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  1. Probably Sound Chaser, I just learned the first bit...
  2. A better question might be 'what's the hardest bassline you have learned/tried to learn?" There are gazillions of basslines I haven't a hope of playing.
  3. You fit an SVT in an MX5? Sir, I takes my hat of tou you, I does.
  4. I suppose a high point for me was being in PMT trying out acoustic bass and beings ask 'do you want to try it plugged in' and then 'do you want to try another one' - I assume I wasn't scaring away customers! Maybe it was just because I wasn't slapping...
  5. Reading that I'm not alone with babywipes and mineral oil!
  6. LOL! Have you ever seen the Hamster's live? 'Snail's Pace Slim' ( Barry Martin) sprayed his fingerboard with WD40 between every song although (a) I suspect a degree of showmanship and (b) he's a guitarist anyway...
  7. I find learning complex stuff harder than playing it, if that makes sense? The fingers are faster than the brain...
  8. I will no doubt be slated for this... but I clean using baby wipes and oil with sewing machine oil (which is essentially lemon oil without the smell).
  9. I'm sure their are whole websites dedicated to the topic...
  10. Trace Elliot could give Cuadrilla run for their money... who needs fracking?
  11. According to the pedia of Wik (which tends to be unreliable or apocryphal on such details) he came in at MK6. I think I'm sorted now, just gagging to get the extra FETs fitted and test it out (especially as I now have some decent earplugs...).
  12. Gah! Searched eBay for TO3 mounting kit and bough the cheapest that came up - should have looked properly, I ended up with TO3P sets! None on CPC, but plenty on Farnell. Weird.
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