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  1. Yes indeed. Lovely bass, but lost to what I have come to describe as the ‘jazz bass churn’.
  2. Seconded - those drills revolving arp inversions of all the main chord structures along the cycle of 5ths are possibly the best bass exercises I've picked up.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. They're lovely basses. I had a classic, but I really wanted the update J like this one. Sold it on but if the stars align I'll jump back in on an update if I can find one.
  5. Cheers all - does seem it works better the more expensive an instrument is...
  6. Wonder if anyone knows the VAT/Duty percentage cost on an import from Ishibashi right now? Looking at a bass going for 350 quid. Shipping comes to a hefty 160 (estimated on the page) So if it's 510 for the purchase, what will be whacked on? Cheers, Nick
  7. Ah I miss my old Bravewood Jaco fretless. We compared photos of the Hejira-era scratches and dings and he did a fantastic job. WONDERFUL sounding j bass.
  8. I had a passive one; the neck was rock solid and needed a tiny truss tweak and was good to go. Solid construction and yup, Matsumoku
  9. I had one of these recently. They're thumpy! Japan made if I remember correctly. I think Andy Partridge uses one to track bass in his home studio (I noticed one in a recent-ish pic). They do record well.
  10. My favourite 'Legend on a cheap bass' is The The's James Eller playing his old modded Kay bass. Just an incredible sounding bass. He used it to great effect on Julian Cope's 'World Shut Your Mouth' as well.
  11. Yup - seconded. I was a huge fan from about 82 until Lovesexy. Had a ticket to SoTT at Wembley and was gutted when he pulled out. Saw Lovesexy, was blown away. Saw him again on the Batman tour and fell asleep. After that I dipped in every few years but the music never connected with me in the same way. The Revolution were amazing too. Just a perfect band. But that run of albums up to LS...what a run. Shockingly good!
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