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  1. I asked that very question a few months back - this was the reply: Thanks for your interest in the Short Scale StingRay! Last year's finishes are a tough find in stores now as we only made about 200. It wouldn't hurt to check with our distributor in the UK to see if they are aware of any new ones still available with stores. United KingdomStrings & Things Ltd.Unit 3/ 4, 202-210 Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex BN43 6RJ+44 12 734 [email protected]://www.stringsandthings.co.uk/ We were hoping to launch 2 new standard production colors this Fall, but production capacity has been tight through the pandemic and that is not looking very likely now. We may still offer some limited ones directly through the Vault later in the year, https://shop.music-man.com/instruments.html! Thanks! Best Regards, Music Man Customer Service Team
  2. Recently sold a compressor to Ordep in what was an easy, trouble free transaction. Payment was quick and communication good. cheers, P
  3. Probably lost control (of the car!) at the prospect of getting a beautiful MTD
  4. Hell of a lot going on there from a top pedal specialist
  5. <<<<< SOLD >>>>> Mint condition Broughton Fliptop B-15 pedal. Absolutely like new. Demo here from YouTube
  6. Recently sold a bass to Marco, in what was an easy trouble free transaction. Payment was received quickly and communication was good throughout. I can happily recommend Marco to anyone on Basschat. note: sales and shipping between UK and EU are still a thing! P
  7. I’ve owned several Mark Bass amps over the years, though have to say the F1 is a definite favourite. Well know for their modern tone capabilities, they can do a very cool vintage number too! check out this guys tone on his dirty old precision:
  8. Can anyone tell me why my cover/profile photo doesn’t appear on my posts? it used to be displayed back in the day thanks, Paul
  9. Very good price for an almost new Wilcock bass. These really are top quality instruments
  10. <<<<<. NOW SOLD. >>>>> Baby Sumo Power Amp by Guitar Sound Systems Excellent condition and included case Can deliver 600 Watts into 4 Ohm Just plug in your preamp or Helix Small enough to fin on a pedal board. Silent when not being driven - no fan or hums etc. £245 to include courier within UK Can collect form Pinner HA5 Black steel and aluminium (front and back panels) enclosure. Laser printed front and back panels. Inputs/outputs and controls : 1/4" (6,35mm) input jack connector on the front panel. Neutrik Speakon loudspeaker output connector on the back panel. One on/off power switch. Massive pure aluminium volume control. Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.2 x 8 inches / 13 x 8 x 20 centimeters (Width x Height x Depth) Weight: 3.3 Lbs (1,5 Kg) Technical data: Power: 600 Watts over 4 Ohms; 300 Watts over 8 Ohms; 150 Watts over 16 Ohms. THD (at full power): < 0,1 % Input impedance: 10 K Ohms Power voltage: 180-264 Volts ac Frequency response (-1dB): 20-20000 Hz Aluminuim transport case included.
  11. Yeah, they don’t hang around for long, those Nobles!
  12. <<<<< NOW SOLD >>>>> Had a flirtation with short scale basses during lockdown, though have mostly gone back to my two 'standard' basses now... Sandberg California VS Lionel 30inch precision bass in excellent condition Alder body with maple neck - the grain shows through very nicely Fretless, ebony Pao Ferro finger board with sideline fret markers LaBella Black Nylon Tape Wounds Black hardware 3.7kg Sandberg gigbag Made in Germany £850 to include courier across UK Can to seen/tried in Pinner Middx
  13. Platypus


    Yep, Pinner Middx.
  14. Didn’t think this one would be around for long!
  15. Platypus


    This bass is an absolute peach, it really is and PMAC is a great guy to deal with.
  16. Showing complete disregard for the tumbleweed blowing through the Basschat ‘Wanted’ forum, Alan contacted to me to say that he had the PJB Briefcase that I was searching for! Nice easy transaction and I’m very happy with the outcome. P
  17. Another satisfied customer here after receiving a preamp pedal from André. arrived as described and very well packaged. P
  18. <<<< NOW SOLD >>>> MusicMan Bongo 4H in Stirling Silver in near mint condition. Build in USA in 2009 and comes with original hard case, which is also in excellent condition. The bass is very well setup and plays really well with all the headroom of the 18v preamp and the added versatility offered by the Hipshot Drop D tuner Serial No. F25455 and is currently filled with EB Slinkeys. I bough it from Petecarlton while I was waiting on a custom build bass to arrive and now want to get cut back a bit. I'm based in Pinner Middx, near Pinner Tube and any trial is welcome. I'm happy to ship across UK for £20. I'm not looking for any trades. A few recent photos here and the link to Petes original ad has lots more info and photos.
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