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  1. By some quirk of fate, Animals As Leaders played a local pub a few years back and I was there to see it. I'd listened to a lot of their stuff, and I half expected it to be a mess live, but gee whizz... it was absolutely amazing. I was giggling like an idiot all the way how thinking... "How?...." This ain't that particular gig, but they still amaze me nonetheless.
  2. Price drop £595 inc. postage to mainland UK.
  3. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
  4. The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater
  5. Flowers In Our Hair - All About Eve
  6. French Kissin' (in the USA) - Debbie Harry
  7. Two Fools A Minute - David Lee Roth
  8. Digital Man by Rush. A nice frisky one to get my teeth into.
  9. Oosh!... that looks great. Whereabouts in Cornwall are you?
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