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  1. That's your answer for everything though (and the reason why I stopped subscribing to your medical advice pamphlets) 😐
  2. I’ve watched a few of these videos now and each time i’ve thought there's someone in the background doing the washing up in the kitchen. Only today have I realised its a mirror.. 🤦‍♂️😅
  3. Don Was is Don Fagenson, David Was is David Weiss.
  4. Superlime? Also featuring Tank and the Bangas!
  5. Same. Mine was a kind of pukey green colour so I covered it in pictures from melody maker and varnished it. Part-exed it for a Ibanez Studio a few years later which was a pretty decent upgrade!
  6. I think your badgers are different to ours Edit: subject already covered!
  7. I used to own this very bass! Got it from someone I was in college with who had done some trades with Dave Pegg. Can't remember what happened to it, I may have part exed it for an Ibanez Studio bass
  8. 😬 They're both called Steve aren't they? Practically the same thing 😭
  9. Seems to be on in Bath? https://facebook.com/events/s/the-steve-hillage-band/174509430532523/?ti=as
  10. Middle aged people a less likely to be part of an exciting live music scene. You may not like it but it's a fact. UK Jazz is amazing right now, Cardiff has an excellent scene thanks to the courses at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.
  11. Just found this thread, as bit late! Watching BBC2 late night education TV recently (the schedule says it was on between 02:00 and 04:00 on 27 May 2007) I saw a series of programmes about making things which must be part of a schools design and technology course. The series is called "Techno - Making It" for 11-14 year olds. The items were quite short, about 20 minutes. The first was about go-carts and the second was about bass guitars, the item was called "The Bass". And lo, who should be featured but Martin Petersen and Chris McIntyre making a SeiBass for a young female bass player (Yolanda?). Must have been some time ago because they both look like teenagers (to me) and I know Chris left The Gallery 3 or so years ago. Sadly I've failed to find any more details on the BBC website, but it's out there somewhere! Nick S Yolanda Has just shared it from her FB page - amazing program!
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