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  1. Collection service available this weekend Saturday/Monday return to Leicester 😎
  2. I will be passing close to Kev's place on my way to Liverpool Monday back home Tuesday I’m in Leicester if this helps.
  3. You know what’s worse I’m up North (Aberdeen) we pass Hexham on the way back down....... Noooooooo
  4. You search, search, ask the inimitable question 34” or 35”, then you buy one, then they flood in... GLWTS seriously handsome bass.
  5. I’m a 35” (Scale) man..... oh dear
  6. This is a real neat piece of minuscule electrickery, great as a practise hub. I’ve upgraded to a Mini 4 channel mixer so I can play and singalonga attempting to get harmonies right (😱 in my dreams) with ‘the mix’. Anyway for sale posted £22.00 Thanks for looking 😎 It looks like this : Thats it, clicks into yer bass, headphone click into It as does your sound source. But, you knew that already.
  7. Thanks Allan. Recreated the Old Blues Band Rig from my Aberdeen days ‘89-‘91. Fretted is an ‘88, fretless is an ‘89. I haven’t tried it with an extension cab, yet. But it sings.
  8. If you wanted to purchase 99 individual effects, even used, you would be North of £5,000...
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