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  1. bassbiscuits

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    I got in a similar situation with a local pub here. It was a solo acoustic/singing gig, which i got after doing an hour of rousing 'greatest hits' for their little summer festival in beer garden. The landlord liked it and booked me for some paid gigs. How different they were. Each gig was when people were still eating their Sunday lunch, so I toned it right down, played quietly etc - but a old bloke in cycling lycra insisted on sitting right in front of me moaning constantly about the volume. It got to the point I was playing at more or less unamplified, and he still complained about the volume (while sitting right in front of the stage). Luckily some punters with their kids came up to dance and said thanks, but they were hugely outnumbered by the garrulous old men talking loudly among themselves, completely ignoring me, except to complain every few songs. I didn't get asked back, and didn't ask for any more gigs. An afternoon I'll never get back.
  2. bassbiscuits

    Highway 1 Jazz Bass £400

    Didn't Harry Secombe used to play one?
  3. bassbiscuits

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    There was the Halloween gig near Doncaster a few years ago when I felt so ill I had to keep pulling over on the way to vomit out of the car door. Spent most of the night in the car park in a cold sweat trying to get some fresh air and not barf. Managed the gig without passing out and succeeded in not spewing while singing which was a miracle. Seem to remember a big gang of lads singing some massively racist chanting as I was leaving too, which was nice.
  4. bassbiscuits

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Got to the final of a battle of the bands thing once and we all drove to Birmingham for the gig. Turns out the band (who go on to win, no surprise at all) are the mates of the pub hosting the gig. So they get to go on at peak time to a good crowd, and the soundman giving a sh*t. We don't go on until long after - some 'technical problems' from the venue apparently which delay our set even further. By the time we play, it's going on for 11pm, and there's a handful of people left standing among the detritus of the previous bands beer bottles etc. We don't win.
  5. bassbiscuits

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    In the 1990s my band in South Wales did a good few gigs in the valleys. Our first ever gig, in a pub in the Swansea Valley, the landlord kicked us out after our soundcheck because the half a dozen or so punters were apparently expecting a female cabaret singer. We didn't get paid and our van got caught up in a big clash between football fans on the way home. My next band did a gig in a really rough club in the Rhondda Valley. We were a mix of britpop originals and some classic rock/pop covers, but a big mound of a guy sidles up to tell us it's death metal night there and furthermore most of them have taken an E (not a combination I'd have though but never mind). The gig was awful, they weren't interested, and we were glad to get our alive. Same band played a gig in Soho where we'd driven in a hired van from South Wales. Turns out it's a transvestite bar and we've been billed as a jazz combo. We go on after a Shirley Bassey impersonator. No one likes us. Our van gets a parking ticket. We only get paid £50 of the promised £100, which didn't event cover the cost of the parking fine, let alone the van hire or the petrol.
  6. bassbiscuits

    Folktronica - Tunng

    I need to check out Lau. Isn't Kris Drever their guitarist? I've got some of his solo stuff and it's great. Come to think of it I saw him live at the Big Session too. I remember he had a lovely fingerpicking guitar sound.
  7. bassbiscuits

    Folktronica - Tunng

    Yep Tunng are cool. I saw them live a couple of times over the years in a long-gone event called the Big Session which was on Leicester. Folktronica is about right! They'd gone off my radar a bit but I must check them out again.
  8. bassbiscuits

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    I've tried. I really have. The only jazz i'm at all familiar with is a couple of Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Dave Brubeck albums I have, so late 50s and early 60s I guess. That hardly counts as a wide cross section of jazz I know! Maybe it's cos it's not stuff I grew up loving or influenced by particularly, so while I can see it's worth, musically and technically, it just doesn't fire me up in the way I'd expect if I loved it. Sorry.
  9. bassbiscuits

    4 string brass bridge fender drop in replacement

    Hi Matthew - no worries. If you click on my name in the little icon, it''ll take you to my profile, from where you can click on 'send mail' to send me a personal message. I've just PM'd you. I just thought it looked like a pretty cool bridge. I need to check the string spacing etc on the bass in question. looks nice tho.
  10. bassbiscuits

    NBD - must be my 5th or 6th Nanyo

    I've had a couple of Nanyos - a red SB310 like this one, and a black fretless SB301. Both lovely basses and ridiculously good quality for the price. I was never crazy on the looks tho, and ultimately moved them on.
  11. bassbiscuits

    4 string brass bridge fender drop in replacement

    That's cool - what is it? I need something like this potentially.
  12. bassbiscuits

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    NYXLs are v good strings, currently on my Yamaha. However I already blagged my current set in a raffle at the local Bass Bash last year so it would be mean to bag another free set, wouldn't it?
  13. I used to boil my roundwounds occasionally, and it does help to give them a bit of extra life but not for long, and not more than once really before the strings started to look a bit sorry for themselves with shredded silks etc. However - if you look at Marlow DK on Youtube he does this thing of slackening the strings off and doing what he describes as 'slapping the sh*t outta them' - literally popping and slapping the slack strings to knock some of the gunk out. And it does actually work. A bit. I've mostly moved over to La Bella flatwounds these days tho so zing is not my thing. Interested in the Warwick Red Labels tho for my remaining roundwound bass.
  14. bassbiscuits

    Fender AVRI 74 Jazz

    ''Tis a peachy looking bass indeed. Very nice.
  15. bassbiscuits

    SOLD Fender aerodyne jazz white

    Wow I've not seen that colour combination before. That's lovely that is.