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  1. That's an electrical power source and technically a battery, but I wouldn't pick up an instrument with a super capacitor in it. Lithium batteries tend to explode, super capacitors do burn (overheating at very very high temperature in fact) very quickly if charging voltage exceeds the maximum voltage of the super capacitor... Unmastered technology is always an issue.
  2. On Warwick's the bridge is earthed. That said, @chyc the sound you're after can only be achieved using piezo pickup(s). You could get an approximation of it with piezo saddles in the bridge and a dedicated piezo preamp in your own Warwick, but the cost will become prohibitive. Why not buy a second hand Ibanez SRH500F or an amazing Ibanez AFR (the new generation is only fretted, but you could have it defretted or use a plectrum to get that Steve Swallow tone on a fretted piezo equipped bass). Concerning Marco's tone and solo ability, it's easy : listen to a lot of bebop soli as well as bebop walking bass lines and ... practice a LOT ! 😉 Monk Montgomery and Ray Brown II V I progressions are very good starting points (and ending points too). 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  3. Urm, urm, since when an active system doesn't require some electrical power ? These are the usual acoustic guitar suspects...
  4. Do you have a sound sample of what you call acoustic-like sounds, because it can be anything from a harsh ear bleeding tone to an organic double bass tone ? And what bass would like to fit it ?
  5. And as I wrote earlier, palm muting on the right end, no foam. If you like this kind of easy listening music (but not easy written), you'll love André Brasseur music. We saw him a few years ago with his new youngsters band, and it was just amazing. I think you all know the tunes he's playing... Check this 2017 concert :
  6. Of course, the neck pickup is almost mandatory to get the early days "knack bass" tone.
  7. @Jus Lukin : remember that Ladi GEISLER was a jazz guitar player alongside with a violin player, so mixing the jazz plectrum attack on flat wounds with the violin pizzicato technique (with the fretting hand) helped him get this "knack bass" tone. So you have to mute with your fretting hand too and have loads of treble on the amp to hear the attack, but only the attack, so boosting the bass is not the idea here. The sound comes from the muting and the attack with close to no sustain and flat wounds. On early recordings, the Gibson EB short scale typical "humpf" associated with the flat wounds is really identifiable. Later recordings with the Precision were closer to James Jamerson tone.
  8. Check this video with loads of stills :
  9. Ok, after some research, I discovered that the bass player was Ladi GEISLER, a guitar player using a technique of his own to get the "knack bass" sound. Check this excerpt from his Wikipedia page : "From composer and big band leader James Last, he bought a late 50s Gibson EB bass guitar, with which he developed his legendary "Knack bass" sound that would become an integral feature in the Easy Listening orchestra of Bert Kaempfert. Later, he used a Fender Jazz Bass model. Most recently, he used a Fender Precision Bass when he was invited to live or recording sessions. Geisler's knack bass sound was a treble staccato bass guitar sound in which the bass string was plucked with a pick and immediately suppressed to cancel out any sustain." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladi_Geisler
  10. To me, it sounds like a short scale hollow body bass with a neck single coil pickup played with a plectrum on flat wounds muted with foam or more likely palm muting : think Eko basses and the likes. Francis Darizcuren had a similar sound way back in his early days with some similar gear...
  11. Buy an EBS or an AER (or a few other brands) amp as they offer a 9V phantom power for your bass or a device like the ZAM. If you want to stick to rechargeable batteries, check their amperage : the higher the longer they'll last in your bass. Also buy a fast charger.
  12. Matches do the trick too and are (were ?) made out of alder.
  13. After the fanned frets, now it's time for the fanned bodies.
  14. Hellzero


    It's even B flap. 🤣
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