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  1. EBMM Bongo 4 HH

    If you insist.
  2. Gah, dream bass. I know you SAID no trades. But this is exactly the same price as my Bongo that's for sale....
  3. EBMM Bongo 4 HH

    Hah! Yes, that's what I get. You see, I'm a scientist. A science communicator actually, I teach science to adults and young people. I was desperately trying to move away from SI because I know most people use imperial so obviously I typed 9.1 and then wrote 'kg'. Rest assured it is 9.1lbs and therefore 4.1kg.
  4. EBMM Bongo 4 HH

    Hello good people of Basschat. The great Joe Nerve once said "I used to play bass, but I now I play Bongo" and now here's your chance too. For sale is my MusicMan Bongo 4 HH. It's in Sapphire Black, which is the almost-grey metallic colour and in very good condition. There are a few tiny scratches on the headstock but nothing else of note really. EDIT - The chip I was sure was on the headstock is on the upper horn instead, and there's a tiny a scratch on the body. I've included photos of those below. As well as the black scratch plate that's on it I'm also including the original (and slightly gaudy) grey pearl scratch plate as well as a road worn hard case. It's just had a clean, a brand new set of D'addario balanced tension strings and pro set up by the Bass Doc. Weight is 4.1kg, 9.1lbs apparently. Subjectively? It's a Bongo! Massive tone, very usable 4-band eq, great (or hideous, depending) looks, very comfortable. I'm located about 10 minutes North West of Newcastle. You would be encouraged to come along and check it out before buying, but I'm open to posting, delivery, ect within reason. In terms of payment, cash is always preferable but a bank transfer and paypal are good too. At this point you're thinking 'Great, but what about trades?' Well, yes but I need at least most of the cash as I've just put a deposit down a new watch. If you really, really wanted then I quite fancy a traditional-looking MIM or similar p-bass with a maple neck. Or possible a MIM or similar telecaster guitar.
  5. Line 6 Helix.

  6. Line 6 Helix.

    As far as I know, and I'm still pretty new to this, the paths are always separate. You use the merge and split blocks to navigate between 1A and 1B as well as between 2A and 2B.
  7. Interesting FRFR story..

    I have a board of pedals and send that straight to PA without using any kind of proper digital modeller if that's what you're after? IME many preamp pedals (Ive had or have the M80, Sansamp, BDI21, and a few more) don't have the output to run an FRFR cab directly. This kind of makes sens as they're designed to go pre>mixer>powered cab and if you miss the mixer out they can be too quiet. Many cabs have switchable input sensitivity, which can negate this. I worked around by using a Behringer MIC100 (although similar units are available in every prive range) to make sure that I had LOADS of gain on tap to run any frfr cab. In short, if you had a 'normal' board with whatever pedals on it that you wanted such as the comp and SVT-type thing that you're talking about and then stuck a 'proper' microphone preamp on the end rather than an amp you'd be golden.
  8. Interesting FRFR story..

    Obviously, those 3 frfr solutions will in fact all sound slightly different yes. No speaker can ever be frfr, and even if it was directly on axis then it wouldn't be off axis and it certainly wouldn't be anywhere near once it's in a room rather than an anechoic chamber. The point is, they're getting as close as they can within certain physics, budget, size, weight and cost constraints. Give me a very large, very capable PA system in a good room, an RTA mic and a pink noise generator and I'll get you damn close to frfr in one particular spot. But as soon as you move around the room, move the pa system to a different room or indeed try and compress the whole pa system into something the size and weight of a QSC 10.2 then you're going to move farther away from the ideal. An 8x10" (or really most cabs) are designed to sound subjectively good. They're a part of the instrument and they're for sound production, not sound REproduction. FRFR just means that you're aiming for clean and clear, you're aiming for reproduction rather than production. Whether or not you can ever achieve it is another matter.
  9. Line 6 Helix.

    Good to know! Can you get them to clip? What's the internal gain on the amps? Mine has to be set to 18db to get them to full volume with a GK Plex.
  10. Line 6 Helix.

    Mrtcat, or indeed anyone else with the FR800, do you find you have enough gain to drive the barefaced cabs with the helix? I had a Kemper for a bit, then I borrowed a helix for a bit but never really tried it at full chat. I'm kinda tempted, but line 6 don't quote output and those 2.400 amps are not the most sensitive of things.
  11. Minimum size amp for gigging?

    IME there are two answers to this question. 1. It very much depends on your situation. I'm one of the people who often don't take an amp at all these days. Conversely, I have been in a band in the past that needed (I'm not kidding, needed) my 1600W QSC amp and 2 2x12" cabs. 2. Oh, just get 500W and a medium sized cab such as a 2x12" or 4x10". That'll do for 99% of situations you'll face. Pick an answer and run with it. :-)
  12. Harley Benton pb50 pickups

    I just tried to find a shop selling them to check the price and nowhere has them. Have they been discontinued?
  13. Harley Benton pb50 pickups

    I appreciate that, but a big draw of the original was that it was a £90 bass with a £40 pickup. :-)
  14. Harley Benton pb50 pickups

    That's me resting a little easier, thanks folks.