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  1. Just love these Atelier Z basses - if I wasn’t all jazz’d just now, I’d be beating a path over to Margate!
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  3. Met up with Paulo today to collect a cab, in what was an easy, hassle free transaction. There was good communication throughout and Paulo was a pressure to deal with. i can recommend Paulo to anyone on Basschat
  4. Mint Condition EBS Session 60 combo for sale - now £110 More than decent small combo with very good and volume. Spec here: Power: 60 W RMS Equipped with: 1 x 10 "+ 2" Tweeter EBS Custom Speaker Monitor tilt back design 2-Band EQ: Bass & Treble Character switch Gain controls with Peak LED Volume control Enhance Filter switch Headphone output Ground Lift Balanced DI/recording output AUX input (RCA) with volume control Dimensions (H x W x D): 37.6 x 31 x 34.3 x cm Weight: 16 kg I'm based in Pinner Middx - close to Pinner Tube I'm also happy to ship short EBS promo vid here https://ebssweden.com/content2/combos/session-bass-combos/ not looking for trades on this one thanks my feedback:
  5. Thanks for all the above input and information on this ad, much appreciated + I have just added a few new photos - taken this weekend past
  6. <<<< SOLD >>>> <<< UPDATE 22/05 I plan on dropping this bass into the Bass Gallery, in Camden on Saturday, for them to sell. Anyone who wants to try it out can do so there, though there will be a commission charge on top >>> >>> Price now £275 Ibanez 4 string P Bass Medium Scale + case Its great condition for a bass made in 1982 with barely a mark to be seen. I bought this two years ago from Geoff90Guitar and have to say its a funky little P Bass with great tone. I'm quoting from the original ad here: "Ibanez medium scale bass made in 1982 All original and sounds great Nice action, truss rod fine. Length from bridge to nut = 83cm Weight = 4kg Original Ibanez fitted case included." I'll get some photos up at the weekend - though in the mean time I've included the ones from two years ago. 26/02 <<Some new photos have added further down >> Im based in Pinner Middx. close to Pinner Tube stations. I'm also happy to ship. i’m just Looking for a sale on this one. my feedback:
  7. Sold a bass to Mike this week in what must rank as one the easiest, trouble free transactions that I been involved in! Quick decision, quick payment and good communication throughout. highly recommended, P
  8. <<<Now Sold>>> Shuker PJ with JJ Burnel bass body, Sadowsky preamp(includes VTC) & Dimarzio pickups The neck is a jazz neck based on the Sadowsky Will Lee model. The body is the same as a Shuker JJ Burnel P bass. This bass looks and plays fantastically well and comes with Shuker hard case. Just had a new set of Dunlop nickel strings added. I'm in Pinner Middx. - close to Pinner tube station and any trial welcome. I'm also happy to ship Full spec here: 4 string P bass 34" scale 21 frets maple neck birdseye f/board birdseye headstock veneer two way truss rod carbon fibre reinforcement black dots medium fretwire brass nut satin lacquer hipshot lightweight tuners JJ Burnel bass body construction, white ash centre with swamp ash wings polyester basecoat black colour coat gloss topcoat black scratchplate Schaller 2000 bridge Black hardware Dimarzio P & J pickups Sadowsky boost only eq Shuker Hardcase Mixture of old and new photos here - I will add some more later.
  9. Platypus


    Bought an amp from Gilly recently, in what was an easy trouble free transaction. With good communication, good packaging and next day delivery, I can easily recommend Will. P
  10. Another day and another old Fender collected from Si! This was our third transaction and as always, dealing with Si was a pleasure. Top man who knows his vintage basses and is highly recommended. P
  11. Sold an amp to DanH71 recently, in what was an easy and trouble free transaction. Quick payment and good communication throughout. Cheers Dan! P
  12. <<< NOW SOLD >>> EBS Neo 110 8 Ohm cab (with tweeter) for sale Very good condition with just a few minor marks to the tolex. Sonically excellent and the spring handle allows it to to tilted. £170 I'm in Pinner Middx. Not looking for any trades. Can ship within UK for £10 - little extra for EU [/list]
  13. <<< SOLD >>> Aguilar Tonehammer 350 for sale Like new, no marks or scratches and working and sounding as it should! I'm in Pinner Middx - near Pinner Tube station collection of any trial welcome. Can post also Im not looking for trades, just cutting back a bit full spec herre: [url="http://www.aguilaramp.com/products_amplifiers_TH350.htm"]http://www.aguilaram...fiers_TH350.htm[/url]
  14. Recently bought a bass from Dean in what was an easy, problem free transaction. Bass arrived very well packaged and as described. P
  15. Checking it out now! Thanks for posting Blue
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