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  1. My favourite 'Legend on a cheap bass' is The The's James Eller playing his old modded Kay bass. Just an incredible sounding bass. He used it to great effect on Julian Cope's 'World Shut Your Mouth' as well.
  2. Yup - seconded. I was a huge fan from about 82 until Lovesexy. Had a ticket to SoTT at Wembley and was gutted when he pulled out. Saw Lovesexy, was blown away. Saw him again on the Batman tour and fell asleep. After that I dipped in every few years but the music never connected with me in the same way. The Revolution were amazing too. Just a perfect band. But that run of albums up to LS...what a run. Shockingly good!
  3. Hi All Back up for sale is this MK EUB. It's the studio passive version (with the tuners on the bottom end of the string length). This is up for a lot less than the price these usually go for as there's some luthier tweaking needed to the nut (there's a schonky shim in there at the moment). But it looks pretty straightforward. Generally needs a set up but it works, plays well and it sounds good to me. I actually get on with it better than a Yam SLB200 I owned a while back. Reason for selling? I need some studio gear and my imagined jazz trio adventures have been impinged upon by Covid so it's on the chopping board. It comes with soft case and stand. no posting possible I'm afraid so it's either come to my gaff to meet in a nearby car park (socially distanced of course) or somewhere nearish to me (nr Tunbridge Wells). Here are some basic walkies in a vid to show that it's a working EUB Cheers, N
  4. Along with the brilliant Brownmark (Revolution bassist) he defined the chugging Minneapolis style. Prob best defined in 'Lady Cab Driver'. Just legendary. I'm pretty sure he tracked this on bass (and did everything else). Astonishing musician!
  5. Prince was a FANTASTIC bass player. A lot of the bass tracks on the earlier albums (including the Revolution era stuff) was him. This is particularly tasty. Prince took the bass part in this v cool cover of Whole of the Moon at one of his last big gigs in Minneapolis.
  6. These basses are teeeeerrrrrifffic! V Cool colour too!
  7. Yes, this one also looks a bit more sparkly! Excellent
  8. Very nice! That's peak punchy jazz bass right there and at a reasonable price. The Bass Gallery are superb for decent deals on extremely nice basses. I had a Celinder J-Classic which was lovely but I really wanted one of the updates. Looking forward to your first impressions. NB Is that the famous 'Scarbee' bass I wonder?
  9. They do sound good. I can see one in my future! Hope you're well too. We're all hunkered down here in the weald
  10. Now for sale bump or if you fancy as swap with some cash on top for a tone hammer amp I'm all ears. Or even an AG700...
  11. Ha ha yes! I retract that statement
  12. Yup - Stingray can do anything apart from dinner jazz I think. Fine for fusion if that's your thing (Scofields Blue Matter for e.g.) Being able to go from droning metallic bass a la Simon Gallup to tight punchy Bernard Edwards is a VERY wide range. Having been around the houses for many years (too long to mention), I would happily argue a single pickup Stingray is the most versatile bass you can own. It's my only bass right now.
  13. Just went back to Stingrays after doing the rounds of Js, Ps P/Js etc (it's an older, gorgeous '89 with the essential 2-band). It's just perfect. Holy moly...it thumps with old nickels on it. As mentioned on the thread, I will probably get a nice J bass to compliment the 'Ray. I 'm very attracted to that combo.
  14. Just picked up a very, very nice '89 Stingray from Claudio. Absolutely as described, a great deal and a BEAUTIFUL bass. Thanks Claudio!
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