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  1. That is a rare beast on the second hand market... Are you open to trades?
  2. I mean I would offer a trade for your bass, but you only want to sell, and I don't have cash to buy it! (And if I did get it, I would have it fretted)
  3. I'm just setting you up for a great heist one day where you will send me all your basses and you will learn my name has never been Russ and I am but a figment of your imagination! But... until that day, may we continue to do deals! 🍻
  4. Just bought some ebony wooden knobs from Tony, having done X deals with Tony in the past (X represents a number unthinkably high!) I'm so confident everything will go smoothly I'm leaving feedback before they arrive! Only exceptional continuous service deserves this confidence!!
  5. I would trade you, but I can't buy cash! And it would then be fretted!
  6. Evening all, I have an opportunity to buy a Peavey Classic 400 head with 4x10 cab and re-speakered 1x15 cab, can I ask for a genuine opinion of what a 'good' price would be on the whole rig? Bear in mind it is well used and the cabs are a bit tatty! Thanks! Russ.
  7. How many strings though? I only have 6+ basses.
  8. What kind of trades would you be after?
  9. A few more pictures... Should be done before Christmas!
  10. A country that won't vote someone in because of the word 'Bum' isn't a country I'd want to be an MP of! Maybe I should move to the USA and grab some pússy... I'll bring the Felix!
  11. Good! I'd no doubt have used it for a month or two then turned it loose back on eBay. Story of my life!
  12. The small print says 'Bum sold separately'.
  13. Fair warning - if this is still available tomorrow, I'm going to buy it. Given it's being sold by Cash Converters in Bognor, if you do want it, I'd phone them and make them a £100 offer. Reckon they'd take it.
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