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  1. Absolutely this. The magic comes from the chemistry of X amount of people sitting in a room, swapping ideas, and just jamming it out. I wouldn't expect anything at all going in. It's a matter of putting a bit of time in and seeing if it gels.
  2. Not to mention trolling and purposely trying to wind people up. But nothing new there.
  3. God Sting bores me. I couldn't even make it down the list of song titles. 😂
  4. Please imagine whitty song title based retort here. (I don't know any Sting songs except Roxanne and I couldn't make that work)
  5. I've hated big muff since the 80's. I was happy when the 90's rolled around and Brazilians became a thing. (Edit. I may have misunderstood the question)
  6. Hi Drobny. Welcome to the forum. Where are you in Eastern Europe? I live in Bulgaria.
  7. It only took me three weeks to learn Get Back. I am a bass legend!
  8. Some people don't find someone acting like a total bell end particularly funny.
  9. Just looked that up. It looks like a superb bit of kit. Literally built for the job. Add a ryrhm guitar in a single pedal. Genius! I now need one of these!
  10. I managed 45 seconds. One man's funny is another mans chimp acting like a total [email protected] Can't argue with the blokes talent though.
  11. But how do I know what I'm looking for until I see it and GAS tells me?
  12. And a 5 string and 6 string section too. Ooh, and one for Reekingburgers that we can all ignore. 😁
  13. Yeah I was really looking forward to seeing him. He did the first set with his new (at the time) band, Los Pacaminos and they were great. Then he did his solo stuff in the second set, and it was just awful.
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