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  1. Hi, is this still available? Thanks! 🙂
  2. Kind of disappointed he's not playing it upside down.
  3. Such a weird shot of Jools Holland halfway through!
  4. If ever there was a rig meant for @Bilbo...
  5. Is this the updated Harry Potter origin story?
  6. I didn't play on pretty much all of the greatest records of the last 40 years - a measure of just how good I am at leaving everything out.
  7. chaypup

    Bass ID

    Thanks! I thought the pick ups were BB-esque. I want.
  8. chaypup

    Bass ID

    What mid-80's headless 5 string would this bass be? From the Casiopea Perfect concert at
  9. He should have put the tape on the other way up
  10. I was supposed to be playing it this year after a tour with Toots! 😭😭
  11. That's your answer for everything though (and the reason why I stopped subscribing to your medical advice pamphlets) 😐
  12. I’ve watched a few of these videos now and each time i’ve thought there's someone in the background doing the washing up in the kitchen. Only today have I realised its a mirror.. 🤦‍♂️😅
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