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  1. Further reduction and final reduction,this is cheapest in uk
  2. great amp i owned one super powerful GLWTS
  3. cheers buddy that s exactly what im looking , christmas is coming early thanks again
  4. thanks i own you a pint or coffee on he bass guitar show ..;) really appreciate that one ..milles merci thank you very much
  5. hello I'm looking for a pro to translate my first northern soul song , i can paid i guess 15 pounds , i like in tabs and music , the song is FRANKIE Valli t The night thanks again . hope someone come to my rescue this time ...;)
  6. hello .i use 2 or 3 types of sound with my medals with different sound , i looking for for a pedal , a simple one and small ish to put on/off each sound , hope i make sense in my question /what do you recommend , please , thank you very much
  7. Any pro out you could help me as a gesture to a French compatriot who is living in uk for 30 years for the love of Britain,help greatly appreciate,the Uk won’t be spare we will go on lockdown very soon we don’t have a choice,Paris hospital are already far over stretched with case ,The whole of France and other Eu are on lockdown,this is not a normal flu.,I’m partially on lockdown already I quit my job on sick leave due to anxiety which I’m already medicated for ,my company in uk won’t listen while our Us salon are call closed , I’m a hairdresser,we r not forced to work but some don’t really understand the situation,we have to stay home as much as possible,And London where I’m is the worst affected already,the army is already on the street,seem in Clapham /Brixton ,,thanks again stay safe stay healthy Jean marie
  8. Hello you might think that I'm a bit of a stupid man but I'm trying to change my musical play and learn due to Chonic anxiety , so as french person in part lockdown in uk while my family in france are in total lockdown i was recommend northern soul music for good feel factor and to my surprise it s working so as post punk rock player that's a revelation LOL alleluia to music feel so if anyone has a tab, of The night by Francki Valli i would like to start practice while home thanks for your can help ,best,Jeanmarie
  9. Mint condition Ashdown valve bass head with bag ,in full working order ... Bought it couple years ,switched it on twice a year,look amazing ,on sound there are plenty of videos on your tube about it ,postage included within the Uk ,or pick up in Wimbledon or central London. Thanks 😊 TRADE.,apart for a a digital interface recording or a digital mutitrack recorder im not looking for anything else perhaps you can light up my brains on offer Had plenty of feedback but somehow they seems to disappear?? Not sure why 😊 Rated at 15 watts RMS using a very simple version of the CTM preamp paired with an all-tube power section, derived from the classic LB 30H. The CTM 15 is built using a heavy-duty, folded-steel chassis mounted to a textured paint finish for extra durability, styled with a punched Ashdown double wing grille. The iconic Ashdown double wing logo and all important VU meter finish things off. The CTM 15 surprises all with its tiny (H:140mm; W:235mm; weight 2.3lbs) but mighty appearance and its tone and power; sure to put a smile even the most discerning bass player. Despite its 15-watt rating, note these tube watts - don't be fooled, the CTM 15 will out-gun many modern amps claiming to have far more power.
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