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  1. GLWTS. I think these are like the reference standard of basses.
  2. Love a Bernie. Is it one of his or a Lowden-era?
  3. Struggled with what you were asking actually as you used a double negative meaning it is extremely comfortable. So... you're going against your better instincts. Oh well, given you're using a flawed medium, lets set to it... I suggest you bring it back to good technique and posture. Check you're sat or stood upright with a straight spine. A nice clean 'scratch your eyes out' left hand with the thumb mid-neck behind your second finger. Slow careful scales with just sufficient pressure (check out Gary Willis) and get used to the sensation in your pinky with very deliberate good technique and posture. Suggest you baseline the situation with that approach and if you still get problems, refrain from playing and go to the doctor.
  4. So, not being a negative Nancy here but isn't that minimal change/improvement? Or is this view misleading and it actually has a more dramatic effect audibly?
  5. I agree with the previous posters. Your three-note per string patterns present themselves so nicely with that extra string and having string platforms for octaves across a whole three string x three notes scale shape is great. Need a good bass though so the tone doesn't change between the 'E' and 'B' strings. So to the OP - Are 5 strings worth it? Yes absolutely!
  6. God yes I went through the whole B-Social debacle too. I get the impression that their premium lines are good but their scaled mid-lines have the issues.
  7. All good advice. Relish the space... fatten up your tone (DK retail therapy) and busy up your lines. Seek inspiration from Geddy Lee!
  8. As I recall, Jaco used to try and mimic Frank Sinatra's vocals on his fretless...
  9. visog


    Erm is this going to fly. Do the pole-pieces line up? What's going on? It's madness?
  10. OMG - what a beautiful bass. How much bang for the buck is this? Those double-bucks are going to deliver serious phat. GLWTS
  11. Bump from me too - heard these played in a fusion band live and was very impressed with the buttery phat bass.
  12. Ooh, ooh, ooh me next. Yes rule the universe. So to the OP's question: Close to the Edge - so good I rarely listen to it. I check it now and again to see if it's perfect. And it is. So I need working Yes albums to listen to so that would be Fragile, The Yes Album and Relayer. I'm fond of Topographic too. Going for the One is wonderful. Tormato was flawed but fun. Thereafter, not really Yes for me. Classic line-up for me were: Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe & Squire. Each with their own brilliant voice...
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