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  1. Regaltip Clayton Cameron signature fixed brushes. Also, check out some of the youtube clips of his playing, especially the Ted-x performance. http://www.regaltip.com/artist-roster/clayton-cameron
  2. Boodang

    Wet/Dry rigs

    Combine my signal and effects by using an EHX tri parallel mixer. % of blend depends on effects... for overdrive it's 50% wet/dry, compressor into octaver is 100% wet but then combined in parallel with a 50% mix from another channel separately running an lpf. Same for envelope filter / lpf (not sure of the cut off frequencyas using a Seamoon funk machine to do the job and just turn the freq knob until itsounds good!). Echo, reverb and phaser are post tri mixer.
  3. EC would sound so much better if he played air guitar.
  4. For me, a compressor is dynamic eq and as such works better (for me that is). When I find a compressor that works for my style of playing and the specific bass (and consequently I have a different compressor for each bass I use live... all 5 of them!), I don't need to use eq. As the comp 're-acts' to my playing dynamics, I prefer this to just using straight eq.
  5. PS my #poo bass... literally the worse bass in the world and always happy to lend it out as it's funny to watch people try and play it!
  6. I'm always willing to lend my #poo bass but never the #1.
  7. Phil Collins in Brand X, yes, but please don't say you like his solo stuff!!
  8. Good point! I'd actually erased that from my memory... until you'd mentioned it. That took many years of therapy to forget!
  9. Yes, but... (and this according to Graphtec!), we're talking standard tuning, standard 34" scale, with medium string gauges, one tone is an approximation. What they're really saying, and which I think is quite neat, is that each string has a different gear ratio as it makes sense to do this if you can be bothered. Which if you were having a custom bass done you might be. Actually makes tuning the E string easier.
  10. I was massively influenced by Weather Report but not by Jaco's playing. Technically amazing BUT... his solo album tracks sounded like technical exercises and his live solos in a band context sounded like a drunk member of the audience had jumped on stage! And it's not because I don't like jazz, quite the opposite in fact.
  11. Graphtec Ratio tuners. A neat evolution in tuner design where one turn equals one tone on each string.
  12. The song 'Grandad' was a no.1 hit.... does that mean it's genius?! PS as good a bass player and all round nice guy as Herbie Flowers is, he still hasn't been suitable punished for inflicting this on us.
  13. Well, you asked for it.... for me pretty much any music that has vocals in it I don't like! Vocals impose a structure which then becomes repetitive and repetitive = boring. This is compounded when A. the lyrics are banal and B. the musical structure is simple. Repetitive + banality + simple structures = excruciating boredom. Of course these days you can't do anything, like go shopping, without this kind of music being forced on you, so pretty much my life is hell! Of course shops could play jazz but then I guess they want to keep customers in the shop.
  14. Why one pickup when you could have 3! Buy the Sire and get your local luthier to install a couple more... sorted.
  15. Boodang

    Chorus & Octaver

    MXR's vintage bass octave is based on an original Boss OC2 pedal from Janek Gwizdala's collection which he lent them. He does a comparison between the two in one of his YouTube pedal episodes. The MXR comes out quite well and a cheaper and easier option than trying to track down an original.
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