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  1. This is the Euro price for the straight unit with no frills. www.optogate.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=3
  2. I know what you mean, but no one seems to have copied the idea as yet - it must be registered somewhere with Rickenbacker's lawyers watching lol
  3. I have four plus dep work. I have a decent diary - and as it's my job, it works. All members of my bands know exactly what the score is - first to the diary wins.
  4. I've been full time pro for around 17 years. this is not only gigging, but also teaching. However, approx 50-60% of my income comes from live work
  5. A little tester for a good friend- yes a loan for a good/ trusted friend - absolutely a series of shows for an unknown to me person - definitely no.
  6. as another side step the optogate is a great signal, and uses an optical element to essentially switch the mike on when you get close to it. Microphone Gates | Optogate (optogateonline.com)
  7. how high the moon - Les paul and mary ford
  8. love my oxford still after 6 months+ would love to see the leeds cloned
  9. "If you're reading this, you know how good it is" Really?
  10. I've taken advantage of some of these deals with Donner before - mainly for "function" pedals like a/b and DI. Great price point, and decent functionality - What's not to like?
  11. Rig wise- marshall 7400 into either 2 410 or 1 412 board- joyo orange juice into orange getaway driver bass- fender modern player jag tuned to d
  12. The Ibanez weeping demon has been my go to wah for over 15 years now. Its super versatile, does switched as well as automatic switch-on, and has some well thought out controls giving options sound wise I've owned and used many different wahs - The cliff like morley power fuzz wah, geezer, coloursound, dunlop 105, 535 etc.... and always return to the demon. As said earlier, it can really SCREAM when paired with a tasty fuzz.
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