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  1. I disagree. It smacks of parody / social experiment or some kind of marketing to me. It's too well produced to be so wrong. Even the actual singing is too wrong, to the point where it seems rehearsed.
  2. You can change strings? I love this forum. I'm always learning new things.
  3. You can join my death metal band. We play at the church of unholy Satan every full moon.
  4. That wasn't exactly the pop culture reference I was going for. 🤔
  5. I had one that said head boy. But that was for entirely different reasons.
  6. You're only saying that because you're just a lowly explorer. 😂 I like it! More badges please! 😁
  7. I kind of feel the same way about people who want an exact replica of the particular musicians instrument and will pay a fortune to have every little scratch and blemish added to look at much as possible as the original instrument. Unless your going to go the whole hog and have plastic surgery yourself, it seems utterly pointless to me. Sounding at least passably like the band you're a tribute to is fine as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Is this a new thing since the site update, or have they always been there? If so I've only just started getting notifications about them since the update. What else is there to collect? I'm hoping to get my 100m swimming badge next. 😁
  9. Sadly I don't think his voice had been the same since the throat cancer surgery. I don't know if it's a purely physical effect, or of he's just a lot more guarding of his throat now. But the raw power be had in the earlier albums is very rarely present in the later ones
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