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  1. Crikey. Shouldn't you be offering them on the Recycle section for collection?
  2. You were right about the pickguard. That works well.
  3. Head, cab, pedals, boost. You're not building a turbo-charged rickshaw on the sly are you? Good to see you covering a variety of gear.
  4. I genuinely thought that was a scorched finish. Although it's not a look I'd go for unless I was looking for wall dressings for a pub that does Sunday lunches, it is striking.
  5. Nice reclaim job... even for a guitar. (spits on the ground). Your next one looks, er, distressing though. I think you might have scorched it accidentally.
  6. That's a frustrating thought. How will you avoid the compulsion to carve the Christmas turkey into the shape of a bass guitar?
  7. I agree re: the pickguard. My eye keeps going to the lower right hand corner of the unfinished body as seen in the image above. It's different to the bass on the left.
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