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  1. Lovely double one in Pino's wherever I lay my hat 🙂 Very satisfying to nail it!
  2. When I bought it, it had flats on. The only 6-string I have ever played that had flats on it. Incidentally, my Maya fretless has a blockboard body. Two layers of blocks with thin layers between and top and bottom.
  3. @skankdelvar may take a dim view of you comparing the immaculate Dorothy to a rugby player...
  4. 'Motor boating' is usually caused by power supply issues, probably the power amp causing the preamp supply voltage to drop creating a slow feedback loop and low frequency oscillation that depends on volume. See if you can isolate the preamp power supply better, perhaps add a sizeable electrolytic capacitor near the preamp and large inductor in the power amp supply. Ideally wire them 'star' style rather than daisy chaining them.
  5. Invision Community's indexing can get slow when threads grow beyond around 1000 pages. The answer is not to ban off-topic subjects (one forum I was on had terrible repercussions from doing this including a breakaway forum being set up). A solution is to (with due notofication/advice beforehand) close some long threads and move their recent postings to a new one.
  6. Phew! I thought Gilbert and Sullivan had split up.
  7. I demoed one of these and it was brilliant. I still regret not buying it. The fridge magnet, not the actual bass obv. 😉
  8. I've got two drumsticks from gigs. I think one was from UFO,, can't remember the other, might have been the Stranglers. They were both 'name' bands. Hmm.
  9. My Maya fretless has a blockboard body, my squier tele is plywood. This has hideously cheap pickups with terrible microphony. It's a Kay and a cheap as you can imagine a guitar could be constructed. It sounds amazing:
  10. I've always played SS strings. But my Jazz came with Fender nickels on it and they suit it down to the ground. I find different basses make different music, different strings is part of that.
  11. I can play loads of instruments - if you set the bar as "can you play a recognisable tune on...?" I hope I play bass to a decent standard, guitar to a 'good enough to have fun playing along standard' but other instruments are pretty much just to have fun on my own or learn a part for a home recording. I did play mandolin in front of an audience in 2019 🙂 Fretted string instruments are all much of a muchness in terms of chords and melodies. Just be able to 'swap' chords/scales between fourth and fifth interval tunings. Get guitar and mandolin and you can play something on almost any fretted instrument. For example, you can tune an 8-string bozouki like the any four strings on a guitar and have great fun with something that sounds and looks very different without really learning any new skills.Strumsticks are good, diatonic ones are impossible to play out of tune 🙂 Ukes, have re-entrant tunings designed by people who hate musicians, learn a few chords and chug... Banjos are unusual you can learn a few plucking patterns and otherwise ignore the fifth string, but mine needs major repair. Keyboards are easy to plonk out a basic melody or chords but need skills beyond me to do both at the same time. I used to be a whiz on the Stylophone... Blowing things, the fingering of basic recorder/pennywhistle/mini sax is fairly easy to get. Some are easier to make sound nice than others. I count do squat with a flute despite borrowing one for a fortnight. A proper sax or clarinet is hell - be pleased if you can make it honk one good note. Things like harmonicas and drums are deceiving. Easy to get a very basic result but they have their own skill sets that make it hard to go past the very basics. Fretless stringed instruments are different. Violin is so hard to get a nice, consistent tone. Fretless bass I can play fine, but feel it should be classed as a different instrument to the fretted bass just as the double bass is unique. It benefits from a different left-hand technique to fretted bass and rewards you improving your ear. Then there's spoons...
  12. Barbapapa Basses...
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