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  1. All I have to add is that it needs to be something bloody special for £300 - the same price as the geezer butler collab, which also needs to be something pretty damned good!!
  2. Having owned lots of ehx muff variants - Metal muffs, green russian, Lbm, bbm, nano muff - the only one I still think of as usable in a band mix is the bass big muff deluxe -
  3. If i have signature instruments, it's because I have played them and liked them Currently I have a Tom Delonge squier strat - hardtail, single humbucker, no frills rock machine a bc rich Mick thompson archtop bich (was going to be a sig model, but he moved to ibanez as they manufactured them!) Great sound and look a Zakk Wylde epiphone LP - which arrived in the guitar shop I was working in on the day my Nan died, so I bought it in memory of her a steve harris P - I'm a bit of a harris nerd, but this is quite simply THE best P bass I have ever played (and it was a gift) Dean Demonator - David Vincent designed sig model - Meaty sounding and a great slightly edgy look
  4. In most amps, the headphone out will mute the speaker's output
  5. It’s looking more and more like I may have to ‘bend’ somewhat about my criteria. The smooth hound is definitely on the radar. thanks for the suggestions thus far 👍
  6. Afternoon! my old x2 system seems to have died after 15+years of playing stages of all sizes, both in this country and abroad. in case my trusty friend and electronic guru isn’t able to fix it, I’m kind of investigating options for replacement. I’m a fairly picky shopper for some things, and musical gear generally seems to be one of them. I’d like to find something along similar lines to my x2 system- meaning that I’m not a fan of the foldable type transmitter things, and would like a pedal sized receiver to go on my board. I’ve looked at the boss and line 6 offerings, and I have to say that I think the ‘block on a jack’ type transmitters look terrible. I’d prefer a unit with a cable. what kind of options are there out there? Thanking you 👍🤘
  7. The ellefson has a scorpion detail on the headstock as well as the mirror plate. definitely worth a punt at that price though. Peavey instruments are very decent 👍
  8. I'm not a fan of mfx. I get it, but would never use one. I prefer to add individual pedals as i need them - so I can choose the model/ manufacturer that suits the sound I'm after best without dealing with menus/ programming etc.
  9. Irresponsible hate anthem - Marilyn Manson
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