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  1. Christ! Did you get that (Social) working without latency?
  2. No info sorry but it's beaut!
  3. Oof! Loving this and your photos look like it has a pretty decent action. Thump-on!
  4. Christ! Recounting your dreams is tantamount to regaling your golf stories... Or epic drinking stories. You had to be there...
  5. I think Adam is great. Very learned. Interesting perspectives..
  6. Having a noodle on the GB... Last chord terribly late sorry.... SysBlues.mov
  7. Never did understand what a 'funky boogaloo' was though....
  8. Absolutely... so she's published her tutor books 50 years ago. Now let's address Gary Willis' phenomenal approach...
  9. visog

    Bass ID.

    I like the look of these... Sort of Wal on steroids but then I remember I set my EQ then forget about it so having 10 trillion options is somewhat redundant...
  10. Yeah the 'Groovehacker' thing grates but otherwise, that's the nature of digital promotion. As I say, he's more than justified his presence with lots of great free content. I like his Billy Sheehan fixation and his respectful coverage of Jaco. He needs more Stanley thinking about it...
  11. Hmmm his advertising is pretty intense BUT he's got so much good free content I think we can give him a pass. Currently hacking through interminable Gary Willis lesson promotions but hey, Gary is great too. Love his books. Nice chap too - met him at a Bass show a few years back.
  12. Saw Chris, Neil and Allan many times. Never saw Jaco. Just missed his Manchester WR 8:30 show by a year of gig attendance...
  13. Think I just want Jaco and Chris Squire to be reborn TBH... And Allan Holdsworth and Neil Peart.
  14. I have the Two Notes too but I accept the hiss as part of the whole hairy sound mojo. I do GAS for the DG range, actually the Vintage micro tubes. My concern over your recommendation though is the ubiquity of this sound from the Prog-Metal arpeggiators. Also the IRs.... phfffw... Just make a righteous sound out the box. Maybe I should try a DG again...
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