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  1. I don't think so Harry, more 19 millions kilos. 😁
  2. You can deal with Jens in total confidence and, yes, this used to be one of my former bass. Jens made a copy /paste of my old ad.
  3. Antoine, the strings spacing on a Modulus sixer is and has always been 17 mm. Specifications Model # Type Nut @24 fret String Spacing Q4 4-string 1.60” 2.40” 19mm Q5 5-string 1.85” 2.75” 17mm QW5-19 5-string wide 1.90” 3.00” 19mm QW5-21 5-string wide 2.00” 3.25” 21.5mm Q6 6-string 2.00” 3.25” 17mm
  4. It's in French as the company is a French one : http://www.zampower.com
  5. Hi Tony, Here I am. I know a bit Antoine and the mad story behind this fretless... Wait and see. 😉
  6. Russ, have you become so avarious. Don't listen to him Flavius, I'm generous and offering you €911 and that's my flat offer (hope somebody will understand it).
  7. Very nice soundclips. And the price is ridiculous for a full options Modulus Quantum 6 (and full Bartolini) with its papers and original molded Modulus embossed hard case. What are you waiting for ? A few days to be sure to pay it 30% more if shipped in the UK !?! 🤔 Rollo is highly trustable, his parcels are bomb proof and he's someone easy to deal with : It would like buying the bass frome me. Go on guys, you won't be disappointed.
  8. @yorks5stringer : clearly as he didn't understood what I was claiming for which is the granted total access to all SBL content that was stated when I subscribed. He just changed the rules without notice. That's my complaint, but it seems nobody can read. I'm proud of what he did, never begrudged him for earning money with that and certainly NEVER criticised his marriage. Again, it's a question of interpretation and I was only giving facts. I once started a thread called "Stop posting without reading", all I can see is that nothing has changed. In fact, my complaint made him even more publicity and that's a good thing as he's got the balls to do it (his way). So hats off @devinebass as he deserves it for what he's done for the bass community. These will be my last words here.
  9. £2200 GBP is a bargain for such an amazing bass.
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