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  1. I have to ask one big question. WHY???? If they aren't into funk, how the hell can thay offer advice on funk basslines. Or have they watched the Bootsy 'keep it on the one' video?
  2. Interesting, when trying jazzes out, I found the bridge pickup sounded nasty through a Markbass combo, the shop swapped me to a Rumble on 'vintage' setting and joy was assured. It's interesting that people think a 'speaker without tweeter' amp won't fizz, I found most combos with a dirty channel (e.g. Orange Crush 50) sound pretty fizzy. I do like the way the standard channel on the crush amps sounds when they are pushed though.
  3. The 'pedals for sale' sections suggest that (a) lots of people agree and (b) as many people want to find out for themselves...
  4. I have a sort of sound in my head. It's a bit like Boz Burrell on 'Can't Get Enough' (fretless P), Paul Simonon on London Calling (P) and Ronnie Lane on Stay with Me (?) so it's not very bass specific, and I assume it's a classic softly overloaded valve amp sound. It's pretty much for those songs and songs in that vein... Of course I'm a J-bass fan.... Does that help? Edit actually I have no idea what this is...
  5. Never mind fun to be had learning that riff 🙂
  6. I'm looking for suggestions for an overdrive that isn't 'fizzy' like the OD channel on many amps. For adding a bit of grit when playing heavier numbers, but not as in your face as fuzz/distortion pedals - classic subtle overdrive sound really. Ideally one that works well without having to overdrive the amp input. The Boss ODB3 bass ooverdrive appears a poor choice by the vast number that have been sold on here! Must be a stand alone pedal, does not need to provide more severe effects as I've got those. Ideally modest cost.
  7. Well the middle one is Mexican (and it's saying "We don' want anything to do weeth your steenking P-basses, hombre!")
  8. You could use it as a disco-themed fire beater, I suppose.
  9. One melody, two sets of lyrics, two singers. Which do you prefer?
  10. The bass has had its pickups swapped... we don't know teh origin for sure so a mismatch is possible.
  11. I used a medium flat ended screwdriver that filled half the slot and it was surprisingly easy. I did make that nick though! Interestingly on assembly i noticed the scratchplate comes pre-nicked at just that point, part of the relicing process? Looks like it's a reference hole for CNC: https://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=92386 For the long answer, Talkbass appears to have a 13-page discussion...
  12. Now why can't all musicians where nice sensible clothes like that? I note he doesn't bother to play the fills when he's singing the lyrics 🙂
  13. It's been long enough now that it's time for a tiny truss rod tweak, 1/4 turn made a big difference. Also interesting how Fender mark the body:
  14. Paws off! 16mm? No problem for me, but then I play fingerstyle guitar sometimes 🙂
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