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  1. Definitely. I usually use any old cheap 9v battery but a couple of weeks ago I decided to push the boat out and but a Duracell. Forgot to unplug after practice and by the next practice it was dead as a Dodo. £4 for one practice. Lovely!
  2. Can't hear anything for that fkin annoying piano.
  3. For me it's not so much songs as whole albums I never tire of. Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Alice Cooper - Trash Metallic - Black To name just a few.
  4. Thanks. Built with my own fair hands. Well, renovated it at least. It was a big job but well worth the effort It used to be just old animal sheds and grain store until earlier this year.
  5. I actually have 3 rehersal spaces ( this sounds like it should be on the "Meeting new people" - bullsh!t Bob threa) I have an amp and a couple of basses in my office, which is just a tiny room. I use this mainly to learn songs or grab a bass for a quick noodle when I'm working. Then there's my band practice room, which is a decent sized space where the whole band can practice. Then there's my BAR-N where we can have parties and play gigs. Sadly all now irrelevant as I no longer have a band to play with.
  6. OK admittedly cheating slightly as it's John Lennon rather than The Beatles, but Yoko Ono's version of Imagine is not only the worst cover I've ever heard, but probably the worst sound I've ever heard, full stop.
  7. I love Hayseed Dixie too. I could easily waste an evening watching Richard Cheese and Hayseed Dixie videos on YouTube (and have done on several occasions) Then top the evening off listening to a bit of this....
  8. It can be quite weird that way. I've definitely done gigs that have been a game of two halves. Where I could easily have said sod it and packed up at half time, only for the second half to be superb. An even stranger one we had recently (actually it's happened a couple of times) was a gig where no one appeared to be really bothered, or even particularly listening. Then a couple of days later the band's Facebook page was full of praise saying we were a great band, played a great set, and how much everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe we were just playing to the introverts annual conference.
  9. Slightly off topic. But I once remember Radio one playing The Darkness's "Get your hands off of my woman (mother [email protected]#*er)" with the latter part of the chorus blanked out for obvious reasons. But the censors (probably due to Justin Hawkins high pitched voice and not understanding the lyrics) somehow managed to miss the part on the song where he screams at the top of his lungs "You C####################nt!" This was prime evening drive time. I nearly crashed the car laughing.
  10. Richard Cheese is awesome! And I utterly loathe jazz. The whole point is it's supposed to be tongue in cheek and "cheesy", the clue is in the name. Richard Cheese is the absolutely epitome of jazz, after all its all total and utter "D!ck Cheese" anyway. At least he manages to stick some decent rock tunes in there. (YMMV)
  11. Drink loads of vodka. You'll sound brilliant! Guarantee! At least I do. I can even dance.
  12. Mine wouldn't be able to reach far enough up their own ar535 to play suggested frets.
  13. The only real answer to that is personal perception. If you feel like it's no longer constructive, then it isn't.
  14. I don't think I've ever paid more than about 12 quid for a lead, and I've never had one crap out on me. Edit. Although I've only been back playing for about a year so there's time yet. 😋
  15. I grew up listening to, and loving, Rock and Metal. The guitarist in my former band constantly wanted to do The Shadows. There were definitely early warning signs it wasn't going to end well.
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