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  1. Must of been a one-off... Shame. Honestly, I don't need this bass, but couldn't resist at £146!
  2. Afternoon gents and gentettes, During the course of my daily internet stumblings where I am always on the hunt for bass related deals, I came across this... The usual RRP for one of these is around £600 and having owned one of these before, they are actually very fine acoustic basses. In fact I rate Crafter as one of the most underrated acoustic brands out there, but that's a different story... I've just pulled the trigger on one as at the absolute worst, I know I can sell it on eBay for a good £100 more, and as it's being sold by Amazon (not a 3rd party Amazon user) if there are any issues, I'm relatively safe! So, for anyone after an acoustic bass, £146 for a brand new one of these is absolutely nuts! Not sure why they're being sold for 70% off, but I'm not arguing! Fill yer boots!
  3. Fake IMO. If it was real, or had value outside of the obscure signatures (which have almost zero value) it would have been photographed better. Also the colour looks wrong, the bottom shape of the pick guard looks wrong and the whole thing smells a bit fishy!
  4. Get a 6 string bass. You'll thank me later. 😁👌
  5. @xnekedx, you might want to add a description and some better pictures! Asking £2600 for a bass made by a luthier few people will have heard of with no details at all and 2 pictures will not help your sale! It's a unique bass, tell us about it, show it off!
  6. 6 string bass, check. Through neck, check. Active, check. Fretted, check. Based in Essex, check. Do I have £2000? Sadly no check. 😭 Trade options?
  7. John Deacon for me. A hugely underrated player. His playing and contributions to Queen seem always to be lesser thought of than Brain, Freddie and Roger, yet without him we wouldn't have a good number of amazing Queen tracks and there's a certain direction the band would never have taken without him. He is almost the quintessential definition of the classic bass player: Humble, somewhat in the background, a groove holder, a time keeper, sometimes forgotten but always absolutely essential to the band. For me John represents bass playing purity and out of the long list of Rotosound bass endorsees, he'd be my first choice to have a jam with! Russ.
  8. Seems total reasonable to me, not sure what your issue with this is!
  9. You could add £1000 to the price of this if it was made by Warwick, and I'm sure the isn't much if any difference! Looks great, £500 is a steal.
  10. binky_bass


    Does it come with a fresh G String?
  11. It's not here anymore! It's currently sitting in my lounge awaiting its final movement to Belgium to be owned by the dubious @Hellzero!
  12. Only 10 strings... absolute amateur, try 13! (Note: this was a terrible bass that I sold within weeks of delivery!)
  13. If this was fretted we might be having a discussion! Reminds me of Yves Carbonne's 12...
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