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  1. Who are you seeing live next?

    The Virginmarys at Leicester Soundhouse in April. Can't wait!
  2. Peavey 2 x 10

    These are really good cabs - i used one for years before stupidly selling it to fund some kit i thought was going to be better, but wasn't. I'm nowhere near Maidenhead otherwise i'd gladly take it from you.
  3. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    It's a shame, but not that surprising. I've had a couple of older Gibson guitars (before about 2006 or so) which have been lovely quality, followed by a 2011 one which was awful build quality and finishing (rough fretboard, machine marks in the wood etc). I haven't bought another new one since. On the other hand, the two Epiphones I have are both beautifully made (2007 Jack Casady and a 2015 Casino) for half the price. A quick look at the Epiphone website shows that they seem to have all the bright ideas for basses, while Gibson clunk along with the same old models. Maybe Gibson needs this for someone else to take over and do it properly once again. A good Gibson is a fine thing, but they're not a dead cert at all.
  4. Thinking of trying guitar again

    Small amp wise you can't go far wrong with a Roland Cube or one of the Blackstar ID practice amps. They're both about £100 new, with nice range of effects, various preset sounds and decent EQ. And more than loud enough for home use or thru headphones.
  5. Callouses & Touch Screen Devices

    I'm with you on this one Skybone - my fingertips don't work on touch screen devices very well at all. I've got calluses on both hands and a good 50 percent of the time i'd say the contact with the screen doesn't get thru. I got a stylus but predictably I've lost it somewhere.
  6. Sparse basslines

    There's an album i haven't heard in a while - it was brilliant tho wasn't it? Must get on Amazon and find a copy...
  7. Sparse basslines

    That's a brilliant song - I've been learning it on guitar too (Mark Knopfler's playing on it is also very sparse and tasteful). It's a lovely, dark brooding song, and thankfully the complete opposite to Walk of Life...
  8. Music shop fails

    I remember back in the day there was Picton Music in Swansea, and John Ham Music nearby, which was run by the brother of the guy from Badfinger. Bought some good stuff from both of them in the mid/late 1980s onwards (Westone, Charvel and Peavey stuff that got me through my first few years of gigging). There was a place called Rowlands Music at one point too but I haven't been to Swansea in a while and I assume they're all long gone.
  9. Feedback for dmc79

    Bought a Boss ODB3 pedal from Dave. All good - smooth transaction and arrived in a couple of days. Can't fault him.
  10. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    Yeah I sympathise Spongebob. I left my regular band in April last year, one of the reasons being that it had stagnated into a generic pub rock thing with little in the way of new material, and songs chosen by the band leader on the basis of being easy rather than being good. I found myself on stage one night thinking "Is this it?" Once your heart's not in it anymore, it's hard to fake it and carry on, even if it is paid regular work. Leaving that band freed up enough time for me to say yes to other musical stuff instead - I'm now gigging with a original trio, doing regular solo acoustic gigs and bits of depping work. It's enough for me at the moment.
  11. Feedback for Rikki_Sixx

    Just sold a Comfort Strapp to Rik. All good - prompt payment, good comms etc. Smooth transaction all round.
  12. For Sale : TC Mojo Mojo Overdrive

    PM incoming re ODB3