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  1. FWIW my guitarist had the guitar version of this and exactly the same thing happens. It sits on his board largely unused because he normally uses his own amp, we get to a supplied backline gig where he doesn't like the amp, decideds to use his pedal instead and nothing. Same method of failure you describe. He didn't fix it, they're <£15 on ebay. Hell, they're about that new.
  2. If I may share two things I've learned. 1. Anything shorter than 4u doesn't stand on its side very well, leading to problems when carrying. I know your amp is only 3u high and needs ventilation but unless the vents are right at the front you can put something really shallow on top. Wireless unit maybe? 2. The Gator short cases are amazing.
  3. In theory, that sounds like a sensible complaint. Until you think about one of these. Or for that matter, power ratings on any amps. Everything you've just mentioned would also apply to something like an Aguilar BD751. Or an SVT. How can you accurately measure the output of a power amp when everything in front of it effects the actual output rating as you've pointed out? Quilter could have just fed the power amp 1V, then ran it into a dummy load, turned the knob and marked out what the output is at various positions. I mean, maybe they didn't. Maybe they just made them up. But it could have been done scientifically. Edit- Ive had this tab open for a while and between me loading the page and typing a reply @Opticaleye got in there first. More succinctly too!
  4. Aaron at Armstrong Pickups made me a custom pickup that does exactly what I wanted (for my 'Ray, not a P) for about what an off the shelf one costs. Just a thought.
  5. An FRFR cab that unfortunately doesn't have a physical volume control. Hence the need for a line level preamp and volume control.
  6. Well, the unit itself is labelled 'unbal' but the manual says that it is balanced and it's for things like TRS lavalier mics. I don't know. The unit is also labelled for 12V DC power, but it accepts 9-15V according to the manual.
  7. Hello everybody. I have a Paradriver V2 and I want to use the standard 1/4" output to connect it to my Rolls MP13 which has an XLR and, most importantly, a 'balanced trs 3.5mm' input. I normaly use both the XLR on the Sansamp into the XLR on the Rolls, but now I need the Sansamp output for something else and I'm forced to use the 1/4" unbalanced output on the Sansamp. I'm not bothered which of the inputs on the Rolls I use. As the output of the Sansamp is just mono and unbalanced, am I right in thinking that either a 6.35mm TS -> XLR or 6.35mm TS -> 3.5mm TRS cable would be it? Or should I be using TS- > TS given that it's expecting a balanced input? Thanks
  8. The only pedal I've used enough for this to happen is my MXR M80. One that I actually preordered before it was released, so it's seen seen some use. It's inevitable, eventually moving parts will break.
  9. I love the idea. Like many of us I regularly use pedal preamps and one with a built-in power amp is surely better than not. I'm with our illustrious leader though, the power supply is too big. And at 24V 3A, there's pretty much no chance it'll run on whatever power supply is currently on your board. The TE Elf has already been mentioned, and there's that new TINY TC head too. They both tale IEC leads, have XLR outputs, much more usable amplifier sections, and probably aren't much bigger or heavier by the time you add the PSU in.
  10. If I remember rightly, me and you share a love of the paradriver? Clank really helps with not needing subs!
  11. Hmmm. I guess that depends. Firstly, how does your bass sound? Anthony Jackson gives subwoofers quite a lot to do, Duff McKagan not so much. Secondly, many 'tops' do a decent job down to 50Hz or below these days. You might get away with it.
  12. Jack

    Amp Modelling

    Sounds like a job for a Sansamp.
  13. I went to the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle and saw it there. I'm not the world's biggest Rush fan, they're a superb band and I like them a lot but I'm not an expert and I'm not a huge lover of their entire body of work. With that caveat, I thought it was a little too long and (at least in our cinema) I found the high end very harsh and the concert footage was quite tiring to listen to. I also slightly resented being made to sit through the long advert for Geddy's new bass book. 6/10. As an aside, my girlfriend was dragged along under duress as my +1, she's definitely not a fan and finds Rush a bit cork-sniffy. I had to ply her with gin and a nice meal beforehand to get her to agree to it as my date night this month. She loved the documentary side of it, found it a really fascinating and easy insight into a cult band that she knew nothing about. The concert footage still wasn't to her taste, she just doesn't do prog. As the Morello's interview alluded to, I think she was one of around 7 women there.
  14. Jack

    GSS sumo amp

    Everything Didier makes is wonderful. There's other good options to choose from but if you like the size, power and price of the GSS then you can go for it with no reservations.
  15. Can't help other than to say that in theory you might be able to connect the 2 500mA connectors together to power the HXFX (the stomp and the FX both seem happy on an 'honest' 1A from a reputable psu, but that would only leave you the 3 100mA outs for everything else, and your wireless probably wouldn't like that. Strymon it is then. Ojai or Zuma R300.
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