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  1. One of the bands I play with is an Ozzy / Sabbath tribute. Our 'Oz' looks like him as well as sounds like him, which is a bonus, But there have been so many players through that band over the years, that we can get away with almost anything - Including the fact the we have a guitarist from an indian background. However, I have seen sabbath 'tributes' that make no effort whatsoever to put on a show - either with the chosen instruments, backline or even notes! We pride ourselves on putting on a show as best as we can wherever possible.
  2. This vid looks like it’s one of those (insert band name here) shreds things. Definitely terrible though.
  3. despite not being the biggest fan of this track, I'm still looking forward to the album. I've always been a maiden fan since the 80's and I thank them for putting the fire in my heart to become a professional musician. Even though I have a slightly more 'tenuous' relationship with them these days, I have found myself in the position of knowing several ex members as friends as well as band mates. Some of the past events/ business dealings have left a slightly sour taste in my mouth, but I still metaphorically worship at Harris' feet as a player and performer. I'm trusting that there will be some fresh and amazing music forthcoming, and even if it takes me a few listens, I will still try to appreciate it for what it and they are now, not what they were back in the day.
  4. I'd wear a mask if i played with this lot of sub manson/ Ghost / Lordi tryhards At least theres a hint of humour and originality about the aforementioned bands Mind you - I wouldn't choose to listen to ffdp either
  5. I’ve been married for 22 years now. we met playing in the same band, and I have a free hand to acquire whatever gear catches my eye- she has also acquired stud to give to me !! it’s absolutely vital that I’m not having to sneak about smuggling gear in and out. A relationship cannot survive in that environment. my three kids are all proud of what I do for a living and have told their teachers on occasions that I’m a rock star 😂😂 I had a once in a lifetime opportunity come in last week, and when I told my son, he said that I HAD to do it- no alternative! my boys have never seen me in a 9-5 role and understand that my days can be rather fluid- whether teaching in school or driving abroad to tour or staying away to record. I could not do what I do without the support of my whole family, and they make it easier for me knowing that they do. I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I was not impressed when I listened to the song on YouTube, so I tried it on Spotify ( spit, spit, wash my mouth out!) the mix is much better there- there is clarity in the bass and the vocals are not as lost. It’s definitely got that ‘modern maiden’ feel to it. However I’m still not massively struck with it. amazing marketing, average song
  8. Out of the frying pan and into the fire - meat loaf
  9. I listened yesterday on the premiere, and again a little later. im not struck if I’m honest. I’m keen to hear the rest of the album though. imo the marketing strategy has been outstanding, but let down by the song.
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