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  1. That makes sense of they're only ever going to be used as backline and one at a time. I would want to stack them or run them as speaker on sick pa systems though. If I'm the only one then fair enough, but if there's enough interest from others could we consider having everything on the back?
  2. Jack

    John Hall?

    They're only £7.50, should we all buy a couple and then none of us show up?
  3. An interesting compromise is the John East MMSR. It's a straight fit in the 2 band control cavity so no drilling (the 2 bands have the output on the jack plate, the 3 bands have it on the side of the body). You get to keep the majesty of the 2 band bass and treble controls and you get a semi-parametric mid. Mine's brilliant, even just having center detentes is a game changer but you get all the sound of the 2 band plus the ability to boost the mids.
  4. In Markbass' defence, 3 of those are 1 person who's moving on a whole rig in 3 different threads.
  5. Jack

    John Hall?

    This thread is getting very off topic and nobody is talking about John Hall or Rickenbacker any more. Keep it up. ✔️
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand this thread has a second page that I didn't see. Not only has my suggestion been already discussed but you've already bought the Behringer! The Soundcraft Notepad 8FX isn't much bigger but it has 2 xlrs, 2 mono/stereo channels, really good effects and (most importantly) proper balanced outputs. I have the 5 and it's superb. £75 for an Alesis (who?) or £90 for a Soundcraft? That's a no brainer as long as it isn't physically too big.
  7. £600 (new) would get you quite a lot from GSS. You could get the head with either the 1x12" or the new 4x8" for that. Sorry, that doesn't help answer your question....
  8. Yeah but if you make the cab 16R then it'll get half the power the 4x10 gets, so is it worth bringing for the tiny amount of volume it'll create? I know metal is loud, but do you really need more than that 4x10? They're LOUD! If I really needed more I'd just get another matching 4x10, they can be had for quite cheap these days as people don't want to move them.
  9. I use a Soundcraft Notepad 5 for practice, small gigs and most of all as a PC interface. You'll need a Hi-Z input to take a bass guitar straight in, some mixers have one and some don't. The beauty of something like the soundcraft is that it connects to the PC via USB, which is two way so you can play along to youtube or whatever and also record if you ever want to. Bass into channel 1 PC into USB socket Headphones into headphone socket Bass and music come out of either headphones or pc speakers.
  10. I read your first post and decided I was going to suggest Brightonion, but it's already been suggested and seconded. Consider this another endorsement.
  11. This could actually work. Not that I have anything to hide from my wife. In fact, if I had a wife I'd probably have to hide her from my girlfriend. But, that being said, it's a great way to try lots of basses we wouldn't otherwise get to play. Some kinks to work out, such as who decides which, how we sell at the end, what is someone goes rogue, etc. But it could be workable.
  12. I know this wasn't directed at me, but in one band we have Alto (2 TS115A tops and 2 TS118A subs) and in the other band we have RCF (2 310A tops and one matching 1x12" sub which I forget the model of....) Guess which band is the loud band???? I truly believe that Alto is the best of the budget manufacturers. I counselled against buying the Alto system in the first band. I'm the most tech-minded and I was to be the soundman, and I KNEW that the Alto system would be budget carp but it's actually really, really good. They're decent speakers by any measure and they're amazing for the money you pay for them. As for the RCF, the 3 series are their cheapest series, they're not the 7s or the HDs. Are they better than the Altos? Maybe not noticeably so, maybe they are. I dunno. I can't tell any difference between the ones which we have, which are Alto's most expensive speakers and RCF's cheapest speakers. Having said that, I might be tempted to go for the RCFs. To me the real advantages are that you have 3 matching speakers (and matching speakers have way more uses) and the RCF will undoubtedly have better resale value.
  13. It's all about choices man. I've got patches with 0 cabs and a patch with 3. The correct amount of cabs is the correct amount of cabs, and that can be any number of numbers.
  14. 'Fraid not, the pickups are passive.
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