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  1. The Glockenklang 3 bands preamp is a perfect match for the Nordstrand pickups. Use the switch as a kill switch.
  2. Dooh, I misread it, I thought it was Hate us on Trustpilot...
  3. From all ACG's I've seen or owned, this the closest to the JP Basses that Alan loves. Superb looking bass and certainly wonderfully sounding too. GLWYS.
  4. It won't, I can guarantee it. The magnetic field will catch the metal string "interferences" without any problem.
  5. And then there is the dedicated Bass mode that nobody seems to know. Yes, I always read the manual.
  6. I thought it was designed for Venetian Watery Djazz.
  7. Must be done by bankers... 🤣
  8. I do still have some sets. But it's better to PM me to respect BC rules.
  9. I have a few sets of P2 shape pickups that I tried in one of my basses : Aguilar Super Singles 5, Delano SBC 5 HE/S Driver, Nordstrand Big Split 5, Nordstrand Jazz Bar 5. All are meant to be used with a 19mm strings spacing at the bridge. My favourites are the pure single coils Aguilar Super Singles 5 or Nordstrand Jazz Bar 5. But it's quite partial as I'm a single coil aficionado for their clarity and perfect articulation. The Nordstrand Big Split 5 are too P-Bass sounding for me and the Delano SBC 5 HE/S Driver are too polite even if you can use them the way you want (single coil, parallel, series with lots of possibilities). In other shapes, I never liked the Nordstrand Big Singles (too fatty) or the Fat Stacks (too low level in stacked mode with a shy sound, even if they are better sounding in single coil mode), but enjoyed the DC in parallel or series, really beefy pickups with balls. The original Bartolini Quad Coils in whatever shape are awful to my ears : muddy, unclear, ugly low mids and no top end at all.
  10. There was no zero star possibilities, sorry. 🤣 Done too right now.
  11. Check Aliexpress to find the faker. 😉
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