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  1. Cool, I didn't know they made a passive one!
  2. I sold my full fat Helix because the Stomp was so good. The Stomp, a wireless and an extra switch are all I use now. My whole rig fits on a PT Nano. ....it even does a decent impression of a Darkglass... Where are you? Perhaps a local BC will hook you up.
  3. I believe that's a Barefaced LF1200.
  4. No, unless @atsampsondid something very unusual then you usually feed a spectrograph a pink noise signal, which is equal amounts of every frequency(ish). Meaning that this is the response of the pedal, there was no bass guitar involved here.
  5. Yeah but then you're the band who makes the whole audience listen to you tune. That will be fine in some situations and not in others.
  6. I'm more 'derringer' than 'big gun' but that's exactly what I do when there's an external soundman. Give them everything, keep the sub bass off the stage. Why knows what they'll be needing for the room (or more likely field as we only really work with sound crews outdoors) and it's near impossible to get that sub bass back after it's been so well removed.
  7. They're very scooped but in fairness so is the original model Sansamp Bass Driver that they're based on. The mid point is pretty much fixed so if you turn both treble and bass down quite a way then you can eliminate it somewhat. The Paradriver (oh the Behringer Acoustic DI copy) have way more mids.
  8. I've had two off the shelf (well, they're all hand made but you know), one custom paint job and one entirely custom pedal. Couldn't be happier.
  9. He's gone from being the only game in town to having 4-5 strong competitors now. Might make one a tad protective.
  10. They're there for sure. Try using a tone generator to go lower and lower, but be careful you dint find yourself listening to harmonics or other distortion. The questions are though: where are they? How steep? Is that where your cab wants it? What about your tonal preference? Can you adjust? If I'm doing reggae, straight into a huge wall of million watt subs, I'll be setting it super low or turning it off. Rock with a pick, using just a small 1x12" cab? 80 Hz or so please!
  11. A blue Spector has been on my bucket list for years (seriously considering the one in the classifieds now but not my ideal pickup combo) but that may be replacing it from now on. Stunning mate.
  12. I any kind of quantity? Absolutely! As you mentioned speakons are by far the easiest cable to DIY. For one or two 1m cables? Just not worth it really ime.
  13. I, like many, moved from obbm to designacable and couldn't be happier. * when he retired that is, not because he was bad or anything...
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