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  1. Yeah, I like it. Ole Megadave hasn't caved in to convention, and continues to deliver the gnarly metal goodies.
  2. That is ugly as sin. But then, so am I....
  3. A lot of gaffer tape, I would imagine....
  4. Not a gigging tale. Nevertheless..... In the early 90s our original heavy grunge band used to rehearse in the church hall in a local village. We were there one afternoon a couple of days before a weekend jumble sale. There were heaps of clothing, toys, dog-eared copies of Jennings and Derbyshire books, and sundry other tat piled up on tables and chairs waiting to be organised into some sort of order for the sale. We couldn't help but admire their optimism. Neither could we help having a bit of a rummage through the sorry offerings and avail ourselves of some of the more choice items and dress up in them while we went through our set. About 20 minutes into the set, one of the local parishioners wandered in, probably to see where in the name of Jesus that ungodly devil-music was coming from. She stood there agape as we rocked out, myself sporting a rather lovely, floaty blue summer dress with little white flowers on, and the guitarist in an olive green crimplene trouser suit that would have fitted Montserrat Caballe. IIRC the singer had found a pair of pug-ugly checked old-man trousers, I can't remember what the drummer was wearing. I don't know whether any of the items had belonged to one of the parishioner's deceased relatives or whatever, but we found shorty after that our regular rehearsal slot had been given over to some other interest... presumably flower arranging or the Brownies....
  5. Not a public embarrassment, just a personal one. On my first gig with my first original band, back in the day when I was young and pretty... after the gig, the guitarist's mum's mate came up to me and said, "Ooh you can do me in the shower any time!" I felt kind of dirty, and not in a good way. She looked a bit like Olive from On The Buses.
  6. Mayones Jabba 4 that I got from Bass Direct a few months ago. Beast!
  7. A blast from the past for me. It even made me forgive him for Walk Of Life temporarily...
  8. To someone I know and trust, yes. Anyone else, no... unless it's Victor Wooten or Sonny T or suchlike! 😄
  9. We write our own stuff, so yup 🙂 Grungey rock with a hint of psychedelia.
  10. Anybody got any music releases on the horizon that they are eagerly anticipating? For me, Billy Howerdel has got an album coming out on June 10th. For the uninitiated, he is the guy behind A Perfect Circle, which is generally regarded as 'Maynard from Tool's other band', or in some cases Tool Lite, which I think does them a disservice. Ole Billy is very good at doing the haunting and spooky thang. I like his recent track releases, especially this one. I'm also looking forward to a new Polyphia album this year, but AFAIK there isn't a date yet. The boys seem to have got themselves new guitars and in this track using a sort of flamenco-ish vibe and lovely guitar sounds mixed with some more proggy and techy rhythm/percussion action, giving it a blend of old and new. They tend to incorporate a fair bit of other styles and bring guests in too. Should be interesting! Anyone else got some stuff they're waiting for? 🙂
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