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  1. chrisbass13

    Yamaha TRB5P

    pm sent
  2. chrisbass13

    Yamaha TRB5P

    Bump --> 950 GBP
  3. chrisbass13

    Modulus Quantum 6 SOLD

  4. chrisbass13

    Feedback for PKeri

    Had a deal with Peter last month; excellent communication, fast payment and a friendly guy to deal with.
  5. chrisbass13

    Yamaha TRB5P

    haha i knew this was coming! ;-)
  6. chrisbass13

    Yamaha TRB5P

    Thanks for the comments guys. This one isnt easy to let go, but I try to let the rational win over the emotional...after all you can only play one bass at a time, right? ..or wait....
  7. chrisbass13

    Yamaha TRB5P

    Yamaha TRB5P Construction: Neck-thru-Body Scale Length: 33-7/8" (860mm) Neck: Maple/ Mahogany Fingerboard: Ebony Nut Width: 1-13-16" (46mm) Radius: 23-5/8" (600mm) Frets: 24 Body: Figured Maple/ Rose/ Maple Bridge: BPZ-5 (with Piezo) Pickups: Single Coil x 2, Piezo Pickup Pickup Switch: 2 Balancer Controls: 5-Control System Hardware: Gold Weight: ca. 4,3 Kilogramms Got this nice bass in a trade a while ago. Plays amazing with super low action and frets are in great condition. Truss rod, preamp, pick ups, piezo etc. without any problems. There really isnt much these legendary, original Yamaha TRBPs cannot do. But I have to make some room and need a little cash, so please no trades for now. Bass is located in Germany, shipping throughout most of Europe should not be a problem. Please contact me if you have any questions.
  8. chrisbass13

    Safran 6 strings 2400€

    This bass sounds great and suits your playing really well How come you are selling it?
  9. chrisbass13

    Bogart Sport Headless 5

    *pending payment*
  10. chrisbass13

    Bogart Sport Headless 5

    Thanks guys!
  11. chrisbass13

    Bogart Sport Headless 5

    Bogart Sport 5 Headless Bass - Made in 2016 - Top Condition - Graphite Neck & Blackstone Body - Trussrod for neck adjustment - Rosewood Fingerboard - 34 inch Scale - 18mm Spacing - John East Preamp: Volume, Balance, Push Pull Active/Passive, Tone, Bass & Treble, Concentric Mids - Bartolini Pick Ups - Weight is about 3.5 Kilogramm - Price: 1400 Euros or 1235 GBP This is the best balancing bass I ever played, its very light and does not neck dive, hence the model name “Sport”. To really make it a fast machine, I put on Rotosound Funkmaster Strings (120 - 90 - 70 - 50 - 30 no problem with tension on a graphite neck) and I think it really compliments the bass well, it still sounds fat and bassy. Trades I could consider would be for a graphite necked six string bass, ideally headless. Bass is located in Germany, shipping through Europe is no problem.
  12. chrisbass13

    Just Curious.?

    You mentioned Celinder in your initial post...about a year ago, someone was selling a Celinder Update 4 in my town. As these basses sort of have a mythical reputation I was curious and went ahead to test it, but I wasnt really in search of a new bass. After playing the first few notes I was...it wasnt set up very well, and the amp was a little markbass practice amp, but I could tell right away that this bass was something special. Two days later I stopped by and picked it up. I have played some amazing jazz basses old and boutique, owned some great ones as well (Atelier Z, Sadowsky etc.) but this Celinder is something else. I dont know if thats the case with all Celinders or maybe this one is just a lucky coincidence. Its hard to describe, but every note is just super alive, no deadspots, the E String sounds so much fuller and punchier than on any other bass. The neck feels amazing and the sound is like a mastered studio recording. I still have an Atelier Z 5 String that I play a lot and its also an incdredible bass with a great sound and action as low as you want, perfect workmanship etc....but the Celinder is still a step above...and I really dont believe in mojo and magic fairy dust...tested some bad pre cbs j-basses in the past and well known boutique brands that were nice but not that special besides good fretwork, fit and finish. So does Chris Celinder have a special secret? I dont know...this bass is made out of ash and maple, has singecoils and a jazz bass design. Not too uncommon in the bass world ;-)
  13. chrisbass13

    Alembic Mark King 95 SOLD

    Beautiful Bass!