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  1. Sold a Pedaltrain Spark to Steve and couldn't have asked for anything more from a buyer or, indeed, a gentleman.
  2. That's fine, on the light side of the force we have Ecasound. Recommended to me by a basschatter and I've been using it for years now.
  3. Sold my MS60B to Jake and he was perfect buyer. Prompt payment, goo communication, sent me a message to say it had arrive, etc. Good man.
  4. Jack

    EBMM Bongo 4 HH

    Hah, let me tell you a story about that Stingray: I didn't want it. At the time I had a black Stigray 4H, a grey Bongo 4HH and a honeyburst Stingray 5H. I decided that I was covered for basses and, even though I had custom ordered the 5H from EBMM themselves, I had just never bonded with it, didn't play 5s and so I listed it for sale. Somebody on here (it wasn't you, was it?) offered me that Stingray in part-ex. I didn't really want a trade at all and certainly not for another Stingray 4H but I accepted because no other offers seemed forthcoming and I figured I could always just sell the red Ray on again. Anyway, it instantly became my number one gigging bass, to the point where I sold my black Ray (which was in much better condition) about six months after getting the red one. I really had to look hard to find photos of the blue Bongo because in nearly every photo I'm playing the red Ray, it just fits right and it's a big part of the reason I'm selling this Bongo too. Helped a little by the mods to be fair, it came with a hipshot d-tuner and the John East MMSR. I took the preamp out and returned the bass to stock, then pit the East back in as it's so much better. It's got a custom Armstrong series humbucker in now too.
  5. Jack

    EBMM Bongo 4 HH

    Thank you for all the nice things you guys have said about this bass, that must be whilst it's now ON HOLD.
  6. Perhaps I shouldn't have paraphrased, I know what I meant when I said 'transparent' but I appreciate it could have been taken either way. I had asked specifically about controllable DSP like on the QSC K.2 series, where clearly the RCF boxed have no control over any DSP or internal anything. If anyone hasn't used the RCF boxes (we have 2x 712s and a 705, with 2 old 702s as well) they're just an XLR input and a volume control. The response I got was: (emphasis mine to correct my confusion)
  7. Zoom and COG sold, Line 6 and MXR added, new photos.
  8. RCF emailed back saying that their internal DSP is purely for limiting and basically 'speaker protection' reasons, the only thing that effects the sound within th speaker's design parameters is the crossover. Apart from that it's all designed to be transparent. There's no chance of me running the band PA system (I did a few times with my Barefaced cabs just for the craic) as we're well-catered for in that regard. I'm leaning towards the QSCs at this point, as I don't really need that much volume at all and I'm fairly sure that either option will be more than loud enough. Having the pair of the QSCs means I can use just one reasonably small cab most of the time and not have to cart the huge 745 around to every show. Interesting. It's just their DSP112 cab that they've had there for ages though. New badge. FWIW I've had really, really good experiences with loads of their own-brand stuff.
  9. I have often thought that this may be the reason for a lot of the Ashdown digging around here. It's objectively true that over 50% of the Ashdown amps that I have used have been useless, rubbish, pieces of carp. Of course, that's not how those amps left the factory at all and you can't blame Ashdown for what happens after. I've been beaten around and abused my many people too, and I don't look as good or work as well as I did when I was new either.
  10. So, perhaps this isn't the ideal to be spending cash frivolously, so why not spend it on something really important instead? Like pedals. These are here because I went from using pedals, to a helix, to pedals again, and now back to Helix. I'll buy them all back again in 6 months. Prices are based on previous items on here and ebay (minus a bit for ebay nonsense) but if you want to make an offer then by all means try me. I'm about 15 minutes North-West of Newcastle if anyone wants to collect (not likely at the moment!) in which case you can knock £5 off the price as you'll have to accept the indignity of having the pedal thrown at you from an upstairs window. Otherwise, postage is included. SOLD Tech 21 Sansamp Paradriver V2 - £150 Best sounding analogue pedal preamp I've ever used. This is the version 2 which has more control over output levels and less of a mid scoop than version 1. Great condition (aside from velcro) and it's in its tin. Line 6 G55 - £150 This is the G50 but in an enclosure that can be rackmounted if you want. Of course, it works perfectly fine on top of your amp or on a (big) pedalboard too. Very good condition and comes with the power supply, rack ears and box. Line 6 XD-V30 receiver - £50 This is an amp-top receiver that will work with the Line 6G30, G50, and G55 as well as several of the microphone models. I really bought into the Line 6 wireless architecture and there was a time I had the G55 in the rack, the G50 on a board and this spare in the gig bag to use with house amps. MXR Sugar Drive - £80 I bought this about 3 weeks ago and it's just outside of the return period. This has been on my board but, due to the apocalypse, never actually used. I love the Klon and this is my favourite Klone. Small, high quality, no extras, with a switchable buffer. Comes with box, psu, manual, stickers, everything. SOLD (multiple times over!, who knew these were so popular??) Zoom MS60B - £45 Awesome digital multi effect and amp modeller. It can be your entire rig or it can be your 'everything else' pedal for when you don't really need a whole separate pedal octaver or a synth for one section of one song. Velcro. Box. SOLD COG Knightfall V1 - £50 Once the darling child of bass overdrive. Now perhaps superceded by the emporer's newest clothes but unlike buying an old Rolls Royce this isn't worn out and won't depreciate further. Comes in a box. Condition? Who can tell? They were designed to look scratched! It looks the same as when it left COG, there's no NEW marks or scratches, that's for sure. Wee Lush Effects Buffer Boy + - £25 I had my formative internet experiences using a dial up connection and so like most millennials I have developed a liking for women who look pixelated. But playing bass isn't the same as watching adult movies, in some cases buffering might be exactly what you want. 1590A buffer. Transparent, gorgeous, buffery. Korg Pitchblack Custom BLUE - £45 It's a pitchblack custom, right? So it tunes your bass pretty much better than anything else. You with me? And, right? And, it's BLUE. Korg Pitchblack Pro Rack Tuner - £60 This is a Pitchblack Custom but it's 19" long and visible across a massive stage. You know what else is 19" long and visible across a stage, ladies and gentlemen? 😉 .......my guitarist's mullet.... 😞 Comes with psu. SOLD Pedaltrain Spark - £90 Awesome pedalboard power supply that's designed by Pedaltrain specifically for their boards. Of course, it'll work on any board. Comes with cables and the neat and tidy mounting brackets in the box. 2x500mA and 3x100mA that are all individually isolated. Fender MGT-4 - £30 This is the footswitch from lots of Fender amps, particularly for us it's the one that comes with the Rumble Studio 40 and Stage 800. I bought my Stage 800 and used one footswitch on gigs (which I sold with the amp) and bought another one to keep in my office so I didn't have to keep unpacking my gig bag. This is the office one so it's never left the house. Rolls MP-13 - £50 Unusual little mic preamp. This is a DI box that takes either a 1/8" or an XLR and converts to balanced TRS and XLR at a range of outputs from below mic lever to a really huge line level. Also provides phantom power downstream. Fantastic for giving FRFR cabinets or PA power amps enough juice to work properly and overcome any input sensitivity issues or to do something like DI an ipod into a PA or any number of other things. I've used it to help my Helix properly drive my Barefaced FR800s and since selling that gear I've had it velcroed inside our PA rack to prive Runs on anywhere from 5V-24V on either polarity, this obviously includes the Boss pedalboard 9V standard.
  11. 90% of backline around here (live venue or rehearsal room) is either an Ashdown or a TC Electronic. Both of which are fine by me to be honest. There's a rock club in town that used to have 3 Marshall half stacks, 2 DSL100s and one VBA, all with 4x12s, that was a good one. I assume somebody went into a music shop and asked for 3 amps for a band and the salesman took advantage. Under new management now and the backline is gone.
  12. To save time you could offer to take the bass to a local luthier and agree that they'll pay? If you have to ship the bass back now you probably won't get it or a new one back until after the apocalypse.
  13. I'm the kind of person that'll geek out over the details and in the past six months or so I've taken to scoping pretty much every piece of gear I've got. I do totally understand why one would keep specifics like that close to one's chest. Not only would it hinder people copying or cloning but often specs hinder rather than help. You need only only look at amps and their power ratings.
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