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  1. Looks like you're doing a truly terrible job... you best finish it and send it to me to put in the 'bin' for you. 😁 Looks like you're doing some good work there sir! Looking forward to seeing the finished article. P.S. I like the matching headstock, shows it's unique and also not pretending to be a Warwick!
  2. The only Kenneth Lawrence bass I have personally played is Jean Baudin's 11 string 'Joust'. The build quality is as high as can be, utterly superb things...
  3. Would you consider selling the 6? Or at least grace us with a picture!! 😋
  4. Indeed, Vintage it is! The oddly thin upper horn and 'thigh to pickguard' bout are giveaways l.
  5. I'm afraid I have to call double bullshít on that! To me the body looks like a Harley Benton MM copy, and the neck doesn't appear to be genuine Fender either.
  6. Evening, Binky is an old Bunny these days, knocking on the door of 15 years. A year or so ago I noticed the 9th fret was a fraction proud which makes playing at the 8th fret 'buzzy'. It's now at the point where something needs doing... I have a fret hammer, and a fine fret leveling file, although I've never used the file in anger. Hammering the fret doesn't work either, I've tried this with fair force (nothing crazy) and no dice. From the below picture, can anyone advise what action is best to resolve the proud fret and kill the buzz. Ta. Russ.
  7. Good purchase @JottoSW1. Top end Laney gear is really underrated stuff. These cabs are about £1000 new, so £185 is peanuts. Lully job!
  8. Bought a pair of Guitar Repair books from Alan, absolutely flawless transaction! Would be happy to deal with again, and as we speak I'm about to deal with him again! 😂
  9. It's a Hofner B-Bass Hi-Series. Says as much on the headstock! £300 new, £180 tops second hand! I have informed him of his error, we shall see what he says!
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