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  1. It looks like it has severe stretch marks.
  2. I quite like the look of my own one.
  3. I remember watching it with my brother and my dad from the early 80s onwards. My dad had been in the French alpine corps and loved all that sort of thing. It was people like Franz Klammer, Steve Podborski and Ingermar Stenmark racing in those days. But yeah I’ve never been skiing in my life either! Excellent bit of music.
  4. The Communards “Don’t Leave Me This Way” The opening theme music from Ski Sunday Theme from Magnum PI The Rocky soundtrack album
  5. Fixing the tv remote control after my kids decided to push in the little light bulb / sensor. Should’ve been easy but the thing is old and the plastic cracked and distorted in the process. It works now but looks like a dog has chewed it.
  6. Ha ha I know what you mean. I was handed a white/tort 1960s P to try reverentially a few years ago and it was pretty grim and manky really. I didn’t like to say anything as I was supposed to be dead impressed.
  7. I’ve got the active version of this (BB604) and it’s a superb bass. Really light, balanced and a lovely slim jazz bassy sort of neck. Lovely build quality too. Tough time to be selling tho I guess. GLWTS tho Richard.
  8. Sure thing. I think there’s just something about that rich old sunburst and knowing it’s a 60-odd year old bass that makes me swoon a bit!
  9. I can happily look at that bass for a long time...
  10. This one sadly isn’t mine - it’s from Andy Baxter’s website. But I think this late 1950s three tone sunburst, good scratchplate and maple next combination is just utterly gorgeous.
  11. My 2013 MIJ Mustang is the one I pick up to noodle. It’s featherweight, sounds really loud unplugged and means I can wonder around the house without smacking into doorways. Its my only short scale bass but I find it very playable and comfortable. I never liked the dark tort guard so swapped it for a white one and I’m happy now (important consideration when playing at home as i constantly keep glimpsing myself in mirrors and windows!)
  12. Whoa that’s cool! Why didn’t I think of doing that? Much appreciated
  13. Exactly that - thank you kind sir
  14. I have dug out this Line 6 Pod to amuse myself tho while there’s no chance of any other musical interaction, paired with my little practice amp. I know nothing about effects so have been just pottering, but some decent bass synth squelchy sounds and some good amp simulations etc. I’ve had the manual knocking about for years. Except now. Now it’s gone into self isolation by itself somewhere.
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