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  1. If you do decide to defret, consider lowering the nut slots by the height of the (removed) frets. You'll find that you can get a much lower action and the bass should be much more playable at the end of the neck. Having two identical basses (one fretted, one fretless) should help loads with your intonation. For a while I had two differently shaped basses (a fretted EB MM Sterling , and an unlined Westone Thunder 1A Fretless), and my intonation was dodgy to say the least. As soon as I got hold of a fretless Sterling (also unlined), my intonation improved overnight. Spend time listening to yourself playing over recorded tracks through headphones, but don't over think it. After a while you should find that your fingers automatically start to find the right places on the neck. Have fun!
  2. I recently discovered this lot. Absolutely sublime:
  3. I've read that she was the only Bangle not to be overdubbed by session musicians on their recordings.
  4. I'd always been a little ashamed to admit that Dire Straits - Dire Straits is one of my all time favourite albums. The songwriting is just superb - intimate, personal or well-observed, and every song is a gem. "In The Gallery" on first listen is an unusual song, but is one of my favourites. I only discovered recently that it's about Harry Phillips, a personal friend of Knopfler's: https://www.songfacts.com/facts/dire-straits/in-the-gallery
  5. Dan Hartman's self-designed $5000 1974 silver “Bass Suit” had controls on the sleeve. I found this on the Vintage Weird FB group. Does anybody here know any more about Dan Hartman and his wearable 4-string?
  6. I would expect a short-scale to be harder to intonate, as the tighter note spacing will demand spot on accuracy. (This is the same reason why my fretless playing is tolerable towards the headstock end of the neck, but induces audience grimaces as I wander towards the body-end of the neck).
  7. Is that Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh on keys? 😉
  8. Thanks for the heads up Krispn! This is just the job to convince MrsDaveTheBass to brush up her digital piano skills. 😊
  9. Me too! I learnt this last week. Great fun to play - I learnt it on fretted - just transferring over to fretless now.
  10. Surely the definitive Boogie?
  11. Hi, I haven't compared the Two10 directly with a supercompact or TC cab. I'm not much of a slapper either. However, my Two10 sounds great with clean tones - I don't use any distortion or drive with my fretless, just the pristine tone of a Markbass LM3. It's not a 'hifi' cab though - it's got a prominent hump in the low mids, and a roll-off in the treble. I f slap's your thing, you might want something with a tweeter (ughhh) 😝
  12. Interesting 30min listen on BBC Sounds: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00082dr It's all about times when your ears play tricks on you, and how you can apply them to music.
  13. Thanks for the topic Nicko, I was pondering this question only yesterday. On the two outings that our new backdrop has made so far, we've used string and duct-tape. The first time we were able to tape the backdrop to the front of a wide-screen TV. The second, we strung it from light fittings and security cameras. Neither method was ideal. I'm thinking about getting some black bootlaces and using them instead. I'm also considering sticking a hammer and a pack of nails into the gig bag, but I'm not sure how this will go down with every landlord... BTW, I used this lot, and I was very impressed with the quality and the price: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Banners-DESIGN-outdoor-printed-advertising-display/dp/B00Y6V1PAI?ref_=ast_bbp_dp
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