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  1. 2 rehearsals in the last 2 weeks. Great to be back at it. We're not expecting to be doing any pub gigs this year. We're using the time to write new stuff. 4 new songs on the go already. TBH I think the break has refreshed us a little.
  2. I played a Status in a rock'n'roll band for a while. BL looked askance at it but didn't say much as they'd had a series of jokers and alkies play bass previously. He seemed a bit happier when I turned up with a Japanese Geddy Lee jazz.
  3. I can relate to this. I'm not saying my ideas were superb but they were certainly better than anything else suggested. Quite often in bands there is one person who decides that they are going to be choosing the name, and it's usually easier to let them get on with it. I just want to jam and write....
  4. Me too. TBH this thread has made me wake up a bit with regard to payment issues. Many of us can get a little complacent sometimes. I shall restore my vigilance.
  5. Nice work! Managed to source a cheap Tech 21 Midi Mouse. See how I get on with that, then maybe invest in something more comprehensive...
  6. As one of my friends says, there's an ar$e for every seat....
  7. Not for the blues players..... 😛
  8. I find P basses a bit lacking in flexibility. But not everyone wants flexibility. Plus they seem to sit well in x, y and z without any 'flexibility' which is why people use them, and they are trusted etc. etc. Each to their own. I had a couple of Jazz basses though... I quite liked them!
  9. Great. I shall investigate. Thanks! 🙂
  10. Hi chaps. Just made my first serious foray into the C4. Wow! Loads of great sounds available through Neuro.... many of them created by your good self, Mr. Quatchmacher! (I enjoyed the Tom Sawyers!) So... I'm going to get a Hub to make the most of it. What is my best option for a footswitch? Am I better off going straight for the Soleman or could I get by with something a little cheaper? Any advice gratefully received!
  11. It certainly is! Just what I was hoping for!😁
  12. Awesome. Thanks mate, didn't realise! 😀
  13. Anybody else got one of these? If so, did anyone go down the Neuro Hub route and get a footswitch to operate it? There's a massive array of patches available and I'm looking to probably get a Neuro Hub and some sort of footswitch - the Soleman is a bit pricey so I was thinking maybe a Tech 21 Midi Mouse or suchlike. Does anyone have any experience of these extras? Any advice gratefully received! 🙂
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