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  1. Hey folks, I’ve been struggling with my mental health last few years and I feel my technique has gone out the window. I can do stuff with my band but I want to improve. Now I’m married and removed the toxicity from my life I think I’m ready. Is there any resources people would actively recommend as a refresher? Scott’s bass lessons etc worth it? thanks! Dave
  2. It was one of the most recent Timmy C videos that made me buy the Special hah!
  3. This and the post about not trusting what you see is 100%. I'm honestly considering sending my CV to Reverb. Fun fact, the email said they resolved it quickly... Average cyber attack takes over 300 days to detect. I was going to do some reading into this breach and see what caused it but totally forgot.
  4. Hey folks, So, i'm using a line 6 Helix LT with some other pedals. I had thought i was fully sorted... but GAS is a beast.. as such, the board i'm using might be a bit too small... I still have a PT Pro laying around, and thinking of firing my pedals onto it. However, the case is bust. I'm ideally looking for one that allow the board to stay inside and just take one part off. Eg like the Diago ones (which is what I've got atm). Is there any type of case worth a look? I see pedaltrain sell replacement cases, but not keen on dropping such a high amount of cash on the OEM ones. thanks!
  5. Hah surprisingly I got "you'll play the bass, it keeps you sane. We're already nearly there for the wedding, so no issues." So I'm treating that as so long as I keep to our spreadsheet, it's fair game haha.
  6. I saw the colour online when I decided to grab the special and proper fell in love. It's even nicer in person IMO. If I wasn't getting married at the end of the year, i'd be tempted to just keep it. But weddings be pricey. So sadly it needs to pay the rest of the Status!
  7. I could be tempted by offers for this. I keep looking at it and thinking I can fund the Status in another way... but I think the black market is a bit lower right now for kidneys.
  8. Weighed in just now at 7.8lbs. 3 times for good measure! Also it's shown that I need a diet. Sadtimes haha
  9. I went for the Chris Wolstenholme in Woven Chrome with red LEDs - should look like this actually. Did consider headless, but I think that would baffle me too much!
  10. She's easily one of the nicest looking basses I've owned. IMO, the photos don't do it justice. I kinda wish I could justify keeping it, and still getting the Status. But I don't think the Kidney market is too hot just now - so needs must haha.
  11. Will nip to my mums tonight to steal her scales! PS still for sale after eBay fell through!
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