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  1. Hi there, I'm not looking for trades at the moment as I am trying to reduce the number of basses I have. Many thanks for the offer though. 🙂
  2. Normally I'd be blue, but that shade looks a little too anaemic for me. Not normally a fan of red basses, but in this case it brings out the grain a treat... and I prefer the pickguard with it too.
  3. Ozrics is always a winner in those circumstances. Shpongle hits the same spot too... 😎
  4. I discovered his own stuff quite by accident, courtesy of YT algorithm. Excellent stuff. Reminds me of Greg Howe on occasion, too, which is always a winner.
  5. I'll have a full listen later. Just into the 2nd track I like it so far! Thank you, good sir! 😁
  6. 1 - Leprous - Aphelion 2 - Wheel - Resident Human 3 - Soen - Imperial
  7. Fender American Pro Jazz Bass MN in Natural. Made in 2020 Mint condition - no chips, dings, buckle rash, drunken scrapes or other damage. Blemish on the scratchplate is in the plastic cover, which I never removed. Ungigged. Home use only in a smoke-free environment. Seemingly bomb-proof case, complete with keys, and all case candy is present and correct. Weight 4.6kg Great bass, as you'd expect, but I need to thin the herd down to 3. I use mainly active basses so this, being the only passive bass, has to go. £900 including Royal Mail delivery to mainland U.K.
  8. Loved them when I was 11 to 12 years old, then I discovered Maiden and Sabbath, and the Quo were dispensed with. Got me into rock though.... 🙂
  9. Planet Rock needs to be renamed Planet Easy Listening after some of the playlists I've experienced on there of late...
  10. Yup. This is pretty much standard down our way.
  11. Holy sh!t, that was freaking fantastic!!! Very well done, sir! 🤘 😎
  12. Crikey! That's a blast from the past. I was a 15 year old guitar aficionado back then. I loved Kyoji Yamamoto's playing!
  13. Oh man, that would be immense!!! 😎😁 EDIT: I'd never heard of Dead Letter Circus. I have now - just checked them out. Great stuff! Thanks! 😁
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