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  1. Bought this year on this ‘ear forum from Lowregisterhead (aka Dave). My intention was to shift back to 34” scale. For one reason or another it’s not working out for me so with some reluctance I would like to sell. The bass is ‘as new’ gigged twice by me, rehearsed with a couple of times. Its a Status T-Bass of the 5 string variety with gloss black finish with a hint of silvery metal flake in there, sparkly even, in the right light. Woven graphite moulded Neck, JJ pup configuration with an 18volt 2 band EQ, 34” scale and 18mm string spacing at the bridge. This Bass is still on the Status www in online shop stock basses: (http://www.status-graphite.com/status/frames/index_home.html) Complete with Status Hiscox case, paperwork, Allen keys and the D’Addario EXL 170’s it came to me with. I strung it with DR High Def green snakey strings, I must admit despite the garishness they sound better than the D’Addario set. Snaps, I have tried to capture the ‘sparkle’. On the Status Graphite WWW this bass has a list price of £2,500.00 Grab a bargain at 40% off list and indistinguishable from new! Well except for the strings.. 😁 Sparkle here, it looks like dust. Not looking for trades really, but would take a part ex and cash, try me. DR Hi Def are new popped them on last Friday, a bit bright in looks, but sound good. Will ship at your expense but prefer a face to face handover within reasonable distance. You can also call in and try it out. Any further questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking.
  2. Oldman

    Feedback for P-ZARN

    Sold Neil a “shallow 2U” Rack case. Simple super fast transaction 10/10. Thanks Neil
  3. Aye, just bought some “Green Strangs” DR NEON, seriously bright green strings. Easy deal certainly a 10/10. Thanks Neil
  4. Wow, handsome bass, great price..
  5. I can consider trades, such as a Vanderklay LNT 210....
  6. Thanks, can’t help on the iAmp bit, there was one on Gumtree, perhaps a search might throw one up!
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