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  1. andydye

    Fender CIJ '51 Precision Bass reissue £600

    Hiya, What's the neck profile like? baseball bat? skinny minny?
  2. andydye

    Feedback for KiOgon

    Another splendid job from the master, new loom for my Jazzmaster, sounding sweet and I love the new terminal blocks!
  3. Super nice, I've got a couple of Shuker Ps and they're exquisite!
  4. andydye

    Shuker J Basses.

    Absolutely, but, buying a bass a day could be a very pleasant way to spend a few days? 😏
  5. andydye

    Shuker J Basses.

    These are the best pics I've got just now, if I can remember how to properly add a link to a flickr folder I've got a bunch from during the build...
  6. andydye

    Shuker J Basses.

    The fretless PJ really is a special one, thanks guys I'll concoct a post with a few more pics of it
  7. andydye

    Shuker J Basses.

    Here are my lovelies 👌
  8. obviously trying not to look suspicious or furtive is nigh on impossible unless you're wearing shades, a hat and a fake moustache?
  9. andydye

    Tech21 SansAmp Driver Deluxe

  10. andydye

    Best gear at gigs?

    ☝️ this
  11. hot dayum this is a lovely looking bass!
  12. Hiya bud, Is this the copperhead one?
  13. Help please! It's looking very likely that I'll need to get me and my db to Switzerland in March for a weekend of shows (plenty of time to work out how the feck to do it) and I'm looking for ideas/options for flight-proofing it... It isn't an expensive db, less than £1k so paying over £1k for a flightcase for it feels a bit overkill, especially when I may not need to fly with it again and certainly have nowhere to keep a mahoosive db flightcase! Flightcase hire? Any recommendations? Any offers? Just general help please
  14. andydye

    Phat Phuk B replacement??

    got me a Suppa Phat Phuk, so all good in the hood