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  1. I was really surprised to play a real T Bird and find it sleek and beautiful, rather than the barn door that my Tokai was. Live and learn eh?
  2. I had one - weighed a tonne, sounded average at best, uncomfortable and huge to play. Looked cool tho. Didn’t keep it long. It was only a few years later when I played a real Gibson T-Bird that I realised how far off the mark the Tokai one was.
  3. I’ve still got my old Arion tuner from Christmas 1986 and it still works perfectly!
  4. Fiesta Eco Boost - fairly low emissions from 1L engine. Fits a Markbass STD102HF on the back seat, a Markbass Traveller 102P in the boot, two basses in the front seat/footwell and the various bags, mic stands and amp heads fitted in around it all. I’ve also got a Volvo V70 which obviously takes every bit of gear I’ve ever owned, but in terms of small, efficient and low- emission vehicles, the Fiesta works a treat for me.
  5. Nice straps these. You might get more interest if you add details of what size / length it is, whether it’s the bass or guitar version etc.
  6. Forgotten to bump this, but it’s still available, giving a whole load of effects and shenanigans for a mere £50…
  7. Just taken collection of a Boss chorus pedal from Dan. Easy transaction and great pedal.
  8. Ah…. Those were the days. I had two of these basses at one point in the late 80s. Good bits of kit.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Paul bought my Schroeder cab - nice guy, had a good chat about things bass and amp related and the whole transaction was easy.
  11. Great cabs these. I’ve got one paired with a smaller Traveller 102 and it makes for a well loud, lightweight rig. GLWTS.
  12. bassbiscuits


    All mine are under 4kg these days, which is just the way I like it: Fender P bass - 3.9kg Yamaha BB604 - 3.9kg MIJ Mustang - 3.6kg I once had a Tokai T-Bird that weighed as much as my house, and I couldn’t even finish a set without swapping back to a fairly heavy P bass I had at the time which felt like a feather in comparison.
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