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  1. Up for sale (possibly trade) is my Leduc Masterpiece 5 String in all original and excellent condition: Leduc Masterpiece 5 String 34 inch scale 18mm string spacing Ash Body Birdseye Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard, pick up covers and headstock veneer Benedetti single coil pick ups / hum canceling system Leduc EL-5 Preamp Weight 4.450 Kilogramms Hardcase and strap + strap locks included Complete information about the Leduc Masterpiece: leduc.fr/index.php/basses/28-solid-body/masterpiece-custom-shop The bass is in full working condition and has recently been to a check up at Christophe Leducs workshop. It is in very good cosmetic condition except for a few little marks in the finish only. Selling this MP5 as my main bass is a Leduc Maurad 6 String that gets all the play time. The bass is located in Cologne Germany, but insured, carefully packed shipping throughout Europe is no Problem. Asking price is 1950 Euros If you have any questions just shoot me a PM.
  2. https://www.paradis-guitars.com/products.htm Here you will find good info.
  3. He sure does! (He actually recommended me these basses) I would just have to slap and extra string onto this one for him 😉
  4. So lets see if anyone is interested in this very rare fretless bass; up for grabs is an original Ibanez AFR A105F from the early/mid 90s designed by the great and late luthier Rolf Spuler. This design was all about ergonomics and playing comfort and it is the most comfortable bass you will ever play seated or standing. It also sounds incredible, I put Thomastik Jazz Flats on it and the sound is right on, singing and warm & full. Its got a magnetic pick up, bass/treble controls and piezos that can be blend in or played alone. The bass is in very good condition, always looked after, id say a 9.2 out of 10 with just some tiny wear on the back. The Fingerboard is in top shape, no weak spots or choking out, this bass is good to go. I will also include the truss rod tool and allen key for adjustment. Only around 250 five string versions were ever made and within these around 50 were fretless...so yes its a very rare bass. Ibanez is currently running a reissue on these basses with fretted 4 string and 5 string vesions. However these are made in Indonesia and have slightly different features. While being nice basses in my eyes they arent on par with the original ones. Fretless is the way to go with these. If I played more fretless I wouldnt let this bass go but its been collecting dust. Some Specs: Serial Number 515 made in 1992/1993 34 inch scale 19mm Spacing Raintree/Saman Wood Body Maple Neck Ebony Fretless Fingerboard Magnetic Pick up / Piezo Pick Ups Bass & Treble controls + Magnetic/Piezo Blend 3,7 KGs Shipped in hardshell case (its not the original one but does the job, and more importantly, is blueeee inside!) Shipping within Europe is no problem. Shipping to the UK is also possible, but it will be pricey. If you have any questions please hit me via PM. Thanks.
  5. Traded basses with Mikkel and it was perfect all around. Good communication through out and smooth transaction. I received a very nice bass that exceeded my expectations. Thanks Mikkel.
  6. Thats a beautiful 4 string Fretless you got. Just put Thomastik Jazz Flats on my AFR Fretless 5 and it sounds so nice and is so comfortable to play.
  7. Very happy that this rare, little bass found its way into my hands; an original 90s Ibanez Affirma Fretless 5 String. It is exceptionally ergonomic either standing or sitting and has a beautiful fretless tone and craftsmanship. Thanks to Tony aka Hellzero for opening my eyes to these very special basses.
  8. I like your basses and furniture! Alexis is a top knotch dude 👍
  9. Anybody know what happened to Janaid Guitars? I remember they were all over the place some years ago...the look was never my type, but then I saw some demos and thought; wow these sound very, very good! Some very good pick ups they built. Also the guy who build them was a great player. Good luck with your sale!
  10. Sold a Leduc bass back to Chris that he sold to me before. As always he is a pleasure to deal with with super communication, fast payment and he was very patient throughout the deal (Covid-19 and the Brexit have made it a little more difficult to ship to the UK from main land Europe...but thanks to the help of Tony aka Hellzero we made it all happen!). Enjoy the bass my friend!
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