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  1. For the first time in years I'm back on the wedding circuit for a few weeks! 

  2. Looks like I'm the new owner of a bass with great provenance! Pics to follow when it arrives 

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ooh - tell us more, and pics asap please 

    3. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      I trust this bass has 19mm provenance, or is it a 35" provenance bass?

    4. Phill
  3. Can anyone help ID these Fralin pups? Or is there just one set they do? 




  4. Speaking to a guitarist earlier actually. Played with George Michael in the 90's & getting £2500 now on average £200/£250
  5. Not gonna name any names here but it depends on the level of the act, label backing & own negotiated contracts & venues to some extent (all from my personal experience) Playing at O2 Academy's for me paid slightly less than arenas & such say £200 + against £500+ and per diems every day on or off while travelling which sort of mirrored the union's fee guidelines mostly. It is really dependent on each tour though
  6. Recording session for Netflix today! 🎸


  7. So sorry I missed this! Chip replaced the TLC2262 with an AD822
  8. Got some smaller & new practice diaries for some of my younger & F2F students 🎸


  9. Yeah it was originally a rosewood fretless board. Later changed to ebony
  10. Always with rounds for this one. The binding was added at a later I believe but really sets it off
  11. A sad bass related day today. My 1976 (first year of production) Musicman Stingray Fretless Bass is leaving my studio for the last time. 


  12. A sad bass related day today. My 1976 (first year of production) Musicman Stingray Fretless Bass is leaving my studio for the last time. During the pandemic, after really getting deep into the playing, style, tone & bass history of Pino I sought out a standard fretless Stingray from anywhere. After nearly biting the bullet & getting a custom EBMM fretless from them directly this wonderful bass popped up after I placed a wanted ad on Facebook. I looked over it for a week & got it on the way to me. A perfect bass for what I was looking at and at the time, an instrument I couldn’t put down! Studio sessions & some live work with it too. This bass was the sound of Feralman Music the artist's set & such a distinct bass sound for his tracks live. It was used twice live with him & the band, numerous rehearsals, numerous recording sessions too. This was the bass’s first artist appearance for myself. As time went on I got more and more reluctant to take it out in public, along with the actual need of this sound live/in the studio. Plus a new addition from Overwater basses really covers the sounds needed for a MM Stingray and in the form of extra low notes too. It’s definitely a regret that I felt almost instantly & still do but needs must & this bass is one that I feel needs to be played. Maybe one day it will make its way back around to me (fingers crossed) but definitely a special bass & leaves me with just one "vintage" bass going forward & an empty slot on my guitar rack too. IMG_4497.HEIC IMG_4498.HEIC
  13. Aguilar Sl112 in lovely Antique Ivory. A few little marks on the Rolex but nothing concerning. Working fine. £550 ONO no trades please. It can come with a Hot Covers cover but it has been personalised haha! More pictures on request. Reluctant to ship but can be picked up or delivered within reason/meetup etc. Cash or bank transfer
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