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  1. Thats a beautiful 4 string Fretless you got. Just put Thomastik Jazz Flats on my AFR Fretless 5 and it sounds so nice and is so comfortable to play.
  2. Very happy that this rare, little bass found its way into my hands; an original 90s Ibanez Affirma Fretless 5 String. It is exceptionally ergonomic either standing or sitting and has a beautiful fretless tone and craftsmanship. Thanks to Tony aka Hellzero for opening my eyes to these very special basses.
  3. I like your basses and furniture! Alexis is a top knotch dude 👍
  4. Anybody know what happened to Janaid Guitars? I remember they were all over the place some years ago...the look was never my type, but then I saw some demos and thought; wow these sound very, very good! Some very good pick ups they built. Also the guy who build them was a great player. Good luck with your sale!
  5. Sold a Leduc bass back to Chris that he sold to me before. As always he is a pleasure to deal with with super communication, fast payment and he was very patient throughout the deal (Covid-19 and the Brexit have made it a little more difficult to ship to the UK from main land Europe...but thanks to the help of Tony aka Hellzero we made it all happen!). Enjoy the bass my friend!
  6. Holy Smokes, thats the kind of bass Fred Flintstone would be playing! Its amazing, GLWTS Hugues.
  7. Sold to a happy new owner and great player
  8. Its got a volume and balance knob for the magnetic/piezo. They are quite hidden visually but easily accessed. You can see them if you zoom in on the picture; they are in between the floating top and mahogany body located around the area where the controls would normally be.
  9. A little bit of jamming on the UBass Fretless. Free shipping if you know what song I had on my mind IMG_2935.MP4
  10. * the weight of the bass is between 3.1- 3.2 kilograms
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