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  1. The older boss hr2 works ok on an octave up, and the pog (ehx) and derivatives seem to work well, mainly due to their digital tracking. The cheaper ones however don’t do so well. the mooer tender octave is well regarded, and my ps6 sounds great and in tune.
  2. It’s a familiar tale- been trying for a good while myself Which ones have you tried?
  3. There’s some lovely sounds in there, but I’m not liking the sounds on that drum machine
  4. As I recall @tayste_2000 did this a while back forgive me if I’m mistaken 😉
  5. There’s no hurdy gurdy there- I only heard bagpipes 😉 great tune though 🤘🤘
  6. Jack sent me a mike stand adaptor for the cost of postage. total gent, nicely done. thank you sir!! 🤘🤘
  7. Nice one! Some great parts and beautiful instruments. subbed 🤘🤘
  8. I disagree. The mix is done in a way that enhances The whole but in no way dominates with bass.
  9. This video is epic. so much better than the “and justice for Jason” version out there- all artificially enhanced low end and rare moments of actual bass
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