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  1. Every cover band I've been involved in has basically had the strategy of 'play everything we know then repeat a few when the punters are too p!ssed to notice'. 🤭
  2. Sometimes something just doesn't tickle your gonads in the way it does for other people. I'm still trying to fathom the appeal of the Foo Fighters.... Such is life...
  3. One gag I have with my band is that my lyric writing is pretty naff because I haven't had a sh!t life. So I leave it to others. I'm quite happy to be faceless. If I wanted the limelight I'd have been a singer or guitarist. Leave me at the back to groove on, and I'm a happy faceless bunny....
  4. Bloodywood metalling up an Indian classic! They seem ti have bags of fun doing this!!
  5. Iron Maiden - taught me how to play fast, aggressive baselines, much in the same manner as bassbiscuits above -Live After Death was the album I spent my early days of bass on. Rush - developed my more melodic playing, and introduced me to the more proggy and musically interesting side of things. Dream Theater - I spent a massive amount of time in the 90's and 2000's listening to these guys. Those are probably the most defining bands of my life and playing so far... I've been listening to a lot of Animals As Leaders ( yeah... I know... no bass) and Tatran recently...
  6. Rush - The Enemy Within David Lee Roth -Yankee Rose Scorpions - Make It Real
  7. I left one band I set up after 18 months over 20 years ago. We were all in our early 20's playing original grunge-style rock. It started off as being great fun - we wrote loads of stuff really quickly and got loads of gigs and positive feedback. The rot started setting in as soon as the singer and drummer started making noises about 'making it'. We were in Cornwall playing a style of music that was a couple of years too late to be current. Yeah, really going to happen... Anyway, those two developed prima donna-ish attitudes, the singer started taking way too many drugs, the drummer retreated into self-indulgent angst, so I thought sod this, left, did an access course, then went to university. They carried on with another bassist, didn't write much more stuff and folded a year later. No regrets.
  8. Blimey... didn't expect that! Some pipes... 😊
  9. Cool gig at a tiny little bar called Hillbilly's in Falmouth. First outing for the Mayones BE4 I got in a p/x with one of the guys on here on B.C. Went very well!
  10. A few years ago Scorpions blew Judas Priest out of the water at Plymouth Pavilions. Scorps were running around like teenagers and played with bags of energy, Judas Priest played like a bunch of old men who weren't really interested.
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