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  1. Some of the guitars do - the 'old gold' LP and the Coronet.
  2. Has anyone tried the fitted case? Are they any good? I'm minded just to get an ordinary one that other bases can share.
  3. I ran a scalpel very carefully along the index bits. I don't want to remove the scratchplate unnecessarily. Question... if anyone has had the plate off, are they CTS pots?
  4. Good luck with the scratchplate film! And don't forget the backs of the tuners!
  5. Taking a break and doing this one instead! Definitely on a Freddie King binge... learnt Hide Away yesterday for our rehearsal too.
  6. I'm Torn Down is not renowned as a tricky song... it's just a twelve bar right? But this version is something of a challenge to play smoothly and keep it up 😰
  7. I'd never heard of a Jedson Tele Bass two weeks ago, but they seem to be 20% of all the 'first basses' on this thread!
  8. Ve haf vays of making you play 1FPF!
  9. Mein gott! Used it at rehearsal. Everyone thinks it looks lovely, especially the hardware. It goes with the drumkit (Pearl, slightly darker metallic green of similar hue). It sounds huge. It's majorly louder than my other basses, I have to turn down the gain a lot, or it sounds like death metal. Absolutely love this bass.
  10. Yes scotchbrite would be better. Grade 1000 is enough for toning down a gloss.
  11. It would be interesting to see a video of several people playing the same short selection of pieces to compare their fingering styles.
  12. I can understand why people don't want to do a pinky stretch, it's using ring and pinky together I struggle to understand, as I find it unnatural/uncomfortable. I can see it's a necessity for double bass with long, taught, high action strings, however. I don't have any agenda to stop others doing it though!
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