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  1. I’ll do a bundle, this bass and this https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/444637-reduced-black-hide-harvest-gig-bag-now-£22500/ £1,425.00
  2. All offers, even cheeky ones, by PM by order of the Peaky Moderators. But, £50.00 plus postage or you arrange courier yes!
  3. Yep, unused ideal starter kit.
  4. You can make an offer on any one of these, a serious offer as postage is included as is!
  5. These range in price on the ‘bay from £115.00 to £149.00 with little or no provenance. This is as new, hardly used and can be yours for only £95.00:posted UK mainland.
  6. The snaps tell the story, but here’s more. https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-gb/products/network-attached-storage/wd-my-cloud-expert-series-ex2-ultra#WDBVBZ0000NCH-EESN You get all this posted to your U.K. address for only £65.00 beer tokens. As new as a new thing can be. 2 TB of storage, mains cable, LAN cable and set up disc. I bought this with the intention of creating a Family Hub where we could upload photos of all the grand kids as they grew up. Never happened did it, lazy so and so. So here’s it, there’s a few snaps on it but I’ll clear the decks before it leaves the premises. Thanks for looking. Not £95.00 it’s only £65.00 posted.
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