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  1. I believe the info you're looking for is here dude https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Retro-Six10.htm looks like a frickin awesome cab!
  2. Aye, ticking along matey, full of cold but still covid free. I used the 500 version of this amp at a mates show, pokey little bugger, sounded lovely!
  3. I don't need another amp but am still sorely tempted by this!
  4. am a total sucker for beautiful old P basses, that's freakin gorgeous matey glwts
  5. oo that is bleddy gorgeous!! I've got one almost identical but with much more wear on it, glwts
  6. I would love to give this a new home, be an excellent cab for our rehearsal room, bit far to s.e. London from Hope Valley though
  7. used one of these as festival backline a couple of years back, sounded freakin brilliant!
  8. would dearly love to try one of these against my orange ad200b
  9. I love this one, are the electrics all sound and working? neck nice and straight with no warps?
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