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  1. You show off, I know exactly how you feel 😱
  2. I bought this when I got fed up using a small sack truck to take gear into a gig, at the time I owned the PA (since sold to the band and dissembled amongst us) and was getting pee’d off moving 16 items every gig as we’d upped the ante to 2 gigs a month last year. Unused last 6 months. Great piece of kit for moving multiple cabs, flight cases, Drums et al. Short base is 73cms, Long is 120cms, bed width is 43.5cms, Height (Handles) 97cms the bed width 32.5cms. Small wheels axle width 30cms with brake wheel 12.5cms dia. Big wheels axle width 47cms wheel dia 20cms. Bought from Terralec : https://www.terralec.co.uk/search.html?searchterm=Cart 730 at a cost of £86.00 yours for £60.00 it would be a masseeve faff to pack and post, better safe collection or a possible meet within 20miles. Thanks for looking 😎
  3. I bought the Rack case and the tuner some time ago to house and extravagant 2 x 1U ENGL 800Watt heads (back up in situ ! ), it was great until something shinier took my eye. Sold the heads but still have the case and tuner. Unused for over a year! Together or separate. Not the head that’s long gone, up to date snap if required! https://www.studiospares.com/Accessories/Cases-Rack/Trojan-ABS-Shallow-Rack-Flight-Case-3U_459040.htm https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-accessories/tuners-metronomes/korg-pitchblack-pro-rack-tuner There you have it, both or separate no probs, both delivered UK Mainland. NB: I cut the cable short on the Tuner and put a snap in connector on it. This meant that the mains adaptor didn’t rattle around the back of the flight case and could be kept with other cables.
  4. Ah, a previous Rig of mine, 2 CVL (combo cab converted to VL).
  5. Man, that a serious rig, that bottom cab, is it the VL110?
  6. A set of DR Black Beauty’s would just set this off nicely. GLWTS
  7. “Alas it isn’t quite the sound I am after and I’ve recently acquired a Genz Benz 2x12 which is more to my tastes” 😱😂
  8. I like the Jack Bruce one, I should😎
  9. Nice stuff in your Gallery Bill, good luck.
  10. NOW £600.00 https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/424541-mas-cabs/?_fromLogin=1 Single use excellent, 2 sublime!
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