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  1. Thoroughly enjoying these nuggets from a master. I say master, because he has made his mark in his chosen field, and continues to inspire. that’s all we can ask From a musician.
  2. Cheers. im working using a tablet, so I'll just have to deal with it lol
  3. Can’t seem to find those controls. where might I be able to ? @fretmeister
  4. Tbh I’ve never had a duff set from rs. I’ve used them for many years. I had a student that had a shimmy set once, but after I suggested he email them to mention it, he was sent replacements. I’ve also used Warwick reds after a trade rep gave me some. They’re ok, but I wouldn’t use them in any other situation than an emergency stopgap. I’ve certainly not found them to outlast rotos
  5. It’s great if all the band members are in the same space 😉
  6. I’m another zoom user. I have had a couple of issues where my student is a little quiet, but on the whole zoom is very impressive.
  7. As a full time player and teacher, this is a godsend. 95% of my work disappeared with a stroke of a pen last week. I have been Completely self employed for 15+ years. we may have to wait until June, but better late than never.
  8. Bump for online / remote teaching 😉😷
  9. Hi. I’m based in Gravesend around 15 mins from bluewater and now set up for one to one online lessons. looking forward to hearing from you. 😉
  10. Bad news steel dragon from rockstar the rutles mother of the bride from the series wedding band
  11. Is it it worth putting it into a tb loop? I have similar issues with my old dod stereo bass flanger. I totally love the tone, and am not keen to search out another pedal that sounds as good to me. The true bypass box is going to be much cheaper than a new pedal😉 especially if you like the tone 🤘👍
  12. I’ve been using one for close to 15 years. I first bought it secondhand to use as a Di for am amp less rig, and is still going strong ( although I have replaced one of the footswitches) it did the job admirably. The eq I found to be very musical, and the distortion when used carefully sounded great using the blend. I very much prefer to use it over the other pres that I own.
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