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  1. Easy, as customs don't know a thing about wood. You can tell them it's flamed maple, they won't be able to tell you it's not. Sad but true.
  2. Make a star grounding, that's the best way to ground. Ans all cavities must be grounded otherwise it's a useless job. Aluminium is very good for grounding, but is impossible to solder (with tin) hence the use of copper.
  3. Are your cavities all connected to the ground ? If not, it could solve the problem. That and check the conductivy between bridge and ground : the closest to 0 (zero) Ohm, the better.
  4. Benedetti pickups and Glockenklang are working very well together. The John East is not for these pickups, you'll lose the huge dynamics and articulation of these terrific single coil pickups.
  5. Nobody mentioned a spare guitarist, drummer, keyboardist and singer... 🤣
  6. Just watched the video, lots of mistakes and omissions in it... Even if it's interesting. The first Precision Bass had bakelite saddles, not carbon, that had a tendency to break. The pickguard was in wood first painted in black (over a can), then bakelite, then plastic. The first electric bass player was indeed the vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, but the first real electric bass player to record with it was Monk Montgomery in 1953. He played the Precision Bass because Lionel Hampton insisted on it when he joined back the band in 1952. He then only played an electric bass with his thumb, just line his brother Wes playing the guitar. He is also known to have been the best Fender bass ambassador over the early years. The 1968 Fender tuners or machine heads are referred as Lollipop tuners. The action on James Jamerson's funk machine was high because the truss rod was broken, not because he was a double bass player, but the fact he was one pmade it happen because this higher action wasn't an issue for him. He also never changed the strings on his bass unless they broke. The 1981~1983 era is known as the Dan Smith era. And so on... The reference books are forgetting The Fender bass by Klaus Blasquiz who met Leo Fender and George Fullerton to write his book about these basses. The book was published a month after Leo's death and was, at the time, the best documented book about the Fender basses, with Leo and George approval.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. A bit late, but it's also found in Leduc basses under the name EL-5 or EL-10 (twin preamp). I also PM'ed you. 😉
  9. So, it's punk intended as it's "official gig bad", is it ?
  10. I really like the gig bag. Anyways these Ibanez basses are terrific basses for the money. GLWYS.
  11. Yes, that's what makes this way of putting them on the fingerboard very interesting.
  12. This is my preferred dots position and also my main bass :
  13. For the moment it's a Kalium 192 taper core string. It's this set exactly : https://kaliummusic.com/product/string-pack-1s2d2v333b3j3p63/ But I'm waiting for a quote for nickel hexagonal exposed core strings from a French string manufacturer nearby or I'll put some Newtone taper core nickel as I like them a lot.
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