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  1. Played our first gig at a venue in Aberdeen. It was supposed to have been professionally recorded but they didn’t start the feed so it’s a crowd recording - with the live audio from the desk. This was our last song Suffocate. I was dead at this point 😂
  2. Oddest thing though - he had me go into a DI which had a parallel out to onstage amp that was mic’d. Kept saying it would sound terrible with just my QC. I don’t think he understood that my amps and cabs were coming from the QC. I’m going to create emergency patches with no amps as a just in case measure, I’m also going to sum the two channels to one. Single cable might not scare the crap outta him!
  3. I’m seeing Alice Cooper in Glasgow on the 28th. We saw him up here but my wife was sat with her disabled brother so saw a grand total of zip. He’s like one of her favourite artists so hopefully she sees him this time!
  4. I think so. Frustratingly - we told the dude in advance what our setup was and what we needed. Nice that I wasn’t doing something that silly!
  5. The clean runs all the time. In my band, I perform the role of bassist and rhythm guitar technically. So that low end is needed to remain when heavy fuzz is used.
  6. Exactly! I was like “so what’s the difference between a modelled high gain amp vs a modelled heavily fuzzed bass sound?!” Curiously, I think you’re from my neck of the woods so you might be surprised at the venue in question 😂
  7. Honestly, you and me both. He claimed it would sound crap FOH without the cab mic’d and then started talking about how it would blow his super expensive PA using two DIs. I’ve never been more confused before a gig to be honest.
  8. Nah, in practice room it’s perfect - but we just use IEMs. I think it was just a bit more rough on stage because it was going through my QC amps, into the DI then into the house markbass and ampeg 8x10 (mic’d). So my DI tone was actually fine but the FOH mic tone would have been weird but I couldn’t hear any mud on the videos- so I guess he didn’t use much, if any.
  9. I had thought that any sound guy would be super happy to get handed two XLRs. The aim was to make life easy for me and the sound guys! 😂
  10. Played my first gig since January 2015 last night. Was great to be back on stage. Few issues with my setup (posted here) but otherwise it wasn’t bad. Crowd seemed to enjoy - so that’s a plus. Got a few fun photos!
  11. Hey folks, I had an issue last night at a venue and want to check if I’m going mental. I use a Neural DSP Quad Cortex. My chain literally just goes bass - QC - XLR1 and XLR2. We use IEMs so I don’t need an amp. Logically, this makes perfect sense for me. I have one XLR for clean tone, and one XLR for dirt. In the practice room, this has worked well. But at a gig venue last night the sound guy looked at me like I had two heads and forced me to use an amp. By that I was forced to run a cable from my QC to the DI into a parallel input to the bass head with a cab which was mic’d. Now, my settings does feature cabs and mics. So my stage sound was more boomy than I wanted but had to accept it. Listening to videos - this doesn’t seem to have been used much, if at all, FOH. Is it normal for 2 XLRs on bass to cause concern? The dude used the phrase “I have an expensive PA and don’t want to blow it up”. Which I can’t fathom as I’m literally just giving you a DI. Like, loads of bands are using full modellers nowadays. Is there a difference I’m missing between distorted bass and distorted guitar? My cleans/lows don’t get distorted so I wouldn’t imagine that an issue? Also, for info my guitarist also runs a QC in stereo. And runs the exact same output as me - 2 x XLR, no amps. The sound guy was alright with this but totally made it awkward for me. The IEMs didn’t work either for us so we ended up using monitors with the click and synth through the ears (we control this). We suspect the cabling in the venue at fault as we tested this morning and it was fine. Should I ditch the amp models and sounds that I’ve setup and use an amp? Is my sound actually that complex from a sound guy perspective?
  12. Selling my excess pedals now that I’m completely happy with the QC. It’s a great pedal and currently sold out with Crowella. Based on the human gear Animato. I did have the original but this did a great job and carrying the full blown unit was a bit terrifying. Very much a fun pedal. £180 to your door (in the UK) 😊
  13. Hey folks, I’ve been struggling with my mental health last few years and I feel my technique has gone out the window. I can do stuff with my band but I want to improve. Now I’m married and removed the toxicity from my life I think I’m ready. Is there any resources people would actively recommend as a refresher? Scott’s bass lessons etc worth it? thanks! Dave
  14. It was one of the most recent Timmy C videos that made me buy the Special hah!
  15. This and the post about not trusting what you see is 100%. I'm honestly considering sending my CV to Reverb. Fun fact, the email said they resolved it quickly... Average cyber attack takes over 300 days to detect. I was going to do some reading into this breach and see what caused it but totally forgot.
  16. Hey folks, So, i'm using a line 6 Helix LT with some other pedals. I had thought i was fully sorted... but GAS is a beast.. as such, the board i'm using might be a bit too small... I still have a PT Pro laying around, and thinking of firing my pedals onto it. However, the case is bust. I'm ideally looking for one that allow the board to stay inside and just take one part off. Eg like the Diago ones (which is what I've got atm). Is there any type of case worth a look? I see pedaltrain sell replacement cases, but not keen on dropping such a high amount of cash on the OEM ones. thanks!
  17. Hah surprisingly I got "you'll play the bass, it keeps you sane. We're already nearly there for the wedding, so no issues." So I'm treating that as so long as I keep to our spreadsheet, it's fair game haha.
  18. I saw the colour online when I decided to grab the special and proper fell in love. It's even nicer in person IMO. If I wasn't getting married at the end of the year, i'd be tempted to just keep it. But weddings be pricey. So sadly it needs to pay the rest of the Status!
  19. I could be tempted by offers for this. I keep looking at it and thinking I can fund the Status in another way... but I think the black market is a bit lower right now for kidneys.
  20. Weighed in just now at 7.8lbs. 3 times for good measure! Also it's shown that I need a diet. Sadtimes haha
  21. I went for the Chris Wolstenholme in Woven Chrome with red LEDs - should look like this actually. Did consider headless, but I think that would baffle me too much!
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