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  1. dudewheresmybass

    Can Kiloton do a Stingray Impression?

  2. dudewheresmybass

    If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    This week, and for the previous couple of months, it's the caline orange burst. Girth, grunt, and authority. I've had so many compliments since I started using it- I don't even think about changing it!!
  3. dudewheresmybass

    Dave Ellefson and Jackson with a 10 string bass

    All the more headstock to smack mr mustaine with The punishment due? 😂
  4. dudewheresmybass

    BC Rich (or claims to be)

    Everything seems to be ok with this. I'd be all over it if it wasn't active. 😉
  5. dudewheresmybass

    Steve Harris Blue Sparkle Precision SOLD

    As an owner of one of these beauties, I can say (in a carlsberg style) quite probably the best p bass I have ever played.
  6. dudewheresmybass

    aria bass - model ??

    Aria did a reissue / redesign a few years back. This is definitely one of those couldn't tell you the model though
  7. dudewheresmybass

    Signature model of a signature model

    At the end of the day, if the instrument you are using 'fits' you, that's all that matters. I have a Steve Harris sig p bass. Despite the hieroglyphs on the rear of the headstock, it's quite simply one of the best p basses I have ever played. It's a fair point to say that if I wasn't a fan of 'arry, I possibly wouldn't have tried it, but that's how marketing works 😉
  8. dudewheresmybass

    TC electronic crescendo

    I have the behringer version mentioned by Cosmo above. I also own the slow engine. Of the two I find myself using the slow engine more. I just love the tone. The slow motion is a good clone of the slow gear IMO.
  9. dudewheresmybass

    Is your Kent based band available this Sat?

  10. dudewheresmybass

    Unexpected NBD - BC Rich Pointiness !

    Love my riches. That looks awesome. For the price that was a bargain as well. Theres nothing quite like a twin p mockingbird 👍👍👌
  11. dudewheresmybass


    @Cosmo Valdemar
  12. dudewheresmybass

    Power for old DOD pedals

    It should work just fine mate
  13. dudewheresmybass

    Power for old DOD pedals

    Yes. Should be fine with the correct adaptor i use a lot of the fx series pedals, and they all work fine with a 9v psu and the correct adaptor.
  14. dudewheresmybass

    Cello - How Difficult?

    "Spare a talent for an old ex cellist?" i played cello for nine years and grade 8 before swapping to bass. I recently had a cello come in for some work to be done, and I had a sneaky play whilst it was here. I fell in love again! I will be looking for one to buy soon 😉 The biggest change is the tuning in fifths rather than fourths, but with a little work, it's very achievable
  15. dudewheresmybass

    What's the worst reception you've ever had doing a gig?

    My hard rock covers band was booked to play at a pub not too far away. It turned out when we arrived that it was essentially a harvester style restaurant/ pub. We played our usual sets and towards the end of the second set, I had a punter come to the front and ask very politely - "excuse me, I don't want to be rude, but how many songs do you have left?" Alwaysbmake us chuckle