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  1. Yes, difficult to answer... Yes it is heavy as I specifically made it out of special acoustic void free ply. I've no idea of weight but it's about the same as my Berg 2x12. (I used to leave it in theatres and concert halls so I never had to move it much). Loudness - very difficult to say... It's rated at 150W but to my ears I think it sounds a whole lot more. To compare I used to have a Hartke 500W 15" combo and it's definitely louder than that from what I remember. (plus it's louder than my old Trace 350). No idea if it'll keep up with your drummer? Depends how loud he/she is? But the 2 12" Paragon speakers really do cut through the mix. It is very punchy. If you're local might be worth a trial?
  2. Hi Paul Some people say it sounds like a double bass but I disagree... With the Schaller magnetic pickup and with no acoustic properties I think it sounds like a huge P bass (can't be bowed either). I use my Yamaha SLB if I need a sound closer to the real thing. Although with the double bass neck it does feel EXACTLY like a DB. I'm in S Wales just outside Cardiff Price - I'd like a million pounds mwahahah...! (but as its a hand built thing with a stupid paint job I recon just below £200 would do it). I just want it to be played. There's a lot of my time gone into it, would be a shame to leave it gathering dust. Cheers Graham
  3. I'm not desperate, it's only a case of it taking up room. I played it very regularly up until 2012 when I bought a NS CR4T. Since then it's lived on top of my stairs gathering dust! (hence the dead strings). If you are serious about buying Thing I am more than happy to hang on to it for you.
  4. Thing folds down to about half it's size. The end pin retracts about 2 foot and the "belly brace" completely folds away. That's all that's left is the metal frame and neck. Not sure about posting as it's heavy but you're welcome to arrange a courier. See additional pics for sizes.
  5. Thanks leschirons, I'm glad you "get it" too. That's not far off what I was looking for (closer to £180 if possible). Today i've been practicing for an upcoming event and "Thing" has been scowling at me from the corner of the room... Needless to say I didn't do any practice as I just plugged Thing in and started grinning! It's a HUGE sound! Proper laugh out loud! It's ridiculous and ludicrous and just plain weird! I've just got too many basses to keep it (and frankly it scares all my other basses) No idea about posting it - a courier would refuse as its too weird (ugly?) for them 🤣😜? Probably collection or I can travel a bit if it helps anyone? Its just so funny to play!
  6. Thanks for looking. Yes it sounds like a huge monster when going through a 900W amp and a 2x12 cab. It's certainly unique! I'm looking for it to be played and not have to live in my garage surrounded by bags of cat litter and old paint cans! It has too much history for that fate! Make an offer, you might be surprised...
  7. Absolutely sure it can't be bowed... So sure in fact I had to go and buy a NS CR4T stick bass for a tour! It's a fun bass and sounds huge! (cat not included... 🙀😂😁)
  8. Up for sale is my EUB aka "Thing". It's a 1950's double bass neck grafted onto a stainless steel frame (actually the neck has some lovely flaming of the grain) . It has a standard 41.5" double bass string length and an old Schaller magnetic pickup (fully adjustable) proper bridge and nut. People have described the sound as an angry P bass(!). Obviously it can't be bowed but all the ergonomics and dimensions have been copied from my 200yr old "real" double bass. The frame is stainless steel and fully adjustable - it collapses into quite a small package. It's currently painted in a rather crappy blue/white effect (I must have been drunk at the time...) it was acid etched originally back in 2005 to show off the stainless but I was fed up with finger marks. I guess repainting it black would be the obvious call? The Thomastic strings are completely dead, the pickup works perfectly, the paint is chipped in places and it's not exactly light - no case either. It's great for loud, great for growly, great for turning heads (sometimes even for the right reasons!). I've played it for many corporate events even theatre gigs, weddings and I've played it for Obama, Clinton and our shower of sh*t politicians, the G8 nations conference, TV stuff and most of the European heads of state and all the celebs when they've come to conferences at the Celtic Manor Resort. I've absolutely no idea what it's worth? If it's use to someone out there make me an offer (there's about £100 of stainless steel in it). It'll need new strings and a polish /paint. Reason for sale - the missus is going nuts (I've got 6 basses - 3 double basses) and she needs the room for women stuff! And my garage is full of clutter so I can't stick it in there... What do you think?
  9. Thanks for all the interest. I've someone looking to take them on Sunday. I'll mark the listing as sold if he's happy with them. Cheers
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