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  1. I don't understand. What is the problem? 18 Euro shipping charge is pretty reasonable from Germany to the UK. I pay a minimum of 20 euros in Thomann orders and I live in the EU.
  2. I've had my 6er about a year now. I haven't touched another bass since I've had it. I prefer the tighter spacing. The neck is actually really slim. It's improved my playing a lot because the next note is always under my fingers without having to do fretboard gymnastics. It's improved my technique, because it really forces me to work on muting, while a 4 string is a lot more forgiving. I love the fatter sound and the feel of playing what would be the low notes on the E, higher up the neck on the B. So for me it does everything a 4 or 5 does, and more. Plus to me it just looks much nicer. I've ever been a fan of traditional "Fender" shaped basses. They've always struck me as being just a little dull. And a 4 string just looks ridiculously skinny to me now. Of course this is all personal preference and extremely subjective. But in answer to the original question, yes for me playing a 6 was extremely addictive. I went from having never even played anything other than a basic 4 string, to not playing, or having any desire to play anything other than a 6. I can't see myself ever going back to playing a 4.
  3. I'm a big fan of Presonus Studio One. Although I don't have a lot to compare to. I initially tried Reaper and didn't get on with it. Tried Studio One and it was leaps and bounds better. Far more intuitive, better laid out, graphically nicer, and much easier to use, at least for me anyway.
  4. Bloody drummers, taking up all the stage! πŸ˜†
  5. Check out the link to my new YouTube video. Are you regretting calling a forum full of bass players boring? www.youtube.com/oopsshouldnthavedonethat
  6. Oh God! I'm having Butlins flashbacks!
  7. Yes. Are you a judgemental bass player?
  8. It's like bloody Hotel California in here.
  9. Nope. Didn't want that one. My wife's the singer so there's no way I'm winning that fight. πŸ˜†
  10. I'm just awaiting delivery of an e-drum kit from Thomann to use with EZDrummer2, and I'm currently downloading the whole 230GB 😳 of Superior Drummer 3 as we speak. I figured, in the long run, it's probably going to be easier (not to mention more fun and satisfying) to actually teach myself some basic drumming techniques, than spend hours programming beats. I know this doesn't help in any way to answer your questions. I just wanted to join in. πŸ˜†
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