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  1. I quite enjoyed the previous reissue that I tried. wasn’t the earlier version short scale? are these full sized?
  2. The only time I use a preamp live is when I’m on an amp less / iem set up. The pre ( mxr m80) basically becomes my amp and Di. when recording I use a pre dependant on the sound I’m looking for ( mxr, Eden, Hartke, behringer bddi) into the interface. for studio recording and main live work, it’s the Di from the amp head.
  3. I found the octave down to be too ‘nice’ I preferred the tone of the mxr bod with the growl switch engaged. the ebs is kept for situations where I want something not quite as aggressive.
  4. As already mentioned the tone of the octave is the key thing here. all of the pedals named will do the octave down, but I found that the oc2 was very synthy, and didn’t fit the context, the ebs octabass was too polite, and the mxr bod was ‘just right’ for Goldilocks lol With all of these, I’ve had no issues until getting down to a low f on the e string. my favourite single octave down is the older dod octoplus- great pedal, but it’s size is the handicap. If only there was a clone of it
  5. Sharay has been an inspiration to me for many years. His groove and feel are amazing and look so effortless. whenever I’m feeling a little low, this video always picks me up and inspires me. I can only dream of being half the player he is, but he pushes me on 👍👍
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