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  1. bassbiscuits

    J&D mini jazz bass, £35 (SOLD)

    That's so cool! Never heard of these before. I want one!
  2. bassbiscuits

    Midlands bass (and guitar) bash 4/5/19

    I'm going to have to pass his year. Its Mrs Biscuits' 40th birthday and I'm supposed to be coming up with a plan to take her somewhere nice. Not sure the bass bash will be enough for her!
  3. bassbiscuits

    An Aerodyne body with a difference

    what the hell are clavos anyway? they look like limpets.
  4. bassbiscuits

    'Lost at sea'

    Fender Poseidon Bass?
  5. bassbiscuits

    Gibson EB3L 1972 in Walnut finish Original

    Ooh that's lovely. A rare and beautiful beast indeed. GLWTS.
  6. bassbiscuits

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    True. I've played original gigs for nothing - got paid in pie and mash with a pint once (which was lovely) and we made enough money hawking CDs to punters at halftime to make it worthwhile.
  7. bassbiscuits

    Excellent Joe Walsh

    Joe Walsh is mint. I always think his guitar playing sounds like his personality.
  8. bassbiscuits

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    You'd be more than welcome to come along to one of my gigs and hear them for yourself. They're not American guitar metal tho. Thankfully. 😀
  9. bassbiscuits

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    Having drawn all this attention to himself, the best bit is that his song on Youtube is an absolute sack of cack anyway. Awesome.
  10. bassbiscuits

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    We often (i.e. mostly) practice without a drummer. It means we can meet and practice at front room volume and work on aspects like backing vocals, song structure, lyrics etc. Periodically we will record these on our phones, share them with the drummer and then meet to put it all together. Works pretty well as we are all too busy to meet at the same time most weeks.
  11. bassbiscuits

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    I know it. That's a decent venue for original bands too.
  12. bassbiscuits

    Strap to cure neck dive on a Jack Casady.

    Yep JC basses have some pretty full on neck dive. Great basses tho. I used a 3.5wide suede strap which did help grip my shoulder and went someway to curing it. Good luck!
  13. bassbiscuits

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    Where's the gig?
  14. Just come back from seeing it. Thought it was brilliant and moving. Good solid bit of entertainment.