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  1. Good afternoon what is the weigh please,? thanks
  2. Hello what is the weight please? And the neck width please ? Does it come with a case ? Thanks
  3. Sorry to disturb I’m getting a bit confused have you 2 Yamaha for Sale ,thanks
  4. Good morning.I’m looking to purchase a schematic scales poster for my wall , any recommendations ? Thanks
  5. Amazing bass for sale from my friend, Trusted Seller ,,GLWTS Amo
  6. What is the year made of the bass ? please, thanks
  7. Hello,you might get better chance of.a sale with some pictures, thanks x
  8. Width is what in cm please , I think the one you gave us is in American length (or perhaps I’m wrong) 😊thanks
  9. Absolutely stunning ,est tu sur Fb page de Bruno tout sur la basse, je suis Jean Marie le ..... @Larko Glitchmann
  10. bizarrely i can t hear it .i tried on my phone and desktop , cant hear it ;( \
  11. Paul has bought a bass from me , lovely customer,thanks Paul @80sPulser
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