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  1. Some specs like these could help : Tri 115L Isolated 3 Way Design This is Not Your Floppy, Woofy 15" Huge Even Studio Monitor Sound 1 - 15” Custom die-cast aluminum Neo Woofer 1 - 6” Mid Range 2 - Soft Textile Dome Neo Tweeters w/ circuit breaker protection 2 Speakons/1/4” Combo Jacks & Removable 2.5” Pop-in Casters Freq. Re. & SPL: 38 Hz - 18 kHz (35 [email protected]) 101 dB SPL Dimensions: 21 ¼”H x 24 ¾”W x 18 ¼”D —Weight: 44.6 lbs. Power Rating: 500 watts RMS @ 8 Ohms
  2. Thanks for the clarification. 👍
  3. Urm, your explanations are not very clear... Which one are you talking about : the Grace Felix, the Api TranZformer or the Hellborg PR40. As a Hellborg PR40 owner too, it's the best bass preamp I've ever heard or tried to date.
  4. Hellzero


    String spacing ?
  5. The Fenderish headstock is, in fact, an Austrian design from an acoustic guitar of ... 1820. 🤔 I guess the family should sue Bigsby and Fender to earn a lot of money. 😁 Why hire an instrument trader (wanting to earn more money every minute) like Mark Agnesi, as Director of Brand Experience (what did they smoke ?), when they could have hired the way way way more clever Ned Steinberger who licensed his design instead of suing the counterfeiting companies. I know, he would certainly have laughed a lot after the nice job Gibson did with his brand. Talking about Steinberger just points out the fact that Gibson is only able to buy a company and then ruin it completely within the next minute. Remember the Tobias case too ? And what about Heritage ? Will they sue them too, even if there has been a legal agreement at the time. And for those wanting to see and hear a pathetic new Trump, here it is (again) :
  6. Try the good old Seymour Duncan Hot Stacks, very balanced pickups and great set combination, and the basic Jazz Bass sound is still present, just fatter and hotter. The Nordstrand Big J-Blade Warm & Wooly just stick to your description needs, if you like the look and ... price. @Marcoelwray is an official retailer for Nordstrand pickups and also for Delano. Just ask him what would suit your needs. 😉
  7. Is there a way to get a milky sound ?
  8. Thanks Ash, I will for sure. I had a Series 3 UL310 and it was really good. I know that the first series have different speakers, considered to be "better" : will see, or more precisely hear. 😉
  9. Bargain indeed, but my fuel will cost the bass, without the 2 days travel...
  10. Yes, but first use a continuity tester to check each and every connection, following the first schematic, that will be faster and easier.
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