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  1. Especially considering the way that the Line 6 Spider and the Yamaha (who own Line 6) THR amps integrate with the wireless bugs so easily.
  2. That was less than £300? Stunning work, sir.
  3. Well, now we've fallen out. I hadn't seen that before. 🤑
  4. Why those heads with those cabinets? Thy not the Eich with the 210? Or the other way around. Both heads are very modern and very full and clear sounding. So is the super compact. Not quite as much as as something like the Big Baby, but it still tends towards uncoloured and full range. The 2x10 that Barefaced do (or any of their 10" cabs) have a much more coloured, old fashioned sound. There's probably not much to chose between the heads and it'll come out pretty equal (Eich is more powerful I guess) but the cabs are pretty far apart. Depends on what you want to sound like I suppose.
  5. Indeed. I didn't mean to besmirch the PSA2 at all. Hell, I still really want one! And the Stomp isn't the be all and end all for every bass player that some people claim it to be. But it's undeniable that Stomp's been a bit of a paradigm shift really, and it's pretty hard to best in terms of it's features:size:price ratios. My point was simply that a bass player with £400-£450 who wants a versatile pedal preamp will likely look at both units. In that case, the Stomp can probably do a pretty decent impression of all the sounds the Sansamp can do, with a lot more besides (if you want the other sounds I suppose), they're about the same size, trade blows pretty evenly on I/O, presets, control, switches, etc. It's basically much of a muchness, but the Stomp has a tuner and loads of effects on top. Even if you really don't want ANY of the effects or other amp models then you look at it as a PSA with a free tuner. I'm of course assuming that the Stomp can cop a decent imitation of most of the sounds that the PSA can do, maybe it can't. Anyway, enough of this. I still really want a PSA (as I don't have a Stomp, I have a Helix rack and I still use a portable board helmed by a Paradriver) and I think I'm derailing what was a very good thread. I just wish it was £300-£350 rather than £425 as that would better represent it sitting somewhere between £200 pedal preamps (like the BDDI or MXR M80) and £500 pedal modellers/multifx (like the Stomp or the Vped) which is where it belongs IMHO.
  6. The inputs and outputs on nearly every PA cab are in parallel, so unaffected by volume or DSP changes. Or the new PSA 2, which would sound equally sublime on both.
  7. True, but the PSA 2.0 not having XLRs at that price is kind of my point, I think it's quite over the odds compared to other Sansamps (which as you mention are much cheaper) or other preamps that cost >£400 that have way more features and sounds. The Stomp doesn't strictly have XLRs, but it has two balanced TRS outs which are as good as.
  8. I've got to be honest, it's a full-on deal breaker for me. I couldn't care less about superficial damage to the body or electronics, but anything on the neck or the headstock that's under string tension is a no for me. There's enough other used basses out there. Maybe, maybe, if it's either a super rare bass and I'm unlikely to get another, or if having the neck/headstock repair takes a bass I couldn't usually afford down into my budget.
  9. Thomann have it pre-order for about £425. Ouch. The HX Stomp is also very versatile, also sounds great, also has 3 footswitches, also has midi and is a freaking Helix.
  10. That's the one I've been wanting to try myself, I just don't have any cabs at the moment! And I share some (not all) of Dan's concerns.
  11. As @JakeBrownBass said, I think these cabs have an interesting history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F42y1EGnXMg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgjpJgfS_2k&t= Out of the heads, I'd have the TC Bam. Not only is it probably the nicest head there, it's the only one that would be useful to keep as a backup or B rig down the line.
  12. Every time that same PSA1.1 pops up on ebay for £195 I'm always tempted. There's a PSA model in the Behringer X-Air mixers if anyone has one of those and they want to get a feel for what this pedal will do.
  13. Indie rock band, hard rock band, ridiculously early christmas shopping.
  14. I'd considered starting a thread, but never bothered because it seems as though there's been very little interest historically. How much space does such a bash require? I have access to a community center with a large hall.
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