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  1. Don't forget the Sire Marcus Miller series : terrific basses for the money, even the new P10 or V10 that are more expensive.
  2. Wow, superb bass. I've always loved this Marleaux shape and these are excellent sounding basses. GLWYS.
  3. Very nice bass and excellent cover. (Beware, your part in the dusty end, the first glissando from G to A and after, is out of pitch, and it really hurts my ears 😉 ).
  4. Don't look at the map. Oops, too late !
  5. It's the Bunny Brunel filiation. 😉
  6. He is 1.93 meter tall. 😉 And Bunny Brunel has been his private teacher.
  7. And it's a 34 inches scale, but a very rare instrument as it's not been officially released by Gibson. That said Kyle Eastwood that we've seen quite a lot is a tall guy. 😉
  8. And I do check and adjust the intonation, action and neck relief (so the trussrod) after each strings change.
  9. Here's Plek official price list in German as the English one is not up to date at all : http://plekhaus.de/preise/
  10. Quite right @Downunderwonder. That said, I think you've never heard self-called sound engineers setting up a PA or worse todays DJ's... 😱
  11. Funny that nobody went to Plek directly where the whole process is clearly explained : https://plek.com/technology/ And here on their YouTube channel with the Plek technology clearly shown : I had a few basses pleked and it's a fantastic improvement, but the pleking is made under tension for the specific strings fitted. This means that for a perfect permanent setup, you have to fit exactly the same strings forever which clearly is the exact same manufacturer, the exact same gauge and the exact same material. Putting different strings means different tensions (yes tensions, a plural), so not a so perfect setup. This difference in tensions may vary from neck to neck, so better tell (not ask) Sandberg to have your bass fitted with your exact strings and, only, then pleked.
  12. Don't change anything, but the strings first. Put some Thomastik Jazz ROUND and you'll get the sound you're after.
  13. Love it ! Thanks.
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