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  1. It's entirely possible. I guess it just comes down to whether it feels good or not!
  2. Wow - ok i didnt realise that it was A profile. Sounds interesting tho. I've only played one Nate Mendel and it felt very comfortable.
  3. As far as I'm aware the neck is modelled on a B profile neck, which is slightly slimmer than regular P basses. I have a '70 with a B neck, and its certainly smaller in hand than the 1990s USA P I had at the same time.
  4. I'm still going - but may have unwittingly disqualified myself (I sold an unwanted cab, briefly acquiring a replacement which wasn't right and which went back straight away.) Guess that breaks the rule huh? I don't have any new gear, tho I did physically buy something at one point. Oh and some speaker stands, and a little spare PA desk. Yup forget it - I've blown it.
  5. Nah the pics aren't working for me either - just says "unavailable" when I click on them. Sorry dude!
  6. Ah that's lovely - I love that era of Gibson basses. Dead cool.
  7. Mine was in 1986 - a terrible short scale Satellite bass, with sky-high action and a twisted neck, and what i remember being a five-watt bass amp called a Badger Piccolo. The bass was rubbish. The amp i don't remember much about, as it was literally the first year of me learning in my bedroom and it did the job. Sold them both after I'd paid off the hire purchase for a year, and bought a Westone Spectrum ST and a Ross Fame 15-watt bass amp in 1987.
  8. Honestly? I don't have a favourite. None of my basses were bought new so I didn't have a choice of colour. Given the choice, probably black and tort, though none of my basses are that colour.
  9. I own three and I gig all three. Usually take just one to a gig, based on where it falls on the dodginess vs prestige scale. I sometimes take two if there are different tunings involved. I can't afford to have stuff i'm not using.
  10. Same here - lusted after a set to complete the vintage vibe on a p bass. Struggled with them for a few weeks and then realised I hated them and sold them.
  11. Richard bought my Aguilar cabinet from me - easy transaction, no fuss, good lad.
  12. Thanks Ashweb, that's nice and clear - much appreciated!
  13. Now this is actually helpful for me cos I've got a whole stash of kettle leads, some working, some faulty. I meant to get some replacements on weekend but just flopped in the sun instead. My question is what sort of fuse rating are we meant to be using for bass amps, PA powered speakers, stage lights and the like? Ivw always just used whatever is available but pretty sure there's more science to it than that!
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