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  1. Interesting FRFR story..

    If you're after fit-and-forget pedals rather than the switchability of a B3, you could do exactly what Jack has and use an MS-60B and DI/preamp - the MS-60B will give you compressor, SVT, and cab sim quite happily.
  2. That was an odd rehearsal

    Once upon a time, a club band I was in had a heavy-drinking singer who would at some point ask "Are there any birthdays in the room?" (OK, I don't mind that) followed by "Has anybody got any requests?" (never never never ask that unless you know every song ever), and then the clincher "Would anyone like to get up and sing a number?". Unfortunately there would often be someone who would come up and sing a song, which would tend to be some Sinatra or Crosby song which the guitarist might know but I didn't. If I didn't know it, I didn't play it, although I never actually carried out my threat of putting the bass down and walking off stage.
  3. That was an odd rehearsal

    But anyway, last night we played that gig. Slide guitarist hadn't done any rehearsals drumming with us, just went in cold. It was bloody excellent. There's another gig in a week which the slide guitarist will drum for again, then we'll try and recruit another full time drummer. The BL happened to find out from someone who'd played with the ex-drummer before that he was prone to occasionally having these tantrums. Still, it's an opportunity to find a better drummer.
  4. That was an odd rehearsal

    No. We're all pretty open with each other about things. The only thing that happened to upset him was that his holiday trip to Ireland was cancelled due to the snow.# This is a man around the same age as me - six decades or so. He's not some angst-ridden teenager.
  5. That was an odd rehearsal

    No ta. He texted the BL saying that BL was pinking on him. BL didn't bother replying.
  6. That was an odd rehearsal

    Oh no, he was ranting all the time as he packed up. And yes, we did try to talk him down. Didn't work.
  7. 12 and 8 String Basses

    What you want is to start with that 8-string, then add some octave courses...
  8. Couriers & packing.

    Shipping two cabs to Finland, booked DPD through Interparcel, stayed in all today and no sign of them.
  9. Trusted Couriers?

    Are you me? I booked DPD via Interparcel yesterday for a pickup today, worked from home to be here, no bloody courier. Looks like it is normal.
  10. Just over a week ago, the originals band played a gig, and the second half was somewhat sloppy. So this evening, first rehearsal after the gig, the BL (singer/songwriter/guitarist completely unafflicted by the ego that one might expect him to have) comments to me that I sounded a bit dodgy on song X (I agreed, I played mostly the right notes but a few were well off), then he said to the drummer that there were a couple of songs that had slight issues - one was too fast, and in the other the drummer had started putting in a fill, the timing of which was throwing the guitarist. He wasn't making a big deal of it, just saying which songs we needed to look at and why, which was perfectly reasonable (he'd also apologised on the night for missing a line on one song which had thrown me briefly, so he's happy to acknowledge his own errors). The drummer took umbrage, which we thought initially was him joking about it but no, he went off on a rant about taking this criticism personally, packed up his sticks, pedal, cymbals, and snare, and stormed out, leaving the remaining three of us (me, BL, and slide guitarist) somewhat open-mouthed. Not sure whether he's definitely gone for good, but with a gig coming up on Friday which we don't want to cancel, the slide guitarist who also plays drums is going to step in and we'll be back to a three-piece.
  11. Stools

    I'm on my second one of these: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_guitar_stool.htm Works well for me. The first one eventually suffered a failure when the welds holding the footrest bar gave way (I had been using it to push myself up with many, many times) - just meant it became a bit wobbly and I didn't have a footrest, and I decided to replace it.
  12. Sparse basslines

    Another 'Oo song:
  13. Singing bass players

    John Deacon.
  14. I feel I'm just going through the motions.
  15. 12 and 8 String Basses

    One of the bands I'm in is an originals band, and I've been using a 10-string on some recordings that we've done recently. However, for live purposes, I think I'll be sticking with a 5 but with an octave-up on one of the Zoom pedals.