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  1. The ParaDriver is the Pepsi to the BDDI's Coke. Which is to say that it's slightly less popular but much better.
  2. I did my school work experience in sound control in Newcastle along with my then best friend and the guitarist in my teenage school band. I was upstairs with the basses and he called up saying I had to come meet this guy he was talking to as he had the same bass as me. I walked downstairs to see him talking to Mark Knopfler. Guitarists man, oblivious.
  3. 2007, so 15 years in 4 days time. And I've made 1844 posts, a little over a third of a post a day. In other words I joined basschat 5 days after @Happy Jackand have made about a tenth of the posts.
  4. Can you remember where that test was? I'd be curious to see it. I reckon there's one or hifi reviewers for magazines who'd call that a meaningful difference! 😄
  5. I have two (without the switch) and they're way better than any of the other cheap mics I've come across. They're good enough for my ooooohs and ahhhhhs anyway.
  6. No. Cheap cables like that will ruin your sound, you'll need an expensive one to really do your sound justice.
  7. Prodipe TT1. There's a switch version, and it's £35 for a truly fantastic microphone.
  8. What purpose does the buffer serve? And if the b7k is going to be the di then how will you hear the helix?
  9. Tell me about it. Going small was the stupidest thing I've done.
  10. I'm going skiing with my school next March. Despite the fact I've never been skiing or shown any inclination to it seems it was hard to find volunteers to supervise ~300 teenagers on their first overseas trip ever. Any tips? For skiing I mean. The kids I can handle. (Spoiler, he can't)
  11. I went to a party once where Mylene Klass (spelling?) was there. Right. 1x Sansamp RBI or similar popular, bass specific rack preamp 1x line level a/b switcher 2x pa power amps, 1 class ab and 1 class d 2x identical (at least identical models) cabinets Gain match both sides with an rta, put the whole thing (besides the cabs) behind a curtain, walk away, let some fresh people run a double blind test. I suppose even that wouldn't get to the bottom of this though would it? The amps are going to have different filters, the cabs will have had different lives, etc. Close though.
  12. For the record I'd say my GK MB500 and Fusion sounded just as good as my 1001ii. I find it odd that people complain that class D has no ... heft ... (not me) and plenty of people complained that the GB Streamliner was too dark, too thick and too hefty. It's almost like you can voice an amp however you want using the preamp.
  13. This man knows.
  14. I just decided a while ago that I was going to work ~40 hours a week and no more. It wasn't because of bands, it was because of watching people I love get exploited and miss opportunities in their lives, but I can't deny it's been great for my gigging life! There are more jobs than gigs these days. If you're in a job that won't allow gigging but you want to gig, then that seems like it's got a simple solution. You boomers work too hard
  15. I'm interested but far too far away. You're not visiting the wildlings up north any time soon are you?
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