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  1. bassbiscuits

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    I've been through a fairly modest 25 basses, 15 bass amps and 12 cabs, but the ones I've got now are pretty established i think. Been using the same amp set up for seven years (Markbass into an Aguilar or Schroeder cab) and the same main bass for nearly 25 years ( a Fender P ). I haven't stopped lusting over eBay, Bass Direct, Gumtree etc but then I realise I don't really need anything more (and can't afford it anyway!)
  2. bassbiscuits

    FS Fender Jazz bass 1973/1974

    that sounds beautiful, and looks great.
  3. bassbiscuits

    Favourite bass colour

    I've voted for blue. None of my basses are blue, but each would look better if they were.
  4. bassbiscuits

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    That's hardly representative of all precision basses then is it....?
  5. bassbiscuits

    Peavey TNT 130 vs Ashdown electric Blue 180

    That that single carrying handle on the top isn't really what you need for an amp made from solid granite. Cool amps tho and you get a work out on the way yay!
  6. bassbiscuits

    Why does Ashdown MAG 300 combo sound so bloody good?

    I had an old MAG 300 head years ago that was excellent. Really loud for the rating, as well as warm and valvey sounding. On the strength of that I bought a newer ABM head but never dug it as much as the little MAG which I've stupidly sold in the intervening years. The MAG was crazily good for the price. I've since moved on to Markbass tho and I prefer the sound overall, as well as being much smaller to carry around.
  7. bassbiscuits

    NBD - Yamaha and Ashdown content

    Wow that's a stunning set up! I love Yamahas. Ive got a BB604 (a BB bass in name but not in design) and it's such a good all rounder. Got a lot of time for Yamahas.
  8. bassbiscuits

    What floats your boat?

    I grew up on Abba, Nancy Sinatra, Status Quo and my parents' 70s glam rock compilations. When I started playing bass at 12 I gravitated toward rock and metal, but always still liked good pop. Got well into hard house and trance in my 20s, before discovering John Martyn and going down the folk route for a while, before discovering Weather Report and Stevie Wonder. I still like music from all those genres, as well the classics of Bowie, the Stones, Beatles and Dylan along the way. I can't bear bluegrass and not much of a country fan (I don't find it relates to me at all) but I'm good for anything else.
  9. bassbiscuits

    Thoughts on short scale basses?

    That Lakland looks ace! What is it?
  10. Most Beatles stuff I've been trying to learn is way more complex than I first thought. Sgt Peppers, With a Little Help From My Friends, Getting Better etc all sound easy but the bass is all over the place and rarely the same thing twice.
  11. bassbiscuits

    Peavey TNT 130 vs Ashdown electric Blue 180

    Yep, definitely go for the Peavey. I gigged an old TNT 130 for donkey's years and it had plenty of wallop, and never let me down. A good solid reliable loud amp. £60 is a good price too.
  12. bassbiscuits

    Depressing things your bandmates say.

    "I know a good bluegrass version of that......"
  13. bassbiscuits

    Old Fenders - Why the $$$?

    There's a couple of things here: 1) Are old Fenders good? Certainly yes some old Fenders (and any make old enough to be vintage) are very good, and if that's the sort of spec/vibe/look/sound you are after (for the record, I am...) then you could certainly fall for a cool old vintage bass. I've lots of modern Fenders, and still own an old Fender, and there's no better/worse comparison - but I'd say a modern USA Standard (or current equivalent) is a different bass to a 60s/70s original. Either might be your dream bass. 2) Are vintage guitars worth mega bucks? That's down to the individual. They are comparatively rare, so can command high prices driven by the demand for them. Personally, i can't afford to spent £2k-£3k on a vintage Fender - the one i own was bought 25 years ago for a fraction of that price. It covers a lot about what I want from a bass, but if i didn't own it, would i spent £3k on buying it now? Probably not. 3) Are modern, high-end basses naturally better than these artificially high-priced oldies? Not necessarily. A couple of years ago I dabbled with buying a Sadowsky Metro, a recent Fender Custom Shop 1955 P bass, and a Mike Lull PJ4 (which i did buy in the end). All three were very very average (tho it took me to gig the Lull a few times before i ran out of patience with it's sterile dull tone). But then i also own a cheap nondescript Yamaha which sounds good, despite having no pedigree whatsoever. So 'are vintage Fenders any good?' is a very subjective question. They vary hugely like any other instrument. if you find one that you love, and can afford, then it's up to you if you think it's worth the money. For many people, the answer is yes.
  14. bassbiscuits

    Bass players who take their hand off the neck

    It's gotta be worth a try to make Snow Patrol more interesting....
  15. bassbiscuits

    Gibson EB3 1969 Slot Head SOLD

    Wow that's stunning. Very Spiders from Mars! Loving the bound fretboard - never seen that before.