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  1. Foillowing the long anticipated publication of Johnny Goes Up, I'm sure we are all on tenterhooks waiting for Johnny Goes Down.
  2. I think I said Friday's gig went well. Went to a smashing gig at my usual Saturday night haunt, by a recently reformed classic rock trio with a great guitarist. He's seen our videos and is up for a double header gig, already thinking about details.
  3. Nervous about a beer festival next weekend. We have a two-hour slot between other bands and have to use our own PS. Last night it took 2 1/2 hours to set up the Pa and get everything sorted...
  4. Windsor in Penarth. Expecting a quiet night, good crowd, much dancing and screaming. Got asked to autograph a cd! 😎
  5. 50? Probably not, it will be warmer inside.
  6. Not a bass, but would make a distinctive fiver...
  7. I'm sorry, that defines fugly...
  8. Same sounds, very different look and feel. 🙂
  9. Well, after last night, the Epiphone Embassy has gone up a grade. I put a reasonable bass boost and a slight lift on mid and treble on the TE Elf, that made all positions of the blend control usable. In neck position I could get a lovely powerful but rich tone, but also plenty of presence by moving my fingers towards the bridge. With the bridge pickup I could vary hand position to move between a serious cutting honk to a more mellow sound. It just seemed much more pronounced than the variations on my Jazz basses. I was playing through the TE Elf (which gives a bit of built in compression) and the GR Bass AT212. Our guitaruists commented "That Trace sounded killer, very tight sound, no farting bass tones haha" An outstanding instrument for the price. I can't imagine anyone wanting to change the pickups.
  10. Yes, but this chap wasn't greatly familiar with it and had to improvise a bassline on the fly by ear...
  11. Third sunday in a row at the same cocktail bar. Last week it was empty amd left us feeling flat. This time we did some social media and they put a board outside. We got a small but highly enthusiastic audience who had a fantastic time, and so did we. Lots of extended improv and several impromptu solos. Also I used my TE Elf to see how it would gig with the GR Bass AT212 and the Epiphone Embassy. The sound was immense and the Embassy incredibly versatile. So a good night.
  12. The sort of song where if you don't know it you won't be able to anticipate most of the chord changes
  13. Is that a volunteer for an organising committee? I have a PJB c4, could bring it for a face off.
  14. Well its your fault for sunbathing next to the railings.
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