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  1. Very cool. I've been tempted to try this myself for a while.
  2. It should definitely increase the heft.
  3. That would make it "wrap". That's something different entirely.
  4. I can't argue with that. In fact I totally agree. It's one of the reasons I left the U.K. I've seen the decline for years. I'm now very much part of a minority in my county of residence, but I don't feel like I'm treated any way inferior. I don't think what's happening in the UK is anything to do with race. It's a wealth issue. It's rich verses poor. There are wealthy "elites" running the country, trying to gain more and more power. They want to keep the poor fighting amongst themselves to further their own agenda. Race is just another tool in their arsenal. A distraction to keep the masses from seeing what is really going on. Anyhow. This has wandered way off topic. As you were. 😉
  5. I like the piano. In all seriousness though. Musically someone talking over a drum beat, or piano in this instance, doesn't really do anything for me. It never has. Lyrically it was great, and while I appreciate the sentiment, as I white man growing up in a very poor northern mining village during the pit closures, the struggles of the black man don't really resonate with me. Where I'm from, everyone was [email protected] on equally, regardless of the colour of your skin. I suppose that's always been my problem with rap (at least the stuff I've heard). It's either black politics, or some narcissist talking about how great they are, f*#king B#tches and hoes, and shooting guns. Funny how a genre which often creates music about racism and being black and downtrodden, is simultaneously unbelievably derogatory to women. This is the point where I'm usually told that this is my white privilege talking. Because only white people can be racist, right?
  6. Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood. A friend of mine used to play it and I thought it was utter dross. Now it's amongst my favourite albums of all time. It pretty much sums up my feelings nicely, on life and religion.
  7. Blacky Lawless from W.A.S P Just because most of the jazz noodlers on here have probably never heard of him. Just as i'd never heard of Jacko until I joined this forum.
  8. Good call sir! I salute you. 👮
  9. ....and why do you have to learn them in a woodshed?
  10. I'm afraid I have to agree with most of what's been said above. I think Wilkinson pickups are massively underrated. They sound superb, especially given the price point. What don't you like about them? You would have to spend a lot of money to get what is (in my opinion at least) little difference. Presumably if it came fitted with Wilkinsons then it's a bass at the budget end of the market. I honestly wouldn't spend a fortune on upgrading the pickups when the Wilkinson will get the job done all day long.
  11. I've never heard the song before, just gave it a listen on YouTube. I'm not sure what is considered the definitive version, but the one that came up was Billie Holiday. From a lyrical respect i'd have no problems playing it. The more meaningful the lyrics the better. To suggest that because you're white you can't appreciate or comment on the struggles of another culture is absolute Bull, and pretty much sums up everything that's wrong with society today. On that basis alone, I'd also play it. As a protest song being played as a protest about not being socially allowed to protest. The only reason I wouldn't play it is, it's actually dull as dishwasher and pretty much musical dross. I can't imagine a quicker way to kill a gigs vibe than playing this.
  12. Thanks Si. Must pay more attention at the back. 😂
  13. Thanks. I have now been vaccinated against Brexit so it makes no difference to me. Anyway........ Back to Thomann (hastily retreats and hopes the mods don't notice the "B" word)
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