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  1. Oldman

    Steve_nottm Feedback.

    Steve rocked up at my place to look at my PJB C 4’s after saying if they fit in his car he’ll take them, they did (fit) and he did (take them). A very smooth and prompt transaction arriving on the button after a gruelling day at the pit face 🤫. Pleasure doing business with you Steve and Lettie the Lurcher liked you as well.
  2. Oldman

    PRICE REDUCTION: Pedal Peddler part 3

    A nice Christmas present for you, buy now while stock lasts, Turquoise Tuesday.
  3. Oldman

    Fleabag - Feedback

    Pete succumbed to pairing up his Genz 9.2 with a couple of PJB C4’s I was selling, fast payment ensued, hand delivered Yesterday 10th December to Pete’s ‘Penthouse’ Suite. Thanks Pete, great guy, nice vintage Overwater as well...
  4. Is that delivered? Ooooops I see it does
  5. 33Kg, A young mans lift... I used two Vox foundation 18” cabs in the Cavern, way back when... humongous sound from 50 Valve Watts....
  6. Oldman

    SOLD: 2 x Phil Jone Bass C4’s

    Up close and personal they sound trouserflappingly good, out front is where the sonicness magic happens, ask your mates in the audience, they are exceedingly superb....
  7. Oldman

    SOLD: 2 x Phil Jone Bass C4’s

    Buy the Shuttlemax 12.2 and a cab, maybe a partial trade 🤫
  8. I have a surfeit of PJB C4’s, i love the small footprint and the immense sound they throw out, two cabs are plenty when driven, one is adequate for small venues. But, I only use two so two have to go. Killer cabs with a Low B. http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Phil_Jones_Bass_Cabs.html Ceramic drivers, not the silver dust cap version, bought new 10 months ago, these are the two ‘spare’s’ so haven’t been gigged. Original packaging, delivered free U.K. mainland. Head also available in a separate post. Free half Gramma Pad with two cabs Thanks for looking
  9. Oldman

    PRICE REDUCTION: Pedal Peddler part 3

    Ok already, £135.00 including £25.00 worth of Boss PSU and U.K. mainland delivery.
  10. Price reduction: £500.00 Delivered U.K. mainland in its original box + footswitch + Gig Bag.. Two, yes two 600 Watt Amps into 4 Ohms each output or 375 Watts into 8 Ohms per output. Single 8 Ohm cab for rehearsals ( don’t want to frighten the drummer off ) any configuration for gigs. Ease the pain with a small Class ‘D’ head in part chop!