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  1. Totally. I‘ve had a Epi Jack Casady Bass, plus an Epi Gary Clarke Junior Casino and a PRS Se Bernie Marsden signature. Each was very discreetly a signature model with a small signature on there at most.
  2. I’m in Leicester and was very much trying to avoid playing on July 4. Well I’ve succeeded in that...
  3. They look identical to the ones I had on a BB350 donkeys years ago too. Nice solid chunky things.
  4. I never liked the particular tort on the MiJ Mustang. Very dark brown. My first choice of replacement (red tort) seemed to be hugely expensive, as did my second choice (pearl white) so I settled for the white which I actually prefer. Not too bling but different enough to look cool. Looks a bit 70s to me which is cool. Just need a thumb rest now to complete the look.
  5. Digging that double cut Gibson one. That’s unusual but very cool. Love the Mustang with the gold pickguard too - again not the obvious combination but it looks great. Is it a Pawnshop but with original-style pickups added?
  6. Yeah they were mint. Combined with too many tequila cocktails I had a grand old evening!
  7. I went to Canada for a wedding a few years back and the wedding function band were just full on 1980s and were absolutely brilliant! Half the smarty dressed guests got changed into neon, legwarmers etc and everyone danced their a..es off. Was an excellent night. They were weirdly called Val Kilmer and the New Coke. (Nope me neither...). Quality tho.
  8. The 80s music went down the pan when Stock Aitken and Waterman raised their heads. Ive been watching the re-runs of TOTP from the 1980s and there’s a huge variety of stuff for most of the decade, some bad, some good. But by about 1988 it solidified into identikit soft pop dross by SAW and fronted by Kylie, Jason, Sinita, Sonia etc which just seemed to dominate the charts forever after. And that High-80s era of big shoulder pads, mullets, bingy-boingy electro noises etc seems to be the stuff that’s aged least well.
  9. This is the only short scale I’ve owned (apart from a really short scale Satellite bass I started out on in the 80s). Its a cream white 2015 MIJ Mustang. It had a brown tort plate which I swapped for a white one. A shoulder injury four years ago set me off looking for a lighter smaller bass than my regular P bass, and led me to this. I love it. I’d be interested in other short scales to see how they compare. I prefer the tone and feel of my P bass, but it’s a close run thing and I’m very happy with both.
  10. I'm glad I don't drink, but i couldn't help scoffing at the pronouncement from the Government that going out drinking at the pub is the "patriotic thing to do" and part of a great British tradition. Wow.
  11. I like it. It's a good bass part, even if it's not a bass guitar part. I like a lot of dance music bass parts, regardless how they are created.
  12. I hear from lots of people who've had lots of downtime to rethink their life/work balance, learn new skills etc. But that's not me. My wife and I have been working full time and caring for two young children since March (apparently homeschooling one of them too). Gigs are a valuable, but not essential source of income for our household. I've missed about 12 gigs so far from what was meant to be a busy diary. I've been playing at home quite a bit just for my sanity, but with no gigs on the cards its all a bit aimless. As soon as it's safe to gig, i'll be there.
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