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  1. After looking at the sources cited... I can't tell if it's dodgy or a genuine tribute. The fact that it's fretted and has shiny pick-up covers doesn't help. So I'll sound in with the rather obvious advice that if you're considering buying one, try to hear and play it first.
  2. OK I see re. the old stock but I think they'e been making "identical" replacement bridges for a little while now.
  3. This doesn't swing... (Sorry)
  4. Erm... think this is old news with several YouTube bassists promoting Allparts as the spiritual successor for a while now. However one of their main advocates, Jeff Berlin going with Babicz....
  5. Erm I confess I don't know his oeuvre but I did enjoy Eric Clapton's 'Rainbow Concert' album which I think might have been a benefit for him? Prepared to be corrected on this...
  6. What a shame. Always try before you buy. How a bass looks is always secondary to sound & playability...
  7. I want to fat-shame your bass. Bet it sounds good though?
  8. Back to the OP - for me Jaco was like a technical upgrade in bass playing from 16-bit to high definition: rhythmic subdivision and authority harmonic sophistication melodic phrasing and articulation tone and timbre It was a revelation...
  9. These are hand-made. Very nice low weight option bass. GLWTS
  10. If you watch the full vid, they comment on how this works in conjunction with distortions - amp or pedal. Very saucy.
  11. Not my experience. When awesome Mr Shuker set-up my ramped-GB, I went back to my Warwick sans ramp and it was like walking on a net where you keep slipping through. For me it's a different experience: without a ramp it's a bull-fiddle for getting physical where as a ramp turns it into more of a classical guitar. You might justifiably ask how does that fit with the traditional role of a bass but there we are... that's my take.
  12. DDP is amazing but uses a thumb-pick here.
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