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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Going by the amazing birdseye on the neck that's a 'Classic' right? Fabulous bass!
  3. Thanks - northwest look quite inexpensive. How's the quality? Anyone used one of their J bass bodies in a build?
  4. I'm entering one of those 'find a purpose for those nice jazz bass bits and pieces in a box under the bed' phases. I will likely go for a status fretless neck but where do I get a high quality, finished, ash, jazz bass body in the UK? There are a bunch of obvious sources but I'm looking for the good stuff Cheers, Nick
  5. It's not just me then. 8 jazz basses and counting... My issue is that I also play Stingrays and Js seem to have 'booty issues' when I use both types of bass in the same context. I think I need to figure out how to get the best bounce out of jazz. I will definitely be getting one soon and I love the AVRIs (I bought one of your AVRI 75s back in the day). That looks gorgeous!
  6. Indeed. The trouble with Wal basses was that they had a lot of deeply shonky attributes. They also had a whiff of the mid 80s muso (complete with mullet, very short strap, black polo neck and dubious slap skills) which scared a lot of us off in the mid-nineties. I was on the cusp of buying one a few times in that price band but in the end spent my money on other instruments (mainly Stingrays)...which is a solace nowadays when I realise I can't afford one! I really, really should have bought a fretless Custom though. I've become deeply obsessed with Mick Karn of late...
  7. Hang on, is that Bunny Wailer? (v nice Bravewood btw)
  8. Ha ha...indeed. The number of times I umm'd and ahh'd about buying a Wal for 600 quid in the late nineties.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Both of mine were early (skinny necks and long headstocks). I strung them with TIs but I imagine the damage had been done by the time they got to me. In contrast my 4001 was a ‘78. Neck was even skinnier. Straight as an arrow (and much missed).
  11. When I say 'warped' I mean the neck thru has collapsed 'just enough' to make a low consistent action unachievable. Playable, but pretty much no fun. I've had two with identical issues. My 4001 basses have been AOK in comparison. Which is a shame, as I really liked the V63s I've had but they were weak in the neck department. They sounded great with flats...
  12. Rickenbackers are a pain in the derrière, but I love them. I just wish I could find a V63 that a) didn't cost a fortune and b) didn't have a warped neck. I would ask someone to hit me up if they had an unwarped V63 that met those criteria but a) it's not allowed and b) it probably doesn't exist
  13. Autumn Burst! Awesome
  14. Yes, looks like it might be a later model what with the double trussrods Finish is definitely original. I always thought TRB6Ps came in orange/teal or black so I've been looking out there for a similar burst colour and there seem to be some out there with the crazy flame wings and the 'tequila sunrise' burst colour like this guy's one in Italy. Might be a special run? We need a Yamaha Uber-nerd to sort this one out Russ! It's intriguing. Helpful video for tone ref as well And yup, sigh, I will miss it and would keep it around but it's a luxury item at the moment.
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