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  1. Hey guys, This could be an impossible task... in my band, we have one guitar and one bass. So my role is a bit of second guitar sound and bassist. I have a variety of fuzz and distortions etc. I did briefly use 2 ampeg heads with an 8x10 and 1x15 with an aby box and it worked fantastically. But only one of the heads and cabs was mine, so it became a wee bit hard... Does anyone know of a decent head that will allow 2 inputs at the same time, ideally with different volume/gain controls? Or, is two heads with 2 cabs the best option? Ta
  2. Its the electro harmonix triple parallel thing. With that plus the ES8, I have all 4 fuzz pedals in parallel.
  3. Yep. Photos attached! Cabling isn't perfect, worked the best I could. Chain is patch box - cog switcher - decimator - tc spectracomp - boss es8. With fat fuzz factory, darkglass duality and green big muff reissue in the loop of a tri-parallel mixer. Also got an oc2 under there too. We're an odd thing... like almost if you mixed rage against the machine, muse and pendulum, but with a screamo vocalist.
  4. This was the work in progress. Sans animated.
  5. My guitarist and I cabled my board today. Using practical patch leads (https://www.practicalpatch.co.uk/) Finally chuffed that I have a board that works! Fair amount of fuzz and no noise. Yassss!
  6. Unsure of the top of my head. I'm in the US this week, but I'll check when I'm back in the UK on Friday for ya
  7. Sold Mark a pedal - excellent gent, prompt payment and excellent comms. Would highly recommend! Cheers man - hope you enjoy! D
  8. Fairly accurate. My boards have been cray. Proper downsized now (cough check the for sale section). You'll get a decent representation from the aforementioned future or deep impacts, but you do need to have super clean playing. Even your right hand catching the string above (D> A for example) can cause it to trigger the wrong note.
  9. Hey guys, I forgot I still had this at home from when my pedalboard was my iPad. Connects with Bluetooth and works rather well for using amplitude/guitar rig etc. £55 + shipping
  10. How about a price drop? £350 + shipping in the UK.
  11. Great wee pedal. My inner ratm fan boi made me purchase hah!
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