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  1. Hey folks, Adding to my ever growing list of things to sell... Electro Harmonix triple loop parallel mixer. Handy pedal, I used for stacking my fuzzes in parallel (also in parallel with items in the ES8...HYPER PARALLEL PROCESSING! Hahah) Comes with official psu. Happy to ship
  2. Howdy, Looking to shift my Custom COG Effects "Snake" Switcher. It's an LS-2 on Steroids with controls for A or B & A + B. All with phase inversion switches. It works amazingly for adding a clean blend to signals, or for blending effects together - I used it generally as a clean loop for my fuzz tones. Clean/Dirty or Clean + Dirty. It worked brilliantly. Selling due to purchasing a HX unit. Control settings from Tom himself:- Top two knobs are the individual levels for A or B mode, bottom two knobs are the levels for A and B mode. Right footswitch for A and B mode, left footswitch to swap between A and B. Input jack bottom right, sends above them, corresponding returns directly opposite, out bottom left. Will take 9-18v DC, though I've only clipped it at crazy levels so you should be fine with just 9v. Looking about £90 + postage.
  3. I bought this from BC back in March - Decided to go the Helix route so my board is being completely sold off more or less.This is a highly customizable pedal, using desktop software or the app on your phone. So much tones available from this. I'd probs keep it, but I'm wanting to get my gear down dramatically. I do have the Source Audio Hub which can increase the number of stored presets to 128 ( I think). That should appear in a listing soon .
  4. Hello, I've decided to sell off my board. Boss OC-2 - Made in Taiwan - Serial HL95740. Great condition. 90 + postage
  5. Hey Ped - Weird one - I managed to renew on the day I posted initially. But i've just went to post some other items for sale, and it says I don't have a valid membership/subscription?
  6. I'll give the update a shot. It might stay yet!
  7. Thought I'd add some photos too...
  8. There’s an effects loop on the side. So you could keep the wah and launch it anywhere in your chain. My board right now is stupid complex, so hoping the stomp will make life easier. No doubt in 6 months I’ll miss it and come back hah
  9. What about the HX Stomp? Baby brother of the helix and LT. I just ordered one the other day.
  10. Hey folks, I've decided to break apart my board and go the Helix route (stomp or LT most likely.) So got some things to sell to attempt to fund the purchase. I've ordered boxes which should arrive on Saturday (most of the boxes were disposed of as i had achieved tonal nirvana... but I've left that band now - so new sounds wanted!). Boss ES-8 - Great tool to stop the tapdancing, I used it as the control centre of my board. All midi and pedals all controlled. - £380 Darkglass B7K (v2) - I don't think i need to say anything about this. Great pedal. £200 Darkglass Duality - A very good and versatile fuzz. Built to take a beating (this one hasn't - it's been hiding on my board since new). - £130 Shipping will be about £5 for smaller things, £10 for the ES8 and FI. I think. Cheers!
  11. Scratch this. Managed to find the client section and renew 😃
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