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  1. has this not sold yet? my credit card hopes it has!
  2. after watching the Lee Sklar gear vids I'd love to meet one of these
  3. He's a monster, I love that he's coming off a break and is pretty rusty too. LEGEND!
  4. Phwoar!! I love the sound of these, never had my hands on one but I'd sure love to
  5. I love my Shukers, all p-basses and each one sublime! Very tempted for a J...does the ramp come off?
  6. I know the quality of Shukers well, these are my stage basses, I got a hankerin for a 5 string, don't normally get on with straight up J basses, something about the neck pickup never quite works for me, you don't happen to have any recordings of it do you?
  7. ah buggrit, I'm in Sheffield matey and we've not got any shows down near you any time soon, we've got one in Leytonstone (London) in early October but that's ages away
  8. whereabouts in the country are you matey? if you're near-ish can I come meet it please?
  9. oh wow, my perfect sr5 finish! I had one exactly like this years ago and should never have sold it!! interest in trades for something with just the 4 strings maybe?
  10. Beautiful, I love Shuker basses #colourmetempted
  11. Hiya matey, is this still available? do you know what year it is? Cheers Andy
  12. That is utterly gorgeous! What are the controls, she's got one more knob than your usual J
  13. P bass loom, advice on shielding, all perfect, as ever, exactly as expected, hesitate not to contact this gent with your wiring woes!
  14. Just bought Andy's lovely 62RI Jap P, super easy transaction, everything as you'd expect from a pillar of the basschat community.
  15. andydye

    obbm's feedback

    Perfectly spiffing as ever. 2 cables, made and shipped in record time.
  16. Super easy, smooth, swift, happy transaction with Mike, continue to treat/trade in confidence. He's a good 'un.
  17. Hiya, What's the neck profile like? baseball bat? skinny minny?
  18. Another splendid job from the master, new loom for my Jazzmaster, sounding sweet and I love the new terminal blocks!
  19. Super nice, I've got a couple of Shuker Ps and they're exquisite!
  20. Absolutely, but, buying a bass a day could be a very pleasant way to spend a few days? 😏
  21. These are the best pics I've got just now, if I can remember how to properly add a link to a flickr folder I've got a bunch from during the build...
  22. The fretless PJ really is a special one, thanks guys I'll concoct a post with a few more pics of it
  23. Here are my lovelies 👌
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