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  1. I'm absolutely aware one is more than enough, but at the price they were I'm not sorry I bought two. I can have my fill and sell one on in a year or so and probably break almost even.
  2. Looks like you'll be lugging this around instead @Beedster. Been told by guitarguitar that they've just realised one has a black grill! Or should I say this:
  3. Sounds like an offer for a free roadie!
  4. Evening all, So GuitarGuitar have just told me that one of the two Mesa Boogie Powerhouse Traditional 4x10 I've just bought from them has a special order black grill as opposed to the silver/grey grill the traditionals should have. As recompense for this faux pas they have offered me a £98 (yes, £98 not £100) gift card to spend as I choose on anything at all from their bountiful website. My preference however is to ask Mesa to ship me over a matching grey/silver grill or black grill so I end up with a matched pair! I am therefore offering this £98 gift card for a mere £80. Have £18 on me! It's as good as cash, so long as you are buying from guitarguitar. Someone here must be looking to buy some strings or something soon, if so then for 80 of your actual pounds I will grace you with 98 guitarguitar pounds! That is all. Russ.
  5. I had actually planned on balancing both cabs on the head, but with the head on it's side and the cabs upside down. Totally legit. 👍
  6. An artist's rendition (a terrible artist... me.)
  7. Agreed. I did have an older Powerhouse 4x10 like that one you posted, ran it with a Mesa M-Pulse 600. Was a very good rig. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll actually prefer these Mesa cabs to my current PJB cabs, I do love the PJB cabs, but they MUST now go with the Mesa cabs coming in. From my experience the Bass has the largest impact in tone (quite obviously), followed by head, then cabs. Most 'high end' cabs I've owned over the years haven't really coloured the sound that much, they just accurately pump out 'noise' based on the bass/head combination. Looking forward to seeing these cabs in the flesh!
  8. Yes sir. Wheels they have. Thank god...
  9. I got suckered right in... I barely remember doing it. I think I was drugged... I know it's totally unnecessary and I'll never actually run it at 'full volume' as I don't tend to play stadiums but £599 for a brand spanking new Mesa Traditional 4x10 seemed pretty damn good. Most second hand ones I've seen have gone for more, so logic be damned! I'll stick a photo up when they arrive. If my spine survives lifting them, which is unlikely. So, if I don't die from over exposure to high volumes, I'll die from 'crushed spine' syndrome. Either way, I'm most likely a goner.
  10. So... it happened again... I need genuine medical help. Our good friends at guitarguitar have dropped the price of their last 2 Mesa Boogie Traditional Powerhouse 4x10 cabs to a lean £599 a piece, that's 55% off the RRP of £1350 (currently selling for that at gear4music). And, well... I may have accidentally bought them. Both. My inner OCD required a full matching rig after having bought the Mesa Boogie Strategy Eight:88 from err... well... guitarguitar a month or so ago. So now, once these cabs have been delivered, the rig will be a Mesa Boogie Strategy Eight:88 head with two rather tasty 600w Mesa Boogie Traditional Powerhouse 4x10 cabs. If I'm not heard from in the next few days, it's because the walls of my house have crumbled due to the horrendous volumatic nature of this completely unnecessary rig! Help. Please.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Hi all, I'm not at all sure I want to move these on but my OCB is causing me great inner turmoil mostly because I have an opportunity to buy two Mesa Traditional 4x10 cabs at a great price and given I've recently bought a Mesa Strategy 8:88, the thought of a full Mesa mega stack is SUPER tempting, so... I'm offering these two exceptional PJB cabs for sale. These cabs are awesome, the tone and projection is stunning, they look intimidating and have enough power to level a city block. (Combine power of 1200w). The 12b weights in at a little more than 30kg and the 6t is 20kg or so. The 12b is 6 ohm and the 6t is 12 ohm, run together in as daisy chain they operate at 4 ohm so ideal for the majority of amps. The 12b has 12x5 Neo Power PJB speakers and runs at 600w, the official weight is 68.5lbs and the dimensions are 21" x 20" x 29" The 6t has 6x5 Neo Power PJB speakers and also runs at 600w, the official weight is 51lbs and the dimensions are 21" x 18" x 16" (ish). The 12b doesn't come up for sale too often, these were a shade north of £1000 new, the 6t sits exactly on top of the 12b to form a stack that will crush most other cabs. The 6t cabs have a retail of £700ish. So I'm pricing these at 50% of new price. I'm in Basildon, Essex and these are strictly for collection or possible meet up somewhere. Any questions, let me know! Pictures show the rig with the Mesa head, which is obviously not included! Will post some more pics once I've deleted a few as I'm at my BC data limit! Russ.
  13. Hi, So I got this in a box of random bits I bought from a fellow basschatter, I will never have a use for it except to cut it up and use it for various strange and illicit purposes, so instead of doing that, I thought it best to offer it up to anyone who may want it. I'm assuming it's for a Dingwall Super J 4, looks exactly the same but as I don't have a Dingwall Super J 4 I can't 100%. Can't imagine what else it could be for! Reckon postage would be £2, so if you're happy to pay postage then I'll send it out to you! Ta, Russ.
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