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  1. Is Jens still making them? It says he topped himself with the number one bass listed there
  2. Wake me up when September ends - green day
  3. Our lips are sealed - the gogogogogogogos
  4. I’m glad you asked 🤔
  5. I have rarely let anyone use my gear. A couple of times I have let people use my cabs, but only to those I know- as they know what it is they are using and I know they will treat it better than their own. once I let someone use my old combo, and by the time I needed it as the final band, the speaker had blown, and I was expected to use pathetic ‘monitor’ speakers to play with. Never again. I’ve even had people show up and ask to borrow a bass for their gig. The incredulity in their faces when I say a firm no is a picture. They’ve tried crying to promoters! If a band is pleasant, and has a problem mid set, I may lend them something, otherwise it’s a firm no.
  6. Even the gear that I would turn down would suit someone. again, it’s all subjective. personally I wouldn’t touch trace gear with a very long stick, but others here almost fall over themselves to get it. I don’t know if any others remember ‘axe’ branded instruments, but in the late 80’s I pored over every advert I saw, but now I realise what they were- cheap and cheerful instruments aimed at rock fans that wanted ‘some of the action’
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