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  1. He had a killer tone circa, 'Going Underground'. Great lines too but heightened within the structure of brilliant songs.
  2. Congrats on the sale! These basses definitely have a weird 'a good bass from Gibson!?' mojo.
  3. That looks beautiful if a little challenging. A bit like an ACG shape-wise?
  4. Incredibly well but it's such a bad sign that people will only consume 'rock' through films and theatre shows effectively with narratives around personalities or 'classic' bands thrown together on top of medleys. It's not vital, creative, sexual, interesting or rebellious any more - it's just nostalgia.
  5. And it has that 'beater' mojo... ding a Marleaux and it's like a knife to you heart. Ding a Sire and it's a battle scar...
  6. Chatters, Advice please - I've a Squier VM fretless which I'm pretty 'meh' about: It has a high action and limited tone. Is it a good start point for mods - set-up, bridge and possibly pick-ups, or should I move on and get a Sire say. Anyone upgraded one of these? Do people bother these days with the proliferation of good cheapies. Thoughts?
  7. Not sure I heard a single bar of good music in the whole show, including Madonna's 'performance'.
  8. Hopeful. 1) There's precious little bass guitar-enabled popular songs anymore. And I'm not talking about artists before 2000 Grandad, and 2) It's basically 'assault' on the ears and should be charged as such by every court in the land. The world has moved on since this was the most exciting thing ever!:
  9. Egmond for me... followed my a major upgrade to an Ibanez Blazer like some previous posters. Pic is a similar bass to mine... **Edit: still got them both... Egmond in bits unfortunately. Blazer defretted and refretted.
  10. I appreciate the sentiment but 'keepers' are generally acquired than built I'd suggest. You can spec' your nuts off with Alembic or Fodera then a cheapie comes by and just lands... tone, feel and mojo. Someone is taking a big gamble with £22 kilo-dabs. Of course it will be a great bass but maybe not for the commissioner...
  11. +1 from me. His band song breakdowns 'what makes this song great' usually feature the basslines too and is theory vids are just great. A whole musical education not just bass. And he likes Rush and Yes.
  12. Who is going to buy this? Really who? In today's instrument market, music industry and live music scene - a £22k 'bic!? I'm sure Mark/BD know what they're doing commissioning it - presumably for a paying customer but really who? I can get a dedicated (jazz) player sinking £10g on a full spec'ed Fodera - at least you'll get 2/3 of that back in a 2nd hand sale but £22k! Mystified...
  13. I'm not an owner so treat my comments as unfounded rubbish but just on 'buzz' alone, I think SIre have stolen the best 'BfB' crown. *Edit: Internet buzz rather than fret buzz*
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