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  1. Plenty of drum tracks on YouTube if you want to try jamming out some home-made riffs or suchlike.
  2. +1 for scottsbasslessons.com I've learned a great deal from him.
  3. If I self-isolate I might finally get round to working out how to use that 4-track I bought a couple of years ago.... 😷
  4. Just found this, if anyone is interested... decent sounding live drum cam take. Mr. Carey is a bit of a beast! 😎
  5. I rented a room off Dixie Lee, one of Persian Risk's drummers (and also Lone Star), for a couple of years.
  6. Excellent. Utmost respect! Way better than rotting in front of Cash In The Attic. 🤘
  7. "I promise I'll have the gig diary with me on Wednesday - come back then" "Yes, we can jam and write some stuff together after you've learned all MY stuff" "Yes, I'll have that new crash cymbal for our recording session"
  8. I'm a qualified primary school teacher, but that was a pain in the bum, so for the last 18 years I've been making air filters for commercial aircraft.
  9. Extra shifts, weekend job, better job, sell something you don't use, cut back on unneccessaries..... From your OP, it sounds a bit like you want something for nothing. Doesn't often work that way.
  10. I started on guitar then moved to bass. I still play guitar for writing purposes. It's good to have that extra perspective.
  11. Kiss and Motley are largely all icing and no cake. But.... it's the sort of thing that gets kids picking up guitars, basses and drum sticks (and probably chop, but that's another issue...) for the first time, so it has its place, I guess. Also... a fool and his money etc..
  12. 'Fresh' wasn't the first word that sprang to mind when I thought about sharing a tour bus with my band mates! Manky, fetid, putrescent... yup. Fresh.... no
  13. She can slice and dice alright. Respect!
  14. I heard someone describe it once as 99% luck and 1% naked greed and opportunism. As a lowly hobbyist, I can't attest to the veracity of this.... *shrug*
  15. Yeah thanks! I was after a Mayones for a while - Jabba, Viking, Patriot, but none came up on here. I part-exed my 5 string Status with a guy on here who by some freak coincidence happened to have a BE4, so I took a punt on it, and now it's my main bass. I love it!!
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