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  1. Hellzero

    Elwray Basses - Next Amani on gluing!

    And here are the top ten of heaviest ones, which is not the same : https://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/top-ten-heaviest-woods/
  2. Hellzero

    Elwray Basses - Next Amani on gluing!

    Using the Janka hardness system, here is the top ten of hardest woods : https://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/top-ten-hardest-woods/ I had a fretless De Gier with a Dalbergia Melanoxylon fingerboard and it was indeed so hard that round wound strings didn't mark it, and it's not the hardest one, but the darkest one. And I don't trust Monkeypedia about any scientific subject or ... not.
  3. Hellzero

    Elwray Basses - Next Amani on gluing!

    Ammonia is aging woods (with just a wet passing) and it's been used for centuries in this purpose. Never heard of vinegar doing this, but you learn everyday.
  4. Hellzero

    Best value strings?

    The good old D'Addario EXL170 or EXL165 as I hate stainless steel strings, harsh to the ears and fingers, especially the Warwick Red which are just graters and certainly not greater. Best strings to my ears are the Fodera nickel, very close to the D'Addario EXL with a finer and softer winding, soft touch, flexible string, homogeneous sound. Okay, they are expensive but they last longer than the D'Addario EXL. Never liked the Elixir or coated strings, except the DR Black Beauties as they have a way more classic tone and feeling (but still that slight plastic touch).
  5. Hellzero

    Bireli Lagrene's Fretless Basses?

    Never seen this one before, but the one I was mentioning is the the sunburst one. This one looks to have an ebony fingrboard and looks like a luthier bass. Biréli Lagrène will sound exactly the same even with the worst bass on earth. Seen him a lot and he's always impressive being it on guitar or (fretless) bass.
  6. Hellzero

    Dating early Fenders

    Right, but as the OP is mentioning a 1964~65, then there is a pencilled date on, at least, one of the grey bobin. The stamp appeared around 1968.
  7. Hellzero

    Bireli Lagrene's Fretless Basses?

    Last year, for the 30th year death anniversary of Jaco Pastorius, Biréli Lagrène played a concert in Paris with the Multiquarium Big Band as an hommage. He played the major tunes of Jaco on the fretless bass as a he is also a (fretless) bass virtuoso and is well known for that over here in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy where he toured with Jaco in 1986. His relic Jazz Bass is a 1971~72 defretted à la Jaco, but it has dark fills, and has been his main bass for years. The other one is "newer" one. Check the announcement of last year concert : https://m.facebook.com/events/162103677813785?refid=52&__tn__=*s-R
  8. Hellzero

    Dating early Fenders

    The worst way to date a Fender is to use the serial number. First, this one has been refinished, the pickscratchguardplate is an aged one, as it has not shrinked and the thumbrest should be brownish. Ask for the neck date, the neck pocket inscriptions, the pickup pencilled date, the pots serial with the date to decode, the capacitor value, the bridge type, disassembled pictures of everyting to check the discolouration, uprising of the neck in the pocket, nickel or chrome hardware, close up of the logo on the headstock, tuners, screws, smell of the paint, colour of the solders, colour and type of wire, shielding, ... And then, you can start to rebuild the puzzle and date these old Fender's as it's really an historian work. 80% of the vintage Fender's sold today are fake and this one is 100% fake !
  9. Hellzero

    Bireli Lagrene's Fretless Basses?

    I posted this video a long time ago, and nobody even cared; Is this the Brexit effect ? Biréli Lagrène played lots of concerts in Germany and Italy in the 80's with a guy named Jaco Pastorius and they used to exchanged their instruments... Yes he is a great fretless bass player and he played fretless bass on some records too, like the first French Kiss album.
  10. Hellzero

    Peavey TNT 130 vs Ashdown electric Blue 180

    It's the other brand type of Peavey speakers. They had the Black Widow line and the Scorpion line. I've always preferred the Black Widow over the Scorpion, but the Scorpion wears its name correctly as it's more aggressive without being harsh. Make up your mind after the gig. 😉
  11. Wise decision, but you could try selling the kids, maybe it's easier. 😉
  12. Hellzero

    Hellborg amps and cabs on sale. 01/2019

    The Sumo 1000 is really good, almost transparent, silent, no hiss except when everything is up to the max. Strangely it as a very progressive power response, so very usable all the way up... Even if I don't go that high, only 1/3 for "normal" use and it's pretty loud with a lot of headroom still available. I prefer to put the preamp to the max and use the input gain of the Sumo than doing the opposite because of the hissing you'll get this way. Of course, I gave it a run at full power and it's louder than my Hartke LH 1000 which is a class AB power amp rated at 1100 Watts. So yes, their proprietary power module delivers a lot of power. I'm waiting a Bugera BTX 36000 Nuke really measured at 1500 Watts RMS in class AB, so I could compare the raw power of both power amps. Eartquake forecast. 🤣
  13. Hellzero

    Fretless basses

    Yes, you can :
  14. Hellzero

    What are you listening to right now?

    Wow, haven't listen to it for a while : what a mistake !
  15. Isn't it the new Stu Hamm Custom Shop prototype made by the No Arms Blind Men Company from No decent Tools State ?