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  1. I was out with my nine year old lad last week. Walking past one of his school friends houses I spied a Fender bass headstock of some sort in the living room. The family walk past our house to the park most days so I got chatting to the dad who it turns out is the bassist. He’s been using lockdown to get properly into it while his daughter is learning guitar. Used his time a bit more wisely than me then.
  2. Lovely that. My main bass for many years was a sunburst 1995 USA P bass - fantastic.
  3. Very cool bass. Never seen an A neck before either. That’s great.
  4. I bought mine above all cos it was the bass I liked most in the shop at the time - it wasn't even that ancient then! I remember there was another which looked indentical, but was a plank. Mine wasn't bought as a vintage collectible - it's a nice instrument, which just happens to be old now. Hence my comment that i wouldn't go out of my way to get another vintage instrument for its own sake. I've played some lovely modern basses which I'd have happily bought if I'd missed out on my old one.
  5. I've owned a 1970 Fender Precision for the last 27 years. It's a working, gigging instrument that looks its age but has been well cared for. Does it play nicely, feel good and look cool? Yes it does, and I love it. Would I go out of my way to buy another one? Not really, given the cost nowadays. It is very good, and it's a vintage bass, but I wouldn't say it's automatically good just because it's a vintage bass, or that other, newer, basses aren't equally good in their own way.
  6. Mine are so roadworn they even have the skid marks.
  7. I remember pretty clearly most of the TOTP stuff from 1990. It wasn’t the sort of thing I was listening to by choice but was the soundtrack to many of our teenage drunken evenings up the local park causing mischief...
  8. Sold my Yamaha TRBX505 to Lawrie - paid promptly, good comms and no probs. Glad it’s gone to a good home. A pleasure to deal with.
  9. I have those exact things, and can highly recommend....
  10. I’ve got to the stage where I’m really happy with my main gear, and unless I sell any of it (which I won’t) I can’t afford anything more of the same quality. So I’m stumped really. Lockdown has made me realise I’ve got all the gear I’ll ever realistically need, as a semi-pro player with a day job and family and with my fifties lurking on the not too distant horizon. On a positive note it’s taken the anxiety out of the whole process now I appreciate what I’ve got, rather than worrying about what I haven’t.
  11. Same here - our local Hermes reps have been both really sound. One of them told me that they even thought Hermes was rubbish, which was great. That was around the time they claim to have delivered a Tonehammer pedal to me, but actually didn’t bother and sent it back to Scotland instead. Awesome service.
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