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  1. Hellzero

    FS - AER Amp One Combo

    The best small combo ever. GLWYS.
  2. Hellzero

    Not sure what to do with this refin

    The nail polish remover is simply acetone. As the nail polish remover hasn't harm the finish, then buy acetone which is way far cheaper and purer, so you can finish the job. I've done this on some aerosol paint weirdos work and it's been working fine. All you'll need to do is a bit of polishing afterwards. If you go the acetone road, first try on a hidden surface and second work outside because of the vapours...
  3. Hellzero

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    I also have Bill Evans partition. 😉
  4. Hellzero

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    I'll stick to my first choice. Now I need to practice, so I won't need to read and could follow the leader without thinking "Where the hell is he going"...
  5. Hellzero

    Staining your fingerboard...photos.

    Thanks @Reggaebass. I know that wax accepts only wax, but the wax has gone through the other side of the planks over the years, so it's impossible to sand it. I have an old recipe with turpentine to make a varnish for waxed wood, but I sure it will never dry, according to that kind of varnish that my grandmother used for windows and tablets in our now house : not dry yet after more than 50 years.
  6. Hellzero

    What the **** is this?

    THAT is absolute sense of humour. The little Dani has none, that said.
  7. Hellzero

    What the **** is this?

    So my guess was good, it's written music. That said, I've been to lots of modern composers concerts, mainly influenced by Pierre Boulez, and some were harder to listen to than this.
  8. Hellzero

    Staining your fingerboard...photos.

    And congratulations for your risky work.
  9. Hellzero

    Staining your fingerboard...photos.

    Does this finish harden after the 12 hours or even better after a few weeks ? It's not for a fretboard, but my wooden floors. There is 200 to 400 years of wax in them (our house is very old and already represented on the oldest map of 1604), so we have to put wax every year and give them a good shine. If I could find some wax friendly "varnish", I would be more than happy. Maybe a very light stain could do the job.
  10. Hellzero

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    It's indeed a Real Book pick, I was simply turning the pages, and pick the 3 ones that seemed right for an audition, knowing that it's not a "premier prix" that I'm preparing. I'll take another look at the Real Book and maybe change my choices, but I'll be playing Take Five for sure, one Miles Davis (So What was my first pick) and one walking bass ballad.
  11. Hellzero

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    Sure, I want. The problem is that I have to choose 3 jazz standards. I think that The Girl from Ipanema could be a very interesting bossa ballad to play... And I really love that tune, even more than Desafinado.
  12. Hellzero

    your favorite fretless bass albums!

    I don't like it, I love it as a whole. Those handpans aka hang drums are a wonderful invention, and using a jew's harp this way is also wonderful as the bansuri and the fretless. Thanks Tony.
  13. Hellzero

    Can't see Fret Markers

    No, they make fret lines for fretless : http://www.luminlay.com/shopen.html
  14. Hellzero

    What the **** is this?

    I ended up watching the first opus. The double bass player seems to know what he is doing, he is holding his German bow the right way and playing each note in tune, must have learnt music at some time. The yelling guy reminds me of this :
  15. Sorry to bother you, but I also need the depth as it's for my very special shape Berne.