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  1. visog

    Fodera Yin Yang Standard II. NEW

    Prefer the five...
  2. GLWTS - tried one of these in Andertons. Didn't pick up because it wasn't that different to my ramp-equipped GB Spitfire only up a fourth of course. But for those wanting a way-into a modern super-playable 5 I'd heartly recommend it...
  3. visog

    The bass journey

    Cool! Enjoy your journey. I think the 5 is default for bass in the 21 century. 6 and that high 'C' still not convinced but a low 'B' is such a usable option now most makers have sorted the tone, and I'm sure ACG has...
  4. visog

    Two Notes Le Bass

    Mod's probably need to merge these threads:
  5. visog

    Who did you see live last?

    Yes I have succumbed to 'Warm Wet Circles' and 'That Time of Night' and the beautiful 'Easter' - all good (proggy) songs.
  6. visog

    Who did you see live last?

    Aw they were ace... 49-year old songs never sounded fresher! Awesome gig. Bit melancholic that there's nothing similar to go see now... Love my '70s Yes but not convinced by either line-up. My favourite drummers have retired: Bill Bruford/ and Neil Peart. John McLaughlin's all but retired. My favourite bassist/singers: Squire, Wetton & Lake have passed away. And I think Ed Sheeran is pants. What's a prog fan to do? And don't say anything northern-European...
  7. visog

    Demise of Scuzz TV

    Indeed! Those pesky time-constrained ads have gone to 6 secs. It'll be ten before long... #modernlifeisrubbish
  8. visog

    Two Notes Le Bass

    Totes agree. My first unit failed but Bass Direct replaced without fuss. My second unit continues to add a sparkle to both clean and gritty sounds without a 'Darkglass wash' that homogenises so much over-driven bass these days. I believe there was a problem early on with power supplies but hey ho. Takes a bit of experimenting to get the right levels and EQ. Hadn't given much thought to the knobs but they're knobby I guess... Nice pre-amp...
  9. visog

    5's and 4's

    More chance of a successful Brexit. Not nearly as experienced as Mr Lawson here but a trip to Bass Direct or the Bass Gallery will evidence his comments - to wit Yamaha's gorgeous TRB sixers which have enormous fretboards compared with say, Ibanez' Gerald Veasley (the cheapie - not the custom) which have much narrower spacing and therefore much less playing real-estate.
  10. visog

    Split Gauge strings

    Isn't there a danger of uneven tension with split gauge strings? Actually, is 'uneven tension' even a thing? Am I just re-counting ancient myths which are baloney?
  11. visog

    Demise of Scuzz TV

    More indications, as if you needed it, of Rock's decline... (I feel partly responsible as I only watched it in fleeting channel surfs awaiting the freeview on Babestation). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-46196569
  12. visog

    Who did you see live last?

    Hmmn, you could be referring to either his Ned Steinberger upright or his Chapman stick. (He also played his MusicMan Stingray 5 - it looked like one of the new ones with a roasted neck.)
  13. That'll do finger-funk for days with that twin-bridge pick-up arrangement...
  14. visog

    Who did you see live last?

    Not sure that was a great move... you missed the hits which I won't share in case people want to be surprised.Yes it was cacophonous - gloriously, intensely. You say, 'dreary'... I say, 'joyous'. There were actually four drummers but Bill Rieflin is now backline and played keyboards.
  15. visog

    Who did you see live last?

    King Crimson (all 8 of them)! With the mighty Tony Levin on bass. Jolly good. Well done to everyone involved...