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  1. What a tale, I had two of these, the 4 control knob variety, didn’t need two so I sold one. Now I realise that I only want the Up part with a tiny amount of Sub, not 2 Subs, so it’s on the Block, unused harry brand spankers, all shiny, free battery as well delivered to your doorstep. Usual Tone print jiggerypokery stuff.
  2. This is the B string nearly 38” from the Ball end to the winding post.
  3. Not sure, I’ll measure up and let you know, I have a 35” scale (4 over 1) bass so I can gauge if they will fit there’s a fair bit of winding. Is your bass 3 over 3?
  4. 1 set of Thomastk-Infeld Flats. Cut for 34” 3 over 3. Never gigged (what’s that gig business again), put on a 6ixer I had a brief romance with, very brief.
  5. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Naughty boy, PM offers.
  6. I’m lovin’ the “budget” covers, I do the same with my GR 208’s.
  7. Next best thing would be my Sandberg : https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/sandberg-california-vm2-darkhawk-5-bkb.html. Withdrawn but for this🤔
  8. Buy it now in anticipation of that 32” Barrel Browning your getting for Christmas
  9. Well that didn’t last long, binned the BF110 idea and sourced GR 208 Cabs x 2 instead, just as light with a tighter response.
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