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  1. Now what a hoot, my daughter worked on an American Air Base in Germany and got a set of these as a laugh for me. Now you can have a laugh too.
  2. I bought this in Schipol when I was traveling (as you do). Used a bit then discarded as I use Blue tooth earbuds now. Posted to you uk only. Battery operation.
  3. D’yknow, it’s not worth the faff. Send me a 5iver and I’ll post it to you. That’s £5.00 only.
  4. These are Library pictures mine are not as pristine! I did have the set with the TA88 stereo amplifier, ST88 stereo tuner and the SQ100 Quad Decoder. The TA 88 went west 30 years ago. Bought in 1972, I have the manuals and one grey original mains lead but the take a standard kettle lead. This price is for both. Photographs tomorrow but in the meantime. ST88 SQ100
  5. That white slot is where your iPad fits. I used it when I was traveling, don’t travel now so surplus. Postage extra, I’ll pack it so it will slip through the letter box, well bubbled up. About a 5iver to post.
  6. Guys these are the ultimate in isolation stands for your Speakers. Spiked so the needle point goes through the Carpet weave without leaving a mark. Your missus will love them, no marks on the carpet. What’s not to like Audiophiles? Collection only for obvious reasons although I could pack and sent but at your expense. Thanks for looking A bit Dusty through standing a quick wipe will see that gone, oh go on I’ll give them a shiny ‘O’ before collection 🙄
  7. So good I bought it twice. What a to do. Whilst I was hospitalised earlier this year I embarked on a pedal spending spree. I bought mini pedals not wanting to do without an upper and downer I bought a Sub n Up. This was April May this year. In my previously confused state I completely forgot and bought another…. You can just see a small chip out of the case where it was attached to the previous owners board by a tie, there’s Velcro on it underside as well. Works a dream but I don’t need two, don’t even know if I need one! Thats packed and delivered to you with its USB cable for tone print, no box unfortunately. But it will be well bubbled up. Thanks for looking.
  8. We are having a shuggle around of furniture and these are now surplus. 4 x “Palma”, John Lewis contemporary dining/kitchen chairs, one piece wooden seat and back. Some signs of everyday use, well figured nicely polished wood. Cost new £300.00 for the 4. Collection only from Leicester. That’s four chairs for less than the price of one Now reduced to £50.00. Only £50.00 I hear you cry, you need them.
  9. Ok ok already. These bluteeth wireless hobbies and this. For the princely sum of £40.00, posted. Double whammy
  10. I’ll do these underwater hobbies and these All for the princely sum of £40.00 posted, together.
  11. Custom Quality at entry level pricing, what’s not to like ?
  12. Shoot, I’m halfway to the 2 x BF 110, I have one waiting for the other to land! Oh well.
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