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  1. My old band are out gigging from next week and are booked every weekend in March. But that's here in Bulgaria, which is a very different situation to the UK.
  2. The more I try to get into writing, composing and especially recording, the more I'm beggining to realise a working knowledge of keys would be a great benefit. Does anyone have any recommendations for online keys tutors that start at a very basic level? I'm talking almost to the point of sticking notes on the keys. Preferably something that doesn't involve music reading. Many thanks.
  3. It's not the size. It's what you do with it. Well mine's tiny and I've got no clue what I'm doing. 😆
  4. Can't possibly comment. Last time I said that people were more interested in the gear than the actual threads I was accused of trolling. 🙄
  5. I need to get some of those for my McBass.
  6. Because there's only a limited daily supply and @Teebs uses them all up
  7. At over 13 minutes it's way too long. They're heading into prog rock territory
  8. Yup. It's the same with the sales section on here. No point in even looking any more. It just winds me up.
  9. After looking closely at all the pictures, I'm happy to confirm its definitely a bass.
  10. Thanks for the replies. But it's old news now. I've been using the subs for weeks without issue.
  11. No that could never happen could it? Boris said everything would be fine. 🤔
  12. Yup. As we all know. Brexit was all Thomanns fault. It's also Thomanns fault that their buyers were totally unaware that they would be charged VAT and import costs after Brexit. Terrible company. I certainly won't be using them again. 🙄
  13. Bourbons. Or custard creams if there's tea involved.
  14. He has. It's one of the first things I ever saw of his.
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