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  1. visog

    6 string acoustic bass?

    This isn't strictly an acoustic but maybe worth adding at this point:
  2. visog

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Looks great! Could well become a better bass than it was...
  3. visog

    Best Heckle

    "Dad-rock's dead and you're a fat forty plus year-old who dyes what's left of your hair and no-one likes the music you're trying to play so flip-off and let the DJ on." Admittedly, it's not very snappy...
  4. visog

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    This happens a lot in my experience too... sometimes willfully. I have sympathy for the staff to a degree given busy people have to speed read their e-mails. Best to focus on one point, be clear on the impact on you, and what you would like done about it. Not sure how you phrased your complaint but as a wider point in such circumstances, simply offering up the situation places an assessment, judgement and decision making process on an already attention starved, and usually junior individual. Better to do that for them with your optimal but reasonable (given the good consumer advice presented previously), outcome in mind. Love to hear how the Fendus works out! Could be a great combination...
  5. visog

    Since when did Sandbergs jump in price?!

    The J in netcarlos' link is lovely...
  6. visog

    Since when did Sandbergs jump in price?!

    And shapes... what's the point in 'masterpiece ageing' a modern shape? Please tell me they still offer P & J shapes?
  7. visog

    What bass is being played in this video?

    EMG456 - thanks for the clarification. Re. Flabba - I can see a new thread being born: Bassists with matching bass/hat combinations...
  8. visog


    Sort of Rumour at extremities - peg-head and tail-piece base area but with Spitfire horns. Anyway really nice looking bass. Looks like some tasty electronics too. Would love a go on one...
  9. visog

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    Blimey! Mr Zender's racking them up here but deservedly so... +1 Jaco's 'Havona' +1 Chris Squire's TMR and LDR Could go more fusion, pop Sting's 'Walking on the Moon' but I'll go prog again:
  10. visog

    What bass is being played in this video?

    Hmm well if he wears it any higher it'll be up his nose! Can't tell I'm afraid despite the headstock being in shot a lot. I can't read it but perhaps a fellow BC'er will recognise the shape. P.S. The drummer mimed standing-up! What's all that about!?
  11. visog

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    Well it doesn't look like the headstock on his more recent Spellbinders either:
  12. visog

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    I remember John Wetton saying in an interview that he had a Spellbinder, and that a customs officer in an airport recognised it from Stanley who'd just been through with his.
  13. visog

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    Oh yes, Stanley's played Fender for many hours days now... To be fair, he's always dabbled with other makers and manufactured his own once (Spellbinder). At his Animal Logic gig I saw, he brought a bunch of Ken Smiths. He's had Carl Thompson's for Picolos too. Be interested to see what this 'Stratobasster' pans out like...
  14. visog

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    Well the more extreme the fan, dare I say, the "more craddock" the neck, the more extreme the distortion of hand position for chording in the upper register? So the point is that it's a compromise with different makers taking a different position - literally.
  15. visog

    NBD Fodera content

    Dear god! That's like being handed Excalibur!