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  1. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    I bought some on eBay to vary the heights of the switches on smaller pedals to give me better control. I got 6 delivered from China for around 3 quid on eBay
  2. I actually quite like gene. He says precisely what he means to say with no apologies. It's good to have people with an opinion, rather than someone that is worried that they are going to offend someone. His opinions may be wrong, but they are his opinions
  3. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Di played the classic pro and gibbo version back to back a couple of years ago the epi destroyed the Gibson on every level. Playability, sound, price
  4. Greatest bassists in rock history... Used Marshall amps?

    Didn't geezer use Marshall before he switched to ampeg? im also not convinced about the Harris thing. His preamp is a cone of a 70's hi watt. As far as I'm aware the only Marshall connection is the cab boxes, which he loads with ev speakers
  5. plectrum choice

    I used the Jazz 3 for a while, before discovering the petrucci picks. They're slightly larger, but the feel is better for me
  6. plectrum choice

    Ive been using Dunlop or delrin 1.14 for many years. It gives me the hard front end I need without sacrificing any of my low end. I have found that even within that size and material, they do vary, which I find a little strange. But for recording I use the Dunlop John petrucci picks. Lovely!
  7. New Chapman Basses

    I like the look of the back, but everything else is meh to me
  8. bright clangy bass sound !?

    For this kind of tone I use a passive bass w roto swing bass, a very heavy right hand, a combination of an ehx bass soul food, an orange burst by caline, a mid boosted eq, and a loud rig with lots of 10" speakers
  9. How easy do you find it to impress errm laypeople?

    My instruments are by and large in my office. The only people that visit me there are students and professional friends that know that I play
  10. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

  11. Bass heaven, bass hell

    Heaven- tasteful playing that suits the song, inventive sounds that are supportive to the mood of the song and provide movement towards the next part. Chunky necks on a p bass. Bc rich. Passive basses Hell- 'look at me' playing, showboating in an inappropriate point of a song. Victor Wooten . Jazz basses and j pups without anything else. Boutique basses that are just copies of other mainstream instruments. Active basses-
  12. Fender Parrallel Universe Bass

    I like it. Looks kinda cool, and I could definitely see me gigging one
  13. Bad donkey heavy metal bass

    He must feel like a right a**hole playing that
  14. EMG Geezer Bulters (PJ's - tried em' at last)

    Great pups. A student installed them in one of his basses. A definite gas inducing experience 😉
  15. Amazing (not) Fender

    Those knobs are the original p bass lyte ones 😉