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  1. MrDaveTheBass

    Genz Benz Focus 410 Tweeter

    Has anyone replaced the tweeter in a Genz Benz Focus 410? I thought that I'd be able to replace just the diaphragm, but the screws on the driver have been epoxyed over. Even more annoyingly, the horn has been epoxyed onto the driver, so I can't even unscrew the driver and reuse the horn. Can anyone suggest where I might be able to source a replacement driver and horn? Many thanks, Dave.
  2. MrDaveTheBass

    Dep Bass Player needed for Beat Herder and Boomtown Festivals

    Thanks Andy, I've passed your number onto Dunc, who's Rev Schnider's guitarist. Cheers, Dave
  3. MrDaveTheBass

    playing with a pick is faster - fact or fiction?

    This is weird: When I play with a pick, I can sing at the same time. If I try to sing whilst playing the same line with my fingers, my mouth doesn't open, and my face gurns about like I'm having a stroke. Who'd have thought moving two fingers took up so much brain power?
  4. MrDaveTheBass

    Sweetened tunings

    My guitarist uses all sorts of weird tunings. One rehearsal I took my fretted bass along, rather than my usual fretless, and it just sounded wrong. I realised that I must automatically compensate the pitch on the fretless to match the guitar - I was rather chuffed - my ears must be better than I thought they were. If you're going to use any sweetened tuning system, make sure that you're using the same one as the guitarist.
  5. The Rev Schnider and his band of angels need a dep bass player to play the Beat Herder and Boomtown Festivals this summer. https://www.facebook.com/schnidersangels/
  6. MrDaveTheBass

    Is it me?

    My originals band is completely modular. As long as the main singer/guitarist turns up, we've performed as a one, two, three or four-piece in every permutation of vox/guitar/bass/drums. We're all very low-temperature though, and it's never been an issue. If I was you I'd relax and let them get on with it - money in the band kitty that can be used to maintain any wear and tear on the PA sounds fair enough to me.
  7. MrDaveTheBass

    Heads up for good stores doing part exchange

    +1 to this - they were really helpful resolving a problem with my daughter's acoustic guitar. They had some very nice guitars on the wall too. https://www.expressmusic.co.uk/
  8. Posting this ad for a friend's band: Bass player wanted to dep/join Birmingham based originals band, Stonehouse Jack. They've got an upcoming gig in London in July that they'd really like to honour, despite recently losing their bass player, so a one-off dep would be great, but if you fitted in, a full-time band member would be even better. http://www.stonehousejack.com/ https://stonehousejack.bandcamp.com/ Facebook: @stonehousejack
  9. MrDaveTheBass

    What's going to happen to CDs ?

    I must've listened to the click of the needle in the run-out groove for hours whilst I tried in vain to climb down from the ceiling and turn the record over.
  10. MrDaveTheBass

    Amplifier Isolation platform DIY?

    I'm calling the RSPA!
  11. MrDaveTheBass

    Amp settings with active bass

    Personally, I find one of the advantages of an active bass with EQ controls is that it allows you to tweak the EQ between songs (or even mid-song) without having to turn around and fiddle with your amp. I generally set the amp flat and adjust EQ on the bass. That said, I sometimes have to set the EQ on the amp so suit the room (e.g. cut lows to avoid 'boom'). However, one of my favourite strategies is to set everything flat and use my right-hand position/picking technique to change the tone (picking close to the neck for a round bassy tone, or closer to the bridge for a brittle trebly tone).
  12. MrDaveTheBass

    What's the closest you've ever come to making the big time...

    You decided to let the drummer go then?
  13. MrDaveTheBass

    Depping advice please

    That's a great idea - it gives you licence to sound like 'you'.
  14. MrDaveTheBass

    Amplifier Isolation platform DIY?

    Buy 4 of these and put them underneath your cab's feet. £6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/6030-Sports-Ice-Hockey-Puck-Black/dp/B01ERRJR4Q/ref=sr_1_2/257-8636340-0319504?ie=UTF8&qid=1526297260&sr=8-2&keywords=ice+hockey+pucks&dpID=418690QQ2SL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  15. MrDaveTheBass

    Songs you absolutely hate

    You've just described my cover band's set list! When the whole pub is singing along with you, somehow even the worst drunk anthem doesn't seem too bad. The one song, however that I left a function band for was 'Build Me Up Bloody Buttercup' - for some reason I just couldn't face ever playing it again.