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  1. Without stands, impossible to post the stands and expensive.
  2. I owned a Cherry Red B 301, had to get a bank loan to buy it at the time! Fab bass.
  3. £50.00 I hear you say, mucks a lawky, that’s inexpensive 🙄
  4. PRICE REDUCTION. NOW ONLY £575.00 FOR THE TWO. COLLECTION (safely) PREFERRED I would be prepared to deliver within a 50 mile radius of Leicester subject to lockdown criteria and prepayment of a deposit. These two cabs are a great lightweight solution to a two cab rig, sound great and hold their own with cabs at twice the price point (SRP). I may be persuaded to take a part trade up to 50% of the initial posted price (£640.00) in the form of a lightweight class D head, TC Electronics, Genz type ( not Mark Bass ). I will split if two’s a crowd. Thanks for looking
  5. Guys, these are a great 1 cable solution to active PA Cabs. I’m asking’ £25.00 but you can collect them for £20.00 they’re cluttering the place up😱
  6. As it ses in the intro 2 X G K Neo112 Mk 2. I bought these two sought after cabs just before lockdown, used once in a February gig then it all went to Rat poo. It doesn't look like we’ll gig this year and for me maybe it’s all over with one thing and another. Anyway, list on a singleton one of these is £600 plus depending where you shop. I paid £320 each and would like get my money back, hence the selling price of £640.00, however the price is open to negotiation by PM. Nothing silly, meet up to 50 miles best option, I can get packing materials but I’m afraid courier would be at your expense. They are great cabs, articulate, light, stacking feet either upright with a small footprint (my preference) or horizontal. No covers, there is a slight scuffing on the stacking corners as you would expect from normal use and one cab has a slight bow in the front grill. I only noticed this after I took delivery the vendor did not point it out and the carton wasn't damaged. What can you do? Link with ll the Gubbins :https://www.gallien-krueger.com/neo-112-specs And some snaps: Top/side handle Stacked as a column Left side Right side and the back I will throw in a Jack to Jack ‘speaker’ link cable for purchase of the two cabs. Thanks for looking, trade price is £640.00, not looking for trades but may take up to half value in a small TC head, Acoustic Fretless Bass. PM me a realistic price and they could be yours.
  7. Height 82 cm Width 30 cm Depth 22 cm I’ve had four guns in this cabinet at once, broken down into barrel/stock when I was shooting more disciplines than I shoot at the moment. Two sets of keys, I was going to use it for Cartridges but there is no legal requirement to lock them up separately. There you have, never raced or rallied, top quality cabinet. Meet up within 50 miles if needs be postage at your expense! Thanks for looking
  8. Would you split, if so what are the separate prices? Thanks
  9. KORG SOLD: 3U Shallow Rack case still available £30.00 delivered to a UPS collection point near you!
  10. https://www.studiospares.com/Cables-Leads/Mains-Distribution/Pro-XLR--UK-IEC-Combination-Cable-5m_689830.htm I have the 10 Metre cable as well. Both for £25.00. Now here’s the rub, it would be collection or a really close meet up. These baby’s are heavy duty, heavy. I can post at your expense that’ll be about a tenner. Bought to simplify cabling each side for the Powered Mackies, I sold the PA, not needed now. Worked a treat, single cable, no joins, just end to end🤗 £25.00 you say, wowser 👍
  11. You can still try me on trades y’know 🤫
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