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  1. I'd say pretty much zero. My first consideration of a bass is the looks. It could be the best sounding instrument in the world, played and endorsed by the greatest players. But if the looks don't appeal to me I wouldn't even pick it up.
  2. Same here. I'm 47 and the first time I remember hearing The Beatles was in Ferris Beuler's Day Off when I was about 13. I went out and bought Rock n Roll music volume 1 on vinyl because Twist and Shout totally blew me away in that film. I believe it was the first record I ever went out and bought. I grew to like a lot of the Beatles stuff over the years, but I always tended to listen to hits type albums than their actual album release. They did some great music. They also did some utter guff. Octopus's Garden springs to mind.
  3. I thought he'd just left the building.
  4. So you don't understand the concept of discussion or banter then?
  5. Fixed it for you. Although, even though this song grates on my immensely, it's still not a patch on the nails on a chalk board vocals that Adele produces.
  6. This is precisely why I quit my last, and would never be in another covers band. There were some tracks we played that I absolutely hated, and constant arguements over which songs to do. Life's too short.
  7. Ok here's one that's bound to be unpopular, but still true as far as I'm concerned. 80's Rock power ballads are the greatest music ever made! 🤘
  8. There's already another thread running on this course. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/452991-scotts-bass-lessons-technique-accelerator/#comment-4527582
  9. I wouldn't really consider that to be the same thing as registering a band name. I suppose a band could be considered a business, if it's earning and paying tax, but that's certainly not always the case. Also. There are lots of companies that have the same name. A1 Window Cleaners etc. So I don't see how registering as a business would give you exclusive rights to a name.
  10. I wouldn't have the energy. I can barely cope with being in one.
  11. Hasn't he just been made a city?
  12. My band is very much an amalgamation of its parts, and nothing like the kind of stuff that I would write or play left to my own devices. I'm rock through and through, and bring a bit of that to the band. Our guitarist is more a jazz style player, but I try to discourage that at much as possible 🤭. Our singer is into Duran Duran, Genesis, The Cure, type of stuff, and our drummer likes a bit of all sorts. I don't know why or how, but it seems to work, and we have a very definite style that just sounds like "us", and it's hard to define as fitting in to any specific genre.
  13. Ayup cocka. Were abarts in Yorkshire tha from?
  14. Following with interest. If there is an easy way of doing it, I'd quite like to trademark, or in some way register our band's name too. Just in case.
  15. Played a really cool little bar last night (actually more early evening) here in deepest darkest rural Bulgaria. It's run by an English guy and they even have real English beer, which is a rare as hens teeth here. It's an old barn turned into a bar, with a decent sized courtyard out the back, and a decent PA system. Very cool little spot. I'd definitely play there again, or even go to watch other bands and have a few beers.
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