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  1. My custom Overwater will be ready to pick up in the new year!!!! :D 

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    2. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Which new year did you have in mind, Phill? :|

    3. Phill


      This coming January :) 

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      New year..... new custom bass! What a great thing to look forward to :)

  2. Good news! My ear is working again!! Still ave to have another op but I can hear 😁

    1. prowla


      It's good to hear!

    2. discreet


      Yay! ...I said, 'YAY!'

  3. I've been  very quiet as of late. I've gone profoundly deaf in the right ear due to an infection & have not gigged or undertook any music work in weeks. I've got an exploitative operation tomorrow & my first gig in months Saturday. Look after your ear health.

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    2. Phill


      Thanks! No luck so far, but managed to get through a gig earlier 👍

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ooooo, sorry to hear that Phill. Hope you're not suffering, since the gig. And I hope they sort you out, asap :)

    4. Phill


      Thanks Marc, The gig went well but there was such an overwhelming amount of noise coming into my good ear, it was hard to concentrate.

  4. Went to the Welsh premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody last Wednesday, really enjoyed it too. A few inconsistencies but overall thourougly enjoyed it 👍 

  5. Great week recording in Weston! Managed to get some articles, remote sessions & plenty of pints done too 😁 back to flooded Wales tomorrow & a new student starting 


    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Sounds like you had a cracking week there matey :)  Don't forget to post some links to the recorded material, or snippets of it
      ..... and next time, some beer samples wouldn't go amiss either ;)

    2. Phill


      It was tiring but worth it!, Will do when it's released. I filmed a bit but I'm not allowed to post it 🙃 John Smith's was lovely at £2.80 a pint 👌

  6. Phill

    To Cull or Not to Cull...

    I've had 30+ in the past but I'm really cutting it back to a custom "Pingray" fiver, old jazz a fretless & my upright. I think they will cover 99.9% of anything I'd have to cover. I do have regrets selling a few but I suppose that's life 😔
  7. Phill

    ‘Nose grease’.

    I'm sort of in the boat with the changes between rounds & flats for different gigs.. Getting really bad blisters from rounds at the moment. John Deacon can be seen licking his fingers before different passages live quite a few times. Although never nose grease, I do occasionally moisten my fingers just a little bit to "ease the pain" I always change strings on pre owned instruments you don't know where they've been 😂
  8. This is next level! The relicing & yellowing are truly fabulous 👌
  9. Sounds like a great setup aDx! Always found Cort basses to have a nice fundamental sound to them 👍
  10. John Deacon Feature in the next issue of BGM by Mike Brooks!! Can't wait to give it a read 😁

    1. Dood


      Oh yes, oh yes! It’s a good’un!

    2. Cairobill


      Such a great bassist. Any news on how he's doing nowadays?

    3. Phill


      He's doing okay, I have very limited contact with him, but he is aware of the article & such. Need to get a few copies of it asap 

  11. Phill

    How was your gig last night?

    I think so too, I'm only a dep so I think I'll have a word with the band first.
  12. Phill

    How was your gig last night?

    Played with a Manic Street Preachers & Stereophonics tribute band on Saturday. Decent crowd, good band (old boys) but the singer was a bit off. Would start tracks on his own, chop & change the set as we went. I'm depping with them again next month, fingers crossed he doesn't do that again.
  13. My home from home studio for 7 days while working in Weston 👌 going to get a lot of work done on sessions, tracks & articles 🤞I hope!!


    1. Chownybass


      Pop up to Bristol and have a play on all our basses ;-)

    2. Phill


      I'd love to! I've used one or 2 Chowny's before in the studio too 😁

    3. dodge_bass
  14. Packing up for a week long recording session in sunny Weston-super Mare 😂

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    2. Rich


      If you get bored one evening, shout out. I'm only 15 miles up the road and I might be able to get an evening pass if I ask SWMBO nicely :lol: 

    3. Phill


      Sounds good Rich  👍 Any good music stores locally? 

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      Must find a guitar shop.... must find a guitar shop....must..... ;)

  15. Phill

    Vulfpeck Pilgrimage

    I was in awe all the way through! really enjoyed it 😁