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  1. You clean your bass? I don't even clean my house.
  2. It's usually about 2 songs before the end for me.
  3. If definitely have any of the "Vintage" bass lineup on there. Absolutely superb instruments. Cheap as chips and punch massively above their price tag.
  4. Well that's that then. Final gig with the band this Sunday. Too many people pulling in different directions so I'm out before it starts to effect the friendships I have with the rest of the band. I made it clear from the start, before we even played a note that the band was very much a hobby, and I wasn't interested in, and don't have the time or inclination to be out gigging every weekend. 12 gigs in 10 weeks, plus practices in-between was breaking point for me. I still have to earn a living in-between gigs while the rest of the band are financially independent. It's been fun for the most part, even a couple of the gigs were enjoyable in the end, but it's become obvious that some of the band want to do far more than I'm willing to commit to, and while they love gigging, I honestly don't think I ever will. It's a shame really. Things were really starting to come together and we were sounding pretty good. Still, we raised a fair few quid for a local charity supporting children in care, so it's not all bad.
  5. Never heard of these before. I've just looked them up and I'm intrigued. I might have to invest in one. Although they're a bit on the pricey side.
  6. 1. Originals band. Great! Get your creativity hat on. That's what it's all about for me. I haven't heard of two of the bands they mention, but 90's pop / rock. I can get onboard with. 2. Sounds OK, but the last "life got in the way" statement sets alarm bells ringing. 3. Eagles tribute band. I think I'd rather hang myself. 4. Original metal band. Definitely up for that! 18-30.....Erm......nope! I think I'd have to go with option 1.
  7. I quite like it. I'd like to hang it on stage with a piece of fishing wire. Along with a phantom of the opera mask and a single white glove. Then play a bass backing track so it looks like the bass player has been involved in an awful experimental invisibility accident.
  8. I never really had any aspirations to be a "musician" in my teens. Now in my mid 40's, and I still don't. I started playing bass at 15, because a few of my mates wanted to start a band and needed a bass player. I liked hanging out with my mates so figured I'd give it a shot. 30 years later and my motivations are pretty much still the same. I love hanging out with my mates and making music, but dislike most other aspects of being in a band. I really hate gigging, and generally, having done a series of jobs over the years dealing with idiots on a daily basis (bus driver, doorman etc), I have absolutely no time for the great unwashed, so I have no desire to mix with them in any context. Not even as part of a band. I can't stand the endless discussions about what song we're going to learn next, what will get people dancing, where we're going to play. Etc, etc. I'd happily just sit in a room every day, jamming with a small number of people, just for the pleasure of making music and hanging out. Sadly (although understandably) the rest of the band don't see it this way. So i think my days as a bass player are numbered. I've never really seen the bass as a "solo" instrument, and if I wasn't playing with other people I don't think I'd even bother to pick it up.
  9. I think to some degree it's also the platform. There are still plenty of young and keen bass players around, but young people don't really do old school forums like this. They get all they need from Facetwitgramtube. I've yet to see a photograph thread on here entitled "Look what I had for dinner". (Heads of to start "look what I had for dinner" thread)
  10. My air bass is magic! It's totally invisible until after 6 pints. Then it comes out for everyone to see.
  11. I'll never "get" jazz. I'm not doubting the blokes ability to play, but to me that's just a load of meaningless noise. Then again, I suppose many people would say the same about music in the rock genre, which is where I'm much more at home.
  12. Yeah. They even pink torpedo up in sync. Amazing talent that. 😜
  13. I'm definitely more in the "Go f*#k yourself!" and flounce off category. 😂
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