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  1. Thanks guys, being positive helps, I’ve been singing and playing bass (on and off) for 59 years, I feel a bit like Roy in “Bladerunner” only I’ve never seen the Bars of Orion close up...
  2. My personal circumstances health wise are about to swiftly change, I am waiting on a double tonsillectomy and biopsy the results of which coupled with a recent MRI Neck scan and subsequent PET scan should determine what the near future holds health wise. I would add that (to me) I am in perfect health for my age with no symptoms of anything other than a perennial slight cold. However: Add to that no gigs there seems little point in having surplus kit, not that it was needed anyway. You know how it is 😱. I offer up for sale only, a PJB CAB 47 in immaculate condition bought from Jamie on this ear forum just a couple of months ago, never gigged by me and looking at its condition, hardly gigged at all. I’m asking £265.00 delivered £250.00 collected, this includes the PJB slip cover. I’ve used PJB C4’s and put out some wallop, noodling, these being rear ported they have a softer feel but nonetheless punch more than their weight. Specs here: https://www.thomann.de/gb/phil_jones_piranha_bass_cabinet_cab_47.htm Snaps here: Also for sale, a GK NEO 112, I took this in as a part chop against my EA NL112 and was mightily surprised at the clarity and how articulate the cab was, it’s lightweight, a one handed lift, gigged twice by me with great success. A few slight, ever so slight scuffs on the tolex covering, an all round well made cab complemented my McGregor Bassmate 650 head perfectly and for once elicited a favourable comment from one of the guitarists. I’m asking £315.00 for this posted, £300.00 collected. Specs here: https://www.gallien-krueger.com/neo-112-specs Snaps here: And street price here https://www.gak.co.uk/en/gallien-krueger-neo-112/25103?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3e2j9KvE6AIVGODtCh0PSw0NEAUYAiABEgLO1fD_BwE For obvious reasons it won’t be dodgy meeting in a motorway service area car park, but keeping a social distance I can set either cab up for a trial at my place or trust me and I’ll send it. I have good feedback and can pack really well. Thanks for looking
  3. It would appear my download speed is 13Mb and upload is 5Mb, I think I need a refund 😱. Good to go (I think) Got a few health issues ongoing at the moment so depending on my impending Tonsillectomy (yes at my age!) there could be voice as well as comment, ooer missus!
  4. https://customsdutyfree.com/customs-or-import-duty-for-musical-instrument-accessories-to-united-kingdom/ Looks to be a standard rate.
  5. Would this bass be shipped unassembled? i.e neck removed from body for transit then reassembled on arrival! Or shipped as is and perhaps prone to transit damage.
  6. I know that ‘OCD’ “ must be twins” feeling. GLWTS
  7. I’ve removed these, but, if they are of interest get in touch
  8. WITHDRAWN: Decided to keep ‘em, light as fevvers, look good and great sound.
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