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  1. Just to confirm this is still available! @kevosborne2010, if you are interested please let me know via PM.
  2. £300 is a steal for this cab...
  3. Really tempted by this, these Ibanez ATKs are excellent bits of kit!
  4. These are great amps! I had one for a few years before going to a MB Multiamp Mono. Unbelievable amount of headroom.
  5. FYI - it's the one on the left in the below photo.
  6. My old cab... Only traded this one away as I had 2 of them. Would be very tempted to get it back if I had a use for a second one! Great cabs, top seller too. Who ever gets this won't be disappointed.
  7. Not had a response back myself yet! Hoping to be 1st in line if it's still available!
  8. Hi, I've recently left a covers band project and as such I no longer need my Eden Metro 2x10 combo so up for sale it goes! These are simply outstanding combos, often referred to as THE best bass combo, and with good reason. It's a weighty beast, but if you can get passed that then it will not disappoint! I believe these were a little north of £1500 when new, and as a second hand price reference, The Bass Gallery have one up for £650. I'm asking £350 in the hopes of a reasonably quick sale. I'm in Basildon, Essex, collection will be required on this unless you can arrange a courier! Any questions, let me know. (I'll post some more photos tomorrow). Cheers, Russ.
  9. I have an extremely rare hornless Unicorn.
  10. Can I have these please? My 1979 Roadster is gasping for a re-string but I only have 6 string sets!
  11. Looks like a Rainbow threw up on it.
  12. £25 per serving of pot... that's what I usually pay 😂
  13. Just wanted to share... I HATE COLOURED STRINGS!!!! They makes all basses look cheap and nasty. It's the bass equivalent to having eyelashes on your car and it is NOT acceptable! Be ashamed all those who soil their bass with such tack! I'll be round the back of the bike sheds at 4pm if anyone wants to fight about it. (Over-arm fisty-cuffs style only though please!) *windmills angrily into the distance*
  14. One of my favourite Fender colours... Do you have any documentation regarding the neck change from Fender?
  15. How much do you think postage to Essex would be? This could he useful! Cheers, Russ.
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