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  1. Is the drive on the foot switch?
  2. High End Cables

    Whilst I can't claim the same electrical knowledge as some of the sparkies in this thread I do know my science. Specifically, my job is to run workshops based on politics, science and skepticism. Id wager that one of two things is happening here. 1. You said normal cables are harsh and yours are smooth. There is a possibility that (since cables are passive and can only take away from a signal) that the normal ones are full range and the silver ones have an in built or designed in imperfection that takes away some high end. 2. It's some combination of observer bias and confirmation bias. There wouldn't be a difference on a scope and you couldn't tell the difference in a double blind test.
  3. Amp choice help

    I sometimes feel like a stuck record but, as ever, GSS have a great answer in their Sumo power amps. 600 or 1000w, both under budget new and both about the size of a big DI box.
  4. Thinking about a Crazy 88 - opinions?

    I too have been looking at something like this for a micro rig, in fact I was really tempted by the Eden amp that's in the classifieds currently too. What I'd be keen to know (and why I'm subscribing) is what people think the Crazy 88 would bring over something like the BF Midget. I have had two Gen 2 midgets and they were a great cab, one of the winners for size/weight/output. My gut feeling is that the 88 simply sounds better, less barky, but I'm curious to hear from anyone who's tried one.
  5. Don't discount the Alto TX range. I have two of the TX10s as stage monitors and they're just fine for bass as long as you have reasonable low-end expectations.
  6. Nah, split a PA 4 ways between a 4-piece band Tops Subs Mixer Monitors Easy! [size=1]God help you if you're a 12-piece.... [size=1] [/size][/size]
  7. This can work. I bought a Behringer XR18 and I let the band use it for every gig. I didn't mind as I knew that I'd use it to record at home, as a live mixer in other projects and with my (already owned) active cabs I now have a whole PA system myself. I would not for instance buy subs for the band to use entirely by myself as I would have no use for them outside of the current band and they'd take up far too much room at home. But the mixer was a no-brainer for me.
  8. High End Cables

    [quote name='Rocker' timestamp='1510242475' post='3404950']Digital signals too are often incorrectly depicted as '0' and '1'. But they are square waves with a minuscule but significant rise and fall time. A 'well built' digital cable will minimize the distortion of the digital signal and result in a truer representation of the signal at the other end.[/quote] Wrong. A digital cable may pick some distortions up during its run, but the receiving device will be able to convert back to pure binary. This is why digital is superior to analogue for accuracy. [quote name='Rocker' timestamp='1510242475' post='3404950']Our ears are exceptionally well adapted for the job of listening to music. We need to trust them.[/quote] Also very wrong. Well, maybe not. Anyway it doesn't matter as regardless of how good our ears are, they are often overruled by the brain. Placebo, confirmation bias, apophenia and many more psychological effects can distort our view of the world. [quote name='Rocker' timestamp='1510242475' post='3404950']One tip for better sound, and I have done this myself, is to get an electrician to install a dedicated SPUR from your mains MCB panel to an unswitched socket for your hi-fi system. And to use 6 sq. m.m. twin & earth cable and to run a seperate 6 sq m.m. earth wire from the socket to the earth block in the MCB board. Unless the electricity supply in your area is very poor quality, this relatively small investment will give a return way in excess of the outlay. 6 sq. m.m. is about the largest cable that can be used with a 13 amp socket. Also to ask your electrician to ensure that the earth connection is actually connected to the earth via an earth spike.[/quote] What tangible benefit does this gain?
  9. High End Cables

    So here's the rub. I know all of this high-end cable stuff is nonsense. Of course it is, it's copper. However, many people say they hear a difference. I hypothesize that them hearing a difference is psychosomatic because they want to or expect to. How can we test this? I suppose a good double blind would do it, but it's been done before and is of limited worth on a text-and-images-only forum. Would there be a suitable scope test? How can I actually measure the frequency response of a cable and post a graph on BC?
  10. High End Cables

    [quote name='nilebodgers' timestamp='1510052507' post='3403491'] Plus several to that. The only trick is to remember that most of the dedicated instrument cables have a semi-conducting sleeve (usually black) around the inner conductor insulation (this cuts down on cable handling noise when it is flexed). That black sleeve needs to be cut back at the ends or the cable will attenuate the signal as it will have a signal-to-ground resistance of a few kohms if it touches the inner conductor. I have seen someone make that mistake! [/quote] News to me, but then I freely admit to being uninformed on such things. Can you elaborate please, or post a link to youtube or something?
  11. You don't need a separate mixer, you can just go into the main mixer and not route it through the mains.
  12. Where abouts in the North East? There's a few of us with Barefaced stuff around these parts.
  13. Evening, I follow GSS on Facebook because I've had the pleasure of briefly owning their mini bass amp and forever drooling over their small power amps. I saw this today and wondered if it would benefit anyone. Not interested myself as I am a happy Barefaced FR800 owner twice over, but they do look like great cabs and if it's anything like the rest of Didier's stuff it will be so well-made and well thought out that it will be worth every (literally EVERY!) penny. GSS posted this: [quote]Baffle amplifié GSS 1000 Watts compact: basé sur un haut-parleur de 38cm neodyme PHL Audio et un medium de la même marque, un ampli numérique par haut-parleur, filtrage et corrections par processeur DSP, descend à 30 Hz dans -2dB...Idéal pour tout instrument riche en infra-graves. GSS custom 1000 Watts active cab: loaded with a 15" PHL Audio Neo bass driver + PHL medium driver, one digital amp per speaker, DSP based digital filtering and corrections, 30Hz in -2dB...ideal for all instruments requiring strong sub bass . [url="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.guitarsoundsystems.com%2F&h=ATNIUk0VTGx2evpSGNZ2Cc0wn19MWmCQl03JlNCy3IytX7_ctc5EEZOMaRPb9wTClXStzkF4JFwqbRkqRwPtdVeFgufJoX1mBuutT-vovs3PJMKZ-4apdGhf8UQFsOYWxv1OlM4I8WvxKjDzNg1kACE8Mh__PtKRcgZsS_w9Hc5m6Fy9V4oQYPGgei4rxJPdgMn8X9Zow8aIWxq98gjJulxklA-mGLUZ-JU2vuNr1_skKAjSqT6JtzIEYojvCxCnXYsenkmB94mo6xl0SM-WwOQBlQoOtOg"]www.guitarsoundsystems.com[/url][/quote] I asked how much they were and got this: [quote]Hi Jack Elliott, we are manufacturing them upon request. The 500W active cab with a 12" woofer is 1000 Euro without tweeter / 1100 Euro with a tweeter. The 1000W active cab with a 15" woofer is 1600 Euro without tweeter and 1800 Euro with a tweeter. Any question is welcome.[/quote] So it looks as though there's a 12" for £1000 or so and a 15" for, what, £1500? Not cheap. Still though, I'm sure that they'll make great full-range PA cabs or even stage cabs with a suitable HPF. I'm not sure I'd want -2dB at 30Hz without some sort or protection! I find this kind of stuff really interesting. I'm sure that traditional amps will be around forever, but it's nice to have more options to use stuff like this for gigs. I like having one cab that I can use for bass, guitar and PA duties.
  14. To be honest, I'm not sure that £500 is really enough to get what you want. £500 will get you a nice pair of second hand active speakers, our band uses Alto TS115As that are great but other brands will do just as well. On top of that, you'll need a desk and at least some outboard, or get with the times and move to a digital mixer. Again, we use the Behringer XR18, others will be just as good. I got mine (the PA is the bands, the mixer rack is mine) for £500 and put it in a £75 rack with a £110 mp3 player. Then some good PA advice is that whatever you're spending on the big things, add 50% on top for cables, cases, stands and other accessories. So realistically we're talking £500 for speakers, £500 for a mixer and £500 for miscellaneous, £1500 will get you a really good band PA system for what you're talking about. Now, the good news is that you can do this incrementally using the stuff you already have as you go.