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  1. I was at my friend Tony‘s place today and played some beautiful basses. But this Kramer Fretless knocked me out. One of the best sounding fretless basses I ever played. I did not expect that.
  2. Either way this Bass has a Bartolini in it (if you open the pictures and zoom in on the pick up you can see „Bartolini“ written across it).
  3. Just had a look: the Pick Up actually DOES have Bartolini written across, its just hard to see (especially in the pictures). So Bartolini it is.
  4. There were actually also Bartolinis without the name written across the Pick Ups used on the Fleas/Funk Unlimited basses. I will double check to make sure.
  5. Modulus Flea 5 / Funk Unlimited for sale. This bass is pretty much new and unused it even still has the plastic foil on the battery cover. Not a spot on this one. Only the strings have been changed to Sadowsky Nickels 125T-40. Action as low as you want and this one also has the truss rod (like all Modulus Basses of the 2000s). Its got the Bartolini 3 Band Pre Amp and Bartolini Humbucker and comes with the Modulus Hardcase. Location is Germany but shipping throughout all of Europe is no problem. If you have any questions, please shoot me a pm.
  6. Its a blank fretboard as you can see in this thread of a Masterman that sold on here before: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/336994-fsft-warwick-fortress-masterman-made-in-germany-with-video-sold/
  7. Up for sale is this beautiful Warwick Fortress Masterman made in Germany in 1995. Specs are as follows: Solid two piece Flamed Maple Body in Honey Violin Finish Wenge Neck and Fingerboard Two MEC Jazz Bass Pick ups in MM Position Two individual EQs with Bass and Treble for each Pick Up Volume and Balance Just a Nut Brass Version Warwick Bronce Frets Due to the two pick ups with their own EQs this bass really has a lot of sounds to offer from Musicman to Jazz Bridge Pup and PBass Type Sounds and more. A terrific bass in great condition with super low action. It currently has Ying Yang Position Stickers placed precisely that help with orientation but those can be taken off without a problem of course. Here is a demo clip of a Fortress Masterman that shows its sound capabilities (not me playing): Shipping throughout all of Europe shouldn’t be a problem. The Bass comes with a sturdy gigbag that has some wear but does its job. If you have any questions, please shoot me a pm. Thanks.
  8. Tony and I traded basses (again!) and like always I received a great instrument (perfectly set up) in this partial trade. We had some lunch along with his wife and chatted all things bass and more. Until next time! 😎
  9. Its got Labella black nylons on since last year and really sings.
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