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  1. Another forum I use which has the same software limits the number of lines and images in signatures and limits links to one. It's effective in stopping people using their signature for what should be in their profile.
  2. If it has two jack sockets and 'minimum load 4 ohms' you can fit two 8 ohm cabs (the built in one is normally 8 ohms).
  3. I have a problem with mine. It's stopping me from playing my other basses...
  4. Ooh! Nice and very tempty... I have a Bass red triangle pin badge on the lapel of my obligatory leather jacket. Sadly current divorcingness means funds are tight and moving is imminent - I need to declutter rather than acquire more stuff. But in a few months...
  5. I worry my sig is over the top... I wouldn't blame anyone for hiding it. There are several people on this thread whose sigs I've hidden for being 'in my face'. You know who you are... 🤣
  6. Thang Q. I knew I should have been able to place them.
  7. At about 1:00? other bits less sure. Most of it definitely picked. I suspect some of the single is synth bass, it's too 'clean'.
  8. Led me down a rabbit hole. This pre-Trevor Horn version is surely slapped at some parts...
  9. Long version. Thanks for the reminder @hiram.k.hackenbacker
  10. "White Collar ... well that was a white collar crime ... 'cos he got away with it."
  11. I've got one of those from the same year (2001) or 2002. It's actually a damn fine bass IMHO.
  12. On the plus side, by next spring I should be living half way between Midlands and SW Bass bashes. I will have to go to both. For goodness' sake liaise with Jamie so you don't both pick the same weekend!
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