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  1. I recall that in the aftermath of the October Hurricane at least one death and several injures were caused by inexperienced people trimming the tops of fallen trees, when they removed enough material the weight of the root balls then pulled the trees upright.
  2. I love the dynamics, when he's thrashing away, yet he manages to make the volume swell and fade gently. Glad I watched that.
  3. Chea Cheap and startlingly effective way to improve the sound from the Jag SS: http://www.stubmandrel.co.uk/14-music/170-cure-the-squier-jaguar-short-scale-s-wimpy-j-pickup
  4. Probably uses germanium diodes for their low Vf. Might be interesting to try Schottky diodes...
  5. Hope he recovers fully. It's routers that scare me and I have two including a very big one... One of my nephews is an ambulanceman/paramedic and his worst stories are about 'degloving' accidents. Don't wear gloves near a drill press...
  6. That is interesting then. It may be something to do with impedance matching between the bass and the input of the Zoom. Maybe both are floating with no direct path to earth, try a 47K resistor to earth across the bass output jack and see if that makes a difference. Just a hunch...
  7. I kind of worry how many people go for a dinner party with Bob and Toyah and are never seen again...
  8. In the spirit of the above, Cantlin Stone Free Festival 1983. I don't remember any of the bands (or if there were any) but I'm pretty confident I was utterly blown away... Saw Here & Now supporting Gong in about 1994/1995. As far as I could tell the only visual difference was the Divided Alien when in Gong mode. Musically, Here and Now were in phenomenally tight jazz rock mode. Gong were, well, Gong... 🙂
  9. To be fair, it isn't clear if the hum goes away if you power the Zoom with batteries instead of a wall wart.
  10. Cliff Richard looking a trifle nervous trapped between Paula Yates and Killing Joke...
  11. For a large proportion of players, amateur or professional, your instrument(s) of choice are an extension of your personality. For introvert, extravert, narcissist or whatever that's going to drive your choice even beyond budget as even those with little to spend can find a bargain used instrument that's at least close to their aspirations. Marketing things as 'pro' is simply that, marketing. I have a 'pro-user' adjustable spanner here, but it's pretty cheap. If I worked in a garage I'd probably kit myself out with Snap-On tools, but I know that Halfords kit is likely to be just as good (and has a lifetime guarantee - the one time I split a socket they replaced it no questions asked). Plus another factor. I've got a fair few basses, one of them is a rare Fender (a Performer) and is at least as good as any bass I've played and is so easy to play with its skinny neck my playing goes up two notches just by picking it up. But it really only works for me when I'm standing up so it's never had the use of my other basses. Both times I'be been recording a demo in a 'proper' studio the sound engineers told me to use my battered Hohner B2 in preference to the Performer because it sounded better (one said it was one of the best sounding basses they ever heard, but this was a local studio in Coventry not Abbey Road...) OTOH I realise my flea bass is outstanding, I play it nearly every day. I change basses from time to time for the variety but I usually have two handy, and it's always one of them. This is simply because it's so comfortable (to me) and gives great range of sounds. What I'm trying to say is that instrument choice is intensely personal and I imagine being a pro just gives you the opportunity to be more discriminating and gives you a certain licence to use what you want, not what you are expected to use. The roads of music are littered with 'Signature' models that the signee quietly puts aside after a tour or so...
  12. Used to drink in a bar in Porthcawl where you always had a bottle first, even if you wanted to drink the cans. Not being a fan of Breaker I stuck with the Nukie Brown.
  13. I made a case for my Jaguar SS, which is an awkward size being too big for a guitar case but rattling around in a standard bass one. I found a furry dark crimson throw that had that 'slightly metallic' vintage look, indeed it looks just like proper lining material. It had a large hole, having been used as a dog blanket for a week or so, but after washing it there was plenty for lining two cases!
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