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  1. Definitely agree technique wise. The best vintage p pup I’ve heard and played has been the emg gzr. Lovely mmmmm 😉😂
  2. the bf2b as mentioned before is good here, also my old dod bass stereo flanger doesnt boost volume.
  3. my first bass was a westone concord - No pics I'm afraid, but i sold it on to fund a much more 'metal' pointy bass
  4. i also notice that there seems to have been no activity on his fb since feb 2016?
  5. my favourite rotosound endorsee is Steve Harris for the unique way he writes and sounds within the Iron Maiden picture, and Mr Entwhistle for the introduction of the roundwound string
  6. how long does the charge last with the 'battery'?
  7. Number of the beast master of puppets painkiller- Judas priest Miles Davis - a kind of blue cardiacs- a little man and a house and the whole the world window cathedral - the carnival bizarre grand magus- sword songs led zeppelin 1 black sabbath- first 5 albums mr big- lean into it trouble- trouble Blizzard of ozz there are so many that get played repeatedly- but these are the ones that strike me first.
  8. The orange burst is a total sleeper of a pedal. Fits beautifully into most of the bands I play with (with minimal tweaking) for my money it is incredibly hard to beat at almost any price.
  9. Foh get a post Di sound wherever I am. Ive spent a lot of time finding and tweaking my sound for the band mix. The foh is there to make the stage sound louder. Some small tweaks may be required for tuning to the room, but the core sound will be the same.
  10. I have Xdr and xdt transmitters and a small g30 type receiver and a rack mount receiver
  11. I’m using neutrik plugs and van damme cables. Ive been comparing my cables with an obbm one that seems to have significantly more top end. My soldering is good. By refreshing I mean that I have removed the previous stuff and resoldered the connection
  12. I'm using an older x2 wireless system for the bands I work with, and over time I'm noticing a definite rolling off of the top end from my basses. I've tried refreshing the solder in the plugs, and even replacing plugs etc, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. Can the hive mind of BC please help? I'm starting to get peeved trying to work out what the problem is!! Suggestions gratefully received Cheers
  13. as a working player I not only need different sounds, but i also like to have differing looks for presentation purposes
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