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  1. He should send the 16-y-o out to work at a supermarket. Seems there are now plenty of jobs...
  2. My Sei 6 Flamboyant with Roland pickup and GR-55. A year of confinement might be enough time to go through all the sounds.
  3. I've been a programmer for 45 years, man and boy. Which I have been enjoying less and less over the last three jobs [1]. In a career punctuated with redundancies, I have also been a motorcycle courier a couple of times when between jobs. [1] Two jobs ago: freedom and pet projects. One job ago: a degree of freedom and standards I could go along with. Current job: no freedom, truly dreadful standards of the sort that made Djikstra say that the teaching of COBOL should be a crime. But the people are nice and I'm going to learn C#.
  4. Seems more accurate than https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 which seems to have wildly inaccurate figures for the UK (for anyone who couldn't be bothered to scroll down, it's 3 - that's 3 cases, not 3 deaths).
  5. BoJo didn't know his address so they couldn't.
  6. A little more progress on my build. After carefully leaving the top panel off till I'd done the felt, I put the top panel on, then realised I hadn't done the felt. Bah. Still, managed to get it done fairly easily. Left to do - sanding and filling, shaping edges, paint front panel, Tuffcab the rest, put it all together.
  7. Mine will be black. As my shed is waterlogged (I think there's an issue with the felt on the roof but haven't had a chance to check yet) and the garage is full of bikes, I took advantage of Mrs Zero's absence last weekend to do some glueing and clamping. I now have a topless cab with port and crossover fitted - next stage (this weekend when I can either put a bike on the drive or paint outside) is primer in the port and rattlecan matt black paint on the inside in and behind the port, then put the top on, stick battens on, paint the front, and felt it up. I think that means sanding and filling will be next week, then the Tuffcab stage will be the following weekend. Then gigging it the weekend after that, with luck. A note to anyone thinking of a Roqsolid cover - they've got a 10% off sale until the end of January, as I've just found out.
  8. Oh yes. Packed dance floor and got told we were the best band ever to play there by a few people.
  9. Took a couple of photos from on stage while hammering out the notes, so they were rather blurry. You can see our fans wearing the T-shirts though. Ticket only do and the first time we'd played there. Apparently the landlady was concerned that we wouldn't be enough of a party band.
  10. Just had a listen to it. Rather good, it was, perhaps a bit dodgy around the chorus where the harmonies didn't quite seem to work. I'm surprised that none of the pitch-perfect BC members noticed the out of tune guitar though. They'd have sounded a bit better with an acoustic guitar or at least an acoustic emulator, Billy Bragg can get away with it but it didn't suit their vocal style so much.
  11. We do mainly 80s, with a fair bit of ska and reggae in the mix. So our first song is always "Space Oddity", which is from the 60s unlike anything else we do and is also the song with the most chords in.
  12. Buggles and "Video killed the radio star". Eludes the Guinness records as there was a subsequent number 16 and a couple in the low 30s. I was going to suggest Sonique and "It feels so good" but a quick bit of research showed that the single after that hit number 2.
  13. The lyrics make a lot of sense when you consider what it's about. The sleeping satellite is the Moon. I shall leave it to the reader to research the relationship (for example) of the eagle. Owen Paul didn't quite hit number one with "My Favourite Waste of Time" (got to number 3) but didn't do much subsequently.
  14. Speaking as one who made the transition 45 years ago, I'd say that if you play (say) A B C D by moving your index finger up three times from the 5th fret rather than playing either open 2 3 open or 5 7 8 5next string, you've come from guitar and you're effectively doing barre chords. I started playing guitar classically, then went on to play with a plectrum, and when I took up bass, used my fingers. I have occasionally played with a plectrum, and when I play guitar, I play finger picking or plectrum as required. Due to the carpal bone of my right index finger being broken when I was beaten up 40 years ago and not being set properly, my forefinger and middle finger are a bit out of line and that (even now) makes even picking tricky, so for what would normally be fast alternating picking, I may use a plectrum instead.
  15. Revolution by the Beatles. A few driving seconds, then drop to dirge mode.
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