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  1. visog

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    By popular music standards... covering Motown, Beatles, Disco hits is covering the bases (not basses) enjoyed by many, many millions over the last 50 years. John Myung is practically invisible on these terms - no matter how good he may be. This was all about pop music...
  2. visog

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Good line-up... Bet we don't get Jaco
  3. visog

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Nice concise history of the bass there with a bit of colour... I want to watch your documentary.
  4. visog

    New Ashdown pedals

    It's the B-Social all over again... pedal market has some moved on...
  5. visog

    Glou-Glou Moutarde is here! 4 LPF, PLL, gated fuzz synth

    Erm... just get a synth?
  6. Yeah fugly like a Tyrannosaurus' arm...
  7. visog

    Dingwall DBird 5

    Probably for balance...
  8. visog

    Ibanez U.K. Are rubbish

    Some AFR goodness with none other than Dave Swift presumably organised by slated Ibanez UK...
  9. visog

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    Agreed... so how much do you think they'll be... without speculating of course..?
  10. visog

    Do I need a Compressor?

    My bass spews 18v of filth... It's pretty hot. The OP plays a Jack Cassidy so I think that's a semi-acoustic that could boom or have all sorts of transients.
  11. visog

    Well, the Darkglass was a disappointment

    Good point Bigwan. Perhaps we need to chillax and get back to unity gain: in life, in politics and in our psychology.
  12. visog

    Well, the Darkglass was a disappointment

    Wahhh!!!!! Sounds like a faulty unit? Normally sound great.
  13. visog

    Do I need a Compressor?

    Erm… I think it depends on your technique and how 'hot' your bass is and if your recording... You say your technique is rubbish so if you're heavy-handed I consider trying one... Intrigued with your pedal board...
  14. visog

    Music U.K. advert July 1984

    DaveFry… I'd love that Wal through a Trace rig...
  15. visog

    Adding Tube Warmth to Soiled State Amps

    Loads of pre-amp options... some good suggestions so far. I'll dive in with tube-loaded Two Notes Le Bass or Darkglass' solid-state range which all sound awesome with varying degrees of grit. Sensing for this OP the Vintage Ultra being the most appropriate.