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  1. No results were found for "gary numan" 😞 Not the first time I've struggled with these online sales.
  2. After all these years who would have thought that Steve 'Interesting' Davis would blossom into Steve Interesting Davis.
  3. There's wheat in the field And water in the stream And salt in the mine And an aching in me I can longer stand and wonder Cos I'm driven by this hunger So I'll jug some water, bake some flour, Store some salt and wait the hour When thinking of love, Love is thinking for me And the baker will come And the baker I'll be I'm depending on my labour, The texture and the flavour Hey! I can no longer stand and wonder Cos I'm driven by this hunger So I'll jug some water, bake some flour, Store some salt and wait the hour Come on, Mr Marriott, you'll either need some yeast or a sourdough culture or your bread is going to be disappointing at best.
  4. I'm really not sure it would make any practical differnce in my case 🙂 Anyway, the one way music would make sense for me would be for everything to be notated in the same key and transpose, rather than all the notes going wobbly every time there's a key change 😉
  5. I was asked a question in a light-hearted thread. My answer got too serious and made me realise that perhaps a lot of us would consider various routes to learning more if we really understood what we want to achieve. I'm struck by how our drummer identifies 'blocks' to getting a certain song right and then books a lesson with a teacher to address them. It's not 'teach me this' he asks for but 'help me get the technique to play this well'. When getting back into things I took a lesson, and after I'd played for about 15-20 seconds it was straight into 'fretboard awareness' - I felt I was being pushed into a musical theory approach rather than addressing my technique, yet I'd specifically asked to address technique. Perhaps the mistake I made was to mention 'fluency' where I meant the physical smoothness of my playing, but he seemed to think I wanted to improve my vocabulary (to use a language metaphor) rather than my accent. I tried to feel motivated - he hadn't criticised anything about my technique, but in truth I knew that didn't mean there was nothing to address. What I would really like is someone to give me some things to play and unpick what's holding me back, especially how I could improve my sound - keeping a consistent tone when things speed up, better understand locking into a groove, being able to be more deliberate in playing ahead or behind the beat, keep better time when playing fast, and generally addressing weaknesses in my technique. I can play most things up to a point, although some stuff takes a long time to get in my fingers, and I'm confident enough to improvise, certainly in a blues/rock situation, so I'm more interested in a teacher making my playing better. I find that the more I practice or play with other people, the more my musical horizons expand so I'm learning new musical ideas and tackling new challenges anyway. I see Scott Devine's 26-week 'bass technique accelerator' course; this could be what I need, but I am not sure I would stick with something that long. Certainly not in my present rather fluid situation. And what if I'm already at week 16? It might be a good idea in the future, but in the short term I'd like something more focused. I'm struck by how, when musicians get together, we tend to 'accentuate the positive' and are reluctant to criticise each other's playing, although the band I'm in will occassionally pick up on something - and (perhaps an advantage of being 'mature') offer it as helpful guidance rather than damning criticism. One person who does know how to criticise is one of my brothers - he watched a video of me playing and critiqued it right through. At times it was painful, but I learnt a lot more from that than any other half hour! So I'm still not really sure what I want/need I suspect I need a bass 'mentor/tutor' who I can turn to when I'm stuck or can tell me not just when I'm not cutting the mustard by why and how I might improve.
  6. My worry is it's essentially another set of patterns, although perhaps with a greater accent of flexibility and portability. Looking at what's offered - a map of various inversions across the fretboard - it's not that different from how I approach the instrument although obviously far more comprehensive and no doubt with lots of good exercises. I know there's no point in me making such a long-tern commitment. I'd like to be able to buy short, relatively inexpensive, courses to address particular issues in my playing. Interesting, I've typed out along reply, but I think I should start a new thread...
  7. After 40 years I still rely on FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
  8. Thinks so IIRC when I fitted them to a Tele they were a push fit in an accurate 1/4" hole.
  9. I've just gone through a number of Bob Calvert's lyrics looking for non-sequiturs and although his musings on the nature of space are unconventional they have a disturbing tendency to be factually accurate. I mean "Space is neither truth nor lies" isn't going to get you an astrophysics PhD but it's undeniably true...
  10. What's up Blue? You look cheerful in those shots! You must like boats 🙂
  11. THat's what is holding back GuitarChat. It needs StubForums 🙂
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