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  1. It's the name of the font used on the amp, a very over used and much-hated font. If I remember rightly it was designed for some small feature in Microsoft Windows but it just started popping up everywhere. Apparently it's actually really good for people with dyslexia, but generally it's seen as unprofessional and childish. It's no big deal at all, I was just being silly. 😊
  2. I know they're fantastic amps and all, but Comic Sans? 😃
  3. I tried just bass straight into amp but then I stopped using an amp so now I'm stuck. Suggestions on a postcard please.
  4. You're close enough, we'll share one between us. Bloomin expensive they are
  5. I'm not sure I'm on any kind of official wait list but I'm in as soon as you get it sorted. Major intent, keeping you in business. And sounding awesome.
  6. I read that and assumed calves was a band I'd never heard of.
  7. I had their version of the Prometheus and it was great, see no reason why these wouldn't be either. The problem with budget gear is always the used market though, the £250 HB head and £300 8*10 is a great rig for £550, but a quick look through the FS here shows that you can get a £200 Ashdown ABM 500W and a £350 Barefaced Compact instead. I know that's a little unfair, no warranty, etc. And you can make the same argument all the way up, why buy a new GK when you can have a used Berg, all true. Still.
  8. Massively. When I had two Stingrays that were pretty much identical apart from the colour I decided I wanted to differentiate them so one of them got an angrier, series-wired pickup from Armstrong and a John East MMSR. It wasn't necessarily done because of the weak G, but it definitely helped to mitigate it. Both of mine were maple and 2 band. Indeed, and there's the photo of Howard pointing the issue out to Leo Fender in person, with him commenting on his fix of using magnets on top of the pole pieces. When the people who made the bass acknowledge the problem it's sort of hard to argue that it isn't real. FWIW I have no problem with people suggesting ways to fix it or suggesting that they personally haven't experienced it. It's when one tells other people what they are and aren't hearing that it becomes a problem. As a retort to @drTStingray's (admittedly tongue in cheek) point above, maybe it's the people with better ears and hands that can tell there's a problem, and the people who can't hear it just aren't listening hard enough. I, for one, agree with BP (not surprising, as you'd assume he'd know his own basses...) when he says the problem "isn't in the wood" as I found mine went away with the new electronics. It's also worth noting that the issue seems to have been hugely mitigated with the Stingray 5 (using what would become the Sterling preamp) and the revised HH models a few years ago and then has disappeared entirely with the new Specials.
  9. Please see earlier post, that's what I did on my black one. Fwiw this is one of Leo Fender's suggested solutions, along with adding some magnets to the G string pole pieces to achieve the same result. It works pretty well, although you don't half catch your fingers when you play over the pickup.
  10. Stingrays are also my favourite bass. I grew up with a guitarist dad and so I was more aware of makes and models and stuff than most non musicians. I also group up with the second wave of punk, and all my idols in Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish etc all played Rays or at least other EBMM models. They were the dream when I had my Squier P Bass and 80W Crate combo. It's also worth pointing out that, long before I was a member of an Internet forum to bias me, I noticed a quiet G on a shop model some very trusting salesman let child me play for some reason. I assumed it was a setup issue, but me and my then guitarist both heard it. I've only owned 2 4 string Stingrays. Off the top of my head I think they're a 98 and an 07, but I checked on the EBMM forum so I can find out for sure if that's important. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, my 05 Ray5 did not have this issue, nor did either of my two bongos. Several other ray 4 I've played that belonged to friends or shops have suffered too. I can't promise it was all of them, but it was definitely all of them that I can remember (and you think I'd notice if one didn't). Because I really loved Rays so much I fought through the weak G. On my black 07 I angled both the pickup generally and the pole pieces as well. On my red one I changed the whole electronics package. I love the playability and the sound, will do anything to play a Ray still even now! Honestly it's more than a little condescending to suggest that anyone who has this issue hasn't played enough Rays. More so to suggest that somebody hundreds of miles away, with guitars that you've never heard or seen, isn't experiencing what they say that they are and even more so to suggest that they have a defect like hearing loss or the inability to properly eq. If its really us and not the guitars then I suggest you pick a technique, eq setting and rig that you like and ask someone to record it for you. Basschat is big enough that somebody will surely have that exact combination. When it comes to the 'eq it away' suggestion, that doesn't work. If I boost the G string frequencies to make it as loud as the others then I'm also boosting everything above the 5th fret on the D, the 10th on the A, etc. Not to mention the overtones from the lower notes, and I'm changing the way I want my bass to sound. The ratio is still wrong, because no matter how much I boost that open G, the 5th on the D is still proportionally louder.
  11. Oh, so your issue was real and ours is imagined? Got it.
  12. I've had it on 2 4-string Rays (both 2-band) but NOT on my Ray 5 or either of my two Bongo 4 HHs. It's definitely a Stingray thing.
  13. An impulse response is essentially a measured model of an amp or cab that's portable (modeller agnostic, if you like).
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