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  1. Good God there's a load of miserable old sods on here. Thank goodness, I thought it was just me. No desire to go to a festival ever. It's my idea of hell. I quite like the small, village type festivals but anything that's larger than a football field or village park I'm not interested, and even then I'd only do it in fair weather.
  2. Never heard of DH Gate. I'm assuming it's another Chinese Alibaba clone? So before the usual kick off about actually daring to suggest buying a copy of something, I've never bought an instrument through Alibaba but I did often used to buy mobile phones. The biggest problem is you never know how much you're going to get stung for when it hits customs. If it slips through you could get a perfectly useable bass that looks something like your desired shape for a bargain price. If it gets stopped and taxed you could end up with a relatively expensive pile of poo. It's too much of a lottery.
  3. I like Band Mule. It's almost perfect, I just wish it had live notifications for the chat / messenger function. I messaged the developers about this and they said they had sorted it out in the latest update but it still doesn't work for me.
  4. It's just a load of meaningless noise that goes on for far too long and sounds way too pretentious. It must be a Jazz advert.
  5. I live abroad in a relatively small ex pat community so everyone kind of knows everyone (or at least knows of them anyway). So the being known for being in a band thing is kind of irrelevant. Although our first official gig is fast approaching, so I live in hope.
  6. Sweet Jesus! His recruitment ads are even more tedious than his YouTube videos. I'm out! (To be fair I don't have a Bachelor's degree in kissing derrière so I was never in the running anyway)
  7. They missed a trick there. It should have been a cooler box for beer. 😁
  8. Can you have a word with my wife.
  9. True. But then if you were spending the same sort of money on a guitar you'd probably want to see it in person too. I certainly wouldn't be throwing a few grand at something I'd never seen. I also wouldn't sell something in that basis either. I'd insist the buyer saw it in person so they knew exactly what they were getting. Much less hassle that way. If we're taking a couple of hundred quid then fair play. Have a punt. But I wouldn't be giving the seller the third degree either. Insisting they add you on social media before you will buy is borderline stalker behaviour. I'd run a mile from anyone trying to buy on that basis.
  10. I don't think a short video demonstrating the instrument is a particularly unreasonable request, but I'd run a mile from anyone demanding proof of ID and social media acceptance just to buy an instrument, or anything else for that matter. I've sold cars worth thousands of pounds with nowhere near that amount of hassle. I'm not being funny but I wouldn't sell an instrument to you in a million years. You sound like you'd be a nightmare to deal with and life's too short. I'd rather lose the sale and sell it to someone else, or even keep it before sharing personal details (other than what is necessary) with a potential buyer.
  11. To be fair you can't go wrong with pretty much anything from Thomann. Their customer service and returns policy is superb. I looked at "The Box" gear but for a few quid extra you can get the Beringer's. I got 2x15's and they're ridiculously good for the money. I previously had Peavey 15's and the Beringer's wee wee all over them. As for not using 15's for vocals, I've never heard that before in my life. We run all our vocals though 15 and it sounds great. In fact just about every pub / club band I've ever seen uses 15" PA speakers.
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