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  1. Ghost riders in the sky - blues brothers ( among others)
  2. I saw the price and was sorely tempted. question is though - which colour?🤷‍♂️ I played one of the original run which was cream, but that colour isn’t available this time🙄
  3. This. looked kinda cool to a 17 year old metal head. I never looked back. 🤘🤘
  4. Went to see cathedral support paradise lost and anathema when they played metal. I enjoyed anathemas set but not really paradise lost ( preferred their earlier deathy doom style)
  5. I always carry my Tc bh250 just in case. it’s nowhere near as punchy as my Marshall, but it will do in a pinch.
  6. In short, no. if you ‘connect’ with an instrument and is made in a way that speaks to you musically, it’s all good. Some of my main stage basses (bc riches) are ply and sing beautifully. The only thing that lets one of them down is the pup. the hardware is really well made.
  7. The subject is so vast. it’s taken me close to 20 years to find something I’m really happy with. ive used / played with most of the ones already mentioned and many more ( including some very pricey ones) after the honeymoon period with them, leave me itching for something. I have now settled on one of a couple for a light hair basic tone and a couple of options for another medium gain to stack with it. I have found that it’s rare to find one singular pedal that works perfectly for me, and fit within the bands mixes current favourites are for lower gain/ basic tone : ehx bass soul food, joyo orange juice, Palmer ubertreiber, Tc spark and to add for ‘more’ - mosky b box, caline orange juice, ehx crayon
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