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  1. They moved from using off the shelf (although very high end) PA drivers to their custom-designed drivers. I didn't really notice too much in terms of sound or output to be honest.
  2. I haven't played any of the new new stuff, but I have had 5 Barefaced cabs so I'll give it a go. The 10" models aim for a much more old school sound. The 10" speaker doesn't have a great deal of high highs or really low lows. They're still quite clean by olde worlde standards actually and they're not really 'vintage sounding' as such but they are in the ballpark. Ever cab apart from the 1x10" uses a low pass filter on one side of the speaker cabinet in an effort to combat some comb filtering issues with side by side drivers. As for the 12s, they're all a bit more modern sounding than the 10s. Very 'new', clean and punchy. If anything they kind of lack a little character, with the HF models getting pretty close (apparently) to being quite flat. The new 12s are my absolute favorite bass cabs. An FR800 (which is essentially a self-powered Big Baby II) covered any gig I ever asked it to do. The Midget aims to be as small as possible whilst still being giggable, so it's a little more mid-focused than the rest and somewhat barky. As for the others, it's a case of: do you want one speaker or two? And then do you want the (very nice, pa style) HF driver or not?
  3. I find their videos quite entertaining. The style is very 'of it's time' and not really my thing but they certainly wouldn't be where they are as a shop without their social media presence. Mrs. Jack is the social media coordinator for a very large museum and I find it a fascinating world, just not for me! Factually they always leave a lot to be desired, doing homework on the products before hand would be nice but then I think the counterpoint to that is that most people probably don't care, wouldn't understand, and that specs are easy enough to find if you really want. Apart from Barefaced. And when you DO find manufacturer's specs they're often lies anyway. Whatever, it's nice to see Lee back. All about the bass wasn't the same without him.
  4. Oh good, I thought I was the only one. Everybody else on BC is all "I've had this one pick for 84 years and it's my best friend". Dunlop sell them by the 72, which I've bought two sets of my favourites. They changed the colour of the 1.14 a bit over the years.
  5. Did anyone ever get one of the Dave Ellefson basses? The only real review I can find is a passing comment on the American site about it being too neck-divey.
  6. Interesting as I play the D'addario balanced nickels (I hate non-bt strings) so I'll definitely try a set of the GHS next time. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Was this mine? Can I have it back? Pm.
  8. I grew up on pop-punk bands so I was pretty much all pick for the first few years. Now I'm maybe 75% fingers and 25% pick, mostly depending on song or how I'm feeling. After a lot of searching (which was fun in itself!) I decided on the Dunlop Gator Grip 1.14mm.
  9. Don't think so. I paid vat at point of purchase, I was worried that if it cleared customs after the new year they might seek to add vat on top even thigh I'd already paid it. As it turns out I didn't have to fight, there was no trouble.
  10. Not quite irrelevant because (buying in December) the Thomann prices included vat. Having to pay twice (I mean, I wouldn't, but having to fight it) was actually a worry of mine.
  11. Jack

    Show us your rig!

    Nice! What's the power amp?
  12. FWIW I got my Thomann order yesterday! Ordered 23/12/20, arrived 6/1/21 so technically I squeezed in before the changes but I was still expecting the worst...
  13. 'Dinglet' is my new favourite insult.
  14. ...... at least one! And I think @Matt P is about my age too!
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