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  1. Listened to it. Of course, it's the Pino Palladino CS, as it's the only bass suited and fitted for that tune. And as always a super unscientific totally biased comparison... Why not put a banjo bass in the process to be sure it's a complete non sense approach ?!? That said, I liked the Moog sound too.
  2. Improvisation has always been a great part of Hawkwind songs process. Check this from when Lemmy joined the band as a bassist during In Search of Space and the tour sessions for Doremi Fasol Latido : Hawkwind’s bass guitarist failed to turn up and Lemmy was available. He said:
  3. I hate slap, but for once I enjoyed it as your playing is musical and makes sense. And adding these tapping parts in it was a wonderful idea. Master player ! 👍 Of course, I loved the second tune even more. Master composer too ! If your ever sell your fingers, please PM me. 😉
  4. Saw him last year with Steven Wilson in Luxembourg. Great show, fantastic bass and stick player. Was freezing cold and snowing a lot when we went home...
  5. Poltergeist in the house ? 😉
  6. After the heavy relic, the stupid relic. And we have a winner here !
  7. You are encountering what is called "neck diving". Many basses (and guitars too) are suffering this common problem, due to really poor conception of the instrument. You could try to put light weight tuners (machine heads) instead of the original ones. The lighter are the Gotoh Res-O-Lite. But this is an expansive option, so if your bass is an entry model, there is another solution which is to put the upper strap pin away until the bass balances perfectly. Like this :
  8. One of the best cover of this tune to date. What a player. Thanks for sharing this @Old Man Riva. May he rest in peace.
  9. And you get get a second generation new one here : https://service.hkaudio.com/en/product/t-amp/?v=d3dcf429c679
  10. The T-Pro 2 is a Pascal module, a Danish brand : https://www.pascal-audio.com/product/t-pro2/ Better ask them for a schematic or ask them directly to fix it as it's proprietary design and a real pain in the *ss to repair...
  11. This is the correct link to Paul Lairat basses : https://lairat.com/en/basses/basses-categorie/ 😉
  12. I had the GSS Sumo (1000 Watts) coupled to a Warwick Hellborg preamp and the AudioKinesis Hathor monster cabinet (one 18 inches driver and four 3 inches speakers). The GSS is dead silent, transparent and really powerful and, to me, better sounding than the Pascal module which is quite similar, but not as dynamic and transparent. I know have a GSS FRFR 12 + 6 + tweeter coupled to an original Glockenklang Bass Art preamp and the sound is just amazing and so light and small. You can ask Didier any question : he will answer you. Don't worry he's fluent enough in English. 😉
  13. Can't agree more, the Pagelli Golden Fretless is to me, with the Ibanez AFR, the most beautiful bass ever. Wanted to put the photo last night, but went to bed, you know sometimes there's a calling...
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