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  1. Probably worth adding to the main thread on this very topic...
  2. So I believe... Lee Pomeroy is super-enthusiastic about it being a return to form.
  3. Take Chris Squire out of the band - what do you get? I think the actual answer is ABWH but moving on this didn't do it for me... karaoke sounds, aimless bass noodling and then some grand-standing with your mates. RW's quality control meter's been broken for years...
  4. Oof! Super tasty. Bet that Bart's a honker... Lovely and a rare bird to boot!
  5. So where did we land on this? Happy if we postpone until next year but I don't remember seeing any official confirmation of this... or my £20 ticket!?
  6. Well not if it's manifested in the video... They do look handy...
  7. Bought a very similar bass myself from Warwickhunt. Mine had the darker neck wood - bubinga? Any who? Good seller - recommended... He let me have a go on a Fortress with a 2-Tek bridge? Remember those.. weighed as much as a black hole.
  8. Tasty... GLWTS. Recommended seller from me.
  9. I can heartly recommend John for repairs and not just for his own builds. He regulary services my GB as Bernie is 350+miles from me in Brighton. He's got mine set-up as per John Entwistle's strings under the frets...
  10. Erm coming from a Squire/Geddy heritage, I have to say I liked his tone. Always a challenge to balance the clank of the note with the whump of the bass but I'm in. Well done Steve H and everyone involved...
  11. Wow! Looks like a lovely bass.
  12. Wow! Looks fun. Bet those P'ups have some chunk. Prefer these block inlays to Bunny's offset dots. Plus loads of electronics and stringing options. GLWTS
  13. Someone's getting a bargain! Hope your replacement lives up to expectations.
  14. I don't hold out much hope. The Roland site let's you share patches and to date three or four years after it's release I think there's only five patch libraries submitted.
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