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  1. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    Haha, that'd be a 600 mile round trip for a £25 Bass! A 6 mile round trip would be pushing it!
  2. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    And I will take it!
  3. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    You've deeply wounded me... to the very core sir. I'll expect an unreasonably large bouquet of flowers in the post tomorrow!! 😁
  4. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    @Bassman Sam to be fair, it's £25 for a lot of salvageable parts, perfect for tinkering etc. I don't think £25 is at all an unfair price. Cheap in fact.
  5. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    A man never tells his darkest secrets... with that in mind the buyer shall remain anonymous!
  6. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    Sold! (Provisionally, pending the usual!)
  7. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    Needed to be brutally honest as it is a bit of a heap! IF... someone put a new loom in it, stripped the body and gave it a solid set up it would be perfectly usable! I however, am not that person! Maybe if it had 6 strings... But I canny be arsed to do anything with it so I shall leave it with you fine gentlemen. (I can set fire to it for you for an extra fiver!)
  8. Hi all, Looking to move on this Roundback Electro-Acoustic Guitar, the neck has separated and needs re-setting, it's not a massively difficult job, I just can't really be bothered to do it! £15 collected from Basildon, Essex and it's yours. £25 posted. I don't really have anything to post it in so it will be as well packaged as I can, but I don't have any boxes or really anything suitable so collection is recommend and cheaper! Russ.
  9. Hi all, I have a brand new and unused Benson Left Handed Strat I have no use for, comes with gig bag. These are £90 new, yours for £30 collected from Basildon, Essex. (£40 including postage). I don't really have any boxes etc. to post in so it'll be wrapped as best I can. Ideally best collected. £30 and it's yours. Russ.
  10. binky_bass

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    Well, this piece of evil needs gone from my house! So, I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to use it to unclog a toilet, set fire to, experiment with (no questions asked) or otherwise use for hideous and evil purposes. It's a bass, it has 4 strings, it DOES NOT work as the electrics are shot. The pickups do work, the truss does work (haven't bothered doing any kind of set up so the action is currently high). It has 4 functional tuners, a reasonable bridge a body and a neck... If anyone wants to harvest parts, or stick in some cheap tronics then it might be useful. £25 collected (Basildon, Essex) or £35 posted (please note I don't have a box so it will be posted wrapped up in whatever I can find! It already doesn't work and has plenty of dings so I can't imagine it getting any more damaged in the post. 25 of your finest English pounds for this 'project'. Russ.
  11. I've got 7 sets of used bass strings, all are from 6 string basses so there's 42 strings in total here. All are used in varying degrees, some are perfectly useable, some are a little more 'dead'. They vary in brands from Conklin to Ernie Ball, all have been repackaged in the boxing for the new strings I replaced them with, happy to send all in one bag or boxed at the photo shows. One box has 2 sets in it hence why there's only 6 boxes! All have been cut for 3 a side basses, some 34" some 35", all with a decent amount of length left to wind around the headstock. £20 collected for all of them, £25 posted in the UK. Happy to send anywhere in the world, but postage costs might vary! Less than 50p a string here! Russ.
  12. Indeed they are! Although I think these are now sold pending the usual...
  13. Hi, Up for sale is this Hipshot Thunderbird replacement bridge, high mass and makes full contact with the body, the two anchor screws are included although one is chrome and the other is black. (Not sure why!) Asking £45 including postage. Collection from Basildon also welcome. Russ.
  14. I would think it would be fine. If you can measure the size of the headstock hole I can measure the size of the tuner to make sure it would fit if you want.