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  1. Then there's Fernanda Lira from Nervosa....
  2. Flea pulls some interesting bass faces....
  3. Can't say I've heard of him, but I'm having a listen now.... there's some great playing and some crazy shizzle going on here.... I think I like it!!
  4. Get back in there , squire! There's nowt wrong with honing yer chops on your own, but it's great to find like-minded people to jam with. Jam on and take it from there... get yourself out seeing local live bands and see if there is a central place(s) or scene where you can hang out and get to know other musos... see who is up for a jam or a side project. Good luck!!
  5. Yes I'm hopelessly in love with Floor Jansen too! 😍 Gerroff her, you heathen!! 🤬
  6. Hey Victor... how about playing some prog metal? Uhh.... mm'kay!
  7. One of my favourite Keziah Jones songs. Great playing from Otis Williams on bass!
  8. +1 for the C4. This is next on my shopping list!
  9. Darkglass B7K Ultra bass distortion. Hell of a pedal - best distortion pedal I've encountered. Gigged once. Excellent condition, no scuffs or scratches. Boxed with manual. Sale due to band breaking up - have no further use for it with new band. £200 delivered mainland UK.
  10. Looks like you've got a good balance there. I used to play in cover bands years ago, some run of the mill, some more grungey. I got bored. For me it's the jamming and writing which makes me happy. Yes, it's enjoyable to get people up and dancing but I could run a disco and get even more up. I'm not sure I could get back into doing covers... maybe if there really was nothing else happening. Never say never. There's nowt wrong with any of it. As long as people are doing their thang and enjoying it, then all is good IMO.
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