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  1. Hi spyder, I think this is going to have to be a face-2-face one, sorry.
  2. Possibly the most indulgent home/studio rig I've ever owned but I've got to make some space. Ampeg Portaflex PF-20T all tube 20w bass head. Immaculate condition. 2 x Ashdown RM110 cabs (each 8 ohm 250w) - these had custom red grilles and large logos added by Ashdown UK (by the previous owner who is a member of this here forum). Will also include 2 quality D'Addario speaker cables. Sounds-wise this can do modern and zingy with an active bass right back to old school P-bass thump. A gorgeous addition to any bass players home!
  3. Great Cabinet and easy to move around thanks to compact dimensions and sensible handles. Owned by me since new (2015). 400W @ 8 Ohm In fully working order, no functional issues. The bottom of the cab has become a bit scuffed - this is a common feature of these cabs due to them not having rubber feet but in no way impacts the performance. Includes the padded cover. Collection from Edinburgh.
  4. Sold a Red Ripper pedal to Bas. Great comms, prompt payment and a pleasure to deal with. All good.
  5. Whereabouts are you? I sometimes travel to manchester with work.
  6. Industry standard DI pedal which has resided in a flight-cased pedal board. Excellent condition. I'm using a Sansamp diver/DI now so this is now surplus to requirements.
  7. **price dropped to £75** A truly interesting pedal - can use it as a preamp/tone shaper with drive, or as a fuzz pedal or - and this is great fun - unleash the mental-ness of the "RIP" dial. Includes original tin and paperwork (including suggested settings which is useful!) - velcro on the bottom. No trades thanks but happy to post for an extra fiver
  8. Excellent condition, velcro on the bottom. Has spent its life in a flight-cased pedalboard. A recent change to my rig means this is now surplus to requirements. This is the version that is Preamp only (no XLR DI output). Full details from the website here: https://www.sadowsky.com/product/sb2/ Based in Edinburgh but happy to post in UK for an extra fiver
  9. **price dropped to £225** I've owned this from new (Nov 2015) along with an RS210 and RH750 head and it remains completely reliable with no issues. I've recently taken delivery of a Barefaced 212 as a move to a 'one cab" solution, so this has to go (I'm keeping the rs210 for smaller gigs). Includes TC padded cover. These cabs are susceptible to scratching - especially on the bottom due to not having feet. This one is no exception, though I've partly mitigated this by sitting it on an Auralex Gamma isolation pad. Located in Edinburgh.
  10. Aye. Here's another thing bugging me about this : "Master Builder John Cruz has painstakingly recreated this bass in precise detail, as only a Custom Shop Master Builder can..."..."Not only is this limited-edition bass a true-to-the-era replica"....."a lacquer finish to let the body breathe with more tonal resonance" Ummmmm. Late 70s was the era of lashings and lashings of poly as far as I recall.
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