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  1. Is it still Bobby Martin on sax/keys, and Chad Wackerman on drums? I had a video of a Zappa gig in the 80s with them playing and they were brilliant. EDIT - nope, my bad, neither of them play with Zappa Plays Zappa....
  2. Count me in for 2020. Got nowt planned. This year I've only bought replacement bits, strings etc and a bass for my son, so I may well still be on track in the 2019 challenge!
  3. For me its been a mixture of old fashioned methods. My missus put a notice up in a music shop (wow remember those?) next to a notice from a band looking for exactly the same thing. We got in touch, went for a few drinks and I ended up playing with them for 12 years! Rest has been word of mouth from people who've played with me recommending me to others; or people who've seen me play asking me if I'm available to do stuff with them. That in turn has just led to plenty of different dep jobs with various bands, which is what keeps my diary ticking over at the moment. EDIT - my search for my first proper band about 20+years ago, again in response to an advert in a shop, led to me speaking to the singer for about an hour on the phone one night. We got on like a house on fire. Eventually, we realised that we'd actually been in school together about 10 years beforehand, and from then on it was pretty much a done deal that I was in!
  4. Went to see Ginger Wildheart about a fortnight ago (epic gig) and for something completely different, Emeli Sande on Saturday night. Gospel/soul/pop isn't really my thing ( I went with my wife ) but the vibe was really good, and the drummer, a chap called Jermaine Whyte, was brilliant.
  5. I'd have thought that the original neck heel position is safer, being anchored in a solid block of wood, rather than screwing into the hollow upper horn. I sympathise tho - my JC was a nightmare for tipping forward and neck diving, but i just accepted it as a quirk of the bass as best i could.
  6. Ah my old cab! This is the best sounding cab I have ever owned (evidenced by a video my dad took on his phone of me using it at an outdoor gig this summer), but it was too big for my needs. You won't ever struggle for volume or projection with one of these tho. Absolute killer bit of kit.
  7. Yes i'm reaching the age of needing a belly contour too - maybe i should follow your example ha ha. It looks stunning in that blue with competition stripes I get a lot of interest taking my (plain white) Mustang to gigs - mainly from other band members who start off going: "What's that little thing?" and a few songs in go: "Wow that bass sounds great!" Gotta love a Mustang.
  8. How do you find the real thing compares to the MIJ red Mustang? I've only got a 1970 P and a 2015 MIJ Mustang to compare, and the old P has something more resonant, deeper and perhaps softer about the tone, but there's not a huge amount in it (especially when cranked live).
  9. I love my MIJ reissue Mustang, but that is truly a thing of beauty, plus some good vintage mojo thrown in. And undoubtedly the best Mustang colour scheme. Nicely done sir.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Cool. I just need to find a good one near me and I'll be happy.
  12. You're right - it's about 24 kg but it is awesome. I've got my eyes peeled for another 1210L or 1212L but they're surprisingly scarce.
  13. Good work sir - I play some if I have to while depping but in my solo stuff I have a blanket ban on Oasis. I figure people can go anywhere to hear Oasis songs. They don't need to come to see me. And yeah, a lot of punters can't fathom that I don't know any ha ha!
  14. Surely these days Wonderwall must be among the cheesiest, most overplayed songs ever? A Brown Eyed Girl for our generation, if you like. I remember nipping out from a pub gig to a cashpoint at half time and passing a beggar playing Wonderwall in the street with his dog. I got back to the pub and our band opened the second half with it.
  15. I've still got my Sony hifi from 1997. Works perfectly apart from one tape deck button that's broken, meaning i can't do mix tapes for any members of the opposite sex I might be trying to pull. Hasn't really been an issue...
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