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  1. John East EMG BTS and BQS EBS-PRE Leduc EL-5 and EL-10 Audere Wal Schack BC3P Marleaux ProgramAble Vigier Nautilus Bartolini AG2P and MPB1 ...
  2. I think @itu means full active circuitry including volume and blend, which is rarer, but not that rare. EBS, Audere, some Bartolini's, EMG, John East and some others have these features. Otherwise volume and blend are passive in most of the preamps.
  3. Guess what I'm listening to since yesterday ? 😉
  4. Just as @kevin_lindsay said, but make it 3 copies as this is what Customs will need. May I also advise you to make an invoice on your own for the gear you've sold stating it's second hand. Beware that Norway isn't part of the EEC, so your buyer will have to pay all the taxes and duties, hence the importance of your invoice (in 3 copies) stating it's second hand and the full names and addresses.
  5. Very good question. I'm waiting for any answer too...
  6. I had also an Acoustic amp with that 361 cabinet, when I was much younger (54 now) and it's really like playing through this amp. Better than the Sansamp that's a bit sterile, but of course less versatile. You'll get the Acoustic 360/361 sound and also a heavy fuzz, but that's it. I does what it's suppose to do in a some kind of frightening reality.
  7. Going back to some parts of my roots : I found it in Pisa, Italy. Bought it straight as there was only this one built in right handed. Remember that the great Yves Carbonne is left handed. I also bought its fretted cousin, as it's not an Yves Carbonne Signature, but a bass built for Bruno Ramos. Now, I'm really into 8 strings basses and love them. And, urm, urm, I ordered a custom made Leduc U-Basse 8 strings fretless... So for now, I have a perfect pair :
  8. There's also a reverb. Ok, it's a well know fact that Jaco Pastorius used only Rotosound RS66LD round wound strings. To get closer to the sound here, you'll need to double all you parts to get that chorusing effect (also used by Mick Karn, by the way), or try to approach it with a very slight delay. Use only the bridge pickup (no neck pickup as he almost never used it) with tone completely rolled off (the capacitor was a 47 nF with a 250 kOhms pot). Play, as mentioned, over the bridge pickup with a heavy attack. Boost the mids, but higher at 800 Hz. This is what makes a fretless sing. And you'll need that Acoustic 360 kind of slightly to heavy distortion, so use this, with the mids all the way up, it's amazing how close you'll get : http://www.one-control.com/blue-360-bass-preamp.html I owned a Fender Jaco Pastorius Relic Custom Shop bass with this preamp and the settings mentioned. The sound I got was really close to Jaco's sound (just adding a bit of 800 Hz to make the bass sing easily). He was also using a bass cabinet with an 18 inches driver (Acoustic 361) that is also a great part of his sound. Good luck in your tonal quest.
  9. For the shipping, you have the option of EuroSender with a 10% discount for BassChat members. The link is on top of your ad. Great combo, by the way. Had one that I stupidly sold to buy a monster rig... which is not better.
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