheehee. 12 & 8 String Basses)
  12. Having Trouble Hearing your Dry Signal?

    You're welcome. I thought it was an interesting diversion. There was a clip in that lot where the placement of hydrophones and dead spots in a small enclosure was discussed. Technically speaking, it was a treat.
  13. Cab protection strips

    It's the home straight now. You have more patience with web searches than I have. After I've sorted the irrelevant ads, other search engines and chancer websites from the list of so-called results in the search window I opened, I've almost lost the will to carry on. Jez's response is good example of the good natured sharing of information by those who have already been there. As proven, this is a great place to ask for guidance.
  14. Having Trouble Hearing your Dry Signal?

    The commentary said that the sounds heard through water were a throwback to the sounds that every human being experiences in the womb. I have no experience of ghostly music other than the sound of the theremin.