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  1. Loved them when I was 11 to 12 years old, then I discovered Maiden and Sabbath, and the Quo were dispensed with. Got me into rock though.... 🙂
  2. Planet Rock needs to be renamed Planet Easy Listening after some of the playlists I've experienced on there of late...
  3. Yup. This is pretty much standard down our way.
  4. Holy sh!t, that was freaking fantastic!!! Very well done, sir! 🤘 😎
  5. Crikey! That's a blast from the past. I was a 15 year old guitar aficionado back then. I loved Kyoji Yamamoto's playing!
  6. Oh man, that would be immense!!! 😎😁 EDIT: I'd never heard of Dead Letter Circus. I have now - just checked them out. Great stuff! Thanks! 😁
  7. Yet another in a seemingly endless litany of grievances...
  8. I didn't realise Smiffy was a good singer! I like it. I followed Kotzen during his shred days, then sort of lost interest in him after he joined Poison. Fast forward a couple of decades and I got into the Winery Dogs and reacquainted myself with him... I missed a lot of stuff - I'd forgotten what a talented guy he is.
  9. AIC were the pick of the 'grunge' era for me. Still listen fairly regularly now....
  10. Depends who you talk to. What's classic to me will be different to someone 20 years younger than me, and so on. It was a conversation starter rather than a statement of fact. 🙂
  11. He's a hell of a talent and that's for sure.
  12. Yes, I was warned about this by one of my mates who is a massive PG fan.... He actually liked it, which surprised me....
  13. Cats and basses don't bugger off with your house and half your pension... ☺️
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