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  1. binky_bass

    Vigier Arpege III - 6 strings

    I'd be seriously considering this if it were 24 frets. Lovely looking beast.
  2. That's the ticket... absolutely ace looking head. Actually severely tempted. Would you part with the head/case on its own? And is postage an option?
  3. Would definitely look spot on and tidy in an nice sturdy SKB case! This is a rare bit of 90's kit, would love to give it a test run is you were Essex based.
  4. binky_bass

    GreenBoy Fearless F112

    @Al Krow, be warned... I am Jon Snow and therefore know nothing...
  5. binky_bass

    GreenBoy Fearless F112

    Eminence Kappalite 12" speakers are 400w at 8ohm, so I'd go with that as a guide to be safe, but with the 5" speaker and the tweeter it could be closer to 600w.
  6. Gasping for the pre and power to be in a rack! Cracking gear though, sound is almost dead on for Eden in my opinion. Would be very happy to own this if you were closer/I had the space.
  7. binky_bass

    Vintage V100

    Dump it in eBay mate, it'll go for more than £100 for sure.
  8. binky_bass

    Aguilar DB750 value head n cabs

    Your title says 'value head', it presumably should say 'valve head'. Think that's what Andy means.
  9. binky_bass

    Aguilar DB750 value head n cabs

    That is a tasty beast...
  10. binky_bass

    Warwick Thumb NT 6 - pre-Brexit price GBP 1900

    Brexit... soon to be ruining European bass buying/trading. 😡😡
  11. binky_bass

    FS Glockenklang Soul II

    Fair enough, eBay do like to poach a good 14% if factoring in PayPal fees. It's a cracking amp so I'm sure it'll sell soon!
  12. binky_bass

    FS Glockenklang Soul II

    £450 isn't a bad offer considering your asking price is £490. On this forum it's almost rude to not haggle! (FYI I'm not the offeree!)
  13. binky_bass

    Schroeder 21012L for sale

    Super tempting... Jorg Schroeder is a great guy and makes superb cabs. Good luck with the sale sir!
  14. binky_bass


    Very quick sale! 😂