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  1. Hello Basschat,any thoughts on Doing aBasschat App .our annual membership could perhaps cover the cost ? Thanks
  2. Completely amazing your knowledge is ,very interesting,thanks again
  3. Probably already discussed on basschat but Made in. Japan or Crafted in Japan,what is the difference?and why Fender allowed that to happen,surely Made in Japan should be easy enough!also is the quality of wood and the rest such as electronic is also better ? I don’t really get it !Does it mean also Fender does not make Bass in Japan any more ?but only crafted?...thanks
  4. How old is the bass?and if I understand the pick up are 59/62 ,thanks
  5. Ahoj,can I have the full spec,,such as neck width pick up etc ,,where are you in Czech,my wife family is from Pelhřimov thanks
  6. I user both all the time ,I prefer basschat as you feel you are in the community,I sold all BC THE market is more trustworthy,the feedback help too ...
  7. Good morning,I have made some change already to my precision Mex ,stunning 60 s blue ,bridge cover ,had the neck completely check,and change the pick up to fender 63 custom,which sounds great BUT somehow a tad to bright to my ears probably due to a change of strings from my usual rotosound swing normal gauge,my question is does it make sense to change the electronic such as the transistors ?the one I have now are the mex ,I can of looking for a fatter sound, hope my question make sense. Thanks again
  8. Huge in France ,there were constantly play in radio s back then ,fantastic band
  9. That is very much what I’m looking for ,not yet decided but I like it thanks
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