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  1. I'm using Loxx too, but it's a German company called Schaeffertec GmbH which is making them. 😉 https://www.loxx-products.com/
  2. I had the two similar "versions" and these are the best combos to date. Someone is going to have a terrific combo.
  3. Thanks @Reggaebass for resurrecting this thread. Don't know how I manage to ignore this terrific work. I did a kind of similar thing and put a neck plate stamped L200865 (so it matched my birthday) on a assembled fretless P-Bass (with genuine parts of 1964 that I bought over a year, a fake vintage pickguard, a fake aluminium shielding plate, a fake vintage logo, a fake vintage bridge, a fake neck plate, a rewound 1964 pickup and fake vintage screws), that I stupidly traded for a Warwick Thumb 4, clearly notifying on the "invoice" that it was not original at all, but an assembly with fake vintage parts. Sadly I saw it refretted a few months later on eBay with another neck plate for sale as a genuine 1964 Fender Precision Bass. I reported it to eBay, but they let it sell. I sent lots of messages to the seller who didn't give a sh*t...
  4. There are all the answers, watch the video.
  5. BMW is making the same with their Mini brand. Fixing higher prices all over the world. Did they get a fine ? No, I don't think so.
  6. Steve bought me a Fender Jazz Bass Flea Signature. Great communication throughout. Everything went smooth, fast and easy. Will deal again with Steve, for sure.
  7. In fact there is only one version, don't why MarBass started to mention the power the speakers can handle and went to an astounding 800 Watts, when nothing ever changed. The laws of marketing are very often understood only by marketing.
  8. Seems like curiosity never killed the cat. Have another free bump @HumblePie 😉
  9. The imperial measures system, theoretically not used anymore since more than 20 years...
  10. The annoying thing about Hipshot is that they are under weighting their items. I also weighted the HB6Y (3/8 post, like the Gotoh GB-7) and came to 52 grams for these tuners, when the Gotoh Res-O-Lite GB-350 are really at 40 grams, all included (screw and washer). 12 grams per tuner makes a huge difference. That said, concerning the Hipshot tuners, I had both (Americans and Licensed), but never really noticed any difference between the two interms of weight or quality feel... It's all in the head. 😉
  11. The James Jamerson fretless case just ended up after this recording. He explained that it was so awfully sounding that he nearly smashed it after this one and only attempt on fretless. As a double bass player, James Jamerson was told that he would get a close to that double bass sound with the Fender Precision Bass Fretless he was given the opportunity to use by Fender. He was more than disappointed and went back to The Funk Machine.
  12. As a big "mover", I've always found BassChat the place to buy, sell or trade. And even my niche instruments have always gone to another home very easily. So hats off @ped for this forum.
  13. And I have hundreds of examples like this. ^^^
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