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  1. 2006 Musicman Stingray 4HH 3eq black/rosewood £1095 inc. posting/courier to mainland UK. No trades, thank you. I have a Stagg hard case I can send the bass in. We all know what a Stingray is.... the only slight difference with this one is the professionally-fitted thumb rest that the previous owner added. I found it very useful! I've had this around 10 years, and it was my main bass for a while. I swore I'd never sell it, but I'm using my Mayones and a jazz more now, and possible impending redundancy means I need to thin my herd. It's in great condition, only one minor mark on it at the top of the body, and one on the headstock, nothing going through to the wood, no buckle rash etc.
  2. Maruszczyk Elwood 4a fretless bass. £695 inc. posting/courier to mainland UK. 21 frets 34" scale Active electronics Around 4.5kg weight Nice skinny neck. I have a hard case that I can courier the bass in. Looks fantastic, plays fantastic. I used it briefly for a studio-based project which didn't develop, so it's been unused for a while. Needs to go to a home where it will be used. I bought it on here a couple of years ago. Excellent condition - 1 minor ding at the top of the headstock. No trades, thank you.
  3. Funky Bus - Eternal Erection ( yes, that is a real band!)
  4. A few years back some bloke was knocking out 'Silk Road' Chinese bass strings for £10 per 6 string set. Very good they were, too. Gutted when he disappeared from Ebay....
  5. Stand And Deliver - Adam And The Ants
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