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  1. 🤔... I’m going to pm 😉
  2. Wow Chris , that’s a beauty 👍
  3. Bought a strap from Dylan , with good communication and arrived quickly 👍 Can recommend Dylan is good to deal with. Thanks
  4. And received today 👍 I’m not sure what the charges are yet , I was expecting a letter or call to pay them before Parcelforce delivered today. I was under the impression I’d have to pay the import/courier fees before delivery, but no doubt I’ll receive a letter in the coming days ( maybe it’s this way to stop things clogging up the borders ). I’ll keep you updated when I hear more.
  5. Just a quick thanks to Tony , always quick to give advice & always helpful , I appreciate it my friend 🍻
  6. Christoph kindly sold me a Leduc 6 string I used to own , what can I say - always friendly and quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with 👍 Thanks Chris , I love it & thanks for your efforts , until the next time my friend 🍻
  7. Great luthier & seller! I wish it was fretted 😉 GLWTS
  8. https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/search/?q=sting tribute There is a nice sting tribute in France , by stevie g 😍
  9. Bought some patch leads from Paul , rapid delivery & great communication- top class basschatter is Paul ( I swear I received more leads than advertised too 👍 ) Thanks 🍻
  10. Bought Andy’s freedom bass , he’s very easy to deal with , great communication , speedy delivery and great bass ! Thanks 👍 Chris
  11. I also bought a book from Mickey , excellent to deal with & very speedy delivery! Thanks 👍
  12. Met Mart in a socially distanced manner to hand over my Derek high EUB , was great to meet you - very easy to deal with & was a pleasure 👍 I hope you have a great time with the EUB Mart! Thanks Chris
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