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  1. I don’t get jazz. I’ve tried, but it leaves me cold. I can’t play any of it anyway.
  2. I love playing live. It’s what I wanted to do from the time I saw those cool gatefold sleeve live LPs in the 80s from bands like Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Kiss. I’m lucky enough to be out playing fairly regularly at the moment, and doing some good gigs with some great musicians. Everyone knows the downsides, which are many if you choose to focus on them. But the feeling of doing a cool gig, playing with musicians who fire you up and an audience who are really up for it - that’s the nearest thing to magic.
  3. It was great. Biggest venue I’ve played apart from outdoor festival slots etc. Really enjoyed it.
  4. Played at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Monday night with Elton John tribute act I’m Still Standing, as part of a four date tour up there. Had a grand old time.
  5. What's happening with the A string saddle in the pics? Lovely looking bass.
  6. When I was about 11 it was through my older brother's friends, who were into 70s/80s metal - which in turn led us to the Friday Rock Show, Kerrang! and the local record librarym where we'd swoon over the cool pictures in gatefold sleeves of live double albums. Beyond that it was a case of hoping to catch odd snippets of singles from bands like Alice Cooper, Whitesnake or Kiss on things like America's Top 10, and a little later on came taping specialist rock and metal programmes like Raw Power.
  7. Pennard - nice! I once slept on the cliffs there when I was a student. Seemed a good idea at the time honestly officer...
  8. Yup - same here. Been using them for a few years on my long scale basses and they're great. They feel nice, and have a long lasting, punchy powerful sound. I really like them. I've got regular D'addario nickel wounds on my Mustang bass and they sound good too even after maybe a year on the bass. But yeah, NYXLs are worth the money in my experience.
  9. Currently mostly theatre gigs in a tribute band, but also depping in a mixture of function covers bands. And then solo gigs on guitar and vocals - at various times these have been my main gigs tho I haven’t really pursued it with much enthusiasm of late.
  10. I’d drink up and get the hell out…
  11. I agree with part of the original point - not buying basses unseen. I am one of those fussy folks who needs to avoid heavy basses - not for fun, but because of an injury that gets aggravated by stuff that’s too heavy. Unless a bass is at least as good as what I’ve already got, then it’s not going to get used and there’s no point keeping it. Unfortunately that’s not always obvious even if you play it in a shop, let along buying it unseen online. Too many variables to take a punt. (Someone remind me of that next time I spot a bass online that I like).
  12. I have a hiscox Liteflite which I keep for those gigs which either involve flying or ones where the bass goes in the back of a van full of other heavy equipment. It’s come out on the luggage carousel looking like s**t more than once (splattered with mystery liquid) but the bass inside is fine.
  13. I’m bit late with this one from Sunday afternoon. Fair weather vintage rock band we put together during lockdown but which has run it’s course really, so this was probably our last planned gig. As a result it was super chilled and a really good fun vibe. Had a great time and went down well - judging by some snippets on Facebook it sounded half decent too.
  14. I had an odd few on Gumtree recently. First time I was selling a pedal and some guy jumped in straight away to tell me he had paid already thru some system I’d never heard of and just needed to go to the link to accept the payment etc. I was out at the time and in no position to sort it out and told him so but he kept on insisting so I just withdrew the item. Last week I put something else up and literally within 10 seconds for a message saying “is it still available? How can I pay you etc,” from a number in the Philipines! So I edited the ad to remove my phone as a contact method and never heard from them again. Weird. For the sake of less than £100 I’m not getting involved in that sort of shenanigans.
  15. Yup. Annoying accident some years ago, combined with age ever since!
  16. I can’t see from the whether it’s chrome or gold?
  17. NOW SOLD THANKS I bought this beautiful Yamaha BB605 from fellow Basschatter @Bassmanady earlier this week as a companion to my BB604 - despite being a very modest 4.1/4.2kg on my electronic luggage scales, it's sadly too heavy for my poorly aging left shoulder, so I'm putting it back up for sale. It is an outstanding bass and I wish I was keeping it frankly. It is near mint condition for a 2003 bass; huge range of sounds thanks to the active treble/bass EQ and sweepable mids pot. Nice dark rosewood board, low action, beautifully set up and strung with Elixir Nanoweb nickel plated steels, gauge 45-130. Comes in an excellent condition padded Fender gigbag. I've still got the bike box and bubblewrap it arrived in too, so postage within the UK is no problem. Just looking to get back what I paid for it -£350 if you want to collect it from South Leicestershire, or meet up within a reasonable distance. Alternatively fully insured Parcelforce postage likely to be around the £30 mark. Will not post overseas though. Link to Bassmanady's original advert and pics here, and link to my feedback below. feedback for bassbiscuits
  18. Another thumbs up for Ady - just taken delivery of his lovely Yamaha BB605 bass in pristine condition, which has rather derailed my efforts to do my desk job this afternoon. Been an absolute gent throughout and a pleasure to do business with him. Top man.
  19. It's impossible to rule out all the other variables of course - the pickups in particular in my P bass, plus a good match between body and neck wood etc - tho it was monstrously loud even unplugged.
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