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  1. I also had an email yesterday to say that Anderson’s were selling the mimiq mini reduced from £70 to £39 definitely something afoot sorry to go o/t, Back in the room….. I’ve been very happy with my bh250. The TonePrint work well, and it certainly delivers the goods.
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s - deep blue something
  3. I use either a g30, or x2 systems. never had the slightest of issues with any of them
  4. I enjoy listening to all kinds of stuff. Literally. one day I may be hitting the Handel , Bach or some such the next I might be listening to old school Bathory or older darkthrone. At the moment, I’m listening to a lot of doom - acrimony, electric wizard, cathedral etc.... and death- death, morbid angel, at the gates. I’m always taking a chance on cds on eBay- sometimes with pleasant results.
  5. they're red hot - Robert Johnson / RHCP
  6. Over the hills and far away - Gary moore
  7. Riders on the storm - blues brothers etc
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