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  1. No point dredging up an ancient for sale thread, all it does it make other people think it's still for sale! Someone should probably lock this given it was posted 3 years ago with no further comment from the OP.
  2. Going for a Camohor burl back and rear head stock cap on this now. Really only to mirror Binky a bit closer. I've changed it to a 30.5 scale too and will most likely be adding a second pickup and a 5k DFM East pre-amp too.
  3. Didn't buy that one! I have had a few unbelievable purchases over the years though, buy far and away the best was my Conklin USA custom 8 string through neck. Paid £300 for that. There is a lengthy story behind it, but essentially all that needed doing was a change of battery and battery connector and a THOROUGH clean, and I mean everything stripped off clean. But still, not bad for a $12,000 bass That ain't going anywhere EVER though! My advice, hunt around, keep your eyes open at every turn, and you'll find some cracking deals eventually!
  4. Certainly isn't the going rate! But good deals can be had if you spend all of your day searching, negotiating and travelling to get a deal done! You have to work mighty hard to get a deal like that, it isn't something that is a regular occurrence. I frequently scoure the net for instruments when they're being sold at great prices, some I keep, some I move on straight away to reinvest the money in something I want. The seller gets paid for a quick sale, and if I sell it on the next buyer gets it cheaper than anywhere else and I get a small profit which goes straight back into the bass market and usually in the pocket of a basschatter! Keeps the market flowing!
  5. Also, to add, the original gumtree seller originally had it listed at £1600, and for 8 months it didn't sell with the price being lowered every month or so. I made him and offer, he accepted. It was there long enough for anyone who wanted it to see it! Now it's with a fellow BCer who bought it for £400 less than the original price and £1100 less that this Bsss Direct one. Everyone wins!
  6. To be honest, I paid £800 for my one, sold it for £1200 (not the advertised £1500) so with this one at £2300 it'd be nearer a 65% difference in price. But... A: it's not the same bass and B: I cant see it ever selling at that price! I did speak to bass direct before listing mine on Basschat, they suggested listing it at £1800 with a view to accepting £1600 or so plus the 20% commission means just under £1300 to me. Was more than happy to sell it for the £1200 to a decent basschatter with the £400 profit going straight to Alan at ACG for a new build. No shame in flipping a bass every now and then. Business is business. Russ.
  7. I'm going to mark this as sold as there are now 3 people wanting to buy... if ALL the sales fall through, I'll re-open! (Should of asked for more! 😭)
  8. Hi, Up for sale here is my rather stunning Shuker custom built 6 string bass, as some of you may have seen, this was on eBay last week and 'sold' for £675 with the bidder then cancelling the sale, as such I'm going to list it here for the non-negotiable price of £695 which includes free postage with the UK or a £25 contribution to any other postage (EU, USA etc.) In my opinion, £695 with free postage is silly money for this bass... Only listing it at this price as it'd be unfair to ask for more as I would have let it go on eBay as per the final sale price. This things is an amazing bass, it has dual EMG soapbar pickups which provide a vast array of tones from hi-fi clarity to deep bassy lows. I believe the pre-amp is a Seymour Duncan 3 band, it has Volume, blend, bass, mid, treble controls and works beautifully with the EMG pickups. The tuners are Gotoh reso-lite tuners and the bridge pieces are individual hipshot mono-rail bridges. Scale length: 34" String spacing: 18mm Weight: 4.5kg Both the top wood and back wood are AAAA quilt maple, it has a beautiful 3D effect and is about as good as you can get from quilt maple! The body core is mahogany and with 5 laminate neck (maple, wenge, flame maple, wenge, maple). The fretboard is a beautiful piece of birdseye maple and plays as good as it looks. The overall construction is absolutely impeccable, the bass has very few marks on it anywhere, there is one light scratch on the upper bout, but besides that it's almost mint. To custom order a bass like this now would set you back over £3000, so I'm sure someone will get an incredible deal here. I'm only selling to fund another custom 6 string bass. The bass with come with the original Shuker/Hiscocks hard case and it has been freshly re-strung so it's ready to rock! I'm happy to ship the bass, however this will be uninsured as I cant find any couriers that insure instruments, but as it has the hard case it should be safe enough! Please do note if I ship this, this is on the understanding that the buyer assumes all responsibility once I've dropped it at the post office, unless you can tell me a courier I can insure with! (May ask for a small postage contribution if it's a particularly expensive courier) Collection is more than welcome (I'll knock £25 off the price for collection). I'm based in Basildon, in Essex and you're welcome to come view it before hand. If you have any questions, please do ask! Can post more pictures if needed, just let me know!
  9. That is my favourite MTD! Any trade options?
  10. That'd be mine... selling it and a Streamer LX6 to fund an ACG build. Russ.
  11. Yup, B to C as per a standard 6 string, 24 frets too. I really think this will be a game changer bass for me. Might look a little odd as I'm 6"4' and not small!
  12. Afternoon all, I recently bought a super short 23.5 scale Bee Bass from a fellow basschatter, and it ruined me... I'm a player who's always tended toward the larger basses, I have 10 string Bee Bass, a 9 string ACG and a small fleet of other 8, 7 and 6 string basses. Anything from standard 34" scale up to a 40" scale, but now I've played the 23.5" scale Bee Bass, it has utterly flipped my playing on its head! So, with the revelation of how easy super short scale basses are to play, with nearly no sacrifice to sound, tone, quality or any other area, I have enlisted Mr Alan Cringean to build me a 26.5" scale 6 string bass. The spec will be as follows: 'Micro' Salace E type body 26.5" scale 6 strings White Limba body Buckeye burl top with matching headstock cap Birdseye maple fret board 5 piece maple/wenge set neck Single ACG soapbar pickup Passive vol/tone electronics Hipshot 17mm type B bridge Gotoh tuners Dunlop strap locks All in, it should be an absolutely cracking bass, much lighter than what I'm used to, much faster to play, super simple electronics, with all the quality and beauty of an ACG. Can't wait to see how this progresses and to eventually get to play it! Will update with pictures as and when I get them, for now, here is the VERY rough template and the Buckeye top... Cheers, Russ.
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