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  1. Too bad, it's upsidedown. 🤣
  2. And that it's been rewired differently so many times that even Lemmy didn't remember how it was wired. 😉 Full on and rock'n'roll.
  3. You can play it on the tripod sat on a chair. I used to do it with mine (CR4-M) as I have a severe back injury and the tripod can be set so that you can play seated. PM me if you want as I was about to put it for sale.
  4. These are quite rare, but resurface from time to time, most often with the dedicated bass wrapped in it...
  5. 4.505 kilos is the exact weight of my 1979 450B fretless.
  6. Knowing what you don't want or need is certainly the best starting point as the opposite. It means that you've already tried that path...
  7. Star grounding is the best option ever.
  8. Good to read that I'm a deviant. 🤣
  9. I have corrected these points in my post, just in case some people don't go further away...
  10. I've watched and especially listened with headphones the video above. This is a winner as everything is working the way it's supposed to do on this OC-5 and, frankly, who cares if it's analogue or digital as long as it's good. The OC-2 mode, to me, sounds better than the original one from the 80's which has a tendency to be idiosyncratic (could be fun, but not for those asking for permanent reliability for their sound). And the tracking is just amazing, try an original one and you'll understand within the first minute. So, when it's available in a few days, I'll buy one as I'm a bit fed up by those geeky better sounding original Japanese ones with their aging components loosing their values and turning your investment into a nightmare when it starts f*cking up.
  11. Buy an Alembic, the non very expensive "standard" Series One or Two with AXY pickups can be found quite relatively cheap, especially in the USA where you're living. This certainly is the opposite of a Fender. That said a dull sounding passive bass is simply a very badly made bass as, to me, passive basses always sound better, but I only play luthiers basses and not mass production instruments which are a real lottery.
  12. I've been using these soft cases. The cheaper and excellent one, if you like rectangular shape and Music Store DV 247 branded : https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-Soft-Case-Electric-Bass-/art-BAS0008530-000 Then, this more form shaped one, again Music Store DV 247 branded and faux jeans look : https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/MUSIC-STORE-Softcase-Electric-Bass-Modern-Deluxe/art-BAS0010367-000 And my favourite one as it's totally unbranded and can be used with almost any bass (my Opacic AJ6 36 inches scale sixer fits in perfectly) : https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-Soft-Case-Urban-Electric-Bass-/art-BAS0010065-000 I've used all of them for shipping basses too, so again (light) Sherman tank proof ones. I've used them all since they were available, so many many moons ago. As said, the soft cases are, to me, the best option for carrying instruments as they absorb more the impacts than the cheap hard cases that amplify the shocks because of their structure.
  13. Done it from Belgium @Happy Jack. Had some weird sounds before going into security mode on my Acoustic Image Focus 2 head. Send it to them. Absolute free repair except for the shipping fee. Their amps are covered by a lifetime warranty to any owner. I phoned the customs first to know how to fill the documents the right way to avoid any customs taxes as it was a repair. They told me exactly how to fill them and it took 10 days to have my amp back from AI. Really fast and easy. Here is the email from Rick from AI explaining how it works to avoid the customs taxes : That said, try their European branch (in the UK) first and ask for Laurence. Acoustic Image UK 88 Lansdowne Crescent Carlisle Cumbria CA3 9EP Mob: 07790 528674 Email: [email protected]
  14. Because it really is. Sorry, but your statement about the Skjold is the same. If I compare both basses aesthetically speaking, yours is uglier than the Skjold, but both are ugly. I'm not talking about ergonomics or sound at all, only aesthetics which is linked to the look of it... Don't worry, I still like you as a human being. 😊 Like almost any BassChat member. Now, let me show you one of the most beautiful bass to my eyes, so you'll have something to argue about. 😉
  15. You know, the funniest thing is that Mick certainly owns the most ugly bass ever, but certainly finds it beautiful. And it's a single cut too, so beauty...
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