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  1. 7th time this has been posted here. 10 lashes to you @Mattbass97
  2. I imported Binky, my 10 string bass, from the states. The shipping was around $350 via FedEx fully insured. A few years later I bought a 9 string Conklin from Jean Baudin and it was actually cheaper for me to fly to San Francisco with an empty case as my luggage and bring it back to the UK than it was to suffer postage and import taxes! So £125 seems pretty darn reasonable at todays rates.
  3. Dang - If only I played fretless, and if only it had one extra string!
  4. An interesting thing... I believe Joe Perry from Aerosmith has one of these.
  5. Man I love Haken! Excellent vocal harmonies, complex and interesting compositions, perfectly balanced mix, all round good stuff! The first two albums are quite theatrical, Affinity is probably the best for casual listening, the latest album Virus is a good, if somewhat apt for current time, listen too Listening to them as we speak!
  6. @gareth - looks like a reflection to me! Could be wrong though!
  7. Mr Velvet sent me 3 kettle leads for the cost of postage, they arrived within a few days, can't say fairer than that! Thansk good sir!
  8. I believe they are actually called IEC leads... Specifically UK IEC leads. A Euro IEC lead would have a 2 prong end, so these wouldn't be Euro leads! Time to whip your sound man, I'd suggest 10 lashes.
  9. PM'd on a few of the black ones!
  10. Freshly recorded today. The relevance to the picture is that it sounds like something those guys would play! Enjoy my awfulness!
  11. Purely listed like that so they can attract idiot buyers who see the "80% off" banner and buy it because they're too stupid to realise it's a con.
  12. Clearly sir, you have not been in my presence after a curry!
  13. Saves you the temptation at least! 😁
  14. Tis a beast, but it is actually set aside for someone from this very parish...
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