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  1. Don’t ya ( wish your girlfriend.....) - pussycat dolls
  2. I’ve used loads over the years - Hartke, Aguilar, Eden, sans amp among others but for a good number of years now I have used the mxr Di+ (M80) in my minimal / pa only rigs. great neutral sound (and a mid scoop available if that’s your bag 😉) it also has two channels, which can be a blended drive
  3. Courtesy of mu. amateur bands are not allowed to rehearse in tier 3, but can in tier 2 if the space is COVID secure
  4. Finally getting to watching this- never really been a pre dark side floydian, but I’m really enjoying it. I do have one question though- on the song that guy uses the buzzard, he stomps on a pedal giving a glitchy modulation type effect. Does anyone know what it is? cheers 👍👍
  5. He has added his insight and knowledge before on here a few times- most memorably for me when talking about fool for your loving tabs
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