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  1. Oldman

    Bass Direct

    I’ve just picked up on this thread: I have sold 5 Basses thro’ BD, I’ve bought one. I’ve bought and sold (via BD) a few heads. I’m a retail person, customer based, worked in Rumbelows Wallasey in the late 70’s, Domestic, Electrical, Vinyl and musical instruments. I understand the ‘filter system’ but, as has been said there are (IMO) no tyre kickers in BD. I went there to buy, bought and sold, Marks a hard nosed retailer, Marcus is receptive IMO it’s a great place to both dream and shop.... Sure, the pressures on with so much stock, but, look at the alternatives...... a London Company that has relatively little stock, international retailers that are ‘just’ retailers. Me, I’ll stick with BD
  2. I’ll widen the net, now £535.00 inc hard case. I’ll look at other class D heads as well. Thanks for looking
  3. Oldman

    Feedback for Noisyjon

    Jon has just bought my “Limelight” P, expressed an interest, asked me to hold it, I asked for small deposit, Jon paid me a deposit, I held the Bass for about three weeks. Transaction completed today... Great Guy, as daft on kit as I am..... Pleasure doing business Jon. Enjoy the ‘Download Festival’.
  4. Oldman

    UNIQUE Audiokinesis Hathor 18"

  5. Oldman

    BFM Omni 15

    Sheesh, weigh too heavy for me, my self imposed limit is 20Kg... GLWTS. THANKS
  6. Oldman

    UNIQUE Audiokinesis Hathor 18"

    Just as a matter of interest, how heavy is the cab? I looked on the site and it doesn’t list this particular cab, maybe it does and I missed it 😱 Thanks
  7. Oldman

    BFM Omni 15

    Wheel it into the local Vets and weigh it on their ‘flatbed’ dog scales... 😱
  8. This is now under my feet, in the way, I’ll post it for £25.00, usual Roqsolid quality.
  9. Oldman

    Fabric Bass Case

    This fantastic bargain is still here waiting for you.
  10. Oldman

    BFM Omni 15

    Now that is a well finished BFM cab, 🤔 what does it weigh and would it handle a Low B?
  11. Oldman

    FS Akai Deep Impact SB1

    Yes you are, still there manny?
  12. I will trade on the PF-50T Phil Jones Bass C8 Lite maybe, Genzler Cab... No Basses unless it’s an Acoustic 5