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  1. Bass tuition in north Kent

  2. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

  3. Greetings from Kent

    Greetings from sunny gravesend!
  4. offered festival slot, politely declined, whatcha think?

    I've had a few conversations via messenger with the guys from whitesnake uk. Very helpful and approachable chaps. Perhaps make contact with them and ask if they've played it before etc....?
  5. Tremolo suggestions

    I have a Marshall vibratrem which I was given a good while ago. They are surprisingly easy to find at a good price- only around £40 new
  6. Which Headphone Amp Should I Get?

    The best simple headphone amp I've used is the ehx one. Cheap, sounds reasonable and incredibly portable. Since the op didn't specify anything further than simple headphone amp, the ehx fits the bill admirably.
  7. tolerable Christmas songs

    Run run Rudolph - particularly the lemmy version There are a couple of hard rock/ metal versions of songs out there. We wish you a metal Christmas albums seem to be the best 😉 Certainly more fun 😉
  8. What do you own?

    3 five strings 1 fretless 1 acoustic 1 eub (ish- dean pace) 17 ish four strings iirc Mainly p type, different tunings, purposes/ tones
  9. Bass & Wireless onstage

    I am using an older x2 rack mounted system, with the receiver on my amp. I run a 20 ft cable from the receiver to my board and 20ft back to the amp. And I run the cable around the edge of the stage, so I can keep a clean, clutter free performance space. There is no significant loss of high end ( I am very fussy about my top end) or latency.
  10. Guitar Players Who Don't Get Their Due Respect

    James Hetfield gets loads of props as a rhythm player, but he is a great lead player as well. The first solo in nothing else matters is him, and there is a fair bit of footage around showing him play lead.
  11. sax experts please???

    If you believe it to be a beginners instrument, it would be worth trying to find out what the retail price is currently. As a general rule of thumb, secondhand value should be reckoned around two thirds of the original price.
  12. Need a Pedal for volume boost

    The mxr micro amp is a clean boost. Works well with bass Another option is the ehx lpb1- but this can add extra gain, and will colour your tone ( but not necessarily in a bad way😉)
  13. Case and Stand for Epi Flying V

    I had the same trouble with my ironbird. In the end I found and old grab stand which closes around the body of the bass. For cases - dean produce a large bass gig bag which is large enough to fit my razorback and ml basses comfortably
  14. New EHX Russian Green Muff

    So. I tried it at a show with my Ozzy tribute. I was switching between my bfd, muff, and orange juice for the sabbath stuff. There was no issue whatsoever with either low end loss, or disappearing in the mix. To use a bc buzzword- this muff has heft! previously, I had not been a big big muff fan ( having tried most sub species), but this pedal changes that for me. A huge win at £75 ish