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  1. Hi. Is this still for sale. I have a friend that might be interested.
  2. Seconded. They'll get you 99% of the way there for a fraction of the cost. Wilkinson stuff is superb. Especially at the price.
  3. Pretty much all Fenders. The headstock makes me want to barf. The whole Ibanez Soundgear range. Lovely basses, but the SDGR logo makes them look like a child's toy. Single cut high end basses like Fodera. I'd love to try one, but there's absolutely no need for the top of the body to go half way up the neck. It just looks crap.
  4. What a load of old tosh. There's no racism on here. We're all far too busy being sexist. 😘
  5. Had a few voddy's. Now watching Hendrix on the big screen on a hot, balmy night. Does it get any better?
  6. Yeah but still 5 to 10 times more expensive than the "real" local prices.
  7. You should try the local home brew Rakia. Just looking at the bottle will burn the skin off your corneas. The locals swear that's why no-one here has Covid. I'm not sure they're wrong. 😂
  8. I think the one I drink is made from cannabis. 😂 The rest is made from whatever vodka is usually made from. It's only about a fiver a litre from the supermarket. A single here from the bar is a 50ml shot, whereas in the U.K. It's 25ml, so a double here is equivalent to a UK quadruple. Beer is about 55p a bottle / pint (Actually half litre) Did I mention I don't miss the UK? 😉
  9. Pretty safe here competitively. It's a bit more prevalent Sofia way, and Bansko was put under 2 weeks quarantine early on, but I think it's pretty much Covid free at the minute. Although that could soon change once flights start rolling in. It's almost none existent where I live. We've only had 2 confirmed cases in the whole region since it all began, and they were people who had been travelling.
  10. No problems mate. At less than 60p for a quadruple vodka and Coke, I'll get them in for the whole forum. 😀
  11. Are all the pubs still closed in the U.K.?
  12. Well I don't know about you 'orrible lot. But I'm off round to the bar. 😎
  13. I must be even dumber, because i don't get the connection.
  14. I've been gassing over the six string version of this for months now. What are your impressions of it, other than the weight, which is what most reviews go on about.
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