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  1. I have a Harley Benton 51 p bass that gets just as much playing time as any other bass, more than some actually.
  2. Jack

    Rainger Minibar

    I just saw an advert for this and came on here to post it, but it seems that most people aren't as excited as we are!
  3. Good eq points. So many micro heads essentially have a 1-band eq because the low are too low and the highs too high.
  4. Jack

    Dumb D.I. question.

    There are a few DI boxes that take 9V. I actually made one that uses this board because there wasn't one that did what I wanted. Having said that, as long as there's at least one buffer on either your pedal board on in your bass then you'll be just fine with a passive box.
  5. As you'll consider other methods, then RightOn straps are what you want. I have 3 and wholly recommend.
  6. I have the Rumble 2x10 cab and the 800 combo (which uses the same speakers and cab) and whilst the speakers are fine, they're perhaps not up to the power output of the amp. It's definitely a better amp than cab in the combo if you see what I mean. They sound good, and they're plenty loud, but you'd certainly be able to blow the drivers across the room using that Ampeg amp if you weren't careful.
  7. I can't help with your specific query (I put Will Power pups in mine which the exact opposite of what you're after) but seeing as you asked about Aaron Armstrong: he's AMAZING. My Stingray pickup came back exactly what I ordered and for cheaper than many off the shelf brands.
  8. 12k? Child's play I tell ya! £22k EACH.
  9. Jack

    NBD - Stingray

    I had a 2-band twin to that and it was sublime, enjoy it.
  10. I'm not sure they're actually constructive thoughts, mind. Yes indeed. That above picture was from early this summer when my indie band's mongrel PA consisted of the drummer's RCF 712 tops (he doesn't have subs) and our guitarist's Samson sub (he has a full Samson PA in which the tops aren't as good as the RCFs). We've since bought a nice pair of RCF 702s as a band to go under the drummer's tops. In our setup they're a necessity really. That pic above isn't representative as we've all got our big rigs out to be silly with in the marquee but we're usually a really quiet band and we try to put as much through the pa as possible. Without the subs I'd have to be blasting away on stage super loud, and that's going to bleed into all the mics and just ruin everyone's day. This way we're all always at 'drummer loud' on stage and the master fader on the desk just goes up or down depending on the venue. I'm trying to get the guitarists in this band to switch to DIs rather than mics as it's really cleaned up the sound in my other band to no end but it's less pressing as these guys are pretty quiet anyway. These guys, however, are not. Heavier band use an Alto system of two TS115A tops and two TSSUB18 subs. It's alower-quality system perhaps but it sounds great and the subs really do add to that rock music kick drum that adds a lot of energy to a mix. Means I don't need so much amp as well.
  11. The Boss tuner is buffered for sure, so as far as the DI box is concerned, you might as well be playing an active bass. Having said that, given that you can use a passive DI, then I think you're doing the right thing by doing so, one less thing to have to worry about as I find asking for phantom power a real minefield and I don't like relying on battery-powered anything.
  12. Thanks man, it's brilliant I just fancy a change. You can tell my commitment to selling as it's been here since August and I've only bumped it once! Derail? This is basschat! Talking is about gear is what we do! Yes, it's a pair of 712. We now have matching 12" subs, but that photo is a little older and shows the Samson sub we used to use. Basically the drummer had the tops and the guitarist had a Samson system so for a while we used the nicer tops with the only sub we had, we've since bought band subs.
  13. Just bought a PB Pro yesterday, and I'm 20 minutes away from you! Isn't that always the way? If anyone wants just the amp and not the tuner I could take the tuner, but it'll have to be soon as I've only got about 10 days left to return!
  14. True enough, and I'm not one to shout at a waiter when they haven't cooked my food either but the companies clearly don't really care. I've had these two corkers in the past few weeks alone.
  15. Interesting, I hadn't thought of it like that. Are cheaper things just somewhat harsher and rougher around the edges you think? That's a little different I think, the Noble (and the REDDI, RNDI, etc) make a point of "we will make you sound good", rather than a passive DI which tries to be pretty much a perfect replica of the input signal. Very interesting that you can't hear much difference at home though, I need to listen back properly loud through a good PA. I've got the FR800 that I monitored with, my PJB headphones and my Microlab Solo 9C computer speakers. Both the headphones and the speakers are really nice, but they make no pretensions at being studio-grade monitoring. I wonder if better speakers or using hem live like you suggest might show more differences.
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