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  1. AIC were the pick of the 'grunge' era for me. Still listen fairly regularly now....
  2. Depends who you talk to. What's classic to me will be different to someone 20 years younger than me, and so on. It was a conversation starter rather than a statement of fact. πŸ™‚
  3. He's a hell of a talent and that's for sure.
  4. Yes, I was warned about this by one of my mates who is a massive PG fan.... He actually liked it, which surprised me....
  5. Cats and basses don't bugger off with your house and half your pension... ☺️
  6. Would've been handy if you were auditioning for Gary Glitter's band....
  7. mangotango chucked me down a most splendid alley of new music to get into! Love Shez Raja's stuff! (His playthrough vids are very informative too!)
  8. Fantastic! 😎 I need to investigate further....
  9. She ain't too shabby on the old Joanna either.... 🀯
  10. A bit of Israeli instrumental experimental progggimental shizzle....
  11. Nice!! I can't quite see what kind of bass that is.... looks interesting!!
  12. When things open up, I'm off to Bass Direct to do a couple of trade-ins. God only knows how much gear I'm going to come back with!! 😬
  13. F*ck me!... that's some night out! πŸ˜†
  14. I'm liking that track! Sadly, it's all too true about what many female musicians have to put up with. The more neanderthal element of the music fan base seem to view women in rock bands as a bit of a gimmick. Here there are quite a few heavy bands with one or two ladies in, but not that many that are all female. However, the heavy rock/hardcore/power metal scene in Japan seems to produce more all-female bands than I would have expected, and mostly with some serious chops in the back pocket. I'm not sure why this is... a respect thing, maybe? Is it that women don't get the crap they do over here? Is it a product of a country where more kids have access to a musical education early on? A mate of mine's sister-in-law worked in Japan and said that proportionately more kids have music lessons from an early age over there, but I've never been so I can't comment.
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