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This Sunday!

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  1. Marshall, err....2x12?

    Maybe the other half has sunk into the floor?
  2. Curbow Int. Xotic petite xt33 7-string fretless

    If only this was fretted!! A rare and stunning beast indeed....
  3. 2001 Warwick Streamer

    Yeah assumed it was Ovangkol. Still, a cracking bass.
  4. 2001 Warwick Streamer

    Is that a wenge neck?
  5. Phil Jones Double Four £100 Cardiff

    I would think that one of three things will/has happened... 1: They've already been snapped up. 2: They've been snapped up and will shortly be for sale again at thrice the price. 3: He's been told they're worth more and will be re-list at a higher price. We shall see! Hopefully one of us BCers will grab them and enjoy them!
  6. Phil Jones Double Four £100 Cardiff

    Messaged him on both. Will definitely be having these if its legit!
  7. Amp/Combo job lot

    I wouldn' touch it either but there is some value there... Got to be worth £30-£40 or so in various spare part at least.
  8. New Sei bass.

    Sometimes... just sometimes you can find treasure in a Cash Converters. I found a Warwick Vampyre Through-neck in the Basildon branch, it was serial number 0001 which when discussed with Warwick turn out to be the very first Vampyre ever sold. It's a rare day, but sometimes you can find very interesting stuff.
  9. New Sei bass.

    I know... it's a curious place to find such a beast. Very glad it has been put back into service, a Sei like this doesn't deserve to rot away in a corner!
  10. New Sei bass.

    This was mine! Very glad to see it back up and running... I actually found this hiding in a dark corner of a cash converters of all places! Due to it having a small body and me having a big body it just would never look right on me! But I couldn't leave it to die in a freakin' cash converters!!! Glad you're happy with it Kevin! I'm more than happy with the Overwater.
  11. Le Fay Pangton 6 ´89

    Very interesting indeed! Looks beautiful in its uniqueness.
  12. And the medal for longest title ever goes to......... Tony!!!!
  13. Overwater Bass

    Cheap for one of these...