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  1. These cabs (IMO) are the best value full range cabs on the market at this price point. I owned them from new and only parted company with them to downsize to PJB C 4's.
  2. So Soon ! I'm now gassin' for its return...
  3. Fabric Bass Case

    Nick, in original post: External dimensions are: 49.5” x 15.25” x 5” Internal dimensions are: 47.5” x 13.25”/14” x 2.75” lower part Approx 4”
  4. Ok OK why don't you, take the pennies from my eyes I'll take £700.00 Yes that's £700.00 or a part chop with a Class D head and the balance Cash.... Or, Or, I'll do a straight swap for a Limelight fretless 'P', no lines... any colcour
  5. Fabric Bass Case

    Snaps Nik. Sorry for the delay. Takes my Overwater 35" scale no probs.
  6. Overwater 7 string custom bass - On hold.

    This bass Is not Cheap, it’s inexpensive, probably the nicest Overwater I’ve seen for many a year. GLWTS
  7. Fabric Bass Case

    I have some Nik, I'll dig them out or take new. Post em later or tomorrow
  8. Fabric Bass Case

    Case still here,
  9. Guy’s this a seriously good bass, if you have a Fretless, unlined Limelight ‘P’ we can trade. I am also amenable to a part chop of the head variety, try me.
  10. I’m up for that, missed the last two due to hollidogs. Happy to bring a Genzler based 3 cab rig.... oooer 😱