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  1. binky_bass

    Sei Original 6 string headless bass

    This used to be mine for a short time pre-transformation. Bet it sounds and play superbly now! Like a Sei should. Here's another picture of the front face, really highlights the beauty of the top.
  2. binky_bass

    Feedback for T-Bay

    Clive had two spare strings from a set of Warwick acoustic bass strings, he very kindly sent them to me and didn't even want the postage cost! A good man to deal with, would happily buy from Clive next time he's selling something I fancy! Cheers good sir.
  3. binky_bass

    Yamaha TRB Series I 5 string fretted £395 SOLD

    Where are you based sir?
  4. binky_bass

    Feedback for Hellzero

    Sold ANOTHER bass to Tony. Again no complaints as always! Payment was made very quickly, bass was shipped off and everyone is happy! 😁 Always happy to do business with this man!
  5. binky_bass

    1959 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    4 string basses hold no interest to me... EXCEPT... this one. Absolutely outstanding. The condition for the near 60 years it been alive is stunning. The temptation to sell up half the collection and replace it with this is almost overwhelming...
  6. binky_bass

    NBD: Seeing Double! (De Gier).

    Afternoon all, I've recently taken delivery of a rather stunning De Gier Elevation 6 string! These things are really something special... The Hauessel BigMag pickups, the Hipshot tuners, the ETS bridge all make for a fantastic beast and Sander's craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. The new one is the deep honey/orange one with the ebony board. The other is my existing Elevation, both remarkable instruments! If you're considering a customer build, seriously consider De Gier, he is absolutely up there with the very best. Russ.
  7. binky_bass

    Music Man Big al 5 H (now 1400!!)

    Heard a lot of good things about Big Al's. Nor played one though. You have this listed as HH, as it's got just the one humbucker isn't this a H?
  8. €6,099 (£5400) new for one of these. So £3000 is a huge saving!
  9. How this is still here amazes me....
  10. binky_bass

    de Gier Bebop 5

    De Gier are superb basses! I have two Elevation 6 strings and can't say enough good things about them. Build quality is superb on these.
  11. binky_bass

    1965/6 Fender Jazz Bass SOLD

    No bass, no bass without the B. Hiram knows the score, he's got 'brains'. 😁 I'm an expensive date. 💲💲💲💲
  12. binky_bass

    1965/6 Fender Jazz Bass SOLD

    You know how to treat a lady! 💃
  13. binky_bass

    1965/6 Fender Jazz Bass SOLD

    If you buy this you HAVE to let me see it in the flesh/maybe touch it a little... this was my original No. 1 dream bass years ago before I knew basses could have more strings!
  14. Top one looks like someone praying with a naked chick behind them... just me? Thought so!
  15. binky_bass

    Feedback for Moonbass

    Just bought a lovely Sandberg Panther Special V from Andy. Very smooth transaction, great guy to deal with! No issues at all. Cheers Sir!