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  1. Maggot Brain should be like that. But don't blame the bass...
  2. Question... my soundcloud is a warts and all trip through my musical 'career'. Is it wise to edit it if I want to get gigs?
  3. Sorry, Tony Levin just doesn't have the boobies.
  4. There are many imitators who can do Jimi note perfect. Which completely misses the point, he rarely played a phrase the same twice. And the sheer variety of voicings, vibratos he's getting there is astounding.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of this epic bassline (and sound).
  6. I bought my Hohner Jack V for £130 and I'd happily do a tone face-off against all comers 🙂
  7. Bugger me. I always wondered who and when invented the idea of a consistently repetitive underlying rhythm. Now I know.
  8. Sounds like he might as well get himself a Dingwall, then you can try it out and see if it fits or not.
  9. Of course, if you're worried about someone else's lips being all over the mic, it means you expect to get yours on it too... No one is innocent.
  10. And the entire nation of Canada. Well, perhaps not.
  11. What gear do the rest of the band have?
  12. I suggest you marry your band. Most people would be delighted to have a partner who insists they buy a £2.5K bass.
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