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  1. I think you'll find they are holes... ok, ok, I'm leaving!
  2. binky_bass

    6 string acoustic bass?

    Warwick Aliens are very reasonable 6 string acoustic basses.
  3. binky_bass

    17 String Bass...

    100% chance this thing is 100% unplayable in every single way!
  4. It could work if the heel was profiled down to a smooth transition that scalloped inward from the 24th fret to the upper bout of the cutaway in my poorly photoshopped pic. But as a single cut without the single cut it certainly lacks actually playability!
  5. I don't really understand photoshopping, but this is how I feel this bass should look... (ish)
  6. If you strategically put your thumb over the top of the 'single cut' and close one eye accordingly to blot out the shame of that section of the body shape it's actually a very reasonable design, assuming you can trick your mind into believing it's a true single cut and that it isn't some kind of shameful status streamliner wannabe. Copious amounts of acid helps with this process. (Disclaimer: visions of Satan crawling up your leg with a knife between his teeth are a natural by product of acid taking.)
  7. binky_bass

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    Bee Basses, Nordstrand Pick-ups and Conklin. It's now close to 13 years since I placed my order for Binky, and as much as it was a custom bass made to some very particular specifications it still amazes me every time I pick him up. Everything from the build quality to the ergonomics to the general tone and sound both acoustically and plugged in far exceed what I ever expected and being honest, I expected a lot from this bass! From point of order to delivery was just over 2 years, but mother of god it was worth it! No bass I have ever played at any level comes close, and a good 95% of people that have held and played Binky have come to the same conclusion. Some kudos to Carey Nordstrand too as he built the pickups for Binky based on a small essay I wrote explaining the sound I wanted, and he absolutely nailed it! Conklin also greatly impressed me, I managed to snag an 8 string custom USA Conklin a few years ago, and yes they are eye-wateringly expensive, but they are also a total game changer! Build is just insane and their in-house pickups combined with a demeter pre-amp just kills almost everything else out there. So Bee Basses, they are rare as hens teeth on the second hand market, and Fred doesn't seem to be building anymore, but if you EVER see one for sale, buy it. They are simply outstanding. Nordstrand pick-ups - Because they made something so specific to my wants without batting an eyelid and Conklin because, well, they are stunning in every capacity!
  8. Fantastic, looks outstanding sir!
  9. binky_bass

    Gretsch White Falcon Bass FS

    The man is right, didn't say 'Gretsch' earlier! The mysterious ways of basschat... Beautiful bass either way!
  10. Gasping for those red strings to come off! I know it's silly but you actually might find there's more interest in the bass with a 'normal' set of strings on it.
  11. @Dood [email protected] - CEO UPS Global [email protected] - CEO UPS UK Go striaght to the CEO, this is what I had to do to make Parcel Force take the situation Hellzero mentioned seriously. Russ.
  12. binky_bass

    Bassy Things With 6 Or More Strings...

    That Peavey TL6 is interesting... those Vigiers too! If you'd consider selling the Peavey, I might be interested sir!
  13. binky_bass

    Bassy Things With 6 Or More Strings...

    @eude, I didn't pursue the Warwick idea as the spec I wanted came out with a custom shop quote of over £14,000. Which is just insane money, yes it would of been probably the nicest Warwick ever created but for £14,000 I could buy a small fleet of second hand Foderas without them losing £10,000 in the second they're delivered!
  14. binky_bass

    Bassy Things With 6 Or More Strings...

    I was tempted by that Raro when it was up for sale! The 'orange' Overwater is a lot more yellow in the flesh, it's not the one that was on here recently though I did buy it from here probably 4 or 5 years ago. The Conklin was made by Bill Conklin himself in 2007 for Ishibashi Music in Japan, it was designed as a 'show stopper' and has an intimidating spec! Buckeye Burl top, pink ivory fretboard with Wenge stringers, wenge/rosewood neck, 24 fret, 8 string, custom Conklin magnetic pickups, custom RCM piezo pickups, RCM Midi pickup system, duel stereo output with midi output, duel truss rod with graphite reinforcement bars, Hipshot Ultralite tuners, RCM individual bridge rails. 34" scale. Demeter pre-amp. Controls are: top row: Vol, mag blend, piezo vol, midi vol. Middle row: bass, mid, treble. Bottom row: switch for piezo only/mag and piezo/midi only and midi toggle switch. The Bass has a cost of $12,000 when built and is NEVER leaving my possession! It's simple incredible and the best bass I've ever owned (except Binky).