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  1. Put it in the 'Bass Guitars' section and you may have a better response.
  2. Wow... that fingerboard looks intimidating... beautiful but intimidating. GLWTS
  3. At least your hair look real...
  4. Wow... lovely bass to which my avatar attests. GLWTS
  5. More Namm clips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVRLmizAivs
  6. I repeat my earlier point. Organisers - what's the cancellation/postponement policy as it's clearly not going ahead?
  7. It will probably get called off given the infection rate so do we have a clear policy from the organisers?
  8. Agreed but the points sound like teething issues as the rush to get these out. Hopefully Anderton's feedback will result in better shipments to follow.
  9. Has anyone stood VJ down!? We could be faced with mullet-powered 'slappered-da-bass' on top of coronavirus.
  10. Alberto, Love your videos - keep them coming! Not sure about the headstock shape and dragon graphic but the PUp options are intriguing...
  11. An update video review by the chap we all ragged on from the previous page
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