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  1. any love for the two notes le bass? I have one as my 'festival rig', always sounds great
  2. Nick kindly rehomed a markbass combo for me, instant payment, great comms, one of the best to deal with, always a pleasure my friend.
  3. just bought Dan's MXR bass distortion pedal, super easy transaction, exactly as described, perfick b'cer innit
  4. is this still available? would it work as a mute switch? do you get signal clicks when you hit the switch or is it silent?
  5. indeed, and mighty fine they are too
  6. one of these days I'll have to get one of these, sadly not likely to be today, could you add a pic of the back of it though please?
  7. Msgd John at obbm's recommendation, he's just made me 3 sweet patch cables, excellent service, swift too. Many thanks matey!
  8. I believe the info you're looking for is here dude https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Retro-Six10.htm looks like a frickin awesome cab!
  9. Aye, ticking along matey, full of cold but still covid free. I used the 500 version of this amp at a mates show, pokey little bugger, sounded lovely!
  10. I don't need another amp but am still sorely tempted by this!
  11. am a total sucker for beautiful old P basses, that's freakin gorgeous matey glwts
  12. oo that is bleddy gorgeous!! I've got one almost identical but with much more wear on it, glwts
  13. I would love to give this a new home, be an excellent cab for our rehearsal room, bit far to s.e. London from Hope Valley though
  14. used one of these as festival backline a couple of years back, sounded freakin brilliant!
  15. would dearly love to try one of these against my orange ad200b
  16. I love this one, are the electrics all sound and working? neck nice and straight with no warps?
  17. Hi there, if this is still available could you sort th epics out please as they don't work?
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