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  1. And a bump - not for trade now, just for sale. And here's Marlowe DK playing this exact model for a bit of tone sampling...
  2. It's a starry night for want of a better description - black gloss but in the right light it has a silvery sparkle.
  3. Anyone up for a swap for a maple fretboard Stingray Classic (or indeed a sale/handover as I've got my eye on a bass on the board)
  4. Well, bear it in mind It still has the manual!
  5. Just FS now...or part ex with a cheaper bass (decent quality e.g. Sire J or something) with the rest on top... This is a vgc Japan made 1987 BB3000A with OHSC (case a bit tatty but good working order) - neck through design with MOP inlays and ebony fretboard - fully working original 2-band active system (the A in BB3000A) - starry night black finish in vgc - light (hair over 9lbs) and with perfect balance It's a very very nice example of a classic 80s bass and sounds fantastic. Happy to ship to Europe! Cheers and pics! Nick
  6. Best bet is to join the Yamaha BB page on facebook and post your bass there. You might strike lucky? I have an MIJ BB3000A and it's awesome. Wonderful instruments!
  7. Sorted, thanks...
  8. Withdrawn
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