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  1. Newfoundfreedom

    my custom bass nightmare (literally)!

    Don't worry we've all been there. Wake up only to find your night time GAS has been more costly than you expected. Clean up on isle three!
  2. Newfoundfreedom

    The Proper Way To Give Notice To Your Band

    I'm thinking of quitting my current band. It's getting more and more obvious by the day that the singer hates me. Mind you it's my own fault. I probably shouldn't have married her.
  3. Newfoundfreedom

    Tell me TWO things you like about this...

    Can I add a 3rd. 3. It's got loads of nobs and a switch. Everyone knows more is better. If one of them goes up to 11 it's my dream bass.
  4. Newfoundfreedom

    Two 15" bass bins ONLY £50

    I could really make good use of these. When you say free delivery "within reason" Is Bulgaria too far? 😂
  5. Newfoundfreedom

    Tell me TWO things you like about this...

    1. It's not a Fender. 2. It's not ridiculously overpriced (like a Fender)
  6. Newfoundfreedom

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Sounds kosher. I'm in!
  7. Newfoundfreedom

    Favourite bass colour

    But is it any good for..........erm.........
  8. Newfoundfreedom

    Favourite bass colour

    That'll be the pink hair.
  9. Newfoundfreedom

    Favourite bass colour

    I'd take white over black if those were my only two options.
  10. Newfoundfreedom

    Favourite bass colour

    That's definitely a one song bass. https://youtu.be/ZyhrYis509A
  11. Newfoundfreedom

    Show us your sunbursts

    Weirdly neither do I. They just happened to be that colour.
  12. Newfoundfreedom

    Band Banners - is there such a thing as ....??

    Cool. Were you playing at the circus? 😁
  13. Newfoundfreedom

    Pics of my family

    I like the last one. It's even got the correct number of strings which seems to be getting rarer these days. 😋
  14. Newfoundfreedom

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Never heard of her. OK voice but musically not really my thing.
  15. Newfoundfreedom

    Favourite bass colour

    Natural wood every time for me given the option. But it's kind of like cars, where unless it's something especially horrid, then colour is pretty low on the list of priorities. Price / quality / condition rate much higher than colour.