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  1. Spector Euro6 LX (Nordstrand pickups)

    Very nice, though a slight shame that there is a hole where the additional pot once was.
  2. Overwater 7 string bass.

    Been waiting 3 days for a response to my PM! Ambient is a busy man!
  3. Overwater 7 string bass.

    Any trades sir?
  4. FS: Ken Smith BSR6GN

    None of the photo links work for me expect the one with the receipt.
  5. 2005 Modulus funkunlimited 5

    Yup, working perfectly now!
  6. The price means nothing until the last few seconds... all the instruments I've sold on ebay have doubled/tripled the final sale price within the last hour of the auction.
  7. 2005 Modulus funkunlimited 5

    Nope. Can't access without giving personal details...
  8. Cort Artisan A6 *SOLD PENDING THE USUAL

    PM'd sir.
  9. Well what am I supposed to do with my £2.94 now?? How very inconsiderate of you!
  10. £2.94 postage and you've a deal!
  11. I think you might need some more pictures! An absolutely excellent bass (used to be mine) from an excellent seller. Someone will enjoy this!
  12. 1952 Precision

    The ebay mobile app has a much less advanced filter... I've many a time made successful contact via sending a message that way. Sending any contact info via the main eBay website in nigh on impossible.
  13. Conklin GTBD7

    Excellent basses these... had one a while back, really high build quality and cracking sound!
  14. 70s Fender P in Antigua - £400

    Ad gone again!