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  1. Found this when I was rooting thro’ my stuff. Bought for a 3 Cab rig 2x 4 and 1 x 8 Ohm cabs used once as a trial then went two cabs and 8 Ohm, you know how it goes. A handy tool if you have odd cab impedance. £15.00 posted. Thanks for looking.
  2. Just sayin’, “There is some wear on the tolex” . It looks like a spatter paint finish to me, easier to make good than Tolex.
  3. Are you sure you don’t need this ‘dinky’ rehearsal ‘studio’.
  4. That’s a nice bass, blues band folded sold the bass
  5. Oh boy, do I regret sellng my ‘88 Thumb, mine from new🥹
  6. Man, that brings back a memory or two. I ordered and got a 5 string black one, sent to me when I working in Azerbaijan 17 years ago. Fab beast. GLWTS
  7. Mine and a Steinberger, that just happened to be passing. Status Streamliner up for sale.
  8. Rob in Coalville has serviced and repaired a couple of bits over the years for me. A no nonsense get it done guy. It’ll be done in a trice 🤗
  9. The Yamaha sub cost me £80+. I would split them up, just ask.
  10. Photographs later. All boxed (except SFX)/in immaculate condition Donner Mini pedal, 2x Chorus,phaser,tremolo,rotary,vibrato,flanger: a very inexpensive fun pedal ad a snip, dip your toe in with this cheapy. Lists at £37.00 £20.00 Posted SFX Micro Red Dragon Booster , check out Max’s Www Lists at £146.00 £55.00 Posted TC Mini Ditto Looper, used once by me, great fun. Lists at £73.00 £40.00 posted TC Mini Corona Chorus, used a bit when it was on my board. Lists at £85.00 £40.00Posted TC Mini Shaker Vibrato, also used a bit, Ambience to your sound Lists at £63.00 £35.00 posted EHX Switch Blade essential board fodder, lists at £42.00 SOLD This really is the Last Mall. All posted to your house UK mainland
  11. I was over the moon with this piece of kit, dispensed with most of my pedals. However, with the sudden demise of a band and nothing on the horizon it’s up for grabs. The currently sell for upwards of £400.00, so you can collect a bargain here. Complete with AC adaptor, although it works fine on a Volto recharchargeable Lithium battery, and the USB cable. I am divesting myself of kit. Watch out for other nice pieces of hardware. THANKS FOR LOOKING
  12. I have only owned this beauty for 7 weeks, bought from Darryl of this fair parish for his asking price. It is the second one I’ve owned having sold mine on not long after we moved here in 2013. It is a fabulous bass, comfortable to play and great tones to be gotten out of it. I’ve rehearsed Twice with it and noodled (personal rehearsal) maybe 20 hours. It is in the same pristine condition it was when I bought it. The Ritter Soft Gig Bag fits like a glove and is a robust piece of kit. I’m selling because, not only has the band project foundered but I’m feeling positively jaded with my ongoing medical condition to the extend I’m winding things down, see: The list on these is £2745.00, I am reliably informed (Darryl) there are no more builds for the foreseeable future. I would (obviously) like to recoup my outlay, but, I will listen to serious offers and maybe, I say maybe, a partial trade, 5 string only, maybe an unlined fretless acoustic. I also have a 5 string lined fretless Steinberger in white, bought as a companion to this bass, the much cheaper cousin, bought at the same time also on the block later. See price list: http://www.status-graphite.com/status/pricelist/Status_Bass_Pricelist.pdf See initial post from Darryl: I’m sure he won’t mind 🥴 This is official spiel from Status: The Streamline Bass is a one-piece, woven graphite composite instrument. Its compact design may be light-weight but it is a true, professional bass guitar which delivers all the quality you would expect from any Status Bass. The 24 fret fingerboard has a regular 34" scale. Only the body is smaller to make it more convenient when travelling or in a space restricted gigging or studio situation. An elongated upper body makes the balance perfect when used with a regular guitar strap but, to make sure the upper fret access is not restricted, the back of the neck and body has a deep recess. An 18 volt battery supply is fitted to the Streamline with the batteries fitted in quick-change, flip-up battery boxes. The Status soap-bar pickups feed a Status 2-band active EQ with individual controls. This circuit has been developed specifically for the Streamline bass to give a wide frequency response with a broad range of tones. The Status active circuit is augmented with master volume and pickup blend controls. A side jack socket is fitted. Headless mono-rail tuners and the unique head-piece are fitted. These have been designed by Status to work perfectly with both double-ball and regular single-ball strings. The bridge / tuner unit is fully adjustable to perfectly set the action and intonation.... once set, the bridge can be locked in place with the small Allen screws for maximum dynamics and sustain. We recommend using Status Hotwire, double-ball strings but regular single-ball strings can also be fitted. They can be locked into the head-piece with the Allen screws we supply with the bass. There you go, a reluctant sale. Thanks for looking. A couple of snaps taken today.
  13. I would like this set-up to be used as I am not using it and will not for the foreseeable future. How about £145.00 delivered UK mainland? Yes 👍🥳
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