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  1. Now that is the ultimate Head/Cab combination my man, GLWTS
  2. Something they prepared earlier Albeit Fivers
  3. Oldman

    Sean's Feedback

    Bought a mini noise gate from Sean.... for a Fiver! Plus postage. You can’t make a mini noise gate for a fiver, not even the Chinese. Grat deal thanks Sean
  4. Thanks, I’ll measure underneath my pedal board. See if it’ll go. 👍
  5. Yo, I can’t seem to find any dimensions for this kit, can you help? Would you mind measuring it for me. Thanks
  6. Does Efx send and return apply to both channels?
  7. Yes I do, a custom Fretless 5, and some amplification, TBD.
  8. Er, me, I’m going, me, me don’t forget me😳I’ll bring a Fretless something
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