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  1. Yep, agreed. Although it depends on how much arco you'd be doing. My yamaha SLB is set up as closely to my main double basses as possible so it "feels" as much like the real things when I switch between them. But I do play a lot of arco...so all mine are set to "standard" orchestral height. My 5st double bass has 12mm under the B string and when I'm really laying into it for something like Shostakovich or Wagner in a fff section I can sometimes grind it out (can't let the brass section have all the fun...! 😂).
  2. "Standard" double bass string height (end of the fingerboard to the bottom of the string) is 9mm under the G through to 11mm under the E. But ultimately there's not much standard about a DB! I wouldn't go much lower than that.
  3. My basses range from 200yrs old to a modern massive German 5 stringer from the '80's. I've dampits in all of them that are usually dried out (I always forget to wet them!) The main thing I do to keep the room humidified is I have uncovered bowls of water under all 4 basses in the corners of the room. Also I have the room radiator bearly on (drives my missus nuts) but it helps her 2 violins stay humidified as well. You'll be surprised how quickly the bowls empty especially in cold frosty months when the air is at its most driest (unless the cat is thirsty and helping himself!) An old pro showed me the water bowl trick and even went further by hooking a damp sponge from its bridge! But he did have a lovely Ceruti Italian bass that needed extra care. I keep my 2 bass guitars in that room as well and it doesn't seem to affect them either.
  4. If you're seriously interested, to save you a trip, if it's still up for sale after lockdown I'll pop over to give it a once over if you want. I'm about 20mins away from Neath. (That's if the seller doesn't mind?) I know most of the bassists around here but I don't recognise his ebay name, I don't think the seller is a bassist?? (if I haven't already got 4 double basses and 1 EUB then I might have a punt on that bass myself! - but the missus would go nuts!) 🤣
  5. I know these basses quite well. They're typical "school basses" most of the local authorities bought loads of these back in the early '80s. Most schools here in S Wales had at least a couple of these knocking around. A local residential education centre kept 8 of them. They're all consistent and strong. Decent sturdy student basses that actually sound half decent considering... Not bad at all for orchestral playing and in my opinion much much better that the new Chinese stuff, gear 4 you etc, and hold their own with instruments 4x the price. This one will be well played in, resonant and if it was going to crack, split or the neck fall of it would have done so by now! It'll have a strong bass bar, the sound post will be correct and you won't need to fart about with the nut. New bridge £110, strings £200, tail wire 50p and your good to go... Its not shiny, it's not pretty, they have thick gloopy varnish and no-frills machine heads but if it can survive 40 odd yrs knocking around the valleys it'll be ok... 😁 If you do go see it double check the neck joint is stable. Ignore the bridge, tailpiece, tail gut and strings you will be replacing those anyway.
  6. I think it's great that we're all different, it's what makes bassists a fab varied bunch of people. I simply can't stand a light bass... I had a 75 jazz that was so light it felt like a toy! The heavier the better, I feel it give the notes weight and added thump (plus when you dig in, the bass is completely stable). But then again it's not surprising as I'm primarily a double bassist - my main orchestral bass is a HUGE 5/4 size German 5st that needs a forklift to move the bloody thing.... But what a sound! 😎😁 (totally agree with you about Fretless markers though...or any markers come to think of it!) 😂🤣😅
  7. Thanks for the info Agedhorse. I'm glad it's nothing to worry about. I have been using the tube preamp section a lot lately, I just couldn't remember such a delay after switch-on...? Best amp I've ever owned. So good in fact that I've not looked at an alternative these past years. Hopefully it'll keep going for another 9yrs!
  8. Hi agedhorse

    Hoping for some advice. I've a Genz-benz Shuttle Max 9.2 that I've gigged about 4 times a week for the last 8yrs.

    Recently when turning it on its silent for about 10 (heart stopping) seconds then it quickly ramps up to normal operation. 

    I'm thinking worn out capacitors? Whatcha think? 

    If I keep using it like this will it damage it or simply just get worse? 

    (Its my favourite ever amp that has unbelievable headroom, it does super clean for double bass, warm full and wet for my '70's P bass with flats, mega punchy for my 5st jazz and makes my EUB growl for ever! - I've played lots of other amps and for me it's just superb). 

    Hoping for advice. 

    1. TheGreek
    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Not much I can do about it mate.

    3. agedhorse


      I posted an answer in your thread @Bloopdad1.

  9. Hi all Hoping for some advice. I've a Genz-benz Shuttle Max 9.2 that I've gigged about 4 times a week for the last 8yrs. Recently when turning it on its silent for about 10 (heart stopping) seconds then it quickly ramps up to normal operation. I'm thinking worn out capacitors? Whatcha think? If I keep using it like this will it damage it or simply just get worse? (Its my favourite ever amp that has unbelievable headroom, it does super clean for double bass, warm full and wet for my '70's P bass with flats, mega punchy for my 5st jazz and makes my EUB growl for ever! - I've played lots of other amps and for me it's just superb). Hoping for advice. Cheers
  10. Hope you don't mind me chipping in... Re moving to a BB2 for upright bass. I have both a BB2 and a Super Midget. I find that the SM is much more suited to my double basses - my 3 double basses use a combination of Realist and Full Circle pups and a blended mic - especially when playing arco. (Plus then I can stack both my BB2 and SM for BG gigs at stupid volumes!😎) Obviously ever double bass is different, every player hears different things and we all eq differently... But the SM works on upright for me.
  11. Light basses... Anything under 10lb - they feel like toys. There, I've said it! (everybody is different after all)!
  12. Hi all Just bought a proper funk machine from Anth (77/78 sunburst P bass). I'm absolutely delighted... can't put the bloody thing down! Anth is a lovely fella. Perfect communication and quickly answered all my questions, sent me additional photos etc. Pleasure to deal with. Buy with confidence, he's a top bloke.
  13. Hey everyone.. This is one seriously superb instrument. I had the pleasure of playing it when I popped along to pick up another bass from Anth. Gorgeous Ash grain (the pictures really don't do it justice). Very comfortable neck - dead straight, with a clear authoritive sound (but also punchy!) no dead spots. Perfect balance and sits well under the hands. It's in immaculate condition too. I can't believe no one has snapped this bass up yet!!! Top bloke to deal with too (for a drummer! 😂)
  14. Yea, the light in the first load of pics wasn't the best. In the flesh the wood grain really popps and shimmers especially the Walnut core visible from the back plus the mother of pearl dots sparkle very well. (Someone once said that Overwaters have "Fodera build quality for Fender money" ... I couldn't possibly comment on that)
  15. Thanks for your questions. I'll add a pic of the weight (should have done that originally as I've had loads of questions asking about this) bathroom scales = 10lb 4oz. Yes, its a big slab of gorgeous rosewood. No trades unfortunately as I have my eye on something else. But your Ibanez is a stunner. Pickups designed by Overwater (helped by John East if I remember but I'm not 100% certain of that) they have a clean open "hi-fi" sound together and when solo'd can give a wide variety of tones. Plus due to its scale growls through the mix in the lower registers. It has been the perfect theater and TV studio bass due to its clear punchy sound (engineers often comment positively and love the xlr direct balanced output socket). 36" scale takes a very minimal time to get used to, I find it very intuitive plus a 36" B string is simply immense! Cheers bud
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