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  1. Just bought the Fender Jaguar, extremely smooth transition in various emails and The bass arrive as described, I’m very happy, thanks
  2. Not sure if I’m allowed here to post but hey I like to recommend my bass teacher, few months now I decided to learn not only bass because I can play bass but music with bass ( if that make sense), so theoretically I very slowly making progrès but the fact I’m slowly able to read the music sheet in groove or beat will hopefully one day make a better bass player so thanks to Stephen Woodcock @Steve Woodcockbased in London to be so patient with me , have a good day all thanks
  3. Thanks for you commentary I was going to raise that issue this morning,
  4. Thanks very happy to trade with you too , my Christmas present 😊
  5. These pedals are on sale ,I m only selling them as something caught my eye and I need to get some money before I can make a move for an another GAS ,all immaculate condition ,all studio play ,all boxed all including postage, price fixed no trade ; One I love to keep but ; the amazing hand made FET OVERDRIVE 50 pounds including postage. An another I like to keep but I need the cash Limited edition Microtubes B7K 135 pounds yes 135 pounds and including postage. Mark bass super synth , bought it 90 pounds a couple of months ago 70 pounds including. Thanks
  6. To make you feel better,9 months ,a5 strings precision come into market, people were raving great stuff and loads of comments were based its was a shame it wasn’t a rosewood neck and wish the seller good luck ,9 months I put mine on the market, the 5 strings precision BUT WITH rosewood neck,the bass was yes chipped but in full working order I priced at the same price I bought and with new set of strings, I had a few pm but what really surprised me is Hardly no one commenting 0n the sale when i finally announced I was going soon to keep the bass then one person commented , the comment was so stupid I decided to not answer back and finish the thread, GLWTS with your sale .. personally I have been years on bass chat and really do not understand how some buyers have so much answers on one sale and other not , conspiracy hhmmm I wonder ....
  7. Hello width neck please ? Also how old is it ? Please ! Any trade ? Thanks 😊
  8. Hello for my ignorance, is that US made , how old is the bass ? Thanks
  9. Could you send me some price for tutoring, I think you did some translation in past for me , thanks Jean marie
  10. Hello I need a bass teacher to work on cover i like ,and understand the can of f music I playing I m into ,.from Joy division ,killing joke , cure , cult,Interpol,BMRC,Stranglers led zeppelin to blues so finger play and PICK PLAY , I have been playing now 9 years and my level is moderate but I’m playing in band ,please bear in mind my taste in music, it’s very important to me , I have plenty of cover on you tube as jeanmarienoe , I speak better English than my native French , I really need help I m reaching a plateau and I don’t seem to go above it , I based in motspur park , I can drive or you come to my studio,I WILL HAVE SKYPE ZOOM PHONE lesson, I’m also a very slow learner as I’m dyslexic,I know my theory ok ,Can you help? Thanks
  11. Thanks I didn’t realise,big thanks
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