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  1. I could have saved you the bother of removing the lid. I've got the MOSFET version and it still has a red glow, so I was never under any illusion that it came from valves. It sure looks purdy though.
  2. Yes I was talking about second hand prices. Thanks Nige.
  3. Nice one. Thanks Nige. That covers the model changes, but still doesn't explain the massive varience in prices.
  4. I had a Double Humbucker Warwick Thumb many moons ago, which if I remember correctly, I paid about £1200 for new. Now I'm seeing Warwick's at all kinds of prices, at both ends of the spectrum. Can someone please explain to me the range and pricing structure? I've figured that the Rockbass is kind of the equivalent of Squire to Fender, i.e the mass produced in the far East somewhere range. But what's going on with the others? I've seen Corvette's go from two to three hundred quid, to well over a grand. What's that all about? Obviously, condition will reflect value, but all things being equal. I quite fancy another Warwick, but I've no idea what the lower value ones are like.
  5. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've never found any P bass to be attractive, or any Fender I've ever seen for that matter. To me they're just bland with a side order of meh, and that headstock, even the elephant man's mother couldn't love that.
  6. Bass boost up full. Volume up full. Dig in as hard as possible. It's the only way to get the best out of a guitar cab.
  7. I don't mind depping it, as long as they cover my travel expenses. 😂 (I live in Bulgaria)
  8. Oh that's just too sweet! If that were me, the Facebook page would be a tribute to midget porn before the first carol singers of the season came knocking.
  9. Never heard of them. I shall give it a watch and educate myself.
  10. Being a relatively new " born again bassist " I've only ever left one band. Actually, half a band as some of us are still together. It got to the point where it became obvious that the band was pulling in different directions, I didn't want to fall out with anybody, so I messaged the rest of the band to say that I would honour the gigs we'd already got booked ( even though there was one in particular I really didn't want to do ) then I was out. Which I thought was fair enough. I didn't want to leave anyone in the lurch. So we then went out separate ways. Two of the guitarists went off on their own, and have since been advertising for a bass player, " no previous experience necessary, full training provided ". Just goes to show how much my role in the band was valued and appreciated. After all. Any idiot can play bass.
  11. Quitting band etiquette. Shout "fx#@ you guys. I'm done" at the top of your voice, then stomp to the door and slam it as loudly as possible behind you. Come back five minutes later and spend an awkward half an hour sheepishly packing up your gear whilst trying not to make eye contact with anybody.
  12. It's an ice-cream cone in Northern Ireland.
  13. We used to play this, and the conclusion was, there are so many different variations of the song, due in part to Chuck using different session musicians rather than his own backing band, that there really was no such thing as an "original" way to play it. I used to play it as straight 12 bar, and it sounded fine to me.
  14. Cheap does not necessarily equal bad quality. I've played some superb budget basses. I've also played some expensive ones that are absolute sh1te!
  15. I've just ordered a set of medium scale flats. I'll let you know how I get on.
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