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  1. Well looky here! These new guitars and basses by two youngsters and it's quite a hoot:
  2. Andertons bass chaps demo'ing Laney amps but muchio EHB short scale goodness from 16m in...
  3. I think most sources cite alcohol exacerbating his bi-polar disease as the main factor in his demise.
  4. Not really a documentary as such but still very watchable. I found the end very moving acknowledging all the Jaco influencers, contributors and commentators who had died including the heavily featured Dave Carpenter.
  5. Well the Reb Beach cutaway serves no purpose other than extreme whammy dive-bombing - a habit that should not be encouraged in this day and age. Also, it still has a headstock which is not what this thread's all about. The Steinberger, design is more like it but is still has a rounded, convex bottom to base body contour where as the Ibby's are flatter for two-position playing and in the Strandberg, is amputated entirely so that it is concave in that area. But yes - Steinberger and Mike Rutherford ahead of their time. Reb Beach, a headstock - so very much of its time.
  6. I hope Ibanez do a bass version of their new Quest series guitars just out...
  7. Very nice. Would love to play and hear it!
  8. It's all part of the GB story or 'canon' as our young friends are fond of saying now. Others may know better than me but I think it depends on when it was built so it may be a Bernie with Lowden or from a time after they parted ways. Either way, it's lovely.
  9. Well unless there's some secret sauce in the electronics, I doubt it. I think the PR company was paid on hyperbole. Most of the pick-ups, switching and wang-bar-ness was nailed by Fender in the '60s. Would still love to have a go on one though eh?
  10. Arch-denizen of the music show, Nigel Clutterbuck (surname sounds like the technique) does a good line in this combined with slap and pull. Here's one of his typical note-sandwiches...
  11. Stanley has a reverse headstock one...
  12. Bought my Two Notes Le Bass pre-amp from them. First unit developed an intermittent power loss. They took it in - verified the fault and replaced it as soon as new stock arrived. Not dealt with them over the Internet but would buy from them again. Frankly it's a great resource with tons of unusual and exotic stock you simply don't get in PMT, etc.
  13. That Dimension 5 has got the 'G' factor!
  14. I didn't post the vid as an appreciation of the style. More that the short scale has a sound worth investigating. I am intrigued!
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