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  1. Laurence is brilliant - he used to take very good care of my Bryant at a very reasonable price when I lived in the area.
  2. I have Kevsy's old one (a Studio passive) and it is a lot more DB-like than the Yamaha SLB-200 I used to own. Sounds better too. Interesting EUBs!
  3. I've owned virtually all the bass 'varieties' in my time (except for a Warwick) and the XL design is the closest to perfect (as long as you can handle the look aha ha ha) as I've ever experienced. Ultramodernism in action! One caveat is that I owned one which had a neck bow which was a bit of disaster. One expert assumed it had been left in a hot car which had given it a warp. They can apparently be heat-treated to reset the carbon weave and solve the issue but the bass didn't have the famed straight neck and lovely low, buzz free, action. My next XL2 (now owned by Roger on the board) was just a beauty and I miss it. Would be nice to see Steinberger crack a cost effective moulding process and pop the cute little dub machines out at a reasonable price.
  4. Having owned a couple of mid-eighties XLs (one of them a lovely transitional) I would buy one if it was in the same realm quality wise. Any links to this info? I've owned a couple of Zons and they were just a bit light on the low end and had a glassiness to their tone that didn't really win me over. Steinberger XLs just sound incredibly good and have no problems in the trouser flapping department whatsoever Haven't played a status for many years but my experience with them was that they were super bright (and glassy) tone wise. At the time I wanted the crazy low action and zingy sound to accommodate major thumb abuse so they were definitely aimed at a particular era of bass fashion. I would love one though! Especially an all grey early model with the weave finish.
  5. Yup - def a bargain. Was 150-200 new. Good quality case. But as I sold my Bryant a while back and now have an EUB (with case) it's just getting in the way.
  6. OK need this gone for space - good quality padded DB case. In good nick and a GREAT case. Pickup only! Cheers, Nick
  7. Price drop bump and up for trades for a P Bass (AVRI preferred or with cash on top for a Moollon or De Gier Soulmate P-type thing). And of course trades for a Stingray or Sabre Classic... ...and while we're on the topic, a nice sixer would be interesting - esp 34 inch scale TRB series
  8. New week, new bump with NEW TRADES (Ps and Sixers)
  9. Yup - saw them as a nipper at the Herne Hill Half Moon in '87. Blew the roof off the venue and covered everyone in flour. Intense (and intensely strange) epic-ness. Such a shame what happened. Brilliant musician!
  10. Sunday bump for a Ray Classic, US Geddy or AVRI swap!
  11. Amazing! Anyone got Geddy Lee's email
  12. Bump on this - still up for trades.
  13. Bumpity bump - any Stingray Classics out there looking for swaps? Or US Geddy or AVRI J basses?
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