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  1. There he is... He lives in a Lego construction site.
  2. Music is one of the most subjective things there is! Especially with fairly niche bands like this. But you're wrong and they're great. 😝
  3. Shall we all be adults, put the handbags down, and get back to the thread then? Yes? OK. I have a 1979 Ibanez Roadster RS800 with a good number of battle scars! Will post a picture when I can be bothered to go upstairs... too many heats to climb stairs right now!
  4. Well... The prize for the most ridiculous overreaction goes to you sir. My comment wasn't exactly damming now was it? T'was a mere observation will no ill intent meant and I'm not sure really how you could possibly have misconstrued my comment in any fashion to warrant your rather insane ramble! Says a lot about your state of mind sir. I fear for anyone who may actually have insulted you! Jeez... some people!
  5. @Baloney Balderdash I swear you've posted that same bass in about 600 different threads!!
  6. The scratch plate suggests 70's Jedson to me. The machine heads and Pickup cover also look Jedson-esque. That'd be my guess! I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along and confirm what it is.
  7. Just to play devils advocate, this bass was made probably 3 years or so before Bass Direct sold Grossman basses, and from what I can see they are selling one Grossman basss commissioned by themselves so I'm not sure where the link is between the defect on this bass and Bass Direct unless it's just to try and get in contact with Christian through Bass Direct. I would also be surprised if after speaking to Grossman that they had anything to say about this as A: it may have been a customer request or B: it might have been sold with the defect mentioned. I would think your best bet is to speak to the seller and understand why the 'defect' wasn't mentioned or shown in the advert. Realistically, IF the bass is a quality bass in all other areas, IF it sounds and plays well and has been built well (bar this issue) then there are a number of cheap ways you can mod the bass to be 'correct' from using a dot of black nail varnish (assuming the dots are black) to make the 12th more noticeable (maybe 3 dots?) or speaking to a luthier about professionally dealing with this, perhaps the seller would refund a small amount to allow this to happen. Just a few thoughts!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Reiver Kompakt T7 made by Alan of ACG. An exceptional thing.
  10. They're heavy, but with excellent vocals. Interesting time signatures and great tone. Listen to the first 3 songs on 'Rise Radiant', if you like those 3 you'll like the rest!
  11. I've recently discovered this band and dayum are they good! 'The Tide, The Thief & The Rivers End' is a spectacular album, as is 'Rise Radiant', particularly the song 'Salt'. REALLY worth a listen. Anyone else aware of these guys?
  12. I still haven't got over that time when I threw you a birthday party, hired a petting Zoo, got a clown, hired a juggler AND a balloon artist as well as a caricature artist, a harp player and an ice cream van, and you didn't even show up... last time I do ANYTHING for you!!!
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