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  1. The Iron Maiden Live After Death Long Beach Area gig, 1984 - that was a major part of my teenage life! Any AC/DC gig with Bon Scott, and any Kiss gig up to about 1977.
  2. Made the cut!

    I'm down to just three basses these days (a P bass, a Jack Casady and a Yamaha BB). I know its not cool on a forum like this, but I hate having stockpiled gear I don't use. Puts me on edge when i think of the money tied up in gear that's not out earning its keep. There's a few keepers among my bits of gear which aren't for sale mainly for sentimental reasons (or just because they aren't worth much to sell) but I'm certainly resisting buying anything more at the moment.
  3. Blackstar BEAM Practice Amp

    I've got one of these - great little amps, especially if you dabble in guitar too as it does both very nicely.
  4. Please tell me why I should avoid Ashdown amps?

    I bought an Ashdown Mag300 head about 10 years ago as a spare to cover a load of gigs when my old Peavey began packing up. The Mag was incredible and became my main amp straightaway. Very loud for its rating, lots of bass and quite valvey-sounding even tho a transistor amp. I thrashed it and it always sounded cool. It led me to explore the rest of the higher spec ABM range at the time, tho none of which I got on with as well as the Mag, strangely. Good amps tho. I moved to a Markbass head in the end cos it was smaller and louder than the Mag, and I still use it.
  5. The Perfect Precision Bass

    The nearest to all-round perfect I had was a 1995 USA P, which sounded great, even across the neck, good action and strung thru the body. (its the one on the left in my avatar) However, it weighed a lot and had a really big thick neck - it benefited the sound, but made it hard work to play for long periods. I now only have one P - the sunburst/tort/rosewood 1970 with a B width neck which i bought over 20 years ago. (on the right of my avatar) It's not quite as consistent as the more modern one, and a bit gentler sounding, but it makes up for it by being lightweight and full of mojo.
  6. 69 Fender P? £1650

    Hmm yeah. I have a 1970. The tuners didn't have that little circled letter after the Fender word until about 1973 i don't think, the decal doesn't look right and certainly shouldn't have the "original contour body" wording at all. Fingerboard veneer looks kosher tho at first glance. Should have a thumbrest below the strings, but evidence of that lost with the scratchplate swap by the look of it. Dunno. Needs a closer look. As Creeper says, pickup and pot codes should help.
  7. Stairway To Kevin

    I should say so. Saved me from another day of deadly headlines about Brexit and Trump.
  8. Stairway To Kevin

    Cheers Hobbayne I was more really leading up to using my "show me Kevin" line, which turned out to be less funny that i'd expected. Sorry.
  9. Stairway To Kevin

    I'm confused - does this Kevin guy actually exist then or is it just a funny thread? I need some proof. Show me Kevin.
  10. Mani/Stone Roses selling his gear

    Over £3,500 for a secondhand Epiphone Jack Casady? Er, I love mine, don't get me wrong, but that's an awful lot of money....
  11. What Do You Bring To The Table?

    Ha ha! Sometimes yeah. And my flask of tea....
  12. Quit my band, and no new plans to gig...

    Fair play to you Andy - that's a good decision I'd say. I left my band of 12 years this summer, as we've got two young kids (the littlest is 16 months) and the whole juggling act was proving too much. The gigs were increasingly playing covers I wasn't keen on to indifferent audiences and it got to the point that I just felt like screaming every time more gigs came in. Sorry to hear your little girl is going to have a poorly start - i think you're doing the right thing taking the pressure off yourself musically and focusing on the important stuff. I still love playing, and have been doing the occasional solo gig and some original stuff with two friends, but it's for fun, support slots and little local festivals, with no one putting the pressure on. Good decision Andy, and I hope every thing works out well with the little one.
  13. What Do You Bring To The Table?

    Lots of vocals A big bag of spares/tools etc A Volvo estate
  14. The most musically talented musician of all time

    Why just man? What about women too?
  15. TV themes which groove

    When I was a kid there was a motorbike cop show called CHIPS which had a funky theme tune. I also loved the music from the Fall Guy with Lee Majors.