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  1. I'm barely in one. 😂 Thanks. I'll have a look.
  2. Looks cool but I'd be scared of it turning over while I was playing.
  3. Yeah I know what hissing is. 😂 It's the "Sid" reference I didn't get until it was explained by Skinnyman above. 😉
  4. I don't even understand the original post, but "Hissing Sid" is a great name for a band.
  5. I'd certainly like to slap Scott much more than Mark. All joking aside, and seeing as I seem to have started some controversy on this thread. I fully respect Scott as both a teacher and a musician. He's just not to my liking, which is purely a personal thing and most likely much more a reflection of me more than him. I find his videos extremely irritating because they're basically just click bait to attract people to his site. Although I'm sure his actual paid content is much better, based on the feedback from people on this site. I do actually much prefer Marks teaching style which is much more direct and to the point. Also from what I've seen of Scott's videos he seems to be extremely passionate about, and focused on jazz, which is fair enough, but personally I'd rather listen to roadworks.
  6. I'm happy to chip in for a double X. Triple X is way too hardcore for me.
  7. Cheers for the heads up. I've been after one of those for ages. Seems like a bargain at that price too.
  8. Ooh just you wait for the daggers to come out now. How dare you have an actual opinion on a discussion based forum. Run for cover! Run I tell ya!
  9. More self indulgent jazz noodling like most of Scott's content. No denying he's talented, but it does absolutely nothing for me.
  10. Oh God, don't go there! That's another 40 page thread.
  11. Good call. Vintage are also ridiculously good for the money, and they can be picked up second hand for next to nothing.
  12. "Better" is subjective. For me there's much more enjoyment in making a song your own than learning it verbatim. I know some people are the exact opposite. There's no right or wrong as far as I'm concerned. As long as it's enjoyable for the band and the audience then everyone's a winner either way.
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