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  1. It's a 'murder', not 'herd'...
  2. Looks like the same headstock design as Mr Squire's...
  3. Good... stoke my GAS...
  4. Back to the OP, these do look good but I'm keen to try one sitting down. Part of the obviously 'Strandberg' ergonomics is the ability to play in a classical position - i.e. bass on left knee (for rightys) but the jack socket position may proove problematic. Will try one out - hopefully at the UK Bass Guitar show in a few weeks. Similarly, need to feel that 17mm spacing on the six... sounds tight to me. Anyone had a go on one yet? Playability thoughts and impressions welcome?
  5. Sorry just remembered - Quartz supporting the Rush?
  6. I saw the Moving Pictures tour and the Stafford/Brum show was the NEC I think. I attended it and it was so exciting...
  7. I did too! Permanent Waves tour... Awesome! Saw Yes there too a little after on the Drama tour. Great gig.
  8. Gas mark 7 and rising!
  9. Catchy name... "SREQM 400 DEB" It's got a real ring to it. What's the fingerboard made from? Will it provide a good playable and tonal surface?
  10. To answer the OP, I'll pitch in with another vote for Chris Squire. But rather than sound lke him, or anyone for that matter, I'd rather develop a sound of my own that is distinct and embodies my musical voice. (I haven't BTW - I'm just citing the aspiration.)
  11. Don't think a name is important - it's just a label you grow into. Agree with the second above too. Good example, 'Yes' which in itself is not particularly important in itself, compared with the pomp of 'Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark' say, but took on meaning as the band developed and Roger Dean designed the logo... Consistent presentation is important - however 'Rush' - good name managed with different logos each time. I like 'Elbow' but their name is ridiculous...
  12. visog

    Boss GT-1B

    Don't know the answer to this. But to add to the debate I get the USB 'whistle' when editing and playing. Can't get rid of that so I edit on the unit too. Loads of fun otherwise. Criticisms would be that the tuner is all over the place and likewise with the amp/cab sim' volumes
  13. That orange D-bird is saucy beyond belief... Here's one at the Bass Gallery: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass?_=pf&sort=created-descending
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