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  1. It's odd. On my first time around, my second and third bands both played nothing but originals. Both bands used to play two-sets of all own material, in ordinary pubs and get invited back. I don't think that was unusual in the early '90s.
  2. My ideal is to be in a band who play covers to keep sharp and get gigs, but have an alter-ego writing songs and aiming to do festivals etc.
  3. Please don't use that black, those of us using dark theme can't read it on a dark grey background.
  4. Err... when they sound crap? 🙂 I was going to say 'when you notice they are smooth and flat' but I now have a bass strung with flats and it's OK 🙂
  5. Coincidentally, I've been sprucing up a few ZZ Top basslines recently. They may not be hugely complex but Dusty could certainly play for the song, and it puts a grin on your face to play his music.
  6. Great bass growl. YT knows I like James Brown so it fed me this (God Bless the Algorhythm):
  7. I want to share my new rig.. but the courier has lost a shipment between Orange and Andertons, so they could only offer me the slightly scratched demo one 😭 I decided to wait and get a new one.
  8. Has anyone else experienced the delicious irony of reading this post in the dark theme?
  9. You should be OK swapping red, green, yellow or orange - but you will probably need to tweak resistors to get even brightness, especially as you don't know the efficiency of the existing ones. Blue may not work as they need more volts, and even if they light they would probably be very faint.
  10. Oh Pretty Woman, Albert King. It's a Duck Dunn bassline and just a little bit unusual and for somew reason I'm finding it far trickier to get it nailed than many much more complex and quick lines. I gotta get that groove!
  11. Units manufactured, presumably, or individual designs 🙂
  12. Easier to find than a modest guitarist 😈
  13. Is it possible to make the difference between the read and unread star symbols a bit more obvious:
  14. I was away for two days and only able to access the site on my phone.
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