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  1. Out of interest how does the V4B and ABM600 compare in terms of volume? I love the idea of the V4B (seen a couple on sale here) but wasn’t sure 100 valve watts was as loud as 500/600w solid state watts.
  2. I’ve been gigging for about 30 years on and off, but I’ve always had to have a day job to make ends meet. So I feel a bit like a superhero when I step onstage in my alter ego! I’d love to be in a position to make enough money from just music - however it would mean taking every paid gig available whether good or bad, which isn’t a great life/work balance as an exhausted dad/husband in his late 40s. But I love gigging, and good bits massively outweigh the few bad bits. The standard I perform to is professional, even if my circumstances mean I’m not there full time yet.
  3. Exactly that. Mind you I’m in different sort of bands now, where it wouldn’t really be in keeping with the vibe anyway.
  4. I bought an Epiphone Jack Casady bass which was delivered to me while onstage setting up for the gig which in then used it for! The seller was a mutual friend of my piano player at the time, who collected it and brought it to the gig. Luckily it was great too!
  5. Used to play quite hammered in the past where circumstances allowed (ie where I wasn’t driving). Wouldn’t have occurred to me to ease off the booze if all the rest of the band at the time were drinking too. Never sure if it made us loose or just sloppy. These days I don’t drink anyway so it’s sober every time. And I suspect my playing is a lot better as a result.
  6. Yeah they’re cool. I’ve had to get last minute strings a few times and they’ve always come the very next day. Top marks
  7. I’m the first to tell people how much my cheap secondhand Yamaha bass cost (£200 including postage) when I get compliments on how nice it sounds at gigs. But I’ve also got a 50+ year old vintage Fender too. I must admit at first I only bought the Yamaha as a spare but it’s proven itself to be a great all-round gigging bass regardless of the value or (lack of) prestige. Good and bad basses exist at all levels and prices I’ve learned…
  8. I've been round the houses with various combinations of 10s, 12s and 15s over the years, but I'm really digging 10s at the moment. Good 10s have enough of everything I need - tight low end, punchy mids and enough highs. If we imagine I have a crew to move it, then an Ampeg SVT and 8x10 would be glorious.
  9. It might be because so many of the songs are piano led that the thumping low end is already covered by Freddie’s left hand. Therefore he’s weaving his bass lines in the space that’s left. I say this as I’ve played with tribute acts doing both Trevor Bolder era Bowie, and vintage Elton John, and both those bassists take the same sort of approach.
  10. Was booked to do a solo acoustic guitar/singing gig at a country pub in Leicestershire on Saturday along with a few other acts - one of which wasn't well enough to play, so I extended my set to do 5 x 45 min sets to cover both of us! Actually worked out pretty well - under a big beer garden gazebo which kept out the rain showers, and a decent crowd of people up for a few afternoon beers and barbecue. My voice held out nicely (my main worry) but my finger tips are still hurting today. Decent result though.
  11. I don’t get jazz. I’ve tried, but it leaves me cold. I can’t play any of it anyway.
  12. I love playing live. It’s what I wanted to do from the time I saw those cool gatefold sleeve live LPs in the 80s from bands like Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Kiss. I’m lucky enough to be out playing fairly regularly at the moment, and doing some good gigs with some great musicians. Everyone knows the downsides, which are many if you choose to focus on them. But the feeling of doing a cool gig, playing with musicians who fire you up and an audience who are really up for it - that’s the nearest thing to magic.
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