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  1. You could always just watch the original "Relax" and judge for yourselves...
  2. Blimey, that article was written by someone with no sense of humour who didn't even spot the reference in the last sentence.
  3. Mrs Zero worked until recently at a women's clothing retailer as the customer services manager. Said company did some of their business through Amazon. Amazon's customer service for that business was great - for the customers. However, not all customers are the angels that we bassists are, and it was not unheard of for someone to order items of clothing and then return them in a poor (read: post-party) condition for a refund. When this happened with items that the firm supplied direct, ie. not via Amazon, Mrs Zero would not be amenable to the request - after all, the company was being treated as a clothes hire firm which didn't actually make any money from the hire. However, Amazon would immediately refund the customer and charge Mrs Zero's company back - good customer relations for Amazon but very costly for Mrs Zero's company.
  4. But, as has been said on BC thousands of times, the lower notes aren't the only reason to use a 5-string. You can do more across and less up and down.
  5. That makes sense. I did briefly wonder if, with the PA being swept as they moved it, they were finding the acoustic sweet spot (anyone familiar with The Big Bang Theory may remember Sheldon Cooper's quest for the ideal listening position in a cinema). Only briefly, though.
  6. And another thing that might or might not sell... A MIDI pedalboard using a similar sort of lever key as the Roland PK5 but with the chord-programming capability of the McMillen 12-Step. Should weigh 2-4 kg. And something that I wish hadn't disappeared - Johnny Shedfreak's effects pedal mounting brackets: The Pedal-Links ones are rubbish - plastic so they won't bend.
  7. But it also has to be a Fender, it can't be any of the thousands of clone makers.
  8. That's easy, just have two 8 ohm speakers in a cab wired in parallel and a switch which takes one of them out of circuit. Utterly pointless, but there you are.
  9. Couldn't they have put the stage in the right place in the first place?
  10. Most guitar shops have one, generally with a ready-made collection inside them. As an added bonus, you'll be able to get a bit of running in.
  11. I have a Chinese violin, bought second-hand in the same academic year as I bought my first bass, 1975-76. I'm more likely to actually use a Roland D10 bought in about 1988 (the same year as I bought the bass and the acoustic guitar I've owned the longest).
  12. And the fretboard. Although, given the way the screws are sticking out at the front, don't be surprised at them also emerging from the rear.
  13. https://newsthump.com/2019/06/27/freelancers-landlord-happy-for-rent-to-be-paid-in-exposure/
  14. Conflating two things from recent posts on this topic - I have the G50 on my big pedalboard which I was using at rehearsal, but I'd forgotten my spare Eneloops and the ones in the transmitter were nearly flat so I went in direct instead. While rehearsing, though, I noticed the green lights on the receiver come on, so someone else in the rehearsal studios was using a Line 6 on channel 1. Couldn't be arsed to plug the receiver back in to find out what was using it, but I was tempted to plug my transmitter back in and send a bit of signal back the other way.
  15. A reissue of the preamp section of the Ashdown Superfly, or even the whole amp if they sorted out the power section and gave it 750 watts or so. I'm surprised, with the numbers of people wanting slight variations on the Fender theme, that none of the Fender clones fulfil the requirements. In fact, it's quite surprising that Fender manage to miss so many targets when they have several hundred slight variations on three themes.
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