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  1. The Warwick Nobby Meidel isn't something you see every day. I think that this is the first fretless one I've seen though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warwick-Nobby-Meidel-Fretless-Bass-Guitar/392973829355 It was a bit more of a bargain before then: https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/warwick-nobby-meidel-fretless-bass-guitar-no-015-w-bag-2nd-hand-ywarwick64213/
  2. Even longer than that, the UK has been metric for 55 years. It just takes the more benighted of the population a long time for it to sink in.
  3. I used metric hex keys, the same as I did for the previous ones I put on another bass, and the same as I did for the replacement ones. Strings Direct checked them when I sent them back and also found them faulty. I like the bit that goes onto the strap but I just don't see the point of the one-piece peg.
  4. The connector is a 5.5 x 2.5mm one. I've just got an HX Stomp too, going to experiment with a Vitoos Iso8 supply and a daisy chain connected in reverse (ie. more than one power supply outlet connected up in parallel powering the Stomp) once the daisy chain and connector arrive. If you use that adaptor, the polarity will be the same as the polarity of the 5.5 x 2.1 plug - the Line 6 uses centre negative.
  5. Strawbs - both Chas Cronk and John Fordhave done multiple stints.
  6. I think I should also point out that we have left the EU. We are simply in the interim period now, which could have been extended but wasn't. Nearly time to apply for my Irish passport.
  7. Will there be a mechanism in place to stop them selling off their quotas to non-UK fishermen, like they did when we were in the EU? Sorry, little bit of politics creeping in there.
  8. And we haven't got a free trade agreement with the US, and it's not appropriate to go into the politics of why we might never have one.
  9. There will be a certain amount of cancelling out - although VAT will be charged in the UK, it won't be charged in the originating country, so it'll just be duty charged, plus the extra shipping costs for the vastly increased amount of form filling that there will be.
  10. You want a Zoom B3n, you do. Or a Helix Stomp. The MS70CDR seems a worse choice than the MS60B - you'd have been better off with an MS60B as you can use the Tonelib editor with it, whereas it won't recognise "foreign" effects loaded into the MS models. The MS100BT, incidentally, is pretty pointless unless you have an iPhone - Android isn't supported, which seems incredibly short-sighted of Zoom.
  11. I prefer post-Fish Marillion to the piscine era, WYWH to DSOTM, and Gabriel era Genesis to Collins. I also prefer Akkerman-era Focus to post-Akkerman. Can't get on with Rush at all - I have tried a few times but that voice is just so awful. I like Yes but I haven't heard everything by them, more a cross-section. Time for a more in-depth listen.
  12. You seemed pretty contemptuous of them in the Ebay forum. I shall wait and see.
  13. Even more infuriating when you win an item and the seller says he put a reserve on it but Ebay didn't work properly and it hadn't done it (he'd put a BIN on it, not a reserve) and won't sell it (tried to sell it to me for more, actually).
  14. The later one with the far more useable machine heads. The Guild original had friction banjo tuners, not machine heads. Looks like prices have gone up, they used to go at around the £100 mark and now they're £200ish, and for some reason the less useable Guilds seem to sell for even more.
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