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  1. Price drop to £50 + postage. Moving house and need this gone....
  2. Bump - price drop to £150 for this. Due to move house and need this gone...
  3. Second attempt at some pics of the cab in use on stage, and with other cabs for size comparison...
  4. Well done! I love it when you find a cheap bass that plays brilliantly, and the added enjoyment that comes from knowing that you’ve saved yourself a fortune by buying it. Result!
  5. I’d start out with the same cheap gear I could afford back then, so that I’d properly appreciate the good stuff I have now.
  6. Hiya TheGreek - not madly in need of anything in a trade (not amps, cabs or effects particularly) but feel free to PM if you’ve got something in mind.
  7. Exactly this - Maiden were one of the first bands I ever liked when I was 12 to about 18, and Steve Harris is one of the reasons I picked up a bass. I can’t say I listen to them anymore really apart from the very occasional need for a blast of The Prisoner or The Trooper.
  8. Hello, I bought this a couple of years ago for recording with a band which promptly disbanded and it’s sat in my drawer since. Hence its in very good condition, fully working, with power supply. No box, but I’ll package it up well. I‘ve printed off the manual from the Line 6 website. Looking for £65 or will post at extra cost. Cheers Chris
  9. No worries Rich. Hope you’re keeping safe, and by all means let me know if you get in a position to buy it.
  10. Hi all, This has been my go-to cabinet for probably 10 years, maybe more, during which it’s done almost all my gigs paired with a Markbass LM3. Nowadays it’s scruffy cosmetically,and the price reflects the fact it could do with a bit of TLC, tho it’s in good working order nevertheless. The good things: It’s rated at 850w at 4ohms and anyone who has used one of these will know they are really loud and with good dispersion of sound onstage due to the angled speaker, and quite a mid punch sound that cuts well through a mix. It has a forward-facing 12” speaker, an angled 10” speaker and a tweeter/horn. I don’t know for sure whether the horn is working as I can’t hear much difference whether it’s turned up or off to be honest. Our excellent local luthier and amp repair man has maintained it during its working life - mostly small things like wiring etc - so it’s been well-maintained. The bad things: For some reason the rear access panel is missing a couple of its screws - I emailed Jorg Schroeder to get some replacements but he said they are just standard sized DIY shop screws - I’ll keep looking to see if I can find any equivalent ones locally. It’s perfectly secure without them as enough remain in place in back panel. The plastic corner protectors are quite tatty now but still functional, as is the slightly bobbly carpet covering in places. Comes with a clean, tidy, fitted Roqsolid cover. Cab is about 25-27kg - not massively heavy but definitely not neo light either. I’ve put some handlebar padded tape on the handles to make it more comfy to carry but can easily remove if you don’t want it there. Given its size and weight I can’t really post it, so collection or meet up somewhere accessible to Leicestershire is ideal. I’m after £175 which from memory is about half of what I paid for it secondhand originally, reflecting the cosmetic condition. I’ve moved to lightweight cabs over the last year or so don’t really have a use for it anymore. Any queries let me know. Chris
  11. Yeah that’s a lovely looking bass.
  12. Mine was a terrible short scale Satellite bass with a body a bit like a double-cut Les Paul Junior. I sold it as soon as I’d finished paying it off on H/P and bought a Westone Spectrum ST instead. This was 1986/7. I saw the Satellite again in a secondhand shop in the late 1990s. Momentarily got sentimental and thought of buying it until the guy insisted it was brand new and wanted twice the price I’d paid originally. It was rubbish even when new and I doubt it still exists.
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