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  1. I got all our stuff on my hard drive, which I practise along to. From what I can gather, the other three haven't done anything in weeks....
  2. I presume that a return to the tier system is more likely than an overall release from our current lockdown...
  3. Same here. I do walk about playing occasionally, but I'm up on my hind legs all day at work so sitting is favoured. Plus... I practise along to stuff on my PC - rehearsal files, youtube, guitar pro etc. so it makes sense to be right on front of it...
  4. Another potential band name is added to my list! 😎
  5. I love me a bit of Cory Wong action. 😎
  6. odysseus


    Well.... opinions are like ar$eholes... everyone's got one and all of 'em stink. As long as your instrument of choice does what you want it to, it's all good innit?...
  7. Natural Science by Rush. Man, I'm loving this one so far - really enjoyable to play and picking up a bit more fretting stamina as a result too.
  8. To be fair this thread is all about no originals....
  9. You mean a blue passport doesn't solve this? Ye gods....
  10. And Heather Mills has done surprisingly well out of it... 😶
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