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  1. So the artist page has Nita Strauss as a visual... I don't think she'll be there. LBGS needs to shape up and say what's going on...
  2. So when I last went, we had Mark King and Gary Willis absolutely killing bass-wise but more recently it seams to be more about celebrities who happen to play bass. Suzi Quatro anyone? And our Dingwall/Bass Direct pulling out?
  3. So thinking of going.... can't be arsed reading the last five pages. Is it actually going to have proper bass players this year rather than random bass-related celebrities. And I can't see Dingwall so no slant fret action?
  4. Having taken a look at ACG's site I tend to agree.
  5. But, here's the thing.... new strings on any bass with a neutral setting is a 'killer P-sound' right?
  6. Probably get more response in 'Amps and Cabs'?
  7. OK Joe - thanks for the offer. I loved your 'Basslines' book back in the day -such a reference point. I was really intrigued with your references at the back of book - for Slominsky, etc but I'd love to hear more about your Charlie Banacos interactions and what his take was on bass specifically? Did he treat it like any other instrument or did he have a view on its role?
  8. Totally agree. It's a great tune to start off with but like the Joni tunes, Jaco just lifts it out of the park. Having played this live, I'd suggest a compressor to get the harmonics out there vs. the normal notes...
  9. If I didn't have five, I'd jump at this... Beautiful bass, and way-cool pick-up mojo there... Oodles of bass for the money. Is it 35" and Buzzy Feiten intonation?
  10. They making them in the Cort factory so with a retail of £3,000+ there's plenty of margin there. We're paying for the design in this case, not the say, Alembic build quality. Quite fancy a six. Have they done one yet? Have any BCers pulled the trigger on these current models? What are they like? Worth the price?
  11. It appears you are correct - I stand corrected. This from a Talkbass poster, who sounds like they know what they're talking about - no guarantee I know! Also an earlier thread from BC too. Bunny Brunel might have had a hand in testing the Yamaha BB series, along with the likes of Abe Laboriel, Nathan East, Lee Sklar, and a bunch of other session guys, but as I've understood it, John Carruthers developed the "Big Body" series basses for Yamaha, with input from all those early testers. It was not Bunny's design, or named for Bunny Brunel.
  12. "Hope you enjoy our new direction..."
  13. Do we not do 'Bass Guitars' thread any more?
  14. Loving that neck joint. Appreciate that's pretty specific but I assume the rest of the bass is top-notch too!
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