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  1. This is from 1965, not 1865... 😜
  2. I'm a lefty, well kind of... seems the only thing I actually do left handed is write!! I bought this set last week thinking it'd be OK to learn with, but having hit a few balls down the range I'm much more comfortable with right handed clubs. I paid a mere £20 for these so all I want is money back. They're all in perfectly serviceable condition, the bag is 'well used' but does the job. There's 11 clubs in all and the bag, so for £20 you can't really loose out. I believe the clubs are as follows: 3 Wood 5 Wood 3 Iron 4 Iron 5 Iron 6 Iron 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron P Wedge S Wedge I can post them if need be, but that'd be at least £15 so collection from Basildon, Essex is definitely preferable. Any questions, let me know!
  3. Luckily you can't see the private 'Everyone hates Cliff Edge' thread. It's the new Basschat place to be! 😜
  4. Found yet another set of Schaller strap locks in a drawer... no use for these now as I've gone full Dunlop! Both silver, both Schaller, both (quite) shiny. £9 posted to your door. To be honest, I don't really care about the money - if you want them, let me know, maybe just chuck a few quid into the BassChat box or lob a fiver at a charity of your choice. Alternatively, pay me a tenner and I'll attach these to a reasonable CODE strap and send it your way postage included.
  5. Da daaa dadada! Yes yes, I'm leaving...
  6. £150 is cheap for one of these. Great cabs!
  7. And they are still doing now! That 'sale' is a cheeky bit of advertising... every day the code changes to state the end of the sale is that day but the next day the sale continues... tricks you into panic buying. Having said that, the two I 'panic bought' arrived today and are really quite good!
  8. Sold a strap to Maxillius, perfectly smooth transaction! Another credit to Basschat!
  9. Mesa do make some of the very best bass gear out there... I've had maybe 6 or 7 rigs over the last 5 years from a good slice of 'top end' brands and my current Mesa rig smashes all of them to the ground. Never underestimate the Mesa!!
  10. Nope. The neck looks like a very rough home made attempt at a Warwick neck. Not worth a tenner in my opinion.
  11. I suspect it's related to the power valve section. Every 10-20 seconds or so while powered up there is a loud 'pop', that pop's loudness is relative to how high up the volume is so when gigging/practicing it is very much noticeable. GuitarGuitar have very kindly agreed to take it back and send it to an authorised UK Mesa repair centre. I only bought it about a year ago and because of various lockdowns I've never even gigged it! I think it's been used by me for about 20 hours tops since it was delivered so the fault definitely isn't usage of it! I have to say that the customer service at GuitarGuitar is spot on, very glad they're helping put it right!
  12. Still have the rig - I'd not have considered selling it if it wasn't to make up some ground on a house move. Looks like we've now secured a house without the need to liquidate all my gear! Ironically my Mesa is having issues at the moment, looks like it'll be going back to the store I bought it from to be returned to Mesa for repair. Hopefully it'll be back before gigs/practice picks up!
  13. @tvickey - I think if we combined our Mesa rigs we could hire ourselves our as a demolition company! Walls would come tumbling down in seconds!
  14. The reality is we are all in this position. I know I'm fortunate to own the instruments I do, I see some as 'cash I can enjoy' and others in a much more sentimental light. But you are correct, they are all sellable assest if push came to shove. I hope to not have to liquidate them, but I would if I had a good enough reason to. Instruments are a luxury we're lucky to enjoy.
  15. @mhoss32 - do these come in a 6 or 7 string format? If so, I've got a packet of gummie bears with your name on it! 😜 Excellent work sir, I'd estimate you'd be looking at 7 to 10k for this kind of spec from a 'known' luthier, assuming they'd even want to undertake the work involved in that marquetry!
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