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  1. visog

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Lovely basses but Rush's production and synth aesthetic of the 80s/90s did them no favours whatsoever.
  2. visog

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Sioixie - agreed although I think her most notable musical collaborators were Budgie and John McGeoch... Annie Haslam and Jon Camp In Renaissance? Chaka Khan and Anthony Jackson?
  3. visog

    Whatever Happened to Compressors?

    How is the stand-up career going?
  4. visog

    Ibanez BTB33 “Volo” bass

    Played one of these at Andertons. Very nice bass for fusionony active music. Ramp makes things super-playable. I didn't buy as it didn't give me much over my current bass (5-with ramp) but had I not had that... this would be a great low-cost catapult into the world of Gary Willis and Matt Garrison.
  5. visog

    Enfield Cannon Custom 4

    Saucy... strong Wal vibe from this...
  6. visog

    Whatever Happened to Compressors?

    Nah compressors are out. Limiters are where it's at...
  7. visog

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Very meta - it's called 'life' - get involved with an opinion, not an observation on process. UglyDog - get off the fence: KB - genius or not? PS no wrong answer... just boring ones
  8. visog

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Female geniuses include Joni, Kate and I'll add Bjork just to get your goat... Evidence: Kate - 'Hounds of Love' - Admittedly not JG on this - Delbert Palmer and Eberhard Weber not too shabby Joni - where do you start? I'll go 'Hejira' for the bass angle with Jaco's sublime contributions Bjork - 'Vespertine' for all her saucy songs about shagging but they are amazing... (sorry no bass guitar AFAIK) So point of order denied.
  9. visog

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    Nah... not going to happen in the short-term for this model. It's a product into a market and they will see how it performs. The business model in this case is design over domestic hand-built so they'll see how that sells. As soon as I heard it was built in Indonesia I realised that this step is for many manufacturers is the price-reducing production shift. The fact that they've started with this means that any price change is a little way off.
  10. visog

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Hmm... this thread is symptomatic of the decline of music, the industry and more importantly, the value of music. The OP is entitled to their opinion but then so am I and I say that based on empiric evidence of sales, critical success and positive Basschat posts, he's talking b*ll*cks. It's good to be contrary to stimulate debate - I do it all the time on these forums but sometimes posts like this are pointless. And moreover, I'd say who is rateable? And then I'd ask, what do these rated people think of McCartney or Jaco etc, and of course, they'll usually give their approval.
  11. No love shown yet here for this update? https://ebssweden.com/content2/effects/ebs-billy-sheehan-ultimate-signature-drive/ I always liked his dry/wet mix concept but found the sound to fizzy - eclipsed by Darkglass's more open and refined grit, grunt and growl. What do the BS pedal fans think? **Edit: Just read that it's not out yet** Still some vids appearing:
  12. visog

    Duesenberg - any love?

    I'm more 'clank' than 'thump' and this should be in 'Bass Guitars'
  13. Sign of the times... Altrincham and Huddersfield also going... Shame. Good store... handy for pedals, leads, books and other shizzle
  14. visog

    Ovation Ultra bass

    Better be good with a name like that...