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  1. I started on guitar, had a Les Paul copy and a Carlsbro Stingray. Then a few of us started a band at uni, and I became the de facto bassist. At the time, Fender Soundhouse had just had a fire and Hayman had gone bust, so they were selling off parts of instruments, and I used all my money (£75) to buy all the component parts of a Hayman 40/40 and assembled them. The Carlsbro Stingray then got fitted out with a pair of bass drivers, and I used that for a few years (even got borrowed by Jeff Hateley of Wolfsbane at one point). Eventually I got a Laney 150W amp and Ohm 15" cab, but that was years later. I do have photos which I may eventually scan in.
  2. And in Off Topic, discussion of when GRR Martin's The Winds of Winter might be released.
  3. I've used UPS booked via Interparcel many times with no problems.
  4. There's a book on the subject that is quite interesting: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/85560/temperament-by-stuart-isacoff/9780375703300/
  5. So Buster Gonad was based on a real person then.
  6. It doesn't need it every gig, perhaps every five or ten, and takes me about 30 seconds to do. I don't leave it in vehicles but venues and rehearsal rooms are not infrequently at extremes of temperature.
  7. My beloved Sei fretless is very temperature sensitive - not just the strings, the neck moves. I carry a set of allen keys and a capo with me and adjust the truss rod when necessary (so easy on a headless, such a chore when you have a headstock). The initial attack on a string will be slightly sharp due to the greater deflection causing a higher tension in the string, but you need to ignore the brief flash into the red, the sustain period of the note is where you need to tune.
  8. If you try https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Blacken-Steel-with-Motor-Oil/ then please video the process.
  9. I was delighted when I got rid of my old Trace crap and went class D. That aside, the biggest loss near me was when Musical Exchange in Birmingham (second-hand and new) became Reverb Sounds (new, occasional second-hand thing) and then went bust. There's a few shops doing a small amount of second-hand instruments (only one which is a specifically musical shop though), and there's a couple of bass specialist shops in the UK. Plus there's a few of the larger ones, like PMT and Guitar Guitar, though they tend to stick to the unimaginative.
  10. tauzero

    Cat pee

    Not my cat, but when I had an open access cat flap, a neighbour's tom came in a few times and sprayed up the side of my Carlsbro Stingray guitar amp. So I caught the thing and took it to the vet to have its goolies cut off. Never came back after that.
  11. I find many Bob Marley songs are improved by a spot of Marillion.
  12. I've just bought one. It's had one gigsworth of use so far and is in the garage so won't be able to check it till tomorrow, although it sounds like you can't actually see the problem until it all falls apart.
  13. Gimme Gimme Gimme by ABBA, approximately as reworked by Yngyngwyngy Malmsteen - I can't remember the name of the band that we nicked the version from but it was similar to that one.
  14. I use a fretless all the time in the covers band. And in the originals band, come to that.
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