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  1. Not strictly true, particularly after Lemmy. Some of them have complex walking lines that are made up of several repeated figures, others have signature riffs that are the basis for improvisation. But learning parts of even the most .mprovisational ones can teach you an awful lot. Plus you could also say the same about the Faces, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and the Who and there's no shortage of transcriptions of their basslines.
  2. This Maya has a blockwood body, but it doesn't look too bad where the lacquer has chipped away.
  3. Brilliant bassline. Check out Troy's cover on YouTube, helped me learn it.
  4. Did this ever get transcribed? The lack of Hawkwind bass tabs out there is alarming.
  5. I suspect my 2.8Mbps connection wouldn't be up to it, especially if anyone else in this lockdown zone wants to go online...
  6. Can you suggest a more affordable alternative? Chamois? Parchment? A page of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  7. Exactly 0.0lbs according to my luggage scales. I know that will too be heavy for many folks...
  8. If they came up with a medicine to treat Covid-19 that was as effective as they are it would have the side effect of putting you into suspended animation every morning for 3 hours when you wake up...
  9. Found this from about 1995, it's me and my brother having fun around a poem by Bob Calvert from the liner notes of Space Ritual. A bit mad and very messy/pretentious attempt at space rock...
  10. Great video on the Hawkwind Facebook group from Dave Brock explaining a 'rough' of a new song about coronavirus! Other members will be donating parts remotely but poor Richard Chadwick can't play his drums as they are in isolation in Brock's shed/home studio. Dave also promises podcasts about his theremin and other gear and to do some guitar lesson podcasts for self isolaters. Meanwhile Niall Hone has released an EP on Bandcamp: https://lordsofform.bandcamp.com/
  11. I'm never sure if you build new basses or just keep refinishing the same one 🙂
  12. If only we could use WinIsd to change the coronavirus curves...
  13. Six reasons to play guitar instead of bass: Lack of any sense of rhythm. Tab too complicated, prefers things like ' G - C -D'. Weak character, lacking moral fibre. Small hands. Thinks 'advanced musical knowledge' is memorising the blues scale. Small willy.
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