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  1. Sounds like a natural guitarist.
  2. Riverboat song - fingering help

    It is if you play 4(B)--1(D)-4(E)-4(B)-1(D)-4(E). All the right notes and in the right order.
  3. Riverboat song - fingering help

    I don't play it now, but when I did I used, er, <picks up bass> 4-1-4, same as Burns-bass.
  4. Bad shoulder - > light bass option

    To lose a fair bit of weight, look at a cricket bat bass like a Hohner B2/B2A/B2AV (depending on strings and activity/passivity). No stupid headstock adding lots of weight levering on your shoulder.
  5. I've got one of these Cobra Direct-One which seems fine.
  6. Barefaced Single Two 10 or 2 x One 10's

    As one who owns both a One10 and a brace of Berg AE112s, and who likes a sound with a bit of bite to it for playing rock gigs, I wouldn't bother with the One10 for said rock gigs. I think it's a great cab but it doesn't have the same bite as a tweeter-equipped cab.
  7. Single 12" bass Cab

    If you want to make one, google for Sallen-Key high-pass filters - they're second-order (12dB/octave), you'd want two cascaded to give you fourth order (24dB/octave).
  8. IIRC, it's simple to do. You modulate the input signal with the input signal phase shifted by 90 degrees.
  9. Headless, bodyless, and 75% fretless. [url="https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980s-Wilkes-Guitars-Headless-Half-Fret-Fretless-Active-Bass-Guitar/142561002891"]https://www.ebay.co....ar/142561002891[/url]
  10. High End Cables

    I never use a right-angled lead on the Sei Original, as that would result in embarrassing silence with the plug not able to penetrate sufficiently into the jack socket recess.
  11. High End Cables

    [quote name='ricksterphil' timestamp='1510094557' post='3404031'] On a separate but related note, there was an ampeg head and cab on fleabay about a yr ago. The seller had replaced all the internal speaker and main amp internal cable with heavier duty wire which he claimed improved the sound - his point being that it's all very well spending gadzillions on premium gear but the bits of wire inside the speaker and amp are typically cheapest thin bit of wire, so by replacing same with heavier duty stuff, vastly improved the sound. No idea if he was right as I din't buy the amp and cab he had for sale....but it seemed logical Captain! [/quote] I had a GK 200MB (that's the little combo, forerunner to the MB150) that I had to replace the driver on. When I opened it up, I was very surprised at the thinness of the wire going to the speaker. I think the outer sheath was no more than 1.5mm diameter, and that was for a 25cm or so cable run.
  12. High End Cables

    Unless the mains supply is exceptionally bad, those of us with class D gear should be fine without mains conditioners. Might sneak some noise in through the primitive power supplies of class A and AB amps though. (A slight simplification, class D and SMPS power supplies aren't always twinned up).
  13. Not a bass, but I swapped an early 80s Squier Strat which I'd put a Shadow MIDI pickup onto for a Roland U20 keyboard. More fool me.
  14. Set Up Time

    Half an hour to 40 minutes (plus load-in) for my bass gear plus the PA.
  15. High End Cables

    [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1510072560' post='3403765'] I've got a Monster HDMI cable which VirginMedia paid £80 for me for it & I have a £3.99 no brand HDMI cable. I've A/B'd them several times & apart from the Monster cable looking cooler, there's no difference in sound or picture. As Monster sell such with false marketing guff, I'd never personally buy any of their products. [/quote] That'll be because it's a digital connection. Same as USB leads, if it works, it'll be just as good as anything costing ridiculous amounts of money. What I find faintly amusing is that there are audiophiles (and, indeed, audio magazine reviewers) who pretend that there is actually a difference in sound between different digital cable interconnects. I only find it faintly amusing because there's always the chance that this sort of delusional person has some important job somewhere that might affect me, and I don't want any facet of my life under the control of someone who doesn't grasp the fundamental difference between digital and analogue.