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  1. I didn't post the vid as an appreciation of the style. More that the short scale has a sound worth investigating. I am intrigued!
  2. So I starting to GAS for the short scale 5. Question for the EHB owners out there is string changing easy? Wondering about nut slots as I'd probably go for E to C tuning. Thoughts? Experiences?
  3. Yes but in every position - so 5 x # frets. Scales unfold so much better on a five and bloom across two octaves meaning an availability of options. Diminishing returns with a '6' though..
  4. Now that's what I call Christmas - disc1 - just had Girls Aloud, Now Kylie with 'Santa Baby' which is her cover of the rather suggestive Eartha Kitt original.
  5. So would like to hear if this is Gibson bass scenario.... Quirky?
  6. ... and by donkey I mean A S S
  7. Anyone else got this fantastic bass album put out by Trace Elliot in the day... nigh on 25 years ago? Loads of great contributions but Mick Karn's kicks everyone's donkey.
  8. Gassing for your basses... that Wal 6 is something - frets I mean.
  9. Nailed it. Prog stalwarts are tone kings but the Journey is mixed insanely loud like 'Time and a Word' but it is a good tone.
  10. I had a fretless of this. Awesome - GLWTS. I love my custom bass (GB) but it's nice to know that in a post-nuclear environment, me and the 'roaches can find a Yammy and get a great bass... Industry standard!
  11. Probably do better in 'Bass Guitars'... also is it a proper shape or the Chad Valley new shape? Don't mean to be trolly...
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