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  1. I think my brother was hinting I shoudl buy this when he sent me this link... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254445380111?ul_noapp=true
  2. Not listening yet... but I just paid £46(!!!) for the limited Edition Black Sabbath Live at Hammersmith Odeon CD on eBay. I was there on Dec 31 1981, the first of the three gigs (also 1,2 Jan 82) combined to make the CD. The first concert I saw at Hammersmith Odeon, afterwards with my g/f we went to Trafalgar Square and we missed the last tube back to Chessington. Do have some sympathy for the guy who bidded it up to £45 from 50p... but not a lot 🙂
  3. I've been asked to learn Can't Stop. I'm not the best slapper by a country mile.... But it's an excuse to improve!
  4. Er... isn't the MIM precision Deluxe active ... that woudl make quite a big difference... Recently A/B d a MIM Jazz deluxe with a Flea Jazz and the passive Flea won hands down.
  5. The made in Japan neck plate looks the twin of that on my 70s Maya fretless P.
  6. Might that not make the space to raise the issue...
  7. He has got a tune 'Level Pegging ' presumably with horizontal missionary implications 🙂
  8. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Self adhesive plectrum holders have been known to reduce me to tears......
  9. Age 11 I failed the audition for the school choir and I didn't last at violin. Bet I've had more fun making music than anyone else in my year group 🙂
  10. I'm a couple of chapters into this incredibly well-presented book. Lovely hardback with well presented dustjacket, endpapers, pics and even a ribbon to keep your page. Peggy is my bass-playing hero, and a nice guy - I remember his genuine astonishment at being asked to sign the insert from my cassette of 'The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone"! 🙂 I had no idea just how many people he's played with. He was even in a band with John Bonham. Brum must have been as exciting a place as London or Liverpool in the sixties, possibly more so if you are into the sort of music I like most. It's an interesting presentation with two typefaces, one for Pegg's recollections and one for his co-writer's comments and clarifications (and corrections!) My criticism would be that a bit of editing could have untangled the timelines and avoided some repetition making it a lot easier to follow, even allowing for the overlaps of some of his bands and experiences. Some of the changes are pretty obvious to me having done a bit of editing, and would not have spoiled anything. That said, there are some really nice anecdotes, one or two of which would suit Motley Crue (but presented without the saliciousness) or Spinal Tap. Maybe I'll add more later, but my view so far is this is a must read if Mr Pegg has influenced your playing.
  11. I played along using an online tab earlier, got lost a few times but my impression is that remembering what to play where is the hardest bit. The start of Willow Farm is the best bit 🙂
  12. I notice it was the transmitter that went flat, which makes sense as its doing more work.
  13. Funnily enough it went completely dead about ten minutes ago! I left it switched on without using if but not sure for how long... so charging up again. the one worrying thing is it just stopped - there one moment, next moment sound off, light out! Not worried about latency - if I can hear anything it's barely audible. All my digital effects are old-school use the dry signal (chorus, flange, delay) as well as the digitised one so they won't add latency. I understand it's when you use fully digital processing that the latency starts to add up.
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