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  1. Yup. Reset for me too. I made the mistake of "browsing" online after a few beers last night. The upshot, a Squire Jag winging it's way to me as we speak. The internet should come with a breathalyser.
  2. Newfoundfreedom

    Squire Jaguar P bass sound?

    Not a great picture, but you get the gist. I don't actually "need" another bass, but at that price I couldn't resist. I actually prefer playing short scale, and I prefer the look of the Jaguar SS, but as I already own two shorties, and as I said, I've never owned a P bass, I thought it would be good to play around with and get a different vibe. The reviews are good and they seem to be quite versatile and really good value for money, even new. At 130 bucks I think it's a no brainer.
  3. Newfoundfreedom

    Squire Jaguar P bass sound?

    Done! 'Tis on its way. 😁
  4. Newfoundfreedom

    Squire Jaguar P bass sound?

    Sorry, should have said. It's the long scale with the bass boost circuit.
  5. Newfoundfreedom

    Bax Shop - B Stock

    Yeah. I could get stuff delivered to the UK and forward shipped at an extra cost, but it kind of negates any saving I might make. I can order from Thomann and get direct delivery. Although it might come in handy in future for anything that Thomann don't stock. 👍
  6. Newfoundfreedom

    Bax Shop - B Stock

    Sadly no. I'm in Bulgaria and they don't seem to deliver here.
  7. Newfoundfreedom

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    I too like "the song". Despite it's detractors I think it's lyrically great, if somewhat cheesy by today's cynical standards. However, what I don't buy into is the arty farty mentality that seems to surround this version of the song (at least if the YouTube comments are anything to go by) It's kind of like dropping a massive dump on a piece of canvas and calling it "art". Sometimes sh#t is just plain sh#t, no matter how much glitter you throw on it.
  8. Newfoundfreedom

    Squire Jaguar P bass sound?

    So as the title suggests. Does the Jaguar give you "that P bass" sound? I confess, I've never actually owned a P bass, and I accept I'm probably in the minority here, but I've never been a fan of Fender guitars. I just think they're so damned ugly! However, having been on this forum for a while now, there seems to be massive love for the P bass (and also probably equally the Jazz bass) sound. So to anyone who has one, does the Jaguar give you some sort of approximation of the P, and as it's a PJ configuration, the Jazz bass sound? Or does it fall short on both accounts? Now I don't expect miracles, and I fully accept that it's a Squier and not a full on vintage fender P, but I've got the chance of picking one up at a ridiculous price (equivalent of £130 UK) and they seem to be fairly well received. So how does it compare (everything being relative of course) Can I get a taste of that much sort after P bass sound from a cheap Jag?
  9. Newfoundfreedom

    Bax Shop - B Stock

    Ooh no I didn't. Thanks. I'll have a look. Edit. They only deliver to Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. 😏
  10. Oh no!!! A sad day for music retail. Although thinking about it, I've traded several items there over the years and received more in trade than I paid for them in the first place. Can't be a good business model 😂 I used to spend hours in there as a kid thinking "one day" I'll have this..... that. I actually bought one of my "one day" purchases there, probably the last thing I had from them, a Warwick Thumb that I'd been coveting since my late teens. End of another era.
  11. Newfoundfreedom

    Vantage Point - Recording Footage & Promo Videos

    I like it! Reminds me of a lot of the stuff I was weaned on growing up in the 80's. I hope I'm not offending anyone by saying it has a kind of Judas Priest vibe about it. (Definitely meant as a compliment) The "Go To Hell" track is great.
  12. Newfoundfreedom

    FOR SALE: Laney B410 4x10 bass cab

    Man that would go great with my 1x15 (Yeah I know, never mix 10's and 15's blah blah.) I used to have a Laney 1x15 and 4x10 stack and it was awesome! Sadly, yet again, collection only. 😟
  13. Newfoundfreedom

    Bugera cabs

    Thomann and Gear4Music both have the Veyron in stock. 👍
  14. Newfoundfreedom

    Bugera cabs

    Good to hear. Thanks. The few bits of information I can find seems to be mostly positive. Although no one seems to have any I'm stock at the minute anyway.
  15. Grrrr! Another set up I would absolutely love. Sadly pickup is not an option I bought my first ever bass and amp from Electro Music in Donny. I love that place!