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  1. Flats looking for highs- perhaps the Seymour Duncan Harris sig pups might fit the bill?
  2. I have a bh250. min using an old laptop sleeve. Does the job perfectly.
  3. I bought a pedal from Nick, Top chap to deal with, great communication throughout. Would happily buy from him again Cheers mate
  4. I used to regularly play one of my bc rich warlocks in church, and in fact I did so on tv 😉 don’t know if there’s any video of it though 🤷‍♂️ does that count?
  5. The originals yes, but the ones I’m seeing now aren’t, neither are they/ were made in Nagoya ( not for quite some time) edit: now I’ve seen a dual p platinum on eBay but it has the terrible ‘testicle rest/ droopy boobs headstock 😢
  6. Trouble is that I’m picky. I only pay passive basses live now. I’m not a fan of actives at all now 😳 bc rich has not produced any passive basses for quite some time leaving me with increasingly few options. 😢😢
  7. I’ve been a proud owner of a couple of double p basses for a little while. I’m told my Kramer has a twin p config and has a multitude of pup configured since it has a varitone switch. I have also been rocking a dual p mockingbird for a couple of years- as well as lusting after another mock and eagle and warlock ( all with the same combination! 😳) as previously noted, the bridge pup adds meat to any j in that position. Huge tones available.
  8. I played one not long after they came out with the #1 design. it was quite simply the best p bass I had played. I would not buy one though down to the logo. I despise most football. I have now got, as one of my go to instruments, a blue sparkle cij sh sig. amazing bass. Easily as good as the #1 mim if not better 🤘🤘
  9. I really like my lh500. simple, no frills amp. it’s my backup for my Marshalls. it’s all about taste really, but crap distribution is, as already noted several times, a highway to brand destruction
  10. Not forgetting bands like napalm death carcass and the early grind core Stuff. didn’t cardiacs do a session as well?
  11. Give it a go 😉 you might just like it 😂
  12. I wore out at least three vhs copies of LAD. this is the reason it’s now my job.
  13. Depends on the band. for one of my bands, I use a comp as a treble boost. the others no (apart from a little drive)
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