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  1. My entire musical life in a nutshell. 😄 That said, I've really enjoyed most of it. I have no experience of the other option, but it does sound good!
  2. I was asked to play bass in a band with some of my mates precisely because they knew I played classical guitar and they were after a finger-style player. Fortunately for all of us, I took to it! I still use classical picking patterns up the dusty end on occasion 🙃
  3. I started on classical guitar when I was a kid, I didn't pick up a bass guitar til I was 19. I'd have found bass a lot more difficult if I hadn't played guitar first.
  4. Discovered Lovebites a couple of years ago. Those ladies can certainly dish out metal in fine style! Still trying to get hold of the Five Of A kind DVD.... Dunno if they've settled on a new bassist yet after Miho's departure. I would have offered my services, but I'm not sure I have the legs for that kind of dress....
  5. I have seen this meme in the context of an Ampeg 8x10. My mate has got one, and yes, it is godawful heavy. I've been using Barefaced for about 10 years now, and my back is eternally grateful, as I live up 4 flights of stairs.
  6. My latest discovery, courtesy of KEXP... again! I'm now working my way through other sets available, such as this.
  7. This is pretty much why I left my last band. So many musicians want to play the Bohemian card, but not actually do anything other than get stoned and just talk about doing stuff.
  8. The point was that there aren't as many as there were before, chief. Had a chat to my GF's 16 y.o. twins last night about this. Out of a school peer group of about 90-100, they could only name 2 who played instruments. One lass played bass because her dad is a bassist and taught her - another lad played a bit of guitar. I was surprised as it was even less than I expected. A fair few are into music, though, even though they don't play. Falmouth has an arts college, so there are proportionately more there than in other local towns.
  9. My mind wants to believe... my knees have reservations! 🙃
  10. TBH I'm not seeing many youngsters in cover bands here either. Just had a look on YouTube - Rick Beato makes some interesting points... some of the comments underneath are interesting too, particularly the one that music is important, but not in the 'foreground' for a lot of younger folks - as in listening to music is something you do while doing something else rather than being a pursuit that has your undivided attention. Interesting....
  11. I think age also has an impact on things - when I was a kid I could spend hours at a time doing stuff, be it learning classical guitar, reading, computer programming, playing a game. As an adult I have found that I reach saturation point much more quickly, regardless of whether I have other demands on my time or not. Also, kids don't seem to have considerations about learning stuff they want to do - they just do it. As adults we tend to look at things, stroke our chins, and thing 'Hmmm... that looks like a whole bunch of work...'
  12. You could be right about people moving away after college. Cornwall is a lovely place to live, but there is very little in the way of career opportunities. Still plenty of college students around, which makes me wonder why there's very few bands...
  13. Yeah, I hear that! I just quit my band too. Singer turning up to less than 25% of rehearsals... can't make Saturday rehearsal cos she's out on the p!ss... can't make Thursdays coz she's still on a comedown from all the other sh!t she took at the weekend. 40 years old, considerably overweight, crap diet, no exercise, still trying to live the life of a 20 year old. Ergo we can't gig short-notice as we're under-rehearsed, can't do full 2-set gigs for the same reason and constantly have to get support bands in. Can't book recording time either. Drummer is unwilling to do anything about it, as he rents a room off her. Guitarist is in self-inflicted ill health too, so would rather coast along doing bugger-all. People can live life however they see fit, but why be in a band if you don't want to put the effort in?
  14. Yeah he seems to be very settled on his subject material! lol It's ok, but doesn't really motivate me to part with my hard-earned... I had to laugh at the 'Dave Mustaine presents' at the beginning... for those who are unaware of who Dave Mustaine is , and making sure everyone knows who's boss 😆
  15. I'm curious... I live in West Cornwall, and 20 years ago there was a thriving original band scene in the area. There were a great many young (as in college age up to mid 20s) metal, punk and indie bands, and a smattering of other genres. You could go out and see a three band event Friday and Saturday nights and not see the same bands in a month. Recently, it would appear there are very few younger bands. Even the originals scene is largely inhabited by middle aged musos - there seems to be very few bands made up of people in the younger age bracket. I'm wondering why this is? Are younglings not learning instruments so much now? Are they moving more toward production, as in using Logic and Reason and all that? I really don't know. Is this the case in your area? Any thoughts on it?
  16. A certain Mr. Maynard James Keenan with an early version of 'Sober'. Good grief.... 🤪
  17. Just got a ticket to see Sham 69 at the Acorn in Penzance at the end of the month. Not my normal sort of thing but my bro in law says they are great live so I thought what the hell...
  18. Yeah, I like it. Ole Megadave hasn't caved in to convention, and continues to deliver the gnarly metal goodies.
  19. That is ugly as sin. But then, so am I....
  20. A lot of gaffer tape, I would imagine....
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