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  1. Sei Flamboyant 5 headless. Not sure whether it should be fretted or unlined fretless so one of each please.
  2. According to the courts, so is "My Sweet Lord". "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette doesn't contain any ironies.
  3. That's a nice bass, and actually deserves the word "rare" in the description too! Does the active circuit have a trim pot to adjust the level by any chance?
  4. So they don't have to look as if someone took a sander to them then? 😁 Have the strings (or at least the A string) been slackened off?
  5. No, but on my 50th birthday, when we played the Dudley Beer Festival, one of them (and my girlfriend at the time, now Mrs Zero) did grab me and badge me and silly string me and bewig me.
  6. Mike Batt is a member of Mensa. He could have worked it out.
  7. I used to play in a ceilidh band with two Morris dancers, so it appears I am now in your bad books.
  8. My opinion is that they're really annoying, and there's much better ways to accomplish the same thing.
  9. Another alternative is a hardware synth module with the MIDI controller keyboard, like a Roland JV series. Or even a Zynthian - https://zynthian.org/
  10. It's possible to buy or make DC blockers if phantom power might be a problem. https://www.instructables.com/Phantom-Power-Blocker-protect-Your-Dynamic-Microph/
  11. In that advert, it's a bit of a quest to find words that are spelt correctly.
  12. A guitar, amp, and bluetooth transmitter/effects unit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175184992982 New prices - £130 for the guitar, £30 for the bluetooth thing, CR-10T amp can't be found new but £20 second-hand. A snip at £600 for the lot.
  13. Nanyo Bass Collection. IIRC there's one in the marketplace at the moment.
  14. George Whasington? How easy is it to remember what button does what? Quite a spectacular bass. Is that a 32" scale?
  15. Probably ABM, it's what Sei use for their headless basses.
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