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  1. dudewheresmybass

    Basses with 2x P-Bass pickups as stock..?

    My bc rich mockingbird has the twin p pups. I love it 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
  2. dudewheresmybass

    NBD Epi Embassy Pro

    I quite enjoyed the embassy a student brought in a little while back. Played well, sounded beefy, and was a comfortable weight. didn't have any of the issues you mentioned though
  3. dudewheresmybass

    The drop pedal. Thoughts needed

    i use one bass for the standard stuff, and another for the e flat stuff. Not too much of an issue changing mid set.
  4. dudewheresmybass

    Best Budget OD/Distortion?

    as Mcnach says, there is a VERY slight loss of extreme lows, but i find that has a more "focussed" tone.
  5. dudewheresmybass

    Pedal board mounting tape - amazing value!

    cheers for the heads up
  6. dudewheresmybass

    Best Budget OD/Distortion?

    for a timmy type sound - the v1 danelectro transparent overdrive is great and keenly priced. the mojo was ok but I found it a little farty for my taste I recently picked up both the joyo OJ and the Orange burst. Both are bloody good pedals for the outlay. To be honest I have hardly looked at any drive pedals since I bought them - in particular the burst. I have had compliments wherever I have used it, saying that the bass sound has so much authority and substance to it
  7. dudewheresmybass

    Which brown pedals do you know...?

    my mxr phase 45 is definitely brown
  8. dudewheresmybass

    My new Pointies- 80’s/early 90’s Japanese Porn

    more loveliness!
  9. dudewheresmybass

    Fender P Bass Neck Dive

    no neck dive on my p basses standing or seated. As mentioned above, must be a lightweight (body that is, not the salesman)
  10. dudewheresmybass

    Modern Blueberry?

    I have the orange burst. No loss of lows with my rigs- I get many complements on how 'authoritative' it can sound 😉
  11. dudewheresmybass

    Clean boost?

    The mxr is first choice. I have had great results with the ehx lpb1. There's a slight lift in the mids, but in a really pleasant way.
  12. dudewheresmybass

    Bass tuition in north Kent

    Back to school bump.
  13. dudewheresmybass

    NBD: Classic Charvel Pointiness!!

    Love my pointies 😉 At the last count, there are 4 bc rich, and one Kramer. I bet @cetera could trump that though 😉
  14. dudewheresmybass

    NBD - Squier VM Jaguar

    I've always wanted one of these. The stack knob arrangement really yanks my crank. I tried one around release time, and I was blown away by the quality and tone a really nice buy there!
  15. dudewheresmybass

    NBD: Classic Charvel Pointiness!!

    That looks lovely Nick. Liking the maple neck and reverse p