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  1. Almost on my doorstep too, just don’t need another amp, really don’t
  2. Recently sold Ash a Musicman bass in what was as easy a transaction as you could hope for. Quick decision and even quicker payment. All good🤘 P
  3. Decent overview of the Dovecage features here - at least the DI elements:
  4. <<< NOW SOLD >>> Jule Monique ‘Dovecage’. - £950 All valve preamp in mint condition. 4 valves plus Cinemag transformer for the DI 3 bank Baxandall eq ‘Sensitivity’ control with push/pull for additional 4db boost for both line level and XLR DI Hand made by Jule in California using point-to-point wiring - no printed circuit boards used. Jule M700 Power Amp - £750 Class D 700w Into 4 Ohms. Internal fan can be switched off for silent running for home and studio use. Enclosure is all aluminium and weighs 7 pounds Studio Slips carry bag included. I’m based in Pinner (close to Pinner Tube) I can ship if required. Price for both is £1,675 i will add more photos of the M700 and bag later later. I’m not looking for any trades, thanks
  5. I asked that very question a few months back - this was the reply: Thanks for your interest in the Short Scale StingRay! Last year's finishes are a tough find in stores now as we only made about 200. It wouldn't hurt to check with our distributor in the UK to see if they are aware of any new ones still available with stores. United KingdomStrings & Things Ltd.Unit 3/ 4, 202-210 Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex BN43 6RJ+44 12 734 [email protected]://www.stringsandthings.co.uk/ We were hoping to launch 2 new standard production colors this Fall, but production capacity has been tight through the pandemic and that is not looking very likely now. We may still offer some limited ones directly through the Vault later in the year, https://shop.music-man.com/instruments.html! Thanks! Best Regards, Music Man Customer Service Team
  6. Recently sold a compressor to Ordep in what was an easy, trouble free transaction. Payment was quick and communication good. cheers, P
  7. Probably lost control (of the car!) at the prospect of getting a beautiful MTD
  8. Hell of a lot going on there from a top pedal specialist
  9. <<<<< SOLD >>>>> Mint condition Broughton Fliptop B-15 pedal. Absolutely like new. Demo here from YouTube
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