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  1. Hi, Up for sale here is my Thomann 88 key digital piano. It's works perfectly and sounds fantastic. It's a full size digital piano with weighted keys. It comes with a fitted stands that has dual pedals. I think this was near £400 new and even at that price was excellent value for money. I'm only selling as my guitarist has a very nice Kawai digital piano that we're going to be using in my studio room instead of this one, so this one is up for grabs! I'm asking £100. Based in Wickford, Essex. Collection only! Any questions, please ask! Russ.
  2. @lownote - I've owned maybe 4 Cort A6 basses of various iterations including the one you've bought. Having owned almost all high end/boutique basses out there, I can say that these Cort A6 basses are not out of place among them in terms of quality. IMO theyre excellent value for money, built to a very high standard and punch well above their weight. Whenever anyone asks me about the best 'budget' 6er, the Cort A6 is the one I always recommend. An excellent purchase sir, I reckon you'll be very happy! 😁
  3. Yes. I owned a 6 string version that was then sold to @Oldman. The series did exist in a catalogue (images below) but the build numbers you mentioned for 5 strings and 6 strings are about right. IMO these are excellent basses - the one I had was built to a fantastic standard and played beautifully. It could easily stand up against the likes of a Euro Spector.
  4. My 10 string Bee Bass. In a fit of vanity I did have it made with my name in Abalone on the 4th fret and with 'R.S.N Signature Bee' on the headstock!
  5. Probably a more fitting description, final photos once we're 'moved in' will be the decider. Primary use is for band rehearsal/writing absolutely. Secondary use is a place to house a few bits of cardio gym equipment - or 'band fitness gig stamina training devices' as they shall be referred to!
  6. Just been down the end... Bathroom is done and we have power and lights! Just need a carpet (hopefully Monday) and the second coat of render then we can 'move in'.
  7. Good tips sir, but I'm not going that deep down the rabbit hole... yet! It's definitely more of a rehearsal space for my band, but it will also house a few bits of gym equipment as well as a sofa, TV, some furniture and of course the bathroom. So yes it's predominantly for the band, but it's also extra general living space and will also double as a poker lounge for our quarterly game!
  8. It'll be underlayed and carpeted primarily to stop drumkits sliding around!
  9. It's going to be a bit of a multifunctional space, so will have more than just drums and amps in it - the plan really at the moment is to see how it all sounds as is once we've 'moved in' and treat the room accordingly over a period of a few weeks.
  10. Got most of the bathroom fitted and some painting done. Had a few issues... the painter sprayed the room and either forgot to seal the plaster or did it poorly, the paint where the walls meets the ceiling has started to peel so they've had to sand it back and redo it. Also the splashwalls for the shower have been provided by B&Q in the incorrect orientation so they'll be funding removal and re-installation of new panels. All that being said, it's moving forward!
  11. The beginning of The Lion King classic 'Circle of Life' but with the lyrics 'angry Llama eating a banana' sung repeatedly...
  12. Honestly, as an owner of a GR AT410+ I have not had any concerns about fragility. I've had mine for 8-9 months give or take, and as I've said before I use it once or twice a week where it gets loaded in and out of a car, through the narrow corridors of the practice rooms, it has bits and pieces sitting on top of it all the time, it goes up and down stairs etc. I have had zero problems with it and more so I've never thought to myself 'I need to walk on eggshells with the cab' Sure it will withstand less hammer blows that a 13-ply birch Mesa Powerhouse cab, but at the end of the day every other bit of gear we use (pedals, basses, amps etc) are definitely more fragile than these cabs so it's all a moot point! These don't crumble when you look at them, they are perfectly serviceable and as strong as any reasonable person needs them to be.
  13. All plastered up and windows in...
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