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  1. PMd you re the bridge which you are selling. Thanks NIgel
  2. Zoom A3 will definitely give 48V supply- Ive tried it with an Audio Technica ATM clip on mic. Not a huge amount of gain, but you can insert the mic after all the modelling stuff, and still have two effects, plus 3 band eq on the front and anti feedback. But it is fiddly as hell!
  3. I just bought a Zoom A3, to mess around with. At home I've tried playing my Zeller DB using an Underwood bridge pickup. With some careful use of the effects, using a virtual mic setting followed by the 'Air' ambience, I felt I got closer to an acoustic sound, monitoring on headphones. Haven't used it live or at volume, so I can't say yet whether the modelling introduces artefacts to the bass sound.
  4. Sold to Conrad Molleson, of Edinburgh. Nice person. Thanks also to mods for holding my hand through my first posting. All the best to Basschat.
  5. I have a completely unused, as new, never even uncoiled Audio Technica ATM350 mic, complete with the gooseneck, windshield, power adapter, violin string attachment, spec sheet and soft carrying case. Got it as part of a pair, and I'm only going to need one, so this is for sale. The mic requires phantom power. It's now a discontinued model, although still advertised for sale at round about £250. I"m open to offers for trades, on vocal mikes, or possibly bass related ( not effects). I'm in Northern Scotland I'm happy to post this, because it's little!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. This one does look lovely. I have used a black Taiwanese one for the last fifteen years- and keep coming back to it whatever other basses have come and gone. A nice wine red Japanese example sold on eBay last week for £220.
  8. Just received this 2x10 combo from Bax-shop. I live too far away from all bass shopping centres, so took a chance on it. For some reason the 2x10 version was on a big reduction at Bax, compared to all the other stuff in the Taurus range. I shan't be able to gig it for a few weeks, so only music room impressions so far. Which are good. Have to get used to fan noise. Used a EBS Classic drome for years, and lately a Phil Jones powered cab with a preamp. Both silent when no bass noise being made. But so far, good impressions, with Yamaha BB1100s and with double bass/Underwood pickup. I know it's a bit late to ask, but does anyone have experiences of these amps to share?
  9. A red SB600 with a shaped case. In good condition. £120
  10. Throw in the suggestion of a Phil Jones PB300 powered cab. I've been using one with electric bass, using a Sansamp Acoustic DI, and have run my DB, with underwood pickup, through the same setup, tho' not gigged with it. Very smooth and accurate sound from the cab, which is a reasonable one handed lift. I think the Sansamp is not the best for an electric bass, but....it is fine for the sort of wedding gigs I've been doing. I'm in Forres, not so absolutely far from Perth, and my gig life is about to end for a bit. Could be up for some kind of trade?
  11. Bought a graphic pedal from Alex. It arrived quickly, well packed, and in immaculate condition. Very happy with the whole process.
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