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  1. This arrived today! Status Stealth 5 string with side LEDs. 😊
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I remember the first one you had. Lovely bass! I’m actually after another 5 but think the spacing on this maybe a touch too narrow for me. I’ll ponder.
  4. I’ve a Status Chris Wolstenholme 4 in woven chrome/burst. With red LEDs. and a 1988 S2 headless 5 string. Amazing basses. I’m after another 5 string with wider spacing when their books open again. 😊
  5. Hey folks, I had a bass built a few years back. Whilst it was in getting a setup, I asked the shop to change the batteries on the LEDs (so I wouldn’t need to worry for several years again!) however, when it came back it seems that every other LED is not working, or cutting out and flickering. I’m imagining a cable has shorted somewhere. Does anyone have a rough idea on how much it may cost to remove the fingerboard and sort this out? IMG_3972.MOV
  6. Played our first gig at a venue in Aberdeen. It was supposed to have been professionally recorded but they didn’t start the feed so it’s a crowd recording - with the live audio from the desk. This was our last song Suffocate. I was dead at this point 😂
  7. Oddest thing though - he had me go into a DI which had a parallel out to onstage amp that was mic’d. Kept saying it would sound terrible with just my QC. I don’t think he understood that my amps and cabs were coming from the QC. I’m going to create emergency patches with no amps as a just in case measure, I’m also going to sum the two channels to one. Single cable might not scare the crap outta him!
  8. I’m seeing Alice Cooper in Glasgow on the 28th. We saw him up here but my wife was sat with her disabled brother so saw a grand total of zip. He’s like one of her favourite artists so hopefully she sees him this time!
  9. I think so. Frustratingly - we told the dude in advance what our setup was and what we needed. Nice that I wasn’t doing something that silly!
  10. The clean runs all the time. In my band, I perform the role of bassist and rhythm guitar technically. So that low end is needed to remain when heavy fuzz is used.
  11. Exactly! I was like “so what’s the difference between a modelled high gain amp vs a modelled heavily fuzzed bass sound?!” Curiously, I think you’re from my neck of the woods so you might be surprised at the venue in question 😂
  12. Honestly, you and me both. He claimed it would sound crap FOH without the cab mic’d and then started talking about how it would blow his super expensive PA using two DIs. I’ve never been more confused before a gig to be honest.
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