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  1. Ben bought my Leduc M4 and was 100% straight forward and always fast to reply. It took a little longer to ship from Germany to the UK but Ben was patient throughout the whole time and never stressed about it. Thanks for the deal and enjoy your new bass
  2. Up for sale is this beautiful Leduc M4 that I recently got in a trade from my buddy @Rollo. Like all basses built by Christophe Leduc (www.leduc.fr) it sounds amazing, especially the ones with the Benedetti Single Coils and the EL-5 Preamp. This bass is in very good condition and everything is original. Unfortunately being used to a wide 6 string Leduc this bass just feels a little too small for me. If you are looking for a great sounding, super ergonomic bass with a fast neck this one will fit your bill though. Specs include 34 inch scale, padouk neck & ash body, headless tuning system that can be used for regular strings etc. (for full specs please look at the pic). Shipping throughout Europe is no problem, original gigbag is also included. I prefer a sale but will also entertain trade offers. If you have any questions just pm me. Thanks.
  3. Traded basses with Vincent and everything was perfect. He sent me detailed pictures and sound clips and the bass was perfectly packed for the journey. A highly recommended Basschatter
  4. Conklin Sidewinder USA 5 String Bass Maple Body Figured Maple/Purpleheart Neck Lacquered Flamed Fingerboard 34.5 Inch Scale ~16.5-18mm Spacing (adjustable) 4.8 Kilogramm Gold Schaller Hardware and Tuners Lane Poor Pickups Seymour Duncan 3 Band Preamp + Active/Passive Pearl Dot Inlays Original Conklin Case Mint condition! Absolutely massive! & even sounding and easy playing bass by the late Bill Conklin of Conklin Guitars. Everything works fine (truss rod, electronics, frets) and overall this bass is in top shape. No dents, scratches or nicks etc. It has the legendary Lane Poor pick ups and everything is original. Shipping within Europe is no problem. Anywhere else is possible as well but it can get pricey. If you have any questions just pm me. Thanks.
  5. It doesnt get better than a Maurad 6, congrats!
  6. My main bass for many years. Leduc basses are really special and some of the best out there.
  7. Nice Bass! Celinders are as good as it gets as far as Jazz Basses. Just wondering: has this one been refinished? Also it looks like it might have been fretless initially?
  8. This bass was supposed to go to my mate Chris in the UK but due to it having a Rio Rosewood board we decided not to risk any problems with customs. Decided to hang onto it a little longer but consider selling it again now (in the EU).
  9. Traded basses with Giacomo and it was an all around great experience. Very friendly communication, perfect packinging and super instrument. Highly recommended 👍
  10. Chris and I have made it a habit sending Leduc basses back and forth, and the Brexit can’t stop us 😉 This time Chris bought my UBass6. It was with a heavy heart but its easier knowing that it will be in good hands. Like always the communication, patience and overall experience was a joy. Enjoy the Bass Utopia by Leduc.
  11. Very nice bass, congrats. An Atelier Z 5er 70s Jazz Bass has been my go to bass for many gigs over the last 7 years or so and has always delivered. The fretwork, attention to detail and overall build quality really is as good as it gets. I am sure you will appreciate this bass even more as time goes by.
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