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  1. I just looked at the picture of the underside of the Eich bass board - do those units look familiar?
  2. I think you need to space it away from the chair with a stack of washers or similar.
  3. My first gig was in the bar of the hall of residence I was in for my brief period at university. It was 1976, beer where I lived was 25p a pint, the four-piece band was paid £100 = 400 pints. That's about £1440 now (taking it from the price of a pint in the same place). Wish I got that sort of money these days...
  4. I found that too (a few more years ago though, got mine in 1988) - they sound like there's a built-in chorus, which I can only put down to the slanting bridge pickup as almost all my basses are twin pickup and none of the others (including the Corvette) do that.
  5. Rather late replying to this (only just happened across this thread) - most symmetrical-bodied headlesses I've had or met have had two strap pegs at the tuner end, so you can stand it on the floor without the body touching the ground. It looks like yours just has one. If you put another strap peg on the other side of the bridge, you could try using that as a strap peg (IYSWIM) and it would change the balance. Whether it would help or not is a different question.
  6. Those that have gone before: Another Westone Quantum 5-string Hohner Jack: Hohner B2V (doesn't sound as good as the B2AV): Status S2: The current ones are a walnut B2AV (same as the one up there, but a little tattier on the corners at the tuner end), and a brace of Seis: Fretless Original 5-string: 5-string Flamboyant: I do have headed basses too, but I like the ergonomics of the headless, plus they're lighter than the equivalent headed.
  7. Indeed there is. £40 at Gear4Music, 4x4 USB MIDI box that as one of its tricks takes inputs 1&2 and merges them to all 4 outputs. I'm currently using it just as a merge (so I don't have to mess around at the back of things to change what's plugged in where) but I may rethink that.
  8. In: Warwick Corvette 5 fretless Variax 705 Westfield mandolin Rode M3 microphone Behringer MA800 headphone amp SubZero MIDI merge box Syncman MIDI sync box (this last four were for home recording) Out: I'm sorry, I don't quite grasp the concept
  9. I live in Tamworth and I'll be in Earl Shilton near Lie Sester on Saturday, if that's any help.
  10. Reviving a zombie thread... baowah did also post a similar question in 2014 to this one. It so happens that I know Nick Odell (the shorter one in the photo on the previous page) through a newsgroup, he spotted the mentions of his name, and asked me if I could pass on some information. So, from Nick:
  11. Twinkle twinkle little star Now I know just what you are A lump of rusting rocket case A rubbish tip - in outer space (c) Spike Milligad, the well-known spelling mistake, who forgot that rocket cases wouldn't rust in a vacuum even if they were steel Incidentally, was there ever a trial to establish the guilt or innocence of video, or has it been assumed to be guilty of the murder of the radio star without due process? Trial by media, that's what it seems to be.
  12. I managed Jack Casady because I know what his bass looks like. That's it.
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